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South Coast ~ McAlpine's 1898 Directory of NL

Ramea East District - Rencontre

Representing the Burgeo and La Poile District. Population of District 6 471. Chief Town Channel Pop. 1 024

The information was transcribed by BILL CRANT ~ October 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

ALFORD Geo fisherman
ALFORD Jas fisherman
ALFORD Thos fisherman
BUFFETT Benj fisherman
BUFFETT John Wm fisherman
BALL Abram (Abram) fisherman
BALL John (John) fisherman
BALL Geo (John) fisherman
BALL Wm sr fisherman
BALL Geo (Reuben genl dealer
BEAUCHAMP Elizabeth wid Henry
CHAPMAN John fisherman
CHILDS Joseph fisherman
CHILDS Jos fisherman
CHILDS Geo fisherman
CLOTHIER Geo fisherman
CLOTHIER Wm fisherman
COURTNEY Abram fisherman
COURTNEY Chas sr fisherman
COURTNEY Chas (Isaac) fisherman
CHAPMAN Geo fisherman
CHAPMAN Jas fisherman
CLOTHIER Richard fisherman
CLOTHIER Geo (Wm) fisherman
DURNFORD Geo (Wm) fisherman
DURNFORD Geo (Thos) fisherman
DURNFORD John R S fisherman
DURNFORD John fisherman
DURNFORD Edward fisherman
DURNFORD Jas fisherman
DURNFORD Geo sr fisherman
DURNFORD Matthew R fisherman
DURNFORD Thos fisherman
DeGRUCHY Philip fisherman
DeGRUCHY Geo fisherman
DURNFORD Geo Wm fisherman
EARLE Jos fisherman
FORD Chas fisherman
FORD Jeremiah fisherman
FORD Elias fisherman
FORD Enos fisherman
JAMES Jos fisherman
LeFOCE Thos fisherman
MARKS Joseph fisherman
MARKS John fisherman
OXFORD Richard fisherman
OXFORD Samuel fisherman
PETER John fisherman
PETER John fisherman
PEDDLE John fisherman
SPENCER Jas fisherman
SPENCER Elizabeth wid Matthew
SPENCER John (Matthew) fisherman
SPENCER John Sr fisherman
WEBB Wm sr general dealer
WEBB Wm (Wm) lobster packer
WEBB Matthew fisherman
WORMOLD Jas fisherman

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Ramea East District