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Avalon South Region ~ St. John's District

St. John's - General Protestant Cemetery

Internments 1889 - 1892

The oldest cemetery for the Protestant religion is the one located on Old Topsail Road and Waterford Bridge Road. This cemetery is not currently in use except for current plot holders. All Protestant religions used this cemetery but it is maintained by the United Church of Canada. Available records - Burial records from 1888 to the present. These are located at the United Church Archives, Elizabeth Ave; PANL and the Genealogical Society. Headstones - available at the Genealogical Society and the United Church Archives.

This transcription made from a photocopy. The copy was very faded, as was, apparently, the original. Some sections are *really* difficult to read. Initials are hard to distinguish, I’s, J’s, T’s and F’s all look alike, as do M’s and N’s. Notes to cause of death may have been made after the fact in some instances. As with any transcription, typos are possible. This should not be used in place of references to the original.[] Indicates transcriber is unsure.{}Indicates information destroyed on photocopy.

These information was read, recorded and transcribed by NGAIRE GENGE July 2000 . While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors nor omissions.

2 Jan 1889[Rina] Watson28in family [lot] with case
2 Jan 1889Berkle[b] Rodgers3in government lot. Poor Comm[on]
12 Jan 1889Lydia Bastow35

14 Jan 1889Charles Shano[1 ½ years]

17 Jan 1889Susan Sparks19in the government lot, Inmate Hospital
17 Jan 1889Jessie Squires26

18 Jan 1889Eliza B. Sparks2

19 Jan 1889Wilbert Miller2 monthsreopen a grave
21 JanWilliam A. Frampton6 weeks
Might be Hampton
21 JanSusan Lilly79 yearsreopen grave
21 JanJane Hedderson5in government lot, Poor [Commrs] order
21 JanHenry Hedderson 3in government lot, Poor [Comr] order
26 JanJohn Bond38 yearswith case
28 Jan[Herman] Butt18

[3 February] 1889Prucilla Hederson[?]Poor Comssr Order
1 FebAzariah French45 yearscase without coffin, Poor Com order, died of smallpox
2 FebJohn Thos Hollett[3 ½ years]in government lot, poor comm[?] order
3 FebHerbert Kelly4 ½ years

[13] FebBarbara Ebsary81 years

[?]William Garland16 yearsin square of ground [?], with case
18 February[Mary] Froud3 yearsin government lot, Poor Commoner order
19 FebruaryJohn Anderson30 yearsCoffin with {?}
Feb 21Ralph Chas. Barens24 yearsin family plot with {?}
March 2ndJoseph Noftell21 yearsin government lot, Poor Commons
March 2ndJabez Morris4 yearsreopen a grave
March 4[Hilda] Tuff3 monthsreopen grave, no minester, {?} J. Bond
March 4William J. [Gosling]18 yearsreopen a grave
March 5Alfred E. Grimble13 months

March 9 Mary Strong67 yearsin goverment lot, Poor Com
March 11Daisy [Pitts Suer]10 yearsin family lot with case
March 11Ernest King9 yearsreopen a grave
March 13Flora C. Carter15 yearscaseA “with” before the “case” has be scratched through
March 16Jessie Bastow5reopen a grave
March 17Many Ann Trencher8

March 17William L. Wall20 monthsreopen a grave
March 18Robert Ground14 yearsin government lot, Poor Commisioners order
March 18Edith Spracklin1 yearin government lot, Poor Commissioners order
March 20Walter [T.] C. Wall7in government lot, Fever Hospital Inmate
March 20Robert H. Bishop5 yearsin family lot with case
March 21Emma Wall32 yearsin government lot, Poor Commissioners order
March 23Emma [Rumsey]34in government lot, Poor Commissioners orderCould be “Ramsey”
March 25Walter G. Baird17 monthsin a square of ground selected, with [?]
March 25John Mallard5 yearsChairman B????
March 26Matthew Johnston22 yearsin government lot, C????? order
April 1 1889Georgina Thorn4 years

April 1 1889Sarah Jane Benson18 months

April 1 Mary Tryphina Goobie6 years 9 months

April 1Maggie Wall8 ½ yearsin government [ground], Board of Health Order
April 1Hugh [Dupre]18 months

April 2Alice Snelgrove18 monthsin government ground, Poor Commisoners order
April 2Joseph King4 yearsreopen grave
April 2Ruben King3 years

April 4John Waddel58 yearsin [½] square of ground with case
April 4Alex M. Thompson½ years

April 9Wilfred C. Tuff8 monthsreopen a grave
April 11Lindberg Thompson4 ½ years

April 13th[Hyre] C. R. Ayre7[6] yearsopen Family VaultMight be 70 years
April 13thCharles [Trencherd]3 ½ yearsreopen a graveCould be Frencherd, Frenchard, or Trenchard
April 15Samuel Pike30 yearsinmate Lunatic Asylum
April 15John Matthews14 yearsreopen a grave
April 19Joshua Seymour21 yearsin the government lot, Inmate Poor Asylum
April 20Stephen Spracklin31 yearsInmate Lunatic Asylum
April 22Peter Briggs34 yearsArora [???????], in family lot
April 22Henry Radford89 yearswith case
April 22Emma Williams2 ½ years

April 25George Dicks69 yearsin family lot, with case
April 27Thomas Sutton30 years

April 28[Latham] [Willar]6 in goverment lot, Poor Commissioner OrderMight be Lathan Willis
May 4 1889[Nina] Prowse13 years
Might be Mina or Irina
May 6thEmma L. Antle50 yearswith case
May 8Peter Rumsey2 years

May 8Isabell Dyre4 years
There’s a “w” sort of squished in over the last name, could be Dwyer?
May 8[?] Dwyre7 ½ yearsreopen graveAgain, might be a variant of Dwyer?
May 9John Baird[11]on square of ground
May 10Elizabeth Rumsay16 years
Could be Rumsey.
May 10Samuel Vey68 years

May 13Alice Turner17 yearsin family lot
May 13Mary Benson23 yearswith case
May 16Thomas Clouston3 years

May 16Joseph G. Manuel25 yearsin half square of ground
May 17William ?. [Gaff]29 yearsin family lot with caseCould be Goff.
May 21Anne Noel6 weeks

May 22May Bursay1 year
Could be Bursey
May 22Bessie Homer9 years
Could be Horner
May 22Mary Butler70 yearsPoor Commis Order
May 25Mrs. Charlote Sparks[?]half square, [12x9 feet]
May 25Jabez Butler40 yearsin govmet lot, Pr. Cm ord.
May 25Samuel Grouchy17 monthsreopen grave
May 26a grandson of the [?]3 [ours]in family lotProbably “hours,” but name is cramped!
May 27Anna Burk6 ½ years

May 28Mary Bursey38 yearsreopen grave
May 28Lilly M. White5 yearsreopen grave
May 31William C. Bond8 yearsin family lot
June 4 1889Jessie Bond6 years reopen grave
June 4George Newbury12 yearsinmate fever Hospital
June 9Ella Maud Wheeler4 yearsreopen grave
June 9Julia Newbury10 yearsPoor Commrs order
June 13Theodore Barnes3 ½ yearsreopen grave
June 15Lancelott C. Squires15 months

June 15John Robertson6 daysreopen grave
June 17William Pollock8 yearsin family lot, with case
June 17Archibald Bickford17 years

June 18Hector Carmichael8 yearsin family lot
June 19Bessie Baxter7 yearsin family lot, with case
June 21Annie ?. Hutchings12 daysin family lot
June 22Maggie Butler14 yearsDr. Sheas order, in family lot
June 23John W. Miller3 years

June 27John [Maunder]4 yearsin family lot
June 29Lizzie Bond8 ½ yearsin family lot
June 29Chesley Barnes15 monthsin family lot
July 9 1889Ernest H. Ivainy5 monthsreopen grave
July 9Ellie Luscombe 9 yearsin government lot
July 15Mamie Maunder5 yearsin family lot
July 15Wm. Henry Williams4 monthsPoor Commisioner order, in government lot
July 17[Rbt.] G. Bond:ditto:one square of ground
July 17Elsie Bond:ditto:removed to the square of ground now selected, with case
July 17Mary Ann Jackman80 yearsin family lot with case
July 19 Lillian M. Maunder3 ½ yearsin family lot
July 20Ethel May Squires4 yearsreopen grave
July 22John W. Smith11 yearswith case in two squares of ground selected
July 23John Driscoll46 yearsin government lot, Poor Commrs order
July 26Henry Maunder[22] yearsin family lot, with caseCould be 92, 29, or 99
July 27Charlotte C. D. Curran79 yearsin family lot
July 27Frank C. Watson16 yearswith case in family lot
July 29James C. Biggs10 daysreopen grave
July 31James A. King6 monthsreopen grave
August 1 1889Mrs. ? Ryan59 yearsin government lot, inmate Lunatic Asylum
August 1Nathaniel Whitten22 years

August 2Margaret M. Lash15 monthsin a square of ground selected with case
August 2Joseph Jno. Manuel9 monthsreopen grave in family lot
August 8Annie Rumsey11 monthsreopen graveThis could be Arnie Rumsey.
August 8Archibald Sellarsstomachremains left [?] fresh, reopen grave [?]{?}That’s what is says, I don’t know any more.
August 8Ida Bell Rumsey15 monthsreopen grave
August 9Mary Jane Street4 yearsin government lot, Poor Comm. Order
August 10Arthur Barrett6 months

August 14[Haniland] Smallwood18 yearswith case, in family lot
August 14Arthur Vey4 months

August 15Ernest E. Bradley3 months

August 17John Sutton15 yearsreopen grave, St. George Hospital order
August 17Robert L. M. Duder5 monthsin family lot, with case
August 18Marion E. Barnes25 years

August 19Maud Halley2 ½ monthsreopen grave
August 19Mary Squires22 yearswith case
August 21Elizabeth Scott76 yearsreopen grave with case
August 26Adam [Mevy]52 yearsin governement lot
August 27[I.] B. Slater’s Infantstill bornin family lotCould be a J.
August 27Frank Heath[2] monthsin half square of ground
August 28Lilian [I.] Green6 years
Could be a J.
August 29Captain Robert Thorne
square of ground 7x9 feet
August 29Joseph Hollet6 months

August 30Maud Wall5 ½ months

August 30Frederick White2 ½ yearsin government lot, Poor Commrs order
Sept 2 1889Clara E. Jaye39 years

Sept 2Noah Rodgers 19 monthsin government lot, Poor Commrs order
Sept 3Stuart G. Campbell1 yearin a square of ground selected with case
Sept 4James H. [Gmesainby]5 ½ yearsin Mrs. Hugh [Gemmels lot]Couldn’t pick out names
Sept 5 Edith Grace Andrews4 months

Sept 6Robert P. Simmons55 years

Sept 7Jabez Tilly70 yearswith case
Sept 9Ellen Carmichael4 yearswith case
Sept 9Ella C. Keeping 11 monthsremoved to another grave
Sept 9James A King

Sept 10 Anastatia Cooper12 yearsreopen grave
Sept 12John King35 yearsin family lot
Sept 12Catherine Butt19 monthsin government lot, Poor Comm.
Sept 12Joseph Cox14 months

Sept 13Elsie L. [Waltshire]14 months
Could be Wiltshire
Sept 14Beatrice [Trarge]18 months

Sept 14William Morrison6 monthsin family lot
Sept 16Fredrick Babstock11 monthsreopen grave
Sept 17Eliza Nicholl12 yearsin government lot, inmate feverLikely Fever Hospital
Sept 18Julia Bishop17 monthsreopen grave
Sept 21Mary Wilkinson93 years

Sept 24Eva Youdle2 months

Sept 24Maggie [Leard]3 weekswith case in family lot
Sept 25William [Pififry]2 weeks

Sept 26Walter ?. Cooper2 years

Oct 1 1889Sarah Carnell 68 yearsin family lot
Oct 1 1889Annie Maud [Martian]5 monthsin family lot
Oct 2Harry Reid2 years

Oct 3Bertha Halley2 years

Oct 11Isabell Noonan[15] yearswith case in square of ground selected
Oct 11Mary Ann [Gardlan]45 years½ square ground in family lotCould be Gardner, Yardley...
Oct 14Margaret Smith 5 yearsin family lot with case
Oct 15Nathaniel Stevenson34 years in government ground, Poor Commisioners order
Oct 17Charles Butt34 yearsin government ground, Poor Commissioners order
Oct 20Susanna Ramsey38 yearsin government ground, Poor Commissioners order
Oct 20Leonard M. Watson4 yearswith case, in family lot
Oct 21Walter Morris3 ½ yearsin government ground, Poor Commissioners order
Oct 21[Dared Smallwood][10 years]one square of ground
Oct 22John S. Noseworthy8 months

Oct 23Ebenezer SquiresInfant still bornreopen grave
Oct 23William M BarnesInfant still bornin family lot
Oct 24Catherine Taylor56 yearsreopen grave
Oct 24Mary Ann Noseworthy73 yearsin family lot
Oct 26Joseph Walborne25 years

Oct 28Samuel Hollett2 ½ yearsreopen grave
Oct 28[Margert] E. Bully24 yearsin family lot with case
Oct 25Edmund Butt2 ½ years

Nov 1 1889Harry Bond6 yearswith case, in family lot
Nov 2George [Windsor]31 yearswith case, in family lot
Nov 5Mary Ann Carter42 years reopen grave
Nov 5Joseph Skinner55 yearson [govern ot] Inmate Lunatic Asylum
Nov 7William Lacey69 years

Nov 9John Butt11 ½ years

Nov 11Ellen Parsons40 yearsInmate Lunatic Asylum
Nov 11James Driscoll3 months

Nov 15Gordon Green6 monthsreopen grave
Nov 15Maud Sparks5 years

Nov 18George Weeks 2 years

Nov 20David Richards8 years

Nov 22Lilian Moreham2 ½ years

Nov 25Eliza Drodge2 monthsreopen grave
Nov 26John A. Carmichael5 months

Dec 1 1889Benjamin Tucker22 yearsin government lot, Poor Commsrs order
Dec 9Herbert Skinner2 years

Dec 9[Smith] McKay72 yearsin family lot
Dec 10Elizabeth Roberts32 yearsInmate Lunatic Asylum
Dec 11Bertha M. Noseworthy9 daysreopen grave
Dec 16Henry Allen30 yearsin family lot
Dec 23Joshua Lewis4 weeksin government lot, Poor Commrs order
Dec 23[Pehla] I. Percy1 ½ yearsreopen grave
Dec 24Mary Jane Manual29 years in family lot
Dec 24William Martin2 ½ years

Dec 26Fred [Whitely]93 yearsest family lot with case
Dec 30Richard Maunder73 yearsin family lot
Dec 30William J. Andrews17 months

Dec 31Caleb Kenneth McKenzie5 yearswith case
Jan 2 1890M. John McKenzie

Jan 4Henery? Rumsay4 years

Jan 5Frederick Peet3 years

Jan 7Agustus? Tuff3 ½ years

Jan 12Alexander S. Reid71 years

Jan 11Mary Ann Butt8 years
Date out of order
Jan 13William [Gabraith]32 years

Jan 16Marina ?. Barnes5 monthsin family lot
Jan 17Robert I. Harris18 months

Jan 17Clarebell Garland8 years

Jan 18Ella McDugall5 ½ years

Jan 18Annie Shaw84 yearsreopen grave
Jan 20George Lambert2 ½ monthsreopen grave
Jan 21Walter Whiteway18 monthsin family lot, deptharaDepthara, in all its various spellings in this record is likely diptheria
Jan 22Stella McKenzie4 yearsin family lot, diptheria
Jan 22Mary English56in government lot, Poor Commsr order
Jan 22Margaret Gaird65 yearsin family lost with case
Jan 22Agness Moore55 yearsin half square of ground, with caseLikely Agnes
Jan 24Samuel Parsons2/3 yearreopen grave
Jan 25William Whiteway5 yearsin family lot, diptheria
Jan 25Lucy Jennings21 yearsin government lot, Dr. Shea order, Signal Hill Hospital, diptheria
Jan 26Donald ? Rid????7 monthsin family lot
Jan 28James Bryden67 years

Jan 28Thomas ?. Noseworthy5 months

Jan 28Susanna [Morres]24 yearsreopen grave
Jan 29Mary Ann Benson2 ½ years

Jan 31Elizabeth Larsen14 days

Jan 31Henry King89 yearsin a square of ground selected
Feb 3 1890Louisia Vey6 ½ monthsin family lot
Feb 7Israel Scott40 yearsin government lot, Inmate Genl Hospital
Feb 7Mosses Simmons38 yearsin government lot, Inmate Genrl HospitalLikely Moses
Feb 13Henry [Maddic]71 yearsin family lot with case
Feb 15Florence L. Bartlett6 monthsreopen grave
Feb 15[Pricellea] Anthony71 years
Maybe Priscella
Feb 16Sarah Hunt72 yearsin govt lot, inmate Poor Asylum
Feb 18Thomas C. C. Kennedy13 monthsin family lot, diptheria
Feb 24Dugles Smith7 weeksin family lot with caseMaybe Douglas
Feb 24Robert Templeton{}one square of ground
Feb 25Robert I. Taylor9 yearsdiptheria
Feb 25George H. Gale20 yearsin family lot with case
Feb 26Alice White7 yearsin family lot with case, diptheria
Feb 29Marion Kennedy24 yearsin family lot with case
Mar 4 1890John G. Kennedy37 years

Mar 5Harold Benson8 days

Mar 6William T? Gibbs9 monthsin family lot with case
Mar 10John C. Halley3 ½ months

Mar 14Herbert L. Pippy4 yearsreopen grave with case, diptheria
MarchChesley R. Norman4 monthsreopen graveNo date given
March 18Ameilia Collins22 years

March 20Maggie Rendell10 yearsin govnt lot, Poor Commsr order
March 20Ralph Simmons12 days

Mar 22Frederick Dwyre4 monthsreopen gravevariant of Dwyer?
Mar 24Colin Carmichaelstill born

Mar 24Caroline Read57 yearsreopen grave
Mar 26Eithel May Squires5 months

Mar 28Susanna J. Ramsey38 yearsin government lot, Poor Commsr order
March 29Mr.? Treadwell’sstill bornin [Mr.Chorum] lotCould be Mc?
Apr 6 1890William Andrews7 yearsin government lot, diptheria
Apr 7Albert Kearney1 monthin governt lot, Poor Commsr order
Apr 11William J. Martin3 weeks

April 11James Garland46 years

Apr 14William Woundy17 yearsin family lot
Apr 25Rebecca Street1 yearin governt lot, Poor Commsr order
Apr 26Mary J Fraser63 yearsin half square of ground, with case
Apr 27Benjamin Andrews13 daysdiptheria, in family lot with case
Apr 28Isabell skinner1 month

Apr 28Joseph Tuffs infantstill bornreopen grave
May 1 1890Heber Lucas7 yearsreopen grave diptheria
May 1Samuel W. Percy5 years

May 5Mary Ann Lucas63 years

May 5Angelina Biggs20 years

May 7Charles [French’s inf][suguare] of ground, two children removedI*think* this is supposed to read: Charles French’s infant - square of ground, two children removed.
May 7John Cox Green’sstill bornreopen grave
May 11William Mullins64 years

May 11Mrs. Charlote Sparks
half square 4 ½ x 9 feet
May 12William L. Benson2 ½ yearsreopen grave, diptheria
May 15Moses Reid68 years

May 17Elizabeth Boyles44 years

May 20A. M. McKean70 yearsin family lot with case
May 22Finlay McNeil Campbell9 yearsin family lot with case, diptheria
May 28Gertrude M Lindsay9 years

May 30Ethel Maud Grimes2 years

May 31Elizabeth Driscoll6 yearsin government lot, order Board Health
May 31Mary Moores55 years
This date was scribbled a bit and may be June 1.
June 5William Norman
9x9 square of ground with case
June 7Priscilla Sopper69 yearsin family lotSoper variant?
June 8Edith G. Hudson1 yearreopen grave
June 10Easther B. Bennett8 ½ yeardiptheriaEster?
June 12Laura Janes7 yearsdiptheria
June 13Hugh Ellis10 yearsdiptheria
June 13William Pippy8 yearsdiptheria
June 15Isabel W. Grimes7 yearsreopen grave, diptheria
June 19Isabella Brown30 yearsin family lot, with case, Captain Green
June 20Thomas Raffirty71 yearsin govet ground, Poor Commis orderRafferty variant?
June 21Eliza G. Squires3 yearsreopen grave diptheria
June 22Annie Pippy16 monthsdiptheriaMay be Arnie
June 23Nathanial Bussey28 yearsPoor Com, in government lot
June 24Bertha Pippy10 yearsdiptheria
June 26Gertrude [Lundstrum]5 yearsdiptheria
June 26Arthur Pike12 years

June 27Robert Bussy64 yearsin government lot, Poor Asylum order
June 30Josiah Michell50 years
Mitchell variant?
July 3 1890Mary G. Hodder37 yearswith case
July 7Maggie Pippy2 ½ yearsdiptheria
July 8James Beckford38 yearsPoor commisers order
July 8Monroe McNeil8 yearswith case in family lot
July 8Thomas [McGillary]64 yearsin family lot
July 11Alfred [Lencent] childstill born{?}Could be Vincent
July 15Catherine Ruff69 yearsin family lot
July 17Susan McKay48 yearswith case in family lot
July 18Weston Ellis5 yearsdiptheria
July 21John Kane35 yearsin government lot, Poor Commms order
July 22Mary Ann Harris36 years

July 22Mary Ann Cane35 years

Aug 1 1890Petter Miller6 years
Aug 6Clara Bursey6 months
May be Bussey
Aug 9 Ernest [Maxham]3 months

Aug 10Solomon Reid2 yearsmeasles
Aug 11Ida Balsom14 yearsreopen grave
Aug 17Maritta Barnes3 days

Aug 22Harold Nichol2 weeks

Aug 23[Eithel Sixton]3 weeks
Ethel Sexton?
Aug 26Joseph Dixon Cane{?}1 square of ground
Aug 28James B. [Selater]8 daysin family lot
Aug 30Clara Jane Payne6 monthswith case
Sept 5 1890Charles I. Harvey36 yearsin family lot with case
Sept 6Priscillia Avery2 yearsin government lot, Poor Commsnr order
Sept 12Robert Mayo32 yearsin govt lot, Poor Comms order
Sept 14Eithel May Roberts7 months
May be Ethel
Sept 16Walter H. King53 yearsin family lot, diptheria
Sept 17Joshua Scott3 yearsin govt lot, Poor Commsr
Sept 18Mary Ann Hutchins8 months

Sept 19Mamie May King44 yearsin family lot, diptheriaMay be Maisie, Marie or Minnie
Sept 22Ann Heiffer86 years
May be Keiffer
Sept 26Peter Miller[11] daysreopen graveMay be Willer
Sept 29William H. Parsons11 monthsreopen grave
Oct 1 1890Walter Peet6 yearsin family lot
Oct 2Eliza A Wheeler38 years

Oct 6Thomas Dyure86 yearsin government lot
Oct 6Eric Robertson2 weeks

Oct 6Frances Canda10 months

Oct 9Thomas D. Cane13 monthsin family lot
Oct 9Gertrude Thistle14 monthsreopen grave
Oct 9Isabella Knight35 yearswith case
Oct 10Fredrick Taylor6 weeks

Oct 11James S. Knight[?] YearsdiptheriaOverwritten, 5, 6, 9?
Oct 15Gertrude [Lidston]6 years
May be Lidstrum
Oct 15Chesley John Ivany3 monthsreopen grave
Oct 20Alice Brett5 year

Oct 20Esther Parsons4 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Oct 23Eliza [G]. Rumsey2 years

Oct 24John Butt1 yearreopen grave
Oct 25Alice B. [Lait]14 monthsin family lot with {?}Could be Tait
Oct 27Annie Gardner43 yearsPoor Asylum order
Oct 27Charles Tuff3 ½ yearsreopen grave
Oct 28Kenneth J. [Inclea]30 yearsin family lot, with case
Nov 4 1890James C. Rogerson43 yearsin family vault
Nov 11Eliza Butler5 ½ yearsreopen grave
Nov 12James Strong4 yearsin govert ground, Poor Comm.
Nov 15Jane Harris20 years

Nov 18Marion McDougall15 monthsin family lot, with case
Nov 19Mabel Burns8 yearsin family lot, with case
Nov 24Edward Butler3 ½ yearsreopen graves
Nov 28[Louisia] Landford 35 yearsin govt lot, Poor CommsrCould be Louisa Sandford?
Nov 28Martha E. [M]oods66 yearsin family lot, with caseCould be Woods
Dec 1 1890Jessie Quirk23 years in family lot
Dec 1Nettie [Lauriey]10 ½ yearsdiptheria, in family lotCould be Laurey or Sacrey
Dec 1Ebenezer Hunt75 yearsin govent order, in govt grave
Dec 8Henry [W]. Seymour70 yearswith caseCould be “M.”
Dec 13Ellen Warfield38 yearsInmate Lunatic Asylum
Dec 14Christiania Wilson5 yearsdiptheria
Dec 15Job Alex Steed9 yearsdiptheria, Inmate of Fever Hosptial
Dec 15Mary Calvert1 ½ yearsin family lot, with case
Dec 15Robert Callahan36 yearsPorr Commsr
Dec 16Thomas & Herbert Miller1 daytwin sons
Dec 18Julia Giron27 yearsin govt lot, Inmate St. Georges Hospital
Dec 22Charles H. Barid3 monthswith case, in family lot
Dec 29Jonathan Coish35 yearsin govt lot, Poor Commsr order
Dec 30Edwin Vincent36 years

Dec 31Mary Davidson10 yearswith case [?] in family lot
Dec 31Clara V. Steed11 yearsin govert lot, Poor Commisr order
Jan 2Jessie Moores4 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Jan 5John Perchard72 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Jan 6Walter J. Steed4 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Jan 9[Lucia] Pike 5 monthsin family lot, with caseMay be Lusia
Jan 15Richard Cook27 years

Jan 19Francis McDougall84 yearsin family lot, with case
Jan 19Maria Crocker91 years

Jan 23Martha Bemister6 yearsdiptheria
Jan 24Brittal Bemister2 yearsreopen grave, diptheria
Jan 26Williams Rogers1.5 monthsreopen grave
Jan 28Maria Stephesen2 hours

Jan 29Mary Stephesen2 daysreopen grave
Jan 29Robert C. Vey2 monthsreopen grave in family lot
Feb 1 1891Richard Giles60 yearsin family lot with case
Feb 5Robert Stein[?]one square 9x9 feet
Feb 6Max N. Stein2 ½ yearsdiptheria, in family lot, with case
Feb 7 Elsie Bartlett3 daysreopen grave
Feb 14Rebbeca Rogers80 yearsin family lot
Feb 14William La[u]rence16 ½ yearsreopen graveCould be Lawrence
Feb 14Donald Morison6 yearsdiptheria, in family lot, with case
Feb 14Isabella Rose Brown11 monthsin family lot, with case
Feb 16Isaac R. [McNally]43 yearsin family lot, with case
Feb 19Mary Rose87 years

Feb 20McIver Morison6 monthsin family lot, diptheria
Feb 21Susanna Richards 38 yearsSalvation Army
Feb 25mary Ann Taylor9 yearsreopen grave
Feb 27Alfred Kent54 yearswith case
Mar 2 1891Arthur R. Chipman7 monthsin family lot
Mar 3John Busseys [mail] child1 monthreopen graveShould be male.
Mar 9Thomas Cooper5 ½ yearsin government lot, Poor Comsr order
Mar 11David Moods14 months
Could be Woods.
Mar 13George F. Marshall7 weeksreopen grave
Mar 15George R. Mc[?]5 yearsSt. George’s HospitalCould be McEwart?
Mar 15Jane Morison3 yearsin family lot, with case, diptheria
Mar 16Mina May Bond22 monthsreopen grave
Mar 19John Mathews84 yearsInmate Poor Asylum
Mar 24Maria Clarke4 monthsPoor Commisor order
Mar ?Julia A. Vey18 yearsin family lot
Mar 27Eli Rogers12 yearsin government lot, Poor Commison
Mar 30Arthur Walsh16? monthsreopen grave
Mar 30Charlotte Calvert61 yearsin family lot, with case
Mar 30James [Murray]71 yearsin govenment lot, Poor Commisr order
Mar 30Archibald Newbury2 monthsdiptheria
April 2 1891William Goodyear53 yearsDoctor Shea’s order, in govt lot
Apr 3Henry Rodgers2 monthsin govt lot, Poor Commsr order
Apr 4Susan Horwood23 yearsin govt lot, Hospital order
Apr 5James Milley67 yearswith case
Apr 6 Diannia Earl66 yearsreopen grave
Apr 8David Bairds lot
[?] diptheria infant, still born
Apr 16Rebecca Rennie71 yearsin family lot, 9x9 with case
Apr 19Grace Wright12 yearsin family lot with case
Apr 22Mary Smith59 years

Apr 23Moses Sparks55 years

Apr 27Nora Jewer23 yearswith case, S.A.
Apr 28Laura Aram[?]3 years

Apr 29Eva C. Olsen47

May 4 1891Maud Norman9 months

May 5Lilly McIvany4 months

May 6Thomas Skinner14 yearsin [Mr. ? ?] with caseLooks like a name, too faint on copy.
May 7John Boyd73 yearsin family lot, with case
May 8Gertrude Squires2 months

May 9Elizabeth Hiscock37 yearswith case
May 11Edwrad Smith73 yearsin family lot, with case
May 11Emily LeShana14 monthsreopen grave of [?a.????]
May 14Bill Kearns4 ½ yearsin family lot
May 16James Commings?3 years

May 18Chatrine Milley5 yearsin govt lot, Poor Commsr orderCatherine?
May 18Margaret J. smith58 years

May 19Kate Taylor25 years

May 19Fanny? Syme52 yearsin family lot, with case
May 21[Corneluis Becheat]50 yearsInmate St. George Hospital
May 25Herbert [McChoron?]23 yearsin family lot, with case
May 26Elizabeth C. Couch16 months

May 26Elizabeth [Meus]57 yearsin family lot, with caseMay be Mews?
May 29Elizabeth Strong5 monthsPoor Comms order
May 30Corbett Belbain2 yearsSt. John’s Hospital, diptheria
June 1 1891William Alexander21 yearsman of Mer. Ship [?]
June 2George Ayre55 yearswith case
June 3John Garland52 yearsin govt lot, Poor Comm order
June 4John [Avery]75 yearsreopen graveMay be D’acry, Avery?
June 6Thomas Munroe60 yearsin half-square
June 8Isabella Black1 yearwith case
June 8Lavinia King56 yearsin govt lot
June 9Mary Sarah Searle6 yearswith case, diptheria
June 9Harvey H. Vasey5 monthsreopen grave
June 17Emma [Guscott]60 years

June 18Jane Butt48 yearsin govt lot, Poor Comm. Order
June 18[?] Ellisditto?One square 9x9 feet
June 18James Soper51 years

June 18William Arlpria?26 yearsIn govt lot, Dr. Shea orders
June 18Nicholas Cook76 yearsreopen grave
June 22Bessie Bond3 yearsreopen grave
June 23Laura J. Earle5 yearsreopen grave
July 1 1891Kathleen Ayre2 years?In family vault
July 4Sarah J. Thistle5 years

July 7Edith ? [Burns]1 yearin family lot, diptheriaBarns?
July 8Gladius Brown2 yearsin family lot, diptheris
July 8George Luscombe73 yearsin family lot, with case
July 11 Neil Campbell56 yearsin family lot, with case
July 15John Nicholl82 years

July 16Reginald P. Walsh4 months

July 21John King19 years

July 24William [?]3 months

Aug 1 1891Walter Darcy25 yearsin family lot, with case
Aug 1James ?. Clifford39 yearssquare of ground, 9x9?
Aug 1Ethel Phabian?4 years

Aug 2Cecil ?. Burns{?}{?}
Aug 3Edith ?. Washer7 years

Aug 3Henry T? ?30 years

Aug 5Berust??n Taylor14 months

Aug 8James McGregor[?]in {Lev???}
Aug 10Elizabeth L Howard3? years

Aug 10Harry Pike2 yearsdiptheria, in family lot, with case
Aug 10William Rumsey32 yearsin government lot
Aug 11Mary Ann Evans3 yearsBoard of Health order
Aug 12Sarah E. Colton25 yearswith case
Aug 15E????? D. McNeily7 yearsin family vault with case
Aug 15John Johnston65 yearsin government lot, Poor Comm order
Aug 28?Effie White5 years

Sept 1 1891Ida Vey14 monthsreopen grave
Sept 2Ebenezer Hunt27 yearsS. A.
Sept 3Philip Raines79 years

Sept 9William H. Earle19 yearsin family lot, with case
Sept 10Rick Bradley6 weeksreopen graveCould be Nick
Sept 12Agnes Noftall46 yearsin government lot, Poor Comm order
Sept 14Mary [Rolison]2 yearswith case in family lot
Sept 17Wilfred LeDrew7 yearsin governt lot, Hosptl order
Sept 18Richard Harvey?in family lot, with case
Sept 18 Mrs.? Harvey?In family lot, with case
Sept 18Sandy Harvey?In family lot, with case
Sept 19Eddock? Lewis2 weeksreopen grave
Sept ?Samuel Strong?In government lot, Poor Comm
Sept ?Mrs. Jane Searle?A piece of ground 3x9 feet
Sept 22Richard Hendry22 yearsin family lot with case
Sept 23Samuel Strong?Removed
Sept 27John Stringer18 yearsin govt lot, Poor Comm order
Sept 28Sarah J. Mc?4 months

Sept 28George Nichol22 years

Sept 29William Burt48 yearsin govt lot, Poor Comm order
Sept 29Selina Diamond17 yearsin family lot, with case
Oct 3 John Baird41 yearsin family lot, with case
Oct 6Frank Maunder3 years[diptheria]There was something else here, it was crossed out and diptheria written above it.
Oct 7Rebeca Garland21 yearsin govt lot, Poor Comm order
Oct 9Matthias Strong[65] yearsin govt lot, Poor Comm orderCould be 63.
Oct 10Dorcas Penny6 yearsin govt lot, Poor Comm order
Oct 13Martha Downs82 yearsin family lot, with case
Oct 14William Manuels7 weeksin govt lot, Poor Comm order
Oct 15Maggie Kennedy13 monthsreopen grave with case
Oct 16Gertrude Ivany13 yearsin [?] lot, Poor Commr order
Oct 16Eva Renny5 yearsin govt lot, Poor Commr order
Oct 19Joseph Batsachs infantstill bornreopen grave
Oct 20Joseph Dwyerten days

Oct 22Rosa Wheeler20 yearsin govmt lot, Poor Comm order
Oct 27William J. Percy7 monthsreopen grave
Oct 28Mary Jane Lindsay62 years

Oct 31Robert J.? Robertson56 yearsin family lot, with case
Oct 31Robert Pippy3 yearsin family lot, with case, by order Board Health
Nov 2Walter [?] [Simmons]3 years

Nov 3Alice McNeil20 yearsin family lot, with case
Nov 4Emma [Harve]69 yearsin family lot, with caseMay be Harvey?
Nov 4Anna Stuckles9 months

Nov 6Maud Simmons7 yearsreopen grave
Nov 8Albert W. F. Pearce14 months

Nov 10Elizabeth Smith63 yearsin family lot, with case
Nov 12Hedy Pippy5 months

Nov 13Rebecca Linsay63 yearsin family lot, with case
Nov 14James F. Rose5 yearsin govt lot, Poor Comm order
Nov 16William Barns Childstill bornin family lot
Nov 17Lavinia Rumsay70 years

Nov 19Ernest Cox14 monthsin govt lot, Poor Comm order
Nov 21Fredreck Hutchings16 yearsin family lot, with case
Nov 24George Neal2 yearsin family lot, with case
Nov 27Christine [?]79 yearswith case
Nov 27Mary Ross21 yearswith case
Nov 27Elizabeth L. Howard4 weeks

Nov ?William M. Strickland4? years

Nov 30Emma ?. Percy5 ½ yearsreopen grave
Dec 1 1891[Art] Chaney
7x9 feet, a piece of ground, the lot [taken]?Could be Robert abbreviated Rbt.
Dec 4Minnie Leah Cowl3 weeks

Dec 7Gertrude Candow8 years reopen grave, diptheria
Dec 9Walter Cooper2 ½ yearsreopen grave
Dec 12Henry Hiscock2 ½ years?Diptheria
Dec 18Eugene Scaplin2 ½ months?

Dec 18Evelyn Young3 ½ yearsdiptheria
Dec 19Margaret Hiscock1 year

Dec 19Maria Denning77 yearsin govt lot, Poor Comm order
Dec 21Edbert Coyle5 weeksreopen grave
Dec 21Leah Bounds infantstill bornin govt lot, Poor Comm order
Dec 22[Gemma] [Spince]6 yearsdiptheria
Dec 30?Ariel [Gray]8 months
Could be Avery?
Dec 31Harry [Heath]17 monthsin family lot
Dec 31Robert Thorn41 yearsin family lot
Jan 2 1892Eliza E. Read3 years

Jan 3Mary Gellaty5 years

Jan 5Cornelia C. Sam???ys25 yearsin family lot, with case
Jan 6Jeanie Adrian3 yearsdiptheria, in family lot, with case
Jan 7Donald Campbell19 monthsin family lot, with case
Jan 10Margaret [Worth]7 yearsin govt lot, diptheriaCould be North.
Jan 12Elisabeth M. Benson39 yearsPoor Comm order
Jan 15William Noonan56 yearsin govt lot, Poor Commsr order
Jan 15Mary Barens3 years diptheriain govt lot, Board of Health
Jan 16Bessie Campbell22 yearsin family lot, withcase
Jan 16Edward Vincent7 monthsreopen grave
Jan 18 Sidney Woods
one square 9x9 feetThis entry is crossed out.
Jan 19Ethel May Ramsay8 yearsdiptheria
Jan 20Meta Cowan7 monthsin family lot, with case
Jan 20Lousia Quick68 yearsin family lot, with case
Jan 25John Thomas3 hours

Jan 27Lizzie Gulletely?10 yearsdiptheria
Jan 29Mona J. Barnes2 yearsin family lot
Feb 1Martha Cullamore84 yearsin govt lot, Poor Commsr order
Feb 1William Morgan71 yearsin govt lot, Stl Georges Hospital
Feb 5[Ismael] Wilshire4 daysreopen graveCould be Israel, Ismad?
Feb 6[Huge] W. Ellis30 [ours]in family lotI think it’s supposed to be Hugh and hours.
Feb 7Bella Gillams3 ½ yearsDiptheria
Feb 8Robert Tucker48 yearsin govt lot, St. John’s Hospital
Feb 8Susanna Butler39 years

Feb 8Elizabeth Borden56 yearswith case, in family lot, 9x9 feet
Feb 10Martin Pippy diptheria7 ½ yearsin family lot with case
Feb 12Walter B. Andrews? Years

Feb 13John Swanson14 yearsreopen grave
Feb 20Mary Beach?28 yearsin govt lot, Poor Comm order
Feb 22Youndel5 monthsreopen grave
Feb 27John Clousten77 yearsin family lot, with case
Feb 29Joseph B. Soper75 yearsin family lot, with case
Mar 7? 1892Emma Earle19 years?
Mar ?[J. M. Bowden]?Family lot 9x9 feet
Mar 9Joseph Evans4 yearsin govt ground, St. George Hospital, diptheria
Mar 10Sarah I? Taylor?In family lot, 9x9 feet, with case
Mar 12Guy C. Bowden5 monthsreopen grave in family lot
Mar 14James H. Martin2 yearsin family lot, diptheria
Mar 14Lillian May Hudson11 months

Mar 14Elizabeth [Rowe]? Yearsin family lotCould be Rose.
Mar 16W. D. Morison72 yearsin family lot, with case
Mar 23?Louisa Ramsey46 yearsin family lot, 9x9, with case
Mar 28William Ramsey73 yearsreopen grave
Mar 30Margaret Hodderd3 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm order
Apr 7 1892Eithel Burt2 ½ yearsreopen grave
Apr 8Sarah I Rose19 monthsin govt lots
Apr 8William I. Whitten19 years

Apr 11Susanna Chancey69 yearsin family lot
Apr 11Arthur Bradbury3 months

Apr 12Ann Bearns8 daysin family lot
Apr 12Lancelot ?. Bowden14 monthsin family lot
Apr 15Thomas Killigrews72 years

Apr 18Hugh L. Keeping18 monthsreopen grave
May 1 1892Elizabeth Green67 yearsreopen grave
May 2Prisilla McDougall40 yearsin family lot, with case
May 3John McDougall:ditto:1 square 9x9 feet
May 10William Jardine44 yearsin family lot with case
May 12Robert Curran65 yearsin family lot, with case
May 13Florence Maunder2 yearsin family lot
May 16Jessie Lambert2 daysreopen grave
May 16Robert Francis1 monthS. A.
May 20Willie Wright7 yearsin family lot, with case
May 21Elizabeth Butt77 yearsreopen grave
May 23Arthur Nobel Ivany9 monthsreopen grave
May 25Bessie Joyce13 yearswith case
June 1 1892Estate Neil Campbell?In family lot, 9x12 feet
June 4Eithel Ford9 months

June 12Mabel W?p??t3 yearswith case
June 13Bertha Percy3 years

June 13May Whiteway14 monthsin family lot
June 13Mrs. C Uedle?37 years

June 15Wilfred Efferson9 months

June 16Joseph Hopkins11years?In govt lot
June 18Patience Dane10 years

June 18Gertrude J. Greaves10 yearsin family lot
June 23Herbert Antle9 months

June 23Henry Moore
in family lot
July 5 1892Charles Reid57 yearsInmate Lunatic Asylum
July 7Ellen Skeans55 years½ square lot
July 9James Lindsay67 yearsin family lot with case
July 11?Archibald Wheeler9 years

July 20Bessie McDonald??
July 20Annie Cumming43 yearsS. A.
July 24Marshall Keppie3 months

July 27?Stephen Pelley?27 ½ yearsS. A.
July 28George Joycefamily lot 9 feet x 9 feet

August 1 1892John Robertson Senior
family lot 9 feet x 9 feet
Aug 8James Earle16 monthsin govt lot, Poor Commr order
Aug 8Herbert V. Ambersten9 months

Aug 11Charlotte Knight42? Yearsin family lot, with case
Aug 15May Bradley5 months

Aug 24Chesley Rumsey2 monthsreopen grave
Aug 25Li?eve Buchelle7 yearswith case, diptheria, in family lot 9feet x 18 feet
Aug 29Susanna Clarke68 yearsin family lot, 9x9 feet
Aug 30Minnie G. Antle2 months

Aug 30William Noseworthy?3 weeksin family lot
Aug 31Melvin McDonald
one square 9x feet
Sept 1 1892Maud Rodgers3 yearsin govert ground
Sept 3Febe Cummins3 ½ months
variant on Phoebe?
Sept 3William Evans28 yearsin govt lot, St. John’s Hospital
Sept 5Mrs. John Woods81 yearsin family lot, with case
Sept 6Elizabeth Maddick25 yearsin family lot
Sept 8Mildred C. Dawe3 3/4 yearsin family lot
Sept 9Rose A. Whiteway10 monthsin family lot
Sept 14Richard Newport52 years

Sept 15Charles M. Bastow9 months

Sept 17Bertha Rodgers2 monthsreopen grave
Sept 21Katie Andrews20 months

Sept 22Isabell Bastow8 monthsreopen grave
Sept 25Alexander Smiths92 yearsin family lot with case
Sept 28Henry E. Broadbrige10 monthsreopen grave
Oct 3 1892Selina K. Laurence2? Yearsreopen grave
Oct 3George Langmead72 yearsin family lot with case
Oct 10Mrs. Nathanialinfantstill born
Oct 12John Freeman78 yearsin family lot, with case
Oct 20Elizabeth Nichol8 years

Oct 21William T.? Earle5 months

Oct 25Ruth Putman29 yearsin family lot, with case
Oct 25Laurie Kendry5 yearsdiptheria
Oct 25Samuel J. Howse3 weeks

Oct 29William E. Thompson5 monthsreopen grave
Nov 2 1892Annie [Boon]18 months
Could be Boan
Nov 4James Hudson1 ½ daysin family lot
Nov 7Emma E. Earle18 monthsin govt ground, Poor Commr order
Nov 9Ann M. Bailey? Yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Nov 12Elizabeth E. Ramsay44 yearsin family lot
Nov 13?John Pike69? Years

Nov 21William C. Moore1 week

Nov 22Charles P.? Ayre5 weeksin family vault
Nov 22Emma I.? Stick2 years

Nov 22Albert Ivany6 weeksreopen grave
Nov 26George Osmond87 years

Nov 26Ernest Manuel5 months

Nov 30Walter Rideout24 years

Dec 9? 1892John English?55 yearsin govt lot, Poor Commsr
Dec 9Hugh McLelean22 monthsin family lot, with case, scarletina
Dec 9George Hunt62 yearswith case
Dec 10John Newall? years

Dec 14John Kates62 yearsin govt lot, Poor Comm order
Dec 14Archie McLellan5 years, 5 monthsscarletina, in family lot, with case
Dec 22Samuel W. Wilkinson19 yearswith case
Dec 24John Sheppard80 years

NameDescription of ErrorMy Name
SMITH Burial of Alexander Smith Sept. 25, 1892 states he was 92 years old. Should be 72 yrs. old. He was born Nairn, Scot. 1820. Marion Baker

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