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South Coast Region ~ Cape Ray - Burgeo District

Parish of Channel - St. James Anglican Church Burials

1882 - 1923 complete

The following records were copied from the Parish of Channel microfilm at the Corner Brook, NF library.

The records were transcribed by BRENDA JANES, March 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

ADAMSJohnChannel3yn/g19 Oct 1884n/g
ALANSEliasChannel2dn/g9 Aug 1885n/g
ALLENWilliamChannel60y17 Jan 190219 Jan 1902Consumption
ANDERSONEli WilliamCodroy2d21 June 189222 June 1892n/g
ANDERSONDanielMouse Island4m15 Nov 190317 Nov 1903n/g
ANDERSONJames MichaelMouse Island6m22 Jul 188823 Jul 1888n/g
ANDERSONJuliaMouse Island3y28 Jun 189230 Jun 1892n/g
ANDERSONMary AnnMouse Island5913 Mar 192416 Mar 1924Cancer
ANDERSONRebekahMouse Island2mn/g18 Dec 1885n/g
ANDERSONWilliamMouse Island39y23 Apr 190026 Apr 1900Consumption
ANDERSONWilliam ThomasMouse Island2d22 Dec 188723 Dec1887n/g
ANTHONYJohnCodroy81y29 Mar 192402 Apr 1924Old Age
ANTHONYMariaCodroy78y16 Jan 192318 Jan 1923Cancer
ARNOLDJames EdwinChannel10d8 Sept 18929 Sept 1892n/g
ASHNora AliceChannel4yn/g23 Jan 1903n/g
ASHWilliamChannel29y15 Jul 188916 Jul 1889n/g
BAGGLeviPort aux Basques6326 Aug 192426 Aug 1924Drowned
BAGLEYWilliam ThomasChannel9m30 Nov 18672 Dec 1867

BAGLYFrancisChannel53y25 Apr 190027 Apr 1900Cancer
BAGLYJamesChannel27y14 Apr 190215 Apr 1902Consumption
BALLAnnieCodroy45y07 Apr 191311 Apr 1913Jaundice
BALLJohnCodroy76y24 May 191526 May 1915Tuberculosis
BALLJohnCodroy29y27 Jun 192303 Jul 1923Tuberculosis
BALLKatherineCodroy50yn/g22 July 1894n/g
BALLOliveCodroy2y26 May 189327 May 1893n/g
BALLSarahCodroy5y 7mn/g6 Jan 1882n/g
BALLSWilliam HenryGrand Bay29y27 Apr 189129 Apr 1891n/g
BAPTISTEJohn HenryChannel6m16 Mar 186018 Mar 1860n/g
BARTLETTAnnChannel2311 Jan 186113 Jan 1861n/gmarried
BARTLETTMaryChannel223 Feb 186126 Feb 1861n/g
BARTLETTMary AnnChannel2m13 Sep 186514 Sep 1865n/g
BARTLETTSusannahChannel7w14 Jan 186116 Jan 1861n/g
BARTLETTAbraham JamesGrand Bay10y15 Nov 188816 Nov 1888n/g
BATISTESarahChannel56y27 Jul 189229 Jul 1892n/g
BATTASSThomas A.Channel5y27 Feb 18991 Mar 1899Dropsy
BATTISTEEdith JaneChannel1m20 Feb 190522 Feb 1905n/g
BATTISTEElizabethChannel38y18 Sep 190420 Sep 1904Consumption
BATTISTEJohnChannel10y19 Apr 190622 Apr 1906Pneumonia
BELHICOSESophiaChannel39y30 Dec 190202 Jan 1903Consumption
BELLMORESelinaChannel4wks25 Aug 189327 Aug 1893n/g
BENNETTAlbert EdwardChannel5wn/g28 Nov 1882n/g
BENNETTDinaChannel44yn/g12 Nov 1882n/g
BENNETTElizabethChannel5w24 May 186227 May 1862n/g
BENNETTHarriet JaneChannel9y19 Jan 188822 Jan 1888n/g
BENNETTJaneChannel80y06 Sep 191308 Sep 1913Paralysis
BENNETTMagdeline JaneChannel7m24 Jul 186828 Jul 1868

BENNETTMaryChannel3m17 Jan 188919 Jan 1889n/g
BENNETTMary AnnChannel2d19 Apr 186222 Apr 1862n/g
BENNETTMary L.Channel4yn/g27 May 1887n/g
BENNETTPhilipChannel7y13 Jul 188814 Jul 1888n/g
BENNETTPriscillaChannel2330 Jun 18681 Jul 1868
BENNETTRobertChannel60y04 Nov 190406 Nov 1904Killed
BENNETTWilliamChannel77y08 Apr 190010 Apr 1900Old Age
BENNETTWilliamChannel21y21 May 189923 May 1899Hemmorage
BERRIDGEEliChannel7y 7m10 Dec188811 Dec1888n/g
BILLARDBlancheChannel3y17 Aug 190619 Aug 1906Diptheria
BILLARDGeorgeChannel18y26 Sep 190529 Sep 1905Heart Disease
BILLARDGeorginaChannel32y22 Dec 190224 Dec 1902Ruematic Fever
BILLARDJames GorverChannel2m26 Feb 188927 Feb 1889n/g
BILLARDJohn BenjaminChannel4d2 Jun 18994 Jun 1899n/g
BILLARDMargaretChannel33y 9mn/g23 Sept 1894n/g
BILLARDWalterChannel9y30 Apr 190602 May 1906Drowned
BILLARDMariamGlace Bay3y23 Oct 190527 Oct 1905? Fever
BILLARDPhilipMargariets1.5 daysn/g30 Apr 1886n/g
BILLARDPriscillaMargariets22yn/g2 May 1886n/g
BILLARDMartinMargree22y7 Apr 188811 Apr 1888n/g
BILLYARDJames Margreits10yn/g8 May 1881n/g
BIRDFrederick JamesBurnt Islands12d20 Apr 187029 Apr 1870

BLACKBOARNEn/gChannel44yn/g3 Jan 1879n/g
BLACKMOREElizabethChannel19yn/g6 Jun 1882n/g
BLACKMOREElizabeth KeepingChannel2m19 Aug 186920 Aug 1869


BLACKMOREMariaChannel2419 Jun 186821 Jun 1868
BLACKMOREPhilipChanneln/g31 Jan 192403 Feb 1924T.B
BRAGGArthur GowerChannel12y03 Oct 190106 Oct 1901Stomach Cancer
BRAGGBerthaChannel810 Dec 192512 Dec 1925Inflamation Bowels
BRAGGDelorosaChannel517 Dec 192519 Dec 1925Menningitis
BRAGGJohnChannel72yn/g16 May 1886n/g
BRAGGJohn EmanuelChannel8m07 Feb 190209 Feb 1902n/g
BRAGGJohn PhilipChannel2m1 Nov 18683 Nov 1868

BRAGGLevinaChannel365 Dec 18547 Dec 1854Dropsymarried
BRAGGMaria JaneChannel6mn/g16 Apr 1881n/g
BRAGGMaryChannel63y16 Jun 189019 Jun 1890n/g
BRAGGMaryChannel377 Nov 185810 Nov 1858n/gmarried
BRAGGPhilipChannel3316 Sep 185618 Sep 1856Putrid sore throat
BRAGGSarahChannel235 Apr 185908 Jan 1900n/gnee GALE
BRAGGSusanChanneln/g9 Jan 186911 Jan 1869
BRAGGWilliamChannel*6021 Jul 186624 Jul 1866

BRAGGNelsonIsle aux Mort9.5yn/g29 Jan 1894n/g
BRAGGWilliam HenryIsle aux Mortnearly 12yn/g17 Mar 1882n/g
BRAGGSn/gChannel66y 3mn/g14 Nov 1883n/g
BRAITHWAITEFrederick P.Codroy7916 Jan 192518 Jan 1925Bronchitis
BRANTTJohn HenryChannel64y23 Sep 188924 Sep 1889n/g
BROCKWAYSarahBurnt Islands14m14 Mar 18711 Apr 1871

BRYANTAgnesIsle aux Mort1d05 Oct 192408 Oct 1924Infancy
BUCKLAND?Channelinfantn/g19 Oct 1871

BUCKLERHilda FrancesCodroy6m10 Dec 190212 Dec 1902LaGrippe
BUFFETEllenChannel30yn/g22 Nov 1885n/g
BUFFETMichaelChannel4dn/g24 May 1885n/g
BUFFETSusannaChannel23mn/g6 Jun 1887n/g
BUFFETCharlesDeadfall Pointabout 43yn/g19 May 1887n/g
BUFFETTEmmaChannel203 Jun 18556 Jun 1855Consumption
BUFFETTJamesChannel3w31 Oct 18541 Nov 1854Inflamationchild of William Buffett and Phoebe Carter
BUFFETTJamesChannel6321 Dec 185723 Dec 1857n/g
BUFFETTMorganChannel4514 May 185717 May 1857Consumption
BUFFETTPhebeChannel2728 Apr 186130 Apr 1861n/gmarried
BUFFETTWm. ThomasChannel9d16 Jan 185619 Jan 1856Water on the brain
BUFFETTEllenIsle aux Mort86yrs7 Jan 189310 Jan 1893n/g
BURRIDGEAmbroseChanneln/g22 Oct 185423 Oct 1854Putrid sore throatson of Timothy Pike and Cathy Burridge
BURRIDGEn/gChanneln/g7 Dec 18908 Dec 1890n/g
BURRIGEWilliam ManuelChannel4yn/g23 May 1887n/g
BUTTCharlotteSeal Coven/gn/g? Jan 1866
BUTTERYAlbertGrand Bay5dn/g10 Jan 1887n/g
BUTTERYAlbert EdwardGrand Bay37y16 Nov 189721 Nov 1897n/g
BUTTERYPearlGrand Bay1307 Jun 192410 Jun 1924Typhoid
BUTTERYWilliamGrand Bay10dn/g12 Jan 1887n/g
BUTTONJohnChannel3wn/g8 Feb 1882n/g
BUTTONGeorgeMouse Island70y22 Mar 190423 Mar 1904Dropsy
CAINSJamesRose Blanche376 Feb 18628 Feb 1862n/g
CARRJamesCodroy288 Oct 185915 Oct 1859n/gsailor
CARTERAnn E.Cape Ray2wn/g25 Oct 1884n/g
CARTERAnnie CarolineCape Ray23yn/g18 Dec 1881n/g
CARTEREdwardCape Rayabout 80n/g18 Aug 1885n/g
CARTERElizabethCape Ray77y24 Sep 188926 Sep 1889n/g
CARTEREmanuelCape Ray2321 Oct 186323 Oct 1863n/g
CARTERFrances Cape Ray3yn/g26 Sep 1884n/g
CARTERGeorgeCape Ray22yn/g15 Feb 1883n/g
CARTERHarrietCape Ray28y17 Apr 189618 Apr 1896n/g
CARTERJaneCape Ray126 Sep 186830 Sep 1868

CARTERJohnCape Ray3yn/g23 Sep 1884n/g
CARTERPhilipCape Ray38yn/g30 May 1893n/g
CARTERRobertCape Ray5025 Apr 186627 Apr 1866

CARTERRobertCape Ray2228 Aug 186931 Aug 1869

CARTERAnnie Channel1.9y6 Feb 18917 Feb 1891n/g
CARTERGeorgeChannel80y8m10 Oct 189212 Oct 1892n/g
CARTERGeorge WilsonChannel41 Feb 187027 Feb 1870

CARTERHughChannel50y22 Nov 1894
drowned on Schooner "Maud Gillam" body not recovered
CARTERIsabellaChannel1630 Jan 18571 Feb 1857Cold
CARTERJames StanleyChannel4m28 Jan 192530 Jan 1925Influenza
CARTERJohnChannel334 Aug 18636 Aug 1863n/g
CARTERMaryChannel18y30 Sep 18901 Oct 1890n/g
CARTERMary AnnChannel21yn/g6 Apr 1879n/g
CARTERRachel MayChannel15m24 Aug 188825 Aug 1888n/g
CARTERSarah ElizabethChannel2.528 Jan 192531 Jan 1925Pneumonia
CARTERWilliamChannel3226 Mar 186129 Mar 1861n/g
CARTERWilliamChannel704 Sep 18697 Sep 1869

CARTERJosephDeadfall Point2yn/g21 Jun 1894n/g
CARTERCatherineLittle River1320 Aug 185521 Aug 1855Putrid sore throat
CARTERCharlesLittle River728 Aug 185529 Aug 1855Putrid sore throat
CARTERJamesLittle River5025 Jun 186327 Jun 1863n/g
CARTERJaneLittle River5011 Sep 185516 Sep 1855Putrid sore throatmarried
Little River38y07 May 190509 May 1905Consumption
CAUDOWJamesCodroy5019 June 189720 June 1897n/g
CAWLINGJane LeahIsle aux Mort21yn/g4 May 1894n/g
CELLOUISAlexanderChannel32y22 Nov 1894
drowned on Schooner "Maud Gillam" body not recovered
CHAISSONIsadoreChannel8804 Sep 192509 Sep 1925Old Age
CHALKMorganBurnt Islands10m9 Jun 186211 Jun 1862n/g
CHALKGeorgeMouse Island21y20 Aug 189923 Aug 1899Consumption
CHALKJosephMouse Island3.506 Aug 192409 Aug 1924Bronchitis
CHALKPhilipMouse Island6yn/g21 Nov 1884n/g
CHALKSarah JaneMouse Island4y13 Mar 188915 Mar 1889n/g
CHELWNDJohn P.Channel8205 Feb 192411 Feb 1924Paralysis
CLOUHenrietta SophiaChannel6m13 Jul 186115 Jul 1861n/g
COFFINAbramChannel3y04 Nov 190406 Nov 1904Abcess
COFFINAlbert EdwardChannel1y28 Jul 189130 Jul 1891n/g
COFFINEliasChannel69yn/g15 Jun 1883n/g
COFFINElias GilesChannel2wn/g21 Oct 1884n/g
COFFINElizabethChanneln/g10 Jul 189613 Jul 1896n/g
COFFINFrancisChannel16y 5m24 Feb 190226 Feb 1902Drowned
COFFINJamesChannel38y04 Feb 190207 Feb 1902Cronic Indegestion
COFFINJames RobertChannel2wn/g1 May 1884n/g
COFFINJohnChannel7h18 Apr 188819 Apr 1888n/g
COFFINMargaretChannel77y22 Sept 189725 Sept 1897n/g
COFFINMaryChannel3y10 Dec 188813 Dec 1888n/g
COFFINMary Channel17y n/g6 Feb 1887n/g
COFFINSarahChannel22y21 Apr 188822 Apr 1888n/g
COFFINPhilip Thomas

COLEMANGeorgeIsle aux Mort1y26 Oct 190226 Oct 1902Diptheria
COLEMANLlewellyn Isle aux Mort4y11 Oct 190212 Oct 1902Diptheria
COLEMANElizabethMargreits20yn/g20 Jan 1883n/g
COLEMANAndrewSeal Cove2y11 Jul 189513 Jul 1895n/g
COLLIERCatherineCodroy6425 Feb 18653 Mar 1865n/gfisherman's wife
COLLIERE___ine Codroy211 Apr 186312 Apr 1863n/g
COLLIERElizabethCodroyn/an/g2 July 1883n/g
COLLIERHenryCodroy2wkn/g12 Sep 1869n/g
COLLIERHughCodroy20yrs11mthsn/g5 Mar 1879n/g
COLLIERIsraelCodroy8023 Feb 192525 Feb 1925Heart Failure
COLLIERJamesCodroy40n/g19 Mar 1876n/g
COLLIERJohnCodroy81n/g18 Feb 1872n/g
COLLIERJohnCodroy753 Aug 18915 Aug 1891Drowned
COLLIERJohnCodroy8118 Feb 1872n/gn/g
COLLIERJosephCodroy2121 Jul 190223 Jul 1902Consumption
COLLIERMaryCodroy30n/gJune-Sept 1890n/g
COLLIERMary AnnCodroy8209 Aug 190312 Aug 1903Old Age
COLLIERMary AnnCodroy5812 Jan 190515 Jan 1905Cancer
COLLIERMatildaCodroy102 May 18633 May 1863n/g
COLLIERPhillipCodroy2801 Dec 190003 Dec 1900n/g
COLLIERPhillipCodroy8410 Sep 190912 Sep 1909Old Age
COLLIERPhoebeCodroy20n/g28 Sept 1882n/g
COLLIERThomasCodroy73n/gJan-July 1889n/g
COLLIERWilliamCodroy7814 Apr 1922
COLLIERWilliam ThomasCodroy9 daysn/g21 June 1899n/g
COLLIERJohnIsle aux Mort1411 Jun 192413 Jun 1924T.B
COOPEREmma JaneChannel429 May 186731 May 1867

COOPERHarrietChannel1810 Oct 186712 Oct 1867
not married
CORSURAUCharlesChannel52yn/g21 Oct 1894n/g
COSINSWilliamChannel221 Feb 187023 Feb 1870

COSSMANCharles EdwardChannel15 Nov 18697 Nov 1869

COSSURAUMariamChannel22y25 Jan 190230 Jan 1902Peritonits
COUSENSWilliam ForseyChannel8dn/g31 May 1885n/g
COUSENSGeorgeRocky Barachois2yn/g14 Oct 1894n/g
COUSINSAnnieChannel2y22 Jul 188823 Jul 1888n/g
COUSINSElizabethChannel1.9y21 Jan 189122 Jan 1891n/g
COUSINSMaggie GeorginaChannel1yn/g23 Sep 1884n/g
COUSINSn/gChanneln/g1 Feb 18893 Feb 1889n/g
COUSINSSusan RidgewayChannel3dn/g1 May 1894n/g
COUSINSWilliam T.Channel9dn/g15 Jul 1886n/g
COXCarolineBaker's Tickle2wn/g14 Jun 1871

COXJames WilliamBaker's Tickle317 Jul 186819 Jul 1868

CRANTE. ThomasChannel4yn/g10 Oct 1884n/g
CRANTEmmaChannel26yn/g12 Jul 1886n/g
CRANTEmmaChannel15mn/g23 Sep 1887n/g
9y15 Mar 190119 Mar 1901Drowned
CROUCHERHenryBurnt Islands3924 Dec 185827 Dec 1858n/g
CROUCHERJohnBurnt Islands191 Apr 18654 Apr 1865n/g
CURRIEJohnChannel3y5m29 Dec 190101 Jan 1902Brain Fever
CURRIELlewellyn JacobChannel2mn/g8 Sept 1894n/g
CURRIEMary M.Channel3y9m16 Dec 190119 Dec 1901Bronchitis
CURRIESusannahChannel7m23 Dec 190226 Dec 1902LaGrippe
CURRIESarahDeep Cove81yn/g5 Feb 1885n/g
CURRIEJohnFox Roost29y25 Feb 190428 Feb 1904Brights Disease
CURRIEWilliamFox Roost61y02 Apr 190504 Apr 1905Pneumonia
CURRIEWilliam CharlesFox Roost2m5 Oct 18947 Oct 1894n/g
CURRIEWilliamIsle aux Mort21y20 Nov 190023 Nov 1900Drowned
CURRIEn/gMargreitsn/gn/g22 Feb 1880n/g
CURRIEJohnSeal Cove65yn/g31 Jan 1887n/g
CURRIEJohn W.Seal Cove2yn/g20 Apr 1886n/g

14m18 Sep 190120 Sep 1901Measles
CURRYSamuelChannel3m19 Jun 185420 Jun 1854Putrid sore throatson of John Curry and Susan Pool
CUSSINSGeorgeChannel49yn/g1 Nov 1881n/g
CUSSINSMary AliceChannel16dn/g12 Dec 1880n/g
DALTONJamesCodroy19n/g16 Jun 1903Hemmorage
DAVISJonathonChannel406 Jun 18617 Jun 1861n/g
DENNISJosephCape Ray8y29 Jul 189030 Jul 1890n/g
DENNISAliceChannel216 Sep 185819 Sep 1858n/g
DENNISBridgetChannel10yn/g30 Apr 1884n/g
DENNISElizabethChanneln/g13 Jan 185615 Jan 1856Consumptionmarried
DENNISJaneChannel78yn/g27 May 1894n/g

DENNISMariaChannel23yn/g7 Feb 1881n/g
DENNISSaraChannel29y10 Jun 188812 Jun 1888n/g
DENNISWilliamChannel1329 Sep 18662 Oct 1866

DENNISThomasMiddle Barachois85yn/g23 Jul 1885n/g
DICKSElizabethChannel11y21 Nov 189022 Nov 1890n/g
DICKSJulia FlorenceChannel24yn/g4 Apr 1894n/g
DICKSMargaretChannel83yn/g2 May 1886n/g
DICKSPhilipChannel4w30 Jan 18701 Feb 1870

DICKSThomasChannel60y24 Oct 189827 Oct 1898n/g
DICKSStephenIsle aux Mort2m2 Jul18895 Jul1889n/g
DICKSWilliamIsle aux Mort12y27 Dec 189129 Dec 1891n/g
DOLIMOUNTJohnBaker's Tickle2030 Jun 18612 Jul 1861n/g
DOVEYElizabethChannel1825 Jun 1872n/g

DOWDENCharlotteChannel36n/gn/grecorded in book between April and June 1861married
DOWDINGn/gCape Rayn/gn/gn/gn/g
DOWLINGJosephHiscock Point3m15 Apr 186217 Apr 1862n/g
DOWLINGEstherSeal Cove3911 Sep 186814 Sep 1868
EASTMANWilliamBurnt Islands13y n/g27 Aug 1880n/g
EDWARDSWilliamCodroy4615 Oct 190418 Oct 1904Rhematism
EDWARDSDorisIsle aux Mort310 Aug 192412 Aug 1924Drowned
ELLISAmosCodroy201 Nov 18983 Nov 1898n/g
ELLISMaryCodroy87. 10mths28 Jul 192130 Jul 1921Old Age
ELLISWilliamCodroy9409 Aug 191411 Aug 1914Old Age
ELLISWilliamCodroy5224 Dec 191626 Dec 1916Cancer
EVANSHarrietCape Ray8m5 Sep 18646 Sep 1864n/g
EVANSGeorgeChannel719 Nov 185821 Nov 1858n/g
EVANSHarrietChannel2531 Dec 18632 Jan 1864n/gmarried
EVANSJamesChannel1427 May 185929 May 1859n/g
EVANSLucyChannel66y10 Dec 189714 Dec 1897n/g
EVANSAbramCodroy6703 Jul 191905 Jul 1919Heart Disease
EVANSMaryCodroy271 Sep 18615 Sep 1861n/gfisherman's wife
EVANSMrs. PollyCodroyn/a19 Jan 1922
Heart Disease
FELTHAMElizabethWhite Islandabout 85yn/g19 Aug 1886n/g
FIANDERElizabethCodroyn/a06 Jan 191508 Jan 1915Tuberculosis
FIANDERJames WarrenCodroy1d24 Dec 192425 Dec 1924Influenza
FIANDERJohnCodroy225 June 189127 June 1891n/g
FIANDERJohnCodroy728 Sept 189330 Sept 1893n/g
FIANDERMariaCodroy4212 Aug 190814 Aug 1908n/g
FIANDERMary AliceCodroy1931 Oct 190402 Nov 1904Consumption
FIANDERMary AnnCodroy307 Oct 186910 Oct 1869n/gfisherman's wife
FIANDERMary JaneCodroy467 July 18979 July 1897n/g
FIANDERSamuelCodroy16daysn/g5 Feb 1883n/g
FIANDERThomasCodroy216 Jun 186018 Jun 1860n/g
FIANDERWilsonCodroy7907 Oct 190511 Oct 1905Paralysis
FOOTElizabethChannel1910 Jun 185713 Jun 1857n/gmarried
FOOTEEdwardChannel59yn/g16 Aug 1884n/g
FOOTESarahChannel63y17 Mar 190518 Mar 1905LaGrippe
FORDAnnie Channel6mn/g5 Sep 1886n/g
FORDJaneChannel139 Dec 185411 Dec 1854Debility
FORDLillianChannel8511 May 192514 May 1925Old Age
FORDMary JanePort aux Basques25y

FORSEYJohn ThomasChannel7m12 Feb 185715 Feb 1857n/g
FORSEYSusanChanneln/g21 Oct 185624 Oct 1856Consumptionmarried
FRAMPTONJamesIsle aux Mort66y05 Sep 190607 Sep 1906Pleurasy
FRAMPTONMinnieIsle aux Mort79yNov 1899
Old Age
FRAMPTONRoseannaIsle aux Mort31y12 May 190214 May 1902Consumption
FRAMPTONSusanSeal Coveabout 70n/g24 May 1887n/g
FRANCESCharles AbnerChannel14m01 Apr 192402 Apr 1924Measles
FRANCESWilliamChannel5024 Dec 186727 Dec 1867

FRANCISAnnChannel2914 Feb 185516 Feb 1855Fevermarried
FRANCISSarah JaneChannel11m2 May 18663 May 1866

FRANCISWilliamChannel14y 4mn/g11 Apr 1882n/g
FRANCISGeorgeLittle Bay (head)1212 Aug 18653 Sep 1865n/g
FRANKAliceCodroy1717 Apr 190920 Apr 1909Consumption
FRANKAnnCodroy15 hours12 Apr 188514 Apr 1885n/g
FRANKCatherineCodroy4902 Jul 190903 Jul 1909Consumption
FRANKRose EllenCodroy1wk12 Oct 186829 Nov 1868n/g
FRANKSarah JaneCodroy1621 Oct 190423 Oct 1904Consumption
FRANKSophiaCodroy21n/g14 Apr 1885n/g
FRANKLINAliceIsle aux Mort1m
5 Mar 1883n/g
FURNEAUXJohn Rennel WinterChannel225 Jun 186827 Jun 1868

GALEJamesCape Ray8m18 Nov 190021 Nov 1900n/g
GALEJamesCape Rayn/g18 Jan 190120 Jan 1901Influenza
GALEJohnCape Ray4y25 Jan 190127 Jan 1901LaGrippe
GALESarahCape Ray19y2 Jan 188818 Jan 1888n/g
GALEVera EllenCape Ray2y22 Nov 190524 Nov 1905Whooping Cough
GALEWilliamCape Ray10mths31 Jan 18931 Feb 1893n/g
GALEJamesCodroy7624 Oct 190626 Oct 1906Old Age
GALEJamesCodroy8214 Dec 191617 Dec 1916Cancer
GALEThomasCodroy8614 Oct 190617 Oct 1906Old Age
GALEWilliamCodroy3701 Mar 190604 Mar 1906Consumption
GALEJohnGrand River7708 May 190211 May 1902Paralysis
GALLIOTHenryBurnt Islandsn/gn/g27 Aug 1880n/g
GALLOPSusanChannel15y18 Aug 188819 Aug 1888n/g
GALLOPAmeliaCodroy13mth13 Jul 186414 Jul 1864n/g
GALLOPCharlotteCodroy3031 Jan 18644 Feb 1864n/gfisherman's wife
GALLOPEllen JaneCodroy3131 Dec 190701 Jan 1908Childbirth
GALLOPHettieCodroy2628 Jul 190129 Jul 1901Childbirth
GALLOPJacobCodroy313 Dec 189213 Dec 1892Diptheria
GALLOPJaneCodroy3.5n/g18 Feb 1885n/g
GALLOPJaneCodroy8228 April 189329 April 1893n/g
GALLOPJohnCodroy8205 Jun 191008 Jun 1910Old Age
GALLOPJohn WCodroy2mthsn/g15 Jan 1885n/g
GALLOPJoshuaCodroy7209 May 191011 May 1910Old Age
GALLOPMarcellaCodroy2n/g11 Aug 1886n/g
GALLOPMarcellaCodroyn/an/g17 Jan 1883n/g
GALLOPMary JaneCodroy2311 Jun 186213 Jun 1862n/gfisherman's wife
GALLOPPatience JaneCodroy26 Nov 18619 Nov 1861n/g
GALLOPSarahCodroy6201 Apr 191003 Apr 1910Consumption
GALLOPSarahCodroy33n/g4 Nov 1884n/g
GALLOPSusanCodroy1518 Aug 188819 Aug 1888n/g
GALLOPThomasCodroy8424 Oct 191726 Oct 1917Heart Failure
GALLOPThomasCodroy512 Dec 189212 Dec 1892Diptheria
GALLOPWilliamCodroy1wk29 Jul 186530 Jul 1865n/g
GALLOPWilliamCodroy37n/g4 June 1879n/g
GALLOPWillliamCodroy82n/g22 Sep 1876n/g
GALPINCatherineCodroy39n/g2 Feb 1881n/g
GALPINElizabethCodroy2709 Jun 192211 Jun 1922Childbirth
GALPINGeorgeCodroy6220 Jun 191222 Jun 1912Tuberculosis
GALPINHannahCodroy7419 Jan 191423 Jan 1914Tuberculosis
GALPINJessie KendellCodroyn/a01 Aug 191403 Aug 1914Tumor
GALPINJohnCodroy7812 Dec 191315 Dec 1913Heart Failure
GALPINJohnCodroy1yr 10mthn/g25 Jul 1876n/g
GALPINJosephCodroy5mthsn/g12 May 1883n/g
GALPINJosephCodroy5916 May 186520 May 1865n/gfisherman
GALPINManuelCodroyn/an/g24 May 1883n/g
GALPINMariaCodroyn/a07 Mar 190809 Mar 1908Paralysis
GALPINMary AnnCodroy69n/g5 Mar 1882n/g
GALPINMary KendellCodroy1813 Jul 191415 Jul 1914Tuberculosis
GALPINThomasCodroy483 April 18976 April 1897n/g
GARLANDJohnChannel15yn/g25 Nov 1885n/g
GAULTONJohn RobertGrand Bay5yn/g20 Jul 1894n/g
GAULTONLenaGrand Bay28y04 Jan 190108 Jan 1901Convulsions
GAULTONReginaldGrand Bay5m02 Nov 190004 Nov 1900Convulsions
GIBBSJohnJersey42Y28 May 189527 Jun 1895drowned on schooner "Reaper"
GILHAMWilsonChannel2618 Nov 186920 Nov 1869

GILLAMHannahCape Ray30y24 Jan 188926 Jan 1889n/g
GILLAMJaneCape Ray71y1 Apr 18915 Apr 1891n/g
GILLAMMary JaneCape Ray2y 5mn/g1 Sep 1880n/g
GILLAMPhilipCape Ray76yn/g2 Jun 1893n/g
GILLAMPhoebeCape Ray53y27 Sep 190030 Sep 1900Brain Fever
GILLAMSarah AgnesCape Ray11dn/g12 Feb 1880n/g
GILLAMAileenChannel3mths06 Aug 192408 Aug 1924Convulsions
GILLAMAliceChannel35 Jun 18617 Jun 1861n/g
GILLAMBeatriceChannel34y23 Nov 190026 Nov 1900Childbirth
GILLAMBeatrice M.Channel4mn/g16 Feb 1881n/g
GILLAMBenjaminChannel57y22 Nov 1894
drowned on Schooner "Maud Gillam" body not recovered
GILLAMCatherineChannel5414 Jun 186616 Jun 1866
GILLAMCharlesChannel*6531 Jan 18677 Feb 1867

GILLAMCharles EdwardChannel2.2510 Apr 186611 Apr 1866

GILLAMEdwardChannel6w27 Oct 186030 Oct 1860n/g
GILLAMElizabethChannel31yn/g1 Mar 1881n/g
GILLAMFrancesChannel25y05 Jan 190308 Jan 1903Consumption
GILLAMHannahChannel44y12 Dec 189814 Dec 1898Consumption
GILLAMJohnChannel319 Dec 185824 Dec 1858n/g
GILLAMJohnChannel4730 Oct 18715 Nov 1871

GILLAMMahalaChannel4814 Apr 1872n/g

GILLAMMariaChannel57y16 Dec 190019 Dec 1900Consumption
GILLAMMary JaneChannel38yn/g2 Mar 1894n/g
GILLAMMary JaneChannel18yn/g27 Aug 1884n/g
GILLAMMichaelChannel2yn/g26 Aug 1885n/g
GILLAMMichaelChanneln/g22 Nov 1894
drowned on Schooner "Maud Gillam" body not recovered
GILLAMPhilipChannel22y22 Nov 1894
drowned on Schooner "Maud Gillam" body not recovered
GILLAMSarah PatienceChannel2m27 Sep 1868229 Sep 1868

GILLAMSusannaChannel48yn/g19 Jun 1879n/g
GILLAMThomasChannel76y (?)27 Feb 190004 Mar 1900Consumption
GILLAMWilliamChannel59yn/g5 Jun 1894n/g
GILLAMWilliam ThomasChanneln/gn/g16 Apr 1871

GILLAMJohnCrabbes Brook22y22 Nov 1894
drowned on Schooner "Maud Gillam" body not recovered
GILLAMMartinMargaree77y06 Oct 190409 Oct 1904Old Age
GILLAMMaryn/g2y9m11 Jul 190213 Jul 1902Brain Fever
GILLIAMPhilipCape Ray76n/g2 June 1893n/g
GILLINGHAMJohn C.Channel6m05 Dec 190009 Dec 1900n/g
GLASGOWFrederick JacksonChannel2m03 Feb 192505 Feb 1925Convulsions
GOVEREmmaChannel23yn/g27 Apr 1882n/g
GREENRachelBrazils7m24 Oct 186027 Oct 1860n/g
GREENWilliamBrazils5m31 Mar 18644 Apr 1864n/g
GUILHAMCharlesChannel1927 Sep 185428 Sep 1854Putrid sore throatPlanter
GUILLAMSusanChannel4m5 Jan 18567 Jan 1856Scalded
HANDMary Jane EmilyChannel18m29 Aug 1872n/g

HANNFannySeal Cove3wn/g27 Jan 1887n/g
HARDINGCatherineCodroy6822 March 189726 March 1897n/g
HARDINGCharlesCodroy7515 Sep 190118 Sep 1901n/g
HARDINGPriscillaCodroy1.518 Nov 185920 Nov 1859n/g
HARDYSarahChannel5916 Dec 192518 Dec 1925Cancer
HAREElizaChannel32yn/g2 Feb 1886n/g
HAREJuliaChannel37yn/g8 Jul 1886n/g
HAREJulia MatildaChannel15mn/g7 Apr 1882n/g
HAREWinifred JuliaChannel2mn/g22 Oct 1894n/g
HARRINGTONMariaChannel27y22 Nov 1894
drowned on Schooner "Maud Gillam" body not recovered
HARVEYAlbertIsle aux Mort8yrs04 Jun 190305 Jun 1903n/g
HARVEYElsieIsle aux Mort11y08 Jan 190309 Jan 1903n/g
HARVEYElsieIsle aux Mort2y11 Apr 190312 Apr 1903n/g
HARVEYGeorgeIsle aux Mort8yrs14 Oct 189214 Oct 1892n/g
HARVEYGeorgeIsle aux Mort71y17 Dec 189420 Dec 1894n/g
HARVEYGeorge H.Isle aux Mort7y02 May 190303 May 1903n/g
HARVEYHowardIsle aux Mortn/gn/gn/gMeasles
HARVEYJoshua JamesIsle aux Mort1m12 Dec 192516 Dec 1925Infancy
HARVEYJuliaIsle aux Mort10y16 Oct 190216 Oct 1902Diptheria
HARVEYLizzieIsle aux Mort10y12 Oct 189213 Oct 1892n/g
HARVEYPhilipIsle aux Mort32yn/g8 Jul 1884n/g
HARVEYStephenIsle aux Mort15yrs15 Oct 189215 Oct 1892n/g
HARVEYSusanIsle aux Mort2514 Jul 192516 Jul 1925T.B
HARVEYThomasIsle aux Mort48y2 Jun 18985 Jun 1898n/g
HARVEYWilliamIsle aux Mort5y25 Jun 189126 Jun 1891n/g
HARVEYGeorgeSeal Cove7121 Sep 185923 Sep 1859n/g
HARVEYJaneSeal Cove7023 Jun 186225 Jun 1862n/gmarried
HARVEYJohnSeal Cove3530 Jul 18551 Aug 1855Consumption
HARVEYSarah R.Seal Cove22mn/g22 Jul 1886n/g
HARVEYEllen JaneUpper Isle aux Mortn/g9 Feb 189211 Feb 1892n/g
HERRIDGESusanChannel4016 Nov 186416 Nov 1864n/gmarried

HICKMANJohnChannel3w13 Nov 185416 Nov 1854Infintile disease
HICKMANJohnChannel2419 Feb 185522 Feb 1855Decline
HILLIARDAnnCodroy7620 Jan 192322 Jan 1923Ulsers
HILLIARDElizabethCodroy2801 Jan 191003 Jan 1910Consumption
HILLIARDJohnCodroy5809 Mar 190512 Mar 1905Consumption
HILLIARDMargaretCodroy2220 Jan 190522 Jan 1905Consumption
HILLYARDEllaCodroy4127 Apr 191929 Apr 1919Tuberculosis
HILLYARDRobertCodroy7802 Apr 191804 Apr 1918Paralysis
HINKSMarthaCape Ray114 Sep 186415 Sep 1864n/g
HINKSMatildaCape Ray15m22 Jun 187024 Jun 1870

HINKSAliceChannel4y07 Jan 190310 Jan 1903Whooping Cough
HINKSCatherineChannel15m1 Sep 18683 Sep 1868

HINKSEliza Channel*3230 Apr 18692 May 1869
HINKSGergena F.Channel2.5m12 Feb 188913 Feb 1889n/g
HINKSJames EdwardChannel6wn/g27 Oct 1879n/g
HINKSJohnChannel76yn/g4 Jul 1882n/g
HINKSJohnChannel5d1 May 18692 May 1869

HINKSMarthaChannel75yn/g9 Mar 1883n/g
HINKSViolet Virginia Eliz.Channel14m17 Aug 189318 Aug 1893n/g
HINKSGeorgeJorrels Point2y n/g22 Jul 1884n/g
HINKSEliza ClaraMotherlake Brook2y3 Apr 18884 Apr 1888n/g
HISCOCKJohnChannel12h09 Apr 192510 Apr 1925Infancy
HISCOCKViola LillianChannel1813 Jun 192417 Jun 1924Operation
HISCOCKHannahCodroy5823 May 192424 May 1924Heart Failure
HISCOCKSSusanFox Roost34y13 Oct 189016 Oct 1890n/g
HISCOCKSJamesIsle aux Mort61y18 Jan 190421 Jan 1904Influenza
HODDERRobertChannel6716 Feb 1867018 Feb 18670

HODDERCharlesMargreits2.5mn/g2 Feb 1884n/g
HOLLANDCatherineCodroy78n/g29 Nov 1874n/g
HOLLANDWilliamCodroy7610 Jun 186314 Jun 1863n/gfisherman
HUELINPhilipBig Barachois19yn/g19 Mar 1883n/g
HUELINMariaCape Ray50yn/g22 Mar 1880n/g
HUELINCatherineChannel43y3 Jul 18906 Jul 1890n/g
HUELINEdwardChannel1y 10m12 Jan 188915 Jan 1889n/g
HUELINErnestChannel11yn/g4 Sep 1887n/g
HUELINGeorge LlewellynChannel3mn/g28 Nov 1880n/g
HUELINIsaacChannel59yn/g13 Jul 1884n/g
HUELINPhilipChannel42y3 Dec 18886 Dec 1888n/g
HUELINSamuelChannel20y28 May 190230 May 1902Consumption
HUELINAnnie Grand Bay16y16 Nov 190219 Nov 1902Dropsy
HUELINMariaGrand Bay14y20 Apr 189923 Apr 1899Drowned
HUELINMosesGrand Bay76y (?)10 Sep 190512 Sep 1905Cancer
HUELINRoseIsle aux Mort2y30 Oct 190230 Oct 1902Diptheria
HUELINRoseanna EmmaSeal Cove10mn/g8 Jul 1884n/g
HUTCHINGWilliam J.Channel10mn/g7 Feb 1886n/g
HUTCHINGSSusanChannel9y6 Dec 18906 Dec 1890n/g
HUTCHINGSAlice MaudeRocky Barachois3y29 Dec 189031 Dec 1890n/g
HYNESElizaChannel50y14 Aug 190618 Aug 1906Consumption
HYNESLouisaChannel5014 Aug 190618 Aug 1906Consumption
HYNESJohnGrand Bay85y13 Nov 190216 Nov 1902Old Age
HYNESJohnGrand Bay17y18 Oct 189922 Oct 1899Shot
INGRAMAmeliaBrazils2d2 Nov 18664 Nov 1866

INGRAMPeterMargaree18y24 Aug 190626 Aug 1906Influenza
JAMESWilliamBurnt Islandsn/gn/g27 Aug 1880n/g
JANESCatherineCape Ray3504 Mar 191507 Mar 1915Tuberculosis
JANESWinnifredCodroy2626 Apr 191127 Apr 1911Childbirth
JEANSAgnes MaryCape Ray12mt 18daysn/g14 Sept 1872n/g
JEANSAmelia MarthaCape Ray5m
30 Sept 1878

JEANSAnnCape Ray7010 Nov 191713 Nov 1917n/g
JEANSJamesCape Ray4714 Mar 191313 Apr 1913Heart Failure
JEANSJamesCape Ray8205 Jan 192308 Jan 1923Paralysis
JEANSRobertCape Ray3n/g1 Oct 1884n/g
JEANSWalter GarlandCape Ray7 mths19 Nov 190522 Nov 1905Whooping Cough
JEANSJamesChannel1126 May 191828 May 1918n/g
JORDONCharlesChannel213 Jun 18636 Jun 1863n/gSchoolmaster's son
KEEPINGBenjaminBurnt Islands*5224 Feb 186926 Feb 1869

KEEPINGFrancesBurnt Islands*7015 Jun 186617 Jun 1866

KEEPINGHughBurnt Islands266 Apr 186110 Apr 1861n/g
KEEPINGMichael Burnt Islands2424 Apr 186327 Apr 1863n/g
KEEPINGBeatriceChannel4814 Nov 192416 Nov 1924T.B
KEEPINGGeorgeChannel7d22 Jan 189924 Jan 1899n/g
KEEPINGGeorgeChannel2.518 Nov 186521 Nov 1865

KEEPINGIrene AileenChannel3.522 Feb 192424 Feb 1924Measles
KEEPINGJohnChannel9m16 Jun 186717 Jun 1867

KEEPINGMary JaneChannel1.7518 Feb 186721 Feb 1867

KEEPINGPhilip HenryChannel1m17 Jan 188921 Jan 1889n/g
KEEPINGSusanDeadfall Point41yn/g2 Dec 1893n/g
KENDELLAdaChannel16y 5m17 Apr 190120 Apr 1901Consumption
KENDELLClarissaCodroy40.11mths24 Aug 192226 Aug 1922Tuberculosis
KENDELLElizabethCodroy38n/g28 Dec 1903Paralysis
KENDELLJaneCodroy3714 Oct 191716 Oct 1917Tuberculosis
KENDELLMarkCodroy5911 Sep 191713 Sep 1917Pneumonia
KENDELLMary MagdeleneCodroy20n/g30 Jan 1899Consumption
KENDELLSamuelCodroy8410 Dec 190313 Dec 1903Old Age
KENDELLSusannahCodroy509 Nov 189812 Nov 1898n/g
KENDELLWalterCodroy1703 May 190405 May 1904Consumption
KENDELLAdelineFox Roost4d12 Jun 189913 Jun 1899n/g
KENDLEAnnCodroy7930 Jan 190602 Feb 1906Old Age
KENDLEEmma JaneCodroy29n/g16 July 1882n/g
KENDLEHenry ArthurCodroy519 Dec 189219 Dec 1892Diptheria
KENDLEJohnCodroy19n/g20 Sep 1876n/g
KENDLELeviCodroy2.516 Dec 189216 Dec 1892Diptheria
KENDLEMary AnnCodroy352 May 18696 May 1869n/gfisherman's wife
KENDLESamuelCodroy6302 Nov 1911
"disappeared in woods, body not recovered"
KENDLESarahCodroy7714 Jun 190516 Jun 1905Consumption
KENDLESarah AnnCodroy39 Jan 18939 Jan 1893Diptheria
KENDLEThomasCodroy59n/g27 Aug 1886n/g
KENDLEEmily BerthaFox Roost6m09 Sep 190511 Sep 1905n/g
KERLEYThomasBurnt Islands5417 May 186719 May 1867

KETTLEDorcasChannel2522 Apr 192524 Apr 1925T.B
KETTLECarolineGrand Bay9708 May 192411 May 1924Old Age
KETTLEMaryGrand Bay38y10 Jul 190313 Jul 1903Consumption
KETTLEMary EllenGrand Bay13m09 Oct 190015 Oct 1900Brain Fever
KETTLERebeccaGrand Bay34y16 Nov 190418 Nov 1904Consumption
KETTLEStewartGrand Bay6m18 Feb 192520 Feb 1925Convulsions
KETTLEWilliamGrand Bay82yn/g30 Apr 1883n/g
KETTLEWilliam Grand Bay25y06 Mar 190009 Mar 1900Hernia
KETTLEJohn WilliamMouse Islandn/g9 Dec 188913 Dec 1889n/g
KINGMary B.Channel21mn/g19 May 1887n/g
KINGMary LauraChannel1yn/g7 Nov 1880n/g
KITTLEJamesChannel1829 Aug 185831 Aug 1858n/g
KITTLEMaryChannel457 Nov 18579 Nov 1857Consumptionmarried
KITTLEMary AnnChannel88 Dec 185816 Dec 1858n/g
KNIGHTGertrudeCodroy2yn/g23 Oct 1884n/g
KNIGHTEdgar GowerGrand River4mths22 Jan 189224 Jan 1892n/g
KNOTTEricChannel704 Aug 192507 Aug 1925Drowned
KNOWLESJamesGreat River4726 Jan 186629 Jan 1866

LANGTONJobChannel8601 Apr 192503 Apr 1925Old Age
LAURENCEMariaChannel29yn/g28 Mar 1886n/g
LAURENCEMaria F.Channel3mn/g4 Jul 1886n/g
LAURENCEElizabethIsle aux Mort4yn/g11 Jun 1885n/g
LAURENCEJohn H.Isle aux Mort6yn/g10 Jun 1885n/g
LAURENCESarahIsle aux Mort23yn/g10 Jun 1886n/g
LAWRENCEGeorge LiasDeep Cove25y7 Jul 18928 Jul 1892n/g
LAWRENCEAdelineIsle aux Mort1919 Apr 192521 Apr 1925Childbirth
LAWRENCEEdwardIsle aux Mort2m06 Nov 192508 Nov 1925Infancy
LAWRENCEJohn RobertIsle aux Mort2m15 Jul 190517 Jul 1905Consumption
LAWRENCEMaryIsle aux Mort90y15 Jul 190418 Jul 1904Old Age
LeFRESNEAlice JaneIsle aux Mort6wks15 Jul 190017 Jul 1900Convulsions
LeFRESNEAmelia JaneIsle aux Mortn/g19 Jan 190320 Jan 1903n/g
LeFRESNEGeorgeIsle aux Mort13y23 Jul 189025 Jul 1890n/g
LEFRESNEJeremiahIsle aux Mort320 Sep 185822 Sep 1858n/g
LeFRESNEJohnIsle aux Mort8317 Oct 192520 Oct 1925Paralysis
LeFRESNEJuliaIsle aux Mort22y24 Jun 190126 Jun 1901Consumption
LeFRESNELauraIsle aux Mort5y27 Oct 190228 Oct 1902Heart Failure
LeFRESNEPriscillaIsle aux Mort9y25 Feb 190127 Feb 1901Bronchitis
LeFRESNEProsperIsle aux Mort87y27 May 189929 May 1899Old Age
LeFRESNEIsabella Seal Cove72yn/g7 Mar 1886n/g
LEFRESNEJeramiahSeal Cove14m18 Nov 186720 Nov 1867

LeFRESNELeah FlorenceSeal Cove2m8 May 189610 May 1896n/g
LEGGEHenrietta LeggeCodroy9y07 Feb 190209 Feb 1902Measles
LEGGEHenryCodroy3mths13 Feb 189215 Feb 1892n/g
LeMOINECharlesChannel16m17 May 188820 May 1888n/g
LeMOINEFlorenceChannel24y04 Jun 190507 Jun 1905LaGrippe
LeMOINEGeorgeChannel32y09 Sep 190612 Sep 1906Consumption
LeMOINEGeorgeChannel46y16 Feb 188925 Feb 1889n/g
LeMOINEJosie SelinaChannel6m27 Jul 190029 Jul 1900Whooping Cough
LEMOINEThomas F.Channel35 Dec 18547 Dec 1854Croup
LeRICHEAlexanderChannel5wksn/g1 Sept 1894n/g
LeRISHAlbertChannel1y5m06 Oct 19021086/1902LaGrippe
LEWISHarrietSeal Cove43 Nov 18585 Nov 1858n/g
LILLINGTONRaymondChannel9m08 Apr 192410 Apr 1924Measles
LILLINGTONSarahChannel6426 Oct 192429 Oct 1924Paralysis
LILLINGTONElenor AnnIsle aux Mort11yn/g10 Apr 1894n/g
LILLINGTONMary MagdelineIsle aux Mort6m15 Jan 189516 Jan 1895n/g
LILLINGTONMaudIsle aux Mort6y22 Sept 189423 Sept 1894n/g
LILLINGTONEllenSeal Cove74y9 Jul 189612 Jul 1896n/g
LOMONDIrene Channel5w12 Dec 192413 Dec 1924Influenza
LOMONDThomasChannel2022 Jan 185926 Jan 1859n/g
LOMONDPhoebeDeadfall Point25y21 Nov 189123 Nov 1891n/g
LOMONDCatherineGrand Bay38y05 Mar 190009 Mar 1900Childbirth
LOMONDGeorgeGrand Bay89yn/g8 Feb 1885n/g
LOMONDJohn HenryGrand Bay11m12 Mar 188913 Mar 1889n/g
LOMONDWilliam ThomasGrand Bay10.3y10 Sep 189012 Sep 1890n/g
LOMONDCarolineRocky Barachois28yn/g10 Jan 1885n/g
LOMONDGeorge PhilipRocky Barachois22y30 Sep 18882 Oct 1888n/g
LOMONDJohn HenryRocky Barachois14y13 Oct 189113 Oct 1891n/g
LOMONDLavinaRocky Barachois11mn/g2 Apr 1885n/g
LOMONDMiriam LeahRocky Barachois3306 Apr 192508 Apr 1925Childbirth
LOMONDVictorRocky Barachois2.9y16 Oct 189016 Oct 1890n/g
LONGCharlesMouse Island85y5 Feb 18999 Feb 1899LaGrippe
LOVELLWilliamHiscock Point2326 Oct 185831 Oct 1858n/g
LOVELLAmyIsle aux Mort17y20 Jan 190423 Jan 1904Consumption
LOVELLEliIsle aux Mort14y20 Jun 189921 Jun 1899n/g
LOVELLMariaIsle aux Mort39y16 Jul 190519 Jul 1905Consumption
LOVELLWilliamIsle aux Mort6616 Nov 192518 Nov 1925Paralysis
LUNDRIGANLouisaGrand Bay Brook7mn/g2 Oct 1884n/g
MacDONALDMauriceIsle aux Mort5y 5m9 Oct 189410 Oct 1894n/g
MANUELElizabeth MaryChannel423 Oct 185825 Oct 1858n/g
MANUELHanna FrancesChannel14y 9mn/g7 Apr 1882n/g
MANUELMaryChannel64y4 Sept 18917 Sept 1891n/g
MANUELNoraChannel6m21 May 190623 May 1906Epileptic Fits
MANUELObadiahChannel10m2 Sep 18664 Sep 1866

MANUELRose EllenChannel17y 10mn/g23 Oct 1880n/g
MARSHLydiaChannel129 Jul 186830 Jul 1868

MARTINClarence VictorChannel8mn/g28 Sept 1894n/g
MARTINElizabethChannel38yn/g1 Aug 1880n/g
MARTINIsabella M.Channel7yn/g15 Oct 1884n/g
MARTINRoseChannel41yn/g22 Mar 1894n/g
MARTINWalterChannel4416 Nov 192418 Nov 1924Heart Failure
MATTHEWSHannahGrand Bay2y23 Jan 188925 Jan 1889n/g
MATTHEWSMaryMotherlake Brook10y11 Apr 188813 Apr 1888n/g
MATTHEWSSusanMotherlake Brook65yn/g13 Jul 1886n/g
28 May 1895
drowned on schooner "Reaper" body not recovered.
McDONALDGeorginaChannel2.517 Feb 192422 Feb 1924Measles
McDONALDAdelaideIsle aux Mort33y 9m15 Mar 190218 Mar 1902Consumption
McDONALDEllenIsle aux Mort1y9mn/g08 Jan 1903n/g
McDONALDEllen JaneIsle aux Mort2y05 Apr 190306 Apr 1903n/g
McDONALDFlorenceIsle aux Mort402 Sep 192406 Sep 1924n/g
McDONALDJuliaIsle aux Mort11y03 Oct 190205 Oct 1902Diptheria
McDONALDMarcellaIsle aux Mort13y01 Jun 190501 Jun 1905Dropsy
McDONALDStephenIsle aux Mort6020 Apr 192423 Apr 1924T.B
McDONALDSusanIsle aux Mortn/g20 Oct 192523 Oct 1925Pentonitis
McKAYIsabellaChannel3d8 Apr 189910 Apr 1899n/g
MCLEANAdelineChannel1d22 Nov 186423 Nov 1864n/g
McNEILMartha JaneMouse Island6802 Apr 192405 Apr 1924Brain Hemmorage
MEADLacey J.Channel11m03 Sep 190106 Sep 1901Measles
MEADMary ElizabethFox Roost24y22 May 188824 May 1888n/g
MEREDITH?Codroy427 Dec 18646 Jan 1865n/gtrader's daughter
MEREDITHLydia ElizabethCodroy1day1 Feb 186815 Mar 1868n/g
MILESJamesCape Ray39yn/g15 Jul 1886n/g
MILESJohnCape Ray17y26 Jul 190428 Jul 1904Drowned
MILLSJohn RichardChannel2yn/g18 Jul 1887n/g
MILLSRuthChannel201 Apr 192403 Apr 1924Measles
MILLSWilliam HenryChannel75yn/g23 Jul 1887n/g
MITCHELLLillianChannel7m18 Nov 192420 Nov 1924Influenza
MOISOUFannyMouse Island1.51 Nov 18583 Nov 1858n/g
MOORECharlesChannel34yn/g16 Oct 1879n/g
MOOREWilliamChanneln/g12 Sept 189214 Sept 1892Diarreah
MOOREAlice MayCodroy4 1/2 mths8 March 189711 March 1897n/g
MOORECharlesCodroy3915 Feb 192317 Feb 1923Tuberculosis
MOORECharlesCodroy3mths19 Dec 18595 Jan 1860n/g
MOOREGeorgeCodroy2721 Dec 191424 Dec 1914Tuberculosis
MOOREHannahCodroy5919 Oct 192221 Oct 1922Cancer
MOOREIsaacCodroy6815 Apr 191116 Apr 1911Consumption
MOOREJamesCodroy91n/g19 Jan 1894n/g
MOOREJaneCodroy60n/g21 Apr 1872n/g
MOOREJaneCodroy6021 Apr 1872n/g

MOOREJane AnnCodroy7mth? Dec 18618 Jan 1862n/g
MOOREMariaCodroy2318 Sep 186120 Sep 1861n/gfisherman's wife
MOORENoahCodroyn/g22 July 189225 July 1892Drowned
MOORESAlice JaneChannel25yn/g29 Apr 1894n/g
MORGANJohnIsle aux Mort22y21 Jan 189225 Jan 1892n/g
MORRISCatherineChannel6mn/g29 Oct 1880n/g
MORRISFrancisChannel10mths8 Aug 18939 Aug 1893n/g
MORRISJamesChannel3mn/g6 Sep 1885n/g
MORRISJoshua WalterChannel6m18 Jan 189019 Jan 1890n/g
MORRISMagdalineChannel6mn/g20 Dec 1881n/g
MORRISMartha JaneChannel12y less 7dn/g24 Jun 1881n/g
MORRISMary Valencia JaneChannel6d12 Aug 190113 Aug 1901n/g
MORRISNathanielChannel2mn/g16 Jul 1884n/g
18 Oct 1878

MORTFORDJamesChannel53.5y26 Sep 188828 Sep 1888n/g
MUGFORDHenryCodroy2710 Jan 191412 Jan 1914Hernia
MUGFORDJamesCodroy17.5June 1894
"Drowned, body not recovered"
MUGFORDSamuelCodroy4701 Mar 190704 Mar 1907Pneumonia
MUGFORDWilliamCodroy32n/g01 Apr 1911Tuberculosis
MUSGRAVEAmelia F.Channel1y18 Sep 190521 Sep 1905Cholera
MUSSEAUJosephMouse Island8331 Oct 190802 Nov 1908Paralysis
MUSSEAUEdwardThe Brook (Channel)8013 Apr 192415 Apr 1924Old Age
MUSSOArthur GrahamMotherlake Brook4y22 Mar 188823 Mar 1888n/g
MUSSONHannaChannelabout 85n/g15 Nov 1885n/g
MUSSONIsabelChannel22yn/g24 Jun 1882n/g
MUSSONWilliamChannel23yn/g24 Jun 1882n/g
MUSSONCatherineMouse Island39yn/g4 May 1886n/g
MUSSONCharles EdwardMouse Island3yn/g6 Jun 1883n/g
MUSSONWilliam J.Mouse Island6yn/g6 Dec 1884n/g
MUSSOUAgnes JaneChannelinfantn/g19 Oct 1871

MUSSOUHannaChannel2wn/g14 Aug 1879n/g
MUSSOUJosephChannel99n/g6 Jul 1873n/g
MUSSOUElizabethCodroy56y7 Jul 189510 Jul 1895n/g
MUSSOUProsperCodroy7510 Mar 191813 Mar 1918Heart Failure
MUSSOUEdwardMouse Island2110 Jul 192529 Jul 1925Drowned
MUSSOUEdward CharlesMouse Island5w08 Mar 192510 Mar 1925Influenza
MUSSOUEmily A.Mouse Island15mn/g12 Mar 1886n/g
MUSSOUJohn ThomasMouse Island29y 9m14 May 188915 May 1889n/g
MUSSUWilliam MorganMouse Island4mths7 Jan 18909 Jan 1890n/g
N/GThomas JeramiaCape Ray4m7 Dec 18877 Dec 1887n/g
NEWMANJosephBurnt Islands6010 Aug 186013 Aug 1860n/g
NICOLLECharlesChannel25yn/g17 Sep 1882n/g
NORMANEdwin A.Channel5.5yn/g7 Apr 1887n/g
NORMANHilda LeeChannel1 3/4yn/g9 Apr 1887n/g
NOSEWORTHYNathanielCodroy6527 Aug 191629 Aug 1916Heart Failure
OLDFORDJohnCodroy11y28 Feb 189328 Feb 1893n/g
ORGANAndrewSeal Cove2.5yn/g14 Feb 1886n/g
ORGANFrancesSeal Cove2.5yn/g16 Mar 1886n/g
ORGANRoseannahSeal Cove9yn/g2 Feb 1887n/g
ORGANWilliamSeal Cove31yn/g2 Feb 1886n/g
OSBORNEJonasMargaree65y08 Jul 190008 Jul 1900n/g
OSBORNEJohnMiddle Barachois64y19 Apr 190023 Apr 1900Brights Disease
OSBORNEMartha JaneMouse Island2y9 Oct 189510 Oct 1895n/g
OSBORNESolomanMouse Island1m19 Jan 190021 Jan 1900n/g
OSBORNEEliza AnnPort aux Basques8mths28 Jan 189330 Jan 1893n/g
OSMONDGeorgeChannel75yn/g26 Feb 1879n/g
OSMONDMarieChannel3wks25 Apr 190027 Apr 1900n/g
OSMONDn/gChannel6w26 Apr 1872n/g

OSMONDWilliam NathanChannel3yn/g4 Dec 1881n/g
OSMONDCharlesMargaree83y6 Feb 18928 Feb 1892n/g
OSMONDGeorge W.Margaree18mn/g1 May 1885n/g
OSMONDSusanMargaree526 Nov 185828 Nov 1858n/g
OSMONDWalterMargaree26y23 Sep 190625 Sep 1906Cripple
OSMONDElizabethMargarees452 Feb 1872n/g

OSMONDElizabethMargarees6m18 Mar 1872n/g

OSMONDSarahMargarets*10024 Jul 187026 Jul 1870
OSMONDSarah AnnMargarets227 Apr 186329 Apr 1863n/g
OSMONDJohn CharlesMargariets15yn/g23 Jun 1886n/g
OSMONDSarah Margree72y22 May 188824 May 1888n/g
OSMONDWilliam JesseMargreits9yn/g25 Dec 1882n/g
OSMONDCharlesMiddle Barachois1421 Mar 192523 Mar 1925Heart Failure
OSMONDIsaacMiddle Barachois22m25 Jan 189025 Jan 1890n/g
OSMONDRebbeca J.Middle Barachoisn/g5 Nov 18897 Nov 1889n/g
OSMONDCharlesMouse Island1310 Apr 186112 Apr 1861n/g
OSMONDCharles H.Mouse Island1m13 Mar 190415 Mar 1904n/g
OSMONDElizabethMouse Island70yn/g8 Jul 1886n/g
OSMONDElizabeth A.Mouse Island2.5mn/g1 Oct 1884n/g
OSMONDJames PhilipMouse Island31y22 May 188927 May 1889n/g
OSMONDJohn WilliamMouse Island16d16 Jan 190318 Jan 1903n/g
OSMONDMariaMouse Island7y17 Sep 188918 Sep 1889n/g
OSMONDn/gMouse Island11y04 Feb 190206 Feb 1902Jaundice
OSMONDn/gMouse Islandn/g16 Apr 189919 Apr 1899Ulcer of the stomach
OSMONDSusannaMouse Island22y07 Oct 190610 Oct 1906Brain Fever
OSMUNDGeorgeMouse Island14y28 Dec 190431 Dec 1904Consumption
OSMUNDHugh RobertMouse Island10mths19 Oct 190123 Oct 1901Measles
PARRINTERJaneChannel252 Aug 18673 Aug 1867
PARRINTERJosephChannel*2611 Dec 186613 Dec 1866

PARSONSJohnBurnt Islands3812 Jul 186714 Jul 1867

PARSONSMichael Burnt Islands2m20 Oct 186325 Oct 1863n/g
PARSONSAgnes JaneChanneln/g25 May 186229 May 1862n/gnot married
PARSONSGeorgeChannel3031 Mar 18613 Apr 1861n/g
PARSONSMary E.Channel6mn/g28 Feb 1886n/g
PARSONSSusannahChannel5722 Nov 192525 Nov 1925Pneumonia
PARSONSAmbroseCodroy4018 Apr 186622 Apr 1866n/gfisherman
PARSONSAmeliaCodroy7530 Apr 190202 May 1902Paralysis
PARSONSCharlesCodroy5519 Dec 192321 Dec 1923Heart Failure
PARSONSIda MCodroy3.5n/g16 Aug 1886n/g
PARSONSJaneCodroy2010 Apr 190812 Apr 1908Childbirth
PARSONSJoannaCodroy118 Aug 185919 Aug 1859n/g
PARSONSJohnCodroy10 days10 Sept 189912 Sept 1899Fits
PARSONSLydiaCodroy3811 Nov 190412 Nov 1904Childbirth
PARSONSMariaCodroy528 Jul 185930 Jul 1859n/g
PARSONSMaryCodroy14mths16 Nov 189216 Nov 1892Diptheria
PARSONSMaudCodroy29 Nov 189810 Nov 1898n/g
PARSONSWilliamCodroy1029 Jul 185930 Jul 1859n/g
PARSONSWilliamCodroy51n/g5 May 1875n/g
PARSONSWilliamCodroyn/an/g7 June 1883n/g
PARSONSJohnRose Blanche8228 Jan 186831 Jan 1868

PATEURobertn/g48y23 Mar 1896
drowned - body not recovered
PATEYDanielCape Ray2y09 Nov 190512 Nov 1905Whooping Cough
PATEYJohnCape Ray2y 5m9 Dec 189412 Dec 1894n/g
PATEYn/gCape Ray76yn/g4 Sept 1893n/g
PATEYRichard HenryCape Ray12days23 Mar 189225 Mar 1892n/g
PATEYSusannaCape Ray45y02 Feb 190204 Feb 1902Cancer
PATIEDianeCape Ray16m5 Dec18877 Dec1887n/g
PATTENEllenCape Ray74y31 May 190303 Jun 1903Consumption
PATTENEmanuelCape Ray1.516 Feb 186419 Feb 1864n/g
PATTENThomasCape Ray5723 Dec 192326 Dec 1923Pneumonia
PEARCECaroline JaneCape Ray3y25 Nov 190128 Nov 1901Measles
PEARCEDorcas JaneCape Rayn/g27 Sep 192429 Sep 1924Whooping Cough
PEATYJohnCape Ray62yn/g11 Mar 1886n/g
PEATYJohn StephenCape Ray3w8 May 186714 May 1867

PEPIUJohnJersey26y28 May 189531 May 1895drowned on schooner "Reaper"
PIERCECatherineCape Ray5d22 Feb 190124 Feb 1901n/g
PIERCEMary AnnCape Rayn/g23 Jun 1872n/g

PIERCEWilliamCape Ray11d28 Feb 190102 Mar 1901n/g
PIKEJaneCape Ray3y5m01 May 190504 May 1905n/g
PIKEAbrahamChannel6m10 Oct 185912 Oct 1859n/g
PIKEAliceChannel4626 Dec 192428 Dec 1924Childbirth
PIKEAnnChannel1028 Nov 185830 Nov 1858n/g
PIKEArchibald H.Channel1.4y13 Nov 188915 Nov 1889n/g
n/g28 Aug 1895n/g
PIKECatherineChannel48n/g2 Aug 1857n/gmarried
PIKECatherineChannel301 Aug 18653 Aug 1865n/gmarried
PIKECatherine SarahChannel2m10 Sep 186712 Sep 1867

PIKECharlesChannel19y15 Aug 190417 Aug 1904Drowned
PIKEEliasChannel53yn/g3 Mar 1894n/g
PIKEElizabethChannel502 Jun 18634 Jun 1863n/gmarried
PIKEEthelChannel1909 May 192412 May 1924T.B
PIKEFrancisChannel1.5yn/g19 Sep 1886n/g
PIKEGeorgeChannel95y5 Dec 18986 Dec 1898n/g
PIKEGeorgeChannel519 Dec 186123 Dec 1861n/g
PIKEGeorgeChannel*354 Jul 18695 Jul 1869

PIKEJamesChannel1919 Jun 186121 Jun 1861n/g
PIKEJames Cecil JordonChannel3m4d19 Aug 189221 Aug 1892n/g
PIKEJoannaChannel6m5 Oct 18676 Oct 1867

PIKEJohnChannel56y3 Feb 1897n/gConsumption
PIKEJohnChannel4327 Apr 186628 Apr 1866

PIKEJosephineChannel2y 2m19 Nov 189422 Nov 1894n/g
PIKELouisaChannel929 Jul 18587 Aug 1858n/g
PIKEMarkisChannel15yn/g25 Jun 1887n/g
PIKEMartinChannel75 Apr 18597 Apr 1859n/g
PIKEMary AnnChannel1824 May 1872n/g

PIKEPatience JaneChannel316 Oct 185818 Oct 1858n/g
PIKEPhilipChannel47 Nov 185410 Nov 1854Accidently burned
PIKESamuelChannel75y22 Feb 190325 Feb 1903Old Age
PIKESarah ElizabethChannel2days2 Mar 18913 Mar 1891n/g
PIKETimothyChannel8030 Nov 192402 Dec 1924Hernia
PIKETimothyChannel8yn/g26 Jul 1884n/g
PIKEWilliamChannel24y19 Nov 190421 Nov 1904Drowned
PIKEWilliamChannel910 Apr 192413 Apr 1924Measles

POOLEEdward AlbertBurnt Islands10d4 Feb 18645 Feb 1864n/g
POOLEGrace PattenBurnt Islands7m11 Sep 186716 Sep 1867

POOLECora MayChannel11y11 Jan 190611 Jan 1906Pneumonia
POOLEJaneChannel6726 Oct 185728 Oct 1857Fevermarried
POOLEJohnChannel784 Dec 186512 Dec 1865

POOLEGeorge FrederickIsle aux Mort13y12 Jun 189114 Jun 1891n/g
POOLEHenry ThomasIsle aux Mort53y26 Mar 189328 Mar 1893n/g
POOLEWilliam ThomasIsle aux Mort3mths2 Nov 18924 Nov 1892n/g
POOLECatherineSeal Cove33yn/g? Feb 1887n/g
POOLEHannaSeal Cove3wn/g15 Feb 1887n/g
PROSPERAileenChannel3m08 Nov 192510 Nov 1925Infancy
PROSSERSarah JaneIsle aux Mort9y29 Oct 190229 Oct 1902Diptheria
PROSSERValettaIsle aux Mort8yrs17 Oct 190217 Oct 1902Diptheria
PULLENSFrances JaneChannel21yn/g26 Sep 1882n/g
PULLENSFrancisChannel52y6 Sept 189910 Sept 1899Consumption
PULLENSJulia AnnChannel1y29 Jan 18891 Feb 1889n/g
PULLINSMichael E.Channel7yn/g17 Jun 1887n/g
PULLINSLewis TheodoreFox Roost5.1y10 Feb 189111 Feb 1891n/g
PULLINSIrene FrancesRocky Barachois9m 28days4 Feb 18914 Feb 1891n/g
RAINEYJohnChannel192 May 18594 May 1859n/g
READCharlotteCape Anguille548 July 189310 July 1893n/g
READGeorgeCodroy455 Jul 18708 Jul 1870n/gfisherman
REESOwenChannel30y01 Jan 190203 Jan 1902Consumption
RENDELLSJamesChannel18y19 May 190422 May 1904Consumption
RENDLESGeorge WilliamChannel13m25 Aug 186726 Aug 1867

RENDLESJamesChannel4020 Apr 186624 Apr 1866

RETIEFWilliam E.Channel1y12 Mar 190414 Mar 1904Croup
REUDELLAdelineChannel39y2 Jul 18975 Jul 1897n/g
RICHARDSMaryChannel10y30 Sep 18882 Oct 1888n/g
RICHARDSThomasChannel6330 Mar 192403 Apr 1924Heart Failure
RICHARDSWilliamChannel1327 Jul 192529 Jul 1925Poisoning
RICHARDSMary JuliaFox Roost8yn/g10 Dec 1881n/g
RICHARDSBessie Eliz.Isle aux Mort2y 5m10 Aug 189611 Aug 1896n/g
RICHARDSJohnIsle aux Mort2y4 Sept 18944 Sept 1894n/g
RICHARDSAlice M.Seal Cove3mn/g22 Nov 1885n/g
RICHARDSAnnSeal Cove3919 Sep 186922 Sep 1869
RICHARDSGeorgeSeal Cove3yn/g13 Feb 1887n/g
RICHARDSJesse C.Seal Cove4yn/g30 Jan 1887n/g
RICHARDSJosephSeal Cove34yn/g1 Mar 1887n/g
RIDOUTIsaacCape Ray230 May 18622 Jun 1862n/g
RIEIDGladys ElizabethChannel25d25 Sep 190027 Sep 1900n/g
ROBBINSMary AnnIsle aux Mort1516 Jan 1872n/g

ROBERTSJ. William GillamCape Ray6mn/g16 Oct 1884n/g
ROBILANDMarie Louise LucilleChannel21m17 Sep 186819 Sep 1868

ROBINSONMary Ann Channel77y05 Jul 190607 Jul 1906Paralysis
ROBINSONElizabethDeep Cove11yn/g1 Dec 1886n/g
ROBINSONElizabethDeep Cove29yn/g25 Jun 1887n/g
ROBINSONStephenDeep Cove63y29 Mar 188929 Mar 1889n/g
ROBINSONCarolineIsle aux Mort8m26 Aug 186727 Aug 1867

ROGERSCaroline AdaChannel13yn/g12 Apr 1894n/g
ROGERSSarah AgnesChannel33yn/g9 Oct 1882n/g
ROLLSEmmaGrand River34yn/g14 Mar 1887n/g
ROLLSRachelGrand River1dn/g14 Mar 1887n/g
ROSEMartha JaneChannel2m1 Sep 1872n/g

ROSEWilsonChannel10m6 Mar 18568 Mar 1856Infintile disease
ROSEFrancesHiscock Point225 Sep 18677 Sep 1867
RUEBENRobert GillinghamChannel60y5 Jan 18997 Jan 1899Paralysis
SAMMSCatherineCodroy1.75n/g14 Apr 1885n/g
SAMMSCharlesCodroy2014 Jul 190717 Jul 1907Consumption
SAMMSEliCodroy6005 Aug 192107 Aug 1921Heart Disease
SAMMSEliz. JaneCodroy4mthsn/g7 Oct 1883n/g
SAMMSEmanuelCodroy18March 1895
"Drowned, body not recovered"
SAMMSGeorge WilliamCodroy311 Feb 18973 Feb 1897n/g
SAMMSHannaCodroy5025 Sep 190428 Sep 1904Consumption
SAMMSHenryCodroy6210 Aug 192412 Aug 1924Cancer
SAMMSJacobCodroy4802 Oct 191307 Oct 1913Cancer
SAMMSJacobCodroy8mths25 Feb 189325 Feb 1893n/g
SAMMSJamesCodroy8424 Jul 191225 Jul 1912Old Age
SAMMSJamesCodroy6219 Jun 192321 Jun 1923Ben Ben
SAMMSJamesCodroy52March 1895
"Drowned, body not recovered"
SAMMSMaryCodroy8022 Jul 191224 Jul 1912Old Age
SAMMSMary AnneCodroyn/gn/g17 May 1876n/g
SAMMSSarahCodroy2326 Dec 190028 Dec 1900Childbirth
SAMMSSarahCodroy4122 Dec 191025 Dec 1910Consumption
SAMMSSarah AnnCodroy5420 Mar 191923 Mar 1919Tuberculosis
SAMMSSusannahCodroy5910 Feb 192112 Feb 1921Tuberculosis
SAMMSThomasCodroy7512 Mar 190415 Mar 1904Old Age
SAMMSThomasCodroyn/an/g4 July 1883n/g
SAMMSWilliam ThomasCodroy196 Sept 189229 Sept 1892Drowned
SAMMSWilsonCodroy236 Sept 189210 Sept 1892Drowned
SAMSBenjaminCodroy5811 Dec 187015 Dec 1870n/gfisherman. Note: Archives say 16 Dec 1870
SAMSCatherineCodroy8918 Apr 18601 Jun 1860n/gfisherman's wife
SAMSHanna ElizabethCodroy231 Jul 18622 Aug 1862n/g
SAMSMaryCodroy67n/g16 Mar 1876n/g
SARTINEphraimIsle aux Mort2y13 Jun 189114 Jun 1891n/g
SARTINJohnIsle aux Mortabout 6512 May 189914 May 1899Paralysis
SARTINSarah JaneIsle aux Mort22y1 Jun 18915 Jun 1891n/g
SARTINSusanIsle aux Mort71y22 Jul 189324 Jul 1893n/g
SAUNDERSJackChannel*2311 Dec 186613 Dec 1866

SAVORYAnn EstherChannel12m20 Jan 189021 Jan 1890n/g
SAVORYJohnChannel7y26 Jun 188829 Jun 1888n/g
SAVORYJoseph SeelyChannel3m 15dn/g18 Sept 1894n/g
SAVORYNicholas DouglasChannel3m 20dn/g25 Sept 1894n/g
SAVORYRichard DouglasChannel4d23 Dec189623 Dec1896n/g
SAVORYRobertChannel75y19 Apr 188822 Apr 1888n/g
SAVORYRobertChannel623 Dec 185926 Dec 1859n/g
SAVORYRobertChannel4d25 Jun 186727 Jun 1867

SAVORYSusannahChannel48y14 Mar 190618 Mar 1906Pneumonia
SAVORYJohn RobertMotherlake Brook14d5 Apr 18886 Apr 1888n/g
SCASClarice M.Channel2.5yn/g22 Jun 1887n/g
SCEARDElizabethChannelnearly 11mn/g5 May 1882n/g
SCEARDJohnChannel881 Dec 18574 Dec 1857n/g
SCEARDJohnChannel5526 Nov 186728 Nov 1867

SCEARDMaryChannel1215 May 186017 May 1860n/g
SCEARDPhilipChannel520 Aug 186921 Aug 1869

SCEARDThomasChannel70yn/g28 May 1885n/g
SCOTTBerthaChannel13y19 Nov 189021 Nov 1890n/g
SCOTTCharlesChannel3yn/g13 Jul 1884n/g
SCOTTJohn RuebenChannel4mn/g21 Jan 1903n/g
SCOTTn/gChannel83yn/g24 May 1894n/g
SCOTTSarahChannel42y19 Apr 188820 Apr 1888n/g
SCOTTSarah JaneChannel14y7 Feb 188810 Feb 1888n/g
SCOTTJuliaFox Roost28y28 May 188830 May 1888n/g
SCOTTAndrewIsle aux Mort55y07 May 190308 May 1903Heart Disease
SCOTTElizabeth EmilyPort aux Basques5y24 Sep 188824 Sep 1888n/g
SCOTTHenryPort aux Basques12y3 Oct 18884 Oct 1888n/g
SCOTTJohn ManuelPort aux Basques7y25 Sep 188826 Sep 1888n/g
SCOTTJulia Port aux Basques8mn/g15 Jul 1885n/g
SEELEYClifford OliverChannel3m02 Dec 19011242/1901n/g
SEELYThomasChannel11m13 Sept 189515 Sept 1895n/g
SEOLTEdwardPort aux Basques44y26 Jan 189329 Jan 1893n/g
SERRETArthur AlbertPort aux Basques1y24 Jan 189226 Jan 1892n/g
SEYMOURCliffordIsle aux Mort1m06 Oct 192408 Oct 1924Infancy
SEYMOURSimonIsle aux Mort1d27 Oct 192529 Oct 1925Infancy
SHEAVESAlice JaneChannel3m7 Aug 18699 Aug 1869

SHEAVESCharlesChannel60y12 Jul 190314 Jul 1903Brights Disease
SHEAVESElizabethChannel69yn/g14 Jan 1879n/g
SHEAVESEthelChannel3608 Apr 192510 Apr 1925Heart Failure
SHEAVESIsaacChannel28y22 Nov 1894
drowned on Schooner "Maud Gillam" body not recovered
SHEAVESJohnChannel72y24 Jul 190429 Jul 1904Brights Disease
SHEAVESLeviChannel3wn/g6 May 1884n/g
SHEAVESPhilip LeviChanneln/gn/g30 Jan 1880n/g
SHEAVESWilliam Channel56y1Mar 18974 Mar 1897Stomach Cancer
28 May 189525 Jul 1895drowned on schooner "Reaper"
SHORTArthurCape Ray3mn/g29 Sep 1884n/g
SHORTFrancesCape Ray2m29 Oct 190501 Nov 1905n/g
SHORTHarriet AnnCape Ray3mn/g2 Oct 1894n/g
SHORTJohnCape Ray1m30 Sep 190302 Oct 1903n/g
SHORTJohnCape Ray3wks07 Sep 190408 Sep 1904n/g
SHORTJohnCape Ray14yn/g19 Nov 1887n/g
SHORTJohnCape Ray6514 Jan 186017 Jan 1860n/g
SHORTMarthaCape Ray215 Oct 18678 Oct 1867

SHORTMaryCape Ray5m12 May 186518 May 1865n/g
SHORTMaryChannel4531 Aug 18552 Sep 1855Consumptionmarried
SIELYThomas DicksChannel1y01 Jul 190003 Jul 1900Whooping Cough
SITLANDJosephBurnt Islands759 Dec 186311 Dec 1863n/g
SITLANDSusanBurnt Islands3311 Apr 186018 Apr 1860n/gmarried
SKEARDGeorginaCape Ray4m15 Jan 190117 Jan 1901Croup
SKEARDAmelia AnnChannel1y5m28 Dec 190130 Dec 1901Consumption
SKEARDHannaChannel1d16 Apr 189117 Apr 1891n/g
SKEARDNora WinifredChannel1m21 Jan 192423 Jan 1900Infancy
SKEARDRachelChannel10dn/g27 Sep 1880n/g
SKEARDSusanChannel5321 Aug 192524 Aug 1925Cancer
SKEARDWilliam RichardChannel23y8 Jul 189311 Jul 1893n/g
SKINNERClassieIsle aux Mort10m22 Aug 192523 Aug 1925Infancy
SKINNERTryphenaIsle aux Mort3021 Nov 192424 Nov 1924Childbirth
SMITHF. JamesChannel30y09 Feb 190112 Feb 1901TB
SMITHJulia ClaraChannel15y3 Jul 18895 Jul 1889n/g
SMITHJohnCodroy8623 Jun 191625 Jun 1916Old Age
SMITHRebeccaCodroy2917 Feb 190220 Feb 1902Consumption
SMITHWilliamCodroy4408 Jun 190609 Jun 1906Pneumonia
SPARKSJohn CollierCodroy45 Dec 18957 Dec 1895n/g
SQUARREYCarolineChannel1621 Aug 192523 Aug 1925n/g
SQUARREYn/gSydney4m19 Aug 190421 Aug 1904Cholera
STAPLESMurryChannel45y24 Aug 189927 Aug 1899Consumption
STAPLESRichardChannel31y19 Oct 190322 Oct 1903Consumption
STICKLANDAgnes JaneChannel6w29 Dec 185431 Dec 1854Croup
STICKLANDElizabethChannel5014 Apr 1872n/g

STICKLANDGeorge EdwardChannel2805 Jan 192507 Jan 1925Menningitis
STICKLANDJohnChannel1m20 Aug 185922 Aug 1859n/g
STICKLANDJohnChannel3416 Mar 186518 Mar 1865n/g
STICKLANDJohnChannel1 hourn/g4 Jun 1871

STICKLANDMariaChannel3d5 Jan 18676 Jan 1867

STICKLANDPhilipChannel334 Dec 18576 Dec 1857n/g
STICKLANDRobertChanneln/g14 Jun 185716 Jun 1857Consumption
STICKLANDThomasChannel*4417 May 186921 May 1869

STICKLANDWilliamChannel4510 Aug 186511 Aug 1865n/g
STRICKLANDAlbert WilliamChannel11mths27 Oct 189231 Oct 1892n/g
STRICKLANDJeramiahChannel11y13 Feb 188814 Feb 1888n/g
STRICKLANDPathsnaChannel86y05 Jul 190508 Jul 1905Old Age
STRICKLANDWilliam ThomasChannel42y06 May 190608 May 1906Spinal Meningitus
STRICKLANDArthurIsle aux Mort

STRICKLANDHarrietIsle aux Mort7yn/g23 Sep 1881n/g
STRICKLANDJohnIsle aux Mortn/gFall-1897
drowned Grand Banks - body not recovered
STRICKLANDRoseannaIsle aux Mort25yn/g14 Jun 1894n/g
STRICKLANDSarah AnnIsle aux Mort16y13 May 189114 May 1891n/g
STRICKLANDWalterIsle aux Mort7y17 May 189118 May 1891n/g
STRICKLANDWilliamIsle aux Mort20y2 May 18916 May 1891n/g
STRICKLANDMary AnnMouse Island8m6 Feb 18897 Feb 1889n/g
STRICKLANDWilliamMouse Island25yn/g12 Jun 1886n/g
STRICKLANDn/gn/gn/g11 Sept 189212 Sept 1892Convulsions
STRICKLANDJosephPort aux Basques81yn/g17 Jun 1894n/g
STRICKLANDThomasSeal Coven/gn/g20 Jul 1886n/g
STUDLEYJohnChannel96y10 Apr 190513 Apr 1905LaGrippe
SWIFTJaneIsle aux Mort20y18 Dec 190120 Dec 1901Consumption
SWIFTMarthaIsle aux Mort52y22 Nov 190126 Nov 1901Consumption
TAPPIsaac JamesCape Ray1.510 Sep 186415 Sep 1864n/g
TAPPJamesCape Ray6y19 Dec 190523 Dec 1905Whooping Cough
TAPPJohn WilliamCape Ray3wksn/g8 Feb 1899n/g
TAPPMary Ann Cape Ray14m17 Jun 189822 Jun 1898n/g
TAPPn/gCape Ray428 Jan 192429 Jan 1924Measles
TAPPWilliamCape Ray7729 Feb 18602 Mar 1861n/gfisherman
TAPPWilliamCape Ray7729 Feb 18602 Mar 1860n/g
THOMASWilliamChannel6522 Jul 192524 Jul 1925Heart Failure
THORNHILLJacobFortune Bay17y18 Oct 189821 Oct 1898n/g
TIBBOMary AnnCodroy4018 Feb 191720 Feb 1917Tuberculosis
TIBBOEWilliamChannel19m19 Mar 185621 Mar 1856n/g
TRAVERSPhilipChannel15 Jul 18697 Jul 1869

TREGULEThomasChannel7231 Dec 18632 Jan 1864n/g
TROKEGeorgeSeal Cove23yn/g16 Mar 1884n/g
VARDYAnnie Channel12dn/g8 Aug 1886n/g
VARDYGeorgeChannel4yn/g19 Jul 1882n/g
VARDYGeorgeChannel513 Nov 185816 Nov 1858n/g
VARDYJohnChannel5mn/g17 Oct 1884n/g
VARDYJohnChannel4028 Dec 186130 Dec 1861n/g
VARDYMaria JaneChannel224 Mar 192426 Mar 1924Measles
VARDYRebbecaChannel41y29 Apr 18912 May 1891n/g
VARDYSamuelChannel127 Oct 186130 Oct 1861n/g
VARDYSusannaChannel23y10 Oct 190013 Oct 1900Perpure(?) Fever
VATCHERCharlesChannel207 Mar 18629 Mar 1862n/g
VATCHERCharlotteChanneln/g10 Oct 185612 Oct 1856Consumptionmarried
VEYBertramChannel6.513 Jun 192521 Jun 1925Bronchitis
WALLElizabethCape Ray5y26 Nov 188728 Nov 1887n/g
WALLJohnCape Ray7329 Jul 192431 Jul 1924T.B
WALLMarthaCape Ray24y23 Jun 188825 Jun 1888n/g
WALLMelindaCape Ray4m18 Oct 192420 Oct 1924Whooping Cough
WALLThomas Cape Ray42y8 Jun 189911 Jun 1899Fits
WALTERSClaraChannel8m1 Feb 18913 Feb 1891n/g
WALTERSAlexander WilsonFox Roost13m25 Oct 189326 Oct 1893n/g
WALTERSAliceFox Roost17y14 Mar 190015 Mar 1900Consumption
WALTERSGeorgeFox Roost40y29 Jun 18881 Jul 1888n/g
WALTERSGeorgeFox Roost79y7 Mar 189310 Mar 1893n/g
WALTERSHughFox Roost30y27 Jul 188829 Jul 1888n/g
WALTERSHughFox Roost14mn/g30 Dec 1884n/g
WALTERSJamesFox Roost31yn/g8 Oct 1884n/g
WALTERSWilfredFox Roost2026 Aug 192426 Aug 1924Drowned
WALTERSCarolineIsle aux Mort16y10 May 189110 May 1891n/g
WALTERSIdaIsle aux Mort9.508 Jan 192410 Jan 1924Convulsions
WALTERSJamesIsle aux Mort76y10 Aug 189312 Aug 1893n/g
WALTERSNathanIsle aux Mort7y05 Oct 190207 Oct 1902Diptheria
WALTERSThomasIsle aux Mort3y31 Jun 189431 Jun 1894n/g
WALTERSThomas NelsonIsle aux Mort2.5yn/g1 Jul 1894n/g
WALTERSJohnMargaree26yn/g5 Feb 1885n/g
WALTERSJohnMargarees2w11 Jun 1872n/g

WALTERSIsaacMargarets13 Sep 18665 Sep 1866

WALTERSLaura Beatrice

WARRENAnnChanneln/g20 Mar 185723 Mar 1857Consumptionmarried
WARRENMariaChannel326 May 185528 May 1855Diarreah
WARRENSusannahIsle aux Mort1m05 Dec 190406 Dec 1904n/g
WARRENMatildaLower Isle aux Mort23yn/g13 Mar 1883n/g
WEBBArthurChannel2y5m07 Sep 190009 Sep 1900Croup
WEBBERClara MaudChannel4y01 May 190603 May 1906Pneumonia
WEEKSJohnHiscock Point2226 Oct 18584 Nov 1858n/g
WELLSAnnaCape Ray4313 Mar 187015 Mar 1870

WELLSGeorgeGrand Bay75y22 Jun 190024 Jun 1900Paralysis
WELLSPriscillaIsle aux Mort61y04 Nov 190507 Nov 1905Paralysis
WELLSRobertSeal Cove28yn/g27 Jan 1887n/g
WELLSRoseannaSeal Cove22yn/g27 Jan 1887n/g
WHITEFrederickCodroy512 Dec 189212 Dec 1892Diptheria
WHITEGeorgeCodroy113 Dec 18923 Dec 1892Diptheria
WHITEMaryCodroy713 Dec 189213 Dec 1892Diptheria
WHITEThomasCodroy4430 Dec 189231 Dec 1892Diptheria
WHITEJamesGrand River4yMar 1891Mar 1891n/g
WILKINSJosephGreat River8816 Feb 1872n/g

WILLIAMSSusannahChannel20y1 Jun 18913 Jun 1891n/g
WILLSJohnCape Ray1116 Jul 185818 Jul 1858n/g
WILLSRobertSeal Cove4yn/g19 Feb 1885n/g
WINDSORStephenCape Ray247 May 186910 May 1869

WISEMANJaneCodroy83n/g21 Jul 1921Old Age
YARNPhilipCape Ray11mn/g25 Feb 1879n/g
YARNMatildaChannel5318 Dec 192520 Dec 1925Paralysis
YARNGraceSeal Cove6615 Aug 185817 Aug 1858n/gmarried
YEARNMarthaChannel1724 May 185527 May 1855Consumption
YOUNGCatherineCape Ray2927 Jul 185829 Jul 1858n/gmarried
YOUNGMary AnnCape Ray9m21 Nov 186826 Nov 1868

YOUNGPeterChannel3624 Nov 186026 Nov 1860n/g
YOUNGRaymond WalterChannel7m17 Mar 192519 Mar 1925Convulsions
YOUNGAnnie LauraCodroyn/gn/g21 Dec 1902n/g
YOUNGElizabethCodroyn/g8 Aug 187016 Aug 1870n/gfisherman's wife
YOUNGHubertCodroy37 Dec 18927 Dec 1892Diptheria
YOUNGJamesCodroy87n/g3 Jul 1874n/g
YOUNGNormanCodroy1.8mths9 Dec 18929 Dec 1892Diptheria
YOUNGRachaelCodroy3231 Aug 191301 Sep 1913Childbirth
YOUNGSydneyCodroy2m12 Dec 192514 Dec 1925Infancy
TRUEThomasChannel6013 Aug 186419 Aug 1864n/g

Name in RecordDescription of ErrorMy Name
GILLINGHAM The name RUEBEN ROBERT GILLINGHAM CHANNEL 60YRS 5JAN1899 7JAN1899 PARALYSIS. This should read Gillingham Rueben as this was my GG Grandfather and the name Robert does not appear anywhere in our family records. Paul J.Gillingham
MILLS William Henry MILLS buried Jul 23, 1887 was 4 yrs old not 75 yrs as stated. This is verified on the microfilm reel(50) for this parish. William Henry was the son of William MILLS (1852-1816) and Rachel SCOTT (1859-1934) and was baptised Dec 16,1883 (reel #51). My mothers line were the MILLS of the south coast of NF. Deborah Jeans

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