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The information was transcribed by Peter Holmes from microfilm reels at the LDS center. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
George Frampton b Sept 19 1859 to William & Sarah (Hall) at St. John's.

Mary Jane Goobie b May 14 1859 to Reginald? & Elizabeth at St. John's.

William Nicholas Hickey b June 8 1859 to Michael & Sarah at St. John's.

Laura Jane Butler b Aug 28 1860 to Thomas & Eliza at Topsail.

Mary Frances Cleary b Aug 18 1860 to Martin & Margaret at St. John's.

Catherine Fitzgerald b Sept 22 1860 to Patrick & Ellen (Moriarity) at St. John's.

Georgina Mary Hoggett b Aug 9 1860 to George & Mary (Carroll) at St. John's.

Transcriber's Note: The next entry is transcripted as it was written, with what appears to be the surname followed by the Christian names.
Hudson, Fanny Knight b April 18 1862 to Oliver Hudson & Sarah Ann Knight at St. John's.

James King? b Aug 13 1860 to John T. & Ellen at St. John's.

Jessie Alice King b April 6 1860 to William & Louisa at St. John's.

Elizabeth McGuire b Aug 4 1860 to D? & Mary (Buckley) at St. John's.

Paul Rutledge b Oct 13 1860 to Louis & Ellen (Murphy) at St. John's.

Isabella Jane Taylor b July 23 1860 to Levi & Mary Ann at St. John's.

Richard Thomas Williams b July 7 1860 to Richard & Mary Jane at St. John's.

James Walsh b Dec 13 1860 to William & Ann (Bowen) at St. John's.

Charles Frederick Lester b April 10 1861 to John & Mary Grace at St. John's.

Elizabeth Mary Tobin b Nov 23 1861 to Joseph & Elizabeth at St. John's.

Catherine Barnes b April 17 1862 to James & Elizabeth (Keels)? at St. John's.

Susannah Fowler? b Sept 23 1862 to Edward & Susannah at Topsail.

Margaret Mary McKeown b July 16 1862 to Charles & Mary Ann (Lyons) at St. John's.

Charles Seviour b Jan 29 1862 to John & Jane at St. John's.

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