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Hermitage Church of England Marriage Records (1870 ... 1887)

These records were transcribed by MARLENE COMPANION in 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
Sept 7 1870HermitageJames BuffettMusquito

Mary RogersMusquito
Sept 8 1870HermitageWilliam Strickland



Sept 14 1870HermitageWilliam Northcott

Sept 15 1870HermitageRobert HarrisHermitage

Maria EngramHermitage
Sept 18 1870HermitageJoseph LeGro?East Cul de Sac

Sarah Harris (W)East Cul de Sac
Sept 19 1870HermitageAlfred FrancesHermitage

Elizabeth HarrisEast Cul de Sac
Sept 27 1870HermitageJohn FooteGaultors

Jane McDonald




Rebecca ?

Mary Niel
? 31 1871RencontreRuben Ball

Ann Carter
Aug 31 1871RencontreJohn PoolRencontre

Mary ClothierRencontre
Sept 4 1871HermitageJames HardyRichard's Harbour

Catherine McDonald (w)West Cul De Sac
Sept 5 1871HermitageJohn McDonaldRoss Island

Lucy Fudge (w)Ross Island
Sept 5 1871HermitageThomas Ridout

Elizabeth Spencer
Sept 5 1871HermitageHenry Nash





Ann Garland
?GaultoisJohn Rose

?HermitageSamuel RoseHermitage

Ann ?
Sept 12 1871HermitageGeorge HarrisHermitage

Sarah RogersGrole
Sept 12 1871HermitageWilliam Linton WebbMuriett Somerset

Jane SpencerRencontre
Sept 12 1871HermitageWilliam Caines

Elizabeth Bobbitt (w)
Sept 12 1871Hermitage? Rose

Mary MacDonald
Sept 13 1871HermitageJohn Northcott

Caroline McDonald
? 16 1871HermitageCharles BaxterCape La Hune

Helen OrganLa Poile
? 19 1871HermitageSamuel StricklandHarbour Breton

Rose BungayJersey Harbour
? 30 ?Richard's HarbourRobert Durnfort?

Elizabeth ClothierRencontre
? 3 1872HermitageJohn SpencerPass Island

Sarah Rose
? 3 1872HermitageWilliam StricklandGrole

Rachel Meade (w)Hermitage
? 3 1872HermitageSamuel Bishop

Sarah PoolMusquito
? 5 1872HermitageJames Wiels (w)Dawson's Cove

Elizabeth RoseHermitage
? 5 1872HermitageThomas Hynes

Hannah Nott
? 9 1872HermitageWilliam EngramLittle Bay

Mary Rose
? 9 1872HermitageJohn WelshLittle Bay

Rosanna McDonald
? 9 1872HermitageMorgan LovelaceSeal Cove

Ann RoseHermitage
Aug ? 1872Richard's HarbourRichard BallRencontre

Hannah Marie FudgeRichard's Harbour
Aug 29 1872RencontreWilliam PriddleNew Harbour

Jane LaFosseNew Harbour
Aug 29 1872RencontreElias ?Push Through

Marg BallRencontre
Aug 29 1872RencontreJohn SpencerGrole

Sarah BallRencontre
Aug 29 1872RencontreAbram BallRencontre

Mary BlakeRencontre
Aug 29 1872New HarbourHenry WelmanNew Louen Poole Eng

Grace JeansNew Harbour
Sept 2 1872HermitageRobert PercyPass Island

Sarah MorrisPass Island
Sept 2 1872HermitageGeorge SimsPass Island

Sarah PackRichard's Harbour
Sept 10 1872HermitageWilliam HouseFox Island

Elizabeth MeadBay de Espair
Sept 10 1872HermitageNatheniel Push Through

Elizabeth Nash
Sept 11 1872HermitageGeorge HouseRound Harbour

Edith EngramLittle Bay
Sept 11 1872HermitageWalter PinkCape La Hune

Rebecca Durnford
Sept 14 1872HermitageHenry CrossBonne Bay

Catherine Rowsell (w)Indian Cove
Sept 18 1872HermitageJames RoswellHermitage

Elizabeth DowdeyHermitage
Sept 21 1872HermitageWilliam Le Bonne Bay

Sarah BallRencontre
Sept 26 1872HermitageFrank

Elizabeth Round Harbour
Aug 29 1876HermitageJames EngramLittle Bay

Jane Engram
Aug 30 1876HermitageJohn HouseGaultors

Ann Engram
Aug 31 1876HermitageRobert Kendel

Harriett ParsonsNew Harbour
Aug 31 1876HermitageHenry Gray

Ann SpencerPass Island
Aug 31 1876HermitageHenry RobbinsCrewkerne, Somerset

Jane RideoutPass Island
Sept 2 1876HermitageRobert LeeRound Harbour

Charity KendellRound Harbour
Sept 2 1876HermitageRichard W CarnishPoole, England

Elizabeth TillyPushthrough
Sept 2 1876HermitageWilliam HitchcockGreat Jervis

Mary MullinsJerry Harbour
Sept 14 1876HermitageJohn ForseyFortune

Mary Ann WellsBur? Cove
Sept 18 1876HermitageThomas TileyBay ? East

Mary Ann Nashe??monds
Oct 9 1876HermitageRichard RoseGreat Harbour

Mary Anne HarrisGreat Harbour
Oct 13 1876HermitageThomas Ware?

Parthene FordGreat Jervis
? 8 1876Richard's HarbourWilliam RoseRichard's Harbour

Rosanna MorrisHermitage Bay
Aug 29 1877West Cul de SacJohn Timothy Spencer(21)West Cul de Sac

Elizabeth Young (19)Dog Cove
Sept 3 1877Bonne BayGeorge Percy (23)Pass Island

Charlotte Pitite (20)Grole
Sept 3 1877Bonne BayRichard Penny(22)Newton England

Catherine PercyPass Island
Sept 3 1877Bonne BayRaffanch? Hatcher (21)

Maria Percy (20)Pass Island
Sept 5 1877PushthroughGeorge SimmsPass Island

Nea?y Kendall (23)Picc??
Sept 5 1877HermitageStephen Spencer (21)West Cul de Sac

Caroline Durnford (16)
**See Erratta table below
? **See Errata Table below
Sept 10 1877HermitageWilliam NashPiccance

Susanna StricklandPass Island
Sept 11 1877HermitageWilliam MeadThe Passage

Ann MatchemBarrosway
Sept 11 1877HermitageGeorge BowdingHermitage

Mary EngramHermitage
Sept 11 1877HermitageWilliam CribbTimbaloes?

Jane KerbyPatrick's Harbour
Sept 17 1877HermitageJoseph Cain?Pushthrough

Jane LeeBonne Bay
Sept 17 1877HermitageJohn LeeBonne Bay

Elizabeth RowsellPushthrough
Oct 5 1877HermitageMartin CreweSeal Cove

Fanny LovelessSeal Cove
Oct 5 1877HermitageJohn SmithSeal Cove

Catherine PooleSeal Cove
Sept 5 1878HermitageCharley HardyHermitage

Elizabeth MorrisHermitage
Sept 7 1878Pass IslandSimon LovelessSeal Cove

Martha RideoutPass Island
Sept 10 1878HermitageJesse DowdingHermitage

Mary GreenHermitage
Sept 16 1878HermitageRobert Ashford

Mary Ann Ashford
Sept 27 1878HermitageEdward RousellPushthrough

Ann Cawf?Pushthrough
Aug 1879GroleJohn Thomas Jackman 25Grole

Susanna Crib? 19Grole
Aug 3 1879New HarbourJoneh Proddle 28New Harbour

Lucy Nott 20New Harbour
Aug 18 1879HermitageJohn Legg (w) 38Gaultors

Honora Cock (w) 26Gaultors
Aug 21 1879FrancoisJohn Charles Childs (22)Francois

Elizabeth La Frase (19)Francois
Aug 22 1879FrancoisJabez Durnford 23Francois

Esther Dollmount 19Francois
Aug 25 1879New HarbourJohn Cane 28East Cul de Sac

Esther OxfordEast Cul de Sac
Aug 25 1879New HarbourRobert Durnford 23Francois

Catherine Marsden 19Francois
Aug 25 1879New HarbourEdward Carter 21Francois

Hannah Durnford 21Francois
Aug 28 1879PushthroughCharles Rendle 27Pass Island

Charlotte Morns 23 Pass Island
Aug 29 1879HermitageRobert Boucher 23Pass Island

Mary J Tilly 20Pass Island
Aug 30 1879HermitageTre?? Wells 27Pass Island

Clara Grey 27Pass Island
Aug 30 1879HermitageWilliam Giles 2?Hermitage

Mary MorrisPass Island
Sept 5 1879New HarbourGeorge SymesNew Harbour

Emily ShornNew Harbour
Sept 5 1879HermitageJames Engram 24Hermitage

Elizabeth Frances 19Hermitage
Sept 11 1879HermitageHenry J Hansford 24New Harbour

Ann Parsons 21New Harbour
Sept 15 1879HermitageJohn Rose 23Hermitage

Edith Rose 20Seal Island
Sept 15 1879HermitageJohn Thomas Rose 23Seal Island

Mary Rose 20Hermitage
Sept 16 1879HermitageWilliam Rose 23Hermitage

Ann Dowding 21Hermitage
Sept 23 1879HermitageCharles Rose 21Great Harbour

Martha Chapman 23Great Harbour
Sept 23 1879HermitageGeorge Rose 25Great Harbour

Edith Framp 21Great Harbour
Oct 1 1879HermitageMorgan Roberts 28Pushthrough

Dinah Engram 18Pushthrough
Oct 24 1879HermitageJames Henry Hill 20Dawson's Cove

Miriam Rose 27Dawson's Cove
? 4 1879HermitageThomas Burfitt 31St. Pierre

Martha Nash 19Bonne Bay
? 14 1879PushthroughGeorge Rowsell 28Pushthrough

Caroline Stewart Cam? 24Pushthrough
? 13 1880HermitageJohn Robert 24Hermitage

Sarah Spencer 23Hermitage
? 8 1880GroleWilliam Longdowne 44 (w)Hermitage

Sarah Harris 33 (w)Hermitage
Aug 7 1880HermitageJohn William Lilly 23Bay ? East

Maria Hunt 23Bay ? East
Aug 10 1880HermitageJohn Connock 19Seal Cove

Susanna Sumes 25New Harbour
Aug 10 1880HermitageJohn Norris 20Seal Cove

Honore Smith 27Seal Cove
Aug 11 1880HermitagePhillip Strickland 40 (w)Pass Island

Margret Fudge 22Pass Island
Sept 2 1880HermitageWilliam Simms 24Little Harbour

Jane Francis 28Grole
Sept 3 1880Pass IslandJesse Fudge 26Indian Cove

Elizabeth Engram 22Pass Island
Sept 4 1880Pass IslandPhillip Fudge 21? Ambrose

Mary Ann Petite 21Pass Island
Sept 4 1880Pass IslandJames Fudge 24Pass Island

Rosanna House 17Pass Island
Sept 4 1880Pass IslandMathew Spencer 22West Cul de Sac

Mary Jane Janes 16New Harbour
Sept 4 1880Pass IslandGeorge Gosney 21Grole

Mary Ann Fudge 21Grole
Sept 4 1880Pass IslandCharles Hill 21Pass Island

Edith Rose 19Seal Cove
Sept 4 1880Pass IslandJosiah Loveless 26Seal Cove

Martha Strickland 25Seal Cove
Sept 7 1880HermitageThomas Kendall 29Round Harbour

Maria Garland 25Pushthrough
Sept 8 1880HermitageThomas Metchem 24Raymond's Point

Mary Jane Strickland 21Raymond's Point
Sept 8 1880HermitageJohn Parsons 23New Harbour

Sarah Nott 24New Harbour
Sept 8 1880HermitageThomas Skinner or Spen 21Richard's Harbour

Esther Durnford 21 Renconntre
Sept 9 1880HermitageBenjamin Northcott 24Furby Cove

Charlotte MacDonald 26Furby Cove
Sept 13 1880HermitageCharles Caines 25Bonne Bay

Grace Bobbitt 24Bonne Bay
Sept 14 1880HermitageWilliam Coombs 28Riccane?

Ann Rose 22Hermitage
Sept 21 1880HermitageHenry Rose 35Lance Cove

Berthana Ball 29Renconntre
Oct 11 1880Pass IslandEdwin Joseph Callim 27Gaultors

Ada Louisa Bully 23Pass Island
Dec 18 1880HermitageJoseph Brushett 24Tambles Passage

Hannah Engram 21Tambles Passage
Dec 27 1880HermitageThomas Garland 28Pushthrough

Caroline Lee 21Round Harbour
June 28 1881PushthroughJesse Thornton 27Sogane

Phebe Ashford 20Sogane
July 20 1881HermitageWilliam Cox 25Gaultors

Ann Engram 21Gaultors
Aug 27 1881Cape La HunnMorgan Domence 25Cape La Hunn

Sarah MacDonald 21West Cul de Sac
Sept 6 1881HermitageJames Layton 26Grole

Rosanna Burton 20Grole
Sept 15 1881HermitageGeorge Ball 28Rencountre

Sarah Skinner 21Richard's Harbour
Sept 15 1881HermitageThomas Poole 25New Harbour

Charlotte Parsons 22New Harbour
Sept 15 1881HermitageWilliam Lye 23Saddle Island

Mary Ann Bobbitt 19Saddle Island
Sept 19 1881HermitageThomas MacDonald 38Furby Cove

Eliza Jane MacDonald 27Furby Cove
Sept 19 1881HermitageThomas Mac Donald 20Furby Cove

Sarah Spencer 17Rod? Cove
Sept 21 1881HermitageWilliam Hooper 27Bonne Bay

Sarah Petitte 21Bonne Bay
Oct 8 1881HermitageJohn Lee 41Pushthrough

Elizabeth King 31 (w)Pushthrough
Aug 24 1882RencountreWilson Parsons 28Rencountre

Rachelle GreenRencountre
Aug 24 1882RencountreSamuel Clothier 25Rencountre

Catherine Durnford 22Rencountre
Aug 24 1882RencountreJohn Phillip De Gruchy 23Rencountre

Elizabeth Ball 28Rencountre
Aug 30 1882HermitageJohn Bagg 19Cape La Hunn

Elizabeth Spencer 19West Cul de Sac
Aug 30 1882HermitageStephen McDonald 23West Cul de Sac

Rebecca Buffett 17Cape La Hunn
Aug 30 1882HermitageStephen Spencer 26  West Cul de Sac

Harriett Meade 19 **See Errata table belowCape La Hunn
Sept 5 1882HermitageWilson Piercey 24Pass Island

Mary Simms 20Richard's Harbour
Sept 7 1882HermitageJohn Kendell 24Pass Island

Dinah Roberts 24Pass Island
Sept 12 1882HermitageJames MacDonald 30Furby Cove

Mary Ann Mead 23 Hardy Cove
Sept 12 1882HermitageJonathan Lilly 27Bay de North

Elizabeth Cross (w) 28Bay de East
Oct 16 1882HermitageJohn Baldwin (w) 49Round Cove

Mary Roberts (w) 52Round Cove
Nov 20 1882HermitageJosiah Loveless 21Seal Cove

Caroline Strickland 22Seal Cove
Dec 22 1882HermitageHenry Lowle?? 27Gaultors

Elizabeth Cock 19Gaultors
Aug 16 1883West Cul de SacWilliam Hardy 30West Cul de Sac

Harriett Nell 26West Cul de Sac
Aug 18 1883FrancoisGeorge Carter 22Francois

Sarah Spencer 23 Francois
Aug 18 1883Francois Levi Dollimount 21 Francois

Rosanna Childs 21Francois
Aug 28 1883HermitageThomas Ball 29Renountre

Martha Rose 26Lance Cove
Aug 28 1883HermitageJames Spencer 23 Renountre

Mary Fudge 22Renountre
Sept 1 1883HermitageJames Morris 28 Pass Island

Susanna Fudge 22Pass Island
Sept 2 1883HermitageMatthew Spencer 26Pass Island

Mary Jane Fudge 24Pass Island
Sept 3 1883HermitageRobert Burton 28Grole

Mary Ann Fudge 20Pass Island
Sept 3 1883HermitageJohn Taylor 24Grole

Maria Pack 23Pass Island
Sept 3 1883HermitageThomas Piercey 24Pass Island

Charlotte Park 25Pass Island
Sept 4 1883HermitageWilliam Oxford 27New Harbour

Harriett Nott 19New Harbour
Sept 4 1883HermitageJohn Pack 26Pass Island

Elizabeth Fudge 21Pass Island
Sept 4 1883HermitageLevi Bagg 24 Cape La Hunn

Mary Ann Spencer 18West Cul de Sac
Sept 4 1883HermitageCharles Barter 36Cape La Hunn

Catherine Hardy 17West Cul de Sac
Sept 11 1883HermitageMatthew Matchem 33Furbys Cove

Rebecca Northcotte 42Hermitage
Sept 11 1883HermitageJohn William MacDonald 26Furbys Cove

Sarah Jane Coombs 24Piccanie
Oct 29 1883HermitageJohn Strickland 44 (w)Pass Island

Elizabeth Dowling 32Hermitage
Nov 26 1883PushthroughJohn Martin 37 (w)Great Jervis

Sophia Pardy 23 (w)Codroy
Aug 18 1884FrancoisThomas Dollimount 21Francois

Maria DurnfordFrancois
Aug 21 1884RenountreJohn Ball 32Rencountre

Edith Durnford 18Rencountre
Aug 21 1884RenountreThomas Durnford 24Rencountre

Jane Ball 24Rencountre
Aug 22 1884New HarbourThomas Nott 23New Harbour

Esther Thorn 22New Harbour
Aug 22 1884New HarbourJohn GreenNew Harbour

Charlotte JanesNew Harbour
Aug 31 1884HermitageRobert Roberts 37 (w)Hermitage

Rosanna Cribb 35 (w)Grole
Sept 3 1884HermitageMatthew MacDonald 19West Cul de Sac

Charity Parsons 18New Harbour
Sept 3 1884HermitageJohn Burton 25Grole

Emily Buffett 20Mosquito
Sept 4 1884HermitageBenjamin Simms 25Muddy Hole

Rebecca Morris 21Muddy Hole
Sept 4 1884HermitageWilliam Crew 24Dawson's Cove

Catherine Rose 20Dawson's Cove
Sept 5 1884HermitageJohn Pink 23Cape La Hunn

Matilda Sibley 18Cape La Hunn
Sept 8 1884HermitageJames Rose 23Dawson's Cove

Dinah Pricilla Roberts 18Dawson's Cove
Sept 8 1884HermitageJohn Matchem 24Hermitage

Mary Baldwin 20Hermitage
Sept 9 1884HermitageThomas Cribb 28Tambles Passage

Ann Nott 24Pushthrough
Sept 11 1884HermitageGeorge Kendell 27Round Harbour

Emily Alice MacDonald 24Round Harbour
Sept 15 1884RenountreJames Wilson Lilly 23Raymond's Island

Joanna Berthina Bobbitt 19Raymond's Island
Sept 16 1884HermitageMatthew King 34Pushthrough

Ellen Lilly 21Pushthrough
Sept 16 1884HermitageHenry Haskett 22Gaultors

Rachel Cock 16Gaultors
Dec 21 1884HermitageThomas Garland 22Saddle ?laud

Edith Roberts 19Saddle ?laud
Dec 27 1884HermitageJames Engram 32 (w)Little Bay

Sarah MacDonald 23 (w)Little Bay
May 21 1885HermitageFredrick Hunt 20 Gaultors

Mary Grimes 17Gaultors
July 4 1885Cape la HunnThomas Barten 26Cape La Hunn

Susanna Grandy 21Cape La Hunn
Aug 12 1885GroleRobert Taylor 32Grole

Elizabeth Smith 20Seal Cove
Aug 12 1885GroleThomas Taylor 22Grole

Elizabeth Langdon 19Grole
Aug 12 1885GroleJohn Langdon 25Grole

Grace Roberts 18Grole
Aug 15 1885Pass IslandThomas Coombs 29Pass Island

Charlotte Engram 21Pass Island
Aug 17 1885Pass IslandAbraham Spencer 24Pass Island

Susanna Piercey 21Pass Island
Aug 18 1885HermitageSamuel Kearley 26Patrick's Harbour

Susanna Engram 21Tambles Pass
Aug 17 1885HermitageJohn Rose 25Hermitage

Mary Dowding 24Hermitage
Aug 17 1885HermitageJoseph Pack 32Richard's Harbour

Mary Skinner 22Richard's Harbour
Aug 18 1885HermitageMesheck MacDonald 40Bonne Bay

Jemima Osborn 26Bonne Bay
Aug 18 1885HermitageRobert Engram 25Saddle Island

Mary Lilly 19Saddle Island
Sept 19 1885HermitageJohn Caines 24Great Jervis

Sarah Durnford 21Rencountre
Sept 19 1885HermitageWilliam Piercey 24Pass Island

Martha Dinah Engram 18Pass Island
Sept 21 1885HermitageJames Rose 26Hermitage

Elizabeth Ann Tilby 28Hermitage
Sept 26 1885HermitageWilliam Thomas Strickland 24Raymond's Point

Franes Strickland 23Raymond's Point
Sept 27 1885HermitageEdward Ridgley 25Little Bay East

Louisa Hinds 25Little Bay East
Sept 27 1885HermitageWilliam Bobbitt 33Pass Island

Ellen Green 20Pass Island
Oct 22 1885FrancoisJames Spencer 23Francois

Jane Alford 20Francois
Nov 30 1885HermitageCharles Way 23Pass Island

Effie Emily Bulley 22Pass Island
Nov 23 1885Richard's HarbourJames Simms 291Muddy Hole

Eleanor Harris 24Muddy Hole
Dec 12 1885HermitageJames Dowding 24Hermitage

Emma Hewett 22Hermitage
May 5 1886Pass IslandJonothan Rowsell 26Pushthrough

Mary Caiup 20Pushthrough
Aug 9 1886FrancoisAaron Masdene 25Francois

Sarah Childs 18Francois
Aug 13 1886West Cul De SacWilliam Spencer 42 (w)West Cul De Sac

Jane Moore 36 (w)West Cul De Sac
Aug 19 1886RencountreGeorge Priddle 29Renountre

Susanna Ball 29Renountre
Aug 19 1886RencountreAbraham Durnford 23Renountre

Ann Thorn 22New Harbour
Aug 19 1886RencountreJohn Symes 25New Harbour

Susanna Parsons 23New Harbour
Aug 19 1886RencountreGeorge Thorn 27New Harbour

Jane L Lorse 24New Harbour
Aug 19 1886Richard's HarbourWillliam Dewland 21Richard's Harbour

Rosanna Hardy 20 Richard's Harbour
Aug 30 1886Pass IslandThomas Skinner 22Richard's Harbour

Berthana Piercey 20Pass Island
Aug 30 1886HermitageJohn Crew 40 (w)Dawson's Cove

Eliza Tuyphenia Moore 27Dawson's Cove
Sept 2 1886HermitageJohns Wills 27Dawson's Cove

Sophia Wilmot 25Bay de East
Sept 3 1886HermitageCharles Neil 29West Cul De Sac

Jane Sibley 22Lance Cove
Sept 6 1886HermitageWilliam Henry Cooper 26Paca Island

Emily White 18Paca Island
Sept 6 1886HermitageRobert Roberts 28Grole

Elizabeth Ann Rose 20Dawson's Cove
Sept 7 1886PushthroughSamuel Parnell Caup 28Pushthrough

Elizabeth Ann Cains 22Great Jervis
Sept 9 1886HermitageWilliam Bond 23Seal Cove

Harriet Emily Bungay 20Great Harbour
Sept 9 1886HermitagePhillip Francis 26Hermitage

Susanna Dowding 23Hermitage
Sept 9 1886HermitageCharles Richardson 24Bonne Bay

Mary Jane Strickland 24Pushthrough
Sept 9 1886HermitageWilliam Osben 28Jersey Harbour

Susanna Walters 21Jersey Harbour
Sept 12 1886HermitageWilliam Evans 28St. Jaques

Mary Buffett 24Mosqueto
Oct 30 1886HermitageWilliam Chafman 44 (w)Renountre

Ann Carter 36 (w)Renountre
Nov 9 1886HermitageGeorge Edward Sutton 26Head of Bay Des ?

Caroline MacDonald 24Head of Bay Des ?
Nov 22 1886HermitageEli John Rose 25Little Bay

Mary Strickland 18Harbour Briton
Dec 18 1886Bonne BayJoseph Ford 29Bonne Bay

Elizabeth Caines 29Bonne Bay
Dec 18 1886Bonne BayRobert Lee 27Bonne Bay

Caroline Nash 22Bonne Bay
Dec 27 1886HermitageWilliam James Hamblian 24Bonne Bay

Sarah Dominie 23West Cul De Sac
Dec 27 1886HermitageJohn Bobbitt 25Bonne Bay

Rachel Spencer 18West Cul De Sac
Dec 29 1886HermitageEdwin Skinner 29Richard's Harbour

Martha Lee 24Round Harbour
May 7 1887HermitageSamuel Cooper 23Pass Island

Elizabeth Ann LeePass Island
Aug 19 1887West Cul De SacJohn Rose 27West Cul De Sac

Parthena Spencer 21 West Cul De Sac
Aug 20 1887FrancoisMartin Carter 23Francois

Ann Durnford 19Francois
Aug 20 1887FrancoisSamuel Dollimount 22Francois

Rosanna Le Fosse 23Francois
Aug 22 1887New HarbourJohn Parsons 29New Harbour

Elizabeth Louise Warren 25New Harbour
Aug 22 1887New HarbourJames Priddle 35New Harbour

Sarah Jane WarrenNew Harbour
Aug 27 1887New HarbourAbraham Ball 30Rencountre

Susanna Childs 22Rencountre
Aug 29 1887Muddy HoleThomas Skinner 45 (w)Richard's Harbour

Charity Martha Oxford 27Richard's Harbour
Aug 29 1887Muddy HoleJohn Simms 29Muddy Hole

Elizabeth Fudge 17Muddy Hole
Aug 31 1887HermitageRichard Thomas Bungay 22Seal Cove

Emma Langdon 18Seal Cove
Sept 1 1887HermitageJohn Loveless 50 (w)Seal Cove

Elizabeth Ann Mullins 30Seal Cove
Sept 5 1887HermitageJohn Piercey 22Pass Island

Sarah Skinner 21Richard's Harbour
Sept 5 1887HermitageCharles Crant 23Pass Island

Hannah Jane Morris 18 Pass Island
Sept 5 1887HermitageJames Isaac Crew 23Dawson's Cove

Emma Loveless 20Seal Cove
Sept 6 1887HermitageJames Rideout 24Seal Cove

Susanna Strickland 20 Seal Cove
Sept 6 1887HermitageAbraham John Skinner 25Richard's Harbour

Susanna Nott 20New Harbour
Sept 13 1887HermitageJohn Liely 28Bonne Bay

Hannah Careley 25Bonne Bay
Sept 15 1887HermitageWilson Garlaud 23Pushthrough

Elizabeth Parsons 22 Pushthrough
Sept 19 1887HermitageGeorge Engram 25 Picc??re

Mary Engram 24Picc??re
Oct 7 1887HermitageWilliam Barnes 55 (w)Hd Bay e Espair

Margaret Dollimount 49 (w)Francois
Oct 8 1887HermitagePeter Tibbo 23Harbour Briton

Catherine Parsons 21New Harbour
Oct 16 1887HermitageThomas White 27Jersey Harbour

Phebe Austy 23Jersey Harbour
Oct 29 1887HermitageHenry Caup 27Pushthrough

Mary Ann Rowsell 24Pushthrough
Oct 29 1887HermitageWilliam Cauib 24Pushthrough

Margaret Chislett 19Pushthrough
Nov 1 1887HermitagePeter Thomas Harris 25Great Harbour

Sarah Ann Rose 27Great Harbour
Nov 1 1887HermitageCharles William Rose 36Great Harbour

Joanna Mienchinton 27Great Harbour

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
MEADE Surname should be MARSDEN.  She was also from Francois.  Harriett was my grandmother (my father's mother) George Spencer
DUMFORD Caroline's surname should be DURNFORD and she was from Francois.  She was my grandfather's first wife.  His second marriage was to Harriett Marsden of Francois on August 30, 1882.  George Spencer
BARTER July 4 1885 - Thomas BARTEN to Susanna Grandy should read Thomas BARTER. Christina Kettle
CAMP Sept. 11, 1877, marriage of Joseph "Cain?" to Jane Lee, should read Joseph Camp to Jane Lee. Joseph Camp, 1844-1828, was my great-grandfather. Barbara Holmes
James Layton This may have been transcribed incorrectly. This is, I believe, my great grandfather James Taylor who married Rosanna Burton on the 6th of Sept 1881. Herbert A. Hill

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