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Newtown, Sound Island - Methodist Cemeteries

This is the Sound Island Cemetery data I recorded last summer when I visited the island. There are only two entries for the older cemetery however, there are many more headstones there to be recorded. Unfortunately I ran out of time! Both of these cemeteries are located in the area which used to be known as Newtown. It is located on the east side of the island, about halfway down the eastern side. The older cemetery is directly in front of you as you get off the boat, at the wharf in Newtown. It is built into the side of a hill and many of the graves are covered only by slabs of stone and rocks. The newer cemetery is located to the north of Newtown and can be reached via a trail which ends abruptly in an open field. Facing north, what's left of the cemetery is located on the right of this open area, in a stand of silver maples. Although both cemeteries are in bad condition, this one is even worse than the older one. If given the opportunity, I recommend that someone record the data from the headstones in the older cemetery. If this is not done soon, the information will be forever lost. Hope what little I've recorded is of assistance to someone!

These headstones were read, recorded and transcribed by SHARON KENNEDY, summer 2000. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

The following headstone data is from the older of the two Methodist Cemeteries.
Aug 1, 1885July 4, 1856
Note: This is a new stone placed at the burial site of Josiah Stacey. His wife Sarah is buried in Sunnyside, NF where she died.

STACEYSarah A. (Peddle)
Mar. 7, 1887Dec 23, 1958


[STACEY]?Bertha Ann

The following headstone data is from the newest of the two Methodist Cemeteries. I have included only the data which was legible.
[BECK]**See Errata table below Wesley WilsonErected by Jesse and Evangeline Beck in memory of their beloved childrenAug. 16, 1883Sep. 19, 1895

[BECK]**See Errata table below Walter Wiles
Oct. 10 1884date is illegible


Note: other than the name, the information is illegible.

EDDYHerbert Wilson

Aug 29, 181616Note: The date may be 1916.
EDDYWalden Jamesalso

Note: other than the name, the information is illegible.

EDDYSarah Hannahbeloved wife of James William Eddy
May 13, 1815
Note: The date may be 1915.

[EDDY]LlewellynAlso their children

5 days
[EDDY]Henry Gabriel

2 months

[BRINSTON]Edithwife of Archibald Brinston
May 4, 1902Age 24


July 11, 181166 years 5monthsNote: date may be 1911
[BECK]Elizabethalso his wife
December 1807
Note: date may be 1907

[BUTT]Henry Turvinbeloved husband of Mary Jane Butt
June 3, 191239

BUTTHilda Gladys
Sep. 27, 1898Sep. 27, 1898

BUTTEffie Ruby D.C.
October 8, 1902December 29, 1902

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
BECK, Wesley Wilson Dates should be Aug. 10, 1893 - Sept 9. 1893 Yvonne (Beck) Byrne
BECK, Wesley Wiles The given name should be Walter Willis and the dates should be Oct. 10, 1894 - Oct 11, 1894 Yvonne (Beck) Byrne

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