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McCallum - Anglican Cemetery (Partial)

Inscriptions were read, recorded and transcribed by ALEXANDER PAYNE, May 1999. Comments in brackets are mine. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Grace husband of Charles CAINES, died 23 December 23, 1888, age 31 years.

CAINES, Henry B & Anne E
Henry B CAINES who died December 3, 1926 age 60 years. Wife Anne E CAINES died October 6, 1941 age 76 years.

CAINES, John Edward & Amy
Children of Charles and Grace CAINES, John Edward died January 2, 1889 age 6 years, Amy died January 2, 1889, age 4 months.

CAINES, John William
John William husband of Jane CAINES, died April 10, 1901, age 41 years.

CAINES, Martha
Martha wife of Henry CAINES, died at Bonne Bay November 9, 1895, age 30 years.

MORRIS, John Ambrose & Catherine Elizabeth
John Ambrose MORRIS. (To the right of Stanley Clayton SKINNER are two graves marked with box frames, that of his grandparents, the closest one his John Ambrose MORRIS and the other Catherine Elizabeth MORRIS)

Abigal daughter of John and Susannah PIERCEY, died February 14, 1911, age 10 months.

PIERCEY, Hannah Jane
Hannah Jane daughter of Morgan and Marie PIERCEY, died 20 Jan 1908, age 7 years.

James M PIERCEY, died September 27, 1970, age 75.

PIERCEY, John Thomas
John Thomas PIERCEY, died January 10, 1952, age 75 years.

PIERCEY, Mary J Elizabeth
Mary J Elizabeth wife of William R PIERCEY, born December 23, 1902, January 16, 1983.

PIERCEY, Sarah Maria
Sarah Maria daughter of William and Elizabeth PIERCEY, died April 14, 1904, age 20 years.

Susan PIERCEY, died August 25, 1960 age 77 years.

PIERCEY, William R
William R PIERCEY husband of Mary Jane PIERCEY, died May 11, 1954, age 74 years.

ROSE, Sarah J
Sarah J ROSE, mother of Mrs James PIERCEY, died July 25, 1967, age 82 years.

SKINNER, Frederick T
Frederick T SKINNER, 1912 - 1987.

SKINNER, Martha Ann
Martha Ann wife of George H SKINNER, daughter of William and Sarah LEES, died January 5, 1911 age 22 years.

SKINNER, Nina Grace
Nina Grace wife of Frederick T SKINNER, May 14, 1963, age 46 years.

Snook SKINNER, died September 5, 1979, age 79 years.

SKINNER, Stanley Clayton
Stanley Clayton SKINNER son of Maxwell and Elizabeth SKINNER, died November 9, 1951, age 12 years and 7 months.

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