NL GenWeb 1921 Census Data

South Coast Region ~ Hermitage Bay District


Transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors or errors of translation.

Conne Benoit Andrew Head m m 29 1891 Dec Conne
Conne Benoit Rose Wife f m 27 1894 Aug Conne
Conne Benoit Thomas Son m s 7 1913 Oct Conne

Conne Benoit Francis Head m s 28 1893 May Conne
Conne Benoit Benjamin Brother m s 25 1896 Jun Conne
Conne Joe Peter Boarder m s 35 1886 Jul St. George's

Conne Benoit George Head m m 26 1895 Aug. Conne
Conne Benoit Bridget Wife f m 25 1896 Sep. Gaultois
Conne Benoit Peter Son m s 2 1918 Dec Conne
Conne Northcott Elizabeth Dom f s 58 1863 Jan Facheux

Conne Benoit John Head m m 45 1875 Nov Bay D'Est
Conne Benoit Julia Wife f m 64 1857 May Conne
Conne Benoit John Son m s 23 1897 Nov Conne
Conne Benoit Caroline Niece f s 15 1906 Jun Conne

Conne Bernard Stephen Head m m 40 1881 Jan. Bay D'Est
Conne Bernard Elizabeth Wife f m 43 1878 Aug. Conne
Conne Bernard Joseph Son m s 21 1900 Aug Conne
Conne Bernard Mary Dau f s 17 1903 Dec Conne
Conne Bernard Mary Dau f s 8 1913 May Conne
Conne Bernard Henrietta Dau f s 1 1919 Dec Conne
Conne Noel Joseph sson m s 13 1908 Aug Conne

Conne Burke Matthew Head m m 60 1860 Oct. Conne
Conne Burke Katherine Wife f m 48 1873 Aug. Conne
Conne Burke William ason m s 23 1989 Oct Conne
Conne Benoit Matthew ason m s 8 1912 Nov Conne

Conne Drew John Head m m 40 1880 Dec Conne
Conne Drew Susannah Wife f m 23 1897 Nov St. Alban's
Conne Drew Frank Son m s 10 1910 Sep Conne
Conne Drew Mary Dau f s 2mo 1921 Jun Conne

Conne Hinks John Head m m 65 1865 Nov Dragon
Conne Hinks Jane Wife f m 51 1869 Sep Conne
Conne McDonald Aloysius sson m s 17 1903 Nov Conne
Conne McDonald Angela sdau f s 16 1909 Dec Conne
Conne Benoit Paul sson m s 22 1899 Feb Conne
Conne Drew Kathleen adau f s 2 1918 Sep Conne

Conne Hinks John Head m m 30 1891 Jan Conne
Conne Hinks Rebecca Wife f m 23 1898 Oct St. Alban's
Conne Hinks Mary Dau f s 2 1918 Nov Conne
Conne Hinks Matilda Dau f s 7mo 1921 Feb Conne
Conne Crant William Bil m s 19 1901 Oct St. Alban's
Conne Crant Rita Sisil f s 15 1905 Nov Conne

Conne Hinks Patrick Head m m 34 1887 Aug Conne
Conne Hinks Mary Wife f m 24 1897 Oct Conne
Conne Hinks Veronica Dau f s 3 1918 Jan Conne
Conne Hinks Mary Dau f s 1 1920 Apr Conne

Conne House Lucy Head f m 42 1879 Aug Hermitage Bay
Conne House Charles Son m s 25 1896 Jul Isle Galet
Conne Crant Sarah Mil f w 78 1843 Mar Hermitage Bay

Conne Jeddore John Head m m 54 1867 Aug Conne
Conne Jeddore Mary Wife f m 58 1862 Dec Conne
Conne Street Abraham Boarder m s 23 1897 Nov Conne

Conne Jeddore Joseph Head m m 58 1863 Aug Conne
Conne Jeddore Mary Wife f m 47 1874 Jun Bay du Nord
Conne McDonald Margaret adau f s 12 1909 Oct Conne

Conne Jeddore Laurence Head m m 30 1890 Dec Conne
Conne Jeddore Mary Wife f m 25 1896 Aug Isle Galet
Conne Jeddore Veronica Dau f s 2 1919 Feb Conne
Conne Jeddore John Son m s 11mo 1921 Sep Conne

Conne Jeddore Matthew Head m m 24 1896 Oct Conne
Conne Jeddore Gertrude Wife f m 19 1902 Feb Conne
Conne Jeddore Mary Dau f s 1mo 1921 Jul Conne

Conne Jeddore Nicholas Head m w 45 1875 Sep Conne

Conne Jeddore Noel Head m w 56 1865 Mar Conne
Conne Jeddore Cecelia Dau f s 18 1903 Aug Conne
Conne Jeddore Victor Son m s 16 1905 Aug Conne
Conne Jeddore Martha Dau f s 13 1908 Feb Conne

Conne Jeddore Paul Head m m 26 1894 Dec Conne
Conne Jeddore Anne Wife f m 20 1900 Oct Conne
Conne Jeddore Catherine Dau f s 3 1917 Sep Conne
Conne Jeddore Theresa Dau f s 2mo 1921 Jun Conne

Conne Jeddore Peter Head m m 29 1892 May Conne
Conne Jeddore Sarah Wife f m 20 1901 Mar Little River
Conne Jeddore Gilbert Son m s 8mo 1920 Dec Conne

Conne Jeddore Stephen Head m w 72 1848 Jan Conne
Conne Jeddore Sylvester Son m s 24 1897 Jan Conne
Conne Jeddore Mary Dau f s 19 1902 Apr Conne
Conne Jeddore Nicholas Son m s 17 1904 Apr Conne

Conne Joe Andrew Head m m 31 1889 Nov Conne
Conne Joe Amelia Wife f m 24 1896 Nov Bay D'Est
Conne Joe Silver Son m s 4 1916 Nov Conne
Conne Joe Michael Son m s 3 1918 Jan Conne
Conne Joe Mary Dau f s 1 1919 Nov Conne

Conne Joe Stephen Head m m 63 1858 Apr Burgeo
Conne Joe Harriett Wife f m 59 1861 Oct Conne
Conne Joe Margaret Dau f s 20 1901 Mar Conne
Conne Joe Andrew Cousin m s 20 1901 Jul Conne

Conne John Katherine Head f w 58 1862 Feb Placentia Bay
Conne John Michael Son m s 39 1882 Aug Conne
Conne John Stephen Son m s 26 1895 Mar Conne
Conne Crant Nicholas ason m s 12 1908 Oct St. Alban's

Conne John Peter Head m m 33 1887 Sep Conne
Conne John Julia Wife f m 24 1897 Mar Conne
Conne Benoit William ason m s 4 1917 Feb Conne

Conne Louis Noel Head m m 39 1882 Jul Conne
Conne Louis Nancy Mother f w 66 1855 Aug Cape Breton

Conne McDonald John Head m m 21 1899 Dec Conne
Conne McDonald Mary Wife f m 17 1904 May McCallum

Conne McDonald Thomas Head m w 60 1860 Oct St. Alban's
Conne Joe John Nephew m s 15 1906 Jul Conne

Conne McDonald Thomas Head m m 49 1872 Apr Conne
Conne McDonald Nancy Wife f m 51 1870 Aug Conne
Conne McDonald Albert Son m s 19 1902 May Conne
Conne McDonald Cecelia Dau f s 17 1903 Dec Conne
Conne McDonald Leo Son m s 16 1904 Sep Conne
Conne McDonald Joseph Son m s 14 1907 Mar Conne
Conne McDonald Martha Dau f s 12 1908 Dec Conne
Conne Pullet Edward Fil m w 89 1832 Jun Bay du Nord

Conne Morris Margaret Head f w 78 1843 Jul Bay D'Est
Conne Morris John Son m s 56 1864 Oct Long Island

Conne Paul Joseph Head m m 28 1893 Mar St. George's
Conne Paul Anne Wife f m 52 1869 Jun Conne
Conne Paul Rose Dau f s 3 1918 Apr Conne

Conne Street Benjamin Head m m 25 1896 Mar Conne
Conne Street Monica Wife f m 18 1902 Nov Conne
Conne Street Reuben Son m s 10mo 1920 Nov Conne

Conne Street John Head m m 36 1885 May Conne
Conne Street Elizabeth Wife f m 21 1900 Jun Conne
Conne Street Peter Son m s 7 1914 Jan Conne
Conne Street Veronica Dau f s 10mo 1920 Nov Conne
Conne John Esther Boarder f w 79 1843 Feb Green Point

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Hermitage Bay District