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Burgeo Mission Marriages Part 2 (1879 - 1891)

Status - STA; B - bachelor; S - single; W - widow

The records were transcribed by MARLENE COMPANION, BARB MCGRATH & BILL CRANT, November 1999. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors. Note: This file is large and may take a moment to download.

Parish records were lost from 1870 - 1879 when Rev. Cunningham was shipwrecked.
Apr 16 1879 DICKS Meshach, fisherman
B Lower Burgeo John Cunningham

INGRAM Susanna
S Lower BurgeoHenry Parsons and Ann Keeping
May 12 1879 PORTER James , fisherman
B Lower Burgeo John Cunningham

S Lower BurgeoHenry Madore and Martha Harris
Aug 6 1879 HANN William fisherman
B Lower Burgeo John Cunningham

HARRIS Susanna
S Lower BurgeoRobert Porter and John Green
Sept 11 1879 LeCOUTEUR Philip Albert, marnier25 BUpper Burgeo John Cunningham

WILLS Mary Emily 20 S Upper BurgeoJohn Jordan
Sept 18 1879 DOMINOThomas, fisherman24 BDeer Island John Cunningham

FOOT Elizabeth 22 S Red IslandRobert Foot and John Jordan
Sept 21 1879 SCOTT Peter, fisherman51 B Ramea John Cunningham

MacDONALD Catherine 45 S RameaJohn Jordan and Edward Dicks
Oct 2 1879 GREEN William, fisherman52 W Lower BurgeoJohn Cunningham

BRAGG Charlotte 40 W Lower BurgeoBenjamin Green and John Norcott
Oct 30 1879 GREEN Benjamin, fisherman26 BBurgeoJohn Cunningham

INGRAM Edith 20 S BurgeoJohn Crew and Caroline Harris
May 9 1880 MATTHEWS George, fisherman24 BBurgeoW.A. Haynes

WARREN Hannah 24 S BurgeoJ. Small, Jr and Christopher Matthews
Aug 12 1880 DICKS Christopher, fisherman42 W BurgeoJohn Cunningham

NORCOTT Susanna 28 W BurgeoGeorge Hunt and Henry Dicks
Jan 8 1879 COLLEY Louis, Skipper
B Lower BurgeoJohn Cunningham

FORWARD Hannah Matilda
S Lower BurgeoJoseph Small and Susie Thos. Small
Mar 27 1879 INGRAM James, fisherman
B Lower BurgeoJohn Cunningham

S Lower BurgeoJames Porter and Susanna Stickland
Sept 22 1880 JAMES Edward, fisherman
BLower Burgeo John Cunningham

S Lower Burgeo Edward Dicks and Abraham Stickland
Sept 30 1880PROSSER Jabez, fisherman34 W Lower Burgeo John Cunningham

AVIS Elizabeth 24 S Lower Burgeo James Caines and Joseph Matthews
Sept 24 1879 VATCHER James, fisherman24 BBurgeo John Cunningham

TAYLOR Elizabeth 21 S Burgeo John Vatcher and Richard Taylor
Sept 28 1879 ANDERSON Joseph, fisherman24 BUpper Burgeo John Cunningham

BILLARD Frances 22 S Upper Burgeo William Dicks and Selina Anderson
Sept 28 1879 WILCOX James, fisherman23 BUpper Burgeo John Cunninham

ANDERSON Jane 23 S Upper Burgeo George K. White and Robert Andrews
Sept 30 1879 MATTHEWS William Henry, fisherman 25 BLower Burgeo John Cunningham

JAMES Mary Ann 25 S Lower Burgeo George Matthews and Deborah Vatcher
Sept 19 1881 WARRENJames, fisherman25BFox IslandW.A. Haynes

WARREN Susan 15 S Fox IslandJames Bunter and George Bowles
Sept 19 1881 WARREN Henry, fisherman25 BFox IslandW.A. Haynes

BOWLES Susanna 21 S Coppett James Bunter and James Young
Oct 28 1881 DICKS William, fisherman28 BUpper Burgeo John Cunningham

NEIL Emma Jane22 S Upper Burgeo Elizabeth Ann Ford and Selina Anderson
Nov 23 1881 DICKS Henry 25 BBurgeo John Cunningham

VATCHER Deborah 21 S Burgeo John Vatcher and Deborah Caines
Oct 29 1880 INGRAM Blanford George, fisherman26 BHunt's Island John Cunningham

HUNT Mary Jane 26 W Hunt's Island George Green and Caroline James
Oct 4 1880 YOUNG James, fisherman21 BLittle River W.A. Haynes

LUSHMAN Mary 25 W Little River Charles Meade and Thomas Lushman
Sept 9 1880 BAGG Hugh, fisherman
BBay de VieuxJohn Cunningham

S Little River John Bowles and Francis Clarke
Sept 9 1880 BOWLES John
B Coppett John Cunningham

BAGG Hannah
W Bay de Vieux Hugh Bagg and Frances Clarke
Sept 13 1880 MacDONALD Ezekiel
B Fox Island John Cunningham

WARREN Mary Jane
S Fox Island James Bunter and James Warren
Sept 9 1880 CLARKE Francis
W Fox Island John Cunningham

BAGG Elizabeth
W Bay de Vieux John Bowles and Hugh Bragg
Sept 13 1880 EVIS Robert
B Ramea John Cunningham

JANES Louisa
S Ramea Peter Scott and Mary Ann Matthews
Sept 13 1880 CREW John, fisherman23 BHunt's Island W.A. Haynes

HARRIS Caroline 19 S Hunt's Island Chs A deQuitteville and John Greene
Jan 8 1881 BREENJohn Joseph, labourer24BBurgeo John Cunningham

CLOTHIER Bridget 21 S Burgeo John Jordan and Catherine Anderson
Jan 11 1881 PORTER Thomas, fisherman44 W Burgeo John Cunningham

CARROL Matilda 39 W Burgeo James Porter and Abraham Stickland
June 2 1881 ANDREWS Robert, Teacher26 BUpper Burgeo John Cunningham

BOWDRIDGE Isabella 23 S Upper Burgeo George Hunt and Joseph King
June 8 1881 KELLAND Albert, Constable32 W Burgeo John Cunningham

BABCOCK Rebecca 29 S St. John's Edward Dicks and Edward Cunningham
Aug 13 1881 BEAUCHAMP Henry Ph, Marnier25 BLower Burgeo John Cunningham

SPENSERElizabeth 22 S Rencontre Philip Machon and Mary Ann Stewart
Sept 11 1881 BARTER James, fisherman23 BCape La Hune W.A. Haynes

PINK Mary Ann 19 S Cape La Hune George Kinslow and Rebecca Buffett
Nov 29 1881 VATCHER John, fisherman25BBurgeo John Cunningham

DOMINEY Ruth 20 S Burgeo Edward Dicks and John Matthews
Feb 1 1882 HANN John, fisherman22 BBurgeo John Cunningham

PARSONS Hannah 22 S Burgeo John Henderson and William Henderson
Apr 9 1882 CASWELL William, clerk23 BLower Burgeo John Cunningham

HATCHER Elizabeth 18S Burgeo Joseph Dicks and George Samways
Aug 2 1882 COLBERT Edward, fisherman25 BUpper Burgeo John Cunningham

FORD Elizabeth Ann 21 S Upper Burgeo James Hewitt and Joshua Meade
Sept 11 1882 GREEN William 23 BBurgeo John Cunningham

STREET Elizabeth Ann 22 S Burgeo George Matthews and Elizabeth Jane Green
Sept 13, 1882NORCOTT Henry, fisherman24 BBurgeo John Cunningham

PARSONS Charity 25 S Burgeo Thomas Norcott and Emma Norcott
Sept 19 1882 CUTLER John
B Fox IslandJohn Cunningham

YOUNG Mary Ann
S Bay de Vieux James Bunter and William Cole
Sept 5 1882 WALTERS Hugh
B Fox Roost John Cunningham

S Ramea George Rossiter and George McDonald
Sept 11 1881 BARTER Hugh, fisherman21 BCape La Hune W.A. Haynes

KEEPING Mary24 S Cape La Hune Matthew Spencer and John Pink
Sept 15 1881 STRICKLAND Abraham, fisherman25 BBurgeo John Cunningham

STICKLAND Susanna 19 S Burgeo Robert Stickland and Martha Ann Harris
Sept 15 1881 LUSHMAN James, fisherman24 BLittle River W.A. Haynes

ROSE Ann 17 S Little River Frank Clark and Edward Warren
Sept 15 1881 LUSHMAN Francis 24 BDog Cove W.A. Haynes

WARREN Mary Ann 22 S Dog Cove Thomas Lushman and Thomas Rose
Dec 19 1883VATCHER Joseph, fisherman24BBurgeoJohn Cunningham

TAYLOR Dinah 23 S BurgeoStephen Henry Vatcher and Robert Taylor
Dec 19 1883 ANDERSON John, fisherman23 BBurgeoJohn Cunningham

VATCHER Elizabeth 19 S BurgeoJemima Vatcher and Ellen Vatcher
Jan 16 1884 EREAUT Phillip Geo, Skipper34 BBurgeoJohn Cunningham

LeROUX Sarah Jane 18 S BurgeoMatthew Street and J.Small, Jr.
Sept 2 1884 BOWDRIDGE Jonathan, fisherman28 BUpper BurgeoJohn Cunningham

ANDERSON Susanna Harvey 27S Upper BurgeoGeorge Bowdridge and Augustus Chevalier
Sept 14 1882 WARREN Henry
B Fox IslandJohn Cunningham

ROSE Elizabeth Louisa
S Little RiverMrs. Thomas Rose and Ann Lushman
Sept 14 1882 YOUNG William
B Little RiverJohn Cunningham

S Little RiverMrs. Thomas Rose and Ann Lushman
Sept 19 1882 INGRAM James, fisherman22 BHunt's Island W.A. Haynes

GREEN Alice 19 S Hunt's Island John Norcott and Thomas Green
Sept 25 1882 COSSARThomas, fisherman25 BRed Island John Cunningham

SCOTT Eliza 18 S Red Island Samuel Cossar and Elizabeth Cossar
Oct 30 1882 BENOIT Francis, Cooper47 W Grandy's Brook John Cunningham

RICHARDS Susanna 36 W Burgeo John Jordan and M.A. Cunningham
Nov 23 1882 MATTHEWS Hugh, fisherman24 BBurgeo John Cunningham

CAINES Deborah 22 S Burgeo James Matthews and John Matthews
June 30 1883 KENDAL Timothy
W Ramea John Cunningham

W Ramea John Payne and John Janes
July 15 1883 COLLIER Charles, fisherman28 BBurgeo John Cunningham

DOMINY Charlotte 19 S Burgeo J. Small, Jr and Jane Hann
Oct 14 1884 PINELWalter, storekeeper29BBurgeo John Cunningham

DICKS Alice 22 S Burgeo Fred Somerton and Carrie Hibbert
Oct 28 1884 MATTHEWS Joseph Benjamin, fisherman27 BBurgeo John Cunningham

MATTHEWS Susanna 22 S Burgeo John Collier and Harriett Matthews
Sept 3 1883 HATCHER William, fisherman26 W Burgeo John Cunningham

DOMINY Susanna 24 W Burgeo Andrew Parsons and Timothy Morris
Sept 3 1883 KEEPING John, fisherman21 BRamea John Cunningham

KENDALL Ann 20 S Ramea Andrew Parsons and Thomas James Scott
Sept 5 1883 HAYNES William Aguila, clerk in holy orders31 BBelleoram John Cunningham

SMALL Susan Thomas 20 S Burgeo J. Small, Jr and Selina Haynes
Sept 13 1883 BOWLES George
B Coppett John Cunninham

S Fox Island James Bunter and Francis Bowles
Sept 4 1884 MEADE George, fisherman20BFox Roost John Cunningham

PAYNE Sarah Jane 18 S Ramea Benjamin Walters and Thomas W. Janes
Sept 4 1884 MacDONALD George, fisherman23 BRamea John Cunningham

PAYNE Elizabeth Ann 23 S Ramea H.W. Cunningham and Thomas W. Janes
Sept 8 1884 GREENJohn, fisherman27 BMuddy Hole (Connoire)John Cunningham

HARRIS Martha Ann 20 S Hunt's Island Chs M deQuittville and Robert Stickland
Sept 10 1884 MacDONALD John, fisherman22 BCul de Sac (Cape)John Cunningham

BUCKLAND Sarah Jane 19 S Burgeo George Buckland and James MacDonald
Sept 17 1884 MacDONALD Ezekiel
W Fox Island John Cunningham

S Fox Island James Bunter and George Cutler
Sept 15 1884 STICKLAND James, fisherman23 BHunt's Island John Cunningham

SIMMS Ann 22 S Hunt's Island George Emgram and Benjamin Simms
Nov 12 1884 HUETJames, fisherman
B Upper BurgeoJohn Cunningham

HUNT Florence
S Upper BurgeoSelina Anderson and Jemima Vatcher
Aug 16 1885 YOUNG Francis
B Little River John Cunningham

S Little River Francis Lushman and Thomas Lushman
Sept 17 1885 ROSSITER Peter 27 BRamea John Cunningham

DOMINY Caroline 29 W Burgeo Thomas Ingram and J. Small, Jr
Sept 17 1885 CASWELL Henry Albert, Marnier23 BBurgeo John Cunningham

DICKS Susanna 22 S Burgeo Walter B. Pinel and Alice Pinel
Sept 21 1885 SIMMS John, fisherman
B Hunts IslandJohn Cunningham

INGRAM Susanna
S Hunt's Island no witness's given
Oct 10, 1885SPENCER Charles Wm., fisherman25 BLower Burgeo John Cunningham

RABBITSEdith 17 S Lower Burgeo Matthew Spencer and J.C. Cunningham
Aug 28 1886 CREW William Thos, fisherman23BSeal IslandsJohn Cunningham

ROSE Tryphena 25 S Seal IslandsWilliam Crew and Hannah Crew
Oct 25 1886 ROSE John, Fisherman23 S Lower Burgeo John Cunningham

ANDERSON Joanna 22 S Lower Burgeo Ph Machon and M.A. Stewart
Oct 27 1886 INGRAM George, fisherman37 W Burgeo John Cunningham

GREEN Rachel 23 S Burgeo Robert Porter and John Green
Nov 15 1886 BUNGAY John, fisherman24 BLower Burgeo John Cunningham

WARREN Isabella 28 S Lower Burgeo John C. Cunningham and James Hare
Nov 19 1884 MATTHEWS George, fisherman23 BBurgeo John Cunningham

GREEN Elizabeth Jane 23 S Burgeo Christopher Matthews and Joshua Meade
May 11 1884BATTISTEEmmanuel22BChannelT.P. Quinton

ANDERSON Hester C17S Channelno witness's given
May 06 1884OSMOND James Philip25BChannelT.P. Quinton

FORD Martha J23S Channelno witness's given
Aug 15, 1884LAWRENCERobert28BIsle au MorteT.P. Quinton

ROBINSONLouisa 20S Deep Coveno witness's given
Jun 21 1884YOUNG William24BCodroyT.P. Quinton

ANTLEJohana22S Codroyno witness's given
Jun 22 1884YOUDONThomas21BCodroyT.P. Quinton

YOUNG Elizabeth20S Codroyno witness's given
Nov 19 1884 PARSONS William, fisherman25 BBurgeo John Cunningham

MATTHEWS Harriett 19 S Burgeo James Matthews and Manuel Vatcher
Nov 05 1885SOMERTONFrederick, Teacher23BBurgeoJohn Cunningham

HIBBERT Caroline Augusta25S BurgeoCharles Taylor and William Hare
Dec 03 1885COLLIERJohn, fisherman24BBurgeoJohn Cunningham

VATCHER Jemima20S BurgeoStephen Henry Vatcher and George Collier
Mar 06 1886VARDYWilliam, fisherman28BBoone BayJohn Cunningham

WARRENAnn 24S BurgeoWilliam J Hamilton and Wilson Skinner
Jul 16 1886WARRENJohn, 23BLittle RiverH.W. Cunningham

YOUNG Mary Ann17S Little RiverGeorge Bowles and Frank Bowles
Nov 28 1886 BUFFETTWilliam, Skipper45W BurgeoJohn Cunningham

MATTHEWS Mary Ann, Teacher37 S Ramea Joseph Small, Jr and G. Keppel White
Dec 5 1886 COLLIER George, Marnier44 BBurgeoJohn Cunningham

ANDERSON Martha Jane 40 S Upper Burgeo G. Keppel White and Ellen C. Vatcher
Dec 9 1886 DICKS Henry, Master Marnier29 W Burgeo John Cunningham

VATCHER Ellen Charlotte 19 S Burgeo Stephen H. Vatcher and Richard W. Taylor
Dec 16 1886 DICKS Christopher, fisherman25 BLower Burgeo John Cunningham

KENDALL Jane 21 S Ramea Christopher Thos Matthews and Alice Hann
Dec 28 1886 PIKE Samuel 24 BBurgeo H.W. Cunningham

BUFFETT Harriett 22 S Burgeo John Anderson and John Buffett
Jan 05 1887VATCHER Manuel, fisherman25BBurgeoJohn Cunningham

HARE Rebecca 21S BurgeoJoseph Vatcher and Stephen Henry Vatcher
Jul 04 1887ANDERSON Robert, fisherman29BLower BurgeoJohn Cunningham

MEADE Mary Ann23S Lower BurgeoWilliam Hann and M.A. Cunningham
Sep 06 1887KEEPING Martin, fisherman23BRameaJohn Cunningham

KENDALElizabeth18S RameaL. Forward and John H. Dixon
Sep 06 1887CREW James Robert
BDeer IslandJohn Cunningham

DOMINY Alice Marie
S Deer IslandJames Dominy and William Crew
Sep 18 1887INGRAM George, fisherman27BBurgeoJohn Cunningham

INGRAM Sarah18S BurgeoJas Ingram and Jas Wills
Sep 18 1887KEEPING Isaac, fisherman21BRameaJohn Cunningham

McDONALD Fanny 19S RameaJ. Small, Jr and Hannah Payne
Oct 09 1887ANDERSON Edward, fisherman28BSand BanksH.W. Cunningham

BENOIT Elizabeth22S Sand BanksGeorge Dicks and William Anderson
Nov 14, 1887MATTHEWS William, fisherman23BBurgeoH.W. Cunningham

CREW Hannah26S BurgeoWilliam Crew and Laura Matthews
Jan 5 1887 MEADE George, fisherman28BBurgeo John Cunningham

ANDERSON Keziah 24 S Burgeo Joshua Meade and Mary Ann Anderson
Dec 12 1887 PAYNE Charles, Clerk27 BBurgeo H.W. Cunningham

DICKS Isabella 20 S Burgeo James P Moulton and Minnie Wills
Dec 15 1887 WARREN Edward William, fisherman25 BFox Island H.W. Cunningham

WARREN Elizabeth 18 S Fox Island John Cutler and John Hayman
Dec 22 1887 CAINES George, Marnier23 BBurgeo Not entered

VATCHER Harriett Susanna21 S Burgeo Harriett Caines and Clara Matthews
Apr 5 1888 LUSHMAN Frank 29 BLittle River H.W. Cunningham

MEADE Elizabeth Ann 21 S Little River Robert Dominy and Frank Young
Aug 08 1887HATCHER Israel, fisherman27 BBurgeo H.W. Cunningham

RICHARDS Isabella 19 S Burgeo James Hare and Rosanna Buckland
Aug 22 1887 MYLES Abraham 22 BBurgeo H.W. Cunningham

INGRAM Dinah 20 S Burgeo Andrew Parsons and William Ingram
Oct 11 1888EAVISCharles, fisherman23BRameaH.W. Cunninghan

SCOTT Caroline 19 S RameaJohn Payne and Hannah Anderson
Oct 16 1888 ANDERSON John 37 BBurgeo H.W. Cunningham

STEWART Margaret 28 S Burgeo Charles Harris and Mary A Stewart
Nov 15 1887 ROSSITER George, fisherman24 BDeer Island H.W. Cunningham

PINK Ruth 21 S Deer Island William Crew and Amelia Rossiter
Nov 21 1887 McAVOY Frank, Tinsmith24 BFranceway H.W. Cunningham

DOLIMOUNTEdith 16 S Franceway Peter Tibbo and Evaline Guy
Nov 27 1887 EDOIREFrancis, blacksmith21 BBurgeo John Cunningham

RHYMES Mary Selina 23 S Burgeo George Kinslow and Mary Ann Vatcher
Dec 1 1887 FOOT Robert, Marnier25 BRed Island Not entered

VATCHER Martha Ann 23 S Burgeo Stephen H. Vatcher and Laura Matthews
June 9 1888 STRICKLAND George, fisherman22BLower BurgeoJohn Cunningham

CRANT Martha 22 S Lower BurgeoThomas Crant and William Stickland
June 15 1888 BENOIT Frank, Cooper20 BGrandy's Brook John Cunningham

BENOIT Mary Ann 23 S White Bear Bay John Matthews and John Benoit
Sept 13 1888 STICKLAND Robert, fisherman23 BHunt's Island H.W. Cunningham

HATCHER Mary Ann 19 S Hunt's Island James Ingram and Andrew Hann
Sept 19 1888 YOUNG Ephraim, fisherman24 BLittle River H.W. Cunningham

LUSHMAN Bridget 20 S Little River Robert Dominy and Frank Young
Sept 21 1888 HUICKSWilliam, fisherman46 W Fox Island H.W. Cunningham

MacDONALD Susan 47 W Fox Island S. Parsons and J. Bunter
Oct 03 1888ANDERSON James 25 BRamea H.W. Cunningham

PAYNE Hannah 20 S Ramea John Payne and Minnie Wills
Nov 20 1888 COSSER Samuel, fisherman28BRed IslandH.W. Cunningham

ROSSITER Elizabeth 20 S Ramea George Kinslow and Phoebe Rossiter
Jan 9 1889 TAYLOR Robert, fisherman23 BBurgeo H.W. Cunningham

HANN Alice 19 S Burgeo James Hann and Martha Hare
May 16 1889 STICKLAND Thomas, fisherman41 W Hunt's Island H.W. Cunningham

PORTER Edith 28 W Hunt's Island James Ingram and Abram Stickland
May 21 1889LUSHMAN Francis, fisherman30 W Little River H.W. Cunningham

WARREN Fanny, servant24 S Little River Robert Dominy and Ephriam Young
Sept 5 1889 WARREN Thomas William, fisherman 27 W Cape La Hune H.W. Cunningham

BARTER Ann 30 S Cape La Hune George Keeping and Mary Ann Vatcher
Oct 17 1889 WHITE John, fisherman28 BGreenspond H.W. Cunningham

BILLARD Esther 25 S Burgeo George Kinslow and Mary Ann Vatcher
Oct 31 1889 ANDERSON Thomas, fisherman47W BurgeoH.W. Cunningham

COLE Mary Ann, servant24 S BurgeoJohn Matthews and Thomas Gunnery
Nov 7 1889 CARROL Abraham, Seaman25 BBurgeoH.W. Cunningham

PORTER Mary Ann, servant23 S BurgeoSamuel Hann and Robert Hatcher
Jan 2 1890 FILLEUL Phillip Thomas, Clerk37 BBurgeoH.W. Cunningham

ANDERSON Jessie 27 S Burgeo G. Keppel White and Augusta S. White
Jan 2 1890 BUFFETT William, Marnier28 BBurgeo H.W. Cunnningham

MATTHEWS Clara 20 S Burgeo William Dicks and Annie Matthews
Oct 17 1888 CLARKE Francis, fisherman40 W Fox Island H.W. Cunningham

BOWLES Ruth 43 W Burgeo G. Keppel White and John Carrol
Dec 20 1888 VATCHER Stephen Henry, Marnier25 BBurgeo H.W. Cunningham

AYRE Elizabeth Ann 22 S Burgeo James Hare and Laura Matthews
Sept 24 1890 FOOTE William, fisherman26BRed IslandH.W. Cunningham

MATTHEWS Laura 20 S Burgeo John Matthews and Annie Matthews
Sept 25 1890 STICKLAND William 23 BBurgeo (Hunts)H.W. Cunningham

HATCHER Mary Ann 20 S Burgeo (Hunts)Fred Somerton and John Hatcher
Sept 23 1889 ROSE George, fisherman30 BLittle River H.W. Cunningham

YOUNG Elizabeth Ann 21 S Little River Charles Meade and Ephraim Young
Sept 25 1889 MacDONALD John Henry, fisherman23 BFox Island H.W. Cunningham

CLARKE Mary Jane 18 S Fox Island Samuel Hayman and James Bunter
Sept 25 1889 HAYMAN John, fisherman23 BFox Island H.W. Cunningham

COLE Edith Jane 16 S Fox Island Samuel Hayman and James Bunter
Oct 11 1889 HATCHER James, fisherman23 BRamea H.W. Cunningham

HAYMAN Mary Jane, Servant19 S Ramea John Payne and Mary Jane Hatcher
Dec 13 1889 CUTLER John, Marnier27W Ramea H.W. Cunningham

KENDAL Sarah 21 S Ramea Elizabeth Ann Kendal and Alice Maria Payne
Jan 7 1890 KEEPING Abram, Skipper25BBurgeo H.W. Cunningham

BUFFETT Rebecca 23 S Burgeo Joseph Small and Edith Buffett
Sept 10 1890 PINK Stephen, fisherman26 BCape La Hune John Cunningham

TAYLOR Florence 18 S Lower BurgeoJ. Small, JP and Jane E. Hann
Sept 11 1890 NEWMAN Henry, fisherman24 BRose Blanche H.W. Cunningham

CREW Caroline 29 W Burgeo Ernest Moore and Robert Harris
Sept 22 1890 ALLEN James, fisherman25 BPortugal Cove H.W. Cunningham

STREET Ellen 24S Burgeo (Hunts)Samuel Hann and Robert Porter
Sept 8 1890 MORRIS Ambrose 31W St. Jacques H.W. Cunningham

CLUETT Elia Maria30 S Ramea Alexander Payne and Alice Payne
Oct 2 1890 McDONALD Edward, fisherman21BFox Island H.W. Cunningham

HAYMAN Hannah Frances 17 S Fox Island John Cutler and Benjamin Hayman
Oct 18 1890 LeROUX John Samuel, fisherman18BLower Burgeo John Cunningham

ANDERSON Susanna 20 S Lower Burgeo Albert Kelland and Susanna Keeping
Nov 6 1890 TURPINCharles, Laborer41 W Burgeo H.W. Cunningham

PAYNE Sarah 25 W Burgeo Andrew Parsons and Frank Crant
Nov 24 1890 ROSE John Joseph, Skipper22 BLittle Bay, Fortune B H.W. Cunningham

STEWART Mary Ann 25 S Burgeo James Harris and Levi Rose
Dec 06 1890FOOTE John, Marnier23 BBelloram H.W. Cunnngham

GORE Elizabeth 21 S Lower Burgeo Benjamin Billard and Maria Vatcher
Dec 31, 1890REMON Joseph Thomas, Marnier29 BBurgeo H.W. Cunningham

SWIFT Sarah, Servant28 S Burgeo Joseph Vatcher and Gertrude Buffett
June 16 1891 CLEMENTJohn Henry, Agent for Renouf, Clement & Co33BBurgeo H.W. Cunningham

WELLS Wilhelmina, School Mistress23 S BurgeoJohn Cunningham and Emma White
June 19 1891 WHITE George Keppel, Operator A. American40 W Burgeo John Cunningham

CLUETT Helena 32 S Belloram John Colback and Jessie Ash
Aug 4 1891 MEADE Meshech, fisherman24 BBurgeoJohn Cunningham

ANDERSON Mary Ann 22 S Burgeo Joseph Ingram and Robert Knott
Sept 10 1891 CUTLER William, fisherman37 W Fox Island George H. Field

HATCHER Isabella 26 S Ramea William Carrol and unable to decipher
Sept 29 1890 FORWARD John Benjamin, Lobster packer23 BBurgeo H.W. Cunningham

GREEN Mary Alice, servant21 S BurgeoJohn Colback and Frederick Dicks
Oct 19 1890 NICOLLE Alfred Clement, Cooper26 BBurgeo H.W. Cunningham

COOMBS Louisa 17 S LaPoile Philip Pinel and Virgina Guy
Sept 10 1891 FUDGE David, fisherman24BRameaGeo H. Field

HAYMAN Sarah Ann 20 S Fox Island Thomas Morris and Rosana Fudge
Sept 17 1891 ANDERSON Thomas, fisherman30 BOtter's Point Geo. H. Field

S Otter's Point James Miles and Jane Guy
Sept 21 1891 ALLEN George, fisherman26 BPortugal Cove Geo. H. Field

SCOTT Harriet Ann 19 S Red Island Frederick Somerton and Annie Matthews
Oct 1 1891 BENOIT Peter, fisherman23 BBurgeo Geo. H. Field

BUCKLAND Rosanna 21 S Burgeo John Collier and Rachel Hare
Oct 12 1891 HANN Samuel, fisherman25 BOur Harbour Geo. H. Field

HARRIS Elizabeth 20 S Our Harbour Robert Harris and Jane Porter
Dec 1 1891 MATTHEWS George, Skipper30 W Burgeo Geo. H. Field

STRICKLAND Sarah 24 S Burgeo James Matthews and John Pinel
Dec 2 1891 MATTHEWS Henry, Seaman25BBurgeo Geo. H. Field

KEEPING Annie 24 S Deer Island Charles Matthews and Annie Matthews
Dec 16 1891 HARE William Alfred, Skipper25 BBurgeo Geo H. Field

DOMINEY Susanna 25 S White Bear Bay John Pinel and Martha Hare
Jan 8 1891 TOUZEL Francis, Marnier29 BBurgeoH.W. Cunningham

LeROUX Harriet Elizabeth 20 S Burgeo John Colback and Mary Ann Vatcher
Jan 07 1891MOULTON James Palmer, Captain26 BBurgeoH.W. Cunningham

FORWARD Harriett Ann 21 S Burgeo Ward Forward and Jane Grant
Jan 13 1891 TAYLOR Richard W, Marnier29 BBurgeo H.W. Cunningham

HANN Jane Elizabeth 26 S Burgeo Annie Matthews and Gertrude Buffett
Apr 23 1891 CRANT Thomas, fisherman23 BBurgeo H.W. Cunningham

STICKLAND Martha 26 S Burgeo George Stickland and Jane Crant

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