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NL Mi'kmaw Hunters of Bay Despoir Region Listed in Newman Little Bay Ledgers (1790-1791)

The following is an extract of a list of Indian hunters listed in the Newman Little Bay Ledgers 1790-1791, transcribed from notes on the Newman and Company Manuscript Collection (microfilm) housed at the Provincial Archives of NL (The Rooms Corp.). Submitted by an anonymous researcher.

Outstanding Debts

Michael Martin      *4 15 10
Julian Killequire [Julien Gregoire]     1 7 5
Louis Christopher      10 7 4
Brunal Gaghou [Bernard Googoo]      5 " "
John Elly [Jean Helie]      24 5 4
Joseph Hadras [Joseph Andress]      10 7 6
John Baptiste [Jean Baptiste (Sekaquet)]     1 16 1
Jacob Omo [Jacob Abamou / Hobemouth]      10 15 6
William Brunal [William Bernard / Pekitualuet]      3 12 6
Louis Joseph      1 9
Michel Algoumatinuck      3 13 6
Sylvester Elly      3

*Transcribers note: The numbers next to the name of each hunter designates the amount in British lbs, or pounds that each hunter owed on the account (outstanding balance).

Primary Source: PANL Newman Papers Newman Little Bay Ledgers, 1790-1791 Manuscript Collection (microfilm) Note: Square brackets above denote additional information not listed in the original microfilm reel page, but represents an approximation of the given and surname based on evidence derived from parish registers, notably Mi'kmaq listed in the Saint Pierre & Miquelon parish registers (Martijn 1996), unpublished manuscript notes held by the author, and detailed personal correspondence with Charles A. Martijn (personal communication, 2006), prominent ethno-historian specializing in NL Mi'kmaq history, and Philip Jeddore (Pilip We'jitu) (personal communication, 2006), principal NL Mi'kmaw genealogist, historian and researcher of Conne River (Miawpukek), Fortune Bay. For further information the reader is asked to consult Martijn (1996), or Philip Jeddore, principal researcher and expert in this area of NL genealogy and ethno-history ( Secondary Source: Martijn, Charles A. 1996. Les Mikmaqs dans les rigistres paroissiaux des les Saint-Pierre et Miquleon, 1763-1763-1830. Recherches amerindiennes au Quebec, Vol. XXVI (2): 49-72.