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Avalon South Region ~ St. John's District

St. John's - General Protestant Cemetery

Internments, 1900 - 1902

The oldest cemetery for the Protestant religion is the one located on Old Topsail Road and Waterford Bridge Road. This cemetery is not currently in use except for current plot holders. All Protestant religions used this cemetery but it is maintained by the United Church of Canada. Available records - Burial records from 1888 to the present. These are located at the United Church Archives, Elizabeth Ave; PANL and the Genealogical Society. Headstones - available at the Genealogical Society and the United Church Archives.

This transcription made from a photocopy. The copy was very faded, as was, apparently, the original. Some sections are *really* difficult to read. Initials are hard to distinguish, I’s, J’s, T’s and F’s all look alike, as do M’s and N’s. Notes to cause of death may have been made after the fact in some instances. As with any transcription, typos are possible. This should not be used in place of references to the original.[] Indicates transcriber is unsure.{}Indicates information destroyed on photocopy.

These information was read, recorded and transcribed by NGAIRE GENGE July 2000 . While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors nor omissions.

Jan 3 1900Minnie Hamlyn32 yearsin family square, grave 8, sec 5 with case
Jan 4George North7 weeksin family square, without case
Jan 5Lalla May Chafe6 yerasin govt ground, Poor Comm
Jan 6Harold Milligan2 eyarsin family square with case
Jan 8Ellinor Whitten’sstillborn male childsec 7, grave 23var. sp. Ellinor?
Jan 9Bengaman Driscoll41 years
var. sp. Benjamin?
Jan 9William Shano59 years
sec 6, grave 96, reopen grave
Jan 11Lea Pinchard26 years
sec 1, grave 14, coffin without case
Jan 15Mary Florence North16 months
in family squre without case
Jan 16James Murray57 years
in family square with case
Jan 18William Garland26 years
sec 1, grave 15, coffin without case
Jan 19Florence M Hodder1 year, 5 months
sec 6, reopen grave
Jan 19Elizabeth J. Searle49 years
in family square with case
Jan 22Mary Jane Milley47 years
sec 1, grave 16 coffin without case
Jan 23Capt Joseph Ireland66 years
sec 1, grave 63, with case
Jan 23George E. Taylor45 years
in family square, sec 4, grave 34, 9 ft x 9 ft, with case
Jan 23Alexandra R. Coyle15 months
sec 1, grave 17, without case
Jan 25Joseph Pynn62 yers
sec 1, grave 18, without case
Jan 27Peter Eales?35 years
in family square with case
Jan 29Margaret A. Powell1 year, 2 months
sec 1, grave 19, without case
Feb 1 1900Mrs. Diana Ayre’sstillborn female child

Feb 3Emma Watson28 dayssec 1, grave 20 without case
Feb 4Naomia? Butler46 yearsin family square with case
Feb 5Harold W. Spooner4 monthssec 8, grave 58, reopen grave
Feb 5Elsie May Ash3 yearssec 1, grave 21 without case
Feb 5Herbert Clarke7 monthssec 8, grave 97 reopen grave
Feb 6Harry Ivany4 yearssec 1, grave 22, without case
Feb 7John Whitten1 monthsec 1, grave 23, reopen grave
Feb 9Edith Furneaux3 monthssec 7, grave 25, reopen grave
Feb 9Ann Spracklin72 yearsin govt ground, Inmate Asylum sumation
Feb 10Elsie Clarke7 monthssec 1, grave 24, without case
Feb 10Joseph Moore1 monthsec 2, grave 39 reopen grave
Feb 10Elizabeth Stuckless’sstillborn female child

Feb 16George King16 monthssec 7, grave 33, reopen grave
Feb 16William Coyle6 monthssec 1, grave 17, reopen grave
Feb 16William Davis3 monthsin old ground, reopen grave
Feb 16Sarah Garland26 yearssec 1, grave 17?, coffin wihtout case
Feb 19Gladys Butler1 yearin family lot with case, sec 2, grave 16, 9 ft by 9 ft
Feb 20Norman Sparks9 monthsold ground reopen grave
Feb 20Emma Pike2 yearssec 1, grave 25 without case
Feb 20Herbert Murray2 yearssec 1, grave 26, without case
Feb 22Maisie? Bradley6 monthsin family lot sec 2, grave 37, 9 ft x 9 ft
Feb 24Isaac French73 yearsin family lot, sec 3, grave 13, 9 ft x 9 ft
Feb 26Ethel Raynes16 monthssec 1, grave 27 coffin without case
Feb 27Ronald Antle4 dayssec 1, grave 28 without case
Feb 27Mary Chafe15 yearsin govt ground Poor Comm
Feb 28Florrie Thistle3 weeksin old ground, reopen grave
Mar 2 1900Winnifred McKay1 year, 7 monthssec 6, grave 62 reopen grave
Mar 2Uriah Hall80 yearsin govt ground, Inmate Lunatic Asylum
Mar 2James Efford8 monthssec 1, grave 29 without case
Mar 2Stella B. Adey1 year, 8 monthssec 1, grave 30 without case
Mar 5Samuel White73 yearsin govt ground Inmate Poor Asylum
Mar 6Hezekiah Garland63 yearssec 1, grave 31 coffin without case
Mar 8Elisha Martin6 weekssec 1, grave 32 without case
Mar 8George P. Taylor35 yearssec 8, grave 81 without case
Mar 9William Gilletty36 yearssec 1, grave 33, coffin without case
Mar 10Doris Horwood34? yearssec 1, grave 34, coffin without caseNOTE: This entry stroked out with note “Removed to old ground.”
Mar 10Joseph Parsons2 monthssec 1, grave 35 without case
Mar 12Flossie M. Reid4 monthssec 1, grave 35 without case
Mar ??Ethel May Tuff4 ½ monthssec 6, grave 12 reopen grave
Mar 23Thomas Grimes3 dayssec 1, grave 37 coffin without case
Mar 26Walter C. Barrett2 ½ yearsin govt ground Poor Comm
Mar 26Margret Gibbons7 monthssec 8, grave 104 reopen grave
Mar 27Cyril Bennett2 ½ yearssec 1, grave 38 without case
Mar 28Chestley Down14 monthssec 1, grave 39 coffin with case
Mar 29Soloman King49 yearsin family square with case
Mar 31Murial Vosay?15 monthscoffin without case, reopen grave
Apr 3 1900William Antle37 yearscoffin without case, reopen grave
Apr 5Elsie Dingle2 dayssec 7, grave 20 reopen grave
Apr 6William Brown63 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Apr 7Cecil Garland11 monthssec 1, grave 40 coffin with case
Apr 7Henry Garland3 monthssec 6, grave 9 reopen grave
Apr 7John Bastow81? yearsin family square without caseFirst digit very unclear
Apr 9Esciley? Targett46 yearssec 1, grave 41, coffin without case
Apr 10Mrs. E. Lodge’sstillborn male childsec 1, grave 4
Apr 10Sarah Theronen?30 yearsin family square with case
Apr 11Annie Durdle18 yearsin govt ground without case Gen. Hospital order
Apr 11Naomi Wiseman10 yearssec 1, grave 43 without case
Apr 21Elizabeth Dimond34 yearssec 1, grave 44 without case
Apr 22Mrs. MacPherson’s son1 weekin family square of James Gibson with case
Apr 22Thomas White43 yearssec 1, grave 45 without case
Apr 23Annie Richards19 monthssec 1, grave 5 reopen grave
Apr 25Hettie L. Hodder3 yearssec 1, grave 46 without case
Apr 27Lizzie March9 yearssec 1, grave 48 without case
Apr 28Mary Dalton8 monthssec 1, grave 49 without case
Apr 29Elsie May Perchard1 yearsec 1, grave 14 reopen grave
Apr 30John J. S. MacCarte?1 yearsec 6, grave 5, reopen grave
Apr 30Harriet Sarah Ivany3 yearssec 1, grave 50 coffin without case
May 8 1900Josiah King52 yearsin govt ground Poor Comm
May 10Emily Garland28 yearssec 1, grave 51 coffin without case
May 14Mrs. Angus Douglas’ stillborn male childsec 1, grave 52
May 15Eda S. Pelley14 months in govt ground without case
May 16Sarah May Manuel8 monthssec 7, grave 34 reopen grave
May 21Mrs. William Coyell85 yearsin family square with case
May 22Hazel Walsh3 monthssec 1, grave 53 without case
May 22Chas. Bradley removed two childrento family plot
May 28Lizzie Seaward’s stillborn childin govt ground
Jun 3? 1900Alice Evans2 monthssec 1, grave 54 without case
Jun 3Kathleen ?. Smith15 monthsin family plot with case
Jun 4Mrs. Antle73 yearssec 1, grave 55 coffin with case
Jun 4Alexandra Taylor70 yearsin family plot with case
Jun 5Sarah A. Harvey79 yearssec5, grave 58, 9 ft x 9 ft
Jun 12Joshua Pike73 yearssec 1, grave 56 coffin with case
Jun 15R. W. Cramtook possession of grave 57, sec 1
Jun 19George Whiteway60 yearsin govt ground without case
Jun 20Elizabeth Pilley59 yearssec 1, grave 58, without case
Jun 21Mary B. Stowe20 yearssec 1, grave 59 without case
Jun 23Elizabeth Rumsey82 yearssec 6, grave 3, reopen grave
Jun 25Robert Score20 yearsin family square with case
Jun 26Ida J. Hanvohan?10 monthssec 1, grave 60 without case
Jun 28Sarah Annie Dwyer5 monthssec 1, grave 61, without case
July 3 1900Mrs. Ivan? Adrian86 yearsin family lot with case
Jul 3Mr. T. J. Duleytook possession ofsquare 9 ft x 9 ft, sec 4, grave 41
Jul 9Malcolm Avery4 yearsin govt ground Poor Comm
Jul 16Herbet? Newmans6 monthsin govt ground Poor Comm
Jul 17Maud R. March45 yearsin family plot, grave 57, sec 5, 9 ft x 9 ft
Jul 18Mr. Robert Templetontook possession ofgrave 59 and 60, sec 5, 9 ft x 9 ft
Jul 18Violet Cooper3 monthssec 6, grave 24 reopen grave
Jul 30Nellie Mercer48 yearsin Richard Myles’ plot without case
Aug 1 1900Herbert Clark4 monthsin govt ground Poor Comm
Aug 3Jessie Barnes16 yearssec 1, grave 62, coffin without case
Aug 7John Albert Butt26 yearssec 6, grave 19 reopen grave
Aug 9James G. Meldrum35 yearssec 1, grave 64, Petty Officer on board H.M.S. Charg?????
Aug 18Mrs. John Bond82 yearsin family square with case
Aug 20William Bearnes?64 yearsin family square of Thomas Barnes with case
Aug 20Thomas Boone3 monthsin govt ground Poor Comm
Aug 22Albert Parsons5 monthssec 7, grave 39 reopen grave
Aug 24Mrs. Bartlett’s stillborn male childin family plot of ????
Aug 25Chesley Noftal2 ½ yearssec 7, grave 42 reopen grave
Aug 27Livinia Taylor3 weekssec 1, grave 65 without case
Aug 27J. B. Martintook possession of family plot 9 ft x 9 ft
Aug 27Mary Fleet92 yearsreopen grave, without case
Aug 27Edith Tucker47 yearssec 1, grave 66, coffin wit?????Page fold obscures edge
Aug 29Capt.A. Johns take possession offamily square???????Page fold obscures edge
Aug 31Gordon C. Thompson5 monthssec 1, grave 10 reopen greave
Sep 5 1900Elise Manuel3 yearssec 1, grave 67 without case
Sep 6Janet Morris42 yearsin govt ground Poor Order
Sep 12Mrs. Hamilton Weekstook possession double squares, 9 ft x 18 ft, sec 5, graves 61 and 62

Sep 15Maud Frampton11 monthssec 1, grave 68 without case
Sep 17Eva J. Milley Bartlett1? dayin family square of James Milley
Sep 17William E. Fleet2 monthsreopen grave
Sep 19Jessie Snelgrove1 monthsec 7?, grave 60? reopen grave
Sep 20Bruce Blandford3 monthssec 1, grave 69 without case
Sep 21Lavinia A.Tucker75 yearsin family square, sec 4, grave 25, 9 ft. x 9 ft
Sep 22Hubert Driscoll2 monthssec 1, grave 70 without case
Sep 24William Luther5 ½ monthssec 1, grave 71 without case
Sep 27Louisa J. Blandford3 monthssec 1, grave 69 reopen graveAppears to be second of a twin, see Bruce Blandford
Oct 1 1900Naomi Bragg43 yearssec 1, grave 72 without case
Oct 2Weston B. Sparks5 monthssec 1, grave 73 without case
Oct 2Robert Rose67 yearssec 1, grave 74, without case
Oct 3Capt. William Knight85 yearsin family square with case
Oct 6Alice Meadus4 monthssec 1, grave 75 without case
Oct 9William B. Janes6 monthssec 1, grave 76 coffin with case
Oct 11Robert J. Pearce5 monthssec 1, grave 77 without case
Oct 18Ralph Rodgers3 monthssec 1, grave 78 without case
Oct 18Sarah E. Ivany15 yearsin govt ground Poor Comm
Oct 18Alexander McKenzie44 yearsin family square with case, sec 6, grave 5?
Oct 18Elizabeth Coaltas6 monthssec 1, grave 79 without case
Oct 19Amos Luff?21 yearsin govt ground, Poor OrderCould be Tuff
Oct 19Louisa Morris4 weekssec 1, grave 80 without case
Oct 19Hubert Youdan7 monthssec 1, grave 81 without case
Oct 22Emma J. Whiteway50 yearsin govt ground, Poor Order
Oct 23Ralph Hancock3 ½ yearssec 1, grave 82 without case
Oct 25Ethel May Roberts6 monthsreopen greave
Oct 27Mary White81 years?in govt ground, Poor Ordercould be 31 or 51
Oct 29Annie Barns35 yearssec 1, grave 83, without case
Nov 1 1900Miss Rice’s illegitimate child1 daysec 1, grave 84 without case
Nov 2Caroline Carnew14 yearssec 1, grave 85 without case
Nov 3Jethro Parsons4 monthsin govt ground Poor Order
Nov 5George Hancock55 yearsin govt ground Poor Order
Nov 7Elizabeth S???y11 yearssec 1, grave 43 reopen graveSluey?, Slucy?
Nov 9Georgena? Trenchard26 yearsin family square without casevar. sp. Georgina?
Nov 10Mrs. Crocker’s female child1 daysec 1, grave 86
Nov 14Chesley Max Taylor3 monthssec 1, grave 87
Nov 19Mrs. William LeShana’s stillborn female childsec 1, grave 88
Nov 22Lilian Bartlett4 monthsin govt ground Poor Comm
Nov 24Begamin? Chafe54 yearsin govt ground Poor Commvar. sp. Benjamin?
Dec 3 1900Maud E. Noftall1 yearsec 1, grave 89 without case
Dec 10Mathew Baggs39 yearsin govt ground Lunatic Asylumvar. sp. Matthew
Dec 11Catherine McNevin11 yearssec 1, grave 90 without case
Dec 18?Frances? J. Pike76 yearsin family lot with caseCould be Francis?
Dec 19John Short2 dayssec 1, grave 91 without case
Dec 20Elsie Foster19 monthsin govt ground Poor Comm
Dec 20Hon. J. S. Pittstook possession ofgraves 57, 58, 59, 60, sec 4
Dec 22Fanny C. Synre?36 yearsin family lot of Hon. J. S. Pitts with case
Dec 24Mrs. Mark Earles’stillborn childsec 1, grave 92
Dec 24John russell71 yearsin govt ground Inmate Poor Asylum
Dec 26Louisa Green60 yearsin family lot with case
Dec 31Mr. James C. Tessier59 yearsin family lot with case
Jan 4 1901Deriah Searle81 yearssec 1, grave 94 with????
Jan 7Mrs. Kealey’sstillborn infantsec 1, grave 95 {illegible}Page edge fold obscures
Jan 9A. G. Smith56 yearsin family square with????
Jan 11Frances L Pike4 monthsin family lot of Capt. Richard Pike with?????
Jan 14Charles Swanson43 yearssec 1, grave 96 without case
Jan 16Charles J. Curnew3 yearssec 1, grave 85 reopen grave
Jan 17Ralph Rowe14 monthssec 1, grave 97 without case
Jan 18May Snelgrove1 yearsec 1, grave 98 without case
Jan 19Fredrick M. England2 yearssec 1, grave 99 without case
Jan 21Grace Lamb77 yearssec 1, grave 100 coffin with????
Jan 21Ellen Webber43 yearsin govt ground ????Bottom of page cut of in copy.
Jan 29Mrs. Stuckless’stillborn male child in family square
Jan 29Rachael Emberly70 yearsInmate Lunatic Asylum Govt Order
Feb 5 1901Helen Annie Crocker6 yearssec 8, grave 94 reopen grave
Feb ?Henry J. Moore70 yearsin family lot with case
Feb 11Isabella Parsons56 yearssec 5, grave 56 family 9 ft x 9 ft
Feb 11Walter Lindsay3 yearsin family lot with case
Feb 13Ronald Green13 monthssec 1, grave 101 without caseNOTE: This entry stroked through with note “Removed to family grave 10, sec 3.”
Feb 13Beatrice Biggs5 yearssec 6, grave 35 without cse
Feb 13Darcey? May Foote4 monthsin govt ground Poor Comm
Feb 14Archibald J. Crocker34 yearsgrave 1, sec 5, 9 ft x 9 ft
Feb 14Harry G. Tucker4 monthsin family lot without case
Feb 14Louisa Pitcher9 dayssec 1, grave 102 without case
Feb 18Maggie Hanrahan22 yearsin govt ground Hospital Order
Feb 22Ethel May Garland15 monthssec 1, grave 103 without case
Feb 23Ebenezer Sparks52 yearssec 1, grave 104 without case
Feb 23Maud M. Pynn27 yearsin family lot without case
Feb 23Rosanna McNiven37 yearssec 1, grave 90 reopen grave
Feb 26Mr. Sidney Woodsreserve lotsgrave 45 and 46, sec 5.
Feb 27Laura Rogers4 monthsin govt ground Poor Comm
Feb 28Robert Buttler77 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Feb 28George Smith24 yearssec 1, grave 105 without case
Mar 1 1901Herbert Parrott7 monthssec 1, grave 106, without caseFold in edge of page obscures.
Mar 4 Fredrick J. McNivens3 monthssec 1, grave 90, in grave with?????Fold in edge of page obscures.
Mar 6Henry Williams23 yearsin govt ground Order of Genl Hospital
Mar 11Priscella Davis58 yearssec 1, grave 4 reopen grave
Mar 11Barthia Mauel6 yearssec 1, grave 67 reopend grave
Mar 19George Garland5 weekssec 1, grave 107 without case
Mar 21Laura Lewis48 yearsin govt ground Poor Comm
Mar 22Marian Strang3 yearsin family square with case
Mar 23Mrs. Franks Horwood’sstillborn childsec 6, grave 100 reopen grave
Mar 25Fanny J. Burridge18 yearsin family lot with case
Mar 29James Searle89 yearssec 1, grave 94 reopen grave without case
Mar 30Thomas Searle48 yearsreopen grave
Apr 1 1901Mrs. Joseph Dwyer’s stillborn female childsec 1, grave 108 without case
Apr 1Frank S. Dwyer10 monthsreopen grave without case
Apr 2Edward H. Whitley14 monthsin family lot of W. H. Whitley without case
Apr 6Frederick Earle6 monthssec 6, grave 59 coffin without case
Apr 6John Score49 yearsin his family lot with case
Apr 9Mary Ann Maddchik?45 yearsin family lot coffin without case
Apr 10Ernest C. H. Butt7 monthssec 1, grave 109 without case
Apr 11William D. Campbell7 yearsin family lot with case
Apr 13Mary Anne Withycombe89 yearsin family lot, old ground, with case
Apr 20Mr. Stephen R. Marchreservesgrave 55, sec 5
Apr 23Hubert Hefferan2 ½ yearssec 1, grave 110 coffin without case
Apr 24Rogher Down4 yearssec 1, grave 111 without casevar. sp. Roger
Apr 24Henry Biggs7 monthssec 1, grave 112 without case
Apr 24Annie Steward26 years

Apr 25Hector McD. LeGrew6 months

May 1 1901Thams Paton55 years

May 3Levi Newman Thistle4 years

May 3Walter Darcyfrom lot of Mr. John Strong to sec 1, grave 114
May 7Richard LeDrew56 years

May 11Ada Easterbrook23 years

May 14Capt William H. Tuckertook possession ofgrave 12, section 2
May 23Mr. William Noseworthytook possession ofgrave 39, sec 2
May 24Gertrude Collins1 year, 10 monthsin grave of Margaret Crocker?Fold in edge of page makes “Crocker” unsure.
May 25Isabelle V. Kirkland18 monthssec 1, grave 117 without ????
May 28Sarah J. Daimond?27 yearsfamily lot sec 2, grave 40
May 30Eliza Milley48 yearsin govt ground Poor Comm
May 31William Rose17 yearssec 1, grave 118 without ???Fold in edge of page obscures.
Jun 1 1901James Howe75 yearsin his family lot with????Fold in edge of page obscures
Jun 1Margaret Ellen Powell14 dayssec 1, grave 19 reopen grave
Jun 3Molly Rowe2 yearssec 6, grave 61 reopen grave
Jun 7Roderick McD. Hatton?5 dayssec 1, grave 119 without c???Fold in edge of page obscures
Jun 8Rachel Ann Powell3 weekssec 1, grave 120 without ???Fold in edge of page obscures
Jun 13Mr. James Vay family lotsgraves 45 and 46 in sec 4
Jun 15_______ Brodnickstillbornsec 1, grave???
Jun 17?Elizabeth Antle32 yearssec 1, grave 122, without???Fold in edge of page obscures
Jun 17Nellie May? Thorn5 ½ yearssec 7, grave 18?Fold in edge of page obscures
The next page of original badly damaged. Entire right side is tattered.
Jun 21Robert Ledrewtook possession of family lotgrave 66, sec ???
Jun 21John Milley57 yearsPoor Comm Order, reopen grave
Jun 22Sarah H.? Collins76 yearsin the old groundMight be G., F., almost anything!
Jun 23Jane Rodgers52 yearsInmate Poor Asylum
Jun 24Margt. R. Daimond1 monthin family lot with????Margt. used as abbrv. of Margaret. Daimond, var. sp. “Diamond/Diamont”?
Jun 26Janet Barnes51? yearsin family lot of Alex Barn???Likely Barnes
Jul 3 1901Mr. John Hodder70 yearsin family lot with???Could also be “Mrs.”
Jul 4Bertha E. Mews3 yearssec 1, grave 123 with???
Jul 10Simeon Snelgrove11 ½ yearssec 1, grave 124 Coffin w??????
Jul 11Mr. Charles Huchings67 yearsin family lot with????
Jul 12Elizabeth Walker72 yearssec 1, grave 125 with?????
Jul 18Frederick Woundy29 yearsin govt ground Poor????
Jul 20Emily Margt. Cross37 yearssec 6, grave 4, coffin w????Margt. abbrev. of Margaret
Jul 22Mrs. John Moist’sstillborn female childsec 1, grave 120
Jul 23Flossie Barnes21 yearsin family lot of Richard, sec ????
Jul 23Mrs. Edith Trickerremoved from sec 1to sec 2, grave 12
Jul 25Robert Forbes59 yearsin family lot with cas???
Jul 29Ethel Jane Critch5 monthssec 1, grave 127 with ????
Aug 1 1901Saxan Evans2 yearsreopen grave ???
Aug 2Jessie Isabel Maunder22 monthssec 1, grave 126 with????
Aug 3Max Mabert7 monthssec?, ??? ?2? reo??
????H????? Garland6 yearssec???
Next original page is badly damaged. Entire left side is tattered.
Aug 10Ambrose P. Butt34 yearssec 1, grave 130 without case
Aug 12Amelia A Rankin62 yearssec 1, grave 131 with case
Aug 13Joseph Groman?38 yearssec 8, grave 66 without case
Aug 17Jane Butt16 yearssec 1, grave 132 without case
Aug 19John J. Lang30 eyarssec 1, grave 133 without case
Aug 23James Reid83 yearssec 1, grave 134 coffin without case
Aug 28Chesley R. Rumsey4 yearssec 1, grave 135 without case
Aug 30Selby? Elford5? monthssec 1, grave 29 reopen grave
Sep 2? 1901Selina Evans24 yearssec 1, grave 136 without case
Sep 2Mable? May Bradley4 yearssec 1, grave 137 without casevar. sp. Mabel?
Sep 3Dr. Moses Harvey82 yearsin family lot with case
Sep 5?Lilian Barns?6 monthsin govt ground Poor CommBarrs?
Sep 7Ethel Ada Buttler2 weekssec 6, grave 67 reopen grave
Sep 9Eliza Bailey40 yearssec 1, grave 138 without case
Sep 9Arthur J. Noftal3 monthsin the grave of Mary Maud Tuff
Sep 10Harry Hotten11 weeksin govt lot, Poor Comm Order
Sep 11Stanley B. Barr1 monthsec 1, grave 139 with case
Sep 14Lilly May Noftall2 yearssec 1, grave 140 without case
Sep 16James W. Gibbons24 yearssec 1, grave 141 without case
Sep 17Lizzie James16 yearssec 1, grave 142 without case
Sep 17Bertha Jacobs8 monthssec 1, grave 143 without case
Sep 19?Edith J. Gill4 ½ yearssec 1, grave 144, without case
???Cecil ?. Patrick5 weekssec 1, grave 145 without case
Sep 21Fanny Giles32 yearssec 2, grave 10, 9 ft x 9ft
Sep 24Sarah Penney8 monthssec 1, grave 146 without case
Sep 25Mr. Robert Bartlerr’sstillborn female childsec 1, grave 147
Sep 28Hilda M. Baird2 monthssec 1, grave 148 without case
Sep 30Florence Simpson17 monthsold ground without case
Oct 1 1901Abraham Garland32 yearssec 1, grave 51 reopen grave
Oct 1Beatrice M. Cook3 ½ yearssec 1, grave 149, diptheria
Oct 1Willis Reid1 yearsec 1, grave 150 without case
Oct 2Duncan Elise Eales10 weeksinfamily lot without case
Oct 5Mrs.? Dugald Roe’s?stillborn male childsec 1, grave 151Could be May.Roe = Rowe?
Oct 6Mr. Jabez Thomasontook family lot in sec 1, grave 53
Oct 9Marian Adey17 monthsgrave 30, sec 1, reopen grave
Oct 11Mary Ann Adey6 monthssec 1, grave 152, without case
Oct 14Mrs. J. C. Orner’sstillborn male childsec 6, without case
Oct 14James Russell10 weeksold ground reopen grave
Oct 18Louisa Martin10 yearssec 1, grave 153 without case
Oct 19John Day?49 yearssec 1, grave 66 “died at Labrador”
Oct 21Mrs. Giles Taylor’sstillborn childin family lot
Oct 22Gower Cecil Walsh2 monthssec 1, grave 53?, reopen grave
Oct 23Harriet Cox74 yearssec 1, grave 154 coffin without case
Oct 25Elihu Adey39 yearssec 1, grave 155, without c???
Oct 28Susie Mills16 yearsin Thomas Dewling lot, 9 ft by 9 ft
Oct 30William Driscoll1 daysec 6, grave 43 reopen grave
Oct 29Rosamond Christian25 yearsin half lot sec 5, grave 26, with??Reversed dates from original
Nov 2 1901Emily Janes47 yearssec 1, grave 156 coffin wi??
Nov 2 John Milley55 years sec 4, grave 33, 9 ft x 9 ft, with?
Nov 8Charles Rumsey90 yearsin govt lot, Poor Comm order
Nov 12William Abott2 ½ yearssec 1, grave 157 without????
Nov 21Frances Grouchy47 yearsin family lot 9 ft x 9 ft, sec 4 ???
Nov 22Edward White6 hoursreopen grave
Nov 23Edward Pond26 yearssec 1, grave 158 coffin without??
Nov 27Flossie? Taylor12 yearsin family lot with caseMight be Florrie
Nov 29Ebeneser Pike28 yearssec 1, grave 159 without case
Nov 30 1901Levi Rogers62 yearssec 1, grave 160, with case
Dec 2Ella Fry2 ½ yearsreopen grave without ???
Dec 6Bertha March9 dayssec 1, grave 48 reopen grave
Dec 16Mildred Scaplan5 ½ monthssec 1, grave 161 without caseNote: This entry stroked through with note “removed to family sec 3, grave 55.”
Dec 16Mrs. Janes’stillborn childin grave of Emily Janes sec 1, ????
Dec 16Charles Bragg53 yearssec 1, grave 162 without case
Dec 17Clarie DesBarres?14 monthsin od ground coffin with case
Dec 18Robert Daimond77 yearssec 1, grave 163 with case
Dec 19John Snelgrove48 yearssec 1, grave 164 without case
Dec 19Mary Jane King47 yearsin family lot without case
Dec 20Elisabeth Nicholl87 yearssec 1, grave 165 without case
Dec 21Lucy Jane44 yearssec 1, grave 142 reopen grave
Dec 23Minnie Rose18 monthssec 1, grave 166 without case
Dec 23Richard Hendry64 yearsin family lot with case
Dec 24 William Hamilton59 yearsin govt ground without c???
Dec 26William Gordon Noseworthy2 yearsfamily lot George Noseworthy sec 2, grave 41, 9 ft x 9 ft
Dec 27Ethel Raynes’ sister16 hours oldsec 1, grave 27, reopen grave
Dec 27David Wyatt’s niece5 minutessec 8?, grave 37 reopen grave
Dec 29 Susannah Milley’sillegitimate stillborn male childsec 1, grave 167
Dec 30Richard Tizard18 yearssec 1, grave 168 without case
Jan 4Robert Cave9 yearsin old ground, reopen grave , wi????
Jan 7Sarah Luther10 dayssec 1, grave 71 reopen grave
Jan 8Frederick Gooby1 yearin family lot of Mr. Bernard Gooby
Jan 16Jane Ivany43 yearsin government lot, Poor Comm
Jan 20William Giles6 monthssec 4, grave36 9 ft x 9 ft, coffin with ca???
Jan 21Annie Stacey81 yearsin family lot, old ground, with???
Jan 24Rev. Dr. George S. Milligan73 yearsin family lot with case
Jan 25Mrs. William Hudson’sstillborn female childsec 6, grave 15
Jan 30George Bursey64 yearsin govt lot with case
Jan 31Thomas Jolliffe92 yearsin family lot with case
Jan 31Belinda Trim60 yearssec 1, grave 169 without case
Feb 1Minnie B. Butt2 monthssec 1, grave 109 reopen grave
Feb 1Mr. James Greentook one plot, 9 ft x 9 ftsec 2?, grave 4
Feb 1Jessie Hampton16 yearssec 1, grave 170 coffin witho???
Feb 3Sarah Lennox86 yearscoffin without case, reopen
Feb 3Alex Stuart Bruce62 yearssec 1, grave 171 coffin w???
Feb 4Gladys May Foster2 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm
Feb 5Kenneth Parsons2 ½ yearsin govt ground with case
Feb 5William H. Rennie90 yearsin family lot with case
Feb 8Emily Rowe28 yearssec 1, grave 172 without????
Feb 13Robert Piercey88 yearssec 1, grave 178 without case
Feb 13Jacob Rose46 yearsin govt lot, Poor Comm
Feb 17George Buttler6 monthsin family lot of Thos. Haz???
Feb 17Mrs. Charles Snow’sstillborn male childsec 6, ????
Feb 18Olive May Curtis10 dayssec 1, grave 174 without case
Feb 21Herbert Best19 yearssec 1, grave 175 coffin without c???
Feb 24Rosanna Janes54 yearssec 1, grave 176 without ca???
Feb 24Elizabeth Driscoll81 yearsin family lot, sec 5, grave 7, without ???
Feb 24Grace Jardine82 yearsin family lot with case
Mar 1 1902Maud Crane3 dayssec 1, grave 177 without ????
Mar 3Kathleen Pike15 monthsin family lot without ???
Mar 3May March19 monthssec 1, grave 178, coffin with???
Mar 5Cecil Parsons2 ½ monthssec 1, grave 179 without case
Mar 6Rebecca Moist57 yearssec 1, grave 180 coffin withou??
Mar 10Mrs. Pike’sstillborn childin family lot of Cpt. W. Pike ???
Mar 19Effie Cooper7 dayssec 1, grave 181 without case
Mar 22Dorothy C. Vay7 yearsin family lot with case
Mar 24Allan Pickford’sstillborn female childsec 1, grave 182?
Mar 24Sarah Herder91 yearsin family lot with case
Mar 26Florence Murray9 yearsin family lot, sec 4, grave 2, 9 ft x9 ft
Mar 29George Rose’s stillborn childin grave of Robert Rose
Mar 29Lucy Rose40 yearsin govt ground Poor Order
Apr 4 1902Sarah Witten74 yearsin govt groundPoor Order
Apr 11Robert LeDrew19 yearsreopen grave with his ???
Apr 11Florence Cross11 monthsin family lot without ???
Apr 15Charles Lewis19 yearsin govt lot, Poor Comm order
Apr 15?Mr. Fred Wallace’sstillborn female childreopen grave
Apr 19Nita L. Adey2 ½ yearssec 6, ?????, grave 30, without ???
Apr 19William Bishop11 monthsreopen grave
Apr 21George W. A. Bowdon23 yearsin family lot with case
Apr 21Arthur Mitchell2 monthsreopen grave
Apr 23William Pynn17 yearsin family lot without case
Apr 24?Eric L????man9 monthsin family lot F. W. Bowden?
Apr 29Ethel May Snelgrove9 monthsreopen grave without case
May 3 1902Joseph Garlandtook a grave reserveadjoining his late wife’s grave
May 3Pearl Rumsey6 dayssec 1, grave 138? reopen grave
May 6John Maundertook possession ofgreave 24, sec 3?
May 8William Halley45 yearsin govt ground, General Hospital Order
May 9Alfred Parsons91 yearsin family lot, with case
May 9William Snelgrove4 yearssec 8, grave 5 coffin wi???
May 10Elsie Mary? Stewart13 monthsPoor Comm orderCould be May
May 12Emily Halfyard16 years???? in vacant grave block 3, sec ?
May 12infant son of Mr. Joseph Kanes1 dayin Mr. Rideout’s lot ???
May 14Robert G. Piketook possession of grave 41, sec 3?
May 14Richard Piketook possession ofgrave 42, sec 3?
May 15Lydia Hassell26 yearsGeneral Hospital Order
May 16infant brother of Isabella Thistle3 hours oldreopen grave with his sister
May 18?Katherine Pike70 yearsin family lot with case
May 19Mary Avary?3 yearssec 1, grave 1?3 coffin with ???Avery?
May 20Mary J. French64 yearsfamily plot with case
May 20Falib? Meadus10 monthsreopen grave sec 1?
May 25Dorothy Noftall2 ½ yearsdiptheria, sec 1, grave 84, without ???
May 26?William Stowe60 yearsin family lot with case
May 26?George W. Mews68 yearsin family lot ???? with case
May 28Rachel B. Milley3 yearsreopen grave, sec 6, grave ???, without ???
May 28Mr. ????? Greenselectedgrave 10, sec 3
Jun 1 1902Mr. Gor Simmons’stillborn male childsec 1, grave 10?
Jun 4Grover John Ball12 yearsin old cemetery between ???
Jun 9Lucy Green33 yearsin family lot 10, sec 3?, with case
Jun 9Joseph Vatcher10 monthsreopen grave in old ???
Jun 12 Claude M. Martin2 yearsin vacant grave 101, sec. ??
Jun 13Eleanor Cook2 yearssec 1, grave 186 with ???
Switch in recordkeeper, this one seems to have a“unique” way of spelling! And abbreviates everything, Hazel to Haze., etc.
Jun 24David McCrindle71 yearsfamily plot without ???
Jun 24Bertha Jane Rogers2 yearsreopen grave in old ground
Jun 25Laura Moore3 monthssec 1, grave 187 without case
Jun 28Charles Coyalle3 monthssec 1, grave 188 without case
Jul 2 1902Patence? Collins25 yearssec 1, grave 189 without casevar. sp. Patience?
Jul 4Albert Cornwall Knight1 yearsec 5, grave 52,with caseNOTE: In margin, “Mr. Knight selected lot 52, sec 5"
Jul 5Joseph Robbins3 dayssec 1, grave 190
Jul 8Alonzo Avey2 yearssec 1, grave 191
Jul 10Blanch Freeman15 yearsin family lot without case
Jul 11Belinda Mugford’sstillborn infant childsec 1, grave 192
Jul 12John Eli Evans1 yearsec 1, grave 193
Jul 12Jane Raines56 yearsPoor Comm order
Jul 16George Reid65 yearssec 1, grave 194 coffin with case
Jul 18Hugh Fleet1 ½ yearssec 1, grave 195 without case
Jul 19Jean Loung?9 weekssec 1, grave 196 without caseCould be Young
Jul 14Bleman Milly2 monthssec 1, grave 197 without case
Jul 26Mr. H. D. Reidselectedlots 57, 58, 59, 60, sec 3
--------------Katherine Duff Reid3 daysin family lot with caseThe date has been stroked through.
Jul 26Amelia Garland72 yearsreopen grave, sec 8, grave 6?
Aug 2 1902Selina Tracey3 years, 1 monthreopen grave sec 6, ????
Aug 4Robert Rumsey1 yearin family square without ca??
Aug 8Emma Florance? Tucker1 monthsec 1, grave 198 without casevar. sp. Florence? consistently “Florance” this writer.
Aug 11Bertha Stanley2 yearssec 1, grave 199 without case
Aug 13Arthur Hamlyn1 monthin his grandfather’s lot without ???
Aug 13Joseph Barret85 yearsgrave 42, sec 2 without caseBarrett?
Aug 16Elizabeth Collins17 yearsreopen grave
Aug 19Hazel Moore24 yearsLunatic Asylum order
Aug 20Norman D. Ivany10 monthssec 1, grave 200
Aug 25Ruth Storey10 yearsin family lot with case
Aug 29Walter Stafford17 yearssec 1, grave 201
Sep 1 1902Elizabeth Nevel?81 yearssec 5, grave 21 with caseNeville?
Sep 1Gertrude Ellen Bragg4 monthssec 1, grave 201
Sep 6James Donald Colesfive hoursin family lotMay be Cole’s or Coles’, as in a child of James Donald Cole
Sep 8Job Seyviour?10 yearsreopen graveSeviour?
Sep 8Marcy Simpson6 monthsreopen grave
Sep 12Maud Mary Brien6 monthssec 1, grave 203
Sep 12Emma L. Bowden23 yearsin old ground without case
Sep 13Edward Charles McNeven?2 monthssec 1, grave 204
Sep 14Sarah Deer29 yearsin family plot, sec 2, grave 43
Sep 15Stanley Barnes16 yearsin family plot without case
Sep 17Austin Adams11 monthssec 1, grave 205
Sep 17Charles Hopkins2 monthssec 1, grave 206
Sep 18Fred. James Lindsay6 weeksin family lot without case
Sep 19Effie Florance House3 weekssec 1, grave 207Florence?
Sep 19Robert James Rose4 monthsreopen grave
Sep 22Gladys C. Rogers10 monthssec 1, grave 208
Sep 24Charlotte March6 monthssec 1, grave 209
Sep 27Wilford Earle3 monthsreopen grave
Sep 28William Napeir?24 yearsPoor Comm orderNapier?
Sep 30Maltilda? Campbell77 yearssec 1, grave 210 without caseMatilda?
Oct 1 1902Nathl. Geo. Leftrage?8 monthssec 1, grave 211 without caseNathaniel George Lethbridge?
Oct 2John D. Hatcher14 monthssec 1 grave 212
Oct 4Wm Austin3 monthsreopen graveWilliam?
Oct 6Wm. Robert Penny3 weeksreopen grave William?
Oct 6Robert James Deer1 monthin family lot, reopen grave
Oct 6William James Whitten65 yearssec 1, grave 213
Oct 8Ebenzer? Squires2 ½ monthssec 1, grave 214Ebenezer?
Oct 9Eric Garland13 monthsreopen grave
Oct 9Roy McKenzie13 yearsin family lot, with case
Oct 10Lily Cook3 monthssec 1, grave 215
Oct 13William Newtook?79 yearsreopen graveNewhook?
Oct 14John Eales78 yearsin family lot with caseEarle?
Oct 17Marey? Ann Noseworthy9 monthsreopen graveMary
Oct 17Herbert H. Butler6 weekssec 1, grave 216
Oct 18Hugh Hamlyn2 yearssec 1, grave 217
Oct 20Jordan Butt20 yearssec 1, grave 218
Oct 21Achibald? Christiantook possession ofgrave 54, sec 5Archibald?
:ditto:Alexr. James Christean?2 monthsgrave 61, sec 4AlAlexander James Christian?
Oct 21Leslie Rowe2 monthsreopen grave
Oct 23Louisa Rachel Abbott68 yearssec 1, grave 219var. sp. Rachael?
Oct 27George Cunningham Scott37 yearssec 1, grave 220, without case
Oct 27Emily Jones Duder51 yearsin family lot with case
Oct 29Arthur Morris19 yearssec 1, grave 221 without case
Oct 29Mildred Garland5 monthssec 1, grave 222
Oct 29Mon Ton65 yearssec 1, grave 223, with case
Oct 30Katherine Avery66 yerassec 1, grave 224 without case
Oct 31Jane Sooper78 yearsin family plot without ca??
Nov 1 1902Hurbert? D. Taylor3 monthsreopen graveHerbert?
Nov 3Kezehia? Green63 yearssec 1, grave 225 without caseKezia? Keziah?
Nov 3Walter Gladness Penny11 monthsreopen grave
Nov 4Alexer.? Collins19 monthsreopen grave in old groundAbbreviation of Alexander?
Nov 5James Davis14 monthsin old ground
Nov 6Marey? Biggs61 yearssec 1, grave 266 with caseMarey = Mary for the original writer
Nov 8Maud I. Thompson24 years sec 1, grave 227 with case
Nov 10Ralph McBay2 ½ yearssec 1, grave 228
Nov 11Eva Jardine19 yearsin family lot with case
Nov 11Mr. M. Goobyselectedgrave 12, section 4
Nov 12Gordon James Gorman7 ½ yearsPoor Comm order
Nov 13Chesley Moore2 ½ yearssec 1, grave 229
Nov 14Doris Horwoodremoved from sec 1, grave 34 to old ground
Nov 14Agness? Austin19 yearsLunatic Asylum OrderAgnes = Agness original writer
Nov 15Jane Hose?78 yearsfamily plot, sec5 grave 11, without caseCheck surname against grave registry.
Nov 17Chyder Lowe10 monthssec 1, grave 230writing unclear
Nov 20Gertrude Lindsay2 ½ monthsin family lot with case
Nov 27John B. McNeil5 days?sec 5, grave 58 without case
Dec 1 1902Jon R. Chrisholms80 yearssec ?, grave 70, in family lot, with caseCould be Jon., abbreviated by original writer for Jonathan or John.
Dec 5John Squires6 weeksin family lot without case
Dec 6Bessie Blake Morison?67 yearsin family lot with caseCould also be Morrison.
Dec 11John Dwyer55 yearssec 1, grave 231 without case
Dec 12Danel. J. Henderson76 yearssec 5, lot 51 with caseAbbreviated from Daniel by original writer?
Dec 13James Dwyer1 monthreopen grave
Dec 18Sarah Horwood70 yearssec 1, grave 232
Dec 26Dr. McKenzie50 yearssec 1, grave 235 with caseNote: This entry stroked through with note, “No interment.”
Dec 26Fredrick Baid?1 dayreopen grave in old groundOriginal handwriting odd, might be Baird, Barred?
Dec 29Alexr.? Geary’sstillborn male infantPoor Comm OrderAbbreviation from Alexander?
Dec 30Henry J. Bartlett63 yearssec 1, grave 234 with case
Dec 30Marey Clarke3 monthssec 1, grave 34This writer consistently writes Marey for Mary.
Dec 31Nicholas Nichol73 yearssec 1, grave 235 without case

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