NL GenWeb 1921 Census Data

South Coast Region ~ Hermitage Bay District


Transcribed by FRANK FITZPATRICK. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors or errors of translation.

Piccarie Coombs Abram Head m m 63 1863 Sep Piccarie
Piccarie Coombs Catherine Wife f m 42 1889 Aug Grole
Piccarie Coombs John Son m s 20 1901 Feb Piccarie
Piccarie Coombs James Son m s 18 1903 Feb Piccarie
Piccarie Coombs William Son m s 16 1907 Apr Piccarie
Piccarie Coombs Samuel ason m s 21 1900 Aug Furby's Cove
Piccarie Coombs Edward ason m s 12 1907 Sep Furby's Cove
Piccarie Dominie Martha Niece f s 8 1912 Sep Piccarie

Piccarie Coombs Abram Head m m 30 1891 Aug Piccarie
Piccarie Coombs Lucy Wife f m 28 1892 Oct Muddy Hole
Piccarie Coombs Mabel Dau f s 7 1914 Jan Piccarie
Piccarie Coombs George Son m s 4 1917 Jan Piccarie
Piccarie Coombs James Son m s 2 1918 Mar Piccarie

Piccarie Coombs Benjamin Head m m 40 1881 Sep Piccarie
Piccarie Coombs Susanna Wife f m 36 1884 Oct Pass Island
Piccarie Coombs Bertha Dau f s 14 1906 Dec Piccarie
Piccarie Coombs Anne Dau f s 9 1911 Sep Piccarie
Piccarie Coombs Mary Dau f s 6 1914 Oct Piccarie
Piccarie Coombs Albert Son m s 1 1920 Jan Piccarie
Piccarie Dominie Harola Niece f s 12 1908 Oct Piccarie

Piccarie Coombs Edward Head m m 67 1854 Feb Piccarie
Piccarie Coombs Sarah Wife f m 64 1857 Jan Sagona
Piccarie Simms Harriett gdau f s 9 1912 Jun Piccarie

Piccarie Coombs George Head m m 21 1899 Sep Piccarie
Piccarie Coombs Ethel Wife f m 21 1900 Sep Harbour Buffett
Piccarie Coombs Myrtle Dau f s 4mo 1921 Sep Piccarie

Piccarie Coombs Jonathan Head m m 37 1885 Mar Piccarie
Piccarie Coombs Anne Wife f m 31 1889 Aug Muddy Hole

Piccarie Engram George Head m m 58 1862 Sep Piccarie
Piccarie Engram Mary Wife f m 58 1863 Feb Piccarie

Piccarie Engram Thomas Head m m 66 1855 Aug Pushthrough
Piccarie Engram Sarah Wife f m 62 1858 Sep Furby's Cove

Piccarie Engram William Head m m 31 1889 May Piccarie
Piccarie Engram Clara Wife f m 29 1892 Jan Piccarie
Piccarie Engram Mary Dau f s 6 1914 Oct Piccarie
Piccarie Engram Mila Dau f s 2 1918 Oct Piccarie
Piccarie Engram John Son m s 5mo 1921 Oct Piccarie

Piccarie Matchem William Head m m 37 1883 Sep Raymond's Point
Piccarie Matchem Jane Wife f m 34 1886 Apr Pass Island
Piccarie Matchem Philip Son m s 15 1905 Sep Raymond's Point
Piccarie Matchem Emily Dau f s 14 1907 Apr Raymond's Point
Piccarie Matchem Elizabeth Dau f s 12 1909 Mar Raymond's Point
Piccarie Matchem Harriott Dau f s 9 1912 Jul Raymond's Point
Piccarie Matchem Nathan Son m s 5 1915 Nov Raymond's Point
Piccarie Matchem Gladys Dau f s 3 1907 Dec Raymond's Point
Piccarie Matchem George Son m s 2 1919 Feb Raymond's Point

Piccarie Piccott Robert Head m m 44 1864 Oct Pass Island
Piccarie Piccott Ellen Wife f m 36 1885 Apr Muddy Hole
Piccarie Piccott Arthur Son m s 19 1902 May Piccarie
Piccarie Piccott Rebecca Dau f s 16 1905 Jul Piccarie
Piccarie Piccott James Son m s 11 1909 Sep Piccarie
Piccarie Piccott Caroline Dau f s 5 1915 Nov Piccarie
Piccarie Piccott Dorothy Dau f s 2 1918 Oct Piccarie

Piccarie Piccott Walter Head m m 41 1880 May Pass Island
Piccarie Piccott Sarah Wife f m 40 1880 Sep Piccarie
Piccarie Piccott John Son m s 18 1903 Aug Piccarie
Piccarie Piccott Eli Son m s 12 1908 Nov Piccarie
Piccarie Piccott Wesley Son m s 8 1912 Dec Piccarie
Piccarie Piccott Minnie Dau f s 5 1915 Dec Piccarie

Piccarie Rose John Head m m 45 1876 Apr Pushthough
Piccarie Rose Mildred Wife f m 44 1876 Nov Little Bay
Piccarie Garnish Margaret adau f s 7 1914 Feb Goblin

Piccarie Simms Anne Head f w 51 1870 Jun Muddy Hole
Piccarie Simms Frederick Son m s 25 1896 Sep Muddy Hole
Piccarie Simms Rebecca Dau f s 17 1903 Oct Muddy Hole

Piccarie Simms John Head m m 37 1883 Sep Pass Island
Piccarie Simms Elorna Wife f m 34 1866 Apr Piccarie
Piccarie Simms Alexander Son m s 13 1907 Aug Piccarie
Piccarie Simms Elizabeth Dau f s 9 1912 Jun Piccarie
Piccarie Simms Elizabeth Dau f s 6 1914 Sep Piccarie
Piccarie Simms Jacob Son m s 2 1919 Apr Piccarie

Piccarie Simms Walter Head m m 56 1864 Dec Muddy Hole
Piccarie Simms George Son m s 22 1899 Jul Piccarie

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Hermitage Bay District