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1935 Census

South Coast Region ~ Ramea East District

Section from Cul de Sac East(exc) to Fox Is. Hr.(inc). District of Fortune Bay, Burgeo-LaPoile
Microfilm Reel # M-8049, Vol 7 & 8, Pages 428-430
Age is age at last birthday. Column Headings: Surname, Given Name(s), REL=Relationship to head of household, G=Gender, STA=Status of person (M=Married, S=Single, W=Widow, or Widower). ?=unreadable. Where handwriting is difficult to decipher, the word will be in brackets with a question mark to indicate that that's what it looks like. Place of birth, when readable, will be noted only when it is other than Nfld.

Transcribed by RON ST. CROIX, May 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be errors.

BOWLES Wilson Head M W 63
BOWLES Eliol Son M M 25
BOWLES Alice Grand Dau F S 3
BOWLES Maxwell Grand Son M S 8mos
WARREN George E. Head M M 39
WARREN Susanna Wife F M 31
WARREN John Father M W 75
BOWLES Nathan G. BIL M S 27
BOWLES John S. Head M M 35
BOWLES Bertha Wife F M 28
BOWLES Mildred Dau F S 6
BOWLES Frank Head M W 39
BOWLES Dorcas Dau F S 16
BOWLES Alice Dau F S 13
BOWLES Eric Son M S 9
BOWLES Wilbur Son M S 7
BOWLES James Head M W 59
BOWLES Victor Son M S 17
BOWLES Annie Violet Dau F S 15
BOWLES Rosanne Dau F S 13
BOWLES Marie Pearl Dau F S 11
BOWLES John Thomas Head M M 29
BOWLES Charity Wife F M 23
BOWLES Louisa Dau F S 4
BOWLES Susie May Dau F S 2
BOWLES Frank Wilfred Head M M 22
BOWLES Mary Ann Wife F M 21
BOWLES George Head M W 55
BOWLES Elizabeth Dau F S 16
McDONALD Norman Head M M 29
McDONALD Amelia Wife F M 27
McDONALD Leslie Son M S 9mos
PAYNE Hubert Adopt Son M S 11
YOUNG James Head M M 65
YOUNG Sarah Ellen Wife F M 54
YOUNG James William Son M S 26
YOUNG Charles Son M S 25
YOUNG Myra Dau F S 18
TIMBURY Susanna SIL F S 47
WARREN George Francis Head M M 42
WARREN Mary Wife F M 34
WARREN Sarah Jane Dau F S 14
WARREN Elizabeth Frances Dau F S 12
BOWLES Henry (Jr.) Head M M 46
BOWLES May Wife F M 48
BOWLES John Henry Son M S 13
EVIS Elizabeth Step Dau F S 26
EVIS William Step Son M S 18
EVIS Russell Step Son M S 6
EVIS John Robert Head M M 25
EVIS Susanna Wife F M 19
EVIS Anna May Dau F S 1mo
BOWLES Henry Head M M 61
BOWLES Ruth Wife F M 59
HAYMAN Ella May Niece in Law F S 14
VARDY Barzillai Head M M 35
VARDY Elizabeth Julia Wife F M 29
VARDY Martha Jane Dau F S 9
BOWLES Edward Head M M 50
BOWLES Harriet Wife F M 31
BOWLES Elizabeth Anna Dau F S 14
BOWLES Hartley Son M S 12
BOWLES John William Son M S 10
BOWLES Cecil Son M S 8
BOWLES Alma May Dau F S 5
BOWLES Lucy Olive Dau F S 1
Transcriber's Note: Coppett has since been abandoned to Burgeo and Ramea.

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