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Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - N

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by LORETTA BARBER from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible there could be errors.

NASH Thomas J. wheelright 22 Adelaide h 15 Pleasant
National Assurance Co.of Dublin Ireland Bishop & Monroe Agents Water  
NAUGLE Frank P liquors 172 Duckworth h 172 Duckworth
NAUGLE James cooper h 211 New Gower
NAUGLE Patrick carpenter h 25 Carter's Hill
NEAL George baker h 29 William
NEAL Geo commission merchant Beck's Cove h 37 Henry
NEAL James electrician Power House bds Victoria
NEAL Jessie dressmaker bds 29 William
NEAL & Vail George NEAL W. B. Vail prop Fish Poultry and Game Market Beck's Cove  
NEAL William laborer h 41 Bambrick
NEASRY Edward clerk F.W. Bradshaw Fort Townsend
NEIL Andrew cooper h South side
NEIL Cornelius sanitary h 6 Damail's Lane
NEIL Ellen wid. Christopher h 111 New Gower
NEIL James truckman h 96 Cabot
NEIL John cooper bds South side
NEIL Nicholas fireman  
NEIL Patrick laborer h 46 Codner's Lane
NEIL Patrick cooper h 12 Dicks'
NEIL William clerk T.J. Edens Military Road
NEILSON Andrew fruit and candy store 368 2 Water h 369 2 Water
NELDER John jr barber F. Murphy bds 119 New Gower
NELDER John sr weighmaster h 119 New Gower
NELDER John storekeeper Tessier & Co.  
NELDER John barber M. Murphy bds 119 New Gower
NELDER John truckman bds 6 Brennan
NELDER Mary wid. William bds 37 John
NELDER Robert fireman h 6 Brennan
NELDER Robert laborer Reid Nfld Fdy. h George
NELDER William expressman Con. Fdy h 109 Hamilton
NELSON Peter sea captain h 38 Hayward Ave
NESTOL M.C. member Christian Bros Mount St. Francis
NECILLE Miss A. prop. Avalon Flower Store bds Waterford Bridge Road
NEVILLE John truckman bds Blackmarsh Road
NEVILLE Michael emp. B. & S. Co. h 39 Young
NEVILLE Peter farmer h. Blackmarsh
NEWBERRY Frederick seaman h 44 Carter's Hill
NEWELL Elizabeth wid. Stewart bds 37 John
NEWELL Emma wid. Isaac h 14 Nunnery Hill
NEWELL Hannah wid. Philip h 26 Prospect
NEWELL John laborer h 12 Hayward Ave
NEWELL John teamster h 17 Colonial
NEWELL Lodge shoemaker h 40 Spencer
NEWELL Richard laborer h 42 Spencer
Newett William laborer bds 14 Nunnery Hill
Newfoundland Boot and Shoe Co. Ltd. Job    
Newfoundland British Society Hall Albert H. Martin president   Bond
Newfoundland Clothing Factory M. Mayers manager   Telegram Lane
Newfoundland Consolidated Foundry Co. Ltd.   127 Hamilton
Newfoundland Furnishing Co. Lewis Blumenthal Abraham Blumenthal   366 Water
Newfoundland Furniture Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Harvey & Co.   Factory Lane
Newfoundland Sealing Co. Baird Gordon & Co. Agents   Water
Newfoundland Steam Screw Tug Co. John Green Secy   Water
Newfoundland Timber Estates Limited H. J. Crowe General Manager   407 Water
NEWHOOK John shoemaker h 100 Duckworth
NEWHOOK Jonas carpenter h 7 Cochrane
NEWMAN George clerk Ayre & Sons bds 29 Dicks
NEWMAN James carpenter h Brazil's Field
NEWMAN John F clerk G.P.O. h 10 Balsam
NEWMAN Joseph carpenter h 22 Carter's Hill
New Panther Steamship Co. A. Harvey & Co. Managers 43 Water east  
NEWPORT Thomas baker h 6 Codner's Lane
News Publishing Co. Hy. Y. Mott Manager Duckworth  
NEWTON Peter fisherman h 48 Goodview
NEYLE Patrick keeper R.N.R. Co. station bds 12 Water
NEYLE Richard W. hardware 191 Gower h 191 Gower
New York Mutual Fire Insurance Co. R. Watson Agent Commercial Chamber   197 Water
NICHOLAS James laborer h 16 Brennan
NICHOLAS Thomas joiner h 30 Mullock
NICHOL Annie machinst B & S. Co. bds 54 Gilbert
NICHOL Charles clerk G.P.O. h 53 Parade
NICHOLLS Charles sea captain h 13 Hamilton
NICHOLLS Ella clerk bds 18 1/2 York
NICHOLLE George clerk Bishop & Monroe 54 Springdale
NICHOLL George laborer Job Bros h South side
NICHOLL Henry storekeeper W. & G. Rendell h 11 Flavin
NICHOLL James boilermaker Reid Nfld. Fdy  
NICHOLLS James printer h 23 Plymouth Road
NICHOLL Lavinia machinist B. & S. Co. bds 54 Gilbert
NICHOLL Leonard carpenter bds 54 Gilbert
NICHOLL Sarah wid. Albert h 54 Gilbert
NICHOLL Thomas ship carpenter h 168 Prescott
NICHOLS J.W. F.S.A. Principal of St. John's School of Art h 1 Bee Orchis Terrace Queen's Road
NIKOLS William carpenter h 35 Gower
NICHOLLS William messenger boy bds Plymouth
NICKERSON George P. clerk Baird's bds 29 Prince's
NICKERSON Freeman sea captain h 29 Prince's
NIXON George harness maker F.J. Connors h 39 Job
NIXON Henry carpenter Job Bros h 16 Alexander
NIXON Laura clerk G. Knowling bds 39 Job
NIXON Rosina wid. Charles bds 39 Job
NIXON William teamster h 3 Barron
NOAH Kalleem Dry Goods and Jobber 322 Water h 122 New Gower
NOAH Meelin general store trader 93 New Gower h 93 New Gower
NOBLE John carpenter bds 179 LeMarchant Road
NOCKE Bartholomew laborer h 211 New Gower
NOEL Abram cooper emp W. Cooke bds 25 Prince's
NOEL Mrs. Ada Matron Signal Hill Hospital bds Hospital
NOEL Ernest boilermaker bds 77 McFarlane's
NOEL Ernest boilermaker Reid Nfld. Foundry bds Gilbert
NOEL Isaac cabinet maker Joseph Daymond bds Nunnery Hill
NOEL John laborer h 25 Prince's
NOEL John laborer Job Bros South side
NOEL John A. clerk G.P.O. bds 207 New Gower
NOEL Stanley S.S. engineer h 77 McFarlane's
NOEL Stanley engineer launch R. Nfld. Foundry h Gilbert
NOEL William surveyor Agr. and Mines bds Hamilton Ave
NOEL William land surveyor bds 207 New Gower
NOFTALL Esther wid. John bds 95 Pleasant
NOFTALL George painter bds 93 Long's Hill
NOFTALL Henry laborer G. NEAL h 33 1/2 Young
NOFTALL James fisherman h 93 Long's Hill
NOFTALL John laborer bds 34 Carter's Hill
NOFTALL John teamster h 95 Pleasant
NOFTALL Joseph painter bds 123 Gower
NOFTALL Reuben laborer h 48 1/2 George
NOFTALL Samuel messenger Week's 136 New Gower bds 136 New Gower
NOFTALL Sarah wid. William h 34 Carter's Hill
NOFTALL Thomas clerk M. A. Bastone h 97 Long's Hill
NOFTALL Thomas clerk Baston's bds 93 Long's Hill
NOFTALL William accountant M. A. Baston h 77 Flower Hill
NOFTALL William laborer h 6 Sebastian
NOFTALL William laborer h 31 Carter's Hill
NOFTALL William laborer Bowring Bros.  
NOLAN Jeremiah laborer bds 389 Waterford Bridge Road
NOLAN John teamster h Craig Mellar Farm Cockpit Road
NOLAN John laborer h 389 Waterford Bridge Road
NOLAN John laborer Reid Nfld. Co. h 27 Patrick
NOLAN Lilly packer Browning Bros bds 27 Patrick
NOLAN Mamie emp. Nfld. Shoe Factory bds 27 Patrick
NOLAN Michael moulder h 99 Hamilton
NOLAN Michael shoemaker h 2 Pleasant
NOLAN Philip laborer bds 389 Waterford Bridge Road
NOLAN Philip teamster h 389 Waterford Bridge Road
NOLAN William shoemaker Parker & Monroe bds 27 Patrick
NOONAN Arthur shipper Royal Stores h 60 Kings's Road
NOONAN Edward draper h 10 Barnes' Road
NOONAN Harry cash boy Ayre & Sons Ltd.  
NOONAN James clerk Reid Nfld. Co. h 49 Harvey Road
NOONAN John clerk Custom House h 38 Forest Road
NOOTREY Robert laborer h 22 Joy Place
NORBERG Augustus shoemaker bds 32 Pilot's Hill
NORBERG Charles purser bds 32 Pilot's Hill
NORBERG Lillian tailoress bds 32 Pilot's Hill
NORBERG Meana wid. Carl h 32 Pilot's Hill
NORCOTT Miss Eliza tailoress E. M. Jackman  
NORMAN Benjamin bookkeeper Sclater bds 13 Barter's Hill
NORMAN Elizabeth wid. Robert h 10 Prospect
NORMAN Emma wid. James bds 44 Water
NORMAN John cabman 34 Brazil
NORMAN Mary Jane wid. William h 99 1/2 New Gower
NORMAN Mary Jane tailoress Mark Chaplin bds 99 1/2 N Gower
NORMAN Thomas carpenter h 13 Barter's Hill
NORMAN Walter messenger W. Clapp bds Bond
NORRIS Arthur moulder Nfld. Fdy. bds 238 Hamilton Ave
NORRIS Miss A. clerk Garret Byron  
NORRIS James J. jr. operator bds 41 Hayward Ave
NORRIS James J. tinsmith h 41 Hayward Ave
NORRIS Johanna wid. James h 21 New Gower
NORRIS May clerk G. Byrne bds 21 New Gower
NORRIS William boilermaker h 233 Hamilton Ave
NORRIS William moulder Nfld. Fdy. h 238 Hamilton Ave
NORRIS William boilermaker Reid Nfld. Fdy. h Hamilton Ave
NORRIS William L. clerk John Cormack bds 41 Hayward Ave
NORTHCOTT Abraham net maker h Ropewalk
NORTHCOTT Abraham twine maker Cordage Co. h Mundy Pond
NORTHCOTT Mary wid. Michael h 33 Goodview
Northern Fire Insurance Co. Robert L. Mare Agent 193 Water  
NORTHFIELD Alfred jeweller h 3 King's Road
NORTHWORTHY Robt. laborer h South Side
NORTHWORTHY William sr. laborer Raine Johnston h South Side
NORTHWORTHY William jr. laborer bds South side
Norwich Union Fire Insurance Co. J. H. Monroe Agent Gazette Building Water  
NOSEWORTHY Alexander carpenter h 3-5 Murray
NOSEWORTHY Ambrose coachman h 31 Flemming
NOSEWORTHY Charles conductor Street Ry. h 18 Monroe
NOSEWORTHY Charles laborer St. Ry. h 77 New Gower
NOSEWORTHY Edward fisherman h 105 New Gower
NOSEWORTHY Elizabeth emp. Empire Factory bds 31 Flemming
NOSEWORTHY Elizabeth laundress bds 72 Brazil
NOSEWORTHY Miss E. clerk Geo. Knowling  
NOSEWORTHY Frank bookkeeper John Maunder bds 27 Colonial
NOSEWORTHY F. clerk Hon. Geo. Knowling  
NOSEWORTHY George mason h 43 Brazil
NOSEWORTHY George laborer h 228 Water
NOSEWORTHY Henry seaman h 72 Brazil
NOSEWORTHY H. machinist Martin Hardware Co.  
NOSEWORTHY James mason h 15 Parade
NOSEWORTHY Jane wid. Samuel h 37 Alexander
NOSEWORTHY John clerk Callahan & Glass bds 1 Cookstown rd
NOSEWORTHY John laborer b 25 Prospect
NOSEWORTHY John stoker Gas Works  
NOSEWORTHY John laborer Reid Nfld. Co. h 10 Hayward Ave
NOSEWORTHY Jonathan miner expert h 27 Colonial
NOSEWORTHY Joseph carpenter Callahan & Glass h 54 Cookstown
NOSEWORTHY Joshua clerk Callahan & Glass h Boncloddy
NOSEWORTHY Laura tailoress John Maunder bds 27 Colonial
NOSEWORTHY Levi laborer h 12 Pope
NOSEWORTHY Matthew conductor St. Ry.  
NOSEWORTHY Matthew shoemaker h 37 Alexander
NOSEWORTHY Matthew emp. Boot & Shoe Co. bds 37 Alexander
NOSEWORTHY Robert laborer Job Bros South side
NOSEWORTHY Samuel packer Job Bros h 6 Murray
NOSEWORTHY Stephen Sergt Police 27 Freshwater
NOSEWORTHY S. packer Royal Stores  
NOSEWORTHY S. C. clerk Bank of Montreal bds 26 Monkstown Rd
NOSEWORTHY Thomas laborer h 25 Prospect
NOSEWORTHY Thomas fisherman h 7 Carter's Hill
NOSEWORTHY Thomas motorman St. Ry. h 177 New Gower
NOSEWORTHY William storekeeper emp. Angel Fdy h. 4 Cabot
NOSEWORTHY William laborer bds 228 Water
NOSEWORTHY William laborer h 27 Holloway
NOSEWORTHY William emp. Tobacco Factory h 51 Cabot
Nova Scotia Steel & Coal Coy. Ltd. J. & W. Pitts agents r Water
NUGENT John shoemaker Nfld. B. & S. Co. h. 4 Bulley
NUGENT John policeman h 33 Job
NUGENT Richard carpenter 28 Springdale
NUGENT Thomas blacksmith bds 28 Springdale
NUNNS Joseph piano tuner bds 223 Gower
NURSE Charles & Co. plumbers 129 Gower
NURSE Charles of C. Nurse & Co. h 129 Gower
NURSE Rev. Theodor Church of England h 27 Hutchings
NURSE Thomas accountant N. S. Iron & Steel Co. h 345 Duckworth

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