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Avalon South Region ~ St. John's

Harbor & District of St. John's 1794-1795

Third Division - From Noble's Cove to Engine House

#1 - Families
#2 - Years Here
#3 - Marital Status
#4 - Male Adult
#5 - Female Adult
#6 - Male Child
#7 - Female Child
#8 - Male Servant
#9 - Female Servant
#10 - Dieter Male
#11 - Dieter
#12 - Protestant
#13 - Roman Catholic
Records were transcribed by BRENDA YOUNG, 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
3Rd DIV_JNC-EN125Jas. HayesChas. DennyMason31M1121000050
3Rd DIV_JNC EN126Jn. HallP. ColfordCooper20M1131000060
3Rd DIV_JNC EN127Jas. MooreP. ColfordTaylor12S1000002003
3Rd DIV_JNC EN128Pat ColfordP. ColfordCarpenter16M1111000004
3Rd DIV_JNC EN129Jn. McDonaldP. ColfordShoreman20S1000002003
3Rd DIV_JNC EN130Jn. CallaghanJn. RogersCarpenter8S1010000002
3Rd DIV_JNC EN131Dav. WelshJn. RogersCooper12M1131100007
3Rd DIV_JNC EN132Pat PurcellJn. RogersCooper30M1100001012
3Rd DIV_JNC EN133Wm. BrandJn. RogersFisherman20M1122000033
3Rd DIV_JNC EN134Hen. DugganWm. SlatteryFisherman12S1000000304
3Rd DIV_JNC EN135Jn. MaharWm. SlatteryShoreman10S1000000102
3Rd DIV_JNC EN136Edm. DoyleDewes CokeShoreman9S1000000607
3Rd DIV_JNC EN137Mich. BryanAndrew BarnesFisherman30M1121000005
3Rd DIV_JNC EN138Wm. MacheerThos. NurseFisherman99M1100010030
3Rd DIV_JNC EN139Tim DawleyMich. DowerFisherman20M1121000005
3Rd DIV_JNC EN140Mich. DowerMich. DowerFisherman32M1120000004
3Rd DIV_JNC EN141Peter GossThos. NurseFisherman20M1110000003
3Rd DIV_JNC EN142Wm. KellyThos. NurseFisherman10S1000002003
3Rd DIV_JNC EN143Jn. MaharJas. SheppardCooper20S1000100002
3Rd DIV_JNC EN144Jn. NaughtonRob. WhittonShoreman8M1121000005
3Rd DIV_JNC EN145Darby DunphyRob. WhittonShoreman10S1000000203
3Rd DIV_JNC EN146Wm LongWm. Long(self)Carpenter20M1120000004
3Rd DIV_JNC EN147R. EnniscourtG. KeatingShips Carpenter99M1155000
3Rd DIV_JNC EN148Jas. O'DonnelJn. RogersR.C.Clergyman12S1000200003
3Rd DIV_JNC EN149Jn. PopeWm. Redmond-0M1122000060
3Rd DIV_JNC EN150Donald ConnersWm. RedmondShips Carpenter4S1000200003
3Rd DIV_JNC EN151Stas LocklandJn. RogersFisherman18M1123000007
3Rd DIV_JNC EN152Ed. CannonJas. BrooksPublican19M11333002

3Rd DIV_JNC EN153Mary CopeJas. BrooksSchool Mistress0S0100000001
3Rd DIV_JNC EN154Pat CahillJas. BrooksShoreman14M1102000004
3Rd DIV_JNC EN155Thos. DwyerJas. Brooksaccomptant0M1112000005
3Rd DIV_JNC EN156Thos. LonerganJas. BrooksFisherman20S1000000203
3Rd DIV_JNC EN157Wm. KeefeJas. BrooksFisherman10M1121000005
3Rd DIV_JNC EN158Jn. HennisseyJas. BrooksFisherman25M1110102015
3Rd DIV_JNC EN159Bridget PineJas. BrooksWasherwoman0M0113000041
3Rd DIV_JNC EN160Eliz. WallJas. BrooksWasherwoman99W0120020005
3Rd DIV_JNC EN161Jane TilleyThos. Wakeham-99W0101010021
3Rd DIV_JNC EN162Thos. WakehamThos. WakehamPlanter48M1100210050
3Rd DIV_JNC EN163Pat. BurkeThos. WakehamSHoreman99W1003000040
3Rd DIV_JNC EN164Geo. MathewsThos. WakehamCooper99M1121000005
3Rd DIV_JNC EN165Mary WhelanL. MaddockNurse0W0111000003
3Rd DIV_JNC EN166Jn. NorrisL. MaddockFisherman99M1120110006
3Rd DIV_JNC EN167A. FlingL. MaddockWasherwoman0W0103000004
3Rd DIV_JNC EN168Aug. McNemaraJn. RendlePublican24M1141100008
3Rd DIV_JNC EN169Mich. SheaJn. RendleSchoolmaster12S1000000001
3Rd DIV_JNC EN170Wm. PowerJn. RendleFisherman20S1000000304
3Rd DIV_JNC EN171Ann PowerJn. RendleWasherwoman99W0111100004
3Rd DIV_JNC EN172Cath. EalesJn. RendleWasherwoman99-0111110032
3Rd DIV_JNC EN173Pat. KeefeA. BarnesCooper20M1120000013
3Rd DIV_JNC EN174Wm. SquiresJn. NobleShoreman20M1110000022
3Rd DIV_JNC EN175Jn. NobleJn. NobleMerchant

3Rd DIV_JNC EN176Wm. CallaghanJn. NobleAccomptant11M1111010005
3Rd DIV_JNC EN177W. McGrathJn. NobleShips Carpenter28M1120010005
3Rd DIV_JNC EN178Jas. WatermanJn. NobleShips Carpenter99M1140200071
3Rd DIV_JNC EN179Wm. SheaJn. NobleFisherman10S1000100002
3Rd DIV_JNC EN180Rd. WillsJas. BrooksFisherman38M1100013051
3Rd DIV_JNC EN181Jn. SnellgroveJas. BrooksSailmaker99M111241009
3Rd DIV_JNC EN182Saur MinanJas. BrooksFisherman10M1101003006
3Rd DIV_JNC EN183Joanna RipperEdith Brooks--99
3Rd DIV_JNC EN184Nich. TraverseEdith BrooksCarpenter11W1011100004
3Rd DIV_JNC EN185Wm. MaloneyEdith BrooksFisherman9
3Rd DIV_JNC EN186Pat BryanEdith BrooksFisherman20M1100211006
3Rd DIV_JNC EN187Corn. MahonyEdith BrooksFisherman18M1101002005
3Rd DIV_JNC EN188Thos. DanielEdith BrooksFisherman10M1111000004
3Rd DIV_JNC EN189Jn. CahillEdith BrooksFisherman20M1102400008
3Rd DIV_JNC EN190Jos. HillEdith BrooksFisherman99M1113100007
3Rd DIV_JNC EN191Judith McGrathEdith Brooks---0W0110000002
3Rd DIV_JNC EN192Pat. MahoneyEdith BrooksFisherman20M1101010004
3Rd DIV_JNC EN193Dan. SeanlonEdith BrooksSHoreman20M1120000004
3Rd DIV_JNC EN194Jn. PendergrassEdith BrooksTaylor8S1000000001
3Rd DIV_JNC EN195Tho. MurphyJas. BrooksPublican30M1113210018
3Rd DIV_JNC EN196Jn. McGrathJas. BrooksMerchant20W1000202005
3Rd DIV_JNC EN197Tim SolomonWm. PendergrassWatchmaker3S1000000010
3Rd DIV_JNC EN198Wm. PendergrastWm. PendergrassPublican30W1032110018
3Rd DIV_JNC EN199G.O. Thos. KoughSelvesMerchants

3Rd DIV_JNC EN200Jn. WhiteJn. QuirkShoreman7M11211140

3Rd DIV_JNC EN201Jm. BryanJn. QuirkCarpenter24S1000004005
3Rd DIV_JNC EN202Jn. QuirkJn. QuirkAccomptant20W1010100003
3Rd DIV_JNC EN203Thos. WelshJn. QuirkShoreman7M1112000005
3Rd DIV_JNC EN204Amb. KearneyJn. QuirkButcher11S1000201004
3Rd DIV_JNC EN205Mich. ForehanEdith BrooksSHopkeeper20M1122200008
3Rd DIV_JNC EN206Jn. PowerTim FogertyPublican10S1000100002
3Rd DIV_JNC EN207Jn. ScottExc. of l. BullyShopkeeper11M1101400007
3Rd DIV_JNC EN208John CoxExc. of l. BullyPublican30M1125220
3Rd DIV_JNC EN209Dens. ReardonExc. of l. BullyBarber16M1110100004
3Rd DIV_JNC EN210Rich. SheaExc. of l. BullyDoctor
3Rd DIV_JNC EN211Garrett KeatingExc. of l. BullyTaylor25M1105000007
3Rd DIV_JNC EN212Wm. WelshExc. of l. BullyCarpenter20M1111110006
3Rd DIV_JNC EN213Luke MaddockWm. NewmanWatchmaker24M11244200

3Rd DIV_JNC EN214Wm. NewmanWm. NewmanMerchant
3Rd DIV_JNC EN215Jn. MurphyWm. NewmanShoreman
3Rd DIV_JNC EN216Nick. CullenWm. NewmanFisherman0M1110200005
3Rd DIV_JNC EN217Fras. DrakeWm. NewmanSailmaker0S1000300040
3Rd DIV_JNC EN218Stuart&RennieJn. TuckerMerchant14S1000400032
3Rd DIV_JNC EN219Jn. HeardJn. TuckerBlockmaster25M1101202070
3Rd DIV_JNC EN220Wm. HillJn. TuckerMariner20M1120000040
3Rd DIV_JNC EN221Mick. BarnJn. TuckerTaylor9S1000100002
3Rd DIV_JNC EN222Pat. FlanneryJn. TuckerPublican12M1110210006
3Rd DIV_JNC EN223B.FitzsimmonsThos. WakehamSmith19W1012310044
3Rd DIV_JNC EN224Tim RyanThos. WakehamShopkeeper24M1122200008
3Rd DIV_JNC EN225Rich. ReedThos. WakehamMerchant15S1032420
3Rd DIV_JNC EN226Pat RedmondW. KeresyPublican20M1130310009
3Rd DIV_JNC EN227Jas. WhelanThos. WakehamBarber15M1121000005
3Rd DIV_JNC EN228Mary CorbettThos. Wakeham--99W0120000003
3Rd DIV_JNC EN229Maur TobinThos. WakehamShoreman12M1100101004
3Rd DIV_JNC EN230Pat. MorrisseyThos. WakehamTaylor10M1110200005
3Rd DIV_JNC EN231Thos. LampertThos. WakehamFisherman30M1111000004
3Rd DIV_JNC EN232Elinor MaraThos. WakehamWasherwoman
3Rd DIV_JNC EN233Jn. FouleauThos. WakehamFisherman40M1120100014
3Rd DIV_JNC EN234Jn. CuthbertThos. WakehamShoemaker20S1000200012
3Rd DIV_JNC EN235W. LandeyThos. WakehamFisherman20M1103101007
3Rd DIV_JNC EN236Nich. VealThos. WakehamCooper18M1113100007
3Rd DIV_JNC EN237Jn. GloryThos. WakehamFisherman30M1103000005
3Rd DIV_JNC EN238Jn. RoweThos. WakehamShoreman12M1120102007
3Rd DIV_JNC EN239Dens. DempseyThos. WakehamFisherman4S1000001002
3Rd DIV_JNC EN240Wm. DunnThos. WakehamFisherman20S1000100002
3Rd DIV_JNC EN241Marg. FitzgeraldThos. WakehamBaker0W0113000005
3Rd DIV_JNC EN242Geo. CollierThos. BabbPublican33W1000310032
3Rd DIV_JNC EN243Jn. BarryThos. BabbSmith0M1100300005
3Rd DIV_JNC EN244Wm. McCarthyThos. BabbFisherman30M1110212017
3Rd DIV_JNC EN245Laur BoveyThos. BabbCooper20S1000300031
3Rd DIV_JNC EN246Jas. LittleThos. BabbShips Carpenter0S1000001020
3Rd DIV_JNC EN247Cath. DonovanDan Donovan---0M0100100002
3Rd DIV_JNC EN248Wm. PottsDan DonovanPublican0M10003160

3Rd DIV_JNC EN249Jas. DaltonWm. HenlayShoreman0S1000100002
3Rd DIV_JNC EN250Wm. MastersWm. MastersWatchmaker18M1100110040
3Rd DIV_JNC EN251Cornl. MullownyWm. MastersSmith20M1101001004
3Rd DIV_JNC EN252Pat. MahoneyT. BuffettFisherman17M1111000004
3Rd DIV_JNC EN253Pat. PowerT. BuffettFisherman30S1000300004
3Rd DIV_JNC EN254S. HannalanGeo. HutchingsFisherman40W1000002003
3Rd DIV_JNC EN255Hugh DoranGeo. HutchingsTaylor10-1000003004
3Rd DIV_JNC EN256Jas. KeefeE. ElmesFisherman14-1000003004
3Rd DIV_JNC EN257Jn. DoyleE. ElmesShoreman24-1000003004
3Rd DIV_JNC EN258Darby LaheyD. DonovanTaylor0M0120310007
3Rd DIV_JNC EN259Jn. HaulahanD. DonovanShoemaker18M11115100

3Rd DIV_JNC EN260Edm. DoyleGeo. BulleyPublican27M11133100

3Rd DIV_JNC EN261Mich. HanlonA. BradrigeButcher20M1100100003
3Rd DIV_JNC EN262Alex CormackA. BradrigeMerchant12M1111410072

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