NL GenWeb 1921 Census Data

South Coast Region ~ Hermitage Bay District


Transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors or errors of translation.

Milltown Baldwin James Head m m 58 1862 Oct Little Bay
Milltown Baldwin Frances Wife f m 53 1867 Dec Channel
Milltown Kearley Julia Dom f s 16 1905 Jan Little Bay

Milltown Brushett Charles Head m m 31 1890 Mar Lambles Passage
Milltown Brushett Mary Wife f m 31 1899 Nov Patrick's Harbour
Milltown Brushett Alexander Son m s 7 1913 Dec Milltown
Milltown Brushett John Son m s 1 1920 Jul Milltown

Milltown Buffett Henry Head m m 25 1895 Oct Mosquito
Milltown Buffett Josephine Wife f m 21 1899 Nov Harbour Mille

Milltown Courtney Robert Head m m 39 1882 Aug Goblin
Milltown Courtney Anne Wife f m 29 1892 May Goblin
Milltown Courtney Emily Dau f s 2 1919 Jan Morrisville
Milltown House Janet Mil f w 62 1859 Aug Goblin

Milltown Edwards Francis Head m m 54 1867 Apr Jersey Island
Milltown Edwards Marie Wife f m 52 1869 Dec Pushthrough
Milltown Edwards Freeman Son m s 16 1904 Sep Milltown
Milltown Edwards Fredrick Son m s 14 1906 Dec Milltown
Milltown Edwards Ada Dau f s 11 1909 Sep Milltown

Milltown Ingram Morgan Head m m 83 1837 Oct Hermitage
Milltown Ingram Sarah Wife f m 56 1864 Oct New Harbour
Milltown McDonald John gson m s 15 1906 Feb Lambles Passage

Milltown Ingram Morgan Head m m 28 1893 Mar Lambles Passage
Milltown Ingram Elizabeth Wife f m 26 1894 Sep Lambles Passage
Milltown Ingram John Son m s 1mo 1921 Jul Milltown
Milltown McDonald Bridget Dom f s 16 1904 Nov Conne

Milltown Ingram Thomas Head m m 44 1876 Sep Pushthrough
Milltown Ingram Hannah Wife f m 58 1862 Oct Lambles Passage
Milltown Brushett Minnie sdau f s 16 1905 Jan Milltown
Milltown Brushett George sgson m s 12 1909 May Milltown
Milltown Brushett Gertrude sgdau f s 10 1910 Oct Milltown

Milltown Kearley James Head m m 58 1863 Feb Round Harbour
Milltown Kearley Sarah Wife f m 47 1874 Jul Little Bay
Milltown Kearley Anne Dau f s 19 1902 Aug Patrick's Harbour

Milltown Kelly Garfield Head m m 31 1890 Jan Fortune
Milltown Kelly Amelia Wife f m 30 1891 Jan Pass Island
Milltown Kelly Cecil Son m s 7 1913 Sep Milltown
Milltown Kelly Samuel Son m s 3 1917 Oct Milltown
Milltown Kelly Hazel Dau f s 1 1919 Nov Milltown
Milltown Kelly Mary Mother f w 60 1861 Oct Fortune

Milltown Kendell Arthur Head m m 32 1889 Jun Piccarie
Milltown Kendell Caroline Wife f m 24 1897 Mar Hermitage
Milltown Kendell James Son m s 2 1918 Nov Milltown

Milltown Kendell Charles Head m m 71 1848 Oct Piccarie
Milltown Kendell Mary Wife f m 64 1857 Mar Dragon

Milltown Kendell John Head m m 64 1856 Nov Round Harbour
Milltown Kendell Dinah Wife f m 58 1862 Nov Pushthrough

Milltown Kendell John Head m w 34 1887 Aug Piccarie
Milltown Kendell Mary Dau f s 9 1912 Aug Milltown
Milltown Kendell Violet Dau f s 5 1915 Nov Milltown
Milltown Kendell Matthew Son m s 4 1917 Jul Milltown

Milltown Kendell Philip Head m m 28 1892 Nov Piccarie
Milltown Kendell Martha Wife f m 26 1885 Jul Little Bay
Milltown Kendell Elizabeth Dau f s 2 1918 Oct Milltown
Milltown Kendell John Son m s 8mo 1920 Dec Milltown

Milltown Kendell William Head m m 38 1883 May Milltown
Milltown Kendell Sarah Wife f m 28 1893 Apr Raymond's Point
Milltown Kendell Hilda Dau f s 7 1914 Apr Milltown
Milltown Kendell Maxwell Son m s 5 1915 Oct Milltown
Milltown Kendell Rita Dau f s 3 1918 Feb Milltown
Milltown Kendell Effie Dau f s 1 1920 May Milltown

Milltown Marshall Albert Head m m 37 1884 Jan Green Bay
Milltown Marshall Rachel Wife f m 42 1879 Dec Lambles Passage
Milltown Marshall Lydia Dau f s 9 1912 Aug Conne
Milltown Marshall Morgan Son m s 3 1917 Sep Conne
Milltown Lilly Parson ason f s 18 1903 Apr McCallum

Milltown McDonald John Head m m 42 1879 Apr Gaultois
Milltown McDonald Sarah Wife f m 35 1885 Dec Pass Island
Milltown McDonald Ida Dau f s 16 1905 Jun Milltown
Milltown McDonald Laura Dau f s 10 1910 Dec Milltown
Milltown McDonald Clara Dau f s 7 1914 Aug Milltown

Milltown McDonald Stephen Head m m 33 1888 Apr Gaultois
Milltown McDonald Susannah Wife f m 27 1894 May Lambles Passage
Milltown McDonald Michael Uncle m w 83 1838 Jun Gaultois
Milltown McDonald Anne gMother f w 67 1854 Jul Hermitage Bay
Milltown Bobbett John Boader m s 24 1897 May Milltown

Milltown Pack Benjamin Head m m 34 1887 Aug Richard's Harbour
Milltown Pack Grace Wife f m 34 1884 Aug Piccarie
Milltown Pack Josephine Son m s 13 1908 Jul Pass Island
Milltown Pack Lily Dau f s 10 1910 Nov Pass Island
Milltown Pack Mary Dau f s 5 1915 Oct Milltown
Milltown Pack John Son m s 2 1918 Sep Milltown

Milltown Piercy Martin Head m m 37 1884 Feb McCallum
Milltown Piercy Anne Wife f m 42 1879 Mar Gaultois
Milltown Piercy Alfred Son m s 12 1908 Oct McCallum
Milltown Piercy Elizabeth Dau f s 10 1911 Mar McCallum
Milltown Piercy George Sson m s 18 1902 Oct Gaultois
Milltown Piercy Ellen Mother f w 86 1835 Jul Hermitage

Milltown Roberts George Head m m 45 1876 Mar Fortune
Milltown Roberts Hannah Wife f m 40 1881 Feb Piccarie
Milltown Roberts Josuah Son m s 14 1906 Dec Milltown
Milltown Roberts Ethel Dau f s 12 1909 Jun Milltown
Milltown Roberts Janet Dau f s 6 1914 Dec Milltown
Milltown Roberts Ellen Dau f s 4 1916 Dec Milltown
Milltown Roberts Dorothy Dau f s 1 1920 Jul Milltown

Milltown Stickland Jeremiah Head m m 52 1868 Oct Raymond's Point
Milltown Stickland Maria Wife f m 47 1874 Jun Pass Island
Milltown Stickland George Son m s 22 1889 Jun Raymond's Point
Milltown Stickland John Son m s 18 1903 May Raymond's Point
Milltown Stickland Emily Dau f s 16 1905 Jan Raymond's Point
Milltown Stickland Cora Dau f s 15 1906 Apr Raymond's Point
Milltown Stickland Jeremiah Son m s 13 1908 Feb Raymond's Point
Milltown Stickland Gordon Son m s 10 1910 Dec Raymond's Point
Milltown Stickland Chesley Son m s 8 1913 May Milltown

Milltown Sutton James Head m m 30 1891 Jan Bay D'Espoir
Milltown Sutton Maria Wife f m 29 1892 Jan Patrick's Harbour
Milltown Sutton George Son m s 7 1914 Aug Milltown
Milltown Sutton Margaret Dau f s 3 1917 Nov Milltown
Milltown Sutton Gordon Son m s 1 1919 Oct Milltown

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Hermitage Bay District