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1921 Census

Avalon South Region ~ St. John's District

Reel #8031 Page 730 - 740

D#=Dwelling Number; F#=Family Number; S=Sex; BIR=Birth Year; The age denotes age of last birthday.

It was read, recorded and transcribed by RAELENE EARLE, 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Page 730

Iris KENNEDYBrien Stmsonsingle1921

John McCARTHYBrien Stmsonsingle1922

Mary HARNICKBambrick Stfdaughtersingle1921

Francis GREENINGBambrick Stmsonsingle1921

Mary HAPGOODHamilton Avefdaughtersingle1921

Mary FLYNNHamilton Avefdaughtersingle1921

Mary O'REILLYHamilton Avefdaughtersingle1921

Leo NOSEWORTHYHamilton Avemsonsingle1921

Leo CURRANHutchings Stmsonsingle1921

Frances DUNPHYHutchings Stfdaughtersingle1921

Mary TOBINJob Stfdaughtersingle1921

Dorothy MULHORN?Job Stfdaughtersingle1922

Kevin O'NEILJob Stmsonsingle1922

Margaret PRETTYWater St Westfdaughtersingle1921

Michael GRILLSWater St Westfdaughtersingle1921

Leo MEANEYWater St Westmsonsingle1921

Michael HANLONWater St Westmsonsingle1921

Frances HEALEYWater St Westfdaughtersingle1922

Hilda KAVANAGHWater St Westfdaughtersingle1922

Mary ROSEPleasant Stfdaughtersingle1921

Alice HARTERYPleasant Stfdaughtersingle1921

Gerald RINGPleasant Stmsonsingle1921

Albert SNOOKSPleasant Stmsonsingle1921

Wm SIMMSPleasant Stmsonsingle1921

Joan CASEYPleasant Stfdaughtersingle1921

Agnes MALLARDPleasant Stfdaughtersingle1921

Leo MONCKPleasant Stmsonsingle1921

John HOSKINSPleasant Stmsonsingle1921

Pauline BRUMLEYCoronation Stfdaughtersingle1922

Mary GEARINConvent Lanefdaughtersingle1921

Joseph O'GRADYPower Stmsonsingle1921

Agnes WILKINSONPower Stfdaughtersingle1922

Margaret GOURLEY?Pleasant Stfdaughtersingle1922

John BURSEYlarkins Sqmsonsingle1922

Gerald HICKEYFergus Placemsonsingle1922

Rhoda SAINSBURY?28? Power Stfboardersingle1877

Page 731

Michael KENNEDYBurkes Sqmsonsingle1922Jan
St John's

Cornelius WALSHBurkes Sqmsonsingle1922Feb
St John's

Arch FOLLETT21 Hamilton Stmsonsingle1921Sept
St John's

Ruth VEY102 Hamilton Stfdaughtersingle1921Nov
St John's

Willis LARKINSt John Placemsonsingle1922Jan
St John's

Marjorie MORGAN23 job Stfdaughtersingle1921Oct
St John's

Eileen SAUNDERS239 1/2 New Gower Stfdaughtersingle1921Dec
St John's

Gertrude GALWAYPatrick Stfdaughtersingle1921Nov
St John's

Margaret EVANSPatrick Stfdaughtersingle1921Nov
St John's

Sybil CUMMINS58a Hamilton Avefdaughtersingle1921Nov
St John's

Maria BOWERS?Brien Stfdaughtersingle1922Feb
St John's

Louise IVANY218 Pleasant Stfdaughtersingle1897Dec24Brittania

Sadie SPURRELL12 Central Stfdaughtersingle1897Apr24St John's

Susie STEAD85 Pleasant Stfservantsingle1898July23Little Catalina

Gerald FROUD63 Pleasant Stmsonsingle1922Jan
St John's

Edward DINGLE?15? Pleasantmboardersingle1902Dec19St John's

Edw? DINGLE?15? Pleasantmboardersingle1905Sept16St John's

John NOFTALL36 Gilbert Stmheadmarried1861Nov60Blackhead

Mary NOFTALL36 Gilbert Stfwifemarried1861Oct60Blackhead

Bertha CALLAHAN36 Gilbert StfADsingle1901Sept20St John's

Bertram HUTCHINGS8 Power Stmheadmarried1878Jan44????

Emily HUTCHINGS8 Power Stfwifemarried1883Oct38"

Barn??th HUTCHINGS8 Power Stmsonsingle1904Au17"

Rose HUTCHINGS8 Power Stfdaughtersingle1908June13"

Muriel HUTCHINGS8 Power Stfdaughtersingle1914July7Bell Island

Wm BARNES136 Patrick Stmheadmarried1860Apr61St John's

Mary BARNES136 Patrick Stfwifemarried1870July51Bay Roberts

Ethel BARNES136 Patrick Stfdaughtersingle1892July29St John's

Irene BARNES136 Patrick Stfdaughtersingle1900Nov21St John's

Muriel PURCHASE188 Patrick Stfboardersingle1893Oct28St John's

Wm DALTON46 Pleasant Stmsonsingle1895Au26St John's

Susan RICE41 Charlton Stmheadwidow1881Dec40St John's

John RUSSELL176 LeMarchantmboardersingle1897Nov24St John's

Mary RUSSELL176 LeMarchantfboardersingle1903Jan19St John's

Clarence SPARKES118 Hamilton msonsingle1913Apr8St John's

Edward SPARKES118 Hamilton msonsingle1911June10St John's
Page 732. Page was repeat of pages 718, 719 Except that these entries were missing.

Wm DUCKETT56 Flower Hillmheadmarried1877May44???? ?rture

Sarah DUCKETT56 Flower Hillfwifemarried1867May54St John's

Wm DUCKETT56 Flower Hillfdaughtersingle1907Feb15St John's? [Side note says please omit this family.]

Winnifred DUCKETT56 Flower Hillfdaughtersingle1910Oct11St John's?
Page 733 Same as Page 719

Herbert PENNELL40 Pleasant Stmheadmarried1895Aug26St John's

Jessie PENNELL40 Pleasant Stfwifemarried1894March27Lower Island Cove [Side note says Ward 3]

Vera PENNELL40 Pleasant Stfdaughtersingle1918Oct3St John's

Walter PENNELL40 Pleasant Stmsonsingle1920Aug1St John's

Herbert PENNELL40 Pleasant Stmsonsingle1922Jan
St John's

Sadie PENNELL40 Pleasant Stfmother?widow1857Dec67St John's
Page 734

Margaret NOLANWater St W.fdaughtersingle1921Oct
St John's

James St JOHNWater St W.msonsingle1921Nov
St John's

Michael TOBINWater St W.msonsingle1921Dec
St John's

Wm MINNETTWater St W.msonsingle1922Jan
St John's

John FOLEYWater St W.msonsingle1922Jan
St John's

Mary MURPHYWater St W.fdaughtersingle1922Feb
St John's

Margaret DEVINEWater St W.fdaughtersingle1922Feb
St John's

Anthony HOULIHANWater St W.msonsingle1922Feb
St John's

Wm DUNNMundy Pondmsonsingle1921Sept
St John's

John WALSHMundy Pondmsonsingle1921Dec
St John's

Mary O'BRIENMundy Pondfdaughtersingle1922Jan
St John's

Wm HOWELLMundy Pondmsonsingle1922Feb
St John's

Rebecca POWERMundy Pondfdaughtersingle1922Feb
St John's

Josephine WALSHMundy Pondfdaughtersingle1921Nov
St John's

John BRANSFIELDAlexander Stmsonsingle1921Dec
St John's

Wm ROGERSAlexander Stmsonsingle1922Jan
St John's

Angus O'NEILPatrick Stmsonsingle1921Nov
St John's

Eileen BURKEPatrick Stfdaughtersingle1921Dec
St John's

Mary FLYNNPatrick Stfdaughtersingle1921Dec
St John's

Mary SMITHPatrick Stfdaughtersingle1921Dec
St John's

Andrew HOGANRopewalk Lanemsonsingle1922Jan
St John's

Margaret GOSSELeMarchant Rdfdaughtersingle1922Feb
St John's

Hector GULLIVER295 Hamilton Avemsonsingle1921Oct
St John's

John BUDDEN232 LeMarchant Rdmsonsingle1921Oct
St John's

Muriel TAPPER240 Hamilton Avefdaughtersingle1921Nov
St John's

Mabel GUZZWELLBeaumont Stfdaughtersingle1921Oct
St John's

Harold JANES29 1/2 Angel Placemsonsingle1921Dec
St John's

Basil CARNELL?? Pleasant Stmsonsingle1921Oct
St John's

Realine? CHISLETTLeMarchant Rdfdaughtersingle1921Nov
St John's

Kelly BESTMundy Pondfdaughtersingle1922Jan
St John's

Bertha SPARKESCornwall Avefdaughtersingle1921Dec
St John's

Timothy CONNORSPierce Avemsonsingle1922Jan
St John's

Gertrude TAITLeslie Stfdaughtersingle1921July
St John's

Chas ELTONHamilton Avemsonsingle1921Sept
St John's
Page 735

Agnes BAGGSMundy Pond Rdfdaughtersingle1921Dec
St John's

Jack DALTON30 Leslie Stmsonsingle1921Oct
St John's

Dorothy UPSHALLMundy Pond Rdfdaughtersingle1921Dec
St John's

Cyril NORMANMundy Pond Rdmsonsingle1921Dec
St John's

Nelson REIDMundy Pond Rdmsonsingle1922March
St John's

Fannie SIMMONSMundy Pond Rdfdaughtersingle1922Feb
St John's

Annie MARTINSudbury Hospitalfnursesingle1885Aug36Bonavista

Maud BARTLETTBeaumont Stfboarderwidow 1893Mar48Hr Grace

Amy TAPPERCornwall Avefheadwidow 1865Dec56Hopewell?

Ruby TAPPERCornwall Avefdaughtersingle1909June12St John's

Samuel JANESHamilton Avemheadmarried1896April25St John's

Mary JANESHamilton Avefwifemarried1896Aug25St John's

Mary PYNNPoor Asylumfinmatewidow 1851Aug70St John's

Wm SNOWLeslie Stmheadmarried1839March82Liverpool

Rosanna SNOWLeslie Stfwifemarried1846April75St John's

Joshua HOOKEY?? Pleasant Stmboarderwidower1862Nov59Trinity

Edward BREWERMundy Pond Rdmheadmarried1892Aug29St John's [Side note says not to be added]

Jane BREWERMundy Pond Rdfwifemarried1892July29St John's [Already found in original book]

H????ah BREWERMundy Pond Rdmsonsingle1915Nov8St John's

Stephen BREWERMundy Pond Rdmsonsingle1914Nov7St John's

Bridget BREWERMundy Pond Rdfdaughtersingle1916Aug5St John's

Ellen BREWERMundy Pond Rdfdaughtersingle1919Oct2St John's

John HANLIN8 Sudbury Stmheadmarried1866Dec55Missouri? US.

Mabel HANLIN8 Sudbury Stfwifemarried1867June54London, Ont.

Wm DAY121 Cornwall Avemboardersingle1900Jan22St John's

Syl???s STACEYMt Royal Avemheadmarried1878Feb44Sound Island

Eliz STACEYMt Royal Avefwifemarried1882Jan40Scotland

Annie STACEYMt Royal Avefdaughtersingle1902June19Sound Island

Donald NOSEWORTHY207 Pleasant Stmsonsingle1921Dec
St John's

Hubert BASTOW177 Pleasant Stmheadmarried1884June37St John's

May BASTOW177 Pleasant Stfwifemarried1891Aug30Twillingate

Arthur WATERFIELD182 Beaumont Stmheadmarried1891May30Halifax

Ethel WATERFIELD182 Beaumont Stfwifemarried1891Oct30St John's

Ralph WATERFIELD182 Beaumont Stmsonsingle1910Sept11St John's

Gordon WATERFIELD182 Beaumont Stmsonsingle1912Mar9St John's
Page 736

Job ROBERTSSudbury Housemheadmarried1873March48Brigus

Ellie ROBERTSSudbury Housefwifemarried1879Jan42Carbonear

Gladys ROBERTSSudbury Housefdaughtersingle1902June19Carbonear

Ruby ROBERTSSudbury Housefdaughtersingle1904May17Carbonear

Harry ROBERTSSudbury Housemsonsingle1908Nov13St John's

Marie ROBERTSSudbury Housefdaughtersingle1913April8St John's

Chris ROBERTSSudbury Housemsonsingle1918March3St John's

Harriett REID175 Pleasant Stfheadwidow1838July83Port-de-Grave

Bessie MOORE157 Pleasant Stfheadwidow1845March76Trinity

Rev. T. NAIGLEMundy Pond Rdmboardersingle1889Sept32St John's

Edwin MOORE147 LeMarchant Rdmheadmarried1882Aug39St John's

Marie MOORE147 LeMarchant Rdfwifemarried1889June32St John's

Wilfred MOORE147 LeMarchant Rdmsonsingle1919March2St John's

Dinah DUKE7 Beaumontfdaughtersingle1922Feb
St John's

Isabel BRYDENAngel Placefboardersingle1883July38St John's

Phoebe PIKE35 Alex Stfwifemarried1899Dec22Seal Cove

Jean PIKE35 Alex Stfdaughtersingle1920May1St John's

Maud PIKE35 Alex Stfwifemarried1846Aug25Topsail

Clifford PIKE35 Alex Stmsonsingle1919Jan3St John's

Millicent PIKE35 Alex Stfdaughtersingle1920June1St John's

Wm CHAUCY38 Alex Stmheadsingle1882Oct39St John's

Michael THISTLE57 Alex Stmheadmarried1871Oct50Blackhead, B de V.

Emily THISTLE57 Alex Stfwifemarried1871June50Cupids

Isaac BREWERMundy Pond Rdmheadmarried1843Aug78Grates Caove

Hannah BREWERMundy Pond Rdfwifemarried1852June69Grates Caove

Hedley BARTLETTMount Royal Avemheadmarried1891Aug30Bareneed

Emma BARTLETTMount Royal Avefwifemarried1892Aug29Carbonear

Agnes BARTLETTMount Royal Avefdaughtersingle1916Aug5Bareneed

Ivy BARTLETTMount Royal Avefdaughtersingle1917Sept4Bareneed

Angus BARTLETTMount Royal Avemsonsingle1918Nov3St John's

Bertram BARTLETTMount Royal Avemsonsingle1920March2St John's

Iris BARTLETTMount Royal Avefdaughtersingle1921March1St John's

Wilson BARTLETTMount Royal Avemsonsingle1922Feb
St John's

Gladys PRIDEAUX?57 Alex Stfgrand-Dsingle1903Dec18St John's
Page 737

Mary DOODYWaterford Rdfdaughtersingle1921Dec
St John's

Sheila CAMPBELLWaterford Rdfdaughtersingle1922Feb
St John's

Richard O'BRIENMcKay Stmssingle1922Jan
St John's

Frederick SMEATONMcKay Stmssingle1922Jan
St John's

Thomas ROLLS?????mheadmarried188?Aug???St John's

Eliz ROLLS?dofwifemarried188?Aug???St John's

Wm A. ELLISWaterford Bridge Rdmheadwidower1866?Nov5?St John's

Mary ELLISWaterford Bridge Rdfdaughtersingle1899April21St John's

David ELLISWaterford Bridge Rdmssingle1902Sept19St John's

Solomon? ELLISWaterford Bridge Rdmsonsingle1904Nov17St John's

Jas JOHNSTONE1 Leslie Stmheadmarried1894May27St John's

Bessie JOHNSTONE1 Leslie Stfwifemarried1896Nov25St John's

Phyllis JOHNSTONE1 Leslie Stfdaughtersingle1921June
St John's

Brian DUNFIELDWaterford Bridge Rdmheadmarried1888April33St John's

Sybil DUNFIELDWaterford Bridge Rdfwifemarried1887Nov32St John's

Dorothy DUNFIELDWaterford Bridge Rdfdaughtersingle1919May2St John's

Jane DRISCOLLWarberry Stfboardersingle1871March50St John's

Eliza ROSE?246 Hamilton Avefservantsingle1897Aug 24Burgeo
Page 738

Mary MIRONCookstown Rdfdaughtersingle1922Jan
St John's

Stephen COLLINSFinns Lanemsonsingle1922Feb
St John's

Jas PITTMANCabot Stmsonsingle1922Feb
St John's

Jos OWENCarter's Hillmsonsingle1922Feb
St John's

Margaret BRENNANLeMarchant Rdfdaughtersingle1922Feb
St John's

Matthew HYNESLime Stmsonsingle1922Feb
St John's

John ROSEFranklin Avemsonsingle1922Feb
St John's

John WHITECabot Stmsonsingle1922Feb
St John's

Patk CONNORSCookstown Rdmsonsingle1922Feb
St John's

John JUDGEPennywell Rdmsonsingle1922March
St John's

Martin COLEFreshwater Rdmsonsingle1922March
St John's

Mary LYNCHCodner's Lanefdaughtersingle1922March
St John's

Mary MADDIGAN?Goodview Stfdaughtersingle1922March
St John's

Joseph NEARYCookstown Rdmsonsingle1922March
St John's

Eliz KENNEDYSim's Stfdaughtersingle1922March
St John's

Mary MORRISSEYGoodview Stfdaughtersingle1922March
St John's

Mary COISHFreshwater Rdfdaughtersingle1922March
St John's

Andrew CALDWELL48 Lime Stmheadmarried1872March29England

Carrie CALDWELL48 Lime Stfwifemarried1878Oct43Greenspond

Marion CALDWELL48 Lime Stfdaughtersingle1906June15St John's

Jean CALDWELL48 Lime Stfdaughtersingle1908May13St John's

Beatrice CALDWELL48 Lime Stfdaughtersingle1910Dec11St John's

Mary FOSTER34 Lime Stfheadwidow1866March55Pelley's Isld

Martin FOSTER34 Lime Stmgrandsonsingle1907Jan15St John's

Sophia ANTHONY26 Cabot Stfwifemarried1884Jan38Brigus

Esther RYANWickford Stfheadwidow1882July39St John's

Wm RYANWickford Stmsonsingle1905Feb17St John's

Frances BISHOP2 New Gower Stfwifemarried1886April35Pool's Island

Ruby BISHOP2 New Gower Stmsonsingle1921Oct
Badger's Quay

Azariah MARTIN22 Franklin Avemheadmarried1889Dec32Random

Mary MARTIN22 Franklin Avefwifemarried1891Jan31Random

Marjorie MARTIN22 Franklin Avefdaughtersingle1916Feb6St John's

Wm MARTIN22 Franklin Avemsonsingle1918March3Random
Page 739

Jabez STRINGER20 George's Stmheadmarried1869Nov52Grate's Cove

Gladys MANUEL20 George's Stfstepdaughtersingle1903Aug18Catalina

Leslie MAUNDER40 New Gower Stmsonsingle1922Jan
St John's

Harold WILLAR5 Cookstown Rdmheadmarried1892Nov29St John's

Gertrude WILLAR5 Cookstown Rdfwifemarried1896Aug25Boston (Immigrated 1921)

Harold WILLAR5 Cookstown Rdmsonsingle1919Dec2Sydney (immigrated 1921)

Wallace WILLAR5 Cookstown Rdmsonsingle1922Jan

Joshua ROGERS84 Lime Stmheadmarried1855June66Lower Island Cove

Sophia ROGERS84 Lime Stfwifemarried1861Nov60Exploits

Roland ROGERS84 Lime Stmsonsingle1891Oct30Exploits

Eli ROGERS84 Lime Stmsonsingle1893May28Exploits

H. C. ROGERS84 Lime Stmsonsingle1899Feb22Exploits

Mary SNOW4 New Gower Stfboarderwidow1849July72brigus

Jonathan TAYLOR52 Barter's Hillmheadmarried1878Sept43Cupids

Rebecca TAYLOR52 Barter's Hillfwifemarried1875Jan46Old Perlican

Phyllis TAYLOR52 Barter's Hillfdaughtersingle1903Nov18Montreal (immigrated 1909?)

Sadie TAYLOR52 Barter's Hillfdaughtersingle1905Feb17Glace Bay

John TAYLOR52 Barter's Hillmsonsingle1906Dec15St John's

Laura TAYLOR52 Barter's Hillfdaughtersingle1910Jan12St John's
Page 740

Laurence HOLDENCarnell Stmsonsingle1922Feb
St John's

Margaret BENNETTCarnell Stfdaughtersingle1922Feb
St John's

Rita SHEANew Gower Stfdaughtersingle1922Feb
St John's

Rita RICHARDSONNew Gower Stfdaughtersingle1922March
St John's

Lizzie SMITH35 Princes Stfheadwidow1896Nov25Woody Isld

Edith SMITH35 Princes Stfdaughtersingle1918Dec3Woody Isld

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