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Avalon South Region ~ St. John's

Harbor & District of St. John's 1794-1795

Fourth Division - From Engine House to Kings Beach

#1 - Families
#2 - Years Here
#3 - Marital Status
#4 - Male Adult
#5 - Female Adult
#6 - Male Child
#7 - Female Child
#8 - Male Servant
#9 - Female Servant
#10 - Dieter Male
#11 - Dieter
#12 - Protestant
#13 - Roman Catholic
Records were transcribed by BRENDA YOUNG, 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
4th DIV_EH KBe263Jn. SaulSam. HenleyPublican30M11313010

4th DIV_EH KBe264Bull & KearneySam. HenleyTaylors10O2000100003
4th DIV_EH KBe265H. PhillipsSam. HenleySheriff
4th DIV_EH KBe266Jn. McCurdySam. HenleyDoctor
4th DIV_EH KBe267Wm. WalshJn. LivingstonePublican28M11521130

4th DIV_EH KBe268Mich. WelshJn. LivingstoneFisherman32M1110411018
4th DIV_EH KBe269Nath. PhillipsJn. LivingstoneMerchant20S1000500024
4th DIV_EH KBe270Dom. KingGeo. GadenPublican35M1114000007
4th DIV_EH KBe271Jas. CodyGeo. GadenTaylor8S1000300004
4th DIV_EH KBe272Wm. HenleyS. JutshamMerchant

4th DIV_EH KBe273Jer. McCarthyS. JutshamButcher11S1000301005
4th DIV_EH KBe274Jn. WhiteS. JutshamTaylor5S1000400005
4th DIV_EH KBe275Geo. WalshS. JutshamShopkeeper13S1011110005
4th DIV_EH KBe276Marks. CodyWm. ThomasCooper14M1121210008
4th DIV_EH KBe277Jas. MaharWm. ThomasShoreman10M1130100006
4th DIV_EH KBe278M. MeaghanWm. ThomasTaylor10M0111000003
4th DIV_EH KBe279Jas. KennedyWm. ThomasButcher
4th DIV_EH KBe280Thos. BuffettT. BuffettGent ?40M1100110031
4th DIV_EH KBe281Jas. BalfourT. BuffettMinister
4th DIV_EH KBe282M. DwyerT. BuffettShoreman14M1120003007
4th DIV_EH KBe283Jn. RyanT. BuffettShoreman8S1000003004
4th DIV_EH KBe284Jas. WelshT. BuffettShoreman
4th DIV_EH KBe285P. HanrahanS. JutshanShoreman22M1103111008
4th DIV_EH KBe286Pat. RyanS. JutshanShopkeeper
4th DIV_EH KBe287Mich. CahillWm. ThomasPublican12M1100410016
4th DIV_EH KBe288Jn. AshJas. KavanaghShoreman24M1111100005
4th DIV_EH KBe289Wm. MullowneyJas. KavanaghFisherman20S1000003004
4th DIV_EH KBe290Jas KavanaghJas. KavanaghBarber Surgeon28S1000500006
4th DIV_EH KBe291S. WoolcockJas. KavanaghPublican18M1100410043
4th DIV_EH KBe292Jas. SkenesJas. KavanaghShoreman7M1122011008
4th DIV_EH KBe293Edw. ElmesE. ElmesMerchant

4th DIV_EH KBe294R. RobertsE. ElmesAccomptant23M0106000070
4th DIV_EH KBe295Wm. RyanE. ElmesTaylor20M11215120

4th DIV_EH KBe296Pat. PowerG. ClappMerchant20S1000300004
4th DIV_EH KBe297Geo. BurtonE. ElmesMerchant99M1101110032
4th DIV_EH KBe298Wm. DixonE. ElmesMerchant9M0110011040
4th DIV_EH KBe299Rob. TrembettR. Trembett(self)Shopkeeper19M1120210061
4th DIV_EH KBe300Wm. NowlanJn. RendleFisherman17M1111101006
4th DIV_EH KBe301Jn. FitzgeraldWm. HenleyFisherman30M1101102008
4th DIV_EH KBe302Anth. RyanWm. HenleyShoreman8M1110000003
4th DIV_EH KBe303N. ParkerG. ClappGlazier ??19M1161210
4th DIV_EH KBe304Matt. GussleAndrew BarnesFisherman25M1110510081
4th DIV_EH KBe305Jn. BarnesAndrew BarnesCarpenter99M1120001050
4th DIV_EH KBe306Jn. Smeely ??Ral. BarnesMariner1M1101010031
4th DIV_EH KBe307R. BarnesRal. BarnesBlockmaker28M1121310081
4th DIV_EH KBe308Jn. StrawbridgeRal. BarnesBoatkeeper20M1000000010
4th DIV_EH KBe309Phillip KnightRal. BarnesCarpenter99M1100000020
4th DIV_EH KBe310Edw. MolloyN. ParkerPublican99M1101310007
4th DIV_EH KBe311Alex. RoachGeo. DarryFisherman26M1131002008
4th DIV_EH KBe312Jn. CaseyGeo. DarryCarpenter8M1100201005
4th DIV_EH KBe313Jas. DunnGeo. DarryShoreman8M1101000003
4th DIV_EH KBe314Thos. ConnellyGeo. DarryTaylor11M1100300005
4th DIV_EH KBe315W. DawsonGeo. DarryFidler18M1100000002
4th DIV_EH KBe316Pat. WelshGeo. DarryFisherman20S1000000001
4th DIV_EH KBe317Edm. RyanGeo. DarryFisherman10M1011001004
4th DIV_EH KBe318A. ThomsonJas. GillMerchant

4th DIV_EH KBe319Geo. DarcyJas. GillPublican20M1100310006
4th DIV_EH KBe320Thos. WalkerMcGlashan & Co.Mason21M1122010070
4th DIV_EH KBe321Jn. WelshMcGlashan & Co.Shoreman
4th DIV_EH KBe322R. RobertsonMcGlashan & Co.Merchant12S1000300031
4th DIV_EH KBe323Hart & EppesW. ColbertMerchant

4th DIV_EH KBe324Dav. DugganW. ColbertDoctor14M1111210007
4th DIV_EH KBe325W. I. EppesR. BollardCommissary
4th DIV_EH KBe326Geo. GadenWm. ThomasMerchant
4th DIV_EH KBe327Elias RoweWm. ThomasMerchant
4th DIV_EH KBe328Jn. DailyWm. ThomasCarpenter10M1121000005
4th DIV_EH KBe329Nich PowerWm. ThomasCooper24S1000101003
4th DIV_EH KBe330Phillip Bulger-Labourer19M1130101007
4th DIV_EH KBe331Jn. MarchWm. ThomasSmith17M112171107
4th DIV_EH KBe332Alex. LaundersJn. SawerSmith99M1102110051
4th DIV_EH KBe333Jn. BrophyJn. SawerPublican25M11027110

4th DIV_EH KBe334Jn. RennelsWm. HenleySurgeon10W116102009
4th DIV_EH KBe335Fra. DrewMar. English--
4th DIV_EH KBe336M. EnglishMar. EnglishFisherman99S1000100002
4th DIV_EH KBe337Dennis DoyleMar. EnglishFisherman11S1000001002
4th DIV_EH KBe338Dant. MoranStuarts & RennieFisherman
4th DIV_EH KBe339Geo. SmithStuarts & RennieFisherman8M1120000040
4th DIV_EH KBe340Jas. DavisD. DonovanShoreman10M1110001004
4th DIV_EH KBe341Hum. KellyD. DonovanShoreman12M1100000002
4th DIV_EH KBe342Dens. ScottD. ScottCarpenter14W1000100002
4th DIV_EH KBe343Thos. DoyleD. ScottShoreman
4th DIV_EH KBe344Pat. BurkeA. BarnesFisherman10S1000102004
4th DIV_EH KBe345Wm. ClanceyA. BarnesFisherman16S1000002003
4th DIV_EH KBe346Pat. BromleyThomas & StokesShoreman22M1110100004
4th DIV_EH KBe347Nich. HallThomas & StokesTaylor16M1131000006
4th DIV_EH KBe348Jn. GallettThomas & StokesShoreman99M1121000005
4th DIV_EH KBe349Thomas & StokesThomas & StokesMerchant

4th DIV_EH KBe350Dollare LangThomas & StokesCarpenter18M1123301
4th DIV_EH KBe351Thos. NurseThomas & StokesCarpenter99M1111000040
4th DIV_EH KBe352Eliz. WakehamThomas & Stokes--99M0102000030
4th DIV_EH KBe353Jas. PowerThomas & StokesShoreman12M1101020023
4th DIV_EH KBe354Jn. LoughmanMary McDonaldBoatkeeper14S1010200004
4th DIV_EH KBe355Mich. McDonaldMary McDonaldCarpenter12M1111500063
4th DIV_EH KBe356Eliz. PynnMary McDonald--
4th DIV_EH KBe357Edw. HaleyMary McDonaldFisherman18M1101200005
4th DIV_EH KBe358Jacob ThomasMary McDonaldCarpenter52M1112200070
4th DIV_EH KBe359Jn. JonesMary McDonaldMinister29S1000010020
4th DIV_EH KBe360Jn. PayneMary McDonaldCarpenter
4th DIV_EH KBe361Thos. MartinMary McDonaldShoreman10M1103000050
4th DIV_EH KBe362Jas. BarnesJas. Barnes(self)Mariner99M1122111090
4th DIV_EH KBe363Wm. WelshM. McDonaldTaylor9M1101100004
4th DIV_EH KBe364Jas. DlakersM. McDonaldFisherman99M1111100050
4th DIV_EH KBe365Geo. GoughM. McDonaldFisherman16M1100000020
4th DIV_EH KBe366Geo. CroucherM. McDonaldFisherman9M1111000040
4th DIV_EH KBe367Ann SevierM. McDonald--
4th DIV_EH KBe368Jas. CadwellM. McDonaldFisherman99M1120000040
4th DIV_EH KBe369Tim ReganM. McDonaldShoreman10S1000002021
4th DIV_EH KBe370Fra. HolmesFra. GillShoreman18M1101001040
4th DIV_EH KBe371Ed. StainsburryFra. GillFisherman20M1140010061
4th DIV_EH KBe372Rd. IrelandFra. GillFisherman9M1100100021
4th DIV_EH KBe373Thos. KeoghM. ColbertCarpenter
4th DIV_EH KBe374Thos. BurkeM. ColbertShoreman40S1000100002
4th DIV_EH KBe375Jas. DalyM. MorrisseyCarpenter8S1000300004
4th DIV_EH KBe376Jn. SaulM. MorrisseyFisherman17M1121012008
4th DIV_EH KBe377Wm. BolanM. MorrisseyFisherman18S1000002003
4th DIV_EH KBe378M. MorrisseyM. MorrisseyShoreman
4th DIV_EH KBe379Jas. BryanAnn HayeFisherman16M1101100004
4th DIV_EH KBe380Pat. DwyerAnn HayeShoreman3S1000002003
4th DIV_EH KBe381Mary KellyAnn Haye--
4th DIV_EH KBe382Garret SuppleAnn HayeShoreman7M1111002006
4th DIV_EH KBe383Jn. LinamAnn HayeCarpenter25M1111101051
4th DIV_EH KBe384Elin ScottAnn Haye--20W0113000005
4th DIV_EH KBe385Anna HayeAnn Haye--
4th DIV_EH KBe386Ann CumminsAnn Haye--
4th DIV_EH KBe387Jas. GillJas. GillAuctioner38M1111300052
4th DIV_EH KBe388Rob. McAuslinJas. Gill--19M1100000020
4th DIV_EH KBe389Step ClareyJas. GillTaylor34M1120000004
4th DIV_EH KBe390Dan CahillJas. GillFisherman10S1000003004
4th DIV_EH KBe391Jas. BryanJas. GillShoreman20M1111101006
4th DIV_EH KBe392Jn. FitzgeraldJas. GillShoreman30S1000002003
4th DIV_EH KBe393Jn. BrahanJas. GillShoreman27M1121002007
4th DIV_EH KBe394Jas. KeresyJas. GillFisherman20M1101200005
4th DIV_EH KBe395Edw. WhelenJas. GillFisherman99M1110000003
4th DIV_EH KBe396Dav. ScottJas. GillShoreman10M1120101006
4th DIV_EH KBe397Mary CanfieldJas. Gill--30W0100204007
4th DIV_EH KBe398Edw. MaraJas. GillCarpenter10M1112000005
4th DIV_EH KBe399Dewes CokeDewes CokeChief Justice31M1100223054
4th DIV_EH KBe400Pat. McGrathDewes CokeBaker22M1102112008
4th DIV_EH KBe401Jn. LynchDewes CokePublican14M1120113009
4th DIV_EH KBe402Pat. McDonaldDewes CokeFisherman19M1111210007
4th DIV_EH KBe403Wm. HearneDewes CokeFisherman10M1101102006
4th DIV_EH KBe404Jas. MasonDewes CokeScrivener11S1000100011
4th DIV_EH KBe405Mich. PowerDewes CokeMariner20M1100110004
4th DIV_EH KBe406Mich. DooleyDewes CokeFisherman20M1120110006
4th DIV_EH KBe407Dav. ShepherdW. ColbertBaker10M1000301032
4th DIV_EH KBe408Ann SaundersW. Colbert--
4th DIV_EH KBe409Edw. PowerW. ColbertShoreman30M1101100004
4th DIV_EH KBe410Jon. ParsonsW. ColbertMariner
4th DIV_EH KBe411Nor. MurphyW. ColbertSmith40M1100210005
4th DIV_EH KBe412Rich. CarbearyW. ColbertFisherman9M1111200006
4th DIV_EH KBe413Thom. ComerfordW. ColbertCooper27M11431000

4th DIV_EH KBe414Jn. SawerJn. SawerKingsCarpenter24M1100211042
4th DIV_EH KBe415Morg. FouleurG. KeatingShoreman18M1100002004
4th DIV_EH KBe416Wm. BryanWm. Bryan (self)Fisherman18M1111111007
4th DIV_EH KBe417Geo. MorleySarah BurtonCarpenter56M11441000

4th DIV_EH KBe418Sarah BurtonSarah Burton--
4th DIV_EH KBe419Jn. WoodSarah BurtonCarpenter99M1102100050
4th DIV_EH KBe420Wm. KingSarah BurtonFisherman49M1120000040
4th DIV_EH KBe421Jas. WoodSarah BurtonCarpenter99M1111000040
4th DIV_EH KBe422Hen. ConnellSarah BurtonCarpenter31W1010100003
4th DIV_EH KBe423Jas. BurrossSarah BurtonFisherman12M1101100004
4th DIV_EH KBe424Dan. BrophyR. BollardFisherman20M1133000008
4th DIV_EH KBe425Thos. WhittleR. BollardShoemaker12S1000002003
4th DIV_EH KBe426Chas. McHughSarah BurtonFisherman12M1100002004
4th DIV_EH KBe427Jn. DooleySarah BurtonCarpenter20M1121300008
4th DIV_EH KBe428Garrett DooleySarah BurtonFisherman10S1000001002
4th DIV_EH KBe429G. CorcoranR. BollardShoreman10S1000001002
4th DIV_EH KBe430Jas. MaloneR. BollardFisherman10M1130000005
4th DIV_EH KBe431Tim KellyR. BollardShoreman20S1000000001
4th DIV_EH KBe432Thos. WhelanR. BollardCooper17M1132100008
4th DIV_EH KBe433Jas. McGrathJn. SawerFisherman30M1131000006
4th DIV_EH KBe434Math. SmithJn. SawerFisherman7M1131000006
4th DIV_EH KBe435G. FitzgeraldR. BollardShoemaker10M1110000003
4th DIV_EH KBe436Pat. BurneDan. MelvinFisherman11S1000003004
4th DIV_EH KBe437Thos. WhelanDan. MelvinFisherman14S1000002003
4th DIV_EH KBe438Jas. RyanDan. MelvinShoreman12S1000002003
4th DIV_EH KBe439Jn. WalshJas. GillShoreman20M1102000004
4th DIV_EH KBe440And. DunphyJas. GillCooper10S1000002003
4th DIV_EH KBe441Pat. QuinR. BollardFisherman16M1100000002
4th DIV_EH KBe442M. KavanaghR. BollardFisherman9S1000003004
4th DIV_EH KBe443Chas. PowerJn. JonesFisherman13M1130011007
4th DIV_EH KBe444Fra. ObyJn. JonesFisherman99M1120000040
4th DIV_EH KBe445That. TodridgeJn. SawerKings Mason24M1132202
4th DIV_EH KBe446Jn. ShepherdJn. SawerFisherman40M1120000040
4th DIV_EH KBe447Rd. CodyJn. SawerCooper10S1000003004
4th DIV_EH KBe448Jn. PendergrassJn. SawerCarpenter20W1002200005
4th DIV_EH KBe449Pat. BryanJn. SawerFisherman20M1111000004
4th DIV_EH KBe450Jn. DamarellJn. SawerCarpenter24M1104100061
4th DIV_EH KBe451B. McCarthyR. BollardFisherman9M1120000004
4th DIV_EH KBe452Dav. PowerR. BollardFisherman10M1110000003
4th DIV_EH KBe453Dav. PowerJn. SawerFisherman20M1132000007
4th DIV_EH KBe454Pat. FitzpatrickJn. SawerShoreman22M1121002007
4th DIV_EH KBe455Math. WhelanJn. SawerShoreman12M1100001003
4th DIV_EH KBe456Don CampbellM. BurtonShoreman18W1000000010
4th DIV_EH KBe457Ann MorrisonM. Burton--
4th DIV_EH KBe458Jn. BowersM. BurtonTaylor16M1110201051
4th DIV_EH KBe459Wm. ClarkeM. BurtonCarpenter8M1111000040
4th DIV_EH KBe460Peter McKieM. BurtonCollector

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