NLGenWeb 1904 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - R

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by LORETTA BARBER from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible there could be errors.

RABBITTS Annie wid. George h178 Le Marchant Road
RABBITTS Frederick machinist bds 178 Le Marchant Road
RABBITTS George draper Steer Bros.  
RABBITTS Gower clerk h 166 Gower
RABBITTS G. clerk Bishop & Munro  
RABBITS John letter-carrier General Post Office  
RABBITS M. drug clerk T. McMurdo h 178 Le Marchant Road
RACK Patrick baker h17 1/2 Duggan
RADFORD W. C. General Merchant Water West h 39 Water West
RADGERS John fisherman h South Side
RAFTRES Martin clerk C. D. Chetwynd bds Battery Road
RAFTINS Martin clerk h 6 Battery Road
RAFTUS Michael seaman h Battery Road
RAFTUS Nora Miss dressmaker h 75 Patrick
RAHAL Ellen wid. Michael h 23 Bannerman
RAHAL John J. clerk M. Connors h 23 Bannerman
RAHAL Joseph laborer h 64 Bannerman
RAHALL Thomas laborer h 45 Kickham Place
RAILWAY HOTEL M. G. Lash prop. 303 Water  
RAINES Enos fisherman bds 2 Brine
RAINES Israel laborer h 2 Brine
RAINES Nelson fisherman bds 2 Brine
RAM M. Governor's Private Secretary Gov. House Military Road
RAMSEY Adam manufacturers' agent 42 Prescott
RAMSEY John pattern-maker Reid Nfld. Co.  
RAMSAY William S. accountant Steer Bros. h 65 Springdale
RANKIN Alexandra D. grocery provisions wine mer. 288 Water h Circular Road
RANKIN Charles broker bds 8 Gower
RAPP Henry seaman h 26 Finn's Lane
RATFORD Archibald M. cutter Boot & Shoe Factory h 34 Water
RATFORD Charles blacksmith Chester bds 34 Water
RATFORD John confectioner F. B. Woods bds 34 Water
RAWLINS Simon laborer h 25 Duggan
RAY Bridget wid. Patrick h 15 Signal Hill Road
RAY David mason h 21 Balsam
RAY David shoemaker bds 15 Signal Hill Road
RAY Hannah tailoress bds 15 Signal Hill Road
RAYMOND Annie Wid James Restaurant 416 Water h 416 Water
RAYNES John laborer h 41 Le Marchant Road
RAYNES Phillip J. steward h 28 William
RAYNES Robert gardener h 28 William
READ Catherine wid. James h 5 Mullock
READ George stone-cutter Standard Marble Works bds Young
READ George truckman Callahan & Glass h 25 Patrick
READSON William clerk Marshall Bros. h South Side
READY Miss Alice   h 126 New Gower
READY James tanner Messrs. Lean's Tannery  
READY John carpenter bds Mount Cashil Torbay Road
READY Jose Miss dressmaker Mrs. A. Mitchell York
READY Miss Margaret   h 126 New Gower
READY Michael tailor E. M. Jackman  
READY Michael laborer h 5 Job
READY Sarah wid. John h 18 Buchanan
REAGAN Matthew physician H.M.S. Calyspo h 57 Cochrane
REARDON Annie Miss milliner J. Whiteway  
REARDON Daniel laborer Thorburn & Tessier h 3 Livingstone
REARDON John fireman h 3 Livingstone
REARDON Margaret wid. William h 16 Murphy's Square
REARDON Mary wid. Stephen h 38 Barter's Hill
REARDON Patrick H.M. Customs h 65 Queen's Road
REARDON Robert laborer h Ropewalk
REDDICK Miss Bridget   h 381 Waterford Bridge Road
REDDIGAN James laborer h 21 Bannerman
REDDIGAN John laborer h 33 Bannerman
REDDLE John laborer bds 23 Rositer's Lane
REDDY James tanner bds 336 Water
REDDY James baker h 336 Water
REDDY James laborer Bowring Bros.  
REDDY John carpenter h 23 Barnes Road
REDDY John clerk Callahan & Glass bds 23 Barnes Road
REDDY Mary wid. William h 230 Water
REDDY Michael machinist bds 336 Water
REDDY Michael cabinet maker h 23 Hayward's Avenue
REDDY Michael cabinet-maker Callahan & Glass h Williams
REDDY Nicholas boiler-maker Reid Nfld. Foundry  
REDDY Thomas laborer h 66 Bannerman
REDMOND David accountant Reid Nfld. Co. Hawthorn Cottage h off Carter's Hill
REDMOND Johanna wid. h 232 New Gower
REDMOND Lizzie nurse General Hospital  
REDMOND Mary wid. James h 32 1/2 Barter's Hill
REDMOND Patrick laborer Reid Nfld. Co. h 105 George
REDMOND Patrick promenade keeper h 27 Angel Place
REDMOND Thomas J. tinsmith J. Pennock h Victoria
REDSTONE William J. draper foreman Marshall Bros.  
REEDY M. Josephine dressmaker A. Mitchell bds 9 York
REEDY Michael E. tailor E. M. Jackman bds 9 York
REEDY Michael H.M. Customs h 9 York
REELIS Charles druggist bds 16 Prospect
REELIS Henry engineer h 16 Prospect
REGULUS STEAMSHIP CO. A. Harvey & Co. mgrs. 43 Water  
REID Albert clerk Kalieem Noah bds 12 Tank Lane
REID Bella tailoress bds 13 Gilbert
REID Bella wid. John h 13 Gilbert
REID Charlie machinist Chesley Woods bds 192 Pleasant
REID Eli trader h 31 Young
REID Emma wid. George h 9 Young
REID Frederick clerk Chesley Woods bds 172 Pleasant
REID George truckman Callahan & Glass h 20 Patrick
REID Geo. cooper Goodridges h 172 Pleasant
REID George laborer h South Side
REID George stone cutter h 11 Young
REID Hannah wid. John h 21 Hutchings
REID Harold cabinet maker bds 172 Pleasant
REID Harriet wid. William h 173 Pleasant
REID Harry P. Barber Water h 154 Hamilton
REID Harry laborer job Bros. South Side
REID Herbert tailor John Maunder bds Young
REID H. D. emp.R.N. Co. Rosevale Waterford Bridge
REID John laborer bds 8 Hunt's Lane
REID John cabman h 2 Spencer
REID John laborer h 24 Hutchings Lane
REID John carman Morey & Co. bds South Side
REID John carpenter h 93 Cabot
REID John painter h 13 Goodview
REID Joseph carpenter h 35 Buchanan
REID Joseph grocer h 73 Pleasant
REID Levenia wid. Joseph h 18 Bannerman
REID Mary Mrs.   h 55 Springdale
REED Moses laborer Job Bros. h South Side
REID NEWFOUNDLAND CO. R. G. Reid President W. D. Reid Vice-President General Offices Water West.  
REID NFLD. Express Co. and Ticket Office R. G. Reid Manager Gazette Bdg. 234 Water  
REID R. G. Jr. clerk R.N. Co. bds 9 Church Hill
REID Thomas emp. Soap Factory h 31 Young
REID Walter hair dresser 262 Water h 175 Pleasant
REID William laborer bds 24 Hutching's Lane
REID William trader h 119 Pleasant
REID William laborer Job Bros. South Side
RIED William clerk bds 13 Gilbert
REID William D. Vice-Pres. Reid Nfld. Col. h Circular Road
REED Willis moulder h 2 Spencer
REID W. clerk Hon. Geo. Knowling  
REINS ohn painter h Portugal Cove Road
REION Frederick clerk Reid Nfld. Co. bds 58 Cochrane
RENDELL Arthur S. of A. S. Rendell & Co. h 13 Church Hill
RENDELL A. S. & CO. Comission Merchants 175 Water  
RENDELL Edward M. accountant W. & G. Rendell 25 Military Rd.
RENDELL George carpenter h 13 Knight
RENDELL Hon. G. T. of W. & G. Rendell h 76 Cochrane
RENDELL Herbert physician h 327 Duckworth
RENDELL James seaman h 45 Flower Hill
RENDELL James draper bds 140 Gower
RENDELL James cooper h 53 Gower
RENDELL Jeans emp. R.N. Co. 68 Cochrane  
RENDELL James machinist h 16 King's Road
RENDELL Mary wid. Frederick h 73 Military Road
RENDELL R. G. & Co. General Fishers and Lobster Supplies.  
RENDELL Robert of R. G. Rendell & Co. h North Bank Cottage Mount Scio Road
RENDELL William laborer Bowring Bros.  
RENNIE BAKING CO. R. J. Rennie Mgr. McBride's Hill.  
RENNIE Fred. accountant Bowring Bros. h 44 Rennie's Mill Rd.
RENNIE James S. draper R. Templeman's 23 Prescott
RENNIE Robert J. Mangr. Rennie Baking Co. Clydesdale Rennie Mill Road
RENNIE W. H. Managing Director Gas Co. h 49 Cochrane
RENOUF A. Mrs.   h 43 Merry Meeting Road
RENOUF BUILDING   h 266 Duckworth
RENOUF Charles H. Notary Public and Broker 278 Water h 55 Military Road
RENOUF Dasie typewriter Imperial Tobacco Co.  
RENOUFF Kate   h 54 King's Bridge Road
NENOUF Thomas tinsmith Gear & Co. h 43 Merry Meeting Road
REYNOLDS Annie dressmaker bds 14 Flower Hill
REYNOLDS Job laborer h 14 Flower Hill
RHODES Allan laborer h 14 Flower Hill
RICE A. truckman h 37 Freshwater
RICE John truckman h 59 Harvey Road
RICE Thomas truckman bds 37 Freshwater
RICH A. fisherman h 51 Scott
RICH Isaac fisherman h 28 Spencer
RICHARDS A. A. teacher in training  
RICHARDS Abraham laborer h 25 Balsam
RICHARDS Abraham painter h 55 Cookstown
RICHARD Arthur clerk Franklin & Co. bds 16 Chapel
RICHARDS George clerk Woods' Candy Store bds Murray
RICHARDS Isaac cooper Rayner's bds 10 Alexander
RICHARDS Thomas emp. Horwood Lumber Co. h 10 Alexander
RICHARDS T. Charles tailor h 30 Cookstown
RICHARDS William pressman Daily News bds 55 cookstown Rd.
RICHARDS William watchman h 7 Victoria
RICHARDS W. J.   9 Knight
RICHARDS wid. Isaac   h 10 Alexander
RICHARDSON James laborer h 16 Nunnery Hill
RICHARDSON John storekeeper Stott's h 20 York
RICHARDSON William steward bds 16 Nunnery Hill
RICHIE Henry clerk Bank Nova Scotia bds 47 Military Road
RICHMOND Susan boarding house h 77 Casey
RICKETT James laborer h 56 Barnes Road
RICKART James seaman h 110 George
RIDDLE William laborer bds 481/2 George
RIDOUT George moulder h 224 Hamilton Avenue
RIDOUT Jacob grocer 223 Gower h 223 Gower
RIDEOUT Jacob grocer 333 Water West bds Hamilton Avenue
RIDEOUT John teamster A. Driscoll Water bds 53 George West
RIDEOUT Thos. tailor M. J. Kelly h George West
RIDEOUT Thomas tailor Keley Water h 53 George West
RIELLY Mary wid. George h 210 Water
RIELLY Michael plumber R. Callahan bds 47 Angel Place
RIELEY Patrick laborer bds 89 Bond
RIELLY William cooper N. Cousins bds 47 Angel Place
RIGOREAU Julien F. French Consul h Circular Road
RIMULLER L. physician bds 45 Cochrane
RING Martin   h 14 Hayward's Avenue
RING Patrick laborer h 20 Pilot's Hill
RING Thomas harness maker F. J. Connor's h 69 Long's Hill
RING Thomas harness maker Connor's bds 69 Long's Hill
RING William keeper Lunatic Asylum h 69 Long's Hill
RING William laborer h 20 Pilot Hill
RIOUX F. emp. R.N. Co. 58 Cochrane  
RITCHIE W. H.S. teller Bank of Nova Scotia bds 47 Military Rd
ROACHE D.S. Christian Brother Mont. St. Francis
ROACH James cooper h 19 Brazil Square
ROACH John carpenter h 4 Boggan
ROACH Miss Lizzie milliner Mrs. A. Mitchell  
ROACH Maurice laborer h 18 Casey
ROACH Michael laborer bds 5 Plank Road
ROCHE Patrick storekeeper J. W. Pitts h 122 Military Road
ROACH Patrick laborer h 255 Water West
ROACH Patrick fisherman h 218 Water
ROACH Richard fisherman h 5 Barrow
ROACH Thomas laborer h 18 Casey
ROBERTS Arthur baker T. E. Bennett bds 17 Barnes Road
ROBERTS Arthur plumber J. Rooney bds 14 John
ROBERTS Azariah plumber h 97 Hamilton
ROBERTS Caleb fisherman bds 17 Flemming
ROBERTS Carrie Miss dressmaker bds 14 John
ROBERTS Charles laborer bds 28 Hutching's Lane
ROBERTS Edwin accountant h 150 Gower
ROBERTS Emmet laborer h 29 Livingstone
ROBERTS George joiner h Allendale Road
ROBERTS George G. grocer 98 New Gower h 37 John
ROBERTS Gertrude tailoress H. Vasgo  
ROBERTS James bricklayer h 23 Balsam
ROBERTS James J. seaman h 14 John
ROBERTS John fisherman h 17 Flemming
ROBERTS John porter Crosbie Hotel  
ROBERTS Joseph laborer h 17 Barnes Place
ROBERTS Joseph emp. Globe Steam Laundry h 97 Cabot
ROBERTS Kenneth laborer h 2 South Side East
ROBERTS Lilly clerk bds 14 John
ROBERTS Moses laborer bds 17 Barnes Place
ROBERTS Nathaniel laborer h 22 Finn's Lane
ROBERTS Patrick seaman bds 12 Pilot Hill
ROBERTS Peirce emp.B. & S. Co. bds 22 Bartlett's Hill
ROBERTS Samuel carpenter h 40 Belvidere
ROBERTS Samuel cooper h 107 Hamilton
ROBERTS Thomas carpenter 66 Springdale
ROBERTS Thomas fireman h 12 Pilot's Hill
ROBERTS Thomas seaman h 22 Codner's Lane
ROBERTS William fisherman 17 1/2 Scott
ROBINSON EXPORT COMPANY 93 & 95 Broad St. Boston and St. John's Nfld  
ROBERTS William seaman  
ROBERTS William laborer bds 12 Pilot's Hill
ROBERTS William fisherman h 88 Hamilton
ROBERTSON Alexandra draper Bishop & Monroe h 55 Long's Hill
ROBERTSON John clerk Hy. Blair bds 21 Colonial
ROBERTSON John seaman bds 56 Livingstone
ROBERTSON John watchman Reid Nfld. Co. h 56 Livingstone
ROBERTSON John R. general broker 208 Water h 22 Monkstown Road
ROBERTSON Roy clerk bds 22 Monkstown Road
ROBERTSON William seaman bds 56 Livingstone
ROBINSON & CURRIE Proprietors Free Press Water See adv p 300.
ROBINSON John Alex Mgr for Newfoundland Of Robinson & Currie Imperial Insurance Co. h 14 Cathedral
ROBINSON John draper bds 179 Gower
ROBINSON John stonecutter bds 76 New Gower
ROBINSON J. clerk Hon. Geo. Knowling  
ROBINSON Robert engineer h 76 New Gower
ROBINSON Robert W. engineer bds 76 New Gower
ROCHFORD John laborer h 10 Gorman's Lane
ROCHFORD Robert seaman bds 10 Gorman's Lane
RODFORD Archibald emp. B. & S. Co. h 34 Water West
RODGERS Abraham fisherman h 37 Spencer
RODGER Alexander merchant Water h 84 Barnes Road
RODGERS Alfred fisherman h 40 Field
RODGERS Ambrose laborer h 54 Monkstown Road
RODGERS Anna S. clerk Globe Laundry bds 10 Belvidere
RODGERS Gerald A. & S. Importers Water  
RODGERS Bride tailoress Johnstone's bds 54 Alexander
RODGERS Edward moulder Nfld. Foundry h 225 Hamilton Ave.
RODGERS Elizabeth Mrs. h 10 Belvidere
RODGERS Henrietta tailoress Johnstone's bds Alexander
RODGERS Henry laborer h 38 Field
RODGERS Henry fisherman h Battery Road Chair Rock
RODGERS James laborer G. Neal 181 Le Marchant Road
RODGERS James laborer h 8 Duggan
RODGERS James laborer h 14 Catherine
RODGERS James watchman Rope Walk h 54 Alexander
RODGERS Jas. laborer Bishop & Monroe bds 52 Alexander
RODGERS John stevedore bds South Side
RODGERS Joseph beer shop h 18 Waldegrave
RODGERS Joshua laborer bds 28 Mullock
RODGERS Margaret wid. James h South Side
RODGERS Noah fisherman h 47 Scott
RODGERS Richard wireman Electric Dept. bds South Side
RODGERS Richard wharfinger h South Side
RODGERS Robert cooper Bowring Bros. h Hutchings
RODGERS Robert fisherman h South Side
RODGERS Samuel fisherman h 28 Mullock
RODGER Stanley of A. & S. Rodger Water h 84 Barnes Road
RODGERS Stephen warfinger Bishop & Monroe h South Side
RODGERS Thomas laborer Bowring Bros.  
RODGERS William cooper bds South Side
RODGERS William clerk A. & S. Rodger h 84 Barnes Road
RODGERS Willis fisherman h 58 Spencer
ROE William picture framer C. L. March  
ROGERS Edmund grocer 62 New Gower bds 18 New Gower
ROGERS Edward carpenter h 46 Barter's Hill
ROGERS James watchman Col. Cordage Co. Ltd. h Alexander
ROGERS James machinist Col. Cordage Co. Ltd. h Hutchings
ROGERS James laborer h 181 Le Marchant Road
ROGERS James emp. Ropewalk bds 22 Hutchings
ROGERS John engineer Col. Cordage Co. Ltd. h 22 Hutchings
ROGERS John seaman h 13 Barrow
ROGERS John emp. Ropewalk bds 22 Hutchings
ROGERS John fisherman bds 51 McFarlane
ROGERS John fisherman h 381/2 Barter's Hill
ROGERS Prissela wid. Leir h South Side
ROGERS Richard cooper Bowring Bros. h 8 Hutchings
ROGERS Robert laborer h 14 Rositer's Lane
ROGERS Stephen laborer h 84 Casey
ROGERS Stephen watchman h 51 McFarlane's
ROGERS S. wharfinger Bishop & Munro  
ROGERSON William P. coal merchant h 41 Queen's Road
ROIL F. J. clerk Geo. Knowling  
ROLLS Alfonsus laborer h 211/2 Barrow
ROLLS Frederick laborer Bowring Bros.  
ROLLS John clerk Harvey & Co. h 5 British Square
ROLLS Maggie clerk Royal Stores bds 4 Chapel
ROLLS Michael plumber bds 4 Chapel
ROLLS Michael steam-fitter N. J. Ryan bds Church Hill
ROLLS Michael shoemaker h 23 Field
ROLLS Patrick laborer h 23 Field
ROLLS Thomas rope-maker Col. Cordage Co. Ltd. bds Field
ROLLS Thomas rope-maker h 23 Field
ROLLS Thomas laborer h 4 Chapel
ROLLS Thomas J. typewriter R.N. Co. bds 4 Chapel
ROOD Edward laborer h 34 Quidi Vidi Road
ROONEY Alex machinist h 15 Dicks
ROONEY Alex accountant Col. Cordage Co. Ltd. h 13 Dick's Sq.
ROONEY John plumber and gasfitter 180 Water h 108 Queen's Rd.
ROOST Andrew fireman h 8a Lime
ROOST William fisherman h Blackmarsh Road
ROOST William fireman h 44 Cookstown
ROPER Ann wid. Henry h 24 Dicks
ROPER Joseph watchmaker Water h 26 Dicks
ROSCOE John accountant h 8 Battery Road
ROSE Alexander cabinet maker 200 New Gower h 200 New Gower
ROSE Alex. cabinet maker 357 Duckworth h New Gower
ROSE Edward laborer Job Bros. South Side
ROSE Edward fisherman h 4 Brine
ROSE Edward tinsmith R. Callahan  
ROSE Fred storekeeper Bennett's h 1 Brazil
ROSE George bicycle repairer 18 Springdale h 26 do.
ROSE Isaiah   h 136 New Gower
ROSE John laborer h 19 Rositer's Lane
ROSE John laborer Bowring Bros. h Alexander
ROSE Joshua packer Jackson & Co.  
ROSE Leonard packer Hy. Blair h 26 Wickford
ROSE Leonard messenger Hy. Blair h Pleasant
ROSE Marmaduke laborer h 42 Gilbert
ROSE Thomas signalman Cabot Tower h Signal Hill
ROSE William apprentice R. Callanhan  
ROSS Forbes H. B. foreman Bishop & M. grocery bds 29 Henry
ROSS Hector bridge-builder Reid Nfld. Co. h 105 Military Road
ROSS Hugh insurance agent h 1 Beck's Cove
ROSS John draper Ayre & Sons Ltd.  
ROSS J. L. farmer h Lake Avenue
ROSS Miss Queen clerk bds 34 Cook
ROSS Queen clerk A. Soper bds Lake Avenue
ROSS Robert draper bds 181 Gower
ROSS Robt. Jr. clerk Hy. Blair bds Duckworth
ROSSITER John clerk R. Callanhan  
ROSSITER Martin laborer h 16 Bond
ROSSITER William tailor Jackman bds 37 Wickford
ROSSITER William carpenter h 37 Wickford
ROST John laborer h Walsh Lane
ROTHWELL & BOWRING wholesale provision merchants 3 Holdsworth  
ROUD Charles baker bds 93 Hamilton
ROUD Thomas seaman bds 93 Hamilton
ROUD William sea-cape h 93 Hamilton
ROUD William emp. Col. Cordage Co. bds 93 Hamilton
ROURKE Annie tailoress bds 12 Hamilton
ROURKE Bessie tailoress bds 12 Hamilton
ROURKE Katie tailoress bds 12 Hamilton
ROURKE Michael plumber T. Stephenson bds 10 New Gower
ROURKE Patrick laborer h 15 Barnes Place
ROURKE Thomas cooper Bowring Bros. h 27 Bannerman
ROURKE Thomas cooper Bowring Bros. h King's Road
ROURKE William cooper h 12 Hamilton
ROURKE William carpenter h 52 Gower
ROURKE William beer and cigars 274 Gower h 274 Gower
ROWE Benjamin laborer h South Side
ROWE Blanche clerk Ayre & Sons Ltd.  
ROWE Charles poster h 49 William
ROWE Charles cooper Bowring Bros. 1 Bulley
ROWE Edwin accountant R. G. Rendell bds 29 Henry
ROWE E. J. clerk C. F. Bennett & Co.  
ROWE Frederick cooper 51 Barter's Hill h 54 Barter's Hill
ROWE George watchmaker G. Langmead bds 29 Henry
ROWE George coachman h 38 Cabot
ROWE Harold clerk Steer Bros. bds 54 Barter's Hill
ROWE Jacob laborer h 72 Cabot
ROWE John checker Harvey & Co. h 56 Barter's Hill
ROWE Maria Mrs.   h 29 Henry
ROWE William ship carpenter h 15 Cabot
ROWE William fisherman h 67 Cabot
ROWE William laborer h South Site East
ROWMAN James laborer h 1 Temperance
ROWSELL Bertram clerk F. Smallwood bds 49 Hayward's Ave.
ROWSELL Sydney clerk Geo. Knowlings bds 49 Hayward's Ave.
ROWSELL Uriah carpenter h 49 Hayward's Avenue
ROY Scott clerk Geo. Knowling  
ROYAL BANK OF CANADA W. H. Crawdy m'ngr. 239 Water  
ROYAL GAZETTE OFFICE J. W. Withers manager Gazette Building Water  
ROYAL INSURANCE CO. Job Bros. & Co. agents r Water
ROYAL John laborer h 56 Cabot
ROYAL Joseph laborer h 18 Cabot
ROYAL Joseph laborer h 16 Cabot
ROYAL Joseph shoemaker bds 16 George
ROYAL Samuel laborer h 20 Cabot
ROYAL STORES CLOTHING FACTORY LTD. managers: A. MacPheran Job Bros. & Co. C. MacPheran   r Water East
ROYAL William clerk Royal Stores h 31 Barnes Road
ROYAL William clerk H.M. Customs bds 16 George
ROYLE Joseph shoemaker Marshall's bds 16 George
ROYLE Joseph   bds 16 George
ROYLE William clerk H.M. Customs h 16 George
RUBY Kenneth tinsmith J. Phillips h 107 Long's Hill
RUDGE Edward baker Rennie & Co. h 177 Pleasant
RUFF Bride wid. James h 120 Water
RUMSEY A. H. furniture dealer 365 Water h 144 Hamilton
RUMSEY Charles cooper h 4 Murray
RUMSEY George carpenter h 45 Brazil
RUMSEY Henry trader h 40 Pleasant
RUMSEY Henry steward h 9 Barter's Hill
RUMSEY John seaman bds 40 Pleasant
RUMSEY John carpenter h 110 Casey
RUMSEY Plymouth seaman bds 42 Livingstone
RUMSEY Robert cooper h 68 Cabot
RUMSEY Shenstone clerk Bishop & Monroe bds 144 Hamilton
RUMSEY Thomas sea captain h 144 Hamilton
RUMSEY T. clerk Bishop & Munroe  
RUMSEY William seaman bds 40 Pleasant
RUSSELL Charles H. painter h 20 Mullock
RUSSELL Edward laborer Bowring Bros.  
RUSSELL Edward farmer h New Town Road
RUSSELL Eli laborer Bowring Bros.  
RUSSELL Ethel clerk G. T. Hudson bds 34 Bannerman
RUSSELL Francis wid. Joseph h 34 McDougall
RUSSELL James cooper h 19 Boncloddy
RUSSELL James laborer Reid Nfld. Foundry  
RUSSELL Joseph laborer h 124 Casey
RUSSELL Lilly nurse General Hospital  
RUSSELL Netta tailoress John Maunder bds Casey
RUSSELL Robert  H. M. Customs h 34 Bannerman
RUSSELL Stephen laborer Baine Johnston & Co. bds South Side
RUSSELL W. J. clerk J. J. St. John h 23 Boncloddy
RUTLEDGE Margaret Mrs. beer-shop 43 New Gower h do.
RUTLEDGE Paul baker A. Harvey & Co. h 43 New Gower
RUXTON William jr. engineer h 63 Springdale
RUXTON William engineer h 63 Springdale
RYALL Frederick clerk bds 25 Maxse
RYALL James bailiff h 25 Maxse
RYALL Joseph electric wire fitter h 9 Holdsworth
RYALL Margaret wid. Rich. janitress Colonial Bdg. Military Rd.
RYALL Robert Shoemaker h 40 Hayward's Avenue
RYALL Samuel draper J. Anderson h Monkstown Road
RYALL Sarah tailoress bds 40 Hayward's Avenue
RYALL Valentine grocer bds Colonial Building Military Road
RYALL William musician bds Colonial Building Military Road
RYALL William printer Daily News bds Cabot
RYALL William watchmaker bds 40 Hayward's Avenue
RYAN Andrew "keeper" Lunatic Asylum h Waterford Bridge Rd
RYAN Annie emp. F. Smallwood bds 253 Water West
RYAN Bridget wid. Samuel h 21 Cochrane
RYAN Bridget wid. Patrick h 23 Holdsworth
RYAN Miss Bridget dressmaker bds Topsail Road
RYAN Bridget wid. Patrick h 16 Finnis Lane
RYAN Charles W. grocer 240 Gower h 240 Gower.
RYAN C. Christian Brother bds St. Patrick's Hall Queen's Rd.
RYAN David laborer h 33 Barter's Hill
RYAN Rev. Dean St. Patrick's Palace St. Patrick  
RYAN Edward painter h 41 Flower Hill
RYAN Edward gardener h 339 Water West
RYAN Edward truckman h 39 Plank Road
RYAN Ellen wid. Patrick 59 Casey
RYAN Ellie clerk Ayre & Sons bds 7 Pleasant
RYAN Francis printer h 22 Barter's Hill
RYAN Frederick cooper h 23 Prospect
RYAN James cutter h 105 Hamilton
RYAN James foreman tanner MacKeen's Tannery h Topsail Rd.
RYAN James D. merchant Water h Circular Road
RYAN James fisherman bds 20 Plank Road
RYAN James carpenter h 365 Duckworth
RYAN James tinsmith bds Le Marchant Road
RYAN John laborer h 67 Signal Hill Road
RYAN John City Engineer h New Town Road
RYAN John foreman Daily News h 22 Barter's Hill
RYAN John fireman West End Fire Hall h 11 Larkin's Square
RYAN John clerk Royal Stores bds Le Marchant Road
RYAN John bookkeeper bds 7 Pleasant
RYAN John ship carpenter h 7 Pleasant
RYAN John sailmaker Wheeler's h 20 Livingstone
RYAN John tallyman h 9 Pope
RYAN John sea captain h 20 Plank Road
RYAN John fisherman h 22 Plank Road
RYAN John fireman C.F.S.  
RYAN John planter h 227 Gower
RYAN J. D. Grocer and Wine Merchant 279 Water h Circular Road
RYAN Joseph P. clerk J. J. St. John's bds Pleasant
RYAN J. E. Brother Superior St. Patrick's Hall Queen's Road
RYAN Kate wid. Michael h 387 Waterford Bridge Road
RYAN Louie housekeeper h 26 Monkstown Road
RYAN Margaret wid. Joseph h 202 Water
RYAN Maria wid. John h 62 King's Road
RYAN Martin carpenter h 267 Hamilton Avenue
RYAN Mary wid. Michael h 72 Long's Hill
RYAN Mary wid. Patrick h 16 Dammaril's Lane
RYAN Minnie milliner bds New Town Road
RYAN Michael laborer h 24 William
RYAN Michael fisherman h 18 Finnis Lane
RYAN Michael tailor bds 4 Boggan
RYAN Michael fisherman h Topsail Road
RYAN Michael carman Municipal h New Town Road
RYAN M. C. Mem. Christian Brothers. St. Francis
RYAN M. J. Mem. Christian Brothers St. Francis
RYAN Norah wid. Thomas h 70 Barnes Road
RYAN Patrick fisherman bds 16 Finnie Lane
RYAN Patrick fisherman bds 20 Plank Road
RYAN Patrick fisherman h Topsail Road
RYAN Peter cooper bds 23 Prospect
RYAN Peter drug clerk W. W. MacNeil & Co.  
RYAN Peter G. drug clerk h 229 Gower
RYAN P. G. drug clerk T. McMurdo h Theatre Hill
RYAN Richard chief warden Penitentiary h Forest Road
RYAN Richard boarding house 17 1/2 Flower Hill
RYAN Rose emp. Parker & Munroe  
RYAN Samuel clerk Anderson Co. h 86 Circular Road
RYAN Samuel clerk Wood & Kelly bds 21 Cochrane
RYAN Thomas painter bds 62 King's Road
RYAN Thomas tailor h 11 James
RYAN Thomas farmer h Portugal Cove Road
RYAN Thomas upholsterer bds 21 Cochrane
RYAN Thomas clerk Bishop & Monroe h Le Marchant Road
RYAN Thomas carpenter h 49 Wickford
RYAN Thomas laborer h Water West
RYAN Thomas fisherman h 10 Water
RYAN Timothy fireman Eastern Fire Station bds 85 Forest Road
RYAN William clerk Municipal Offices bds New Town Road
RYAN William laborer h South Side
RYAN William carpenter bds Hamilton Avenue
RYAN William cooper bds 23 Prospect
RYAN William shoemaker Parker & Monroe h 37 Job
RYAN William gas fitter bds 21 Cochrane
RYAN W. J. Plumber 216 Duckworth See adv.

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