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Fortune Bay Region ~ 1894-1897 McAlpines Directory

Part 1

Pop. of District, 7,671. Chief Town, Harbor Briton; Pop 748.

This file was photocopied from the A. C. Hunter Library, St. John's by Bonnie Hickey and then transcribed by JOHN STARRETT, March 2000. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Allen J,fishermanJacques Fontaine
Allan Silas,dodo
Abbott Wm,doEnglish Harbor
Archibald Wm,dodo
Angot Jnlien,doSt. John's Bay
Abbott Albert,doPool's Cove
Angot Emanuel,doBarrow
Ansty John,doGarnish
Ansty George,dodo
Ansty Wm,dodo
Ansty Eli,dodo
Anstey James,dodo
Abbott Seymour,doHermitage
Allen Samuel,doGreat Jervis
Allen John,dodo
Ashford Thos,doHarbor Breton
Ashford Chas,dodo
Ashford George,dodo
Angot Joseph,dodo
Angot Philip,dodo
Ashford Peter,doDead Man's Cove
Abbott John,doPool's Cove
Abbott Cyrus,dodo
Boyce John,doHarbor Breton
Brushet Wilson,dodo
BIRKETT T,postmistressdo
Browne W J,fish'rmndo
Bounds John,dodo
Barnes William,doBay Despair
Barnes William,dodo
Barnes Joseph,doHarbor Mille
Barnes Alfred,doBay Despair
Barnes Thomas,dodo
Benoit Paul,doBay North
Benoit Peter,dodo
Benoit Frank,dodo
Benoit Paul,dodo
Benoit George,dodo
Benoit John,dodo
Benoit Benj,doConn River
Benoit George,dodo
Bishop Edward,doBonne Bay Island
Bishop Joseph,dodo
Bishop John,dodo
Blake John,doBay North
Blake Henry,dodo
Blake William,dodo
Bobbett Robert,doRaymond's Island
Bobbett John,dodo
Bobbett John,doBonne Bay
Bobbett Benj,doStanley Cove
Bobbett Mat'hw,dodo
Brazil Joseph,doConn River
Brushet Joseph,doLamble's Passage
Burke Matthew,doConn River
Bobbett Mat'hw,doPass Island
Bobbett Wm,dodo
Bobbett John R,dodo
Baldwin John,doRound Cove
Baldwin Wm,dodo
Bulley Thos W,doPass Island
Bulley Edwin,dodo
Bishop George,doHermitage
Bungay Thos,doSeal Cove
Bobbett Mat'hw,doLittle Bay
Bobbett Morgan,dodo
Burton John, jr,doGrole
Burton Thos,dodo
Burton Robert,dodo
BRADSHAW RICH'D,collector of customs and postmaster,Gaultois
Bussell Andrew,dodo
Bussell George,dodo
Bussell John,dodo
Baldwin James,doGrant's Cove
Brown James, doGarnish
Banfield Thos,dodo
Banfield St'phn,dodo
Banfield Levi,dodo
Banfield Rich'd,dodo
Banfield Henry,dodo
Baker Charles,dodo
Banfield Sam'l,dodo
Buglor James,fishermanJersey Har
Bungay Chas,dodo
Bungay Abr'hm,dodo
Boyce Daniel,dodo
Baker Lambert,doBroad Cove
Baker William,dodo
Baker John,dodo
Baker Patrick,dodo
Baker Benj,dodo
BURKE D,gen dealer,St Jacques
Burke Denis J,fishermando
Burke Thos,dodo
Burke Pat'k D,dodo
Burke Pat'k J,dodo
Burke John J,dodo
Burke Wm J,dodo
Burke Ambrose,dodo
Burke Isaac,dodo
Burke Pat'k O,dodo
Burke Mich'l, sr,dodo
Burke Wm,dodo
Burke Mich'l, jr,dodo
Bungay Morgan,dodoSagona
Baker Daniel,dodoLallyCv
Blagdon Sam'ldodoC'mbsC
Beales Ezekiel,doSt Jacques
Buffett Reuben,doStowe's Cove
Bond William,dodo
Bond Meshec,dodo
Buffett William,dodo
Baker Walter,fishermanFemme, de Bay de L'eau
Baker Israel, sr,fishermanBay de L'eau
Baker Israel, jr,dodo
Baker John,dodo
Baker George,dodo
Baker Samuel,dodo
Baker Edward,doEnglish Harbor
Bird William,dodo
Bolt Mark,doGrand L'Pierre
Bolt John,dodo
Barrow John,fishermanH'd Fortune Bay
Baker John,doHarbor Mille
Baker Jonathan,dodo
Baker James,dodo
Baker John F,dodo
Barnes Ambrose,dodo
Barnes Jacob,dodo
Barnes Henry, sr,dodo
Barnes Giles,dodo
Barnes James,dodo
Barnes Levi,dodo
Barnes Matthew,dodo
Barnes Arthur,dodo
Barnes Charles,dodo
Barnes John,dodo
Barnes William, sr,dodo
Barnes Henry, jr,dodo
Barnes Thomas,dodo
Barnes Charles,dodo
Barnes William, jr,dodo
Barnes Sam,dodo
Barnes Giles,dodo
Brushet Robert,doJacuues F'ntaine
Bird George,doPoint Rosee
Banfield Thomas,doBay L'argent
Banfield Richard,dodo
Banfield Stephen,dodo
Banfield William,dodo
Banfield Benjamin,dodo
Banfield William J,dodo
Banfield James, sr,dodo
Banfield George, sr,dodo
Banfield James, jr,dodo
Banfield Samuel,dopo
Banfield George, jr,dodo
Banfield Eli,dodo
Banfield James,dodo
Banfield Robert,dodo
Banfield Charles,dodo
Banfield William,dodo
Bishop Thomas,doEnglish Harbor
Barnes Samuel,doHarbor Mille
Bishop Robert,fishermanEnglish Harbor
Bishop John,dodo
Brown George,dodo
Bishop Edward,dodo
Bartlett Edward,doCoombe's Cove
Bartlett Thomas,dodo
Bungay John,dodo
Blagdon Henry,dodo
Bartlett Isaac,dodo
Blagdon Esau,dodo
Bartlett Alfred,dodo
Bungy Thomas,dodo
Blagdon Stephen,dodo
Butler Michael,doRecontra
Bird Robert,doWreck Cove
Blagdon George,doBoxey
Blagdon Jeremiah,dodo
Blagdon James,dodo
Blagdon John,dodo
Blagdon Stephen,dodo
Blagdon Ambrose,dodo
Blagdon Frank,dodo
Blagdon John J,dodo
Blagdon Abram,dodo
Blagdon Thomas,dodo
Blagdon John,dodo
Blagdon Frederick,dodo
Blagdon William,dodo
Bungy William,doMozambrose
Bungy John,dodo
Bungy James,doSagona
Bungy Ambrose,dodo
Bungy Wilson,dodo
Bungy Charles,dodo
Bungy John,dodo
Bungy William, sr,dodo
Bungy Richard,dodo
Bungy George,dodo
Bungy James,dodo
Bungy Robert,dodo
Bungy William, jr,dodo
Barnstable James,doBrunet
Barnstable Mark,dodo
Baker John,doLally Cove
Baker Edward,dodo
Baker Thomas,dodo
Baker Isaac, sr,dodo
Baker Levi,dodo
Baker Isaac, jr,doLally Bay North
Baker James,dodo
Bungy Samuel,doBay North
Baker Christopher,doBy N'th L'keCve
Browne James,doPoole's Cove
Baker Henry,doBarrow, La'yCve
Bavis Joshua,doCinq Isles
Bishop Thomas,doBay North
Burne John,dodo
Burne Martin,dodo
Burne Michael,dodo
Brinton John,dodo
Butler James,fishermanRencontre
Butler Joseph,doBay North
Beck Horatio,dodo
Brewer Mat,dodo
Brewer William,dodo
Burfett Benjamin,dodo
Banberry Joseph,doPoole's Cove
Banberry James,dodo
Banberry Samuel,dodo
Bungy Geo R,doSagona
Banberry Robert,doPool's Cove
Banberry George,dodo
Buffett Jeremiah,doBeloram
Buffett A Edward,dodo
Burdock Joseph,dodo
Buckler Levi,dodo
Burdock William,dodo
Brenton Charles,dodo
Brenton James,dodo
Barnes Albert,dodo
Baker William,dodo
Baker James,doRencontre
Baker William,dodo
Baker George,dodo
Baker John,dodo
Baker Thomas,dodo
Baker Alfred,dodo
BISHOP REV GEO R D.EpiscopalHermitage Bay
Boland Stephen,fish'rmnRecontre
Bungy George,fishermanMiller's Passage of Sagona
Bullen John,fishermanMiller's Passage
Bullen Charles,dodo
Bullen John,doBay de L'ean Island
Bullen Frank,dodo
Bullen Stephen,dodo
Bungay Charles,foGreat Harbor
Bungy George,dodo
Bond William,dodo
Buffet Rueben,doJersey Harbor
Baldwin James,doPass Island
CLUETT JULIA,postmistressBeloram
Cluett Stephen,fishermanGarnish
Cluett William,dodo
Courage John,dodo
Cluett Thos, sr,dodo
Cluett Joseph,dodo
Cluett Aaron,dodo
Cotter Jacob,doHarbor Breton
Chapman George,dodo
Chapman John, sr,dodo
Chapman Henry,dodo
Chapman Benj,dodo
Cox Edward,dodo
Cox William, sr,dodo
Cox Joseph,dodo
Cox John,dodo
Cox William, jr,dodo
Cox George,dodo
Chapman John, jr,fishermanHar Breton
Chapman Wm,dodo
Cluett Edward,dodo
Crant Robert,dodo
Cox John, sr,doEnglish Harbor
Cox John, jr,dodo
Childs David,dodo
Cox Thomas,dodo
Cox William,doWreck Cove
Cox John,dodo
Cox Jonathan,dodo
Cox Abram,doSagona
Creamer Fred,dodo
Creamer Morgan,dodo
Crant Robert,doMiller's Passage
Cullen James,dodo
Carter H Albert,doBeloram
Cluett Alfred,dodo
Cluett Philip,dodo
Cluett Samuel,dodo
Cluett J William,dodo
Cluett G Jacob,dodo
Cluett Owen,dodo
Cluett Aaron,dodo
Cluett John R,dodo
Cluett William,dodo
Cluett Thomas,dodo
Cluett Abram,dodo
Cluett John, sr,dodo
Cluett John, jr,dodo
Cluett Isaac,dodo
Cluett Walter,dodo
Cluett M Allen,dodo
Cluett Samuel,dodo
Cluett M John,dodo
Cluett John,dodo
Cluett Jeremiah,dodo
Cluett M Arthur,dodo
Cluett Tulk Levi,dodo
Cluett Thomas,dodo
Clement Philip,doPool's Cove
Collins John,dodo
Cains William,dodo
Cains Kioh,doBay North
Cains Benjamin,dodo
Cains Jacob,
Cains George,
Doctor's harbor
Coffin Wm, sr,doRecontre
Coffin Wm, jr,dodo
Coffin George,dodo
Cains John,dodo
COLLIS EDW'D,traderdo
Collins Henry,fishermundo
Cox Edward,dodo
Clement Philip,dodo
Clement Philip,doTurnip Cove
Clement Wm,dodo
Clement James,dodo
Cross John,doBay East
Cross Thomas,dodo
Cross John, jr,fishermanBay East
CLINTON C,col customsSt Jacques
Clinton Henry,fishermando
Cluett Stephendodo
Clarke Charles,doEnglish Harbor
Cox John,doHead Fortune Bay
Connolly Thos,dodo
Cox James,doFox Cove
Cleutt James,doPeltry, of Beloram
Cains Snook, sr,doGreat Jervis
Cains John,dodo
Cains William,dodo
Cains Snook, jr,dodo
Cains, John W,doBonne Bay
Cains Samuel,dodo
Cains Jacob,dodo
Cains Charles,dodo
Cains Henry B,dodo
Cains William,doSaddle Island
Camp Henry, sr,doPustrough
Camp William,traderdo
Camp Samuel,dodo
CAMP HY, jr,postmasterdo
Camp Joseph,traderdo
Chambers George,traderdo
Chislett, Geo,fishermanBonne Bay
Cockrell Francis,doPushthrough
Collier Samuel,dodo
Collier John,dodo
Collier Wm,dodo
Collier Thomas,dodo
Collier Michael,dodo
Collier George,dodo
Collier Samuel,doShip Cove
Collier Charles,dodo
Collier John,dodo
Collier George,dodo
Collier Matthew,dodo
Corbett Wm,doCinque Cerf
Collier Wm,doShip Cove
Collier, Thos, sr,dodo
Collier Thos, jr,dodo
Collier Samuel,dodo
Collier Thomas,dodo
Collier David,dodo
Collier Michael,dodo
Cooper Samuel,doPushthrough
Cornish Richard,doGoblen
Courtney Isaac,dodo
Cox John,doShip Cove
Grant Robert,doGreat Jervis
Grant William,doShip Cove
Cribb Thomas,doLamble's Passage
Cribb Wm,doPatriot's Harbor
Cross Henry,doIn Cove, Taylor's I
Cooper Wm,doPass Island
Carter Henry,doGaultois
Carter Wm,dodo
Crocker Wm,dodo
Collier Michael,dodo
Cox William,fishermanLittle Passage
Cox John,dodo
Cox Robert Wm,dodo
Crant Charles,doPass Island
Coombs Chas,doPicarre
Coombs Thos,dodo
Coombs Edw'd,dodo
Coombs Abram,dodo
Coombs Wm,dodo
Cox Robert,dodo
Crant Michael,doHardy's Cove
Crew Samuel,doDawson's Cove
Crew James,dodo
Crew William,dodo
Crew Robt,fishermanDawson's Cove
Crew John, sr,dodo
Crew John, jr,dodo
Cribb William,doGrole
Cribb Jacob,dodo
Cornish John,doSeal Cove
Cox Matthew,doGaultois
Cock Samuel,dodo
Cox Eli,dodo
Cox James,dodo
Cox William,dodo
Drake Thomas,doSagona
Duffett Charles,doHead Fortune Bay
Duffett George,dodo
Dodge Thomas,doEnglish Harbor
Dodge George,dodo
Dodge William,dodo
Dodge Wilson,doFemme
Dodge William,dodo
Dyett Samuel,doSt Jacques
Dyett James,dodo
Denham Walter,dodo
Dominic Thos,doBay North
Dominic Pat'k,dodo
Drake George,doLally Cove
Drake Thomas,dodo
Drake Owen,dodo
Dominic Wm,dodo
Dicks William,doBeloram
Dicks Henry,dodo
Dicks George,dodo
Dicks J Abram,dodo
Dieks William,dodo
Dicks Philip,dodo
Dicks William,dodo
Drake Thomas,dodo
Drake Levi,dodo
Dominic John,dodo
Dominic Daniel,dodo
Dominic James,dodo
Drake Stephen,dodo
Drake William,dodo
Dominic Rich'd,dodo
Dominic Chas,dodo
Dominic Rich'd,fishermanLittle Reach
Dominic John,dodo
Dominic Stp'hn,dodo
Dominic Wm,dodo
Dominic Jos,dodo
Dodge George,doPool's Cove
Davidge Thos,doBay North
Davidge George,dodo
Davidge Ben,dodo
Davidge William,dodo
Davidge Thomas,dodo
Davidge John,dodo
Davidge Eneas,dodo
Dover John,dodo
Dolimont Owen,dodo
Dolimont Thos,doEnglish Harbor
Dolimont Benj,dodo
Dolimont George,dodo
Dolimont Owen,dodo
Dolimont John,dodo
Dolimont Rich'd,dodo
Dyett Stephen,doBlanchet
Day John,doMozambrose
Drake William,doJersey Harbor
Dowden George,dodo
Drake Stephen,doLittle Bay
Drake John,dodo
Dolimont Henry,doHarbor Breton
Dolimont Bern'rd,dodo
Day James, jr,dodo
Day James, sr,dodo
Day John,dodo
Dollard Richard,dodo
Drake Dennis,doSagona
Drake William,dodo
Drake Joseph,dodo
Douglas James,doBrunet
Douglas Andrew,dodo
Douglas George,dodo
Douglas James,dodo
Drake John,doCoomb's Cove
Draye Charles,doGarnish
Davis Robert,doShip Cove
Dolimont Owen,doCock and Hen Cove
Drew Henry,doConne River
Domaney Arthur,doLittle Bay
Domaney Thos,dodo
Dowding Sam'l,doHermitage
Dowding James,dodo
Dowding Jesse,dodo
Day William,doMozambrose
Edmunds Benj,doEnglish Harbor
Evans Alfred,dodo
Evans W W,dodo
EVANS E J,postmistresdo
Evans Fred,fishermando
Evans Wm, sr,dodo
Evans Thos, sr,dodo
Evans Wm, jr,dodo
Evans James,fishermanEnglish Harbor
Evans Thos, jr,dodo
Evans William,doMozambrose
Emberly James,doRencontre
Emberly Patrick,doEnglish Harbor
Evans James,doTramer
Evans Philip,doFemme
Evans Philip,dodo
Eleme James,doStone's Cove
Evans Thomas,doSt Jacques
Evans John,dodo
Evans William,dodo
Engram James,doLittle Bay
Engram Robert,doPicarre
Engram Thomas,dodo
Engram James,doHermitage
Engram Robert,dodo
Fudge Robert,doPass Island
Fudge James J,dodo
Fudge James,dodo
Fudge John,dodo
Forsey Charles,doSeal Cove
Forsey John,dodo
Forsey Thomas,dodo
Forsey John,dodo
Foote Jesse,doGrole
Francis Aquila,doHermitage
Francis Matthew,dodo
Francis Benjamin,dodo
Francis Philip,dodo
Francis Thomas,dodo
Francis William,dodo
Francis John,dodo
Framp William,dodo
Foote John,doGaultois
Fowler Henry,dodo
Farrall John,doGreat Jervis
Farrall Michael,doShip Cove
Fever Enos,doBonne Bay
Fever John,dodo
Fiander John T,dodo
Foote Robert,doHardy's Cove
Foote Robert,dodo
Foote John,dodo
Forde Joseph,doGreat Jervis
Fudge Vincent,doWeazel Island
Follett Charles,doGarnish
Farrall James,doEnglish Harbor
Fiander Thos J,dodo
Fiander John W,dodo
Fiander George,dodo
Fiander George S,dodo
FRANCIS JOSEPH,tidewaiter customsSt Jacques
Fiander Benj,fishermanEnglish Harbor
Fiander William,dodo
Fiander Thomas,dodo
Fiander Ambrose,dodo
Fiander Aaron,dodo
Fiander W Aaron,dodo
Fiander Robt T,fishermanEnglish Harb'r
Fiander John,dodo
Fiander Jacob,dodo
Fiander Stephen,doCoomb's Cove
FIANDER MARGARET,postmistressCoomb's Cove
Fiander Stephen,doCoomb's Cove
Fiander Simeon,dodo
Fiander George,dodo
Fiander Sam T,dodo
Fiandor Samuel,dodo
Fudge John,doMozambrose
Fudge Nathaniel,doHarbor Breton
Foote Emanuel,dodo
Fitzgerald Conrod,dodo
Framp Robert,doGreat Harbor
Framp William,dodo
Fudge William,doJersey Harbor
Forde George,doLittle Bay
Fizzard James,doGrande'l Pierre
Fudge Charles,doEnglish Harbor
Fudge John,doJenning's Cove
FEWER MRS ALICE,postmistressFox Cove
Fudge Robert,doBay de L'eau
Fudge Robert,dodo
Fudge Emanuel,dodo
Fagan Gregory,doSt Jacques
Fizzard Philip,doAnderson's Cove
Fagan Peter,doSt Jacques
Francis Jacob,doStone's Cove
Fiander John,doSt Jacques
Fiander James,dodo
Farrall Thomas,dodo
Farrall Patrick,dodo
Fitzpatrick Wm,doBay North
FARRALL T,postmasterdo
Farrall Philip,fishermando
Farrall Joseph,dodo
Farrall Wm,dodo
Farrall Thomas,dodo
Farrall Jas Benj,dodo
Foote Henry,doRecontre
Foote George,dodo
Foote John,dodo
Fudge Silas,doBeloram
Fudge John,dodo
Fudge Aaron,dodo
Flander Thos,dodo
Farrall Wm,doBay North
Forsey Geo,fishermanSeal Cove L B
Farrall John Jos,doGreat Jervis
Grandy Mary M,postmistressB L'argent
Grandy Thos,fishermanBay L'argent
Grandy Philip,dodo
Grandy John,dodo
Grandy George,dodo
Gould Thomas,doPoint Rosee
Galton John,doFox Cove
Goode Samuel,fishermanLittle Bay E
Goode John,dodo
Greene Edward,dodo
Greene Thomas,dodo
Greene James,dodo
Griffin James,doJersey Harbor
Greene Wm,doRed Cove L B
GALLOP ED C,agent for Newman
& CoHarbor Breton
Gange John,fishermando
Greene James,doEnglish Harbor
Greene John,dodo
Greene Thos W,dodo
Gould George,dodo
Greene Jonathan,doWreck Cove
Greene John,dodo
Gunderson Jens,doSagona
Greene John,doMiller's Psge, Sagona
GARLAND T,traderPushthrough
Garland John,dodo
Garland James,dodo
Garland Wilson,dodo
Garland William,doSaddle Island
Garland Thomas,dodo
Garland Nehem'h,dodo
GIOVANNINNI HY,traderRencontre
Giovanninni Catherine,postmistressdo
Giovanninni Stephen,traderdo
Grandy Thomas,fishermanBeloram
Grandy John,fishermando
Grandy Wm,dodo
Gould George,dodo
Gould J Philip,dodo
Gilbert James,dodo
Gilbert Joseph,doSeal Cove
Good Job,doRound Cove
Good William,doFarby's Cove
Good Richard,dodo
Grimes Peter,doGaultois
Greene Jonath'n,doPass Island
Gaulton Thos,doBrunet
Garland Eli,doSaddle Island
Gosney Arch,doBay North
Grandy James,doGarnish
Grandy James,dodo
Grandy Aaron,dodo
Grandy Samuel,dodo
Grandy Simeon,dodo
Grandy Sabina,postmistressdo
Grandy Abram,fishermando
Grandy Rich'd,dodo
Grandy James,dodo
Grandy Samuel,dodo
Grandy Jos Geo,dodo
Grandy John,dodo
Grandy Thos W,dodo
Grandy S H,dodo
Grandy Samuel,dodo
Grandy Wm,dodo
Grandy Thos,fishermanGarnish
Grandy Chas M,dodo
Grandy C Albert,dodo
Grandy Chas, sr,dodo
Grandy Thos H,dodo
Grandy W Aaron,dodo
Grandy P Geo,dodo
Grandy Richard,dodo
Grandy Philip,dodo
Grandy Stephen,dodo
Grandy Chas,dodo
Grandy Joseph,dodo
Grandy George,dodo
Grandy Henry,dodo
Grandy W W,dodo
Grandy Wilson,dodo
GOULD STEPHEN,postmaster & agt
for Alex McKenzieLally Cove
House Geo,fish'rmnLittle Passage
Hunt Fred,doGaultois
House James,dodo
House John,dodo
House John,dodo
Hardy Frank,dodo
Hunt Frederick,dodo
Harris Robert,doHermitage
Harris John,dodo
Herrett Wm,doDawson's Cove
Herrett Robert,dodo
Hayser James,doSeal Cove
Hagarty Wm,doStanley Cove
Hagarty Hugh,dodo
Hagarty Sam'l,dodo
Hardy Richard,doBay East
Hardy James,dodo
Harris Benj,dodo
Hinks John,doArnold's Cove
Hiscock Wm,doGoblen
Hooper Wm,doBonne Bay
Hoskins Geo.doShip Cove
Hoskins Geo,dodo
Hoskins Wm,dodo
Hoskins Thos,dodo
Hoskins John,dodo
House Thos,doGoblen
House David,doFox Island
House Wm,doSnook's harbor
House John,doFox Island
House Robert,dodo
House Henry,dodo
Hull Silas,doGreat Jervis
Hull John,dodo
Hull Thomas,dodo
Hellier John,doBrunet
Hellier Abram,dodo
Hellier Thomas,dodo
Hellier James,dodo
Hellier Edward,dodo
Hellier Frank,doHarbor Breton
Hunt Charles,fishermanHarbor Bret
Herrett John,dodo
Holman W H,dodo
Haggett Geo T,dodo
Halley John,dodo
Hearne Richard,dodo
Hearne Patrick,dodo
Hardy Richard,dodo
Hardy Henry,dodo
Halley Peter,dodo
Hardy James,dodo
Hardy John T,dodo
Hansford Wm,dodo
Hines John,dodo
Harris John,doGreat Harbor
Harris George,dodo
Harris Peter,dodo
Harris Robert,dodo
Harris Thomas,dodo
Harris John,dodo
HARRIS SAM'L,Gen MerchantGreat Harbor
Habbot Jas,fishermanMiller's Passage
Habbot George,dodo
Hardy Thomas,doJersey Harbor
Harding George,doLittle Bay
Harding Thomas,dodo
Harding David,dodo
Hines Philip,dodo
Hebditch David,doEnglish Harbor
Herridge George,dodo
House Charles,doBay L'Argent
House John,dodo
Hinds Thomas,dodo
Hinds John,dodo
Hinds Patrick,dodo
Halley Charles,doPoint Rosee
Holley John,dodo
Hardyman Thos,doGrand John
Hardyman Jas,dodo
Hardyman A,dodo
Hines Stephen,doGreat Jervis
Hebdirch Thos,doJack Fontaine
Harris George,dodo
Hines Vincent,dodo
Hodder James,doFox Cove
Hanrahan Martin,dodo
Hanrahan John,doHead Fortune Bay
Hickey William,dodo
Hickey Peter,dodo
Harne Henry,dodo
Hickey Thomas,dodo
Hickey James,dodo
Hickey John,dodo
Hickey Patrick,dodo
Hickey Jeremiah,dodo
Hackett Aaron,dodo
Hinds Joseph,doEnglish Harbor
Hines Patrick,dodo
Hines John,dodo
Holman Jerry,fishermanLobster Cove
Hardy John,doFarby's Cove
Hackett Joseph,doEnglish Harbor
Hackett John, sr,dodo
HACKETT MISS MARTHA,post mistressEnglish Harbor
Hackett John,fishermanEnglish Harbor
Hackett Michael,dodo
Hackett Thos,dodo
Hackett Michael,dodo
Hackett Joseph,dodo
Hardyman Chas,doBay de L'eau
Herridge E,doLobster Cove
Herridge Wm,dodo
Hatch Frederick,doConnaigre
Hatch Henry,dodo
Hatch Thomas,doStone's Cove
Hunt Matthew,doSt Jacques
Hanlan Gregory,doSt Jacques
Hickey Wm,dodo
Haley Bernard,doBay North
Hanrigan R, sr,dodo
Hickey James,dodo
Hickey Andrew,dodo
Hellier Wm,dodo
Hellier George,dodo
Hellier John,dodo
Hellier Henry,dodo
Hellier William,dodo
HAYNES REV W,EpiscopalBeloram
Hanham Charles,fishermanBeloram
Hankin Peter,fisherm'nRecontre
Hartigan Pat'k,dodo
Hartigan Wm,dodo
Hartigan N,dodo
Hartigan M'chl,dodo
Hanham Alfred,doCorban
Hanham James,dodo
HUBERT P,stipn'dry magHar Breton
Hanham Silas,fishr'mnCorban
Hardy Philip,dodo
Hardy J Wm,dodo
Hickey John,dodo
Hayward And,doCinque Isles
Hickey John,doBarrow
Hickey Pat'k,dodo
Hickey Owen,dodo
Hickey Andrew,dodo
Hardy Thomas,doLittle Reach
Haliday Samuel,doPool's Cove
HICKMAN G,traderdo
Handcock Jas,dodo
Hollett Chas,doBay North
Handrigan R, jr,dodo
Ings Clement,doJack Fontaine
Ingram Wm,doPushthrough
Ingram Henry,dodo
Ingram Thos,dodo
Ingram Robt,doSaddle Island
Ingram John,fishermanPushthrough
Ingram George,doRaymond's Island
Ingram Morgan,doLamble's Passage
Jensen Robert,doBeloram
Johnson Abram,doJack Fontaine
Johnson James,dodo
Johnson James,doFox Cove
Johnson Rich'd,dodo
Janes Stephen,doSt Jacques
Jensen Jacob,doHarbor Breton
Jensen George,dodo
Jensen Isaac,dodo
Jensen Thomas,dodo
Jensen John,dodo
Jensen Albert,dodo
Jedhore N'chlas,doConne River
Jedhore Joseph,dodo
Jedhore John D,dodo
Jedhore N'chlas,dodo
Jedhore St'phn,dodo
Jedhore Newell,dodo
Joa Stephen,dodo
John Bernard,dodo
John Peter,dodo
John Bernard,dodo
JACKMAN JOHN,school teacher and
Jarvis Tom,doSagona
Jordan James,doBay North
Johnson John S.doPool's Cove
Jeans Augustus,doRecontre
Kerly George,doBeloram
Kerly Thomas,dodo
Kerly James,dodo
Keepin Benjamin,dodo
Kinsella Martin,dodo
Kinsella Patrick,dodo
Kinsella Daniel,dodo
Kinsella Owen,dodo
Kinsella John,dodo
Kerly James,dodo
Keepin George,doRecontre
Keepin Benjamin,dodo
Keepin J Wm,dodo
Keepin George,dodo
Keepin George,doDoctor's harbor
Kavanagh Thos,doMiller's Passage
Keepin Edward,doLally Cove
Keepin James,dodo
Keepin John,dodo
Kerly Thomas,doEnglish Harbor
Kerly James,dodo
Kerly John,dodo
Keepin Benjamin,doNew Harbor
Keddle Philip,doSt Jacques
Kendle Charles,doPicarre
Kendle John,dodo
Kendle Robert,dodo
Kendle William,doLittle Bay
Kendle David,fishermanLittle Bay
Keepin William,doEnglish Harbor
Keepin James,dodo
Keepin William,dodo
Keepin James,doBoxey
Keepin Rueben,dodo
Keepin Aaron,dodo
Keepin Simeon,dodo
Keefe James,doMozambrose
Keepin Geo Tom,doLittle Bay
Keepin W Jas,dodo
Keepin John W,dodo
Keepin John,doHarbor Breton
Keepin John,dodo
Keepin James,dodo
Keepin Benjamin,dodo
Keepin William,doSagona
Keepin George,dodo
Keepin Frank,dodo
Keepin Thomas,dodo
Keepin John,dodo
Keepin Richard,dodo
Keepin William,dodo
Keepin Edward,dodo
Kerly James,doPatrick's Harbor
Kerly Robert,dodo
Kerly James,dodo
Kerly Samuel,dodo
Kerly Frank,dodo
Kerly John,doScarce Harbor
Kendle Edward,doPushthrough
Kendle, Thomas,doGreenpoint
King John,doPushthrough
King Matthew,dodo
King Jacob,dodo
King John R,dodo
King Wm H,dodo
King Matthew,dodo
King Henry,doBonne Bay
King Charles,doLamble's Passage
Knoot Augustus,dodo
Knoot Charles,dodo
Kendle John,doRound Harbor
Kendle Robert,dodo

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Hermitage Bay District