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The information was transcribed by Peggy Bennett and Beverly Anne Benoit from microfilm held at the Corner Brook Library.   While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors

Abbreviations: W=widow or widower; d/o=daughter of; s/o=son of

June 29, 1855 John Pike Residence: Channel age 35 (W) , Born Carbonear s/o Timothy Pike, Planter married Elizabeth Buffet Residence: Channel age 31 (W) Born Bay St.George, Planterís daughter. Marriage took place in Channel by Joshua DuVal; Witnesses: Benjamin Manuel, John Guillam & Mary Manuel

August 19, 1856 E. Gale age 33, Bachelor , Fisherman, Residence: Grand River s/o William Gale , Planter of Grand River married Mary Jane McLean 26 , Spinster , Residence: Grand River, Born Cape Breton , d/o Hugh McLean, Planter, Witnesses: Wm.Gale, Charles Gale & Maria Gale. Minister: J.DuVal

August 19, 1856 John Gale age 26, Bachelor, Fisherman, Residence: Grand River, Born Grand River s/o James Gale, Planter married Isabella McLean 24, Spinster, Planterís daughter, Residence: Grand River, Born Prince Edward Island d/o Dominic McLean, Planter; Witnesses: William Gale & Maria Gale

September 30, 1857 Joshua Gallop 26, Bachelor, Fisherman, Residence: Codroy, Born Fortune Bay s/o William Gallop, Planter married Mary Jane Pike 18, Spinster, Residence: Channel, Born: Channel d/o Timothy Pike , Planter. Witnesses: George Buffett, Thos Janes & Hannah Gallop. Married by Joshua DuVal

December 4, 1867 Samuel Matthews (W) Abode: Brazils married Debroah Matthews (W) , Abode: Burgeo. Witnesses: Soloman Wilton & Samuel Read , Minister : V.Wm.LeGallais

April 7, 1858 William Moore , Bachelor, Abode: CodRoy married Maria Gale , Spinster of Great River. Witnesses: James Gale & George Read, Minister: V.Wm.LeGallais

February 12, 1858 Thomas Collier , Bachelor of Cape Ray married Nancy McNeil, Spinster of Grand River, Witnesses: John Collier& Philip Collier. Minister: V.Wm LeGallais

September 13, 1860 James Gale, Bachelor of CodRoy married Jane Moore , Spinster of CodRoy , Witnesses: William Carter & Grace Moore, Minister: V.Wm.LeGallais

March 10, 1862 Thomas Gale, Bachelor of Grand River married Mary Pauk{could be Pauh or Park}(Widow) of Grand River, Witnesses: Edward Gillam & Isabella Gale Minister: V. Wm. LeGallais

October 29, 1862 Ehil(should be Eliah) Pike , Bachelor of Channel married Catherine Carter, Spinster of Channel, Witnesses: ? Carter & ?? , Minister: V. Wm. LeGallais

April 26, 1866 Timothy Pike, Bachelor of Channel Magdalene /higlia(thatís how it looked to me), Spinster of St.Georgeís Bay, Witnesses: George Dicks & Patience Lillarn, Minister: V.Wm. LeGallais

May 22, 1867 Isidore Chaipon(this should be Chiasson) , Bachelor of Channel married Harriet Vardy, Spinster of Channel, Witnesses: George Taper ? & John Pieland, Minister: V.Wm.LeGallais

September 23, 1873 John Henry Collier, Bachelor, Residence: Cape Ray married Susannah Kendle, Spinster of Cape Ray, Witnesses: George Ellis, Martha Jane Collier & Clement Wans by T.A. Goode

December 18, 1854 George Bragg 22, Bachelor , Planter of Channel Born Grand Bank s/o Wm. George Bragg, Planter married Sarah Gale, 19, Spinster, Planterís Daughter of Great River, Born Great River d/o Wm.Gale, Planter; Married at Channel by Joshua DuVal. Witnesses: Alex Waddelle, John Lallorie(not sure of this last name) & Mary Bragg

February 25, 1855 George Thomas Pike 21, Bachelor, Planter of Channel Born Carbonear s/o Timothy Pike, Planter married Nancy Tibboe, Widow , Planterís Daughter , Residence at time of Marriage: Channel, d/o George Scott, Planter , Witnesses: George Bragg & Peter Young by Joshua DuVal

June 11, 1867 James Carter, Bachelor , Abode: Cape Ray married Mary Jane Gillam , Spinster, Abode: Cape Ray , Witnesses: Eliu Jephan(this is very hard to pick out, it may be Jephon meaning Chiasson or it could be Gillam, anyone wanting to try to figure this out I can scan the transcript as I made a copy of this page. Also the other witness has the same last name as well as the next entry .Seems this Eliu & Phoebe was witnesses to this marriage & the next one & going by the same date it was probably a double wedding. Another note is all these people signed by marking their X & the minister wrote in the names) & Phebe Jephon or Gillam. Minister: V.Wm. LeGallais

June 11, 1867 Francois Bejuin , Bachelor, Abode: France married Jeanne Carter, Widow , Abode: Cape Ray Witnesses: Eliu Jephon or Gillam & Pheobe Jephon or Gillam , Minister: V.Wm.LeGallais

July 11, 1867 Philip Dicks , Widower , Abode: Isles Aux Morts married Susannah Keeping, Spinster, Abode: Channel, Witnesses: m James Strickland & Ann Pila(not sure on this but thatís what it looks like) , Minister: V.Wm. LeGallais

July 11, 1867 George Strickland , Bachelor , Abode: Lancisetolure(I donít think this is right but thatís what it looks like) married Jane Dicks, Spinster, Abode: Burgeo, Witnesses: Eliel Pila & Sarah Caine(not sure on this either) Minister: V.Wm.LeGallais

July 17, 1867 James(or Thomas, very hard to decipher) Dicks , Bachelor Abode: Isles aux Morts married Sarah Strickland , Widow, Abode: Channel, Witnesses: Edward Gillam & ? LeGallais, Minister: V.Wm.LeGallais

September 9, 1867 Elijah Pike, Bachelor, Abode: Channel married Hannah Osmond, Spinster, Abode: Rocky Barroug? , Witnesses: ? Battiste & Ann Vardy, Minister: V.Wm.LeGallais

September 14, 1867 James Keeping , Bachelor, Abode: Channel married Ann Pike , Spinster, Abode: Channel; Witnesses Jas Ginldnd(not sure) & Mary Renouf, Minister: V.Wm.LeGallais

August 30, 1866 Hugh Carter , Bachelor, Abode: Channel married Sarah Dennis, Spinster, Abode: Channel; Witnesses: Thos Dennis & Sarah Daud (could be Davis, not sure) , Minister: V.Wm.LeGallais

November 8, 1866 Thomas Carter , Bachelor, Abode: Cape Ray married Elizabeth Wiels, Spinster, Abode: Cape Ray, Witnesses: A.Hillard & Ediem_ Gillam, Minister: V.Wm.LeGallais

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