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This was scanned by THOMAS H. SUTTLES and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL, 2001. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Transcript of a handwritten letter to Great-grandmother, Nancy CAREW ENGLISH from her brother John.

(Note: Thomas sent me a copy of the scanned transcription which I in turn transcribed for posting. I have transcribed it exactly as it was on the image provided by Thomas)

St. John’s N.F.
Nov. 5 1878

My Dear Nancy

I am most ashamed to write to you after so long a time without either seeing or hearing from you. I am receiving letters form your sons and brothers this twelve months past. They gave me all your particulars of the family. The first letter received after one score years from your brother Michael. He announced to me the death of poor Richard ENGLISH. You must be a very ungrateful sister for leaving me in the dark for so long a period of years. What did I ever do to receive such cruel treatment from you or your dear husband Richard ENGLISH.

I wrote several times and made all inquiries about Richard ENGLISH. No one could give me any information about him as I not knowing his address. But it was not your case, you knew mine. Oh! Ingratitude! It is hard for me to excuse you. Your brother, Michael had to do for you what you could not do yourself. I hope dear sister you will take this scolding in good parts for I assure you it is love for you and family and for the uneasiness of mind you have caused me those past 20 years that have compelled me to do so.

Now dear sister I will commence to inform you of my sailing through life in calm and in rough weather. Since you left, your mother as you are aware departed this life on the third of March 1863 and was buried in Belvedere Cemetery. I have four children buried there also – Mary, Bridget, Ellen and Edward. They all died under six years. I have three living – John, Catherine, and Thomas. Thomas, the youngest is 14 years going to school. I am living now on the Military Road and have a fee simple property with a proper dwelling house and stable built upon it. I keep a horse and sometimes two this last 18 years and also hearses and everything else connected with the undertaking business now as before but everything is done on a larger and more expensive scale than of old in St. Johns as everywhere else. About ten years ago I purchased a piece of ground containing about five acres and paid 200 pounds for it. It returns me now about 30 pounds a year. I have not worked these past few years but for all I have to look around as the people are not now so easily managed as of old – I am not so badly off after all in St. John’s. Your sister, Johana is living on the Topsail Road about six miles from town, married this 19 or so years to a man by the name of James BYRNE, farmer. They have five children two boys and three girls – the eldest boy about 18 years and the youngest two years. They are very happy – about 100 acres of ground – cows and horses and everything that’s required for the executition of the farming business. I often myself and family drive out to them to spend the Sunday as the country air is good for a person confined to a town for a week. They are also very comfortable in St. Johns. My son was in Halifax about three years ago and was speaking to Mrs. GRACE, Richard ENGLISH’s sister. They have a fine young man of a son and a daughter – very comfortable. The husband, son and daughter are working every day and have good pay. Your late brother Thomas’ wife Mary is living in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island – Her daughter Mary is living in Boston and married to a man by the name of Walter GRANT, printer. They have five children, two dead and three living. My son, John while in Boston went to see them. Her youngest sister Margaret was with Mary in Boston at the time but now living with her mother in Charlottetown. Daniel is a finished Captain this last four years and was married on last August to an English lady by the name of MORAN. He was in St. Johns about ten years ago and appeared to me to be a very clever intelligent young man. He was some time ago in Ireland and went to see brother Edward. They were also in good (?)

Now my sister I am sending you my photograph and hoping you will not serve it as I am informed you thought to serve the last if you don’t know mine I cannot help you for yours I received and would never know you only for being told as time and places changes everyone. Now my sister I must conclude by reminding you that myself Ellen & family join in sending our love and best respect to you and your family and Mary the Great in heaven have mercy on the soul of your dear husband Richard ENGLISH is the constant prayer of your loving brother,


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