NLGenWeb 1904 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - O

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by LORETTA BARBER from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible there could be errors.

OAKLEY James fisherman h 2 Prince's
OAKLEY James manager Seamen's Home 455 Duckworth h 455 Duckworth
OAKLEY Lizzie clerk C. L. March bds 355 Duckworth
O'BRIEN Augustus clerk G. Byrne  
O'BRIEN Dennis grocer 50 Hayward Ave h 8 Belvidere
O'BRIEN Dennis clerk T. J. Edens h 8 Belvidere
O'BRIEN Edward seaman h 20 Brazil
O'BRIEN Elizabeth wid. Timothy h 53 Harvey Road
O'BRIEN Ellen wid. Joseph h 21 Livingstone
O'BRIEN Ellen wid. James h 13 Holloway
O'BRIEN James Inspector Board of Health h 8 Carnell
O'BRIAN John cooper h 15 Holloway
O'BRIEN John clerk bds 117 Quidi Vidi Road
O'BRIEN John J. drug clerk J. Chamming bds 44 New Gower
O'BRIEN John J. grocer 39 New Gower h 45 Job
O'Brian Joseph laborer bds 117 Quidi Vidi Road
O'BRIEN Margaret barmaid J. J. Tobin bds 14 Colonial
O'BRIEN Maria wid. Sylvester h 14 Colonial
O'BRIEN Mrs. Mary   h 257 Water
O'BRIEN Maurice truckman bds 21 Livingstone
O'BRIEN Michael cutter Boot & Shoe Co. bds 44 Brazil
O'BRIEN Michael laborer h 117 Quidi Vidi Road
O'BRIEN Michael police constable h 17 Maxse
O'BRIEN Patrick carman T. Walsh  
O'BRIEN Patrick cooper h 134 George
O'Brian Patrick laborer bds 117 Quidi Vidi Road
O'BRIEN Pierce printer h 321 Water w
O'BRIEN Sylvester druggist T. Cavanagh h 14 Colonial
O'BRIEN Thomas engineer h 46 Bannerman
O'BRIEN Thomas prop. Seaside House Topsail  
O'BRIAN Thomas laborer bds 13 Holloway
O'BRINE Thomas carpenter h 44 New Gower
O'BRIEN Thomas J. clerk bds 46 Bannerman
O'BRIEN Mrs. Timothy grocer 23 freshwater h 23 Freshwater
O'BRIEN William jr butcher bds Brazil's Field
O'BRIEN William truckman h Brazil's Field
O'BRIEN William cabinet maker Daymond bds 21 Livingstone
O'BRIEN William tanner McLean's Tannery h 271 Water w
O'BRIEN William chief police constable h 4 Carnell
O'BRIEN William cabinet maker Daymond bds Long's Hill
O'BRINE William carpenter h 16 Gower
O'BRIEN William fisherman h 44 Colonial
Octogan Castle Hotel Fred A. Brazil prop Topsail Road  
O'CONNELL Mary wid. Edward bds 166 Pleasant
O'CONNELL Michael laborer h 45 McFarlane's
O'CONNOR William fisherman h 4 Spencer
O'DEA Eugene painter bds 16 York
O'DEA John electrician Reid Nfld. Co. h 16 York
O'DEA John V. & Co. Commission Merchant 2 Custom House Hill h 52 Le Marchant Road
O'DEA Michael farmer h Freshwater Road
O'DELL H. N. printer Gazette bds 71 Harvey Road
O'DONNELL John fireman Reid Nfld. Co. h 79 Hayward's Ave
O'DONNELL Thomas seaman h 122 George
O'DRISCOLL Eliz Mrs.   h 17 Hamilton
O'DRISCOLL Margaret   bds 30 Bannerman
O'DRISCOLL Michael accountant J.D. Ryan  
O'DRISCOLL Michael clerk h 127 Military Road
O'DRISCOLL P. C. Auctioneer and General Commission Agent 248 Water h 31 Queen's Road
O'DWYER John M. H. A. farmer Oak Farm Rennie's Road
O'DWYER R. H.   h 33 Military Road
O'FARRELL James baker bds 14 Finn's Lane
O'FARRELL Mary wid. Maurice h 14 Finn's Lane
O'FARRELL Maurice clerk Boulas Bros bds 14 Finn's Lane
O'FARRELL Maurice clerk Boulas Bros bds 16 Cuddihy
O'FLAHERTY Elizabeth wid. John h 71 Military Road
O'FLAHERTY John broker Water h 61 Le Marchant Road
O'FLAHERTY --- bookkeeper Imperial Tobacco Co.  
O'FLANNIGAN & Co. O'Flannigan Martin Fitzgibbon Thomas dry goods 430 Water  
O'FLANNIGAN Martin O'Flannigan & Co.   h 23 Cochrane
O'FLANNIGAN Thomas coachman h 34 Tessier Place
O'GRADY Jeremiah painter h 1 Duggan
O'GRADY Jeremiah painter bds 1 Duggan
O'GRADY Patrick painter bds 1 Duggan
O'GRADY Patrick   h Walsh's Square
O'HURLEY A. P. Christian Brother St. Patrick's Hall Queen's Road
OKE Ambrose J. clerk A. & S. Rodger h Mundy Pond Road
OKE J.C. Carriage Builder 7 Prescott h 7 Prescott
OKE Robert engineer h 127 Gower
O'KEEF Annie wid. Robert h 22 Wickford
O'KEEFF Bridget wid. John h 20 Flemming
O'KEEFFE Charles V. commission agent h 20 Flemming
O'KEEFE Laurence Emp. B. & S. Co. bds 68 Patrick
O'KEEFFE Peter teamster h 28 Flemming
OLDRIDGE Thomas clerk bds 112 Water
O'LEARY James shoemaker h 21 Scott
O'LEARY Patrick   h 14 Adelaide
O'LEARY Philip shoemaker h 21 Scott
OLFORD Edwin seaman h 72 Forest Road
OLIPHANT George police officer h 43 William
OLIPHANT George T fisherman bds 43 William
OLIVONS Manuel watchmaker h 18 Convent Lane
OLIVER Amelia clerk G.T. Hudson bds 18 Boncloddy
OLIVER Francis laborer h 27 Boncloddy
OLIVER George T printer h 26 Bannerman
OLIVER James expressman G. H. Gaden h 21 Goodview
OLIVER James teamster Aerated Water Works h 19 Goodview
OLIVER John laborer h 28 Spencer
OLIVER Joseph laborer h 88 McFarlane's
OLIVER Michael carman Crosbie & Co truckman  
OLIVER Peter   h 16 Boncloddy
OLIVER Peter laborer h 66 Bannerman
OLIVER Thomas carpenter h 25 Boncloddy
OLIVER Thomas laborer h 15 Tessier Place
OLIVER William fisherman h 49 Flower Hill
OLSEN Charles seaman h 87 Signal Hill Road
OLSEN Christopher sea captain h 93 Bond
OLSEN Henry sea captain h 23 Adelaide
OLSEN William laborer h 87 Signal Hill Road
O'MARA Annie machinist B.& S. Co. bds 37 Job
O'MARA G.P. drug clerk T. McMurdo h Military Road
O'MARA James shoemaker bds 2 Duggan
O'MARA Johannah wid. John h 2 Duggan
O'MARA John clerk T. J. Edens bds Military Road
O'MARA John printer Devine & O'MARA h 16 Freshwater
O'MARA John grocer bds 131 Military Road
O'Mara's Drug Store John T. Tarahan manager Military Road  
O'MARA Mary wid. David h 131 Military Road
O'MARA Mary Ann wid. Patrick h 38 Duckworth
O'MARA Mary A. clerk 48 Monkstown Road
O'MARA Mary J wid. John h 48 Monkstown Road
O'MARA Michael of Devine & O'MARA  
O'MARA M. J. printer bds Freshwater Road
O'MARA Patrick laborer h 37 Job
O'MARA Peter clerk McMurdoes bds 131 Military Road
O'MARA Thomas draper bds 131 Military Road
OMKPEN G. L. clerk Bishop & Munro  
O'MOORE Theodore cutter Parker ---- Munroe's  
O'NEAL Alice milliner bds 18 Brazil
O'NEIL Andrew truckman h 25 Patrick
O'NEIL Anastatia wid. Peter h. 9 Plymouth
O'NEIL Ann wid. James h 22 Barter's Hill
O'NEIL Arthur carpenter h 39 Cabot
O'NEAL Arthur   bds Pennywell Road
O'NEAL Edward carman bds Pennywell Road
O'NEAL Edward cooper 23 Brazil h 18 Brazil
O'NEIL Gertrude clerk G. S. Milligan  
O'NEIL James cooper bds 273 Water West
O'NEIL James jr cooper bds 108 Pleasant
O'NEIL James clerk Bowring Bros. bds Tremont Hotel
O'NEIL James R. N. Com. bds 46 Victoria
O'NEAL James carman h 44 Penneywell Road
O'NEIL James storekeeper Bishop & Monroe h 2 Power
O'NEIL James laborer h 4 Princes
O'NEIL James cabman h 22 Spencer
O'NEIL John baker h 20 John
O'NEIL John cooper bds 213 Water West
O'NEILL John baker William O'Neill bds 149 New Gower
O'NEIL John fireman h 29 Rositer's Lane
O'NEIL J. clerk Bowring Bros. Ltd.  
O'NEIL Leo apprentice R. Callanhan  
O'NEIL Michael cooper h 273 Water West
O'NEIL Patrick butcher h 8 Pope
O'NEILL Patrick shoemaker 35 Long Hill h 35 Long Hill
O'NEIL Patrick shoemaker bds 23 Barter's Hill
O'NEIL Patrick J. locker H. M. Customs h 22 Cabot
O'NEIL Peter laborer h r Water West
O'NEIL Richard book-keeper George Neal bds 24 Barter's Hill
O'NEIL R. clerk G. Neal h 24 Barter's Hill
O'NEIL Thomas bookkeeper J. D. Ryan h Water
O'NEILL T. H. liquors 170 Water h 170 Water
O'NEIL William clerk h 12 Chapel
O'NEIL William pressman Daily News bds 22 Barter's Hill
O'NEILL William sen. baker 149 New Gower h 149 New Gower
O'NEILL William jr. baker W. O'Neill sen. bds 149 New Gower
O'NEIL William cooper h 36 Pleasant
O'NEILL William pressman Daily News bds 24 Barter's Hill
O'NEIL William coachman Bishop Hawley h 46 Victoria
O'NEIL ---- wid. James h 108 Pleasant
O'REGAN Michael butcher 182 Water h 182 Water
O'REGAN Michael butcher 1 Le Marchant Road h Water
O'REGAN T.A. instructor bds Mount Cashil Torbay Road
O'REILLY Albert W. groceries liquors 170 Water h 170 Water
O'REILLY Charles printer bds 16 Queen's
O'REILEY Harriett wid. James h 20 Colonial
O'RIELEY Johanna wid. Robt. h 2 Hunt's Lane
O'REILEY John laborer bds 2 Hunt's Lane
O'REILLY John laborer h Allandale
O'REILLY John J. grocer and provisions 290 Water h 290 Water
O'REILLY Joseph H.M. Customs h 84 Circular Road
O'REILLY Michael plumber R. Callanhan  
O'REILLY Patrick liquors 99 Gower h 99 Gower
O'REILLY Patrick J. grocer bds 290 Water
O'REILLEY William farmer h Cockpit Road
O'REILLY William laborer h 47 Angel Place
ORGAN Michael fireman  
ORNER Charles J. watchmaker h 94 Freshwater
ORNER John C. watchmaker and jeweller 405 Water bds George
O'ROURKE Michael tallyman Baird's h 10 New Gower
OSMOND Albert carpenter h 4 Stewart Avenue
OSMOND Alexander messenger Goodridge & Sons bds 68 Hayward's Avenue
OSMOND Arthur G. engineer h 2 Cummings
OSMOND Augustus engineer h 4 Stuart's Avenue
OSMOND George carpenter h 8 Stuart Avenue
OSMOND James tinsmith h 1 Forest Row
OSMOND Joseph carpenter bds 68 Hayward's Avenue
OSMOND Robert machinist L. A. Pippy h 35 Pleasant
OSMOND Samuel carpenter h 68 Hayward's Avenue
O'TOOLE Anne wid. John h 31 Angel Place
O'TOOLE Bride employee Dicks & Co. bds 31 Angel Place
O'TOOLE James cutter boot and shoe bds 31 Angel Place
O'TOOLE James laborer h 52 Casey
O'TOOLE John printer bds 118 New Gower
O'TOOLE John seaman h 93 Carter's Hill
O'TOOLE John printer Daily News bds New Gower
O'TOOLE Louisa Emp.. B. & S. Co. bds 31 Angel Place
O'TOOLE Mamie employee Nfld. Boot & Shoe Co. bds 31 Angel Place
O'TOOLE Mary wid. Bernard h 44 Duckworth
O'TOOLE May employee B. & S. Co. bds 31 Angel Place
O'TOOLE Michael laborer h South Side East
O'TOOL Michael storekeeper bds 21 Pleasant
O'TOOLE Michael storekeeper 2 Custom House Hill
O'TOOLE Patrick laborer h 52 Casey
O'TOOL Thomas laborer h 21 Pleasant
O'TOOLE William brakeman Reid Nfld. Co. bds 44 Duckworth
O'TOOLE William laborer h 118 New Gower
O'TOOL William fisherman bds 21 Pleasant
O'TOOL William laborer h 54 Cabot
O'TOOLE ----- shoemaker Nfld. Boot & Shoe Co. bds 31 Angel Place
OUTERBRIDGE Herbert clerk Harvey & Co. bds King's Bridge Rd
OUTERBRIDGE Joseph Harvey & Co. bds Southerland Place King's - Bridge Road
OUTERBRIDGE Norman H. clerk Harvey & Co. bds Southerland Place King's
OWEN William laborer h 293 Hamilton Avenue
OWEN W. clerk Hon. Geo. Knowling  
OXLEY J. J. mining h 29 Cochrane

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