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1921 Census

Avalon South Region ~ St. John's District

Reel #8031 Page 715 - 729

D#=Dwelling Number; F#=Family Number; S=Sex; BIR=Birth Year; The age denotes age of last birthday.

It was read, recorded and transcribed by RAELENE EARLE, 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Page 715
776983Fergus CLUNEYSt John'smsonsingle1900Aug20St John's

Austin CLUNEYSt John'smsonsingle1910Aug10St John's

Catherine LAMBKINSt John'sfheadmarried1900Aug20St John's

Walter LAMBKINSt John'smsonmarried????Aug??St John's

Kathleen EVANSBrazils Sqfdaughtersingle1921Oct? MnthSt John's

John BUCKBrazils Sqmsonsingle1921Dec? WeeksSt John's

Margaret WALSHStephen Stfdaughtersingle1921Oct? MnthSt John's

Wm O'NEILClifford Stmsonsingle1921Oct? MnthSt John's

Martha GOWANClifford Stfdaughtersingle1921Oct? MnthSt John's

Mich METCALFGilmore St?msonsingle1921Oct? MnthSt John's

John FRANCISMonroe Stmsonsingle1921Oct? MnthSt John's

Agnes MAHERMonroe Stfdaughtersingle1921Oct? MnthSt John's

Joseph MOOREDuggan Stmsonsingle1921Oct? MnthSt John's

Stella BREENCasey Stfdaughtersingle1921Sept? MnthSt John's

Denis FURLONGCasey Stmsonsingle1921Dec? WeeksSt John's

Rita FITZGERALDCasey Stfdaughtersingle1921Dec? WeeksSt John's

Gerard SHEEHANNew Gower Stmsonsingle1921Nov? MnthSt John's

Francis ANDREWSFlower Hillmsonsingle1921Nov? MnthSt John's

Arthur BROTHERSFlower Hillmsonsingle1921Nov? MnthSt John's

Geo O'NEILLCentral Stmsonsingle1921Nov? MnthSt John's

Mary O'NEILLCentral Stfdaughtersingle1921Nov? MnthSt John's

Mary SHEAWaldegrave Stfdaughtersingle1921Nov? MnthSt John's

Kathleen LUNDRIGANWaldegrave Stfdaughtersingle1921Nov? MnthSt John's

Mary POWERMcFarlane Stfdaughtersingle1921Dec? WeeksSt John's

Fred WADDENBuchanan Stmsonsingle1921Dec? WeeksSt John's

Maurice LUNDRIGANSebastian Stmsonsingle1921Dec? WeeksSt John's

Joan TUFF103 Cabot Stfdaughtersingle1921Oct? MnthSt John's

Jean NEWBURY118 Cabot Stfdaughtersingle1921Oct? MnthSt John's

Robt NEWBURY118 Cabot Stmsonsingle1921Oct? MnthSt John's

Cyril FRYMonroe Stmsonsingle1921Nov? MnthSt John's

Gladys KING27 Charltonfdaughtersingle1921Dec? WeeksSt John's

Rita MASON22 Springdale Stfdaughtersingle1921Dec? WeeksSt John's

Herbert LAINGGilbert St msonsingle1921Nov? MnthSt John's
Page 716

Bruce KNIGHTMonroe Stmsonsingle1921Oct??St John's

Fred MILLERLeMarchant Rdmsonsingle1921Oct??St John's

B. ADEYCasey Stmsonsingle1921Dec??St John's

Mary JERRETT90 Boyd's Lanefdaughtersingle1921Nov??St John's

Wm LUNDRIGANGeorge Stmsonsingle1921Dec??St John's

Denis HEARNCaul's Lanemsonsingle1921Dec??St John's

Evelyn GILLETTJoy Placefdaughtersingle1921Nov??St John's

William HARBIN16 Buchanan Stmsonsingle1921Nov??St John's

Dorothy HUSSEY34 Brazils Sqfdaughtersingle1921Nov??St John's

Walter SELLERS76 McFarlanemsonsingle1921Nov??St John's

Florence BRAZILMt Charlton?fdaughtersingle1921Oct??St John's

Herbert MERCERCasey Stmsonsingle1921Nov??St John's

Rebecca STRICKLAND190 New Gower Stfservantsingle1901July20Bonavista

Abraham PEDDLE77 Flower Hillmboardersingle1891?Ma?25Trinity

Robert ROBSONNew Gower Stmsonsingle1921Nov??St John's

Maria O'NEILLBarters Hillfdaughtersingle1921Nov??St John's

Joseph BURSEYCabot Stmsonsingle1921Nov??St John's

Michael GAULNew Gower Stmsonsingle1921Nov??St John's

Mary BRUCEPrinces? Stfdaughtersingle1901Aug20Port-au-Port

Alexander AVERY77 Flower Hillmboardersingle1888June33St John's

Jessie ELLIS60 Springdale Stfheadwidow 1859Oct62Brigus

John ELLIS60 Springdale Stmsonsingle1889Feb32Brigus

Mathias ELLIS60 Springdale Stmsonsingle1895July26St John's

James ELLIS60 Springdale Stmsonsingle1897Oct24St John's

Wm AITKINS27 1/2 Barters Hillmheadmarried1883Oct38St John's

Jennie AITKINS27 1/2 Barters Hillfwifemarried1883March38St John's

Lily AITKINS27 1/2 Barters Hillfdaughtersingle1908May13St John's

Alex AITKINS27 1/2 Barters Hillmsonsingle1910Sept11St John's

Gertrude AITKINS27 1/2 Barters Hillfdaughtersingle1912March9St John's

Wm AITKINS27 1/2 Barters Hillmsonsingle1914May7St John's

Violet AITKINS27 1/2 Barters Hillfdaughtersingle1916June5St John's

Fredk AITKINS27 1/2 Barters Hillmsonsingle1919March2St John's

Spurgeon CAREWCasey Stmheadmarried1894Jan29St John's
Page 717

Janie CAREWCasey Stfwifemarried1893June28St John's

Sadie CAREWCasey Stfdaughtersingle1912May9St John's

John CAREWCasey Stmsonsingle1904Ma?17St John's

Sarah RANKINCasey Stfmother in lawwidow1861Oct60St John's

Solomon WHITEWAY119 LeMarchant Roadmheadmarried1868May53St John's

Sarah WHITEWAY119 LeMarchant Roadfwifemarried1878March43St John's

Louise WHITEWAY119 LeMarchant Roadfdaughtersingle1901Aug20St John's

Esau WHITEWAY119 LeMarchant Roadmsonsingle1907Jan14St John's

Theresa STEAD58 Gower Stfservantsingle1900June21Catalina

Reuben DECKERSA Collegemboardersingle1901April20Rocky Hr

Cyril SIMMONSSA Collegemboardersingle1898Oct23St John's

Wallace PIKESA Collegemboardersingle1899Dec22Jamestown, ??

Sabrina JANESSA Collegefboardersingle1899Dec22Jackson's Arm

Adelaide PITCHERSA Collegefboardersingle1900March21Winterton

Stella BADCOCKSA Collegefboardersingle1900Sept21Bay Roberts

Mary BEMISTERSA Collegefboardersingle1901Dec20Port Rexton

Blanche LAITESA Collegefboardersingle1900Oct21Trinity

Nellie GREGORYSA Collegefboardersingle1895June26Winterton

Louisa PRESCOTTSA Collegefboardersingle1881July40Manchester, Eng.

Isabel FROUDSA Collegefboardersingle1891Aug30Old Perlican

Annie SMITH31 Waldegrave Stfheadwidow1861Dec60Southern Bay

Irene SMITH31 Waldegrave Stfdaughtersingle1901Oct20Brigus?

Bessie DALTON48 George Stfwifemarried1902July19St John's

Arthur GOSLINGLeMarchant Roadmsonsingle1901Aug20St John's

Ellen COLLINS13 Sebastian Stfwifemarried1898March23St John's

Robert CLANCEY13 Sebastian Stmheadmarried1881Aug40St John's

Josephine CLANCEY13 Sebastian Stfwifemarried1886Aug35St John's

Amelia COLLINS13 Sebastian Stfboarderwidow1838Ma?83St John's

Bridget CLANCEY13 Sebastian Stfdaughtersingle1909May12St John's

Edward CLANCEY13 Sebastian Stmsonsingle1911July10St John's

Ellen CLANCEY13 Sebastian Stfdaughtersingle1912May9St John's

Mary CLANCEY13 Sebastian Stfdaughtersingle1914Oct7St John's

John CLANCEY13 Sebastian Stmsonsingle1916Nov5St John's
Page 718

Robert CLANCEY13 Sebastian Stmsonsingle1920Dec1St John's

Henry PENNEY9 Burkes Sqmheadmarried1902Dec19Seldom

Leah PENNEY9 Burkes Sqfwifemarried1903March18Bonavista

James PENNEY9 Burkes Sqmsonsingle1921Aug4 mthsSt John's

Lancelot EWINGLeMarchant Rdmsonsingle1896May25St John's

Edward CARTER159 George Stmheadmarried1873Sept48Greenspond, BB

Annie CARTER159 George Stfwifemarried1867March54Greenspond, BB

Lilly CARTER159 George Stfdaughtersingle1904Jan18Greenspond, BB

Margaret CARTER159 George Stfdaughtersingle1906Feb16Greenspond, BB

Kenneth BARNES129 LeMarchant Rdmheadmarried1877Sept44St John's

Eliz. BARNES129 LeMarchant Rdfwifemarried1866March55Brigus

Julia BARNES129 LeMarchant Rdfdaughtersingle1907March14St John's

Fredk BARNES129 LeMarchant Rdmheadsingle1881April40St John's

Jemima BARNES129 LeMarchant Rdfmotherwidow1847July79St John's

John LUSCOMBE36 Brazils Sqmsonsingle1921Nov1 mthSt John's

Robert BISHOP37 Brazils Sqmsonsingle1921Nov1 mthSt John's

Robert ROWECentral Stmsonsingle1921Dec3 wksSt John's

Angus WELLS22 Clifford Stmsonsingle1921Dec2 wksSt John's

Ada PARKS3 Monroe Stfboardersingle1859Nov62St John, NB (immigrated 1910)

Wm CARLSON9 Brazils Sqmheadmarried1844Nov79Sweden (immigrated 1870)

Annie CARLSON9 Brazils Sqfwifemarried1856Feb65St John's

Annie BUTLER165 Casey Stfwifemarried1880Oct41Carbonear

Alice BUTLER165 Casey Stfdaughtersingle1904Feb18St John's

Murtle BUTLER165 Casey Stfdaughtersingle1905Nov16St John's

Hector BUTLER165 Casey Stmsonsingle1907Nov14St John's

Harold BUTLER165 Casey Stmsonsingle1909March12St John's

John BUTLER165 Casey Stmsonsingle1910June11St John's

Olive BUTLER165 Casey Stfdaughtersingle1911Sept10St John's

Marjorie BUTLER165 Casey Stfdaughtersingle1921April8 mthsSt John's

Wm CLARKE42 Stephen Stmboardersingle1900Sept21Chelsea, Boston

Robert LeDREW5 Monroe Stmheadmarried1881March40Cupids

Jennie LeDREW5 Monroe Stfwifemarried1883Aug38St John's

May LeDREW5 Monroe Stfdaughtersingle1905May16St John's
Page 719

Violet LeDREW5 Monroe Stfdaughtersingle1910April11Sydney

Edgar DAWE68 Springdalemheadmarried1883Oct28Port de Grave

Elsie DAWE68 Springdalefwifemarried1887March34Bonavista

Audrey DAWE68 Springdalemsonsingle1913Aug8St John's

Delphinia DAWE68 Springdalefdaughtersingle1916Sept5St John's

Sarah SPURRELL68 Springdalefdaughtersingle1897March24St John's

Joshua DAY24 Waldegrave Stmheadmarried1858Nov63Old Perlican

Phoebe DAY24 Waldegrave Stfwifemarried1885Feb36Old Perlican

Ada DAY24 Waldegrave Stfdaughtersingle1907July14Old Perlican

Byron DAY24 Waldegrave Stmsonsingle1910March11Old Perlican

Frank DAY24 Waldegrave Stmsonsingle1913Jan9St John's

Geo DAY24 Waldegrave Stmsonsingle1915April6St John's

Daphne DAY24 Waldegrave Stfdaughtersingle1907Oct14St John's

Eliza BURSEY100 LeMarchant Rdfservantsingle1900Aug21Old Perlican

Lewis SPARKES153 Casey Stmheadmarried1894Dec27Lower Island Cove

Annie SPARKES153 Casey Stfwifemarried1886Sept35Wiscanton, Eng.

Gladys SPARKES153 Casey Stfdaughtersingle1920Jan2St John's

Daphine SPARKES153 Casey Stfdaughtersingle1921Dec1St John's

Eliza PEARCE27 Duggan Stfheadwidow1876April45Change Islands

Ethel PEARCE27 Duggan Stfdaughtersingle1903Aug18St John's

Nathaniel PEARCE27 Duggan Stmsonsingle1905Aug16St John's

Lucy PEARCE27 Duggan Stfdaughtersingle1907Feb15St John's

Mary PEARCE27 Duggan Stfdaughtersingle1909Aug12St John's

Wm PEARCE27 Duggan Stmsonsingle1912May9St John's

Emma LeDREW27 Duggan Stfsistersingle1891Aug30St John's

John TRILLIGAN12 Queens Strmheadmarried1869Jan53St John's

Wm ALLISON1 Barron Stmheadmarried1888Sept33St John's

Ellen ALLISON1 Barron Stfwifemarried1887Sept34St John's

Lizzie SMITH35 Princes Stfheadwidow1896Nov25Woody Island

Edith SMITH35 Princes Stfdaughtersingle1918Dec3Woody Island

Israel McNEIL38 George Strmheadmarried1880June38Carbonear

Mollie McNEIL38 George Strfwifemarried1891July30Brigus

Deade??ia McNEIL38 George Strfsistersingle1885Oct36Carbonear

Lavinia McNEIL38 George Strfmotherwidow1888Oct63Brigus

John McNEIL38 George Strmsonsingle1921Dec2 wksSt John's
Page 720

Fred HOUSEFranklin Avemsonsingle1921Nov1 mthSt John's

Eric ASH12 Gear Stmsonsingle1921Oct2 mthsSt John's

Evelyn CAIN28 Wickford Stfdaughtersingle1921Dec2 wksSt John's

Phylis LANE125 Cabot Stfdaughtersingle1921Nov1 mthSt John's

Herb ANTLE64 Prince of Wales Stmsonsingle1921Dec? wksSt John's

James COMBDEN20 Gear Stmsonsingle1921Nov1 mthSt John's

Ruby McLEOD280 Theatre Hillfdaughtersingle1921Oct2 mthsSt John's

Walter HUSSEY48 Cabot Stmsonsingle1921Nov1 mthSt John's

Winnifred COFFIN7 Cabot Stfsonsingle1921Nov1 mthSt John's

Herbert MILLER93 Freshwater Rdmsonsingle1921Dec? WksSt John's

Lloyd WOODLANDGear Stmsonsingle1921Nov1 mthSt John's

Wm HARBINCabot Stmsonsingle1921Nov1 mthSt John's

Harold RODWAYGear Stmsonsingle1922March
St John's

Gladys IVANYLime Stfdaughtersingle1922March
St John's

Louise SHAGGPennywell Rdfservantsingle1898June23Bonavista

Issac PEARCEY58 Lime Stmsonsingle1922March
St John's

Wm FITZGERALDCarters Hillmsonsingle1921Nov1 mthSt John's

Mary FRASERWickford Stfdaughtersingle1921Nov1 mthSt John's

James McDONALDFreshwater Rdmsonsingle1921Nov1 mthSt John's

Loretta MAHERAdelaide Strfdaughtersingle1921Nov1 mthSt John's

Isabella LAYMANCuddihy Strfdaughtersingle1921Nov1 mthSt John's

Francis SEAWARDGoodview Strmsonsingle1921Nov1 mthSt John's

Eric KEARSEYCarters Hillmsonsingle1921Nov1 mthSt John's

Jean PURCELLJames Strfdaughtersingle1921Nov1 mthSt John's

Patrick WEBBERLime Stmsonsingle1921Nov1 mthSt John's

Phylis CLEARYCentral? Stfdaughtersingle1921Dec2 wksSt John's

Richard RINGJames Strmsonsingle1921Dec3 wksSt John's

Alice MALONEBalsom Strfdaughtersingle1921Dec1 wkSt John's

Mary KEOUGHPennywell Rdfdaughtersingle1921Dec1 wkSt John's

James RENOUFCookstown Rdmsonsingle1921Dec3 wksSt John's

Mary RODNEYQueens Strfdaughtersingle1921Dec2 wksSt John's

Thomas MAHERCabot Stmsonsingle1921Dec3 wksSt John's

Patrick MAHONGoodview Strmsonsingle1921Dec1 wkSt John's

Mary SEARSWickford Stfdaughtersingle1921Dec2 wksSt John's
Page 721

James E. HAYESBoncloddy Stmsonsingle1921Nov1 mthSt John's

Gabrielle DEWLING40 Prince of Wales Stfwifemarried1899May22London, Eng

Leslie DEWLING40 Prince of Wales Stmsonsingle1919March3London, Eng
(Addition from Page 722 and 724)

Joan DEWLING40 Prince of Wales Stfdaughtersingle1920Jan2London, Eng

Wm CLARKEWater Stmheadmarried1875Jan47Brigus

Robert PEARCEY48 Cabot Stmheadmarried1892July24St John's

Charlotte PEARCEY48 Cabot Stfwifemarried1896Oct25Pushthrough

Cecil PEARCEY48 Cabot Stmsonsingle1920Feb2St John's

Chesley FORD41 Freshwater Rdmheadmarried1877Oct44Labrador

Elford FORD41 Freshwater Rdmsonsingle1903Feb18Labrador

Eva MORRIS41 Freshwater Rdfdaughtersingle1891July30St John's

Edith MORRIS41 Freshwater Rdfdaughtersingle1890Aug31St John's

David TULK45 Goodview Strmheadmarried1873July48Hr Buffett

Barbara TULK45 Goodview Strfwifemarried1877Jan45Hr Buffett

Winnifred INGRAHAM45 Goodview Strfdaughtersingle1903April15Hr Buffett

Laura TULK45 Goodview Strfdaughtersingle1907Nov14Hr Buffett

Harold TULK45 Goodview Strmsonsingle1909May12Hr Buffett

Florence TULK45 Goodview Strfdaughtersingle1913June8Hr Buffett

James HENDERSON17 Cabot Stmheadmarried1880Aug41Hr Grace

Jane HENDERSON17 Cabot Stfwifemarried1894Jan28Bay Roberts

Phylis HENDERSON17 Cabot Stfdaughtersingle1917July4Bay Roberts

Marjorie HENDERSON17 Cabot Stfdaughtersingle1921Jan1Bay Roberts

Willis MOORE23 Cabot Stmheadmarried1848March73St John's

Naomi MOORE23 Cabot Stfwifemarried1859March52St John's

Silas MOORE48 Pennywell Rdmheadmarried1880Sept41St John's

Naomi MOORE48 Pennywell Rdfwifemarried1881Oct40St John's

Florence MOORE48 Pennywell Rdfdaughtersingle1902June19St John's

Max MOORE48 Pennywell Rdmsonsingle1906Feb16St John's

Ch? MOORE48 Pennywell Rdmsonsingle1908Sept13St John's

Rosarie MOORE48 Pennywell Rdfdaughtersingle1902June19St John's [added to family on later pages]

Enos MOORE48 Pennywell Rdmsonsingle1908Sept13St John's [added to family on later pages]

Jas MOORE48 Pennywell Rdmsonsingle1911Sept10St John's

Geo LOCKE12 Nortre Dame Stmheadmarried1867Dec54Trinity

Mary LOCKE12 Nortre Dame Stfwifemarried1878Oct43Englee

Arch LOCKE12 Nortre Dame Stmsonsingle1900June21St John's

Rosanna LOCKE12 Nortre Dame Stfdaughtersingle1903Oct18St John's
Page 722

Ethel LOCKE12 Nortre Dame Stfdaughtersingle1913Sept8St John's

Mabel LOCKE12 Nortre Dame Stfdaughtersingle1919Oct3St John's

Clayton ROSECarters Hillmheadmarried1893Sept28St John's

Mary ROSECarters Hillfwifemarried1898Sept23Ayr. Scotland

Janet ROSECarters Hillfdaughtersingle1921Aug3 mthsSt John's

Marjorie HENDERSON17 Cabot Stfdaughtersingle1921Jan1Bay Roberts
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Margaret O'DONNELLGeorge Stfdaughtersingle1921Nov
St John's

Wm BENNETTGeorge Stmsonsingle1921Dec
St John's

Mary REIDGoodview Stfdaughtersingle1921Dec
St John's

Alex POWERSJoy Placemsonsingle1922Jan
St John's

Benj BROWN34 New Gower Stmsonsingle1921Oct
St John's

John CLARKE18 Notre Dame Stmsonsingle1921Oct
St John's

Geo WILLIAMS33? Franklin Avemsonsingle1921Oct
St John's

Alfred REID83 1/2 Pennywell Rdmsonsingle1921Oct
St John's

James SILCOCKFranklin Avemsonsingle1921Dec
St John's

John YOUDEN45 Goodview Stmsonsingle1921Oct
St John's

Gordon PIKE70 Cabot Stmsonsingle1921Nov
St John's

Olive NOSEWORTHY17 Freshwater Rdfdaughtersingle1922Jan
St John's

Evelyn LUKINS18 George Stfdaughtersingle1921Jan
St John's

Joan GEAR90 LeMarchant Rdfdaughtersingle1922Jan
St John's

Lucy ROGERS41 LeMarchant Rdfdaughtersingle1922Feb
St John's

Annie HAPGOOD61 Lime Stfdaughtersingle1922March
St John's

Violet PELLEYCuddihy Stfdaughtersingle1922Feb
St John's
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Michael CRITCHJames Stmsonsingle1922Jan
St John's

Mary MEHERSCabot Stfdaughtersingle1922Jan
St John's

Ernest FISHERLime Stmsonsingle1922Jan
St John's

Kathleen HAYESJames Stfdaughtersingle1922Jan
St John's

Mary KELLYCookstown Rdfdaughtersingle1922Jan
St John's

Dorothy REALUS?Cookstown Rdfdaughtersingle1922Jan
St John's

Anastasia BARRONWickford Stfdaughtersingle1922Jan
St John's

Eliz KEARSEYLime Stfdaughtersingle1922Jan
St John's

Mary O'DEAFreshwater Rdfdaughtersingle1922Jan
St John's

Maurice NASHBoncloddy Stmsonsingle1922Jan
St John's

Wm BROWNELime Stmsonsingle1922Jan
St John's

James E. HAYESBoncloddy Stmsonsingle1921??
St John's

Francis MARSHALL127 Cabot Stmsonsingle1922Jan
St John's
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Katherine MURPHYStephens Stfdaughtersingle1922Feb
St John's

Mary SEXTONMonroe Stfdaughtersingle1922Feb
St John's

James DOBBINCasey Stmsonsingle1922Jan
St John's

Albert SIMMSCasey Stmsonsingle1922Jan
St John's

Agnes CASEYNew Gower Stfdaughtersingle1922Jan
St John's

Mary BRIENNew Gower Stfdaughtersingle1922Feb
St John's

James POWERFlower Hillmsonsingle1922Jan
St John's

Rita KINGCentral Stfdaughtersingle1922Feb
St John's

Ellen CROKEBuchanan Stfdaughtersingle1922Jan
St John's

Sybil GEAR90 LeMarchant Rdfdaughtersingle1922Jan
St John's
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Robert INNES174 LeMarchantmsonsingle1921Aug
St John's

Bessie BASTONSPennywell Rdfdaughtersingle1921Dec
St John's

Jean PORTER41 John Stfdaughtersingle1922Jan
St John's

Arthur HUMBER50 Pleasant Stmsonsingle1922Jan
St John's

Eileen PYNN4 Sebastian Stfdaughtersingle1922Jan
St John's

Ada BUTLERSpringdale Stfdaughtersingle1922Feb
St John's

Lorane PYNNCasey Stfdaughtersingle1922Mar
St John's
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