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Avalon South Region ~ St. John's District

St. John's - General Protestant Cemetery

Internments, 1897 - 1899

The oldest cemetery for the Protestant religion is the one located on Old Topsail Road and Waterford Bridge Road. This cemetery is not currently in use except for current plot holders. All Protestant religions used this cemetery but it is maintained by the United Church of Canada. Available records - Burial records from 1888 to the present. These are located at the United Church Archives, Elizabeth Ave; PANL and the Genealogical Society. Headstones - available at the Genealogical Society and the United Church Archives.

This transcription made from a photocopy. The copy was very faded, as was, apparently, the original. Some sections are *really* difficult to read. Initials are hard to distinguish, I’s, J’s, T’s and F’s all look alike, as do M’s and N’s. Notes to cause of death may have been made after the fact in some instances. As with any transcription, typos are possible. This should not be used in place of references to the original.[] Indicates transcriber is unsure.{}Indicates information destroyed on photocopy.

These information was read, recorded and transcribed by NGAIRE GENGE July 2000 . While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors nor omissions.

Jan 2 1897Edith M. Guest Simpson2 weeksreopened grave
Jan 2?Capt. Dingle’s still bornmale child, reopened grave
Jan 4?Christiania Hutchings9 monthsgrave 24, sec. 7 coffin without case
Jan 9Ada Eugenie Taylor4 yearsreopened grave
Jan 9Elizabeth Parsons2 monthssec. 8, grave 72
Jan 11Martha Johnston2 monthssec. 8, grave 73
Jan 13Ethel Dwyer1 weekreopened grave
Jan 16Charles G. Du Tot41 yearssec. 2, lot 20Could be Du Job.
Jan 18Mary Cummins1 ½ yearsPoor Commrs orders
Jan 18John Elliott70 yearsInmate Lunatic Asylum
Jan 18Florence Street3 daysreopened grave
Jan 19Lavina Earle3 yearssec. 8, grave 74
Jan 23? Elizabeth McCrindle67 yearssec. 4, lot 17 with case
Jan 27George M. Marshall56 yearsreopened grave
Jan 28Thomas McFarlane3 ½ yearsreopened grave
Feb 2 1897Lydia Woodman31 yearsInmate Lunatic Asylum
Feb 2Florence Rose Hayward3 weekssec. 3, grave 75
Feb 5Fred Sparks6 weeksreopen grave
Feb 6Robert C. Russellselected family square9 feet x 9 feet, sec. 2, no 19
Feb 10Grace Pottle57 yearsin govt ground
Feb 13William John Diamond23 daysPoor Comm order
Feb 16Sarah Waugh29 yearsgrave 76, sec. 8

Next page of thecopy was moved on the glass during copying!The info on the
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Feb 18 Amelia Lee Joyce???In family square
Feb 20George Mills???Inmate Lunatic Asylum
Feb 20Martha Tryphina Mar??????Grave 77, sec. 8
Feb 25Hettie Cave???In family square with case
Feb 26Isabella Stott???In family square with case
Mar 1 1897Mary Avery???Poor Comm order
Mar 2Jessie Lousia Russell???In family lot, coffin with case
Mar 3William Penney???Board of Health order
Mar 8Florence Mildren Charles???In family square
Mar 8Sarah Ropers Stett???Sec. 8, no 7
Mar 9George Pike55 years???, sec. 8
Mar 9Frederick T. Curran17 monthsLot ??, sec 3, 9 ft x 9 ft
Mar 11William John Butler2 weeksPoor Comm order
Mar 12Mabel Roper4 daysreoper grave
Mar 14Albert Nichol52 yearsNo ??, sec. 8
Mar 18Mary Sheppard Wills58? years???? no. 14 with case
Mar 19Mary Taylor2? daysgrave no. 84, in section 8
Mar 19Jacob Meade40 yearsInmate Lunatic Asylum
Mar 19Pleman Milley20 yearsPoor Comm order
Mar 19Martha Hamlyn31 yearsin family square
Mar 19Lillian Galton7 monthsgrave 8?, sec. 8
Mar 21Janette Blackwood88 yearsin family square
Mar 22William Rose66 years??????
Mar 27John Boyles73 yearsInmate Lunatic Asylum
Mar 27 Emily G. House1 yearreopen grave
Mar 27William J. J. Collins19 yearsin family square with case
Mar 28Grenoh Welsh14 monthsreopen grave
Mar 29Anna Strong37 yearsPoor Comm order
Apr 1 1897Heber Ivany6 yearsgrave 83, sec. 8, diptheria
Apr 2Julia [Voseys]1 dayreopend graveCould be Vaseys. This may be an ‘s, indicating her child, not Julia is buried here.
Apr 3Nathanial Garland77 yearsPoor Comm Order
Apr 5Charolotte Porter1 ½ yearsreopen graveVar. spelling of Charlotte
Apr 7Henry Duder Campbell15 monthsin family lot, with case
Apr 9William Roberts7 yearsPoor Comm orders
Apr 10Marion Lousia Morres75 yearsreopen grave
Apr 12Frank Norman Haynes7 weeksgrave 84, sec. 8
Apr 28Celia Jane Hudson’sstillborn childgrave 85, sec. 8
May 4 1897Caryl Andrews11 monthsgrave 86, sec 8
May 10Chesley Mallerd Butt1 yeargrave 87, sec 8
May 10Annie Percy6 monthsreopen grave
May 10Mrs. Moses JanetSelectionfamily square no 30, sec. 4
May 17Mr. John Northselect family square no. 15 in section 6
May 18John Pittman23 yearsgrave 17, sec. 3, with case
May 24Richard Ivany3 yearsgrave 88, sec. 8
May 25Minnie Smith’sstillborn childreopen grave
May 26James Noseworthy82 yearsin Capt. Taylor’s square
May 27Charles Peachard?72 yearsin government ground
May 28John Charles Cook6 monthsreopen grave
May 31John Legrow3 years, 4 monthsgrave 89, sec. 8
May 31Elizabeth Rose’s stillborn male childreopen grave
Jun 2 1897Margaret Emily Noonen5 yearsin family square
Jun 4George Lewis39 yearsInmate Lunatic Asylum
Jun 12Edward Milley59 yearsInmate St. John’s Hospital
Jun 13Hilda March7 yearsgrave 90, sec. 8, diptheria
Jun 14Janet Swanson8 monthsgrave 91, sec. 8
Jun 17Jushua Avery35 yearsgrave 92, sec. 8Var. sp. of Joshua?
Jun 23May Barnes3 years, 7 monthsgrave 93, sec. 8
Jun 30Elizabeth Mills72 yearsin Stephen Freeman’s plot
Jul 1 1897Petrina Squires2 yearsreopen grave
Jul 5Harold Bartlett11 daysreopen grave
Jul 10Mary Ann Martin9 daysgrave 11, sec. 7
Jul 10Emma Isabella McLauchlon13 yearsin family square of Francis McDougal
Jul 17Edith Maud Grimble8 yearsreopen grave
Jul 17Susan Pearcy22 yearsin government ground
Jul 20Ida Allison Cowan3 monthsin family lot of ????
Jul 23Herbert Lambert25 daysgrave ??, sec. 7
Jul 26John Ledingham49 years in family plot with ????
Jul 26Marvin J. Watson25 yearsin James Gibson’s plot
Jul 27John CrosbySelectFamily square ???? in sec. ??
Jul 30Charlotte M. C. Rowe40 yearsgrave 16, sec. 2 coffin with case
Jul 30Gwendline V. Garland3 weeksin family square with case
Aug 4 1897Nelly T. Parsons3 monthsreopen grave
Aug 4Stephen Sparksstill born child malereopen grave
Aug 4Frank Crocker29 yearsgrave 94, sec. 8 coffin without case
Aug 7Jane King50 yearsin govt ground Poor order
Aug 12Teresa Ainsworthy46 yearsin govt ground Poor order
Aug 14James Carmichael48 yearsin family square with case
Aug 18Susanna Snow66 yearsgrave 95, sec. 8
Aug 19Eliza Olson___ yearsgrave 17, sec. 5
Aug 19Entry crossed out

Aug 23Thomas Milley7 yearsin govt ground Poor comm
Aug 23Mr. Thomas W. Bennett26 yearsin family square, grave 36, sec. 5
Aug 23Kenneth Bennett26 yearsin family square, grave 36, sec. 5
Aug 27Robert Clarke8 yearsgrave 97, sec. 8
Aug 30Ann Rogers84 yearsin govt ground Poor Order
Sept 1 1897George Gillingham8 daysreopen grave
Sep 9Elizabeth Nicholl42 yearslot 64?, sec. 5 with case
Sep 9Mary Skinner21 yearsin family square Elizabeth Sk????, sec. 13, grave 12
Sep 13Ada Whiteway7 monthsin family square with case
Sep 13Mina Alex. Garland2 monthsin family square with cases
Sep 14Marian King2 years, 4 monthsin govt ground Poor order
Sep 21Leah Rose’sstill born child

Sep 22Henry Taylor3 monthsfamily square Capt. Taylor
Sep 29George Snow11 monthsin govt ground Poor order
Oct 4 1897Emily Horwood48 yearsgrave 32, sec. 2, 9 ft x 9 ft
Oct 5Sarah Grouchie40 yearsgrave 40, sec. 8, with case
Oct 8Ethel J. Cook 3 monthsgrave 98, sec. 8, with case
Oct 8Minnie Price’s still born childPoor Comm order
Oct 11Selina King5 daysreopen grave
Oct 14Ann Norman80 yearsgovt ground, St. John’s Hospital order
Oct 18Albert Parsons6 monthsgrave 89, sec. 7
Oct 19Elizabeth A Noyle?67 years in family lot, with case
Oct 22Alice V. Parsons22 yearsin family square of Alfred Parsons
Oct 26Noah Grouchy1 ½ monthsreopen grave
Nov 4 1897Frances M. Reid14 monthsgrave 99, sec. 8, without case
Nov 8Nancy Heath71 yearsreopen grave coffin without case
Nov 10Ann Manuel84 yearsgrave 100, sec. 8, coffin without case
Nov 19Sarah Bell39 yearslot 34, sec. 2, with case
Nov 20Julia Vasey’s stillborn childreopen grave
Nov 29Agnes Gibson54 yearsreopen grave with case
Dec 1 1897George Smith17 yearsin family square A. G. Smith without case
Dec 16William Bursey49 yearsin govt ground Poor Comm order
Dec 18George Penney18 yearsin govt ground Lunatic Asylum order
Dec 20John Diamond1 daygrave 39, sec. 7
Dec 21Isabella Pike 6 monthsin family plot with case
Dec 21Abigal Taylor44 yearsin family plot with case
Dec 27Jeanette McLean42 yearsgrave 23, sec. 4, with case
Dec 30Alexander Eales6 monthsgrave 22, sec. 4, without case
Dec 31Dorothy King7 monthsreopen grave
Jan 4 1898Maggie Hudson8 monthsin Philip Hudson square ????
Jan 4Isace Hollet33 yearsin govt groundVar. sp. Isaac?
Jan 8John B. Robertson80 yearsin family square of John R???Robertson?
Jan 8John C. Wight50 yearssec 6, grave 1, coffin with case
Jan 10Barbara Gooby’s still born female childreopen grave
Jan 12Charles Tibbo88 yearsin govt ground Inmate Poor Hospital
Jan 16Elizabeth A. English73 yearsin old ground, reopen grave
Jan 24Rebecca Purchase1 year, 8? monthssec 7, grave 32, without case
Jan 24Richard Williams25 yearssec 6, grave 2 with case
Jan 24Cornelia Saxton9 yearssec 7, grave 38? without case
Jan 24Margart Penny75 yearsin govt ground Poor Comm var. sp. of Margaret?
Jan 26James Goodfellow68 yearsin family square with case
Jan 28Mr. George Williams
select family square sec 6, grave 2
Feb 1 1898Priscilla Learning2 monthsreopen grave
Feb 4Alexandra W. Smith6 monthssec 7, grave 29 without case
Feb 8Eva Mercer18 monthsin govt ground Poor Comm order
Feb 9John Sparks2 years, 10 monthsin govt ground, Poor Comm orderNote in register, “Taken to Carbonear for Burial”
Feb 10Walter Philips2 yearsin govt ground Poor Comm order
Feb 11Susan B. Hayward13 monthsin govt ground Poor Comm order
Feb 14Chalice Murray3 monthsin sec 7, grave 30 without ???
Feb 17William Bartlett1 ½ yearsreopen grave
Feb 21Edmond Johnston25 daysreopen grave in sec 8, grave 73
Feb 23Milicent A. Knight19 monthssec 5, grave 22, Edwin Knight, 9x9 feetvar. sp. of Millicent?
Feb 25Ethel Bartlett6 monthssec 7, grave 30, without case
Feb 26Harold Whiteway5? yearsin family plot with case
Feb 28Rosina Chancey’sstillborn female childreopen grave
Feb 28William Rumsey17 yearssec 7, grave 30, without case
March 1 1898Mary Ann Chafe’sstill born female childreopen grave
Mar 2Alice Grouchie7 monthssec 7, grave 27
Mar 3Bennett Short7 yearsin govt ground, diptheria
Mar 4Eric Mitchell2 monthsin family square Thomas Mitchell
Mar 5Lucrecia J. Barnes51 yearsin family square, Sarah Burridge
Mar 8Laura Reid5 yearssec 7, grave 26, coffin without case
Mar 14Charles Bennett1 yearsec 7, grave 27, coffin without case
Mar 14Mrs. Susanna Joyce’s stillborn childreopen grave
Mar 18James Black3 weekssec 6, grave 14, 8 feet x 8 feet
Mar 22Emma Sexton14 monthssec 7, grave 35, reopen graveNote: The name Cornelia was stroked out and Emma written over it.
Mar 24Mr. Samuel Bellselect family square 9 feet x 9 feetgrave 36, sec ??
Mar 26?Florence Gillard2 yearssec 7, grave 26, without case
Mar 28Jacob Pond??Unknown, in govt ground, coffins without cases. Died in the S.S. Greenland disaster
dittoFred Housedittoditto
dittoJohn Thomasdittoditto
dittoJames Howellditto ditto
dittoJoseph Vincentdittoditto
dittoWilliam Callawaydittoditto
dittoJohn Pinsentdittoditto
dittoEdwin Davisdittoditto
Mar 28George Pynn18 yearssec. 6, grave 4, coffin without case
Mar 28Cora Tucker28 yearsgovt ground, Hospital Order
Mar 29Ralph Bragg1 year, 7 monthssec 7, grave 23, coffin without case
April 1 1898Catherine McCarte80 yearssec 6, grave 5, coffin without case
Apr 4Emily Porter24 yearsin govt ground
Apr 4William Wilson62 yearssec 6, grave 68?, coffin without case
Apr 11Angelina Roberts28 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm order
Apr 11Fanny Bridgeman69 yearsin family square, James MartinCould be Bridgman?
Apr 11Eleanor Whitten1 year, 10 monthssec 7, grave 23, coffin without case
Apr 13Mabel Fry1 daysec 7, grave 22
Apr 18Maria Babstock46 yearssec 6, grave 6
Apr 21Maria Bursey14 yearssec 8, grave 90, coffin without case
Apr 21Owney? Gooby1 1 /2 yearssec 7, grave 22Maybe Gr?ney
Apr 23Edmond Taylor86 yearssec 6, grave 7
Apr 25Bengamin Sturge18 yearssec 8, grave 101, without caseVar. sp. Benjamin?
Apr 25Lily Snelgrove8 yearssec 7, grave 38
Apr 25Arthur Norman2 yearssec 7, grave 25, without case
Apr 28Walter S. Collins3 1/4 yearsreopen grave
Apr 28Albart Rendell22 yearsgovt ground, Lunatic Asylumvar. sp. Albert?
Apr 28James Street3 monthssec 8, grave 22, reopen grave
Apr 30Mary Piddle6 monthsin govt ground, Poor Comm
May 2 1898Lewellyn Jacobs18 monthssec 8, grave 17, reopen grave
May 2Gertrude Samson1 year, 8 monthssec 7, grave 25 without case
May 2John Best1 year, 9 monthssec 7, grave 8, without case
May 5Edith Martin1 monthin govt ground, Poor Order
May 5Elizabeth Mews2 yearsin family square James Mews
May 5Minnie Evans6 yearsin govt ground, Poor Order
May 7Alexander Cooper22 yearssec 8, grave 19, reopen ground
May 7Alexander Cook6 yearssec 7, grave 1, coffin without case
May 7George Humber 17 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
May 7Caroline M. Sinclair3 monthssec 7, grave 34, without case
May 9Harry Furneaux3 yearssec 7, grave 28
May 9Edith Furneax1 yearsec 7, grave 28Same grave
May 9Alfred Barter9 monthssec 7, grave 31
May 9Patience Parsons70 yearssec 6, grave 8, without case
May 10Arthur Curnew2 yearssec 7, grave 41
May 10Edward Noftall1 year, ? monthssec 7, grave 42
May 10Wallace Strang3 yearsin family square with case
May 11Jack Simpson1 ½ yearsreopen grave
May 11Jessie E. King2 yearssec 7, grave 38, without case
May 11Mrs. Dingle’sstillborn babysec 7, grave 20
May 11 Effie Russell5 yearsin family square with case
May 12Francis Puddister13 monthsreopen grave
May 12Edward Wickens4 monthssec 7, grave 20
May 12Frederick Morris2 yearssec 7, grave 37
May 12Bernice Rennie8 monthsin family square with case
May 13John R. Driscoll3 yearssec 7, grave 40
May 14Josiah Simmons1 ½ yearssec 8, grave 16?2Could be 102
May 17Otto Buchanan15 monthsat head of sec. 6
May 18Edwin Fry1 yearreopen grave
May 18Bertha Lewis2 ½ yearssec 8, grave 103
May 19Elizabeth Robbins36 yearsin govt ground, Poor Order
May 20Ethel May Garland10 monthssec 6, grave 9
May 23William A.? Laher5 monthssec 5?, grave 23, 9 ft x 9 ft
May 23Elizabeth Holly36 yearsin govt ground, Poor Order
May 24Florance Rogers6 yearssec 6, grave 10, coffin without caseVar. sp. of Florence?
May 24Alfred Pilley7 ½ monthssec 6, grave 11, without case
May 25Gladys Christian8 monthssec 5, grave 26, 4 ½ ft by 9 ft.
May 27Graham Crocker1 year, 7 monthsin family square of Caroline Cowan
May 30Edward Nichol 83 yearssec 5, grave 40 coffin with case
May 30Eli Milley20 yersin govt ground, Poor Comm
Jun 1 1898Lizzie Evansstillborn female childin govt ground, Board of Health OrderMay be Lizzie Evans or the child of Lizzie Evan or Evans
Jun 1Elizabeth Haynes13 yearsreopen grave, coffin without case
Jun 2Annie Peddle20 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Jun 6John T. Butt6 monthsin govt ground, Poor Order
Jun 7Ralph Tuff1 yearsec 6, grave 12, without case
Jun 9John Gibbons6 dayssec 8, grave 104, without case
Jun 11Walter Street2 yearsin govt ground, Poor Order
Jun 11Robert Pearce7 ½ yearssec 6, grave 13, without case
Jun 13Samuel Mead2 ½ yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Jun 17Ann Scott50 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Jun 18Frederick Noseworthy2 ½ yearssec 6, grave 14, coffin without case
Jun 20Alexander Barnes
select family square grave 20, sec 4, 9 ft x 9 ft
Jun 20Albert Barnes6 daysremoved
Jun 20Wineford M. Barnes?3 years, 7 monthsinto family plotvar. sp. of Winifred?
Jun 21Thomas Cave7 yearsin family plot without case
Jun 22Herbert A. Howell1 year, 5 monthssec 6, grave 15, without case
Jun 22James Gulliff?74 yearsgrave 16, sec 6, without case
Jun 24William Squires18 monthsin family without case, 9 ft x 9 ft, grave 26, section 4
Jun 24Isabella Black1 yearremoved from old ground, in family plot
Jun 27John McNeil55 yearsin family square with case
Jun 28Annie Taylor8 monthsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Jun 29Robert Chafe11 yearsin govt ground, Board of Work order
Jul 2 1898Elsie May Loves6 years, 8 monthsgrave 93, sec 8, coffinin wihtout case
Jul 7Frederick Jacobs5 ½ yearssec 6, grave 17, coffin without
Jul 9Victor McCarte11 monthssec 8, grave 18, reopen grave
Jul 18?Giles Penney22 yearssec 6, grave 18, coffin without case
Jul 20Osbourne Jacobs1 ½ yearsreopen grave
Jul 20Henry Earle68 yearsin family square with case
Jul 21Elizabeth Butt28 yearssec 6, grave 19, without case
Jul 28Reuben Garland21 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Jul 29Absalom Milley5 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Aug 1 1898Walter Parchard10 monthsreopen grave, coffin without caseNote: Rebecca was stroked out and Walter written above
Aug 8Ralph Thomas2 yearsin family square without case
Aug 8Ernest Pike6 monthsreopen grave
Aug 8Henry E. Morris6 monthsin govt ground, Poor Order
Aug 15Harriet Squiresstillborn female childin govt ground
Aug 16Beatrice V. Feild16 monthssec 6, grave 20, without case
Aug 16Edith Horwood2 weeksreopen grave, without case
Aug 19Edward Rowe12 dayssec 6, grave 21, without case
Aug 20Harold G. Squires1 daysec 6, grave 22, without case
Aug 20Herney? Noftall4 monthsreopen grave
Aug 20Albert A. Haynes4 monthssec 6, grave 23, without case
Aug 22James P. Rooney5 monthsin family square James Rooney with case
Aug 23Alexander Rooney
took Possession family square, grave 12, sec. 3
Aug 25Frank Wills9 monthsin family plot
Aug 26Jessie Cooper2 monthssec 6, grave 24, 9 ft x 18 ft
Aug 27Mr. William Rogerson
took possession of lots 42 and 44, sec 5
__________Mary Rogerson7 monthscoffin with case
Aug 27Celia Sparks27 yearssec 6, grave 25, without case
Aug 27William H.? Marshall5 yearsreopen grave
Aug 27Edna Flynn5 monthsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Aug 29Jacob Mercer2 monthsreopen grave
Aug 29Janet Pike5 weeksin family lot with case
Aug 29Eliza A. Reid22 yearssec 8, grave 99, reopen grave
Aug 30Rita C. R. Richards2 monthssec 6, grave 26 without case
Sept 2 1898Allice Gillotree5 monthssec 6, grave 27, without casevar. sp. of Alice?
Sep 2Samuel Stark3 weeksin govt ground, Coor Comm order
Sep 3Frederick V. Milley1 yearsec 6, grave 28, without case
Set 5Winneford Arthur1 year, 5 monthsin family plot, reopen grave
Sep 5Mary North3 monthssec 7, grave 4 without case
Sep 6Walter Thompson7 monthssec 6, grave 29 without case
Sep 7Frederick P. Peters 4 ½ monthsfamily square of J. E. P. Peters with case
Sep 7Thimoty? D. Lane65 yearssec 5, grave 25, 9 ft x 4 ½ feet
Sep 7Alonzo J. Snooks9 monthsreopen grave
Sep 7Louisa Antle6 monthsreopen grave
Sep 8Hilda Minnie Adey1 year, 3 monthssec 6, grave 30, coffin without case
Sep 8Richard Biggs1 ½ yearssec 8, grave 7, reopen grave
Sep 9Thomas Dewey84 yearssec 6, grave 31, without case
Sep 10Henry Weeks22 yearsin old ground, reopen grave
Sep 10Robert Porter1 year, 5 monthsold ground, reopen grave
Sep 14Lillian Benson2 yearssec 6, grave 22, without case
Sep 17Giles Taylor2 weekssec 5, grave 44, 9 ft x 9 ft
Sep 19Harry Pippy2 monthsold ground, reopen grave
Sep 19Emily Chancey7 monthsin family square, John Chancey
Sep 19Charles Stephenson1 year, 4 monthssec 6, greave 33, without case
Sep 19Emily Cotter6 ½ yearsin family square of Jacob Cotter
Sep 19John Edgar Andrews6 ½ monthssec 6, grave 34, without case
Sep 21Susannah Biggs12 dayssec 6, grave 35, without case
Sep 24Beatrice North1 yearsec 6, grave 36, without case
Sep 27Robert Don McKenzie14 yearssec 6, grave30?, with case
Sep 30Elizabeth Pike8 years, 4 monthssec 6, grave 37, without case
Oct 3 1898William Mallard75 yearsin govt ground, Inmate Poor Asylum
Oct 3Jonathan Noseworthy51? yearsin family square of Cpt. Taylor
Oct 5Zillah Taylor44 yearssec 5, grave 29, 9 ft x 9 ft
Oct 6Herbert Porter1 monthreopen grave
Oct 9Edgar R. Peters10 monthsin family square without case
Oct 11George? Garland6 monthssec 6, grave 39?
Oct 13William Parsons 11 months sect 8, grave 72?, reopen grave
Oct 14?Eliza A Chafe40 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Oct 18Samuel G. House2 ½ monthsreopen grave
Oct 19Flora Hayward1 monthreopen grave
Oct 21Charles Taylor72 yearssec 6, grave 39, coffin without case
Oct 22Gertrude B. Maunder8 yearssec 6, grave 40, without case
Oct 22Frederick T. Parsons2 monthssec 6, grave 41, coffin with case
Oct 23Mrs. Clara Holdon’sstillborn female childsec 6, {page torn away}
Oct 24Samuel Cowan 1 monthin family square, coffin with case
Oct 24John Hananagh86 yearsin govt ground, Inmate Poor Asylum
Oct 24Jane North9 yearsin family square, coffin without case
Oct 26Ethel W. Tucker6 monthssec 6, grave 42, without case
Oct 29Willifine? Tucker6 monthssec 8, grave 60?, reopen graveWillafine
Oct 31Susan King8 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Nov 2 1898Lucy Driscoll24 yearssec 6, grave 43, coffin without case
Nov 4Mrs. Jordan Pynn
took possession family plot, sec. ?, grave 2, 9 ft x 9 ft

George Pynn18 yearsremoved to sec 5, grave 2.
Nov 5Ethel Martin6 weeksin family square without case
Nov 7Elizabeth Garland2 year, 10 monthsreopen grave
Nov 7Elizabeth King13 monthssec 6, grave 44, without case
Nov 7Rev. J. C. Roberts29 yearssec 6, grave 69?, coffin w?????
Nov 11Frederick Cook5 monthssec 6, grave 45, without case
Nov 12Robert Evans3 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Nov 12?Elizabeth Ivaney75 years{page torn away}
Nov 22Henry H. Tizard1 monthsec 6, grave 47?, without case
Nov 24Trifphena? Ebsary87 yearsin family square Jessie H. Lylevar. sp. Tryphena?
Nov 28Rachael Mews45 yearsin family plot with case
Dec 1 1898Lillian Hiscock’stwin childrenin govt ground, Poor Comm
Dec 4Thomas Woundy59 yearsin family plot, coffin without case
Dec 10John Antle’sstillborn male childin govt ground, Poor Comm
Dec 16Gertrude Pittman’s stillborn infantin govt ground, Poor Comm
Dec 17Mary J. Thomas’s female child, 1 hourreopen grave
Dec 19Edwin Biggs49 yearssec 6, grave 48?, without case
Dec 20Thomas Brown55 yearsin family square, with case
Dec 24James Payne33 yearssec 2, grave 35, Cpt. Johmas Rumsey’s, in family square, 9 ft x 9 ft, with case
Dec 30Lilian May Street7 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Jan 3 1899Annie Bragg19 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Jan 7Sarah Raynes’stillborn female childsec 6, grave 49
Jan 9William Spooner5 monthssec 8, grave 11, reopen grave
Jan 10Alfred Stuckless22 yearsin family plot, coffin without case
Jan 11Elizabeth Bennett’sstillborn male childsec 7, grave 27, reopen grave
Jan 11Edward Cornick77 yearssec 6, grave 50, Coffin without case
Jan 11Jardine Percy1 year, 8 monthsreopen grave
Jan 11Mrs. John Robertson68 yearsin family plot John R. Robertson with case
Jan 13Mr. L.G. Chancey
took possession of square 9 feet x 9 feet, greave 45?, sec. 4
Jan 16Mahala Woundy52 yerasin family square without case
Jan 17Victoria L. Adey4 yearssec 6, grave 30, reopen grave
Jan 20Florrie Candow5 yearssec 7, grave 22, reopen grave
Jan 20Henry Fry1 daysec 7, grave 22, reopen grave
Jan 23Kleflay? Bird46 yearsin family plot, sec 2, grave 21, 9 ft x 9 ft?Unusual name
Jan 23Bertha Reid’sstillborn infantsec 6, grave 52
Jan 23Ernest Buttler2 yearssec 6, grave 53, without case
Jan 25Ida Parsons9 monthsreopen grave
Jan 25Roger Downs81 yearsin family lot with case
Jan 26Jane Noseworthy76 yearsreopen grave
Jan 27Gertrude Cadwell6 monthsin family plot
Jan 30Henry J. H. Aitken1 year, 11 monthssec 6, grave 54, without cause
Jan 31Sarah Inkpen’sstillborn male childsec 6, grave 55
Jan 31Wiliam Snow50 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Feb 1 1899Marry Ann Farrel65 yearsin family lot of J.. Robertson without case
Feb 3Mrytle? M. Lamarquand6 weeksin family lot without caseVar. sp. of Myrtle?
Feb 4John C. Dwyer10 monthsreopen grave
Feb 6Alice Boone3 yearsreopen grave
Feb 14Robert Skirving6 ½ monthsin family lot with case
Feb 15Dinah King45 yearssec 6, grave 56, without case
Feb 19Eric Gear9 monthsin family lot with case
Feb 20Emma G. Gooby3 yearssec 6, grave 16, reopen graveThis entry stroked out.
Feb 22Willie Otto Payne2 ½ monthsin family lot of Capt. Rumsey
Feb 24William T. Wilkenson3 weekssec 6, grave 57, without case
Feb 24Jane Reynalds58 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Feb 27Francis J. Taylor3 dayssec 8, grave 81, reopen grave
Feb 28Theodore Prowse17 yearsin old ground, reopen grave
Mar 4 1899Walter Parsons9 monthssec 6, grave 56?, without case
Mar 9Elizabeth Earle53 earssec 6, grave 59, without case
Mar 13John LeDrew1 dayreopen grave
Mar 12Samuel Nelven55 yearsin govt ground, Poor AsylumDates reversed in original
Mar 14Lilly Aitken3 yearssec 3, grave 27, 4 ½ ft by 4 ft, diptheria
Mar 24Emily Comeny’sfemale childin govt ground, Poor Comm
Mar 29John Abbott52 yearssec 6, grave 60, without case
Mar 31Rachael Rowe32 yearssec 6, grave 61, without case
Apr 5 1899Rhoda J. Manuel3 yearssec 8, grave 100, reopen grave
Apr 7Elizabeth Newell78 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Apr 7Charles E. McBay?2 years, 7 monthssec 6, grave 62, without case
Apr 8Mark Gibbons2 weekssec 6, grave 63, coffin without case
Apr 8Susannah Winsor1 year, 5 monthssec 6, grave 64, without case
Apr 10Violet Hayward6 monthssec 6, grave 66, without case
Apr 10Anna McKenzie37 yearsin family square with case
Apr 10Dorcas Street42 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Apr 12Eliza Peddle8 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Apr 12Roland Butler7 monthssec 6, grave 67, coffin without case
Apr 13Lousia? Street Tynes78 yearsin family plot with caseVar. sp. of Louisa?
Apr 13Sarah Raynes30 yearssec 6, grave 68, without case
Apr 20Eli Benson36 yearssec 6, grave 70, without case
Apr 20Cecilia Clarke3 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Apr 20Samuel B. Langmead35 yearsin family square, coffin with case
Apr 24Mary McGullivary74 yearsin family lot without case
Apr 27Clara Martin10 monthssec 7, grave 11, reopen grave
Apr 29Elizabeth Coultas80? yearsin family lot, coffin with caseCould be 83
May 3 1899Jane Spooner36 yearssec 6, grave 71, without case
May 3Gertrude Tucker6 yearssec 6, grave 42, reopen grave
May 4? Arthur Younders18 monthssec 8, grave 57, reopen grave
May 6Mary Cousins14 yearssec 6, grave 72, with case
May 8Gladis? Gooby_________removed in family squareVar. sp. of Gladys?
May 8Gladys Gooby3 yearssec 5, grave 10, 9 ft x 9 ftSee above.
May 8Samuel Wilkinson64 years sec 6, grave 73, without case
May 10Mary H. Martin73 yearsin family square with case in sec 2, grave 33
May 16Cpt. Thomas Rumsey
took possession family plot 9 ft x 9 ft
May 16Trixy Smith11 yearsin sec 6, grave 74, without caseVar. sp. Trixie?
May 17Sidney Street12 monthsin sec 6, grave 78, without ???
May 22Marion Horwood’sstillborn male childreopen grave
May 22Walter J. Osbourne3 yearssec 6, grave 76, without case
May 22Mr.? John Haddon
took possession family plot, grave 35?, sec ?, 9x9Could be section 6.
May 25Albert G. Baldwin2 years, 4 monthssec 6, grave 77, coffin without case
May 26Bertha Horwood26 yearsfamily square, 9 x 4 ½ feet, sec 3, grave 28
May 27Martha Gidge27 yearsin govt ground, Inmate Poor Asylum
May 29Jane Noseworthy
removed from her daughter’s grave
Jun 2 1899Elizabeth Milley65 yearssec 6, grave 79?, with case
Jun 3Amelia L. Sesier?9 monthssec 6, grave 78?, without caseTesier, Tessier?
Jun 5Selena Cooper6 yearssec 6, grave 80, without casevar. sp. of Selina
Jun 7William G. Penney12 yearssec 6, grave 18, reopen grave
Jun 8Rendell Taylor4 yearssec 6, grave 89, reopen graveq
Jun 9William H. LeDrew57 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Jun 12Fanny Jane Pike56 years½ family lot, sec 4, grave 27, 4 ½ x 9 feet
Jun 12Elsie Austin15 monthssec 6, grave 81
Jun 13Mrs. Samuel Langdown
in govt ground, Poor Comm
Jun 16Robert Parsons2 hourssec 6, grave 82, without case
Jun 17Mrs. Arthur Daimond’s?Stillborn childin family lotPossible misspelling of Diamond?
Jun 20Ernest Fleet7 yearsreopen grave, without case
Jun 20Edith A. Fenwick13 monthsfamily square, 9 x 9, sec 5, grave 4
Jun 20Walter Ivany23 yearsin govt ground, the Inmate Hospital
Jun 23Edwin J. Day9 yearssec 6, grave 83, coffin without case
Jun 30Mr. William B. Smith
took possession of family square, sec 5, grave 6, 9x9
Jun 30Gladys Smith4 years, 11 monthsin family square, coffin with case
Jul 1 1899Judge Morison
took possession squares 31 & 32, sec 3Morrison var.
Jul 5Jane ??????22 yearssec 6, grave 84, coffin without case*****
Jul 5Alfred Ridout28 yearssec 6, grave 85, coffin without caseRideout var.
Jul 6Marjorie Morison16 ½ yearsin family square, coffin with caseMorrison var.?
Jul 7The estate of John Leddingham
took possession of square 14, in sec 4, 9x9 feet
Jul 7Walter Earle7 dayssec 6, grave 59, reopen grave
Jul 7Fannie Cox52 yearsin family square in sec. 2, grave 14, with case
Jul 7George Goudie71 yearsin family square without case
Jul 8Eliza Butler70 yearsin family square, sec 4, grave 31, 9 x 9
Jul 12Birtha? Biggs’ stillborn childsec 6, grave 48, reopen graveVar. sp. Bertha? Note: Edwin stroked out, Birtha written above
Jul 14 Alfred Christainsen18 yearsin govt ground, coffin without case
Jul 15Annie Boyd Slater?45 yearsin family lot, with case
Jul 17Mr. Reuben Horwood
took family square, grave 26, sec 3, 9 x 9
Jul 18Solomon Milley80 yearsin family lot with case
Jul 18Ethel Murray5 yearssec 7, grave 30 reopen grave
Jul 19Calia Keats62 yearsin old ground, without case
Jul 24Florence Martin Tucker16 yearsin left cross square, sec 2, grave 38
Jul 26William Fleet30 yearsin sec 6, grave 88, coffin without case
Jul 25?Two stillborn, illegitimate children
Govt Order
Jul 28Jane S. Duder75 yearsin family plot with case
Jul 28John Thomas42 yearssec 6, grave 89, without case
Aug 3 1899James Martin4 yearssec 6, grave 90, without case
Aug 3Edith L. Herder8 monthsin family square without case
Aug 12Chesley Garland2 monthsgovt ground, Poor Comm
Aug 21Harry Pippy 3 weekssec 6, grave 91, without case
Aug 22Thomas Barnes28 yearsin family plot of A. BarnesNote: Alexander was stroked through and Thomas written over
Aug 27Caroline R. Reid77 yearsin family plot with case
Aug 28James Snelgrove2 ½ monthsin sec 6, grave 92, without case
Aug 29Jeanie C. Prowse65 yearsin family square, 9 x 18 feet
Aug 30Francis Hamlyn32 yearsin the old ground, without
Sep 4 1899Ethel M. Bastow6 monthssec 6, grave 93, without case
Sep 5Maria Parsons34 yearsin govt ground, Lunatic Asylum
Sep 5Mr. John Cowan
took squares 33 and 34 in sec 3.
Sep 8George Driscoll3 monthsreopen grave
Sep 18Lillen? M. Coffel19 yearssec 6, grave 94, without casevar. sp. Lillian?
Sep 18Hilda Best4 monthsin the old ground
Sep 19Sarah Bradley24 yearsreopen grave, sec 8, grave 70
Sep 19Jacob Ridout
took possession family square, sec 6, grave 33?, 9 x 9var. spelling of Rideout?
Sep 19John Buttler54 yearssec 6, grave 95, without case
Sep 25Cpt. Robert Nesbett?51 yearssec 5, grave 50, 9x9Nesbitt?
Sep 27Amelia Shanno53 yearssec 6, grave 96, without case
Oct 4 1899Fred Collins4 daysreopen grave, without case
Oct 4William Bartlett5 monthssec 7, grave 7, reopen grave
Oct 4George D.? Godden
removed to square 3, sec 5, 9 x 9
Oct 5Violet M. Critch1 monthsec 6, grave 97, coffin without case
Oct 7Patiance? Collins’stillborn female childPoor Comm Ordervar sp. of Patience?
Oct 7prematurely born infant

Oct 9Joseph LeDrew19 yearssec 6, grave 98, coffin without case
Oct 11William Dalton5 monthssec 6, grave 99, without case
Oct 14Sophia Ebsary16 yearssec 6, grave 100, without case
Oct 14Helena G. Hodder3 dayssec 6
Oct 16Richard Ebsary90 yearsin family square of Jessie Lyle, without case
Oct 16Lousia? Vay?81 yearsin family square, without caseVar. sp. Louisa?Var. sp. Vey?
Oct 17Mary George21 yearsin govt ground, St. John’s Hospital
Oct 19Keziah LeDrew52 yearssec 6, grave 101, without case
Oct 21Elizabeth King40 yearsgovt ground, Poor Comm
Oct 23Mrs. Lillen? Galton’sstillborn male childsec 8, grave 82, reopen gravevar. sp. Lillian?
Oct 23Bertha Pike’sstillborn male childin family square
Oct 25Maria Brazil47 yearssec 6, grave 102, coffin in case
Oct 27Mr. William H. Whitley
took possession squares 43 & 44, sec 4.
Oct 27Susannah Harman49 yearsin govt ground, Inmate Lunatic Asylum
Nov 3 1899William Crocker45 yearsin govt ground, Inmate Lunatic Asylum
Nov 3George Thomas Parsons24 yearsgrave 1, sec 1, coffin with case
Nov 6Sarah Manuel60 yearsgrave 1, sec 1, reopen grave
Nov 8Fred J. King2 yearsin govt ground, reopen ground
Nov 8Annie G. Crews7 weeksin govt ground, Poor Comm
Nov 15James Vay?4 monthsin family squarevar. sp. Vey?
Nov 15Sussanah? Dwyer78 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm var. sp. Susannah?
Nov 17Thomas Dawe2 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Nov 21Alexander Selessor1 year, 7 monthssec 1, grave 2, coffin with case
Nov 23William G. Ivany20 yearssec 1, grave 3, without case
Nov 23Rachael Miller’sstillborn male childPoor Comm
Nov 25Harriet L. Cooper26 yearssec 1, grave 4, without case
Nov 25Selina Richards42 yearssec 1, grave 5, without case
Nov 27Archibald Whiteway10 dayssec 1, grave 6, without case
Nov 29Rachael Miller 39 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Dec 4 1899Marthia Fogwell57 yearsin family square, grave 31, sec 5, 9 x 9
Dec 4Emily Bradbury29 yearssec 1, grave 7, with case
Dec 6Pheobe Pynn21 yearssec 1, grave 8, without casevar. sp. Phoebe?
Dec 6William Peddle46 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Dec 9Sarah J. Reid23 yearssec 1, grave 9, without case
Dec 11Gordon Sinclair4 monthssec 1, grave 10, coffin without case
Dec 15William Young 44 yearssec 1, grave 11, coffin without case
Dec 19Hilda May Sparks8 monthssec 1, grave 12, without case
Dec 22Thomas Percival Peters16 yearsin family square with case
Dec 26Rachel Coveyduck’s stillborn male childin govt ground, Poor Comm
Dec 27Mrs. Belinda King’s female children, one hoursec 1, grave 13,
Dec 28Theophilies Evens40 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm Hospital Order

Name on HeadstoneDescription of ErrorMy Name
LEHR Name on stone: William A.(?) Laher. I believe this to be William A. Lehr. Birthdate May 23, 1898 died age 5 mos. Jane Lehr

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