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1935 Census

South Coast Region ~ Ramea East District

New Harbour

Section from Cul de Sac East(exc) to Fox Is. Hr.(inc). District of Fortune Bay, Burgeo-LaPoile
Microfilm Reel # M-8049, Vol 7 & 8, Pages 397-403
Age is age at last birthday. Column Headings: Surname, Given Name(s), REL=Relationship to head of household, G=Gender, STA=Status of person (M=Married, S=Single, W=Widow, or Widower). ?=unreadable. Where handwriting is difficult to decipher, the word will be in brackets with a question mark to indicate that that's what it looks like. Place of birth, when readable, will be noted only when it is other than Nfld.

Transcribed by RON ST. CROIX, March 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be errors.

SKINNER Snook Head M M 54
SKINNER Maud Wife F M 45
SKINNER James William Son M S 22
SKINNER Henry Snook Son M S 21
SKINNER Harold Gordon Son M S 18
SKINNER Annie Dau F S 16
SKINNER Matthew Son M S 12
SKINNER John Leonard Son M S 9
SKINNER Ruby Dau F S 6

PROSSER Philip Head M W 41
PROSSER emily Dau F S 15
PROSSER Ella Dau F S 9
PROSSER Cora Dau F S 5

PROSSER Samuel Head M M 55
PROSSER Lily Wife F M 53
PROSSER Nicholas Wallace Son M S 23
PROSSER Frank Henry Son M S 21
PROSSER Samuel Son M S 18
PROSSER John Philip Son M S 15
PROSSER Bernard Hill Son M S 12

PROSSER Enoch Head M M 29
PROSSER Leah Wife F M 16

JAMES John Joseph Head M M 35
JAMES Emily Wife F M 28
JAMES Arthur Gordon Son M S 6
JAMES Hazel Dau F S 4
JAMES Edgar Trickett Son M S 2
JAMES Emily Mother F W 75

SPENCER Stephen Head M M 45
SPENCER Effie Wife F M 45
SPENCER Jennie Dau F S 20
SPENCER Clayton Son M S 12
SPENCER Chesley Son M S 9
DURNFORD Henry Adop Son M S 16

SIMMS George Nicholas Head M M 40
SIMMS Elizabeth Jane Wife F M 33
SIMMS George Nicholas Son M S 16
SIMMS Phyllis Dau F S 13
SIMMS Reginald Son M S 9
SIMMS Stanley Son M S 6

PRIDDLE Job Head M M 65
PRIDDLE Thane Wife F M 64

PRIDDLE Robert Head M M 37
PRIDDLE Hannah Jane Wife F M 33
SKINNER Hiram Nephew-in-Law M S 4
SAVOURY George Head M M 44
SAVOURY Sabina Wife F M 44
PROSSER Peter T. Lodger M S 21
HARDY Elizabeth Adop Dau F S 16

JANES Mark (Sr.) Head M M 50
JANES Mary Wife F M 49

JANES Mark (Jr.) Head M M 25
JANES Catherine Wife F M 21

SIMMS Robert Head M M 45
SIMMS Thane Wife F M 37
SIMMS Olive Dau F S 19
SIMMS Peter John Son M S 17
SIMMS Lawrence Son M S 15
SIMMS Harvey Son M S 12
SIMMS Ernest Son M S 10
SIMMS Lena Dau F S 4

DURNFORD Abram Head M M 47
DURNFORD Norah Wife F M 44
DURNFORD Rita Dau F S 18

DURNFORD Ambrose Head M M 24
DURNFORD Annie Wife F M 23

LaFOSSE Ezekiel Head M M 35
LaFOSSE Elizabeth Wife F M 33
LaFOSSE Freeman Nephew M S 12

HANSFORD James Head M M 41
HANSFORD Augusta Wife F M 41
HANSFORD Sarah Louisa Dau F S 11
HANSFORD John Hubert Son M S 7

LaFOSSE John Head M M 76
LaFOSSE Sarah Louisa Wife F M 60

LaFOSSE George Head M M 30
LaFOSSE Ellen Lily Wife F M 28
LaFOSSE John William Son M S 8
LaFOSSE Charles Robert Son M S 5
LaFOSSE Ralph Cyril Son M S 4
PARSONS Wilson Uncle M S 58

SIMMS William Head M M 37
SIMMS Mary Wife F M 33
SIMMS John William Son M S 12
SIMMS Edwin Son M S 9
SIMMS Harry Son M S 7
SIMMS Mark Son M S 2
SIMMS John Father M W 76

SAVOURY Andrew Head M M 47
SAVOURY Elizabeth Wife F M 46

PROSSER Charlie Head M M 26
PROSSER Julia Wife F M 21
PROSSER Margaret Dau F S 4mos

JANES Job Head M M 63
JANES Susy Wife F M 57

SIMMS James Head M M 48
SIMMS Elizabeth Wife F M 39
SIMMS Susie Evelyn Dau F S 19
SIMMS George Robert Son M S 18
SIMMS James Emanuel Son M S 15
SIMMS Thane Dau F S 12
SIMMS Job Priddle Son M S 9
SIMMS Melita Dau F S 6
SIMMS Theodore Son M S 4

GREEN Thomas Head M M 36
GREEN Martha Wife F M 29
GREEN Edgar Son M S 9
GREEN Ada Dau F S 8
GREEN Roy Son M S 5

ROBERTS Wilson Head M W 56
ROBERTS William Nephew M S 26

ROBERTS John Head M M 29
ROBERTS Amelia Wife F M 23
ROBERTS Mary Gladys Dau F S 3

THORNE William Head M M 48
THORNE Jane Wife F M 44
THORNE Nathan Son M S 13
THORNE Benjamin Son M S 9
THORNE Evelyn Dau F S 6
THORNE Leonard Son M S 3
THORNE Esther Mother F W 72

PARSONS Mary Head F W 36
PARSONS Henry Son M S 19
PARSONS Hartley Son M S 17
PARSONS Ronald Son M S 11
PARSONS Heber Son M S 10

PARSONS Theodore Head M M 57
PARSONS Rachel Jane Wife F M 54
PARSONS Beatrice Dau F S 24
PARSONS Theodore Son M S 20
PARSONS Roy Son M S 14

PARSONS John Head M M 27
PARSONS Gladys Wife F M 21
PARSONS Theodore Rex Son M S 7mos\

PETERS Benjamin Head M M 52
PETERS Lucy Wife F M 49

PETERS Victor Head M M 23
PETERS Violet Wife F M 21
JANES James FIL M W 54

WEBB Benjamin Head M M 52
WEBB Esther Emily Wife F M 49
WEBB Annie Dau F S 10
BALL Mary Elizabeth Domestic F S 21
PARSONS William Head M M 51
PARSONS Christiana Wife F M 52
PARSONS May Dau F S 16
PARSONS Eva Dau F S 12
DURNFORD George Head M M 28
DURNFORD Martha Jane Wife F M 25
DURNFORD William Matthew

Roland Son M S 3weeks

MARKS James Head M M 65
MARKS Mary Wife F M 55

MARKS John Head M M 31
MARKS Catherine Florence Wife F M 25
MARKS Frank Son M S 2

MARKS William Head M M 27
MARKS Minnie Wife F M 26
MARKS Lucy Dau F S 6
MARKS Nathan Richard Son M S 4
MARKS Janet Dau F S 1

BALL Thomas Head M W 81
BALL Abraham Son M M 46
BALL Sarah DIL F M 38
BALL Thomas Grandson M S 23
BALL Jane Granddau F S 19
BALL Martha Granddau F S 15
BALL George Grandson M S 9

DURNFORD Matthew Reid Head M M 60
DURNFORD Emily Wife F M 60
DURNFORD Alan Son M S 21

DURNFORD Abram James Head M M 31
DURNFORD Susanna Wife F M 22
DURNFORD Pearl Dau F S 4

PROSSER Arthur Enoch Head M M 46
PROSSER Ethel Wife F M 40
PROSSER Arthur Charles Son M S 17

PROSSER James Head M M 52
PROSSER Caroline Wife F M 47
PROSSER George Son M S 26
HARRIS George Head M M 43
HARRIS Rebecca Wife F M 41
HARRIS George William Son M S 16
HARRIS Frederick Son M S 14
HARRIS Peter Son M S 12
HARRIS Alice Frances Dau F S 9
HARRIS Eric Son M S 6
HARRIS Cecil Son M S 2
THORNE Albert Wm Son M S 16

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