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Avalon South Region ~ St. John's District

St. John's - General Protestant Cemetery

Internments, 1903 - 1906

The oldest cemetery for the Protestant religion is the one located on Old Topsail Road and Waterford Bridge Road. This cemetery is not currently in use except for current plot holders. All Protestant religions used this cemetery but it is maintained by the United Church of Canada. Available records - Burial records from 1888 to the present. These are located at the United Church Archives, Elizabeth Ave; PANL and the Genealogical Society. Headstones - available at the Genealogical Society and the United Church Archives.

This transcription made from a photocopy. The copy was very faded, as was, apparently, the original. Some sections are *really* difficult to read. Initials are hard to distinguish, I’s, J’s, T’s and F’s all look alike, as do M’s and N’s. Notes to cause of death may have been made after the fact in some instances. As with any transcription, typos are possible. This should not be used in place of references to the original.[] Indicates transcriber is unsure.{}Indicates information destroyed on photocopy.

These information was read, recorded and transcribed by NGAIRE GENGE July 2000 . While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors nor omissions.

NOTE: The original writer uses a very “personal” style of spelling (ie., Mary is always spelled Marey) and frequent, unusual abbreviations (Haze. is Hazel, Hu. is Elihu, Alesr. is Alexander, Is. is both Isaac and Isabelle, Geo can be George and Georgina, etc.) The original entry is listed as is with notes on the right as to likely meanings based on the overall occurrence in the record.
Jan 5 1903John Halliday42 yearsin family lot, grave ??, sec 5, with case
Jan 5Ella Gibbons23 yearsreopen grave sec 1, grave 141?
Jan 8Gorge. Sarah Le Marquand’?stillborn male childin famil??? ???Likely Georgina Sarah Lemarquand’s
Jan 17Haze. Cooper5 monthsgrave 236, sec 1, without ???Hazel
Jan 17Edward Geo.75 yearsPoor Asylum Edward George
Jan 19Thomas Field72 yearsPoor Comm order
Jan 25Max. Christian5 ½ yearsgrave 237, sec 1 with caseCould be Maxwell
Jan 26Ann Gooby75 yearsin family lot of William Gooby, sec 4, grave 14
Jan 28Bessie Thistle2 ½ monthssec 5, grave 5 and 6
Feb 2 1903Harry Dawe38 yearssec 1, grave 238
Feb 6Chesley Sparks14 monthsreopen grave sec 8?, grave 5?
Feb 9Sarah Bartlett71 yearssec 1, grave 239, without case
Feb 10Amelia Francis? Luscombe75 yearsin family plot without caseThis writer uses Francis for both men and women.
Feb 15William H Taylor77 yearsin old ground with case
Feb 16Martha Hughes73 yearsin family plot of Mrs. Skinner? without case
Feb 21John Francis22 yearsGeneral Hospital Order
Feb 25Florance? Rose15 yearsPoor Comm orderThis writer consistently spells Florence as Florance
Mar 4 1903Margret.? Tuckerthree monthsin family plot, grave 25, sec 4?This writer abbreviates Margaret to Margret..
Mar 7Abraham Antle84 yearsreopen sec 1, grave 55
Mar 12William Simonds55 yearssec 1, grave 240 with caseSimmonds?
Mar 16John Snow76 yearssec 1, grave 241, no???
Mar 17John Curtis36 yearsPenetentiary Order
Mar 25Thomas James Clement Hanse17 yearssec 1, grave 242, ???
Mar 25Annie Baird33 yearsin family lot of John Boyes?
Mar 31Mrs. Ernest Pike38 yearssec 1, grave 245 with case
Apr 2 1903Albert Dodd57 yearsPoor Asylum
Apr 4Samuel Chapman16 yearsGeneral Hospital order
Apr 6Annie Patle????? Sec 1, grave 244 with caseNote: “Removed to family plot”
Apr 6Alfred Shano32 yearssec 2, grave 22, with case
Ap 9Mrs. R. Dobbs’stillborn male childin grave of James Wilson in old ground
Apr 13Robert Clarke46? yearsLunatic Asylum
Apr 20Henry Eales Cowan2 yearsin family plot with case
Apr 22Marey? Ann Cook50 yearsadjoining her husband in old ground, without caseMarey = Mary, this writer
Apr 24Elizibatt? Rumsy75 yearsreopen grave of John RumseyElizabeth Rumsey
Apr 24Isick? Taylor19 yearssec 2, grave 24 with case Isick = Isaac, this writer
Apr 25James Gordon Baggs8 monthssec 1, grave 245 without ???
Apr 27William Flight59 yearssec 1, grave 246 withut case
Apr 28Mark Stuckless54 yearsin family plot without case
Apr 28Mr. A F. Sturanselectedgrave 36, sec 3
Apr 29Robert Clarkeremoved from govt groundto sec 1, grave 244 with case
May 4 1903Rachel Stringr?16 yearsDepartment of Public Charities, in grave vacated of R. ClarkeRachael Stringer?
May 6Robert Chesley Ayer?46 yearsin family vault with caseAyre?
May 7Mr. John Bartlettbought grave 233, sec 1, Dr. McKenzie
May 12R. Lindsay’s stillborn childin family plot, grave 43, sec 5
May 12Harold Grimes13 yearsreopen grave 37, sec 1
May 18Matilda Sheran75 yearsin family plot, sec 3, grave 36? with case56?
May 19Elise Maunder2 yearsreopen grave, sec 1?, grave 128
May 25Rodiah? Dwyer3 weeksreopen grave 61, sec 1?Rhoda?
May 26William T. Pippyselectedplot 8, sec. 4
May 28Elzabett Pect?78 yearsin family plot os S. N. Peet, without caseElizabeth Peet?
May 30Lelly? Antle2 weeksgrave 248, sec 1, without caseLily?
May 30Mrs. Wm. Diamond27 yearsgrave 248, sec 1 without case
Jun 1 1903Florance? McDonald3 weeksgrave 250, sec 1 without caseFlorance = Florence with this writer
Jun 6Annie C. White58 yearsin family plot with case
Jun 9Leah Goff Lash39 yearsgrave 38, sec 3 with case
Jun 15Edward Youden43 yearsgrave 251, sec 1 without case
Jun 19Victoria A. March64 yearsgrave 252, sec 4?, with caseThis entry stroked through with note “Removed to grave 44, sec 2.”
Jun 19Gorden? Llewellyn Mitchell3 monthsgrave 253, sec 1, without caseGordon?
Jun 22Elizabath? Thompson82 yearsgrave 53, sec 5 with caseElizabeth?
Jun 23Mr. John Marchtook possession ofPlot 44, sec 2
Jul 6 1903 Mrs. Jonstan? Milleytooklot 35, sec 4, 9x9Johnston?
Jul 6Jonathan Milley76 yearsplot 35, sec 4 with case
Jul 11Anna Mach?65 yearssec 5, plot 57, with caseMarch?
Jul 11Mr. Joseph Moorsselectedlot 39, sec 5
Jul 11Edna J. Moors13 monthslot 39, sec 5, without case
Jul 13Mr. Eda.? Cooperselected lot 38, sec 4
Jul 13Eliza Hunter76 yearsin family lot, sec 4, grave 38
Jul 18Ann Cooper3 years?Poor Comm
Jul 24Jane Campbell75 yearsin family plot with case
Jul 29Mrs. Bond40 yearsin family plot with case
Jul 29John Snow13 yearsin vacant grave 254?, sec 1, without case
Aug 4 1903Job W. W. Spryselected lots 67 and 68, sec 5
Aug 6Samuel Noseworthy58 yearsgrave 254, sec 1 with case
Aug 10Marey L. Spry84 yearsin family plot with caseMarey = Mary with this writer
Aug 10Honble? James Baid?Selectsplot adjoing the late Wh??? in old cemeteryHonourable James Baird?
Aug 12Laura Barnes15 yearsreopen grave of Jesse? Barnes
Aug 12Charlot? Smith60 yearsGeneral Hospital orderCharlotte?
Aug 14Catherine Hiscock’s illegt. son1 dayPoor Comm order
Aug 15Joseph Ledrewremoved from grave 98, sec 6to family plot
Aug 15Marion Frost3 daysin grave 255, sec 1 without case
Aug 16Mr. Simmonds’stillborn male childreopen grave, sec 8, grave 102
Aug 17For??? Webber66 yearsPenetientiary Order [sic]
Aug 18Wm. H. Whitley69 yearsin family plot, graves 43 and 44, sec 4, without case
Aug 25Hurbert Dawe9 monthsreopen grave 238, sec 1, no caseHerbert?
Aug 25Mrs. Arthur Hamlyn30 yearsreopen grave 217, sec 1, no case
Aug 26Mr.? N. Ivany57 yearsgrave 256, sec 1, without case
Aug 28Mrs. Roberts’stillborn male childgrave 257, sec 1, W?????
Aug 28Marey Julia Ayer?48 yearsin family vault of C. R. AyerMarey = Mary with this writer, Ayer = Ayre
Aug 29Thomas A. Janes7 yearsin family plot, sec 4, grave 50?, without case
Sep 4 1903Elezebath? Hodder12 dayssec 1, grave 258, without caseElizabeth?
Sep 5Mrs. Yabsley’sstillborn male childgrave 259, no case
Sep 10Violet Mills6 monthssec 1, grave 260 no case
Sep 11Harold B. Janes14 monthssec 1, grave 261, no case
Sep 14Florance? Rumsey2 monthsin family plot of Cap. Thomas Rumsey, without caseFlorance = Florence with this writer
Sep 15Eliza Fraser78 yearsin family plot with case
Sep 17Alen. Janesselected ½ plot 4 ½ ft x 9 ft, sec 4, grave 28
Sep 21Rousal Wordonll49 yearssec 1, grave 262 with caseVery Interesting Note!!! In margin, “No interment, sent home.”
Sep 23Annie Rolada? Dick Graham37 yearssec 1, grave 262, with caseRolanda?
Sep 28Hazil? Taylor3 dayssec 1, grave 263 without caseHazel?
Oct 5 1903Marey? Strong ellegimate son9 monthsPoor Comm OrderMarey = Mary with this writer, ellegimate = illegitimate
Oct 8William Noftal35 yearssec 1, grave 264, without case
Oct 10Christopher Efford16 monthssec 1, grave 265 without case
Oct 19Maud But7 yearssec 1, grave 266, without caseButt?
Oct 20Sarah G. Deer2 ½ monthsfamily plot, grave 43, sec 2, no case
Oct 20James Barnes50 yearssec 1, grave 267, without case
Oct 24Caroline Pike37 yearssec 1, grave 268 with case
Oct 27George Johns20 yearsin family plot, sec 5, grave 9, without case
Oct 27Samuel Snow62 yearsin govt ground, Layton’s order?
Oct 28Anna B. Snow2monthssec 1, grave 269, no case
Oct 28Mr. Petter Cowantook lot 10, sec 4Petter = Peter with this writer
Oct 28Jams.? A. McPherson50 yearsplot 10, sec 4 with caseJams = James with this writer
Oct 28Charles Grouchy12 ½ yearsreopen in family plot, sec 4, lot 24, without case
Nov 1 1903Charles Taylor2 monthssec 1, grave 270, without case
Nov 2Adolph Neilsen53? yearssec 1, grave 271 without case
Nov 5William Street45 yearsPoor Comm order
Nov 6Fredrick Troutridge?2 yearssec 1, grave 272 without caseTrowbridge? Strowbridge?
Nov 9Malchom? Rose6 monthssec 1, grave 273, no casevar. sp. Malcolm?
Nov 13Estella King1 year, 9 monthssec 1, grave 274
Nov 13Ethel J. King2 years, 9 monthssec 1, grave 275
Nov 16Flora Hodder19 monthssec 1, grave 276
Nov 20Hanabal? Storo?68 yearsreopen grave, sec 1, grave 59?var. sp. Hannibal? Storo could be Stow, hard to decipher
Nov 26Joseph Barnesselected lot 19, sec 4
Nov 26Harold Barnes12 yearsin family plot without case
Nov 30Mercedes Biggs7 monthsreopen grave 112, sec. ?
Nov 30Edith K. Driscoll8 monthsreopen grave 70, sec ?
Dec 2 1903Lydia Andrews2 years, 9 monthsreopen grave 86, sec. ?
Dec 7Gorden? Charles Parsons4 ½ monthssec 1, grave 277 Gorden = Gordon with this writer
Dec 7Audrey Bartlett1 yearin family plot old ground???
Dec 7Mrs. Jonas Ledrew’s prematurely born child7 monthssec 1, grave???
Dec 9Hurbert? Clounston?5 yearsin family plot with caseHurbert = Herbert with this writer. No family “Clounston” with plot. Clouston?
Dec 10Christopher Dalton60 yearssec 1, grave 279
Dec 14Hubert Rowe 10 yearssec 1, grave 280
Dec 15Gladys Parrot7 yearsreopen grave no 106, sec???
Dec 17Lindal Earle2 yearssec 1, grave 281, no case
Dec 17Gilbert Earle2 weeksin grave of Lindal Earle
Dec 18George Ash 22 yearsin family plot, sec 4 ????
:ditto:William Ash selected lot 48, sec 4
Dec 21Edward Pottol?5 weekssec 1, grave 20?Pottle? Pottal?
Dec 22Alice Froud17 yearsLunatic Asylum
Dec 23Susan Garland’s Infant15 daysPoor Comm Order
Dec 23Simon Reynold’sstillborn male childsec 1, grave 2??
Dec 24Stephen Garland67 yearssec 1, grave 2??
Dec 25Jane Marshall4 monthsreopen grave 49, sec ???
Dec 26Manuel Mitchell70 yearssec 1, grave 285, ?????
Dec 31Marey Day72 yearssec 1, grave 286 ???Marey = Mary with this writer
NOTE: The original writer has a very “personal” spelling system and also abbreviates, in unusual forms, many names throughout these sections, making a usual Find command or search engine less useful. The actual spelling is used in the transcription and notes on variant spellings and consistent misspellings (ie. Marey for Mary throughout) have been noted in the rightmost column.
Jan 2 1904James Barret?17 yearssec 1, grave 287 no caseBarrett var. sp?
Jan 6Hannah Wilkinson57 yearssec 1, grave 287, no case
Jan 19Olivia Scott52 yearsin family plot with case
Jan 19Elizebath? Palfrey82 yearsin family plot with caseElizebath = Elizabeth with this writer
Jan 22Blanch Cook9 daysreopen grave 215, sec 1
Jan 23Walter Rendall Halfyard11 monthsgrave 238, sec 1, no case
Jan 25Sarah Bell Spencer1 year, 9 monthsgrave 289, sec 1, no case
Jan 26Wm. Ash79 yearsin family plot without caseWilliam
Jan 29Isaac Pearcey7 monthsreopen grave sec 1, no173
Feb 3 1904Marey? Haddon80 yearsin family plot with caseMarey = Mary with this writer, Haddon may also be Hayden
Feb 5Fredrick Avery8 monthsreopen grave sec 1, grave 183
Feb 7Earnest? Chisley? Evans4 monthsreopen grave 136, sec 1Ernest Chesley Evans?
Feb 8Mrs. Pike’s stillborn male childin family plot
Feb 9Alfred Earle5 monthssec 1, grave 290 no case
Feb 15James Q. Fraser77 yearsin family plot with caseMight be an O.
Feb 16Jonathan Taylor75 yearsin family plot with case
Feb 16John Butt66 yearsreopen grave 130, sec 1
Feb 17Charles Thistle3 monthssec 1, grave 291
Feb 17Elizebath? Collings?29 yearssec 1, grave 292Elizebath = Elizabeth with this writer, Elizabeth Collins?
Feb 19Nellie Mathews?2 yearssec 1, grave 295? without case
Feb 20Joseph Marshall22 yearsin plot of D. Morrison, withut case, sec 4, grave 3?, typhoid.
Feb 23Etta? E. Rogers7 monthsreopen grave 208, sec 1handwriting unclear for this name
Feb 27Chesley G. Sellers3 yearssec 1, grave 294, no case
Mar 1 1904Elizebath Serious’s?stillborn male childsec 1, grave ??Elizebath = Elizabeth with this writer, this is likely Elizabeth Seviour’s
Mar 3Mr. John Leareytook plot 47, sec 4
Mar 4Richard Jacobs76 yearsLunatic Asylum order
Mar 7Henry L. Learee?8 yearsin family plot without caseLeary?
Mar 7Marey? Mews55 yearsin family plot without caseMarey = Mary with this writer
Mar 7Ethel May Morris2 yearsreopen grave 80, sec 1
Mar 9Florance? Reid 16 monthsgrave 296, sec 1, no case?Florance = Florence with this writer
Mar 14Chistiania? Mews55 yearsin family plot without ???Christiana?
Mar 14Wm. J. Joyce’sstill born female childin family plotWilliam
Mar 14Louisa Bartlett69 yearsin grave of John Bartlett
Mar 14Blanch M. Pearce2 weeksreopen grave 77, sec. ???Edge of page is tattered.
Mar 14Eliza Ann Loder63 yearsgrave 297, sec 1 ????
Mar 15Rev. John Prattselectedplot 54, sec 4, 9 x 9 feet
Mar 15Clara Garland Tuff50 yearsin plot 50, sec 4, without ???
Mar 16Beatrice Ellis

Mar 18Henry Davis

Mar 18Mrs. Arthur Dessert’sstillborn male childgrave 290?, ???
Mar 19Ralph Tizard2 weeksreopen grave 168
Mar 21Annie Grant58 yearssec 1, grave 300 with case
Mar 21Alexander Crocker14 monthsPoor Comm order
Mar 21Elizabeth Heffernan?14 yearsGeneral Hospital OrderHefferan?
Mar 22James Penney39 yearsgrave 301, sec 1, no case?
Mar 22George Reid6 yearsreopen, diptheria
Mar 25Elizabath? Messery?86 yearsin family plot with caseElizabath = Elizabeth with this writer, Elizabeth Messeury?
Mar 25Rev. John Pratt65 yearsin family plot with????
Mar 26Mrs. John Prattselectedplot ???, sec. ??, 9x9 feet
Mar 28Jenny Rowe8 dayssec 1, grave 302 no case
Mar 28Sarah A. Knight84 yearsin family plot of S. Knight?
Apr 1 1904Florance? Rowe2 weeksreopen grave, 302, sec 1Twin birth with Jenny Rowe above? Florance = Florence with this writer
Apr 5Isaac Rich20 yearssec 1, grave 303 ????
Apr 5Herbert J.? Tucker2 monthsin family plot, without case
Apr 6Amelia Burt39 yearsin plot 56, sec 4 with case
Apr 13Elsie May Stephens6 dayssec 1, grave 304, without case
Apr 16Mrs. P. McPherson76 yearsin family plot with case
Apr 19Mrs. Sal. Park’s stillborn male childreopen grave 255?, sec 1Note: inked in after is “Removed to family plot.” This is Samuel for this writer
Apr 19Alexr.? Crocker43 yearsPoor CommAlexander
Apr 20George Barnes13 daysreopen grave sec 8, grave 30
Ap 22Mrs. Lydia Murry?24 yearsin family plot with case
Ap 25Mrs. Maud Janes’ stillborn male childgrave 305, sec 1
Apr 26William Pottle19 yearsgrave 306, sec 1 no case
Apr 28Julia Pitts72 yearsin plot of J. W. Pitts, sec 5, lot 55-56?, with case
May 3 1904Allen? Whiteway61 yearsPoor Asylum orderLarge blotch of ink
May 4Sarah Pike70 yearsplot 37, sec 4 with case
May 5Catherine French26 yearsplot 40, sec 4, with case
May 7Fredrick Swanson3 yearsreopen grave 96, sec 1 ????
May 9John Leareyselectedlot 49, sec 4, 9x9
May 11Bernice Bastow12 ½ yearsin plots 29 and 30, sec 2, with case
May 13Stephen A. Sparksselectedplot 28, sec 2
May ??Eliza Ann Loderremoved from grave 29?, sec 1, to plot ????to plot 2, ???
May 13Louisa Froude54 years sec 1, grave 307 with case
May 16James M. Critch9 monthsreopen grave 97, sec 6 no ????
May 17Mrs. Richd E. Dobbs’stillborn female childreopen 239, sec ????Likely section 1. Richd = Richard for this writer
May 19Christian Snelgrove47 years reopen grave 164, sec 1, without ???
May 19Anna Butcher19 yearsHospital order without case
May 25Jessie Isabella Abbot2 ½ months sec 1, grave 3?3, without case
May 26James Pilley54 yearsLunatic Asylum order
May 28John Morgan55 yearssec 1, grave 309 with....
May 31Mrs. H. Wallace’s stillborn male childsec 1, grave???Right side of page tattered.
Jun 1 1904Jean Scaplen1 yearplot 44, sec 5 without
Jun 1Mildred Scaplenremoved from grave 161, sec 1to family plot, sec 5 grave??
Jun 3Caroline Cox70 yearsGeneral Hospital Order
Jun 4Marey? Rowe54 yearsgrave 297, sec 1 without????Marey = Mary for this writer
Jun 4Mrs. Wm.? Cook’s stillborn female childreopen grave 136 sec 1William
Jun 6Anna B. Earle9 monthsreopen grave ??0, sec 1Ink blot obscures number
Jun 9Henry J. Boone19 dayssec 1, grave 311
Jun 9Isabella Muir63 yearsin family plot sec 4, grave 62 wi????
Jun 10Robert Heatherton70 yearsin grave 98, sec 6, no case?
Jun 14Dorothy French5 monthsin family plot 40, sec 4 without case
Jun 21Robert Templeton65 yearsin plot 59 and 60, sec 5, with case
Jun 24Joseph Coults50 yearsin grave 312, sec 1, without ???
Jun 25Elsie Lidstone2 ½ yearsin vacant grave 161, se?????
Jun 25Mr. Joseph Moore selectedplot 37, sec 5
Jun 27Marey? Pike56 yearsreopen grave 79, sec ? no caseMarey = Mary for this writer
Jun 28Bruce D. Kirkland6 days reopen grave 117, sec 1 no case
Jun 29Elizebath? Martin77 yearsin family plot with caseElizebath = Elizabeth for this writer
Jun 29W. Flynn78 yearsLunatic Asylum Ordergrave 1, ???
Jul 2 1904Julia Pippy65 yearssec 1, grave 313 without case
Jul 4 Maud Bearns28 yearsin family plot with case
Jul 5Mrs. Lenard? Barrett’sstillborn female childgrave 314,sec 1Leonard
Jul 6Wm. Streans72 yearsreopen grave without caseWilliam
Jul 8Francis Rumsey10 monthssec 1, grave 315 without caseThis writer uses Francis for both men and women, check for gender.
Jul 8Mrs. D. Marshall’s stillborn female childsec 1, grave 316
Jul 11Harrison Brineone monthreopen grave 203, sec 1Suspect this is Brien.
Jul 11J. A. Carmichael’sstillborn male childin Colton plot, old ground
Jul 12Mr. William LeShannselectedlot 9x9, sec 4, grave 51LeShane, LeShanna, LeShanno?
Jul 12Gladys Legrow2 yearssec 1, grave 317, without case
Jul 13Chas. LeShann40 yearsin plot sec 4, grave 51, without caseLeShane, LeShanna, LeShanno?
Jul 15Eliza Cook69 yearssec 1, grave 319 no case
Jul 25Levi Rogers63 yearsPoor Asylum Order, grave 2??
Jul 26Thom. Gladisson Rose11 monthssec 1, grave 319 without caseThomas
Jul 26George Steer58 yearsin family plot with case
Aug 1 1904Mrs. James Sto??51 yearsin family plot, with case
Aug 6Mrs. Lydia Cooper’sstillborn male childgrave 236, sec 1
Aug 14Wm. James Lidstone4 monthsreopen grave 161, sec 1William
Aug 15Chesley? Meadus6 monthssec 1, grave 320 no caseGiven name very cramped.
Aug ??William Henry Abbott4 weekssec 1, grave 321, no case
The following 23 entries from badly damaged page, serious rip/tear problems.
Aug 15Simeon Barrett
family lot, grave 81, sec 4
Aug 15Willis John Barrett
family lot, grave 83, sec 4
Aug 17Ellen Mitchell87 yearsInsane Asylum order
Aug 19Ann Manuel83 yearssec 11, grave 14?
Aug 22Frederick Porter5 yearssec 10, grave 33?Note: This entry stroked through.
Aug 22Simon Sparks71 yearsgrave 83 & 84???
Aug 22Gertrude Sparksremoved from old cemeteryto plot 83 & 84???
Aug 24Eleanor Bishop27 yearsin family lot, with case ????
Sep 6 1904Arthur W. Dessert5 monthsin family lot, 6???
Sept 12Eric B. Butler4 monthsin vacant grave o?????
Sept 12Gertrude Way19 monthsreopen grave???
Sep 16Marey? M. Rose2 monthssec 10, grave???Marey = Mary for this writer
Sep 17Charles Janes3 yearssec 10, grave???
Sep 18Elizabeth Withycombe70 yearsin family plot wi????
Sept 19Ernest Pritcher7 monthsreopen grave 311, ??????
Sep 19Kenneth Morris7 monthssec 10, grave 33?
Sep 25Susan Stringer4 ½ yearsreopen grave 2????
Sep 26George H. M Rogers3 ½ monthssec 10, grave ????
Sep 27Arthur H. Janes4 monthssec 10, grave 35???
Sep 28Euphenia Ross67 yearsin lot 81, sec ???
Sep 30Ambrose B????rs56 yearssec 11, grave ???
Oct 2 1904Alex??????? ?? Years??????? rave???
Oct 8E??????????????????????Torn off.
The next entries appear out of order by date. The original writer went
across two pages so the dates willalternate with those of the previous page.
Like theprevious page, this one is in very bad shape around the

Aug 19Ronald Winslow6 monthssec 1, grave 322, no case
Aug 19Miriam Grimes18 yearssec 2, grave 323, without caseNote: This may be a clerical error and actually be sec 1.
Aug 22Walter Thomas Jenkins2 weekssec 1, grave 324, no case
Aug 22Jno. Parsons55 yearsGeneral Hospital Order, grave ????John? Jonathan? Jonas?
Aug 23Robert Peet4 monthsreopen grave of Samuel Peet
Aug 24Richard Barnes54 yearsin family plot with case
Aug 25Susannah Heffernan?4 monthsreopen grave 110, sec 1Hefferan?
Aug 26Hector McL. Fraser83 yearsin family plot with caseMcL. has been used for McLean in this document
Aug 26Ethel Wright5 monthssec 1, grave 325, no case
Aug 27Bertha Cooper3 ½ monthssec 1, grave 326, no case
Aug 27Sandy Bryan3 monthssec 1, grave 327, no case
Aug 28Elizabeth Eveleigh16 yearssec 9, grave one, new ground
Aug 29Eliza Bailey2 weekssec 10, grave one, new gro???
Aug 29Mr. Steerselectedplot adjoining old ground ???
Aug 29Fredrick Hearold? Smith2 ½ monthssec 10, grave 3, no caseHarold?
Aug 29Margret. White3 weekssec 10, grave 2, no caseMargret. = Margaret for this writer
Aug 30Lydia Cooper30 yearssec 9, grave2, no case
Aug 30Florance? Wright3 yearsreopen grave 325, sec 1Florance = Florence for this writer
Aug 31Marey? Curtis1 monthreopen grave 174, sec 1Marey = Mary for this writer
Sep 2Gertie Geary4 monthsgrave 4, sec 10, no case
Sep 2James Clifford79 yearsin family plot, without case
Sep 2Michal? Knightselected plot 54, sec 5, 9x9Michael?
Sep 3Bertha Noftal?? Monthssec 12? grave 5, no case
-------------May be an entrymissing herefrom a torn offedge.
Page in poor shape at right and lower edges.

Sep 5, 1904Richard Horsey65 yearsin plot 55, sec 4 without case
Sep 5Robert E. Holloway54 yearsplot 49, 50, 51, and 52, sec 3, with case
Sep 6John Thomas Guager?12 monthsgrave 6, sec 10, no caseNot familiar with this name.
Sep 6Marion Murray3 monthsreopen grave sec 1, grave 26
Sep 7Emma Butler8 monthsgrave 7, sec 10, no case
Sep 9Hettie Pike10 monthsin family plot 53, sec 4?
Sep 10Walter Percy24 yearsin family plot without casePercey? Hard to read.
Sep 12Marey Roberts62 yearsPoor Asylum OrderMarey = Mary for this writer
Sep 20Capt Saml. Lacey?81 yearssec 3, grave 9 with caseSamuel
Sep 26Otto Biggs3 monthssec 10, grave 8, no case
Line skipped.

Sep 26Bertha Noftalremoved from grave 5, sec 10to ???? plot of Mrs. Meade?Maude ????
Sep 28Margret.? J. Lillie?2 yearsin family plot, sec 3, grave 19, with caseMargret. = Margaret for this writer. Margaret J. Lilly?
Sep 29Jane Driscol41 yearssec 9, grave 3, no case
Oct 1 1904Wm. Mayo75 yearsin family plot, old ground ??? no caseWilliam
Oct 4Elizebath? Hefferman38 yearssec 9, grave 4, without graveElizebath = Elizabeth for this writer.
Oct 6Gretrude? Russell2 monthssec 10, grave 5 no caseGertrude Russell
Oct 10Eldee Tucker3 ½ monthssec 10, grave 9 no caseUnfamiliar with this given name.
Oct 21Cecil Thoms. Skeans9 monthssec 10, grave 10, no caseThomas
Oct 24Wm. Barnes78 yearsin family plot with caseWilliam
Oct 25Mrs. Leftrage? Stillborn male childreopen grave old ground with caseUnfamiliar with this name, not in old ground records. Inventive spelling of ???
Oct 25Harriet Buttler45 yearsreopen grave old ground with caseButler
Nov 2Levi Simonds2 monthssec 10, grave 11, no caseSimmonds
Nov 2Sarah Knight84 yearsin family plot, ?????
Nov 3M?ve E. St???g??r36 yearssec 9, grave 5, without caseMaeve E. Stringer? Just a best guess.
Nov 3Louise Chafe54 yearsin plot of Mrs. Perse???
Nov 4Wm Bennet54 yearssec 9, grave 6, without caseWilliam Bennett
Nov 7Lilly Iviney1 ½ yearssec 10, grave 12, no caseIvany?
Nov 8Azariah Drodge15 yearsPoor Comm Might be grave 10, sec ???
Nov 9Mrs. Isaac Seviourstillborn male childgrave 13??, sec 10, no case
Nov 11Magdaline Cullmore25 yearsgrave 7, sec 9, without case
Nov 11John Cooper63 yearsgrave 8, sec 9, without case
Nov 12Elizebath Cornish90 yearsPoor Asylum OrderMight be grave 6. Elizebath = Elizabeth for this writer.
Nov 14John Scott67 yearsin family plot with case
Nov 19Geo. Moore14 monthsin family plot, with caseGeorge
Nov 19Bertha E. Leseman33 yearsin family plot with caseUnfamiliar with this surname.
Nov 21Jane Noftall2 yearsreopen grave ?????End of entry unclear
Nov 22Charles Jams. Leshana5 monthsreopen grave 88, sec 1, no caseCharles James LeShana
Nov 23Susannah Johnston72 yearssec 9, grave 9 with case
Nov 26Hannah Bailey35 yearssec 9, grave 10 no case
Nov 29Rosannah Janes72 yearssec 9, grave 11, without case
Dec 5 1904Mrs. Joseph Buttler’sstillborn female childwithout caseButler
Dec 7James C. Mews9 monthsin plot of James Mews
Dec 8Hazel Gullage3 yearsreopen grave 29, sec ????
Dec 9Arthur Crane1 year, 10 monthsin family plot, grave 13, sec ???
Dec 14Marey? Ann Caomles?28 yearsin plot of Capt. Taylor ???Marey = Mary for this writer, unfamiliar with this surname.
Dec 16Mrs. Jan. Janes’ stillborn male childsec 10, grave 14?Jan. = Janet, Janice?
Dec 19Jos. E. Butler27 yearssec 9, grave 12 with caseJos. = Josiah, Joseph, Joshua?
Dec 23J. M. McNeal selected 1 plot, 18 x 18?,Sec 3, graves 46, 47?
:ditto:John M. McNeal12 daysin family lot with ???
Dec 27Addie Lamb52 yearssec 9, grave 13, with case
Dec 27Clement J. Parrot3 monthssec 10, grave 15, no case
Dec 28Robert H. Prowse77 yearsin family plot, with case
Dec 31Wm. Lamb30 yearssec 9, grave 14?William


Jan 2Mrs. Wm. Dimonds’stillborn female childwithout caseWilliam
Jan 3Thomas Eales44 yearsplot 21, sec 4, with case
Jan 3Wm Noseworthy72 yearsplot of his son, with caseWilliam
Jan 9Edw. Colton77 yearsin family lot with caseEdw. = Edward or Edwin with this writer
Jan 13Emily Templeman29 yearssec 9, grave 15 without case
Jan 14Sarah Butt37 yearssec 9, grave 15, without case
Jan 17Hubert Percy10 monthssec 10, grave 16 without ???
Jan 21Violet Clayton Burt17 yearsin family plot 36, sec 4, with case
Jan 23Aubery Earle65 yearssec 9, grave 17 without ????Could also be Aubrey Earle
Jan 24Annie Abbot3 yearsPoor Comm order
Jan 26Wm. Loyal Butt14 daysreopen grave 16, sec 9William
Jan 28Isabella M. Ayer55 yearsin family plot with caseAyer = Ayre with this writer
Feb 2 1905Henery? Burry4 yearssec 10, grave 17 without caseHenery=Henry with this writer
Feb 3Isabella Roggerson70 yearsin family vault with caseNOTE: No record of vault in this name. Rogerson?
Feb 3Violet Meadus7 monthssec 10, grave 10, no case
Feb 4Anton Johannessen28 yearssec 9, grave 18, no case
Feb 9Mrs. W. J. Butler’sstillborn male childreopen grave ???
Feb 16Simon Glendinning87 yearsin family plot with case
Feb 17Ida B. Moore25 yearsin family plot 35, sec 5 w????
Feb 17Dr. A. J. Harvey49 yearsin family plot with case
Feb 20Alfred Chafe54 yearsin family plot 13, sec 4 with case
Feb 20Elsie Simmonds8 ½ yearsreopen grave 11, sec 10?
Feb 20Mrs. Hanns Haug30 yearssec 9, grave 19 with case
Feb 20Elfreda Curew20 yearsGeneral Hospital Order ??More that’s unreadable.
Feb 21Arthur Whitley33 yearsin family plot with case
Feb 23A. E. Piddington23 yearsin grave 44, sec 3, with case
Feb 24Edith Berry10 monthsgrave 19, sec 10 no caseCould be Burry
Feb 25Mr. LeDrew child8 hoursreopen grave 238?, sec 1?
Feb 28Mr. Geo. Vatcher’sstillborn female childgrave 20, sec 10, no caseGeorge
Mar 4 1905Anna Thistle46 yearssec 9, grave 20, with case
Mar 7Stephen Froud79 yearsPoor Asylum order, grave 8No section designation.
Mar 11Jon. D. Withycombe, Jr.20 yearsin family plot, grave 25, sec 3?, with caseMay be sec 8. Jon. has been used for John, Jonathan, and Jonas by this writer.
Mar 15Annie Snelgrove2 yearssec 10, grave 21, no case
Mar 17Susan Gillinghamone weekplot 23, sec 3, 9 x 9 feet
:ditto:Mr. George Gillinghamtook plot 23, sec 3
Mar 20Eliza Snelgrove32 yearssec 9, grave 21, without case
Mar 20Maud Whelaneight daysPoor Comm order
Mar 23Susan Beaumont Rendall43 yearsplot 63, sec 5 with case
Mar 23Alfred Antle71 yearsPoor Asylum Order, grave no 9.No sec. designation given.
Mar 24Mrs. W. J. Joyce’sstillborn male childin family plot
Mar 24Violet Shanoner?1 monthreopen grave, old groundUnfamiliar with this surname. Poss. Variant of LeShanna, LeShanno?
Mar 25William Crocker39 yearsgrave 11, sec 4, no case
Mar 27Lewis Young8 yearssec 10, grave 22
Mar 31Jessie Louise Pike5 daysin family plot without case
Apr 5 1905Addie Lambremoved from grave 13, sec 9 sent ????Can’t make out notes in margins
Apr 5Inga Mathlda Hungsent home fromgrave 19, sec 9Matilda variant?
Apr 17Sarah Earle48 yearsgrave 13, sec 9 with ????Fold in page obscures rest.
Apr 18Bertha L. Drodge2 years, 7 monthsPoor Comm
Apr 19Francis J. Marshall 2 daysreopen grave
Apr 22Charles Eolder? Horwell7 monthssec 10, grave 23 without case
Apr 22Susan Morris34 yearsLunatic Asylum Order, grave 10No sec designation.
Apr 22Mrs. E. W. Roberts28 yearsreopen grave 79, sec 6, with case
Apr 25W. J. Mews61 yearsin family plot with case
Apr 28Elias? Apsary?33 yearssec 9, grave 22, without caseUnfamiliar with this surname. Could be Ebsary?
May 1 1905Julia LeShauna?75 yearsin family plot 51, sec 4, no caseLikely LeShana or LeShano
May 3James R. Brear45 yearsvacant grave 19, sec 9, no ???
May 4Fred DuLot26 yearsin family plot 20, sec 2 no ???Du Lot?
May 5Mark Sparks5 monthssec 10, grave 24, without case
May 8Alise McGellvary?8 ½ yearsgrave 23, sec 4, with caseMcGillivary?
May 12Margret.? Rooney3 ½ yearsgrave 12, sec 5, without caseMargret. = Margaret with this writer
May 15Charles H. Muir37 yearsin family plot with case
May 15Wm. Crowley60 yearsgrave 23, sec 9 without caseWilliam
May 16G. Headley Taylortook lot 39, sec 4, 9 x 9 feet
:ditto:Harry H. Taylor11 monthsin family plot with case
May 16Mr. James Vey’s infant son2 daysin family plot without case
May 18Harry A. Campbell21 yearsin family plot with case
May 19Wm. Brookfield Crocker5 monthsin family plot, grave 11, sec 4William
May 26Annie Shaw28 yearssec 9, grave 24, no case
May 27Ongienue Blaikie Ayer20 yearsin family vaultAyer = Ayre with this writer. Eugenie?
May 27John Rogers1 year, 9 monthssec 10, grave 25, no case
Jun 1 1905Mrs. R. Horwood’s stillborn ???In family plot 26, ?????
Jun 3 ?Minnie Smith14 yearsgrave 20, sec 3, 9 x 9 feet
Jun 4 ?James W. Bryden4? ?????? Family plot with ????
Jun 5Lilia Janes30 yearsin old ground without case
Jun 5Abbot G. Tucker2 daysreopen grave 198, sec 1
Jun 5Mrs. Harrington’sstillborn childgrave 26, sec 10, no case
Jun 6Maud Parsons19 yearssec 9, grave 25 without case
Jun 8Jean Elizebath? Roberts2 yearsreopen grave 79, sec 6?Elizebath = Elizabeth for this writer
Jun 10Charles W. Withycombe23 yearsin family plot with case
Jun 10Jacob Ridout62 yearsin family plot with case
Jun 17William H. Parsons5 monthsgrave 27, sec 10
Jun 19Edward Dingle61 years grave 22, sec 3, with case
Jun 19Teresa Hudson67 yearsgrave 72, sec 5 with case
Jun 20D. Hunter Slater56 yearsin family plot with case
Jun 22Arthur Brine76 yearsPoor Asylum Order, grave 11.No sec. designation. Brine could be Brien.
Jun 27Cyril Martin11 monthsreopen grave 153, sec. ???
Jul 1 1905J. D. Withycombetookhalf plot, grave 23, sec 3, 4 ½ x 9 feet
:ditto:Susan Gillinghamremoved from plot 22, sec 3to grave 21, sec 3
Jul 4Jno. Thistle83 yearsgrave 41, sec 2Jno. is used by this writer for John, Jonathan, and Jonas.
Jul 7Molly G. Sinclair5 monthsgrave 28, sec 10
Jul 10Mr. Wm. Smith’sstillborn sonsec 10, grave 29
Jul 18Sarah C. Carnell47 yearsgrave 40, sec 3, no case
Jul 21Mrs. A Driscol’sstillborn childsec 10, grave ??
Jul 21James Gemmell31 yearssec 9, grave 26, with ???
Jul 21Thomas Searle28 yearssec 9, grave 27 wi????
Jul 24Hazel Rogers3 monthsreopen grave
Jul 24Marey? ?????22 yearsPoor Comm ???Marey = Mary with this writer, rest of entry torn free.
Jul 28Marcella Bailey20 yearssec 9, grave 23, without case
Jul 31Margaret Collins2 ½ yearsreopen grave old ground
Jul 31Charlotte G. Dwyer6 monthsreopen grave old ground
Aug 1 1905Susie Rogers2 monthsgrave 31, sec 10 without ca???
Aug 8Charles Bragg3 monthsreopen grave 162, sec ???
Aug 8Louise Chaferemoved from Mr. Pearce’s plotto grave 13, sec ???
Aug 10Susan Stringer75 yearsPoor Comm orderCan’t read grave number, no sec. designation.
Aug 11Geogina McBay8 monthsgrave 3, sec 2, no case
Aug 15Laura June Richards6 monthssec 10, grave 32, no case
Aug 15Jean Ludrer?6 ½ weeks in family plot, sec 4, grave 25Not familiar with this surname.
Aug 16Alfreda Pearce6 monthssec 10, grave 35, no case
Aug 17George Cooper2 monthsreopen grave 326, sec. ???
Aug 17Thom.? Kirkspatrick8 ½ monthssec 10, grave 34, no caseThomas
Aug 22Mable? Bragg10 monthsreopen grave 245, sec. ??Mable = Mabel for this writer
Aug 23John Crummy71 yearsPoor Asylum Order, grave 14no sec. designation
Aug 26Agnes Laurence7 monthssec 4, plot 9, without ???
Aug 27Kitty Moore7 monthsreopen grave 187, sec???
Aug 30Claude Campbell2 ½ monthsgrave 65, sec 5, 9 x 9
Sep 1 1905Herbert Morris3 monthssec 16, grave 35 no case
Sep 1Ray Stowe6 monthsreopen grave, old ground
Sep 2Mrs. Hanibal Churchill’sstillborn female child grave 36, sec. ???Hannibal
Sep 4Guy Parsons30 monthssec 10, grave 37, no case
Sep 13Jack Predeause3 monthssec 10, grave 38, no caseNot familiar with this surname. Note: “Removed to grave 61, sec 3.”
Sep 15William F. Crew26 yearsin family plot ????
Sep 15Mrs. James Eales’stillborn twinin family plot
Sep 18Mrs. Caterdavis’?stillborn male childgrave 39, sec 10, no case
Sep 18Bertha Taylor3 monthssec 10, grave 40
Sep 20Sarah C. Smith46 yearssec 9, grave 29, no case
Sep 21Isabella W. Predeaux48 yearssec 3, ggrave 61, with case
Sep 22Marey A. Langmead77 yearsin family plot, old ground with caseMarey = Mary with this writer
Sep 22Isabella Turnbull3 weeks, 3 dayssec 10, grave 41 with case
Sep 22Mrs. A. Badford’sstillborn female childreopen grandmother’s grave
Sep 23Agness? Cross26 weeksin family plot of C. Cross?, with caseAgness = Agnes with this writer. May be 26 years.
Sep 23Chesley Pottle3 monthsreopen grave 282?, sec 1
Sep 25Edith Horwood6 monthssec 10, grave 42, ???
Sep 27Martha King21 yearssec 9, grave30, with case
Sep 30Jane Bond54 yearssec 9, grave 31, with case
Oct 4 1905Thomas Pippy65 yearsreopen grave 313, sec 1
Oct 5Faney? Avrey?70 yearssec 9, grave 32, with caseFanny? Avery? Avey?
Oct 13Bessie Predeaux24 yearsin family plot 61, sec 3
Oct 13Jack Predeauxremoved to plot 61, sec 3, from grave 38, sec 8?
Oct 16Sarah Martin73 yearssec 9, grave 33 with case
Oct 21Cecil Davis6 weeksreopen grave 390?, sec 10
Oct 23Harold Whitway18 monthssec 10, grave 43, no caseWhiteway var. spelling?
Oct 23Wm. Chisley? Rose11 monthssec 10, grave 44, no caseWilliam Chesley Rose
Oct 23Robert Bussey5 yearsin vacant grave 38, sec 10
Oct 28Annie Kerley7 monthsreopen grave 95, sec ??
Oct 28Hor??? Herder15 monthssec 10, grave 45
Oct 30Susanah? Butt59 yearsreopen grave 218, sec 1, no casevar. spelling of Susannah with this writer
Oct 30James Butt78 yearsPoor Comm Order, grave 15no section designation
Oct 30Arthur Andrews4 yearssec 10, grave 46 without case
Nov 1 1905Susanah? Critch2 yearsdec 10, grave 47 without casevar. spelling of Susannah with this writer
Nov 6Susanah? Meadus3 monthsreopen grave 320, sec 1var. spelling of Susannah with this writer
Nov 6Bella Morris4 yearssec 10, grave 48 without case
Nov 6Cecilia Parsons52 yearsreopen grave, sec 9, grave 25, no case
Nov 6Charles Hamlyn80 yearsin family plot, old groundCould be 30 years
Nov 6Elizebath? Maddock79 yearsreopen grave 31, sec 9, no caseElizebath = Elizabeth with this writer
Nov 7Stella Buckhanan4 monthsreopen grave in old groundBuchanan variant?
Nov 11John T. Moore43 yearsgrave 37, sec 3, with case
Nov 13Lilian M. Crocker3 yearsin family plot, grave 11, sec 4Lillian?
Nov 13Violet Spracklin9 yearssec 10, grave 49? no case
Nov 15Elsie May Pearce3 years, 2 monthsreopen grave 33, section 10
Nov 15Harvey Rogers2 monthssec 10, grave 50, no case
Nov 16Allen Mann?71 yearsin graves 71 and 72, sec ??Could be Munn, hard to read
Nov 18Stanley M. Rose1 years, 3? monthssec 10, grave 51, no case
Nov 18Lea? Nora Martin76 yearsin family plot with case
Nov 20Jennie Jones7 yearssec 10, grave 52, without case
Nov 21Addline Murrey5 weekssec 10, grave 53, no caseVariant spelling of Adeline? Adeline Murray?
Nov 22Donald Wills18 monthsin family plot of Pa??? Wills sec???
Nov 22Willer Hodder1 year, 1 monthreopen grave 276, sec ???
Nov 24Malcolm Garland2 yearsreopen grave 222, sec 1
Nov 24A. M. McKay71 yearsin family with case
Nov 27Amy Louisa? Dingle2 ½ monthsin family plot 22, sec ???
Nov 28Edgar Down1 year and 6 monthsin family plot sect 3, grave 3??
Nov 29Albert Jones19 monthssec 10, grave 52, reopen
Dec 4 1905Annie Bill? D. Stein42 yearsin family plot with caseAnnie Belle?
Dec 8Mrs. George Tucker46 yearssec 9, grave 34, no case
Dec 8Harry Burry2 monthsreopen grave 17, sec 10
Dec 12Albert Victor Rose18 monthssec 10, grave 54
Dec 13Hetty Bailey3 monthsreopen grave 1, section 10var. sp. Hettie?
Dec 19Florance? May Hudson2 yearsin family plot, grave ???Florance = Florence with this writer
Dec 21Mrs. J. Carner’s? stillborn female childgrave 55, sec 1
Dec 22Geo. L.? Nichols25 yearsin family plot, old ground ???
Dec 25Chesley Cooperthwaite Bryan2 yearsreopen grave 327, sec ????
Dec 26Elizebath? Noseworthy49 yearssec 9, grave 35 without caseElizebath = Elizabeth with this writer
Dec 27Chelsley Robert Skeans1 yeargrave 56, sec 10 without case
Dec 28Mrs. A. Parsons’stillborn child reopen grave 37, sec 1
Dec 28Prescilla Dainels?85 yearssec 9, grave 36, no caseVariant of Priscella Daniels?
Dec 29John Taylor56 yearssec 9, grave 37, no ???
Dec 30Gladys Skeans2 years, 2 monthsreopen grave 56, sec ???
Dec 30Wm. Taylor72 yearssec 9, grave 38 no caseWilliam
Dec 31Mrs. Robert Thorburn and sonfour hoursreopen grave 34, sec 8


Jan 1 William Janes1 dayreopen grave 305, sec 1
Jan 2Effie Ledrew29 yearsin family plot, no case
Jan 2Sir. Robert Thorburnselected family lots 63 and 64, sec 4
Jan 2Richard A. Giles9 monthsin family plot, no case
Jan 2Nellie Noseworthy2 years57, sec 10, no case
Jan 2Alex Garey’s?Female childreopen grave 4, sec ???Alexander. Geary?
Jan 3Dorcas Notfall14 monthssec 10, grave 58 no case
Jan 4Mr. Francis Pilleyselectedone plot, 9 x 9, sec 3, grave 62
Jan 5Alexander J. Payne8 years?in family plot, Capt. Rumsey, with caseCould be 3 years.
Jan 5John Ayer?29 yearin plot 43, sec 3, with caseAyer may be Ayre with this writer
Jan 10Mrs. Abraham Rogers’stillborn male childin grave 59, sec 10
Jan 13Doc. Alex. S. Pike44 yearsin family plot, with caseAlexander
Jan 13Wm. Ja.? Janes2 yearssec 10, grave 60 without caseJa. = James with this writer
Jan 13Gertrude M. Ivany4 yearssec 10, grave 61 no case
Jan 13Fredrick W. Ivany1 year, eight monthsin grave of his sisterSee previous entry.
Jan 15Archibald Kennedy61 yearsgrave 39, sec 9 without case
Jan 15Susanna Mabjien?87 yearsin family plot of F. Pilley, no caseUnfamiliar with this surname, likely phonetic spelling by this writer
Jan 15Fredrick Lucas40 yearsin plot 64, sec 3 with case
Jan 16Robert Rowe5 monthsreopen grave, sec 1?, no case
Jan 19Marey A. Rogers40 yearssec 9, grave 40, with caseMarey = Mary with this writer
Jan 19 Joseph Percey12 monthssec 10, grave 62, no case
Jan 20Arthur Roberts10 monthssec 10, grave 63, no case
Jan 21Winiford Reid2 weekssec 10, grave 64, without???
Jan 22Edna Butler6 monthsin family plot with ????
Jan 25Henery? Edwin Hush2 years, 9 monthssec 10, grave 65, no caseHenery = Henry with this writer
Jan 26Emley? Annie Moss62 yearsin plot, 9 x 9, sec 4, grave 6?, with caseEmley, variant spelling of Emily?
Jan 27Wilford? Arnold Butler5 yearsreopen grave 12, sec 9, no casevariant spelling of Wilfred?
Jan 29George Taylor4 yearssec 10, grave 66, no case
Feb 2 1906Patience Symmonds79 yearssec 9, grave 41 without case
Feb 3Lizzie Buchanan24 yearssec 9, grave 42 with case
Feb 5Doris F. Escott15 monthssec10, grave 67 no case
Feb 6Marria A. Crocker39 yearsin family plot without caseMaria variant?
Feb 6Michael Reardon25 yearsGeneral Hospital Order, grave 16no sec. designation
Feb 6Mrs. Alfreda Best’sstillborn male childsec 10, grave 68
Feb 12Ada Hodder8 ½ yearssec 10, grave 69, no case
Feb 13Christopher Vey8 monthsin family plot, graves 45 and 46, sec 4
Feb 14Violet Marey Ledrew3 daysin sec 10, grave 70? no caseMarey = Mary with this writer
Feb 14Jean Browning50 yearsin family plot with case
Feb 21Mr. Thomas G. Carnellselected Plot 71 and 72, sec 3
Feb 21 Mrs. T. Carnell’s stillborn childin plot 71 and 72.
Feb 23Edeo? Power30 yearsLunatic Asylum Order, grave 17no sec designation. Not familiar with this given name.
Feb 23Robt. Newhook Giles9 dayssec 10, grave 71, no caseRobert
Feb 26Edward A. Taylor6 monthssec 10, grave 72, no case
Mar 3 1906Lizzie Buchananremoved from grave 42, sec 9to plot 69, section 5
Mar 4Adelaide Chafe22 yearssec 9, grave 42 with case, vacant
Mar 9Wm. B. Weltshere?2 monthssec 10, grave 73, no caseWilliam B. Wiltshire?
Mar 9Mrs. Elizebath? Cross’ female child1 dayin family plot of Capt. CrossElizebath = Elizabeth with this writer
Mar 13Marey Ann Towan84 yearssec 9, grave 43 no caseMarey = Mary with this writer. Towan? Cowan?
Mar 13William A. Knight21 yearssec 9, grave 44, without ???
Mar 15Charles M. Chafe1 week reopen grave 42, sec 9, no caseSon of Adelaide Chafe above?
Mar 15Jula? Chancey Bemister64 yearsin plot of H. J. B. Woods, with caseJula = Julia?
Mar 23Gerge? Buchanan2 monthsin family plot with caseGeorge?
Mar 26Elizebath? Gearey35 yearssec 9, grave 45 without caseElizebath = Elizabeth with this writer.
Mar 26Marey Coffin67 yearsin family plot with caseMarey = Mary with this writer
Mar 27George Reid65 yearssec 9, grave 46 with case
Mar 28Sophy? Madeline Hoorwood?1 monthsec 10, grave 74 without caseSophie Madeline Horwood?
Mar 30Nellie Hudson9 monthsin family plot without case
Mar 30 William Garland35 yearssec 9, grave 47 without case
Mar 30Alex. Janes18 monthsreopen greave 180, sec 1, without Alexander?
Mar 31Noah J. Cotter43 yearsin family plot with case
Mar 31Walter Crocker3 yearssec 10, grave 75 without case
Apr 7 1906Marian Butt11 monthssec 10, grave 76 with????Edge of page tattered.
Apr 9Wm. Janes8 monthsreopen grave 60, sec ????William
Apr 11Mrs. Wm Butt’s male child3 dayssec 10, grave 77 ????William
Apr 12Annie Jenkins70 yearssec 9, grave 48 with ????
Apr 12Sir Robert Thorburn70 yearsin family plot 63 and 64, sec 4 ???
Apr 14Alexander Lawerance?56 yearsin plot 5 and 6, sec 3, with???Lawrence? Laurence?
Apr 16Wm. Gooby82 yearsreopen grave 47, sec. ????William
Apr 16Edna Florance Sooper3 yearsin plot 39, sec 3, wit???Florance = Florence with this writer. Sooper = Soper?
Apr 18John Brooks43 yearsin grave 49, sec 1?
Apr 20Charles Payne55 yearsgrave 50, sec 9 w????
Apr 21Ethel Foresy15 yearsgrave 51, sec 9
Apr 24Robert Mead38 yearssec 9, grave 52, without case
Apr 25Marey A. McKenzie75 yearsin family plot with caseMarey = Mary with this writer
Apr 26Ernest M. Fogwill10 monthsin plot 46, sec 2, with case
Apr 27George Garland25 yearssec 9, grave 53 without case
May 2 1906Margarey? Cooper35 yearssec 9, grave 54 with caseVar. sp. of Marjorie?
May 4 Charles E. Mclean36 yearssec 9, grave 55, with case
May 4Alfred Hawkins19 yearsGeneral Hospital Order, grave 18no section designation
May 5Edith Mcfarlane10 monthsin family plot, grave 65, sec 4, without case
May 7Marey E. Butt33 yearssec 9, grave 56 without caseMarey = Mary with this writer
May 7Mrs. Arthur E. Pike’sstillborn femail [sic] childsec 10, grave 78
May 14Margret.? King62 yearsin plot 7, sec 4, with caseMargret. = Margaret with this writer
May 14Mr. King selected plot 7, sec 4
May 14Florance? Luscombe13 yearsin family lot of Geo. LuscombeFlorance = Florence with this writer.George
May 23Harold Diamond9 monthssec 10, grave 79 without case
May 24Marion Susannah Taylor13 monthssec 10, grave 80 without case
May 28Samuel Butt65 yearssec 9, grave 57 without case
May 28Thomas McGillvary43 yearsplot 23, sec 4, without case
May 28 John Percey3 monthsreopen grave 62, sec 10
May 29Sarah J. Graham6 monthssec 10, grave 81 without case
May 29James Warrickerselectedplot 63, sec 3, 9 x 9 feet
Jun 3? 1906Ellen Bussey32 yearssec 9, grave 58 without caseCould be June 2.
Jun 4Harold Brushett2 yearssec 10, grave 82 without case
Jun 7Marrion Durrant33 yearsin plot of F. Hoorwood, with caseMarion?Horwood?
Jun 8Isreal? Howey67 yearssec 9, grave 59, without caseIsrael?
Jun ? Marey Brown70 yearssec 9, grave 60 without caseMarey = Mary with this writer
Jun 11Francis J. Chalker4 monthssec 10, grave 83, without caseFrancis used for both males and females by this writer, check gender.
Jun 13Mrs. Jos. Moore’s feamale [sic] child1 daysec 10, grave 84, without caseJos. = Joseph or Josiah with this writer
Jun 14Allen Green8 yearssec 10, grave 85 without caseIllegible scrawl at end of entry.
Jun 16Jessie Morris8 yearsreopen sec 1, grave 1, diptheria
Jun 20Marey Bartlett63 yearsPoor Comm Order, grave 19?Marey = Mary with this writer. No sec. given.
Jun 21Jessie G. Monroe60 yearsin family plot with case
Jun 27Herbert J. Wiltshire13 yearssec 9, grave 61 without case
Jun 29Edith M. Taylor25 yearsin family plot of Edgar Percey, with case
Jul 1 1906Joseph Hancock38 yearsLunatic Asylum Order, reopen grave 7, sc 9
Jul 9 Wm. Mitchell36 yearsreopen grave Josiah Mitchell, ???William
Jul 9Susanah? Jinitta? Thorburn61 yearsin family plot, grave 63 and 64, with case.Susannah sp. variant? Unfamiliar with Jinitta.
Jul 11Margert? Mann6 ½ monthsin plot 3, sec 4, without ????variant sp. of Margaret
Jul 13Walter R. Field10 monthsin grave 86, sec 10, no case
Jul 18Alpheus Norman21 yearsGeneral Hospital Order, ???Edge of page torn.
Jul 27May Sexton19 yearsin plot 45, sec 2, with case
Jul 23William Jenkins69 yearsPoor Asylum Order ???Edge of page torn away.
Jul 25Richard Eddy70 yearssec 9, grave 62 without ???
July 28Raymond North2 years, 5 monthsin family plot 25, sec 6, no case
July 28Richard King15 yearsGeneral Hospital Order, grave 22No section designated
Jul 30William Buxton selected plot 9 x 9, grave 4, sec 3
Aug 2 1906May Miller2 ½ yearssec 10, grave 87, without case
Aug 4Edward T. Clouston24 years, 7 monthsgrave 27, sec 2, with case
Aug 4Margret. E. Perkins10 daysin grave 88, sec 10, without caseMargret. = Margaret with this writer
Aug 6James A. Tuff4 monthsin grave 89, sec 10, no case
Aug 7John B. Skiffington61 yearssec 9, grave 63, no case
Aug 7Alex. L. Taylor4 monthsreopen grave 270, sec 1, no caseAlexander
Aug 7John King52 yearsreopen grave 56, sec 6
Aug 10 Violet K. Roberts3 monthsreopen grave 63, section 10
Aug 8Mr. A. J. W. McNeillyselected plot where tool house was, 16 x 13 feetDates reversed in original copy.
Aug 13Mrs. A. Driscoll’s stillborn childreopen grave 30, sec 10
Aug 13Wm. H. Biggs2 ½ monthsreopen grave 8, sec 10William
Aug 14Herbert Russell5 monthsPoor Comm order
Aug 16Cyril Martin15 daysreopen grave 33?, sec 9
Aug 17Mrs. Alex. Rumsey’s male premature child in family plotAlexander?
Aug 18Elizabeth Taylor20 yearsPoor Comm order, grave 23No section designated.
Aug 24Johannna [sic] Collins52 yearsreopen grave 292, sec 1
Aug 27Eidth? Rose2 weeksreopen grave 51, sec ???Eidth = Edith with this writer
Aug 28Flora Vaisey6 months in family plot of Edu. Scaplin, no case Not familiar with this surname.
Aug 29John Critch selected plots 71 and 72, section 4
Aug 29Annie Critch27 yearsin family plots with case
Aug 30Duncan Crosley Mills5 monthsreopen grave 260, sec. 1?
Aug 31Julia Rowe21 yearsLunatic Asylum Order, grave 24No section designated.
Aug 31Sarah Freeman91 yearsin family plot with case
Sep 3 1906Susannah Stephenson80 yearssec 9, grave 64, no case
Sep 6Ruth Davis9 ½ yearsin grave adjoining othersThat’s all it says.
Sep 10Joseph Collins1 ½ daysgrave 90, sec 10
Sep 10John Banton6 yearsGeneral Hospital Order, grave 25No section designation.
Sep 13Flora Be?erache Scaplin5 weeksIn Edward Scaplin’s plot.May be Beatrice.
Sep 13George F. Taylor3 years, 3 monthsin ½ plot 26, sec 2?, with case
Sep 14William Vatcher5 monthsreopen grave 20, sec 10
Sep 14 Edith Gillingham21 yearsin plot of J. Critch, 71/72 with case
Sep 19Wm. Davidson37 yearsin plot of h. Campbell with caseWilliam
Sep 19 Annie Dingle43 yearsin family plot with case
Sep 19Ida Allison Henery?2 monthsin plot of Richard Henery, no caseHenery could be Henry with this writer.
Sep 20Susie Pomroy3 yearssec 10, grave 91 without case
Sep 20Marjorie D. Milley3 monthsin family plot of A. Chafe
Sep 21Carrey? Candow53 yearssec 9, grave 65 with caseCarrey var. spelling of Carrie?
Sep 26Freddie Chistlett19 monthssec 10, grave 92, with case
Sep 27Duke Milley45 yearsLunatic Asylum Order, grave 26No section designation.
Oct 3 1906Majorel? S. Noseworthy1 yeargrave 93, sec 10, with case
Oct 3Henery Nichol89 yearsin plot of ? Nichol, with caseHenery = Henry with this writer
Oct 5Mabel Noftall2 ½ yearsreopen grave 89, sec 1, no case
Oct 5Albert Ball10 monthsreopen grave of Hugh Dro??? Old ??? [ground?]Edge of page tattered, may be Drodge.
Oct 6George Dicks3 daysin family plot of Emma Knight
Oct 6Joseph Dickson Cave68 yearsin family plot with case
Oct 8Allen Critch6 monthsreopen grave 47, sec 10
Oct 9 Isabell Main12 dayssec 10, grave 94, no case
Oct 10Susan Richmond72 yearsLunatic Asylum Order, grave 27No section designation.
Oct 12John Butler81 yearssec 9, grave 66 without case
Oct 15Alfred J. Rogers2 ½ monthsreopen grave 31, sec 10
Oct 15 Charles Pippey? 19 yearsin plot 8, sec 4, with casePippy?
Oct 17Annie Andrews2 yearsin govt ground, Poor Comm order
Oct 20Edith Chistlet 5 monthsreopen grave 92, sec ???
Oct 24Marian Rooney6 monthsin family plot without case
Oct 24Thomas Myles60 yearsGeneral Hospital Order, grave 28No section designated.
Oct 25Lavinia Sexton46 yearsin family plot with case
Oct 25Cornelia Sexton and Emma Sexton removed to family plotfrom grave 35, sec 7
Oct 26Roy Stowe3 monthsin vacant grave sec 7, grave 35
Oct 27George G. Curtis6 monthssec 10, grave 95 no case
Oct 30Olive Rogers2 yearssec 10, grave 96 without case
Nov 1 1906Harry W. Parsons3 yearssec 10, grave 97 with case
Nov 2Elizabeth McKie?33 yearsin plot of G. Hudson, sec 3, with caseMcKenzie?
Nov 2George Hudsonselected Lot 3, section 3

Nov 3Maud P. Smith2 monthssec 10, grave 98 no case
Nov 4Rebbeca? Gooby45 yearssec 9, grave 67?, without caseRebecca?
Nov 5Edw. A. W. Dove36 yearsin plot 50, sec 2, with caseEdward
Nov 6Jessie Evans2 monthsreopen grave 54, sec 1
Nov 7Selby Thistle1 year, 10 monthssec 10, grave 99 without case
Nov 12Alice Critch3 monthsin family plot without case
Nov 12William Martin3 ½ monthsreopen grave 33, sec 9
Nov 13Thomas Cooper5 monthssec 10, grave 100 without case
Nov 14Robert Vey49 yearsin family plot of James Vey, no case
Nov 17Wm. Carlsonselectedplot 2, section 3William
Nov 20Mr. Earnest? Taylor’s stillborn male childsec 10, grave 101var. spelling of Ernest?
Nov 26Retha Morris3 weeksreopen grave 55, sec 10
Nov 27Elsie Thorne10 daysreopen grave 16, sec 1
Dec 7 1906Roland Garland10 monthssec 10, grave 102 no case
Dec 10Minnie Butt19 yearsPoor Comm order
Dec 10Susan Facey32 yearsin family plot, section 3? With case
Dec 11Agustuas? Shawner3 yearssec 10, grave 103 no caseVar spelling of Augustus?
Dec 11Harold Noftal9 monthssec 10, grave 104 no case
Dec 17Annie Pittman66 yearsin family plot with case
Dec 19Violet May Skeans5 yearsreopen grave 10, sec 10
Dec 20Marjory? Austin7 weekssec 10, grave 105 no casevar. spelling of Marjorie?
Dec 20Archibald Shawner5 yearsreopen grave 103, sec 10.See entry above.
Dec 24Marey E. Coffin5 monthssec 10, grave 106 without caseMarey = Mary with this writer
Dec 25William Roy Fagner3 monthssec 10, grave 107 without case
Dec 27Josiah Manuel76 yearsin plot of Crosby, grave 14, sec. ??
Dec 29Joseph Richard40 yearsPoor Comm Order.
Dec 30 Martha Giles76 yearsin family plot with case

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