NL GenWeb 1921 Census Data

South Coast Region ~ Hermitage Bay District


Transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors or errors of translation.

Goblin Cornish John Head m m 46 1874 Nov Green Point
Goblin Cornish Anne Wife f m 35 1885 Nov Cul de Sac E
Goblin Cornish Emily Dau f s 17 1904 Mar Goblin
Goblin Cornish James Son m s 14 1906 Nov Goblin
Goblin Cornish Lillian Dau f s 12 1909 Feb Goblin
Goblin Cornish Joseph Son m s 8 1913 Jan Goblin
Goblin Cornish Elizabeth Dau f s 5 1916 Jan Goblin
Goblin Cornish Mary Dau f s 1 1919 Dec Goblin
Goblin Cornish Richard Father m w 83 1838 Mar England

Goblin Courtney Mark Head m m 47 1874 Mar Mosquito
Goblin Courtney Mary Wife f m 43 1878 Jul Green Point
Goblin Courtney George Son m s 19 1902 Apr Goblin
Goblin Courtney John Son m s 9 1912 Jul Goblin

Goblin Harris Samuel Head m s 48 1872 Sep McCallum
Goblin Harris Anne Sister f s 55 1863 Apr McCallum

Goblin Hiscock George Head m m 46 1875 Jan Jersey Harbour
Goblin Hiscock Susanna Wife f m 41 1880 Jun Pushthrough
Goblin Hiscock John Son m s 19 1902 Aug Goblin
Goblin Hiscock Mary Dau f s 17 1903 Sep Goblin
Goblin Hiscock Robert Son m s 12 1908 Sep Goblin
Goblin Hiscock Jacob Son m s 10 1911 Jul Goblin

Goblin Mullins George Head m m 28 1892 Nov Goblin
Goblin Mullins Anne Wife f m 21 1900 May Dawson's Cove
Goblin Mullins Laura Dau f s 1 1919 Dec Goblin

Goblin Mullins John Head m m 30 1891 Jul Goblin
Goblin Mullins Margaret Wife f m 28 1893 Jun Dawson's Cove
Goblin Mullins William Son m s 4 1917 Jun Goblin
Goblin Mullins Irena Dau f s 2 1918 Dec Goblin

Goblin Mullins William Head m m 60 1861 May Jersey Harbour
Goblin Mullins Louisa Wife f m 56 1864 Oct Bay d'East
Goblin Mullins Alexander Son m s 22 1898 Dec Goblin
Goblin Mullins Edward Son m s 17 1904 Oct Goblin
Goblin Mullins Mary Dau f s 11 1910 Oct Goblin

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Hermitage Bay District