NLGenWeb 1904 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - L

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by LORETTA BARBER from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible there could be errors.

LACEY Alexander messenger  Duff's Bds 2 1/2 Brine
LACEY Catherine   h 70 Barnes' Road
LACEY James cooper h 2 1/2 Brine
LACEY John J shoemaker Smallwood's bds 2 1/2 Brine
LACEY Martin laborer h 123 Circular Road
LAIRD Helen J poplar House 29 Monktown Road
LAIRNEY James emp.  N.B. & S. Co. bds 82 Plank Road
LAKE John carpenter  Kennedy Brothers h 26 Livingstone
LAKE Mary wid. Solomon h 26 Livingstone
LAMB Daniel emp.  Reid Nfld. Co. bds 37 Angle Place
LAMB James clerk  R. Callahan  
LAMB John T jeweller  135 Water St h 82 Bond
LAMB Margaret wid. William h 37 Angel Place
LAMB Nathaniel laborer h 8 Cabot
LAMB Patrick joiner h 10 Colonial
LAMB Thomas cooper  Kelly's h 8 Cabot
LAMB Walter dentist  174 Water h 174 Water
LAMBERT George truckman h 13 Boncloddy
LAMBERT John motorman h 38 Hamilton
LAMBERT John seaman 9 Burns Place
LAMBERT Luke fisherman h 22 Carew
LAMBERTON William stone fitter bds 140 Gower
LAMPEN Emma wid. John bds 66 Patrick
LAMPEN William conductor Reid Nfld. Co h 66 Patrick
LANDY Annie wid. Edward h 3 Plank Road
LANDY Edward tailor h 16 Walsh Square Signal Hill Road
LANE Daniel fisherman h 34 Goodview
LANE Michael laborer h 34 Goodview
LANE Michael messenger  Parker & Monroe  
LANE William D. seaman h 43 Long's Hill
LANG Charles emp.  B & S Fcty Co h 3 James
LANG Elizabeth emp - B & S Co bds Cookstown Road
LANG George laborer h 16 Spencer
LANGTON Michael clerk bds 105 Hamilton
LANGTON Roland J electrician Power House h Quidi Vidi Road
LANGMEAD Frances fisherman h 5 Barnes' Place
LANGMEAD George watchmaker and jeweller 294 Water h 294 Water
LANGMEAD Mary A wid George bds 294 Water
LANGMEAD William painter h 10 Bond
LANNIGAN John cooper h 24 Buchanan
LANNIGAN John warfinger  Bowring Bros. h South side
LANNIGAN Joseph cooper  Bowring Bros h South side
LANNIGAN William cooper  Bowring Bros h South side
LANNON Garrett seaman bds 24 Tessier Place
LANON Patrick laborer h 24 Tessier Place
LARACY James crockeryware 326 Water h 326 Water
LARACY Patrick dry Goods 342 Water bds 326 Water
LARIFILL Alice wid. Thomas h 14 Bell
LARKIN Mrs Ellen   h 4 Power
LARKIN John cooper  Band's Cooperage h 21 Larkin's Square
LARKIN John W collector  Municipal) h 13 Boggan
LASH Maggie wid John h 38 Hayward Ave
LASH Mortimer J prop. Railway Hotel 303 Water  
LASH William H Gen Freight Agent  Reid Nfld Co h Devonia 14 Rennie's Mill Road
LAUNDRY Edward clerk  Royal Stores  
LAURIE Robert draper h 41 Monkstown Road
LAURIE William land surveyor bds 41 Monkstown Road
Law Union & Crown Insurance Co of London Ayre & Sons Ltd. agents 233 Water  
LAWLOR Anna wid Leonard h 78 Ducksworth
LAWLOR Edward policeman h 6 Field
LAWLOR James cabman bds 1 Boggan
LAWLOR James truckman bds 78 Ducksworth
LAWLOR Michael carpeter h 2 Allan
LAWLOR M. clerk  Knowling  
LAWRENCE Alexander fish dealer h 104 Pleasant
LAWRENCE Bros. Carriage Builders 139 Gower  
LAWRENCE Edwin upholsterer bds 33 Hayward Ave
LAWRENCE James accountant h 109 Gower
LAWRENCE James of Lawrence Bros. h 35 Hayward Ave
LAWRENCE John board and lodging h 15 Adelaide
LAWRENCE Robert seaman h 68 Bannerman
LAWRENCE Thomas of Lawrence Bros. h 33 Hayward Ave
LAWRENCE Thomas emp.  Harvey Tobacco Fcty bds 140 Gower
LAWRENCE Watson stone cutter bds 15 Adelaide
LAWRENCE William coachman Hon E. Bowering h 11 Forest rd
LAWRENCE William wheelwright bds 33 Hayward Ave
LAWSON James tailor  Clothing Factory bds 197 New Gower
LAWSON Stephen laborer h 197 New Gower
LAY Annie typewriter F W Finlay bds 85 Pleasant
LAY Bertha typewriter  Steer Bros bds 85 Pleasant
LAY Lottie school teacher bds 85 Pleasant
LAY Richard bookkeeper  Reid Nfld.Co. bds 85 Pleasant
LAY Samuel foreman  B & S Co. h 85 Pleasant
LEAHEY James tailor  R. Johnston h 32 Colonial
LEAMON John stationer Water h 11 Monkstown Road
LEAMON John of Dicks & Co h Gower
LEAREMAN James printer   Bowden & Co. bds 11 Queen's
LEARNING Absalom tallyman h 63 Gower
LEARNING Alfonso hairdresser 54 New Gower h 54 New Gower
LEARNING James laborer 4 1/2 William
LEARY Francis pilot h 39 and 41 York
LEARY Francis laborer h 202 Pleasant
LEARY James seaman bds 3 Barron
LEARY John laborer h 3 Barron
LEARY John planter h 309 Water w
LEARY John engineer h 3 Dunford
LEAREY John machinist  Reid Nfld. Fdy. bds 3 Dunford
LEARY Margaret wid James bds 1 King's Road
LEARY Martin cooper bds 53 McFarlane's
LEARY Miss Mary   h 9 Plymouth
LEARY Michael laborer h 8 Fleming
LEARY Patrick seaman bds 3 Barron
LEARY Richard laborer h 9 Plymonth Road
LEARY Thomas laborer h 53 McFarlane's
LEARY Thomas blacksmith h 13 Waldegrave
LECE Johanna wid Thomas bds 26 Monkstown Road
LeDREW Mrs A. boarding 140 Gower  
LeDREW John contractor h 24 Prescott
LeDREW Jonas carpenter h 9 1/2 Cabot
LeDREW Joseph laborer h 57 Lime
LeDREW Robert laborer  Reid Nfld. Fdy  
LEDSTROM Nathaniel engineer  Job Bros. h 35 Young
LEA C.D. clerk - Bank of Montreal bd Queen's Road
LEE Elizabeth wid John h 61 r Bannerman
LEE George machinist h 23 Stephen
LEE Henry fisherman h 16 Flemming
LEE Margaret wid. Goerge h 17 Prince's
LEE Thomas laborer h 25 Barter's Hill
LEE Wah laundry 238 New Gower h 238 New Gower
Le GROW John packer h 56 Spencer
LEHR Dr A.B. dentist 203 Water h 203 Water
LEIGHTON H. R & Co. Brokers Etc. gazette Building Water
LEITH Uriah cooper  N. Cousens h 6 Convent Square
Le MARQUAND George sea capt. 15 Hamilton
LeMESSURIER A. accountant  W. & G. Rendell h 207 Springdale
LeMESSURIER A. landing Waiter  H.M.C.  
LeMESSURIER Alex clerk h 20 Cochrane
LeMESSURIER Archibald clerk  W.& G. Rendell bds 207 New Gower
LeMESSURIER Arthur draper h 22 Holloway
LeMESSURIER Arthur J grocery manager  Ayre & Sons Ltd.  
LeMESSURIER Edwin M. accountant  A. Goodridge & Sons  
LeMESSURIER George   bds 157 Gower
LeMESSURIER George W chief clerk and accountant  G.P.O.  
LeMESSURIER Henry manufacturers' agent h 77 Bond
LeMESSURIER Herbert cashier  A. Goodridge & S. h 11 Hamilton
LeMESSURIER Hugh accountant  Bowring Bros River side  
LeMESSURIER H. W. art collector  H.M.C. Riverside  
LeMESSURIER John H. foreman  Bowring's h 63 Prescott
LeMESSURIER P. clerk  Knowling's no residence given
LeMESSURIER P. Frederick draper  Ayre & Sons h 207 N Gower
LENCH Rev Charles Methodist h 117 Hamilton
LEO Miss Lizzie   bds 61 Military Road
LEONARD Frank laborer bds 37 Casey
LEONARD John carpenter h 72 McFarlane's
LEONARD Patrick fisherman h 37 Casey
LEONARD Patrick grocer 74 Lime h 74 Lime
LESEMAN Mrs. H. J.   h 224 Duckworth
LESEMAN James paper roller  Bowden & Co. bds 224 Duckworth
LeSHANA William carpenter h 68 Carter's Hill
LeSHANA William laborer h 39 Flower Hill
LESTER Charles contractor h 49 Hamilton
LeSUEUR Percy student bds 74 Cochrane
LeSUEUR Peter music teacher bds 74 Cochrane
LETHBRIDGE Simon seaman h 32 Lime
LEVERMAN Charles A. cabinet maker h 55 Queen's Road
LEWIS Charles engineer h 14 Dicks'
LEWIS Charles boiler Maker h 18 Carew
LEWIS Edward laborer bds 18 Carew
LEWIS E.B. pilot h 30 Signal Hill Road
LEWIS Elijah laborer h Battery Road
LEWIS E. clerk  H.M.C. h 70 Duckworth
LEWIS ----------  (sic) blacksmith h 8 George
LEWIS Fred pilot h 34 Cochrane
LEWIS George pilot bds 70 Duckworth
LEWIS Henry blacksmith h 17 Freshwater
LEWIS John laborer bds 18 Carew
LEWIS John laborer  Job Bros. South Side
LEWIS John machinist  Reid Nfld. Fdy  
LEWIS Moses fisherman h 17 Field
LEWIS Silas fisherman h South side
LEWIS William pilot h 23 York
LEWIS William pilot bds 70 Duckworth
LIDDY W. H. drug clerk  T. Kavanagh  
LIDSTON Edward laborer bds 50 George
LIDSTON John laborer h 36 Wickford
LIDSTONE John fisherman h 50 George
LIDSTONE Nathaniel engineer h 35 Young
LIDSTONE William laborer h 19 Mullock
LightHouse Department  H. M. C. 79 Water    
LILLY Augustus N. carpenter bds 3 British Square
LILLY Frank D. barrister Law Chambers Duckworth h Circular Road
LILLY George A. lumber surveyor h 3 British Square
LILLY Henry joiner bds 3 British Square
LILY Thomas seaman bds 38 Belvidere
LINDBURG Brewing Co. Ltd. Signal Road    
LINDBURG John manager Lindburg Brewery Ltd. h Water
LINDBERG John J. accountant 389 Water
LINDBURG John jeweller  Castle Lindburg h Signal Hill Rd
LINDSAY Alexander steward h 40 Goodview
LINDSAY Archibald accountant h Circular Road
LINDSAY Eugene accountant  Bishop & Munroe h 12 Cathedral
LINDSAY George clerk Marshall Bros.  
LINDSAY George R prop.  Park Cash Store h 237 Water w
LINDSAY Miss J. dressmaker  Knowling  
LINDSTROM Augustus optician and jeweller 334 Water h Mundy Pond Road
LINDSTROM Harry jeweller  A. Lindstrom bds Mundy Pond Rd
LINDSTROME Henry laborer h 8 Duggan
LINDSTROM John watchmaker  A.. Lindstrom bds Mundy Pond rd
LINEGAR Michael cooper h 228 Gower
LINNIGER Mrs. wid. Luke h 20 Queen's Road
LINEGAR Thomas farmer  T. Walsh h Black Head Road
LINEGAR Thomas laborer h 63 Cookstown
LINEGAR William F. cooper h 26 Brine
LINKLATER Thomas Shipping Master h 154 Gower
LISBURN Ellen wid. Joseph h 9 Job
Little Girls' Kindergarden Bond (betweeen Colonial and King's Road) Miss Hele principal  
LITTLEJOHNS Williams teamster h 49 LeMarchant Road
LIVER Lucy nurse  General Hospital  
LLOYD George B. clerk  G.P.O. h 226 Gower
LLOYD Glyn clerk  G. Neal h 226 Theatre Hill
LLOYD James laborer bds 1 Stanley Place off King's Rd
LLOYD W. F. physician h 23 Forest Road
LOADER Joseph carpenter bds 24 Forest Road
LOCK Arch truckman bds 33 Flower Hill
LOCK Charles truckman h 166 Pleasant
LOCK Charles carman  Morey & Co. h Pleasant
LOCK David   h 32 Flower Hill
LOCKE George laborer h Merry Meeting Road
LOCK Henry   h 147 Pleasant
LOCK Jane wid John bds 120 Pleasant
LOCKYER John clerk  Bishop and Munroe h 3 Allan
LODGE Ezra Supt. Methodist School h 166 Gower
LODGR Harold bookeeper  G.L. Marsh  
The London House Miss J. W. Muir prop. 307 Water  
LONG Alan surveyor h Mundy Pond Road
LONG Edmund fireman bds 36 Flower Hill
LONG Edward packer  Bowring's h 13 Cookstown
LONG E. drug clerk  A.S. Parkins h 86 Duckworth
LONG George teamster  Bowring Bros. h 6 Convent Square
LONG James carpenter  Cordage Co. h Flower Hill
LONG Joseph carpenter h 36 Flower Hill
LONG Margaret emp.  B. & S. Co. bds 18 Cookstown Road
LONG Patrick laborer h 69 Plank Road
LONG Robert clerk  Geo Knowling bds 86 Duckworth
LONG Stuart grocer  Steer Bros Mundy Pond Road  
LONG Thomas Dep Minister of Agriculture h 48 Prescott
LONG Wilford clerk  Wm. Frew bds Mundy Pond Road
LONG William storekeeper  R. Thorburn h 86 Duckworth
LONG William B. seaman bds 86 Duckworth
LOONEY Timothy laborer bds Casey
LOVELACE John carpenter h 44 Gilbert
LOVETT Thomas laborer h 1 Goodview
LOWE George fisherman h 15 Flemming
LOWE Michael laborer h 53 Flower Hill
LOWE William   h 21 Barron
LOWE William truckman  Street Railway  
LUBY Andrew laborer h 6 Nunnery Hill
LUBY Jeremiah laborer bds 6 Nunnery Hill
LUBY William laborer  Bowring Bros bds 1/2 Flavin
LUCAS Frederick engineer h 95 Pleasant
LUCAS James carpenter bds 55 Cook
LUCAS John candy maker h 55 Cook
LUKINS Frederick T. foreman  Martin Bros h 12 Bell
LUMSDEN Andrew K foreman  Baird Gordon h 6 Kimberley Row
LUMSDEN Frank accountant  Bishop & Munroe bds 6 Kimberley
LUNDRIGAN James emp.  Cordage Co h Mundy Pond Road
LUNDERIGAN James laborer h 15 Bambrick
LUNDRIGAN Mary wid Peter h 61 Casey
LUNERGAN Miss Mary liquors 122 Duckworth h 122 Duckworth
LUNDRIGAN Peter tinsmith  Wm. Malcolm bds Stephen
LUNDRIGIAN Robert plumber  Gear & Co. h 275 1/2 Water w
LUNDREGIAN Sarah tailoress  W.P. Shortall bds 27 1/2 Water w
LUNG Kam laundry h 41 Cochrane
LUNSTROM John stone mason h 15 Boncloddy
LUNDSTROM Miss Lily clerk  Royal Stores  
LUNDSTROM Miss M. clerk  Knowling  
LUSCOMBE Andrew cooper h 9 British Square
LUSCOMBE David laborer h 64 Bannerman
LUSCOMBE John baker h 40 King's Road
LUSH Albert mgr Bennett's Brewery h 228 Gower
LUSH A. W. clerk  E.J. Horwood) bds 44 King's Road
LUSH Alice clerk bds 44 King's Road
LUSH Charles joiner bds 44 King's Road
LUSH James plumber bds 44 King's Road
LUSH Louisa wid. Austin h 44 King's Road
LUSH Maud clerk bds 44 King's Road
LUSH Fred painter  Carnell Car. Co bds 44 King's Road
LYNCH Mrs Bridget   h 7 Flavin
LYNCH Catherine wid.Thomas h 141 King's Road
LYNCH Francis fireman h 14 Prospect
LYNCH Frank lineman  Electric Dept bds Prospect
LYNCH James emp.  Parker & Monroe bds 32 Prince's
LYNCH James sea captain h 32 Prince's
LYNCH John laborer h 14 Prospect
LYNCH John lineman  Electirc Dept. bds Prospect
LYNCH Mrs Mary Ellen   h South side
LYNCH Michael draper  Slater Bros h 7 Flavin
LYNCH Patrick fireman h 18 Carew
LYNCH Thomas seaman h 30 Livingstone
LYNCH Thomas policeman h 4 Field
LYNCH Thomas   bds 32 Prince's
LYON Augustus laborer bds 1 George
LYON E. W. photographer 158 Water h Gower
LYON Henry B jeweller 1 George h 1 George
LYONS Mary wid. John h 17 James
LYON Robert watchmaker bds 1 George

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