NLGenWeb 1904 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - E

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by LORETTA BARBER from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible there could be errors.

EADIE William Draper h 121 Quidi Vidi Road
EALES James Boilermaker (Reid Nfld. Co.) h 21 Angel Place
EAGEN C.P. Clerk (T.J. Edens) h Theatre Hill
EAGAN James Laborer h 10 Codner's Lane
EAGAN John Baker bds 3 Stephen
EAGEN John Currier (McCaffrey & Johnson) bds Duckworth
EAGAN John Laborer 14 Alexander
EAGAN John sr. Pilot h 98 Duckworth
EAGAN John Seaman h 25 Cookstown
EAGAN John jr. Tanner (McCaffrey & Johnson) bds 98 Duckworth
EAGAN J.G. St. Patrick's Hall Queen's Road
EAGEN John T. Baker 32 Water h 32 Water
EAGEN Patrick Laborer h 19 James
EGAN P.M. Instructor bds Mount Cashel Torbay Road
EAGAN William Seaman h 25 Cookstown
EARLES Arthur Fisherman h Battery Road Chain Rock
EARLE Arthur Goldsmith and Engraver h 61 Military Road
EARLE  A.E. Jeweller (T.J. Duley) h Military Road
EARLE Benjamin Ship Carpenter h South side e
EARLE Bridget wid George h 23 Holloway
EARLE Chesley Draper Clerk (Geo. Knowling) bds 61 Military Rd
EARLES Edward Laborer h Battery Road
EARLE Edward Stevedore bds 23 Holloway
EARLE Frederick Ship Carpenter h South side e
EARLE George Seaman h 137 Cabot
EARLES George Laborer h Battery Road
EARLES George Laborer h 20 1/2 York
EARLES James Fisherman bds Battery Road Chain Rock
EARLE John Baker h 4 Allan
EARL John Fisherman h Lower Battery Road
EARL John Fisherman bds Lower Battery Road
EARLES Joseph Fisherman 32 1/2 Lime
EARLES Mark Fisherman h Battery Road Chain Rock
EARLE Mary wid Richard h 34 Wickford
EARLE Richard Laborer bds 23 Hololway
EARL Nathan Fisherman bds Lower Battery Road
EARLE Patrick Laborer bds 20 Holloway
EARLE Robert Fisherman h Battery Road Chain Rock
EARL Samuel Fisherman bds Lower Battery Road
EARLES Solomon Fisherman h 5 Cabot
EARLE Solomon Boulder h Beaumont
EARLES William Laborer h Battery Road
EARLE William Laborer bds 23 Holloway
EARLES William Teamster h 75 McFarlane's
EARLEY James Seaman h 82 Carter's Hill
EARLEY Thomas Fisherman h 179 Pleasant
EASTERBROOK A.J. Clerk (Hon. Geo. Knowling)  
Eastern Fire Station 50 Duckworth  
EBBS Catherine wid Thos h 35 William
EBBS Edward Teamster h 2 1/2 William
EBBS John Cabman h 4 Flemming
EBBS Thomas Farmer h Torbay Road
EBSARY Albert Carpenter h South side e
EBSARY Albert Cooper bds Mundy Pond Road
EBSARY Alan Cooper h Mundy Pond Road
EBSARY Allan Plumber (Gas Works) h South side e
EBSARY Arthur Clerk (Baird Gordon & Co.) h South side
EBSERY A.P. Foreman (Baine Johnston) h South side
EBSERY Edward Cooper h South side e
EBSERY James Seaman h South side e
EBSARY John Cooper h South side
EBSARY Newman Engineer h South side
EBSARY Samuel Clerk (Steer Bros.) South side
EBSARY Samuel Laborer h South side e
EBSARY Stephen Cooper h South side e
EBSARY Walter Grocer (Steer Bros.) South side
EBSARY William Cooper bds Mundy Pond Road
EBSARY William Laborer h South side e
EDDY Charles Clerk (Bishop & Monroe) h 8 Murray
EDDY Reuben Teamster h 27 Plymouth Road
EDENS Thomas J. Grocery and Provisions Merchant 151 Duckworth East; Branch; corner Monkstown and Military Rd h 39 Queen's Rd
EDGAR Elizabeth wid John h 70 Carter's Hill
EDGAR Mrs. Haviland Milliner 369 Water  
EDGAR Joseph Draper h 24 Victoria
EDGAR S. Clerk (S. Milley)  
EDGAR Walter J. Accountant Gas Co. bds 70 Carter's Hill
EDGECOMB Albert Cooper h 11 Hamilton
EDGECOMBE Frederick Packer (Bowring Bros.) h 22 Spencer
EDGECOMBE George Seaman h 36 Cabot
EDGECOMBE Reuben Carpenter h 15 Young
EDNEY John T. Bricklayer h 15 William
EDNEY Samuel Stone Mason h 18 William
EDNEY William Bricklayer bds 15 William
EDSTROM Elizabeth wid James Huxter Shop 183 New Gower h 183 New Gower
EDSTROM Emily Clerk (E.M. Jackman) bds 183 New Gower
EDSTROM Peter Plumber h 116 Bond
EDSTROM Thomas Seaman bds 183 New Gower
EDSTROM William Laborer bds 183 New Gower
EDWARD Andrew Carpenter h 43 Job
EDWARD James Blacksmith h 9 Mullock
EDWARDS James Cutter Royal Stores Clothing Factory  
EDWARDS Joseph Painter h 43 Job
EDWARDS Lena Employee Clothing Factory bds 43 Job
EDWARDS Patrick Shoemaker (B. & S. Factory h 43 Job
EDWARDS Robert Cutter bds 181 Gower
EDWARDS Thomas Liquors 12 Queen's h 12 Queen's
EFFORD John Carpenter h South side e
EFFORD Thomas Laborer Floating Dock h South side
EFFORD William Laborer h South side e
ELENAKETH Hobbs wid William h 75 Long's Hill
ELLICOCK Mary Ann wid Thomas h 10 Pope
ELLIOTT John Seaman h 38 Goodview
ELLIOTT Mary wid James h 82 Bond
ELLIOTT Samuel Mason 21 Walsh Square Signal Hill Road
ELIOTT Stanley Draper bds 238 Gower
ELLIOTT Sydney Draper Ayres & Sons Ltd.  
ELLIS Miss Annie Dressmaker (A. Mitchell) New Gower
ELLIS Bessie Nurse General Hospital  
ELLIS Charles Bookkeeper (Chaplin) h 12 Brazil
ELLIS Charles Engineer bds Circular Road
ELLIS Charles E. Clerk (Mark Chaplin)  
ELLIS C.A. Engineer Floating Dock h 37 Patrick
ELLIS Edward Assistant Supt. Gas Works Brazil's Square
ELLIS Edwin Plumber and Gas Fitter (Gas Works) h 11 Brazil
ELLIS G.W. Supt Gas Works h 1 Water w
ELLIS Henry Hardware Agent McBride's Hill h 20 Holloway
ELLIS James Engineer h Leslie
ELLIS John Contractor h 20 New Gower
ELLIS John Laborer h 84 McFarlane's
ELLIS John Watchman Dry Dock  
ELLIS Joseph Mason h 46 Brazil
ELLIS Joseph Shopkeeper h 265 Water
ELLIS Samuel Gardener The Lodge Bannerman  
ELLIS William Contractor 21 Adelaide h New Gower
ELLIS William Cutter (B.& S. Fcty)  bds 1 Leslie
ELLIS William Grocer h 117 Gower
ELLIS William J. Contractor and Builder 21 Adalaide h 162 New Gower
ELLISON Robert Waiter (Reid Nfld. Co.) h 9 Field
ELNER John Laborer h 180 Beaumont
ELWARD James Fisherman h 21 Job
ELYWARD Ellen wid John Grocer 20 1/2 Pleasant h 20 1/2 Pleasant
EMBERLEY James Fisherman bds 32 Brazil
EMBERLEY James Joiner h 60 Bannerman
EMBERLEY Jane wid Patrick h 32 Brazil
EMBERLEY Maria Tailoress (H. Vasey)  
EMBERLEY Morris Cutter (B.&S. Fcty) h 48 Wickford
EMBERLEY Phillip Trunk Maker h 60 Bannerman
EMBERLEY Sarah Tailoress (h. Vasey)  
EMBERLEY Stephen Brewer h 60 Bannerman
EMBERLEY Stephen Clerk Aerated Water Wks bds 60 Bannerman
EMERSON Charles Barrister Law Chambers Duckworth h Winter Avenue
EMERSON Hon. George H. Judge h 65 Rennie's Mill Road
EMERSON Mary Ann wid Edgbert h 3 Duckworth
EMPIRE HOUSE Mrs. George Snow Prop. 112 Duckworth  
EMPIRE Book and Novelty Company J. MacArdle Manager 353 Water  
ENGLAND Charles Laborer h 20 Bloncody
ENGLAND Charles Stone Cutter h 67 Lime
ENGLAND C. George Coachman h 22 Field
ENGLAND George Coachman (Sir Robert Thorburn) bds Field
ENGLAND James Painter 40 Colonial
ENGLAND John Blacksmith h 45 Long's Hill
ENGLAND J. George Gardener h 22 Field
ENGLAND Kenneth Cook h 22 Field
ENGLAND Thomas Trader h 236 New Gower
ENGLAND Walter Clerk (P. Wright & Son) h 22 Field
ENGLAND William Shoemaker h 68 Long's Hill
ENGLAND W Joseph Printer h 22 Field
ENGLISH Allan Boilermaker h 12 1/2 Hamilton
ENGLISH Miss Annie Prop. Terra Nova Hand Laundry bds 75 King's Road East End
ENGLISH Bridget wid Richard h 75 King's Road
ENGLISH Edward Laborer h 15 Flower Hill
ENGLISH Elizabeth wid James h 4 Balsam
ENGLISH Miss E. Clerk (F.B. Wood's) bds 365 Duckworth
ENGLISH James Tallyman h 79 King's Road
ENGLISH Jemima Restaurant 23 Adelaide h 363 Duckworth
ENGLISH Joseph Caretaker Dept Building h 50 Long's Hill
ENGLISH Joseph Clerk bds 50 Long's Hill
ENGLISH Joseph Janitor Dept Building Duckworth  
ENGLISH Margaret widow John h 57 Bannerman
ENGLISH Mary Clerk (Byrne's Book Store) bds 50 Long's Hill
ENGLISH Mary Clerk bds 75 King's Road
ENGLISH Mary Tailoress bds 4 Balsam
ENGLISH Michael Sailmaker h Brazil's Field
ENGLISH Miss M. Clerk (Garrett & Byrne)  
ENGLISH Richard Laborer h 1 William
ENGLISH Richard J. Clerk 75 King's Road
ENGLISH Thomas Baker h 53 Signal Hill Road
ENGLISH William Clerk (T.J. Edens) h 22 Hayward Ave
ENGLISH William Printer (Free Press) h 24 Boncloddy
ENGLISH William Storekeeper (T.J. Edens)  
ENGLISH William Watchmaker 17 1/2 Adelaide h Freshwater Road
ENGLISH William J. Foreman (Free Press) h 21 Boncloddy
ENGLISH Laborer Merry Meeting Road
ENNIS Miss Julia Dressmaker h 179 New Gower
ENNIS J.S. Instructor bds Mount Cashel Torbay Road
ENNIS Mary wid h 24 Henry
ERICK STEAMSHIP CO. LTD Water Job Brothers Agents  
ESCOLL Albert Emp (B.&S. Co.) h 67 Harris
ESCOT Albert Shoemaker h 76 McFarlane's
ESCOTT George Clerk h 21 Hamilton
ESCOTT John Shoemaker h 106 Casey
ESCOTT Maggie Dressmaker bds 21 Hamilton
ESCOT Mary Ann wid James h 3 Gilbert
ESCOT Phillip Laborer bds 3 Gilbert
ESCOTT William Laborer h 3 Lime Kiln Lane
ESCOTT William Laborer h 3 Flower Hill
ESMOND Johanna wid Michael h 17 Hayward Ave
ETCHCOMBE Frederick Porter (Bowring Bros. Ltd.)  
EVANS Bart Blacksmith (S.G. Collier) h 96 New Gower
EVANS Bart Wheelwright (S.G. Collier) bds 96 New Gower
EVANS Miss C. Clerk (Geo. Knowling)  
EVANS Felix of Evan Forsythe 12 New Gower h 29 Scott
EVANS & FORSYTHE Felix Evans Edward Forsythe Harness Saddlery 12 New Gower  
EVANS George Cooper bds 30 Barter's Hill
EVANS George C. Shoemaker (James H. Evans) bds LeMarchant
EVANS Henry Sailmaker h 214 Water
EVANS Henry Shoemaker bds 214 Water
EVANS Herbert Painter bds 5 Parade
EVANS James H. Boot and Shoe manf. h 133 LeMarchant Road
EVANS Jarus Fisherman h 5 Parade
EVANS Jethro Laborer h 83 1/2 Casey
EVANS John Brewer h 93 Monkstown Road
EVANS John Carpenter h 35 LeMarchant
EVANS John Carpenter h 30 Barter's Hill
EVANS John Laborer h 37 Cookstown
EVANS John Laborer bds 8 Sebastian
EVANS John J. Brewer (Benet Brewing Co. Ltd.) h 260 Water
EVANS John J. Printer and Publisher 34 Prescott h 34 Prescott
EVANS Joseph Messenger (A. Rendell) h 96 New Gower
EVANS Julia wid Thomas h 28 Brazil
EVANS Mary wid Wm h 43 Mullock
EVANS Mary wid William h 19 Hayward Ave
EVANS Michael Emp Bennett Brewery Co. h 49 Angel Place
EVANS Nathan Carpenter h 81 Lime
EVANS Patrick Laborer h 31 Field
EVANS Patrick Shoemaker (Parker Monroe) bds 214 Water
EVANS Robert Tinsmith h 5 Parade
EVANS Silas Laborer bds 28 Casey
EVANS Solomon Laborer h 28 Casey
EVANS SON LESCHER WEBB of Liverpool Water J.B. Mitchell Agent  
EVANS Thomas Carpenter h 15 Pope
EVANS Thomas Carpenter h 29 Scott
EVANS William Blacksmith bds 96 New Gower
EVANS William Blacksmith (B??kers) h 62 New Gower
EVANS William Brewer h 126 Hamilton
EVANS William Fisherman h 27 Scott
EVANS William Laborer bds 5 Parade
EVANS William Laborer 19 Hayward Ave
EVANS William Clerk (S. Woods) h 32 Spencer
EVANS William R. Clerk (J.H. Evans) bds 133 LeMarchant Road
EVANS Miss Winnie Milliner (Hy. Blair)  
EVELLY Isaac J. Mail Clerk h 20 Atlantic Ave
EVENING HERALD OFFICE J.E. Furneaux Prop. R.T. McGrath Editor: Mr. Kent Business Manager Prescott
EVENING TELEGRAM W.J. Herder Manager 15 1/2 Water  
EVERETT Peter Painter h 76 Cabot
EVOY Andrew Laborer h 7 Goodview
EVOY Michael Laborer h 44 Cuddihy
EWING Alexander Supt. Gen. Post Office h 150 Pleasant
EWING Alexander Clerk-in-charge of Post Office  
EWING A.J. Mason bds 43 Duckworth
EWING John Free Press Office h 10 Cook
EWING Thomas Sanitary Inspector h 43 Duckworth
EWING William H. Taxidermist h 61 Pleasant
EXPRESS CO. NFLD City Ticket Office R.G. Reid Manager 234 Water  

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