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Avalon South Region ~ St. John's District

St. John's - General Protestant Cemetery

Internments, 1893 - 1896

The oldest cemetery for the Protestant religion is the one located on Old Topsail Road and Waterford Bridge Road. This cemetery is not currently in use except for current plot holders. All Protestant religions used this cemetery but it is maintained by the United Church of Canada. Available records - Burial records from 1888 to the present. These are located at the United Church Archives, Elizabeth Ave; PANL and the Genealogical Society. Headstones - available at the Genealogical Society and the United Church Archives.

This transcription made from a photocopy. The copy was very faded, as was, apparently, the original. Some sections are *really* difficult to read. Initials are hard to distinguish, I’s, J’s, T’s and F’s all look alike, as do M’s and N’s. Notes to cause of death may have been made after the fact in some instances. As with any transcription, typos are possible. This should not be used in place of references to the original.[] Indicates transcriber is unsure.{}Indicates information destroyed on photocopy.

These information was read, recorded and transcribed by NGAIRE GENGE July 2000 . While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors nor omissions.

Date Name Age Remarks Transcriber Notes
Jan 3 1893Elsie B. Russell2 years

Jan 4James Stowe16 years

Jan 5Mrs. Penney’s
male infant still born
Jan 9Silian Ann Austen?13 monthsreopen grave
Jan 12George Abbott8 months

Jan 13Fredrick I.? Evans6 weeks

Jan 13Mrs. Arthur G. Randell33 yearsin [Mr. Mutch] family lot, with case
Jan 13James Garland3 monthsin family lot, with case
Jan 14Marion Garden14 yearsreopen grave
Jan 18Agness King20 years

Jan 27Mary Ann Ivany’s
still born infant
Feb 5 1893Nathan I.? Noseworthy33 years

Feb 5[James Watson]?39? years
Practically illegible, best guess
Feb 8Caroline [Rendell]?
Practically illegible, best guess. May be Randell, Rendall?
Feb 12?Elizabeth ?. Thistle? months

Feb 13Sarah E. Parsons5 years reopen grave
Feb ?Moses? Nichols? yearsin family lot
Feb 15Drucilia Ash65 yearsIn govt lot, Poor Comm order
Feb 18?Mary Rodgers16? yearsin govt lot, Poor Comm order
Feb ?Harry Laurie9 ½ yearsin family lot, with case
Feb ?? Harris22 yearsin family lot, with case
Feb ?William Parsons22 years?
March ? 1893Elizabeth Ramsey77 yearsreopen grave
Mar ?Lily A. Brags7 months

Mar 6Eliae Rolina1? monthsin govt ground, Poor Comm order
Mar 9Jane Skirving69 yearsin family lot with case
Mar 13Abrim? Earle17 yearsin govt lot, Poor Comm order
Mar 15Charles King6? yearswith case
Mar 21Edgar Legrew7 months

Mar 22Walter Rowe5 yearsin govt lot, Poor Comm order, diptheria
Mar 24S. Milley’s infant4 hoursin family lot
Mar 25Agnes Cowan5 ½ yearsin family lot, with case
Mar 29Ada Campbell9 yearsin family lot, with case
Apr 1 1893? ? Milley26 yearsin family lot, with case
Apr 1Hannah Searle24 yearsin govt lot, Poor Comm order
Apr 4Sarah I. Hiscock48 years

Apr 4Lillian Bensin9 monthsreopen grave
Apr 6Mrs. Arthur Peach40 yearswith case
Apr 20Mrs. Alfred Parsons83 yearsin family lot, with case
Apr 21William B. Browning?29 yearsin family lot, with case
Apr 26Lillian Carnell6 monthsin family lot
Apr 28Thedare? Tucker18 months

Apr 29Elizabeth Curtis58 years

May 1 1893Stephen Sparks Clark?
Still born
May ?John Stockl?s20 ½ years

May 4Richard Pike59 yearsin family lot, with case
May 6John Wheeler19 years

May 11Claud Chaplin3 yearsin family lot, with case
May 11Josiah Garland60 years

May 11Rhoda Hubbard4 monthsin government ground
May 12Jessie Andrews20 months

May 12William Eales?66? yearsin family lot, with case
May 18Annie I. [McBay]1 ½ yearsin family lot, Charles TrencherCould be McKay
May 18John Legrow’s
child still born
May 18Jeanie Hutchings8 yearsin family lot, with case
May 18George Mc???’s
still born infant
May 18Mrs. Gillespie69 yearsin family lot, with case
May 19Elizabeth A Houdel2 months

May 19?Mark Stuckless
family square of ground
May 29?Mrs. William Warren74 yearsin family vault
May 28Winafred Noseworthy4 yearsSignal Hospital, diptheria
May 31[Susanna Milley]39 yearswith caseVery faint.
June 1 1893James McKenzie7 monthsin family lot
June 9William Earles?????????Reopen grave
June 14Maria Whelan28 yearsin govt lot, Poor Comm order
Jun 16Isaac Harris10 monthsin govt lot, Poor Comm order
June 17Harriet ?. Hampton3 daysreopen grave
June 18Mrs. Henry Marshall’s
male child stillborn
June 19Robert Carmichael2? yearswith case, in family lot
June 25Mrs. Pollockstill born infantreopen grave
June 26Allan Rogers2 years

June 28Susanna Andrews82 yearsin family lot
June 29Stephen Sparks26? years

July 3 1893Edith Vey14 years

July 5Ann Stringer25 yearsin government lot, Poor Comm
July 7Sably? Harwath8 monthsreopen grave
July 8Belinda Houden3 monthsreopen grave
July 10James Carmichael
one square 9 feet x 14 feet
July 17Mary C. Diamond14 monthsin square ground 9 feet x 9 feet
July 26Mrs. Sarah Lennox39 yearswith case
July 31Emma P. Bursey27 years

Aug 8 1893Eli LeGrow39 yearsin govt lot, Poor Comm order
Aug 9Walter White4 monthsreopen grave
Aug 10Beatrice Thomas15 daysreopen grave
Aug 12Mary Bursey5 monthsreopen grave
Aug 13Hazel Masey?4 months

Aug 14Francis &? Winefred Reid7 monthswith case, S.A.
Aug 15Nelly Parsons8 daysin ½ square of ground
Aug 15Mrs. John Spencer33 years

Aug ?Arnold Barker6 months

Aug 21Fredrick A. Bastow26 yearsin family lot, with case
Aug 21Effie Spencer2 weeksreopen grave
Aug 23Miriam J. Evans2 years

Aug 23Anelia Ann Pilley?3 months

Aug 29John McDougal53 years in family lot, with case
Aug 31Gremdia? Taylor4 months

Sept 4Samuel Peet2 yearsdiptheria
Sept 4William Bennett4 monthsreopen grave
Sept 6Mary J.? Marshall49 years

Sept ?Herbert? King16 months

Sept ?Emma J.? Brehan49 yearsin family lot, 9x9 feet with case
Sept ?Mrs. Elizabeth Skinner
family lot 9 x 9 feet
Sept ?Samuel ??

Sept 13Charles Lait8 monthin family lot
Sept 14Stephen Strong12 yearsin govert lot, Poor Comm
Sept 15James Simmonds20 yearsHealth? order?
Sept 15Margaret Lowe6? months

Sept 15Brehan
one square 9x9 feet
Sept 16Bertha Gullage11? months

Sept 19?Lillian Copper8 monthsin government lot
Sept 23George Keppie3? days

Sept 26Annie Crane15? yearsin govt lot, St. John’s Hospital, diptheria
Sept 27?George Andrews1 monthreopen grave
Oct 2 1893Thomas Couch7 monthsreopen grave
Oct 2Annie Squires9 monthsreopen grave
Oct 3John Samuel Vey40 yearsreopen grave
Oct 4Mary Ann [LeDrew]13 years
Could be LeGrow? LeGrew?
Oct 9Janet Taylortwo weeksreopen grave
Oct 9Nathaniel Macklen5 weeksin govt lot, Poor Comms offer
Oct 10Lizzie MacGregor15 years?

Oct 13Donald Burt6 months

Oct 14Elizabeth Snow16 monthsin govt lots, Poor Commsr order
Oct 19James Butt18 months

Oct 20James Greeley32? years

Oct 21Peter [Harvey]13 yearsreopen graveCould be Healy, or Ivany
Oct 23Robert [?]65 yearsPoor Asylum order, in gov’t ground
Oct 23Fanny [Frister]27 yearsreopen grave
Oct 24Jane Maria Mercer21 years

Oct ??Alfred Pike70 yearswith case
Oct 24Daise Morris22 months
Var. spelling of Daisy?
Oct 25Sarah ?. Rideout3 years

Oct 29?Nellie [Gorman]6 months
Oct 29Betsy Cowan63 yearswith case in family lot
Oct 30Alfred Frampton8 days

Oct 31Sarah Peddle36 yearsin govt lot Poor Commsr order
Nov 3 1893Albert Wilson Morel8 weeks

Nov 3Emma Morris4 years

Nov 11William H. Wight7 years

Nov 13?William Giles66 yearsin family lot with case
Nov 10Fredric R. Page75 years

Nov 15Edith May Cowan6 weeksin family lot with case
Nov 16James L. Heffern2 months

Nov 18Elizabeth Uzzard79? yearsin govt lot, Poor Asylum order
Nov 18William Freeman74 yearsin family lot with case
Nov ??Elizabeth Coyle6 months

Nov ??Henry I.? Bussey3 mos

Nov ??[Julia Soper]5? mos
Almost illegible.
Nov ??Julia Tessier55 yearsin family lot with case
Nov 29Robert I.? Wa?tten19 yearsreopen grave
Nov 29Nellie [Aithon]17 monthsreopen graveUnclear
Nov 29Edith J. Raines3 years

Nov 30____ McDonald
in family lot with caseLeft blank
Dec 1 1893John Ryan35 years{illegible}
Jan 1 1894Joyner6 yearsin govt lot, St. John’s Hospital, diptheriaNo first name given.
Jan 1Mrs. W. Churley32 yearsin govt lot, Poor Commisr order
Jan 3Frederic McNiven7 monthsreopen grave
Jan 4Eithel M. Bussey3 months

Jan 6William Sillars10 days

Jan 13?George Wm. Robertson45 yearsin family with case
Jan 15Chesley Lambert4 monthsreopen grave
Jan 15?Ebenezer Butt47 years

Jan 16? Mary Snelgrove30 years
Could be an S.
Jan 25Manuel D. S?andley1 year

Jan 26Albert I.? Puddister2 yearsS. Army
Jan 27Thomas Heath36 yearsin govt ground, St. John’s Hospital order
Jan 28?Mary J. Handcock23 yearsin govt lot, St. John’s Hospital order
Jan 29Tr?lerie J. Learning9 months

Jan 29???ie Fleet1 month?

Jan 30Julia Snelgrove18 months

Jan 30Pricilla Knight53 years

Jan 30George Pippy53 yearsLunatic Asylum order
Jan 31Robert Brown39 yearsin family lot with case
Jan 31Elizabeth Chancey55 yearsin family lot with case
Feb 1 1894[Bridie] Smallwood32 yearsin family lot with caseCould be Bride, Birdie?
Feb 1?[Henrey] Morris3 hours?
Feb 5Mary Ann Parsons1 year, 9 monthsreopen grave
Feb 7Joseph Gillingham12 years

Feb 7Mrs. Emily Pearcey’s infant still bornin govt lot, Poor Comm order
Feb 8George King13 monthsreopen grave
Feb 9William George Lacey’s17 hoursreopen grave
Feb 14Jessie Reid4 months

Feb 14George Milley4 monthswith case
Feb 15Stephen Freeman64 yearsin family lot 9 feet x 9 feet
Feb 17Leah Driscoll26 years

Feb 24Susanna Hepdich86 years
Could be Hipdich
Feb 26Leah Puddister8 years

Mar 5Alfred Butt6 monthsreopen grave
Mar 10Annie Barnes32 yearsreopen grave in family lot
Mar 15Margaret Shaw42 years

Mar 15William Lucas14 monthsreopen grave
Mar 17[McLean] Swanson13 monthsreopen graveCould be Malcom
Mar 22William Barnes{?}half square ? Feet
Mar 22Joseph Greely58? Years

Mar 26Donald Milley18 monthsreopen grave
Mar 28Louisa Ridout45 yearswith case
Mar 29John Noftal51 years in govt lot, Poor Commsr order
Mar ??Jack [Trimm]72 yearsin grave ?? For order, ?? On September 28, 88.Could be Green, really faint
Apr 2 1894Philip Forestill 74 yearswith case
Apr 6Edwin Biggs12 daysreopen grave
Apr 6John Pike27 years

Apr 9Sam Chas Thorn16 monthsin govt lots, Poor Cmmsr order
Apr 10Robert Alex Johnston19 yearsin family lot with case
Apr 12William Taylor6 months

Apr 12Herbert D. Case12 monthsin family lot
Apr 16Henry Boyd Pike15 monthsin family lot
Apr 19Eliza Solomon82 yearsin family lot with case
Apr 20Clarance James March2 months

Apr 21Jane Bastow68 yearsin family lot with case
Apr 25Sarah Barnes75? years

Apr 20Captain Singles?child still born
Apr 20?Thomas Parsons13 yearsin govt lot
May 1 1894Jonathan Janes73 yearsreopen grave
May 1William Bearns14 yearsin family lot with case
May 2Hugh Haldane3 monthsin family lot
May 3Janet Maude Manuel????

May 5Lauriel C. Dawe7 monthsin family lot, ½ square
May ?Lena M. Baird24with case in family vault
May ?Lilly May White13 monthsreopen grave
May ?Gertrude Hudson6weeksreopen grave
May 12Jane Lennox56 yearsreopen grave
May 15John L. Noseworthy4 monthsin govt lot, Poor Commsr order
May 16Samuel Roberts 9 monthsin govt ground, Poor Cmms order

May 17[???] E. King6 yearsreopen graveCould be Harold, Morlat?
May 21Naomia Noel23 yearsin govt ground
May 25Lillian Adams10 monthsreopen grave
May ??Alice M. Kennedy18? monthsin govt ground Poor Comms order
May 28Getitia? Reid45? yearsin govt lot, Poor Commsr order
May 29Annie Hay?21 years

May 30Mary Ann Weeks47 years

Jun 8 1894Lousia Sparks78 years
Misspelled Louisa?
Jun 11Thomas Morris85 yearsin govt ground, Poor Com order
Jun 11Marie Collett84 yearsreopen grave
Jun 13 Josiah Leard3 weeksin family lot
Jun 13Jessie Knight45 yearsin Thomas Haynes ground
Jun 14Belinda Shaw3 monthsreopen grave
Jun 14Malcolm MacMillian35 years

Jun 21Julia Moores31 yearsin govt lot, Poor Comm order
Jun 21Lillian Hall15 years

Jun ??Jim Legrow
stillborn infant
Jun 19Mrs. Mary Bruce’s
stillborn infant
Jun 20Nathanial [Mills]?6 yearsin govt ground, Stl John’s Hospital orderMiles?
Jun 25[R.] Thorburntwo childrenreopen graveCould be a B or an M.
Jun 2?[Lara] [Simms]14 monthsreopen graveTara, Laura? Simmons?
June 2?M. Snelgrove12 yearsreopen grave
Jun 27Mrs. Millar76 yearsin family lot
Jun 27Jessie Martin25 yearswith case
Jun 27B. Clay3 years?

Jun 30M. Sexton66 years

Jun 30Jane Hamlin72 yearsin family lot
Jul 5 1894Samuel Bell2 hours

Jul 6Therzea? Turner6 ½ yearsin Captain White lot with case
Jul 7Mr. Story4? yearsin family lot with case
Jul 16Winiford Burt3 weeksreopen grave
Jul 16Florine? Hallet3 monthsreopen grave
Jul 17Mary Ann Burchell16 yearsin govt lotcrabbed, may be Mrs. Ann
Jul 20Sarah Mayo71 yearsin govt lot Inmate Poor Asylum
Jul 23Donald Gillis23 yearswith case
Jul 23James Crans5 years
Jul 24Sarah [Whrtton]55 years
crabbed, may be Whalen, Whelan, Wharton?
Jul 26Susanna Howse87 yearswith case
Jul 27Edwin J.? Arys?4 years
I, T? Frys?
Jul 28Doris Chaplin18 monthsin family lot with case
Jul 30Sarah White58? yearswith case
Jul 30Elizabeth Rendel?48 years

Aug 1 1894Marion Reymolds69 yearsin family lot with case
Aug 2Selphina Penny 5 ½ yearsin govt lot Poor Comm orderMight be Percy
Aug 4Mable Marshall7 weeks
Misspelling of Mabel?
Aug 6David Slater80 yearsin family lot with case
Aug 8Margaret Ayre1 monthin family vault
Aug 11Mary E. Arnold2 weeks

Aug 12Jethro Parsons9 years

Aug 12Andrew Marshall3 weeksreopen grave
Aug 14Ernest Penny 6 weeksin govt lots Poor Comm order
Aug 17Mattie Whiteway5 yearsreopen grave with case
Aug 23Walter Smith2 months

Aug 23Mary F. Warren7 months

Aug 23Levi Garland56 yearswith case in family lot
Aug 24W. Whiteford67 yearswith case in family lot
Aug 27Robert Blair16 yearswith case in family lot
Aug 30Ann Driscoll35 yearsin govt ground Poor Comm order
Sept 6 1894William Haskin1 ½ yearsin govt lots Poor Comm order
Sept 11Jane McKinley2 monthsin family lot
Sept 11?Jane Penny40 yearsin govt lot Poor Comm orderCould be Renny?
Sept 13Jessie Hally?32 years

Sept 14George F. Renny2 days
Could be Penny?
Sept 24Chesley Leary18 monthsdiptheria, with case
Sept 26Steward Mercer3 years

Sept 27William Bell?? Yearsreopen grave
Sept 27Norman Leary4 yearsdiptheria, with case
Oct 1Gary Simmons18 months
Could be Mary?
Oct 5?Florence M. Tucker2 monthsreopen grave
Oct 6James Snow2 yearsscarletina
Oct 6Sarah J Evans14? months
Could be I or T
Oct 11Susannah Tray?47 yearswith case
Oct 15Richard T. Hynes37 years

Oct 17William Cleary67 yearsin govt grave St. John’s Hospital
Oct 18?Gladys McDonald2 monthsin family lot
Oct 22Annie McHrenidel?2 years
Oct 24Susanna Ryan42 years

Oct 24Eli Hookey?37? yearsin govt lot Poor Comm orderHoakey?
Oct 24 John Driscoll82 yearsin govt lot Poor Comm order
Oct 25F. G. Redstone 8 years???????
Oct 25Mary Reid2 monthsin govt lot, Poor Comm order
Oct 31Clark Parson’s
infant age ten hours
Nov 6 1894Gertrude White2 ½ yearsreopen grave
Nov 7Mrs. Stienchild[still born in family lot]!!Not to be taken literally as written! :)
Nov 7Gwen ???Barltt??? Years
difficult to read!
Nov 12?Annie Watson51 yearsin family lot with case
Nov 16Ernest Martin?to family lot1 square 9x9 feet ?????Martan?
Nov 16Arthur Martin:ditto:Doctor’s 2 children 1 square 9x9Martin entries appear to be a single burial
Nov 21Muriel Young6 years 8 monthsreopen grave [scarletina?] in family lot with case
Nov 24Robert Simpson60 yearssection five lot 25 scarletina
Nov 25Eleanor Graves3 yearsin family lot with case
Nov 27Winifred M. Rose?6 months

Nov 30Eleanor Tucker3 monthsreopen grave
Dec 1 1894Bella Thompson3 ½ yearsin family lot? scarletina
Dec 5Julia North27 years?in section 8 ??? ???? ????
Dec 5Selena Janes3 yearsin govt lot Poor Comm order scarletina
Dec 8Jessie Raynes2 yearsreopen grave scarletina
Dec 10William Raines6 yearsin section 8.41 grave
Dec 10James Coish3 yearsin section 8.42 grave
Dec 10?Chesley H. Fry1 year

Dec 12Gertrude Piddle2 ½ yersin govt line, Poor Comm order scarletina
Dec 13John Withycombe?9 yearsin family lot
Dec 14Esau Thistle11 months?in govt lot Poor Comm order scarletina
Dec 15Lousia Bussey6 monthsin govt lot Poor Comm ordermisspelling of Louisa?
Dec 15Alexander Earns?3 yearsin govt lot Poor Comm order scarletinaMight be Evans?
Dec 20Frank Shane?? Yearsreopen grave scarletina
Dec 23?Bertha Barrett17 years

Dec 24Bessie Weir3 yearsBoard of Health scarletina
Dec 24Jessie Alcott?13 yearsPoor Comm order
Dec 27Charles Sparks18 months

Dec 29?Kenneth Shane2 yearsPoor Comm order scarletina
Dec ??Anne Percy?? ½ yearsHealth Officer’s order scarletina
Dec ??Charles Fry5 yearsscarletina
Jan 6? 1895Edward ?a????3 yearsscarletina
Jan ?Mary Bursey8 monthspoor Comm order in section 5 lot 16 scarletina
Jan 6Jessie A. Cowan3 ½ yearsin square of ground with case
Jan 7Maud LeDrue?8 yearsPoor Comm orderLeDrew?
Jan ??Elizabeth Squires?25 years
Very cramped, Sprane, Sprange?
Jan ??Isaac Newell46 yearsin Section 5, grave?
Jan ??Elfreda Newport12 years?Poor Comsr order
Jan ??Florence Estabrook?6 weeks
These next few entries are really faint!
Jan ??Henry? L???6 months

Jan ??George H????43 years

Jan ??Annie ????3 ½ years

Jan 17?May Benson? monthsreopen grave
Jan 17?R???? Martin?4 months??????????
Jan 18James H?????2 yearsSt. John’s Hospital scarletina
Jan 21?Annie King32 years?

Jan 21Arthur Parsons60 yearsPoor Asylum order
Jan 21Sarah Evans1 ½ monthsPoor Comm order
Jan 21Susanna Clarke64 yearsSect 8 grave 4 no case
Jan 21Anna Cooper84 yearsin family lot with case
Jan 22Raymond Barnes 2 daysin family lot
Jan 23Ernest Pike9 ½ yearsin family lot scarletina
Jan 24E???? Giles2 yearsScarletina
Jan 25Archibald Antle44 yearsPoor Comm order
Jan 27Stuart McLean?7 monthsin family lot with case
Jan 28Bertha Wythcombe26? yearsin family lot
Jan 28Margert Curtis6 yearsPoor Comm orderMargaret? Margret?
Jan 30Jessie Windsor23 years

Feb 2 1895Marian Jane Penny2 ½ yearsPoor Comm order scarletina
Feb 8Charles Barens78 yearsin family lot with case
Feb ??May Bell10 years

Feb 12Rose W. Giles26 yearsscarletina
Feb 12Lucy Buttler3 ½ yearsscarletina
Feb 13William H. Whitten25 yearswith case
Feb 13Lewis Young7 weeksreopen grave
Feb 15Richard Weeks66 yearswith case
Feb 18Florence? Roper?26 yearsin family lot
Feb ??Jessie King3 monthsreopen grave
Feb 21?Nehemiah Nichols9 years

Feb 25Herbert Antle4 years?reopen grave
Feb 25Leah Withcombe?45 yearsSection 3?, lot 50
Feb 25Leah Withycombe?45in family lotTwo entries in original!
Feb 25Deborah Simmons1 year 8 monthsreopen grave
Feb 25Clare Garland1 yearin family lot with case
Mar 5 1895R. M. Maunder15 monthin family lot
Mar 6Lauria? Pippy 9 days

Mar 7Emma Young25 yearsin govt ground St. John’s Hospital order
Mar 9Mary A. Smith39 yearsin family lot
Mar 9Edward Ellis5 months

Mar 9Alex Pottle 2 ½ yearsin govt ground Poor Comm order
Mar 11?W. C??key60 years?with case section 5 lot 14with caseThis and the previous entry and squished together
Mar 11Amelia Thistle15 months

Mar 11?John Percy23 yearsin John Ca???? family lot with case
Mar 11?Anne Noseworthy16 years?

Mar 12Fredrick Thistle2 months

Mar 14?George Noseworthy7 yearsreopen grave
Mar 14Patience Evens14 yearsin govt lot 8.26
Mar 18Philip Newell2 yearsPoor Comm order
Mar 19Susanna Snelgrove6 months

Mar 23Caroline Milly?57? yearsin family lot with case
Mar 26Susanna Stowe?? Years9feet x 9feet section 5 ??? lot
Mar 30Nellie E. Maunder9 weeks

Apr 1 1895Johnie Lep?relly10 monthsPoor Comm order
Apr 5Joseph Simms?35 yearsPoor Comm orderSimmons?
Apr 8Walter Bruce6 daysreopen case
Apr 8Effie Harris3 yearsPoor Comm order
Apr 8Maria Morgan39 years

Apr 8William Cox55 yearsGovt order Inmate Sanitarium?
Apr 9Philip Butt10 monthsPoor Comm order
Apr 13?George ?. Coddon?1 year 9 monthsPoor Comm order in Section 8 Lot 5
Apr 13?Reana? J. Smallwood1 year ? monthsin family lot
Apr 16Elsie M. King9 monthsin family lot
Apr 20Grace Andrews67 years

Apr 20Gertrude M. Sparks2 years

Apr 22Annie More9 yearsInmate St. John’s Hospital
Apr 23Albert Barns6 days

Apr 24Johns Monroe8 monthsin family lot with case
Apr 24Providence Whelan81 yearsin family lot
Apr 24Alexander Churchel5 months
Likely Churchill
Apr 25Sarah Kane47 yearsin govt ground Poor Comm order
Apr 26Julia A Whelan6 monthsPoor Comm ord
Apr 29John Hughes60 yearsIn Mrs. Skinner lot with case
Apr 29Samuel LeDrew21 years? Poor Comm ord
Apr 29George Noseworthy10 monthsPoor Comm ord
Apr 30Joseph B????????

May 1Beatrice M?????2 yearsin section ? Lot 66
May 1JosephWilson?5? yearsSection 6 lot 24 with case
May 1Solomon ????ndy???Poor Comm order
May 7Chesley H. Kenny?9 monthsPoor Comm order
May 8Reginald Cha?y11 months?in family lot
May 8Mable Biggs2 monthsin Section 8 No 9Mispelled Mabel?
May 8Bertha Barred20 yearsreopen grave
May 9Josiah Lewes3 monthsPoor Commsr orderLewis?
May 9Corbett Penney4 monthsPoor Comm order
May 9Thomas Parsons55 yearsPoor Comm order
May 13B? Emma Kellygrues65 yearsreopen graveKelligrew?
May 14Elizabeth Mills75 yearsin section 8 grave 10
May 14Rabecca? Mercer13? daysPoor Comm orderRebecca?
May 14Lloyd Coyelle49 years?????????Could be Cayelle
May 20Moses Monroe54 years in family lot with case
May 22Harriet Knight75 yearsin family lot
May 22William ??ddiday67 yearsin family lot with case
May 23John Harris44 yearsin Section 8, ???? grave
May 24Leah Cocker3 monthsPoor Comm orderCould be Crocker?
May 25Charles King2 ½ yearsreopen grave
May 27Robert King 5 years

May 27?Norman Angel7 yearsin family lot with cas???
May 30Nelson M. Parsons3 yearsIn Section 8, No 9 grave
June 1 1895Susanna Spooner45 yearsin Section 8, lot?
Jun 6Lillian Marshallstill bornreopen grave
Jun 10Mildred Roberts 1 1/4 months

Jun 10Gertrude Gillone month

Jun 15Allan Mercer2 ½ years

Jun 17William Hamlin7 yearswith case
Jun 16Anna Ledingham44 yearsSection 4?, lot 16, with caseDates reversed in records
Jun 24Fredrick Butt2 months

Jun 24Sarah Fleet17 yearsInmate Lunatic Asylum
Jun 28Jane Rowe3 ½ yearsin section 8, grave No. 16?
Jul 1 1895May Bradley2 yearsreopen grave
Jul 1William Lindsay5 weeksin family lot
Jul 2Bessie Turner6 ½ yearsin section 1, lot 53 with case
Jul ?John James69 yearsin Section 7, grave 9?
Jul 8Jessie Ledrew12 yearsreopen grave
Jul 9Jane Freeman64 yearsin family lot with case
Jul 10Gordon Martain?4 monthsreopen graveMartin, Martan?
Jul 13?Stella LeDrew?2 years
Jul 15Amelia M Simmons 37 years9x9 feet in Section 5 Lot 28
Jul 15?John Sellars1 hourreopen grave
Jul??Newman Snelgrove21 yearsin Section 7, grave 6
Jul 24Infant still bornreopen grave
Jul 24Haeney? Knight82 yearsreopen grave with case
Jul 26Robert C. Ayre’smale child still born
Jul 27Mary Ann Newhook66 yearsSection 7, grave 3
Aug 2? 1895Marion I.? Norman2 yearssomething crossed out
Aug 5Marion Wills22 yearsSection 3, lot 16
Aug 5 Bengamin King45 yearsInmate Lunatic AsylumMisspelling of Benjamin?
Aug 5Robert H. Whiteway
Section 4 lot 18 9x9 feet
Aug 8Amelia Heallet18 yearsPoor Comm orderCould be Hollett?
Aug 12May Rose12 daysreopen grave
Aug 18Clara Kennedy22 yearsin Section 8 No. 12 grave
Aug 16Alexander Thistle18 yearsin Section 7, Grave 12Dates reversed in original copy
Aug 16Henry H. Ball16? yearsreopen graveCould be 10.
Aug 20Stella B. Brien2 months

Aug 19William Nickols2 monthsreopen graveCould be Nichols
Aug 18Isa McKenzie8 monthsSection 6 lot 30 9x9 feetThis entry stroked through
Aug 21Isac Thistle13 yearsPoor Comm orderIsaac?
Aug 26Ella Bussey3 weeksreopen grave
Aug 27John Luther31 yearsInmate Lunatic Asylum
Aug 31Hilda J. Baxter14 monthsreopen grave
Aug 14James MacKenzie8 monthsSection 6, Lot 30 9x9 feetDates off in original copy.
Sep 6? 1895Miss Knight
one square of ground 9 feet x 9 feet
Sep 9Herbert Heath
2 ½ monthsin family square
Sep 12Elisa Bennett16? monthsin section 7 grave 15
Sep 13Archibald Janes16 monthsin section 7 grave 18
Sep 16William E. Thorburn6 yearsin section 8, grave 55
Sep 17Albert Freeman12 yearsin family lot with case
Sep 17George W. Penny8 monthsin section 8 grave 2
Sept 20Elizabeth Coyle49 yearsin section 7 grave 56
Sep 21Mary T. King63 yearsin section 7 grave 21
Sep 24Antony? Sumersen?36 yearsDanish sailor S.S. TiberOntorg?
Sep 23Fanny? Morris34 yearsreopen graveDates reversed in original copy
Sep 25Mrs. Newellremovedto Section 4, no 15 lot
Sep 26John Searle27 yearsgovert ground Poor Comm order
Oct 5 1895Solomon Bouden72 yearswith case
Oct 8Ambrose Lorde5 monthssection 8, grave 2
Oct 12Mabel Lucas4 hoursreopen graves
Oct 14Thomas Stick20 monthsreopen grave
Oct 15William Bursey3 yearssection 8 grave 15?
Oct 16William F. Chancey75 yearssection 5, lot 18 with case
Oct 17Bertha L. Taylor6 yearssection 8, grave 14
Oct 18Mary J. Whiteway20 yearssection 7, grave 5
Oct 19Jessie Taylor2 yearsreopen grave section 8, 14 grave
Oct 21Fredrick Cricth9 monthssection 8, 15 graveMisspelled Critch?
Oct 21Richard T.? Rankin64 yearssection 8, 15 grave
Oct 24Wilfred Richards3 weeks

Oct 25Henry C. Noseworthy3? daysin family lot5 days possible
Oct 25John Critch2 yearsreopen grave in section 8, grave 15
Oct 29Andy Rayne’sstill bornin govt ground Poor Comm order
Nov 1 1895John Dalton8 hoursin govt ground Poor Comm
Nov 11Ann Shepard93 yearsreopen grave
Nov 11Susanna Mayo81 yearssection 8, grave 16
Nov 19Sophia Jacobs 19? yearssection 8, grave 1?
Nov 19Mamie Hefferan9 yearsreopen grave
Nov 19Christine Mend79 yearsremoved to section 5, lot 15, with caseCould be Mead
Nov 23Hugh R.? Milaite?14 monthssection 8, grave 18Could be a B.Could be McLaite
Nov 23Rebeca Purchard19 yearsin govt ground Poor Comm orderRebecca
Nov 28Elizabeth Redford50 yearssection 5, lot 34 with case
Nov 30James Cooper59 yearssection 8, grave 19
Dec 2 1895Elizabeth L. Bennett48 yearssection 8, no 20 grave
Dec 3 1895Marion Barrett15 monthsin govt grave Poor Comm order
Dec 12Margaret King5 yearssection 7, no 35 grave
Dec 16Fredrick W. Bowden56 yearsin family lot with case
Dec 17Charlotte Peddel5 monthssection 8, 21 gravevariant sp. of Peddle?
Dec 17George Dwyer42 yearsin govt ground diptheria Hospital order
Dec 23Cecila Fraser55 yearswith case
Dec 24Emily Moore24 yearssection 8, 39 grave
Dec 29Thomas Steed10 yearsin govert ground St. John’s Hospital order
Dec 30Jessie M. Baird4 yearsin family lot with case
Dec 31James Street3 yearssection 8, grave 22
Dec 31George H. Percy47? yearsin family lot with case
Jan 5 1896James Norman?35 yearsin Pa??? Wills lot with caseCould be Noremor
Jan 8Beatrice Taylor9 monthswith case
Jan 12?Emma Pike25 yearsreopen grave with case
Jan 14Eithel Thorburnremoved fromthe old ground to seciton 8, grave 34
Jan 21Rebecca Devenport63 yearswith case
Jan 22Eliza Brown 43 yearsreopen grave
Jan 22Christine Earle’sstill bornfemale child Poor Comm order
Jan 27Christine Earle26 yearsin govt ground Poor Comm order
Jan 28Emma Greave’sinfant childin family lot of Harry Greaves
Jan 31Fredrick Sheppard66 yearsInmante Lunatic Asylum ?. ?.
Feb 6Maud Ford24 yearssection 7, grave 2
Feb 10John Prouse70 yearssection 8, 23 grave with case
Feb 14Clara & Blanche Gilltwins, 3 dayssection 8, grave 1
Feb 15Helen P. Pratt15 years9 feet x 9 feet in section 5 grave 30
Feb 18Cyrie Parsons6 monthssection 8, grave 24
Feb 22 James Percy3 monthsreopen grave
Feb 22William Green2 yearssection 8, grave 25
Feb 26Selina Radford42 yearsin family lot with case
Feb 28William M. Barnes87 yearsin family lot, with case
Feb 29John W. Rose4 ½ monthsreopen grave
Mar 6 1896Francis Rumsey90 yearsreopen grave
Mar 7Gordon Berry’s2 dayssection 8, grave 26The entry isn’t clear if its Gordon Berry who was buried or if the child didn’t have it’s own name yet.
Mar 16Mary King19 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm order
Mar 17Mary Roberts25 yearsin govt ground Poor Comm order
Mar 26Wilfred Joyce4 dayssection 8, grave 27
Mar ??Edith Masher1 weekdsection 8, grave 28
Apr 6 1896Carrie Gullage12 yearssection 8, grave 29
Apr 9Charles Pippy3 yearsreopen grave
Apr 13????? Crocker?18 monthsin Caroline Cowan grave ???Overwritten and blotchy
Apr 13Alfred Barnes12 yearssection 8, no 30 grave
Apr 13Mary Penny34 yearsin govt ground Poor Asylum
Apr 15Charles Lewis8 monthssection 8, 31 grave
Apr 16Charlotte Milling4 monthsin family lot, with case
Apr 18Robert [Arold]?81 yearsInmate Poor AsylumUnfamiliar?
Apr 20Mary Rose33 yearssection 8, 32 grave
Apr 23?James Oliphant Frazer37 yearsin family lot with case
Apr 30Alexander Bruce1 monthreopen grave
May 3 1896Moses Dawe76 yearsin govt ground Poor Comm order
May 5?John Woods88 yearsin family lot with case
May 8Flossie Bailey6 monthssection 8, grave 35
May 14Edith M. Washer8 monthsreopen grave
May 17Joseph Cook45 years

May 19?Lydia Milley23 yearsin family lot Section 4, lot 32
May 20Edith Isobel Freeman3 ½ yearsin family lot with case
May 25James Abbott25 yearssection 8, grave 36
May 27Sophia Duder5 yearsin family lot with case
Jun 1 1896Rodha Freemelt20 yearsin govt ground Inmate HospitalMisspelled Rhoda? Could be Treemelt
Jun 2Samuel Butt2 daysreopen grave
Jun 3Jabez Critch4 monthssection 8, 15 grave reopened
Jun 4Harry Campell7 hoursreopen grave
Jun 6William Andrews90 yearsin family lot
Jun 10Daniel Wyatt8 yearssection 8, grave 37
Jun 12Emily Snelgrove20 monthsreopen grave
Jun 12Fredrick Rumsey20 yearsreopen Joseph Cooks grave
Jun 13?William Pike5 yearsin Mr. Sopper’s family lot, diptheria?
Jun 22Reta Barnes3 yearssection 8, no 43 grave
Jun 23Joseph Squires43 yearswith case
Jun 23Sarah Morgan?3 yearsin section 8, grave 38
Jun 24?James Rangers12 yearssection 8, 44? grave
Jun 28Flora Rogers14 yearssection 8, 44 graveRangers in previous entry could be Rogers, hard to read! Double interment?
Jun 29Sarah Bathgate49 yearswith case
Jun 29Hayward K. Thomas9 months

Jun 29William Bathgate23 yearsin same grave, with caserefers to Sarah Bathgate above
Jul 4Ethel Heffrin17 days

Jul 5Hugh McLellan3 yearsin family lot with case, diptheria
Jul 8Sarah Taylor67 yearsin family lot William Norman
Jul 11Elizabeth C. Coleman6 monthssection 8, no 5 grave with case
Jul 18Elsie M. Crummie3 yearssection 8, no 46 grave
Jul 21James Barter2 hoursreopen grave
Jul 24Fredrick King6 monthsreopen grave
Jul ____Ruben Giles Child6 yearssection 5, plot 32
Jul 26Amelia Gooby70 yearssection 8, no 47 grave
Jul 28Ida Duder
with case in family lotDrider?
Jul 28Annie Meadows 20 yearsin govt lot Inmate L????
Jul 29William Benson4 monthssection 8, grave 48Could be Penson
Aug 1 1896Elizabeth Garland20 yearssection 8, grave 49
Aug 3Clara Howell?? Yearssection 8, grave 50
Aug 8Margaret Kennedy8 yearssection 8, grave 51
Aug 13Mary Ann King7 yearsin old ground
Aug 14Fanney M Roper4 monthssection 8, grave 52
Aug 14William Hallett1 yearsection 8, grave 53
Aug 17Catherine Duder64 yearsin Henry Duders square ???
Aug 19Charlotte P?lly22 yearsin govt ground Poor Comm orderPilly, Pally?
Aug 22Selina Woodley39 yearsin govt ground Poor Comm order
Aug 24Marie Green3 yearsin family lot of [Sarah] Greencramped
Aug 28Florence M. Wilkinson4 monthssection 8, grave 54
Aug 31Patience Earle46 yearsReopen grave
Aug 31James Reid4 weekssection 8, grave 55
Sept 3 1896[Agness] Hamlyn3 yearsin Charles Hamlyn’s lot, with caseVar. spelling of Agnes?
Sep 4Fred Youdon4 monthssec. 8, grave 57
Sep 7Clara Spenser13 monthssec. 8, grave 58
Sep 6 Harrold Roberston8 daysin family squreVar. spelling of Harold?
Sep 7Keziah Tucker3 monthsreopen graveDate out of order in original
Sep 12Florence B. Snooks17 monthssec. 8, grave 59
Sep 14 Florence Quick4 monthsreopen grave
Sep 14Amelia Tucker23 yearssec. 8, grave 60
Sep 15Thomas Watson25 yearsInmate of Lunatic Asylum
Sep 21Susannah Tucker7 monthssec. 8, grave 61
Sep 21Jessie Newhook14 monthssec. 8, grave 62
Sep 26Mrs. Amelia Cairns55 yearssection 5, lot 20
Oct 1 1896William Radford............Section 5, lot 33
Oct 1Robert Evans70 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm order
Oct 1James Parsons4 monthsin govt ground, Poor Comm order
Oct 5John Dicks62 yearsin George Dicks family lot
Oct 6John Garland72 yearssec. 8, 63 grave
Oct 15Pheba Whitestill bornin govt ground, Poor Comm order
Oct 15Nella ?. Ledrew5 weekssec. 8, 64 grave
Oct 17Emma I. Tessier22 monthsin family lot with case
Oct 26Jessie [Cairns]still bornfemale child
Oct 28Mary Sparks35 yearsPoor Comm order
Oct 31Charlotte Sparks11 months

Nov 3 1896Emily I. Burt20 monthPoor Comm order
Nov 3Maria Earle68 yearsin family lot with case
Nov 9Mary G. Butt3 years

Nov 9Margaret Robertson75 yearsreopen grave
Nov 14George Spa??wood48 yearssec. 5, lot 19, with case
Nov 23Isabel Lindsay3 monthssec. 8, grave 5
Nov 27Elizabeth Mills56 yearssec. 5, lot 21
Nov 30Moses [Taylor]65 yearssec. 4, plot 30, with case
Nov 30Clarance May Reid14 monthsreopen the grave of James SoperClarance? Var. of Clarence?
Dec 4 1896Bessie [Butt]22 yearssec. 8, grave 67 Bett?
Dec 7Harriet B. Wills87 yearsin Thomas Gales family lot
Dec 7Sarah Carnell16 monthsreopen grave
Dec 9Million? S. Rose3 yearsDoctr. McKenzie order
Dec ??John M. R. Wright3 ½ months in family lot
Dec 10??????? Parsons49 yearsreopen grave
Dec 10George Carnell6 weeksin family lot
Dec 16Martha Fry10 monthsreopen grave
Dec 18Jessie King3 yearssec. 8, grave 68
Dec 18Mrs. Thomas St????36 yearssec. 8, grave 69
Dec 26Thomas Bradley61 yearssec. 8, grave ??
Dec ??Ann Pittman87 yearsin family square
Dec 28John Roberts 54 yearssec. 8 grave 71
Dec 30Getitia Pennell3 ½ yearsin govt ground, diptheria
Dec 30Margaret McKendry9 monthsin Jane Gemmell family lot

Name in RecordDescription of error / additional informationMy Name
SKIRVING The age of Jane Skirving at the time of her death was 49 years NOT 69. Jane was my great-grandmother. I have her marriage record which give her age at that time and I also have a copy of the original death registry from St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in St. John's. Pat Jenkins
Moses? Nichols Feb ? Moses? Nichols ? years in family lot. I can confirm that Moses Nichols age 90 was interred Feb 14, 1893 at the General Protestant Cemetery. Geoff Martin

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