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Fortune Bay Region ~ 1894-1897 McAlpines Directory

Part 2

Pop. of District, 7,671. Chief Town, Harbor Briton; Pop 748.

This file was photocopied from the A. C. Hunter Library, St. John's by Bonnie Hickey and then transcribed by JOHN STARRETT, March 2000. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Loveless Josiah,fishermanHarbor Breton
Legg Thomas,dodo
Learie John,dodo
Loveless Josiah,doSeal Cove
Loveless Simeon,dodo
Loveless Josiah,dodo
Langdon, John,dodo
Loveless John,dodo
Loveless William,dodo
Loveless Morgan,dodo
Loveless George,dodo
Lee Thomas,doRound Harbor
Loughlin Wm,doEnglish Harbor
Lee Abram,doRound harbor
Lee Matthew,dodo
Lee Robert,dodo
Lee Thomas,fishermanRound Harbor
Lee Wm, jr,dodo
Lee William,dodo
Lee John,dodo
Lee Andrew,dodo
Lee William,dodo
Lee Jacob,dodo
LeGresley Alfred,doGaultois
LeBreton Philip,dodo
Legg John,dodo
Larner George,doBay North
Lee William,doPushthrough
Lee William,dodo
Lee William,doBonne Bay
Lee John,dodo
Lee Robert,dodo
LESLIE J C,tel operatorBay Despair
Leslie Gower,fishermando
Lilly John,doPushthrough
Lilly Morgan,dodo
Lilly John,doIndian Cove
Lilly Charles,doSaddle Island
Lilly Wilson,dodo
Lilly John W,dodo
Lilly David,dodo
Lilly Jonathan,doBay North
Lilly John,doBay East
Lilly Morgan,dodo
Lilly John,dodo
Lilly John,doConn River
Long Thomas,doPushthrough
Long James,doGreat Jervis
Long Benjamin,dodo
Long James,doStanley Cove
Louis Reuben,doConn River
Lakings Fred,doBay East
Laurence Henry,doBrunet
Laurence Thos,dodo
Lambert George,doMiller's Passage
Lambert Richard,dodo
Lambert Thomas,dodo
Laurence S,doBay de L'eau Island
Laurence Benj,dodo
Laurence S,dodo
Laurence John,dodo
Laurence Charles,dodo
Laurence Thos,doRed Cove
Lambert William,doEngHr, StJohn's Bay
LYE GEO, J PBarrisway de Plate
Lambert James,doSt John's Bay
Lambert Wm, jr,dodo
Lambert Richard,dodo
Leewood Jacob,doGarnish
Legge Joshua,dodo
Legge David,dodo
Lorenzen James,dodo
Laurence John,doBay L'Argent
Lang Abram,dodo
Laney Henry,doHead Fortune Bay
Laver Henry,dodo
Lundrigan Wm,fishermanSt Jacques
Lee Robert,dodo
Lee William,dodo
Lee Edwin,dodo
Lundrigan P,doBay North
Light Charles,doChapel Cove
Light John,doChapel Reach
Lace Charles,doRecontre
Lace William,dodo
Lace John,dodo
Lace William,dodo
Lace Charles,dodo
Lee John,doBeloram
Lee Samuel,dodo
Louis John,doBay East
Laurence Benj,doBay L'Argent
Matthews Geo,doBay North
May Robert,doBeloram
Miller Henry,dodo
Mallard Rich'd,dodo
May William,dodo
May Abram,dodo
May Philip,dodo
McCUISH L A,gen dealerdo
Moulton Geo,fishermando
Moulton Edward,dodo
Mullins Rich'd,doRecontre
Mullins Benj,dodo
Mullins John,dodo
Mullins Joseph,dodo
Mullins And,dodo
Mullins Alfred,dodo
McCarthy John,doBarrow
Marshall W,doPool's Cove
Mills Samuel,dodo
Mills Samuel,doBay East
May Owen,doLally Cove
May Thomas,dodo
May William,dodo
Mullins Thos,doJersey Harbor
Mullins Daniel,dodo
MENTION GEO, J PJersey Harbor
May Simeon,fishermanLittle Bay
May James,dodo
Marsh Thos,doGarnish
Marsh James,dodo
Marsh Chas,dodo
Marsh John,dodo
Moulton Thos,dodo
Moulton James,dodo
Moulton Geo,dodo
Moulton Eman'ldodo
Moulton A J,dodo
Moulton Chas E,dodo
Moulton Chas,dodo
Marshall Jos,dodo
Miles Thomas,dodo
Mayo Abraham,dodo
Mullins Jon'thn,doSagona
Mullins James,dodo
Mullins James,dodo
Mullins George,dodo
Mullins J, jr,dodo
Miller Geo. sr,doBrunet
Miller Geo. jr,dodo
Miller William,dodo
Martin Benjamin,doMiller's Passage
Martin John,dodo
Martin George,dodo
Maloy John,doHarbor Breton
Maloy Richard,dodo
Mullins Benjamin,doBay East
Maloy John T,doHarbor Breton
May John,dodo
McDonald Wm,dodo
McDonald Michl,dodo
Marsh Edward,dodo
Maloy Thomas,dodo
McDonald John,doHermitage
McDonald Thos,dodo
Mead Charles,dodo
McDonald J D,doGaultois
McDonald Chas.dodo
McDonald James,dodo
McDonald James,dodo
McDonald Michl,dodo
McDonald Thos,doTurk's Cove
McDonald John,dodo
Meade James,dodo
McDonald James,dodo
McDonald John,dodo
McDonald James,dodo
Mead Henry,dodo
Mead Henry Geo,dodo
McDonald Henry,dodo
McDonald Henry,dodo
Matchem Thomas,doLittle Passage
Matchem Thomas,dodo
Matchem George,dodo
Matchem Robert,dodo
Mead Robert,dodo
Matchem Wm,doCrant's Cove
Matchem Wm,dodo
Matchem George,dodo
McDonald James,doGaultois
McDonald Wm,dodo
Morris Robert,dodo
Marks Charles,doGrole
Marks John,dodo
Marks Samuel,dodo
Matchem Matthew,doRound Cove
Mead Thomas,dodo
Mead James,doHardy's Cove
Mead John C,dodo
Mead George,dodo
Mead Henry Wm,dodo
Mead William,doBarrisway Cove
McDonald DavidfishermanPass Island
McDonald John,dodo
McDonald John,dodo
Morris William,dodo
McEVOY PATRICK,telegraph operatorBay L'Argent
Miles James,fishermanBay L'Argent
Miles Eli,dodo
May William,doPoint Rosee
May George R,dodo
May William,dodo
May Robert,dodo
May William,dodo
May Aaron,dodo
Miles Philip,dodo
May Devi,dodo
May Isaac,dodo
May Thomas,dodo
May Thomas,dodo
May William,dodo
Matthews John,doGrand John
Mullet John,doFox Cove
Mullet Stephen,dodo
Matthews Henry,doGrand John
Matthews Albert,dodo
Matthews Fred,dodo
McKENZIE A,traderFox Cove
Mills James,fishermando
Miles Wm,doLittle Bay
Miles Wm,doHead Fortune Bay
Miles James,dodo
Miles John,dodo
Miles James,dodo
Miles Abigail,postmistressdo
Mitchell M,fishermando
Mitchell John,dodo
McCarthy T,dodo
McCarthy John,dodo
McCARTHY D,traderdo
McCarthy J,fishermando
McCarthy Ptk,dodo
McCarthy M,dodo
Miles Abram,dodo
Miles Samuel,dodo
Miles Robert,dodo
Murphy Dennis,doSt Jacques
McCarthy P, jr,dodo
McCarthy M,dodo
McCarthy Joseph,dodo
Morris Isaac,dodo
Millet Patrick,doEnglish Harbor
Miles Wm Hy,doLake Cove
Mead John,doGrole
McDonald Hy,doPushthrough
McDonald Ben,dodo
McDonald Geo,dodo
McDonald A,doStanley Cove
McDonald Thos,doGreat Jervis
McDonald Thos,fishermanGreat Jervis
McDonald Wm,dodo
McDonald James,doStanley Cove
McDonald John,dodo
McDonald Thos,doLittle River
McDonald Robt,dodo
McDonald John,doConn
McDonald John,dodo
McDonald Mes,doShip Cove
McDonald S,dodo
Matchem Thos,doRaymond's Point
Matchem Geo,doHatcher's Cove
Matchem Chas,dodo
Matthews J W,doBay Despair
Michael Peter,doConn River
Moore Stephen,doPushthrough
Moore Samuel,dodo
McDonald Thos,doConn
Moore Charley,doPushthrough
Morris James,doGreat Jervis
Morris John,dodo
Morris Silas,doScouse Cove
Mullins Wm,doGoblen
Miller Simon,doCoomb's Cove
Miles William,dodo
Miles Albert,dodo
Miles George,dodo
Martin John,doSt John's Bay
Martin Richard,dodo
Martin George,dodo
Miles William,doBoxey
Miles John J,dodo
Miles George,dodo
Miles Thomas,dodo
Miles George T,dodo
Miles Adam,dodo
Miles John H,dodo
Miles Clara M,postmistressdo
Miles James,fishermando
Miles Abner,dodo
MARSHALL R,gen dealerEng H'bor
May John,fishermanLally Cove
Newport Thos,doGarnish
Newport Cyrus,dodo
Noseworthy Jno,doBeloram
Noseworthy Wm,dodo
Nowlan Simon, sr,doRencontre
Nowlan Simon, jr,dodo
Neill Peter,doHarbor Breton
Nash Matthew,doSt Jacques
Nash Charles,doPicarre
Northcot Wm,doHardy's Cove
Nash Henry,doGaultois
Northcot Jno Hy,doFarby's Cove
Northcot Wm,dodo
Northcot Benj,dodo
Northcot Thos,dodo
Northcot Peter,dodo
Nash John,doHermitage
Newport Geo,doRencontre
Nash Jude,fishermanBonne Bay
Nash Wm,doSaddle Island
Nash Charles,doRaymond's Island
Nash Henry,dodo
Nash Charles,doIndian Cove
Northcot Wm,doFarby's Cove
Newhook Albert,doHarbor Breton
NEWMAN & CO,general merchantsHarbor Breton
Osmond R'ben,fishermanLobster Cove
Orsato John,doGaultois
Otts John,doEnglish Harbor
Osmond Wm,doJersey Harbor
Otts Thomas,doEnglish Harbor
Osmond Job,doLittle Bay
Otts William,doEnglish Harbor
Osmond Jere,doLittle Bay
Oakey Thos,doRencontre
Oakey John,dodo
Oakey James,dodo
Osmond James,doOldwoman's Cove
Organ John,doCock and Hen Cove
Organ John,dodo
Organ Nicodem's,dodo
Organ Wm,doShip Cove
Organ Samuel,dodo
Organ Samuel,dodo
Organ John,dodo
Organ David,doHarbor Gulley
Osmond Edward,doLittle Bay
Osmond Thomas,dodo
Organ John,doHarbor Gulley
Osmond Edward,doLobster Cove
Organ John,doGaultois
Organ Samuel,dodo
Osmond John,doLobster Cove
Pardy Samuel,doBay L'Argent
Pike John,dodo
Pardy Joseph,doJack Fontaine
Pardy James,dodo
Paul Stephen,doLanque Cerf
Picot Philip,doFox Cove
Power John,dodo
POWER GEORGE,agent for A McKenzieFox Cove
Phoric Ptk,fishermando
Phoric John,dodo
Perrot John,dodo
Plank William,dodo
Pitman Isaac,doLittle Bay
Pitman Michael,dodo
Pardy Samuel,doHarbor Mille
Pardy Samuel,dodo
Pardy William,dodo
PIKE J,school teacherBay L'Argent
Pardy T, jr,fishermanHarbor Mille
Pardy George,dodo
Pardy James,dodo
Pardy Joseph,dodo
Pardy Giles,doLittle Harbor
Penny Isaac,fishermanSt Jacques
Penny Joseph,dodo
Penny Patrick,dodo
Penny Isaac,dodo
Penny George,dodo
Piercy Benjamindodo
Petite William,doMozambrose
Petite John,dodo
Petite Bessie,post mistressdo
Power John,doSt Jacques
Pope Edward,doStone's Cove
Pope Jeremiah,dodo
Pope George,dodo
Pope George,dodo
Pope Albert,dodo
Pope Rueben,dodo
Pope Ambrose,dodo
Pope Wilson,dodo
Pope Geo R,dodo
Paul William,doTramer
Pitman Thomas,doEnglish Harbor
Parsons Richard,doBlack Brook
Percy William,doBay Despair
Piercy John,doBonne Bay
Pullet Edward,doArnold's Cove
Poole Philip,doCorban
Poole Thomas,dodo
Poole Samuel,dodo
Poole William,dodo
Poole Stephen,dodo
Poole John,dodo
Poole George,dodo
Poole John,dodo
Poole Jas Sam,dodo
Pitman Cyrus,doDoctor's Harbor
Perham James,doPool's Cove
Pitman John,doRencontre
Price Jerry,dodo
Pitman John,dodo
Penny John,doEnglish Harbor
Pike Philip,doBeloram
Parsons, Fred,doBay North
Pine Owen,doBeloram
Pike Albert,dodo
Pike Noah,dodo
Poole John,dodo
Petite William,doMozambrose
Petite Henry,dodo
Poole Aaron,doBeloram
Poole George,dodo
Poole William,dodo
Painter Arthur,doLittle Bay
Pryor Joseph,doSagona
Price Ambrose,dodo
Price George,doBrunet
Price John H,dodo
Price Stephen,dodo
Price John,dodo
Pierce Thomas,fishermanHarbor Breton
Perry Henry,dodo
Pettis Charles,dodo
Pierce Thomas,dodo
Peters John,doGaultois
Peters Charles,dodo
Parsons John,doHermitage
Percy Robert,doPass Island
Percy George,dodo
Percy George R,dodo
Percy James,dodo
Percy Henry,dodo
Pack Thomas,dodo
Percy James,dodo
Percy Joseph,dodo
Percy Robert,dodo
Percy George,dodo
Percy Thomas,dodo
Percy William,dodo
Percy Joseph,dodo
Percy John,dodo
Picot Moses,dodo
Power William,doEnglish Harbor
Pine James,dodo
Penny Owen,dodo
Penny George,dodo
Penny Ambrose,dodo
Pike Charles,doBlanchet
Petite John R,doMozambrose
Petite Robert,dodo
Quirk Thomas,doTurnip Cove
Quann Joseph,doSagona
Quann Richard,dodo
Quann Thomas,dodo
Quann William,dodo
QUINTON REV T P,EpiscopalHarbor Breton
Rowsell Patk,fishermanSt Jacques
Rose Fredrick,doFrenchman's Cove
Robberts Charles,doGrole
Robberts Robert,dodo
Rideout Morgan,doSeal Cove
Rideout James,dodo
Rideout Robert,dodo
Rideout James,dodo
Rideout Josiah,dodo
RIVE WALTER T,agent for Newman & CoGaultois
Rendell J, sr,fishermanGaultois
Rendall Roger,dodo
Rendall John, jr,dodo
Rose Robert,doHermitage
Rose Henry,dodo
Rose Benjamin,dodo
Rose William,dodo
Rose Ben Jesse,dodo
Rose Jesse,dodo
Rose Robert Hy,dodo
Rose Samuel,fishermanHermitage
Rose Benj, sr,dodo
Rose Henry,dodo
Rose James,dodo
Roberts Robert,dodo
Roberts Henry,dodo
Roberts Morgan,dodo
Roberts John, jr,dodo
Roberts John, sr,dodo
Rose Martin,doEnglish Harbor
Roberts Edward,doLake Cove
Rose John,doHermitage
Rose James,dodo
Rose James,dodo
Ridout Mat R,doPass Island
Ridout Thomas,dodo
Reid Philip,doBay North
Rendall Wm,doGaultois
Radford George,doGreat Jervis
Rendell John,doShip Cove
Richardson Mark,doBonne Bay
Richardson T,dodo
Richardson Chas,dodo
Roberts Fred,doPushthrough
Roberts N,dodo
Roberts Morgan,dodo
Roberts John,dodo
Roberts Morgan,dodo
Roberts Joseph,doSaddle Island
Roberts Morgan,doBay Despair
Roberts Joseph,doShip Cove
Rendell Wm,doFox Island
Rose Thomas,doPushthrough
Rose Jesse,dodo
Rose Ezekiel,dodo
Rose John,dodo
Rose Henry,doGreat Jervis
Rose Henry,dodo
Rose Samuel,dodo
Rouse Joseph,dodo
Rowsell George,doPushthrough
Rowsell Edward,dodo
Rowsell Jonah,dodo
Rowsell John,dodo
Rose George,doEnglish Harbor
Rose William,dodo
Ridgeley Thomas,doMiller's Passage
Ridout Robert,doHarbor Breton
Rose Eli,dodo
Rose James,doGreat Harbor
Rose Richard,dodo
Rose Jeremiah,doGreat Harbor
Rose Robert,dodo
Rose Geo J,dodo
Rose Thomas,dodo
Rose Robert,dodo
Rose Charles,dodo
Rose Henry,dodo
Rose Charles,fishermanGreat Harbor
Rose James,dodo
Rose George C,dodo
Rose George T,dodo
Rose Frederick,dodo
Rose Richard,doJersey Harbor
Rose John,dodo
Ridgeley Edward,doLittle Bay
Rose Matthew,dodo
Rose George,dodo
Rose J J,dodo
Rose Levi,dodo
Rose John,dodo
Rose Thomas,dodo
Rose Jacob,dodo
Rose Edwin,dodo
Ridgeley Thos,dodo
Rose Wm, sr,dodo
Rose Wm, jr,dodo
Rose Abram,dodo
Reeves William,doCoomb's Cove
Ridgeley Wm,doLittle Bay
Ridgeley Joseph,dodo
Ridgeley Charles,dodo
Reid Joseph,doBeloram
Rose William,dodo
ROSE ALEX,traderdo
Rose Josiah,fishermando
Rose Wm J,dodo
Rose Thomas,dodo
Rose Eli,dodo
Rose Robert,dodo
Rose George,dodo
Rose John,dodo
Rose Philip,dodo
Ronkey John,dodo
Ronkey John,dodo
Reeves Wm,doGarnish
Reever George,dodo
Ridout George,doLittle Harbor
Ridout John,dodo
Ridout John,doHead Fortune Bay
Ruebens Pat,doSt Jacques
Riggs Joseph,doAnderson's Cove
Ryan Philip,doLong Harbor
Rendell Robt J,doStone's Cove
Rose Thomas,doCoomb's Cove
Riggs James,doBay L'Argent
Rose Martin,doHermitage
Saunders John,doLong Harbor Beach
Stone John,doLobster Cove
Scott James,doSt Jacques
Skinner James,dodo
Skinner Wm,dodo
Skinner Abram,dodo
Slaney Grassum,doFox Cove
Slaney Hugh,dodo
Snellgrove Geo,doSt Jacques
Snellgrove Miss Julia,postmistressSt Jacques
Smith George,fishermanSt Jacques
Smith John,dodo
Stewart Edward,doHead Fortune Bay
Saunders James,doHarbor Mille
Saunders Wm,dodo
Smith Joseph,dodo
Scott Lambert,doLittle Harbor
Scott Giles,dodo
Scott Thomas,doLittle Bay
Scott Fredk,dodo
Stewart Thoa,doFox Cove
Stewart Wm,dodo
Stewart John J,doJack Fontaine
Saint George,doLanque Cerf
Saint Benjamin,dodo
Skinner James,doGrand John,
Skinner Thos,dodo
Strowbridge L,doPoint Rosse
Strowbridge A,dodo
Saint John,dodo
Strowbridge Ab,dodo
Strowbridge Wm,dodo
Strowbridge Geo,dodo
Strowbridge Am,dodo
Strowbridge Wm,dodo
Smith Thomas,doLally Cove
Smith Matthew,dodo
Smith Joseph,dodo
Shepherd Wm,dodo
Shepherd Hy,dodo
Savery William,doCorbun
Savery James,dodo
Savery Wm,dodo
Squires John,doPool's Cove
Shepherd Thos,doRencontre
Shepherd John,dodo
Shepherd L'nce,dodo
Saunders Geo,dodo
Strowbridge S'ldoBeloram
Strowbridge S,dodo
Stone Thos,dodo
Savery John,dodo
Savery Jas A,dodo
Savery Thos,dodo
Savery Geo,doBay North
Savery Abram,dodo
Smith John,doTurnip Cove
Smith James,dodo
Smith Matthew,dodo
Snook John,doJersey Harbor
Snook Henry,doBroad Cove
Skinner Jacob,dodo
Strickland Sam,doHarbor Breton
Strickland John,dodo
Strickland Geo,fishermanHar Breton
Skinner Rich'd,dodo
Skinner Henry,dodo
Stewart John,dodo
Simms Jacob,dodo
Stone James,dodo
Stone George,dodo
Simms John, jr,dodo
Skinner Chas,dodo
Shinner Corn'lsdodo
Smith John,dodo
Skinner Wm,dodo
Spencer Robert,dodo
Sibly James,dodo
Stickland H'y,dodo
Sticklland John,dodo
Sexton Wm,dodo
SODERA J W,tel operatordo
Stoodley J,fish'rmnDeadman's Cove
Short George,dodo
Short Eli,dodo
Strowbridge Geo,doMiller's Passage
Shepherd Edw,dodo
Shepherd Jos,dodo
Shepherd Jos,dodo
Snook Morgan,dodo
Shepherd Geo,dodo
Smith Thos,dodo
Smith John,dodo
Strowbridge J,dodo
Skinner Geo,doBay de Leau
Strowbridge S,doRed Cove
Strowbridge G,dodo
Strowbridge T,dodo
Strowbridge G,dodo
Strowbridge J,dodo
Strowbridge G,,doMerchant's Cove
Snook Thomas,doRed Cove
Strowbridge T,dodo
Strowbridge W,dodo
Strowbridge J,dodo
Simms C W,doBonne Bay
Samson Geo,doSaddle Island
Sanders George,doPushthrough
Shooter James,doBonne Bay
Simms James,dodo
Simms John F,dodo
Snook Samuel,doShip Cove
Spencer Wm,doBonne Bay
Stickland Jr'mh,doRaymond's Island
Stickland W T,dodo
Stickland Chas,dodo
Stickland Philip,dodo
Straight Peter,doConn River
Sutton John, doPushthrough
Sutton George,dodo
Sutton John,dodo
Sutton Jeremiah,doBay Despair
Sutton George,dodo
Spencer Henry,fishermanPass Island
Spencer William,dodo
Stickland Wm,doHermitage
Stickland Geo,dodo
Spencer Job,doGrole
Spencer Abram,dodo
Selby Wm,dodo
Selby, George,dodo
Selby James,dodo
Stickland Thos,dodo
Stickland James,dodo
Stickland George,dodo
Stickland John,dodo
Smith John,doSeal Cove
Stickland Robt,dodo
Spencer Matthew,doLittle Bay
Stickland Wm,dodo
Stickland Geo,dodo
Spencer Charles,doFrenchman's Cove
Simms George,doPass Island
Simms Jacob,dodo
Simms Benjamin,dodo
Stickland Philip,dodo
Strowbridge John,doSagona
Snook Henry,dodo
Snook George,dodo
Snook George,dodo
Snook Robert,dodo
Snook James,dodo
Snook Jonathan,dodo
Snook Benjamin,dodo
Snook Robert,dodo
Snook James,dodo
Snook Morgan,dodo
Snook George,dodo
Snook James,dodo
Snook Morgan,dodo
Snook Benjamin,dodo
Skinner John,dodo
Skinner James,dodo
Skinner Wm,dodo
Skinner John,dodo
Snook James,dodo
SNOOK STEPHEN,postmasterSagona
Skinner Jas,fishermanSagona
Skinner Abram,dodo
Skinner Thomas,dodo
Sparrow Michael,doBrunet
Skinner Wilson,doSagona
Snook Richard,dodo
Smith John,doEnglish Harbor
STRATTEN JACOB,school teacherEnglish Harbor
Smith Thomas,fisherman English Harbor
Smith Edward,dodo
Smith Stephen, jr,dodo
Stone Thomas,dodo
Smith John,dodo
Slaney David,dodo
Shirley Thomas,dodo
Smith Stephen, sr,fishermanEnglish Har
Smith Patrick,dodo
Strowbridge Chas,dodo
Stone Charles,dodo
Skinner Abram,doSt John's Bay
Stone George,dodo
Skinner Benjamin,dodo
Skinner James,dodo
Skinner Fred,dodo
Shepherd Wm,doWreck Cove
Strowbridge T,dodo
Strowbridge Geo,dodo
Strowbridge J,dodo
Skinner James,doBoxey
Skinner Isaac,dodo
Stag John,doMozambrose
Scott James,dodo
Scott Charles,dodo
Spencer John,doGrant's Cove
Tuffin John,doFarby's Cove
Taylor James,doGrole
Taylor Robert,dodo
Taylor Thomas,dodo
Taylor John W,doGaultois
Taylor John, jr,dodo
Thompson Ebenr,doHermitage
Touchings John,doPass Island
Touchings M,dodo
Thomey Jas J,doBay North
Thompson Wm,doHarbor Breton
Thompson Ed,dodo
Thompson W J,dodo
Thompson John,dodo
Tibbo William,dodo
Tibbo Peter,dodo
Tibbo J,doBroad Cove
Traverse James,doTurnip Cove
Taylor Wm,doBeloram
Taylor Richard,dodo
Tulk Caleb,dodo
Tibbo Jonathan,dodo
Tibbo James,dodo
Tibbo John,doPool's Cove
Thornhill Chas,doBay L'Argent
Thornhill Robert,dodo
Thornhill Robert,dodo
Tibbo Thomas,doGrand John
Thornhill James,doLittle Bay
Thornhill Geo R,dodo
Thornhill Susan,postmistressdo
Thornhill Sim,fishermando
Thornhill Ed,dodo
Thornhill Amb,dodo
Thornhill James,dodo
Thornhill Wm J,dodo
Thornhill Levi,doHead Fortune Bay
Tibbo George,doSt Jacques
Tuck Wm Hy,dodo
Tuck William,dodo
Tibbo John,doHare Harbor
Tibbo Samuel,fishermanHare Harbor
Tibbo Henry,dodo
THORNHILL JAMES,general dealer and postmasterAnderson's Cove
Thornhill W J,fishermando
Thornhill Chas,dodo
Thornhill Philip,dodo
Thornhill Thos,dodo
Thornhill Eli,dodo
Thornhill John,doMozambrose
Thornhill Thos,dodo
THORNHILL AMBROSE,postmasterBrunet
Upwards Thos,fishermanCoomb's Cove
Vater James,doEnglish Harbor
Vallis Thomas,doRencontre
Vallis Thomas,doCoomb's Cove
Vallis Wm Hy,dodo
Vallis Richard,dodo
Vallis James,dodo
Vallis Richard,dodo
Vallis John,dodo
Vallis James,dodo
Vallis Joseph,dodo
Vallis Robert,dodo
Vallis William,dodo
Vallis Samuel,dodo
Vallis John,dodo
Vallis James,dodo
Vater Andrew,doLong Harbor Reach
Wills William,doEnglish Harbor
Wills James,doNew Harbor
Wills Jonathan,dodo
Wright James,doSt Jacques
Whelan James,dodo
White Cyrus,doHead Fortune Bay
Whelan Martin,doEnglish Harbor
Whateley John,doBeloram
Whateley Uriah,dodo
Whiffin Thomas,doEnglish Harbor
Williams Job,doPool's Cove
Williams Samuel,dodo
Williams Charles,dodo
WILLIAMS HENRIETTA,postmistressPools' Cove
Williams Peter,fishermanPool's Cove
Williams Sam'l, sr,dodo
Williams Sam'l, jr,dodo
Williams Henry J,dodo
Williams Isaac,dodo
Welsh Edwin,dodo
Welsh Richard,dodo
Welsh Thomas,dodo
Welsh James,dodo
Watts Charles,dodo
West Richard,doBay L'Argent
West Joseph,dodo
West Philip,dodo
West Thomas,dodo
West Edward,dodo
West Thomas,fishermanBay L'Argent
West Edward,dodo
Whelan John,doFox Cove
Whelan Wm,dodo
Whittle Charles,doLanque Cerf
Whittle John, sr,dodo
Whittle Charles,dodo
Whittle James,dodo
Whittle William,dodo
White Robert,doJersey Harbor
White Thomas,dodo
White William,dodo
White Thomas,dodo
White Henry,dodo
White Chas, sr,dodo
White Wilson,dodo
White James,dodo
White Chas, jr,dodo
White W A,doHarbor Breton
Walters William,doGarnish
Walters Eli,dodo
West Joseph,dodo
West William,dodo
West Joseph, jr,dodo
White John,dodo
White Denis,dodo
White George,dodo
Wilcot Henry,doGaultos
WAY CHARLES,collector customsHermitage
Way Mark,fishermando
Wills Robert,doDawson's Cove
Wills Isaac,dodo
Wills, John,dodo
White Isaac,doPass Island
White Robert,dodo
White John,dodo
Wills Fredk,doPushthrough
Welsh Wilfred,doShip Cove
Whiting Geo,doBay East
Wilcot Joseph,doShip Cove
Wilcot David,doGreat Jervis
Wilcot Michael,dodo
Wilcot David,dodo
Wilcot Michael,doBirchy Cove
Wilcot Wm,dodo
Wilcot Samuel,dodo
Wilcot David,doShip Cove
Wilcot Henry,dodo
Wilmot Henry J,doBay East
Wilmot Henry C,dodo
Wilmot James,doLamble's Passage
Wilmot John,dodo
Wilmot Thos,dodo
Wilmot Rich'd,doBay East
Wilmot Henry,dodo
Waters Wm,doJersey Harbor
Welsh David,doLittle Bay
Walters Daniel,doStone's Cove
Young Hugh,doSt Jacques
Young James,doSt Jacques
Young Wm,dodo
YOUNG J HY,planterdo
Young James,fishermando
Young Rendall,fishermando
Young John,dodo
Yarn Philip,doEnglish Harbor
Yarn William,dodo
Yarn James,dodo
Yarn John,dodo
Yarn Wm,doMozambrose
Yarn James, jr,dodo
Yarn James, sr,dodo
Yarn Ambrose,dodo
Yarn Thomas,doCoomb's Cove
Yarn Henry,doBelorem

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Hermitage Bay District