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Avalon South Region ~ St. John's District

St. John's - General Protestant Cemetery

Internments, 1907 - 1912

The oldest cemetery for the Protestant religion is the one located on Old Topsail Road and Waterford Bridge Road. This cemetery is not currently in use except for current plot holders. All Protestant religions used this cemetery but it is maintained by the United Church of Canada. Available records - Burial records from 1888 to the present. These are located at the United Church Archives, Elizabeth Ave; PANL and the Genealogical Society. Headstones - available at the Genealogical Society and the United Church Archives. This transcription made from a photocopy. The copy was very faded, as was, apparently, the original. Some sections are *really* difficult to read. Initials are hard to distinguish, I’s, J’s, T’s and F’s all look alike, as do M’s and N’s. Notes to cause of death may have been made after the fact in some instances. As with any transcription, typos are possible. This should not be used in place of references to the original.[] Indicates transcriber is unsure.{}Indicates information destroyed on photocopy. These information was read, recorded and transcribed by NGAIRE GENGE July 2000 . While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors nor omissions.
Date Name Age Remarks Transcriber's Notes
Jan 2Mrs. Margaret Christians’female stillborn childsec 10, grave 10?, no case
Jan 3George Cummings67 yearssec 9, grave 68 with case
Jan 3Amelia Martin85 yearscoffin with case in family plot
Jan 4Olive Mitchell3 ½ yearsreopen grave ?. Lot old ground
Jan 7Julia Burry3 monthssec 10, grave 109, no case
:ditto:Ellen Burry3 monthsin same coffin.Twin birth?
Jan 9Ellen Lodge15 yearsLunatic Asylum Order, grave 31No section designated.
Jan 14Margre? Isabel Sparks 5 weeksreopen grave 73, sec 1Marjorie?
Jan 18Florance? May Thorn3 monthssec 10, grave 110Florance = Florence with this writer
Jan 23Annie M. Johnson7 monthssec 10, grave 111
Jan 26Samuel P. Bowden57 yearsin family plot, grave 77, sec ??
Jan 29James Cameron21 yearsPoor Comm Oder, grave 32No section designated.
Feb 2 1907Fredk. Geo. Penney2 monthssec 10, grave 112, no caseFrederick George Penney?
Feb 2Bertha Meade3 monthsreopen grave 52, sec 9
Feb 8Francis McKelly½ hourin family plot 67 and 68, sec 5.Francis used by this writer for both genders, check sex of child.
Feb 13Jessie McNeily61 yearsin family plot with case
Feb 13W. H. Bartlettselectedone plot, 9 x 9, sec 4, grave 68.
Feb 13Janet D. Green28 yearsin family plot, grave 48, sec 2, with case
Feb 15Sarah Powell78 yearsLunatic Asylum Order, grave 33?No section designated.
Feb 16Lydia Lucas7 monthssec 10, grave 113 no case
Feb 18Young Moores80 yearssec 9, grave 69, with case
Feb 19Sarah Williams56 yearsin family plot with case
Feb 21William Bartlett77 yearsin family plot, grave 68 ???Edge of page torn away
Feb 23Ted Bailey5 monthssec 10, grave 114
Feb 26Marion Galton4 ½ monthssec 10, grave 115
Feb 26Annie S. More32 yearsin family plot of J ????, with caseEdge of page torn away
Mar 1 1907Marey? L. Phelan6 yearssec 10, grave 116 ???Marey = Mary with this writer. Edge of this page badly tattered.
Mar 4William Snelgrove4 yearsreopen grave 5, sec ??
Mar 3Sarah Quinton76 yearssec 9, grave 70 with case
Mar 8Mrs. George Kennedy’spremature born childgrave 117, sec 10
Mar 14Archebald? Graham1 monthreopen grave, sec 10, grave ??Archebald, var. spelling Archibald?
Mar 17Harold Bartlett4 ½ yearssec 10, grave 118 ???
Mar 25Ann Maunder Bearns92 yearsin family plot Thomas Bearns, ???Can’t read end of entry.
Mar 30Harold Pike1 ½ dayssec 10, grave 119 no case
Apr 2 1907James Noftall68 yearssec 9, grave 71, with case
Apr 3Hilda LeGrow6 ½ yearssec 10, grave 120, no case
Apr 6James Bradbury9 yearsreopen grave 7, sec 1, no case
Apr 10Pris.? S. Penney3 monthssec 10, grave 121, no casePris. = abbreviation of Priscilla?
Apr 12Samuel Butt14 daysreopen grave 57, sec 1 ???
Apr 15Grace Mayo38 yearsGeneral Hospital Order, grave ??
Apr 16Joseph Reid81 yearssec 9, grave 72, without case
Apr 18Eric Pike3 weeksreopen grave 119, sec 1
Apr 19Wm. George Snelgrove41 yearssec. 9, grave 73 with caseWilliam
Apr 20Clifford J. Harris11 monthsgrave 67, sec 4, diptheria
Apr 22Harold Parsons1 monthreopen grave 97, sec ???
Apr 22Thomas Butler80 yearsin family plot with case
Apr 23J. J. Harris6 ½ monthssec 10, grave 122
Apr 25John W. Spry68 yearsin family plot with case
May 1 1907Dorthy? Janes8 monthssec 10, sec 123, no caseDorthy = Dorothy with this writer?
May 4Azariah Parsons26 yearssec 9, grave 74, with case
May 6Emil Sundman40 yearssec 9, grave 75, no case
May 7Fredrick James70 yearssec 9, grave 76, no case
May 7Rohda? Collins70 yearsLunatic Asylum Order, grave 32?No section designated. Rohda = Rhoda with this writer
May 10John Grey17 yearssec 9, grave 77, no case
May 10Mr. R. W. Spryselectedtwo ½ lots adjoining, grave 68, 67, sec 5
May 15W. H. Maddock54 yearsin family plot with case
May 16Henery? J. Noftall8 monthssec 10, grave 124, without caseHenery = Henry with this writer
May 21Martha Rogers47 yearssec 9, grave 78, no case
May 22Henery? C. Whiten7 monthssec 10, grave 125, no caseHenery = Henry with this writer
May 22Elsie Rogers15 dayssec 10, grave 126 ----------
May 24Harriet Haldane48 yearsin family plot, old cemetery
May 26James Avery66 yearsreopen grave 32, sec 9, with case
May 28Jean A. Roberts1 ½ yearsin plot 117? sec 2, with case, Scarlet feverMight be plot 47.
Jun 3 1907John Graham40 yearsGeneral Hospital Order, grave 36No section designated.
Jun 4Gerald Curtis3 monthssec 10, grave 127, no case
Jun 8May Hudson14 yearssec 9, grave 79, no case
Jun 10Capt. Levi Noseworthy61 yearssec 9, grave 86, with case
Jun 15Sarah E. Milligan81 yearsin family lot with case
Jun 16Jean Calver1 yearin plot of John Calver with case
Jun 17Eva M. Snelgrove3 ½ yearssec 10, grave 128, no case
Jun 17Maggie Little28 yearssec 9, grave 81, no case
Jun 17Peter Tizzard35 yearsLunatic Asylum Order, grave 37No section designated.
Jun 20Mr. John Cloustontookhalf plot, sec 2, grave 25
Jun 22John Noftal6 monthsreopen grave of Job Q????
Jun 24Grace Bowden26 yearsin family lot with case
Jun 25Abner Sparks60 yearssec 9, grave 82, without case
Jun 27Annie Little6 monthsreopen grave 31 sec 9
Jun 28Robert Eason77 yearsLunatic Asylum Order, grave 38No section designated.
Jul 1 1907Lilly Curtis26 ½ yearssec 11, grave 1, with case
Jul 1Marey? Ann Snow51 yearssec 11, grave 2, no caseMarey = Mary with this writer
Jul 2Mrs. Robert Rogers’female stillborn reopen 96, sec 1
Jul 2Annie Blandford62 yearssec 11, graves 3 & 4? with case
:ditto:Mr. Blandford selectsgrave 3 and reserves ????
Jul 7Annie McCrindleseven yearssec 10, grave 129, without case, scarlet fever
Jul 27Elizabeth N. Hunt76 yearssec 11, grave 5, with case
Jul 31Robert Kellin83 yearsPoor Comm order.Not familiar with this surname.
Aug 8 1907Wm. Hay selected plot 70, sec 4, 9 x 9 feetWilliam (Jr.)
:ditto:Wm. Hay62 yearsin plot of his son, with caseWilliam (Sr.)
Aug 11Jennie Ledrew4 yearssec 10, grave 130, without case, scarlet fever
Aug 12Daniel Campbell69 yearssec 11, grave 6, without case
Aug 17Lawerance Sooper?3 monthsin family lot, grave 52, sec, 2?, with caseLawrence Soper
Aug 17Charles Jones56 yearssec 11, grave 7, without case
Aug 19Mildred Penny3 yearsreopen grave 112, sec. ??
Aug 28Walter Skeans2 monthssec 10, grave 134, no case
Aug 30Frank G. H. Parsons8 yearsin family plot with case
Aug 31Herbert Forsey16 yearsreopen grave 51, sec 9
Sep 2 1907Sarah J. Little3 monthsreopen grave 81, sec. ???
Sep 4Jessie Morgan49 yearsreopen grave 309, sec 1
Sep 5Rosservolt? Harris2 monthsin family plot, grave 67, sec. ?Variant of Roosevelt? Surname adopted for given name?
Sep 10Mrs. Wm. Learey’sstillborn male childsec 10, grave 132William
Sep 14Bailey Snelgrove2 monthsreopen grave 73, sec 9?
Sep 15Annie D. Roper85 yearsin family lot with caseCould be 82, or 83.
Sep 16Wm. Earnist Squirs?1 yearin family plotWilliam Ernest Squires?
Sep 17Fred.? John Wright2 yearssec 10, grave 133Frederick?
Sep 20Wm. Bailey28 yearssec 11, grave 8William
Sep 20Dorice R. Earle3 yearssec 10, grave 134, no caseDorice, var. sp. of Doris?
Sep 20Bessie Crocker6 yearssec 10, grave 135, no case, scarlet fever
Sep 28Muriel Earle5 yearsreopen grave 134, sec 10. See entry Dorice Earle above.
Sep 30Marey? E. Oakley49 yearsin ½ plot between 70 and 72, sec 4, with caseMarey = Mary with this writer
Oct 2 1907Capt. Lewis Youngselects½ plot sec 4, ????
Oct 3Archibald Marshall3 monthsgrave 136, sec 10, no case
Oct 8Mrs. W. F. Joyce’s feamale [sic] childin family plot
Oct 15Lenora Mayo46 yearssec 11, grave 9, case
Oct 15John Jacobs12 monthssec 10, grave 137
Oct 17J. J. Rogerson 86 yearsin family vault
Oct 22John Taylor6 monthsreopen grave 40, sec. ???
Oct 23Roland Pitcher4 monthssec 10, grave 138 no case
Oct 28??arol B. Richards 7 weeksreopen grave 32, sec ???
Oct 29Gillian Maxwell Cummings4 monthsin plot 65, sec. 3
Oct 30George Taylor3 daysreopen grave ??, sec ??
Nov 1 1907Rebecca Drodge21 yearssec 11, grave 10
Nov 2Sarah Cook69 yearssec 11, grave 11
Nov 6Frank J. Park21 yearsgrave 69, sec. 4?, with case
Nov 13Elizabeth B. Browning85 yearsin family plot with case
Nov 13Roy Barnes6 yearssec 10, grave 139 no case
Nov 15Cecilia Maidment’sfeamale [sic] childPoor Comm order
Nov 20Annie G. March4 monthssec 10, grave 140, no case
Nov 22Walter S. March35 yearsin grave 66, sec 3, with case
Nov 23Elizabeth Elms53 yearssec 11, grave 12 with case
Nov 25Mrs. James Garland’sstillborn twinssec 10, grave 14?
Nov -_____________________________________Line left blank.
Nov 30Headly? Reid20 yearssec 11, grave 13 with casesp. variants Headley, Hedley
Dec 2 1907Robert Pearce1 ½ yearssec 10, grave 142, no case
Dec 2Mrs. Thoms. Pottle’sstillborn male childsec 10, grave ???Thomas
Dec 4Annie E. Earle2 ½ monthssec 10, grave 144 no case
Dec 5Euphenia J. Hutchings75 yearsin family plot with case
Dec 16Mrs. Marey? Jane Dicksselected plot 70, sec 3.Marey = Mary with this writer
Dec 16Maggie Dicks47 yearsin family plot with case
Dec 17Annie French11 monthsin family plot, no case
Dec 20George Wheatly65 yearsin grave 74, sec 2, with case
Dec 24Susannah W. Joyce39 yearsin grave 73, sec 2, with case
Dec 25Lana Meadus3 ½ months sec 10, grave 145 without case
Dec 27Jack Forbes13 monthssec 10, grave 146
Dec 27Marion Lindsay1 1/3 yearsin family plot 143, sec ????
Dec 30Eliza Jane Newell66 yearssec 11, grave 14, with case
Dec 30Jane Bailey5 weeksreopen grave 114, sec 11
Dec 30 __________________________________Line left blank.
Dec 30Emma Farrell81 yearsLunatic Asylum order, grave 42?No section designated.
Dec 31Ellen Biggs9 weekssec 10, grave 147, no case
Jan 2???? R. Dove81 yearsin family lot with case
Jan 3Elsie Bond9 monthsin family lot without case
Jan 3Joseph Nicholl25 yearssec 11, grave 15, with case
Jan 6Marey? Major29 yearsLunatic Asylum order, grave 41?Marey = Mary with this writer.No section designated.
Jan 7Capt W. H. Cross77 yearsin family plot, grave 38, sec 2, with case
Jan 13Marey? Ann Bains89 yearssec 11, grave 16, without caseMarey = Mary with this writer.
Jan 14Sarah Simms67 yearsin family lot of W. P. Rogerson, with case
Jan 16John Bussy53 yearssec 11, grave 17, no caseBussey?
Jan 20Elias March67 yearsin grave 67, sec 3, without case
Jan 21John W. Crocker76 yearsPoor Comm order
Jan 22Wm. Bridge75 yearsPoor Asylum orderWilliam
Jan 27John Nicols1 daysec 10, grave 143, no caseNichols?
Jan 27William Andrews77 yearsin old cemetery, no case
Feb 2 1908Gladys Chislett3 yearssec 10, grave 149, no case, scarlet fever
Feb 3Wm. White28 years?in grave 74, sec 4, with caseWilliam
Feb 4Ann Whiteway85 yearsin family plot with case
Feb 5Lora? May Butler37 yearssec 11, grave 18, no caseVar. spelling of Laura?
Feb 7Mr. Victor Gorden?Selected plot 76 and 75, sec 2
:ditto:James Gorden?65 yearsin family plot with caseGordon?
Feb 11Maria G. Reid23 yearsin sec 11, grave 19?, with case
Feb 12Walter P. Crawford5 yearsin family lot, grave 78, sec ?? With ????
Feb 15Baby Taylor2 dayssec 10, grave 150, without case
Feb 20Annie Butt48 yearssec 11, grave 20, no case
Feb 24Janett Cooper2 yearssec 10, grave 1??Janett, this writer’s version of Janet?
Feb 26Nathan Hudson81 yearssec 11, grave 21, with case
Feb 26Wm. Quick86 yearsin family lot, old ground
Feb 28Stanley Gates21 yearsLunatic Asylum Order, grave 44No section designated.
Feb 29Hilda B. Dessert2 monthsreopen grave 229, sec 1
Mar 2 1908Jessie M. Russelll4 monthssec 10, grave 152
Mar 2Simon H. Parsons64 yearsin family plot with case
Mar 5Janet Black13 yearsin family plot with case
Mar 9Francis C. Payne56 yearssec 11, grave 25, with caseThis writer uses Francis for both men and women, check gender.
Mar 10Ethel Moore18 yearssec 11, grave 24, with case
Mar 10Eliza Fleet38 yearssec 11, grave 23, with case
Mar 10William McFarlane12 yearsin family lot, grave 17, sec 4, with case
Mar 10Lilly M. Grimes1 ½ yearsreopen grave 323, sec 2
Mar 11Jemina Hustins?55 yearsin plot 54, sec 2 with case
Mar 14Mr. William Grimesselectedgrave 1?, sec 2, 9 x 9.
Mar 16Baby Bradburytwo dayssec 10, grave 153
Mar 17Alfred Pike15 monthssec 10, grave 154
Mar 17Fredrick Wm. Gill22 yearssec 11, grave 25William
Mar 18Marey? A Stead55 yearssec 11, grave 26Marey = Mary for this writer
Mar 21Robert G. Johston?47 yearsin grave 70, sec 2, ????Johnston
Mar 23Marjorie O. Thompson6 ½ monthsreopen grave 29, sec 6
Mar 25Francis J. Bailey5 yearssec 10, grave 155, with caseThis writer uses Francis for both men and women, check gender.
Mar 25Hester Barrett87 yearsin family lot, grave 42, sec 2
Mar 27John Day69 yearssec 10, grave 27
Apr 2 1908Elizabeth Scoat?34 yearsin family lot with caseI think this is Scott.
Apr 2Fredrick Parsons72 yearssec 11, grave 28?
Apr 3John Bennett?30 yearssec 11, grave 29Could be Barrett?
Apr 3Charles Smith78 yearsin plot of Radford?
Apr 4Bessie Frew?6 weekssec 10, grave 156Not familiar with this surname.
Apr 4Fredrick Fleet18 yearsreopen grave 88, sec 6
Apr 7Mrs. Robt. Bradbury’sstillborn childsec 10, grave 157Robert
Apr 9Lucy A. Osmond32 yearsInmate Lunatic Asylum, grave 45No section designated.
Apr 11Alise? ?? Johnston22 monthsin family plot, grave 27, sec 5
Apr 11Olive Martin4 ½ yearssec 10, grave 158 -------------
Apr 11Millie Babstock18 monthssec 10, grave 159
Apr 16Thomas Coyell67 yearsreopen grave 36, sec 4
Apr 20Eliza C. Chancey81 yearsin family lot with case
Apr 22Edward Hiscock81 yearsPoor Comm Order
Apr 28Mrs. John Parsons34 yearssec 11, grave 30, with case
Apr 29Campbell McPherson57 yearsin family square, lot 65, 66, 67, 68, sec 2, with case
May 4 1908James Wilcox6 monthssec 10, grave 160
May 4Jessie P. H. R. Crawford5 monthsgrave 78, sec 2 without case
May 8James Kearley68 yearssec 11, grave 31, with case
May 15Ralph Millar3 monthssec 10, grave 161, no case
May 19Annie Parkremoved from grave 244, sec 1to grave 69, sec 4?
:ditto:And Mrs. S. Parks’stillborn male childto ???? plot
May 23Male child found at Pouch Cove
Poor Comm Order!
May 23Mrs. B. Ash’sstillborn feamale [sic] childin McKenzie plot
Jun 3 1908Pearl Murray12 yearsin plot 2, sec 4
Jun 9Joseph Reid63 yearssec 11, grave 32, with ???
Jun 12Herbert Pitcher1 dayreopen grave 138, sec. ??
Jun 13Emma McPherson57 yearsin family plot with case
Jun 16Florrie Pilley2 yearssec 10, grave 162, ???
Jun 16Edna Kennedy17 yearsin vacant grave 244, sec 1?
Jun 17Gladys Abbott17 dayssec 10, grave 163
Jun 19Walter Cooper8 monthsreopen grave 151, sec ???
Jun 19Louise W. Giles6 daysin family plot, grave 36, sec ??
Jun 20Ida Yates20 yearssec 11, grave 33
Jun 22Elsie Tucker19 yearssec 11, grave 34
Jun 25Leslie Bennet16 monthsreopen grave 29, sec. ??Bennett?
Jun 27Wm. Cooper3 ½ monthsreopen grave 100William
Jun 29Rosenia Goodfellow72 yearsin family plot, with????
Jul 1 1908Louise Drodge1 yearreopen grave 10, sec 11
Jul 6Marey? Campbell64 yearsin family plot with caseMarey = Mary for this writer
Jul 7Willis Taylor1 monthsec 10, grave 164
Jul 10 Marey? Dwyer2 yearsreopen grave in old groundMarey = Mary for this writer
Jul 11Jula Young57 yearsin ½ plot sec 4, ??Jula = Julia for this writer
Jul 15Roy Barnsremoved from grave 139, sec 10to family 49, sec 2
Jul 21Mrs. Cummings’stillborn feamale [sic] childin family lot
Jul 23Thomas Evans54? yearssec 11 grave 35
Jul 28Olive Reid5 monthsreopen grave 134, sec 1
Aug 3Wm. R. Prowse63 yearssec 11, grave 36?William
Aug 5Wm. Fleet6 monthsreopen grave 25, sec ?William
Aug 10Mr. A Collins’stillborn feamale [sic] childsec 10, grave 165
Aug 10John G. Shano2 yearsin vacant grave 139, sec 10
Aug 14John Morris62 years grave 38, sec 11, no case
Aug 14Priscilla Rogers64 yearsgrave 37, sec 11, with case
Aug 16Flora Wareham32 ½ yearsgrave 39, sec 11, with case
Aug 17Thomas Cooper65 yearsreopen grave 54, sec 9, with case
Aug 17Mildred Gooby4 ½ monthsgrave 166, sec 10, with case
Aug 19Rev. R. W. Freeman60 yearsin grave 69, sec 2, with case
Aug 21Maud Parsons2 yearsreopen grave 30, sec 11
Aug 21Eliz. Cooperthwaite70 yearsgrave 68, sec 3, with caseElizabeth
Aug 22Margaret Whitby?10 yearsgrave 43 and 44, sec 11 ????Could be Whitley.
Aug 24Georg. G. Snow4 monthsgrave 167, sec 10, no caseGeorge
Aug 28John Bragg25 yearsgrave 40, sec 11, no case
Aug 28Herbert Evans29 yearsgrave 41, sec 11, no case
Aug 29Robert Easton46 yearsgrave 29, sec 4, no case
Aug 29Charlotte Wilkinson79 yearsgrave 42, sec 11, no case
Sep 2Diego W. Brown2 yearssec 10, grave 168, without case
Sep 2Louisa Abbot14 monthsreopen grave 157, sec 1
Sep 4Flora Wareham1 monthreopen grave 39, sec 11 ---------
Sep 4Victoria Gorden?60 yearsGeneral Hospital Order, grave 47?No section designation.Gorden = Gordon with this writer.
Sep 8William Ball27 yearsgrave 43, sec 11, with case
Sep 8Charles Skeans13 monthsgrave 169, sec 10, no case
Sep 8Samuel Hollohan?70 yearsGeneral Hospital Order, grave 48.Hollahan?No section designation
Sep 9J. Walker McCullock60 yearsgrave 44, sec 11, with case
Sep 10Dorthy? P. Noftall3 monthsgrave 15, sec 4, without caseDorthy = Dorothy for this writer
Sep 11Mr. Martin Billard’sstillborn male childgrave 110, sec 10
Sep 12Fred D. Gill4 monthsreopen grave 25, sec 11
Sep 14Marey? Dove72 yearsin family plot with caseMarey = Mary for this writer
Sep 15Isaac G. Hearley5 monthssec 10, grave 171, no caseVar. spelling of Hurley?
Sep 16J. K. Pynn6 monthssec 10, grave 172, no case
Sep 16John Snow12 yearsreopen grave, old ground
Sep 19Emma Jackson10 monthsgrave 173, sec 10
Sep 21Janne? Manuel 23 yearsFever Hospital OrderSome variant spelling of Jane or Jannie?
Sep 22Hilda M. Pitcher3 monthsgrave 174, sec 10
Sep 22Livinia J. Pike78 yearsgrave 57, sec 1, with casevariant spelling of Lavinia?
Sep 22Wm. Taylor5 monthsreopen grave 27?, sec 9William
Sep 25Mr. Thomas Snelgrove’sstillborn feamale {sic} childsec 6, reopen grave 92
Sep 28Lavinia Pottle29 yearssec 11, grave 45, casket, no case
Sep 29Hannah B. Pike77 yearsgrave 19, sec 4, no case
Sep 29Blanch Smith1 yearreopen grave 29, sec 10Blanch, Blanche
Sep 29Thomas Parsons6 monthssec 10, grave 175, no case
Sep 30Harold G. Hustins2 monthsreopen grave 152, sec 10
Oct 6 1908Elizabeth Dimond73 yearsLunatic Asylum Order, grave 49Dimond/Diamond.No section designated.
Oct 9Emma Biggs92 yearssec 11, grave 46, no case
Oct 12Una Thorne3 ½ yearssec 10, grave 176, no case
Oct 15Jean Noftall1 ½ yearssec 10, grave 177, no case
Oct 17William Whitten34 yearssec 11, grave 47, no case
Oct 19Jemima Knight73 yearsin family plot, grave 54, sec 5, with case
Oct 21Capt. Ed. White61 yearsin family plot, with caseEdward, Edwin?
Oct 23Sarah English64 yearssec 11, grave 48, without case
Oct 23Emma Gillard53 yearssec 11, grave 49, with case
Oct 29Isabella Youden1 monthsec 10, grave 178, no case
Oct 30J. Thomas Galton11 monthsreopen grave 115, sec 10Galton/Gaulton
Oct 31Blanch Giles9 yearsin family plot, grave 10, sec 2Blanch/Blanche
Nov 2, 1908Mrs. Lindsay’sstillborn in Arch. Lindsay’s plot, old groundArch. = Archibald
Nov 7Mrs. Leigh Pike’smale stillborn childsec 1, grave 10?Note: Buried with its mother.
Nov 9Marey L. Pike21 yearssec 11, grave 50, no caseMarey = Mary for this writer.
Nov 9Robert Reynolds1 ½ yearssec 10, grave 179
Nov 9Ruben Morgan5 monthssec 10, grave 180
Nov 9Alfred J. Curtis1 ½ yearsreopen grave 95, sec 10.
Nov 10Robert Turnbull11 monthsreopen grave 41, sec 10?, with case
Nov 11Marey Ann Smith41 yearssec 11, grave 51, with caseMarey = Mary with this writer
Nov 12Georgina Hanford7 monthssec 10, grave 181, no case
Nov 16Max Butler1 weekreopen grave 7, section 10
Nov 23Mr. A. Lensday?selected grave 64, sec 2Likely Lindsay
:ditto:Marey? R. Linoday?41 yearsin family lot with caseLikely Lindsay
Nov 23Robert W. Coyell2 monthssec 10, grave 182
Nov 24William G. Way13 dayssec 10, grave 183
Nov 24Harold Lewis1 ½ yearssec 10, grave 184
Nov 26Norman Parsons 1 yearreopen grave 179, sec. ??
Nov 30Harold Biggs5 weeksreopen grave 46, sec. ??
Dec 1 1908Hedley V. Martin9 monthsreopen grave 32, sec 1
Dec 2Raymond R. Hamlyn27? monthsin family plot, grave 8, sec 5
Dec 10Chesley C. Bryan10 monthssec 10, grave 185
Dec 10Sarah Spry62 yearsin family lot with case
Dec 14John McL. Fraser77 yearsin family plot with caseMcL. often an abbreviation for McLean
Dec 14Emma Martin1 yearreopen grave 90, sec 6
Dec 15Donald R. Rumsey2 years, 3 monthsin lot of Richard Buchanan
Dec 15Ann Kelly59 yearssec 11, grave 52
Dec 16Mr. James Peet selectedgrave 7, sec 3.
Dec 18Douglas Parsons25 yearsin family plot with case
Dec 18James Green62 yearsin grave 4, sec 4, with
Dec 19Maggie Reid2 ½ yearssec 10, grave 186
Dec 21Margret. Lamb62 yearsreopen grave 14, sec 9Margret. = Margaret with this writer
Dec 26Dorthy? Barker7 monthsgrave 62, sec 2Dorthy = Dorothy with this writer
Dec 26George Oldford67 yearsLunatic Asylum Order, grave 50No section designation.
Dec 28Pheobe Turner16 yearsGeneral Hospital Order ??Pheobe/Phoebe
Dec 29John Crocker49 yearssec 11, grave 5
Dec 30Jean Scott7 monthsec 10, grave 187
Dec 31Stephen Knight75 yearsin family plot with case
Jan 3 1909Frank Herbert Gill2 yearsreopen grave 25, sec 11
Jan 4John Thistle63 yearsgrave 6, sec 2, with case
Jan 6Arthur Reid4 yearsreopen grave 3, sec 9
Jan 6Julia Taylor63 yearsLunatic Asylum order
Jan 7Albert A. Morris14 monthssec 10, grave 188, no case
Jan 8Ida Monosa Maunder16 yearssec 11, grave 54, without caseUnfamiliar with Monosa
Jan 8T. J. Parsons64 yearsgrave 77, sec 2, with case
Jan 12Gertie Pike1 monthreopen grave 25, sec 1
Jan 13Marey? Webber35 yearssec 11, grave 55, no caseMarey = Mary with this writer
Jan 15Jno. Jos. Harris4 monthsreopen grave 122, sec 1 ??Jno could be John, Jonathan, and Jonas with this writer. Jos can be Joseph or Josiah.
Jan 18Thomas Kenedy67 yearsin half lot sec 3, grave 72 ½ with caseKenedy = Kennedy
Jan 22Mrs. Baggs’feamale [sic] stillborn childgrave 189, sec 10
Jan 22Masonic Fraternity selectsplot 81, 82, 83, 84, 2 ½ lot, sec 2 ???
Jan 25J. C. Strang51 yearsin family lot with case
Jan 27Marey? J. Norman74 yearssec 11, grave 56, with caseMarey = Mary with this writer
Feb 1 1909James B. Urquhartselectsplot 51, sec 2 for the remains
:ditto:of James Urquhart3 days____________
Feb 2Clifton H. Newill?16 monthssec 10, grave 190, no caseNewell? Neville?
Feb 4George Spencer38 yearsLunatic Asylum order
Feb 10Henery? Hiscock56 yearsin lot 56, sec 2, with caseHenery = Henry with this writer
Feb 13?Wm. Hapgood60 yearssec 11, grave 57 with caseWilliam
Feb 15Jacob Bellvenselectedplot 53, sec 2, 9 x 9 feetBelvin?
:ditto:Elsie Bellven13 yearsin plot 53, sec 2, with caseBelvin?
Feb 17Emily Scott24 yearssec 11, grave 58, with case
Feb 18Marey? Dicks3 yearsdec 10, grave 191 scarlet feverMarey = Mary with this writer
Feb 19Elizabeth Thistle80 yearsgrave 41, sec 2, with case
Feb 22The methoiss Orphanage?selectsgraves 85, 86, 87, 88, sec 2Unfamiliar with this orphanage. Check.
:ditto:Martha Lush9 yearsfrom the methodess orphange.Ah. Methodist.
Feb 22Mr. Arthur Dessertselectsgrave 69, sec 3
:ditto:Ida J. Dessert3 yearsin grave 69, sec 3, no case
Feb 22Held? B Dessert removed from grave 299, and stillborn, to grave 69, sec 3Ink blots obscures.
Feb 24John Sharpe74 yearsgrave 55, sec 2, eith case
Feb 24Marey? Ann Ash51 yearsin family plot with caseMarey = Mary with this writer
Feb 26Elsie Richards16 daysgrave 299, sec 1, without case
Mar 1 1909Georgina Butler46 yearsreopen grave 232, sec 1
Mar 11Mrs. E. Murray’s male child12 hoursreopen grave 53, sec 10
Mar 22Elizabeth Bartlett85 yearsin family lot with case
Mar 23Edward W. Gale22 yearsin family lot with case
Mar 27Caroline Knight85 yearsin family plot with case
Mar 29Joseph Tuff43 yearsgrave 59, sec 11
Mar 29Edward Wilson18 yearsreopen grave old cemetery
Mar 31Susanah F. Rogers3 monthssec 10, grave 192 no case
Apr 3 1909Joseph Parsons60 yearssec 11, grave 60, caskett without case
Apr 5Ada R. Morris2 yearsPoor Comm order
Apr 6Madeline Vincent2 weekssec 10, grave 193, no case
Apr 7Maggie Christian14 yearssec 11, grave 61 no case
Apr 7Kenneth Fleet38 yearsreopen grave 23, sec 11
Apr 10Jessie Rose4 monthssec 10, grave 194
Apr 12Marion? G. Skeans3 monthsreopen grave 269, sec 10Obscured first name by ink.
Apr 12Albert ??nay6 weeksreopen grave 12, sec 10More ink problems.
Apr 12Annie Wail?6 monthssec 10, grave 295?
Apr 13John W. Learie3 ½ monthsin family lot, wiht caseProbably Leary
Apr 14Thomas Steele11 monthsin family plot with case
Apr 17Mrs. A Snelgrove’s male child5 dayssec. 10, grave 196
Apr 19Kenneth Noseworthy7 yearssec 10, grave ?87, without case
Apr 19J. D. Wilkinson6 monthsreopen grave ?57, sec 6
Apr 19Elsie Wilcox7 yearsreopen grave 160, sec 10
Apr 20Marjorie Rose1 year, 8 monthsreopen grave 194, sec ??
Apr 20name unknownage unknownsec 11, grave 62, found on Signal Hill
Apr 21Able Adams58 yearssec 11, grave 63, with ????
Apr 23William Day88 yearsin family plot, old ground
Apr 24Marjorie J. Moore1 year, 9 monthssec 10, grave 168? without case
Apr 26Eliza Collings28 yearssec 11, grave 64, with case
Apr 26Grace Cowan84 yearsin family plot, old ground, with case
Apr 29Willis Gillingham24 yearssec 11, grave 65, with case
May 1 1909Kathleen Rumsey2 yearssec 10, grave 199 without case
May 1George Rose7 monthssec 10, grave 200 without case
May 1John C. King3 yearssec 10, sec 201 without case
May 3John Eales48 yearsgrave 21, sec 4, with case
May 4Charlot Hose?78 yearsin plot of Hon. R. K. Bishop with caseCharlot = Charlotte with this writer. Could be Hox?
May 10Allen Snelgrove9 yearssec 10, grave 202 with case
May 11Bertha Warren19 yearsFever Hospital order, grave ??
May 14Azariah King74 yearsgrave 66, sec 11, with case
May 17John Bragg76 yearsreopen grave 40, sec 11
May 17Ellen Vey64 yearsin family plot, grave 11, sec 5, with ???
May 18Muriel Edna Young2 weeksgrave 39, sec 3, no case
May 19Philip Pearcey57 yearssec 11, grave 67, without case
May 20Philip Bennett68 yearsreopen grave 20, sec 8
May 24Florance? Le Marquama?4 weeksplot of Jonathan Milley?Florance = Florence with this writer. Not familiar with this surname.
May 24Marion? Camerson9 monthsplot 11, sec 2Overwriting makes this hard to read. Appears to be Marian Cameron.
May 24Frank Piercey9 monthreopen grave 57, sec 10
May 26Rita Manuel10 monthssec 10, grave 203
May 26Alfreda Parsons30 yearsreopen grave 74, sec 9
May 29Marey? Davis48 yearsgrave at head of sec 3.Marey = Mary with this writer.
May 29Ethel J. Peet24 yearsin family plot, grave 7, sec 3, with case
May 31Lenord J. Taylor?selectedgrave 9, sec 2, 9 x 9Likely to be Leonard.
Jun 3 1909Lilian R. Russell4 monthssec 10, grave 204
Jun 3Marey? A Pearcey73 yearsin half plot, grave 26, sec 2Marey = Mary with this writer
Jun 4Augusta Johns 64 yearsin family lot with case
Jun 4Elizabeth Avery2 1/3 yearsreopen grave 48, sec 11
Jun 5Randolph Tuff2 yearssec 10, grave 205
Jun 7Ernest Perry1 ½ dayssec 10, grave 206
Jun 12Magorie? Moore2 yearssec 10, grave 207Var. spelling of Marjorie
Jun 14Lavenia C. Dwyer41 yearsgrave 58, sec 2, with case
Jun 14Gertie Hancock3 ½ monthssec 10, grave 208, no case
Jun 14William LeDrew72 yearssec 11, grave 69, no case
Jun 14Gorge Kingselectedgrave 2, sec 2.Likely to be George King
Jun 15Mrs. Wm. Symonds takes½ plot in old groundWilliam
:ditto:Wm. Symondsremoved from grave 240, sec 1to the ½ plot aboveWilliam
Jun 17James Morris66 yearssec 11, grave 70, with case
Jun 18Michal? S. K. Abbott5 monthssec 10, grave 209Michael
Jun 19Lucy Dimond71 yearsgrave 6, sec 2, with caseDimond/Diamond
Jun 19Elizabeth White75 yearsPoor Asylum order
Jun 20Sarah E. Taylor16 yearsgrave 57, sec 2 with ???
Jun 22Myrtle LeMarquand10 weeksgrave 35, sec 4, no case
____________________________________________Line left blank.
Jun 25Mr. H. Thomasselectedgrave 63, sec 2
Jun 27Edward Thomas10 monthsgrave 63, sec 2 no case
Jun 29Emma Palmitar62 yearsgrave 240, sec 1 with ????
Jun 30Bartholemew Budden2 yearsgrave 210, sec 10 no case
Jul 5 1909Alex. McNevin65 yearsgrave 71, sec 11, with caseAlexander
Jul 6Lena Parsons11 yearssec 10, grave 211?
Jul 8Duglas? Herder23 yearsin Hamley plot with caseDouglas
Jul 16George Bethune46 yearsLunatic Asylum order
Jul 16Capt. Louis Young60 yearsreopen grave in half ???
Jul 19Ralph Chislett1 monthsec 10, grave 212 no case
Jul 20Peter Summers63 yearsLunatic Asylum Order
Jul 27Henery Ridout?29 yearsLunatic Asylum OrderHenery = Henry for this writer. Ridout/Rideout
Jul 28Henery? Roperselectedgrave 79, sec 2, two children removed sec 8, no 78? to plot.Henery = Henry for this writer
Jul 29Alfreda Moore30 yearssec 11, grave 72 no case
Aug 3 1909Theodore Tucker11 yearsreopen grave 34, sec 11
Aug 9Wm. V. M. Sparks8 monthssec 10, grave 2??William
Aug 10Mr. Taylor and James H. Kingselect grave 61, sec 2.Note: This entry stroked through and “J. E. Taylor selected grave 61, sec 2"
Aug 14Jean M. Monroe25 yearsin family plot in ????
Aug 16Herbert Giles15 yearsgrave 73, sec ???
Aug 17Grace M????6 months???????Bottom of page turn off.
Aug 19W. M. H. Norman7 monthsreopen grave 56, sec 11
Aug 20Jula? A Perry69 yearsin family plot with case
Aug 23Bertha Squires40 yearsin family plot with case
Aug 24Wm. A. Mercer7 monthsin vacant grave 78, sec 8William
Aug 24Jula? Anna Baid?57 yearsin family plot with caseJula = Julia with this writer.
Aug 30Mon Tonsremains removed for transportation
Aug 31Wm. Knowling75 yearssec 11, grave 74 with caseWilliam
Sep 3 1909George B. Sellers10 ½ monthssec 10, grave 214
Sep 4Wm. G. Bellows18 monthssec 10, grave 215William
Sep 6Wm G. Gillard4 monthssec 10, grave 216William
Sep 6Hannah Dwyer63 yearsin family plot with case
Sep 10Emily Atwell75 yearsin family plot old ground
Sep 11Wm. A Hay6 weeksin family plotWilliam
Sep 13Mr. John Clarkselectedgrave 35, sec 3, 9 x 9
Sep 13Mrs. Angess? Crossremoved from plot of Capt. Cross, sec 2, grave 38to plot of John Clarke, no 35, sec 3Agness = Agnes with this writer
Sep 14Doris Smith3 monthsreopen grave 98, sec 10
Sep 15Eliza Horwood78 yearsin plot of Ruben Horwood
Sep 15Maggie Bennett46 yearssec 11, grave 75 with cover
Sep 20Selina E. Hollet1 monthsec 10, grave 217Hollet/Hollett
Sep 20Mrs. James Steward’sstillbornin plot of Fred Pike, grave 27 sec 4
Sep 22Mildred Morris6 weekssec 10, grave 218
??? ??Lillian Joyce8 monthssec 10, grave 219Fold in page obscures dates to end
??? ??Martha Miley81 yearsin family plot, no case
??? ??M???? ????6 monthssec 10, grave 220Bottom torn from this page.
Sep 27Hugh H. Babstock6 monthssec 10, grave ???
Sep 28Eva Austen10 monthssec 10, grave 216
Sep 28Edith R. Dwyer3 monthsreopen grave 61, sec ??
Oct 4 1909James Norman47 yearsLunatic Asylum order
Oct 4Charlote? Hampton23 yearsgrave 80, sec 2, with caseCharlote = Charlotte with this writer
Oct 5William Shaw68 yearsgrave 76, sec ??
Oct 5Ambrose Staw?Selectsgrave 77, sec 11Likely to be Shaw.
Oct 5Mrs. J. Whalen’s stillbornreopen grave 116, sec??
Oct 6Fredrick Heffern?3 monthssec 10, grave 2??Hefferan?
Oct 8Ella Earle1 weeksec 10, grave 2??This entire page tattered on right.
Oct 8Flora Garland6 monthssec 10, grave 2??
Oct 11Soloman Churchill54 yearssec 11, grave 78
Oct 12Marey? Sinclari?7 weeksreopen a grave 28?Marey = Mary with this writer. Sinclair.
Oct 16Mrs. Dicks’ feamale [sic?] child18 hourssec 10, grave 22?
Oct 18Susannah Goldworthy3 monthsreopen grave 99, sec. ??
Oct 19Lizzie Meyer38 yearssec 11, grave 79
Oct 20Maria Noseworthy58 yearsin family plot with ???
Oct 20Seaward French11 monthssec 10, grave 227
Oct 21George Thistle3 monthsreopen grave 99, ??
Oct 24Margret. Elinor Wright8 monthsin family plotMargret. = Margaret with this writer. Elinor may well be a variant spelling by this writer as well.
Oct 25Stephen March73 yearssec 11, grave 80?
Oct 26Jean Scoot?removed from grave 187, sec 10to ??Might be Scott.
Oct 29Andrew Vatcher8 daysin grave 187, sec ??
Nov 3 1909Florance? Deer14 monthsin family lot ???Florance = Florence with this writer
Nov 8Ethiel? May King4 months22? ??????Ethiel is one of the variant spellings this writer uses for Ethel. This entry torn in half.
Nov 9Ralph Critch?8 monthsreopen grave 97, sec 6Writing cramped.
Nov 9Charles Benson16 monthssec 10, grave 229
Nov 11Thomas Chalker33 yearssec 11, grave 81
Nov 15Catherine Cross75 yearsin family plot with case
Nov 16Arthur Dawe?42 yearsLunatic Asylum Order, grave 60No section designated. Ink smear makes it hard to read surname.
Nov 22J. M. Ridout36 yearsin family plot withRidout/Rideout
Nov 22Allen Percy19 monthssec 10, grave 230
Nov 23John Nevell?86 yearsin lot of Elizabeth Mills.Smudged ink. Newell? Neville?
Nov 26Marey? Olivia Tuff8 monthsreopen grave 205, sec 2Marey = Mary with this writer
Dec 3 1909Margret. Brown68 yearssec 11, grave 82Margret. = Margaret with this writer
Dec 4Effey Percey16 monthssec 10, grave 231 with caseEffey, var. sp. of Effie?
Dec 6Walter French9 daysreopen grave 227, ???
Dec 11Marey? Payne76 yearssec 11, grave 83, with caseMarey = Mary with this writer
Dec 13N. M. Hapgood5 monthssec 10, grave 232
Dec 15Annie Collings3 yearssec 10, grave 233
Dec 15Martha King28 yearssec 11, grave 84
Dec 16Gilbert Snelgrove54 yearsin grave 73, sec 3, with case
Dec 16Elsie Murray17 yearsgrave 2, sec 4
Dec 17Edwin Gooby11 monthssec 10, grave 234
Dec 18Fredrick Dalton?42 yearsgrave 5, sec 2, with caseMight be Galton or Gaulton.
Dec 24Frank Parrot1 ½ yearsreopen grave 15, sec 10
Dec 27Gertrude Noonan26 yearsin family plot with case
Dec 28Thomas Sampson?61 yearsin family lot, grave 1, sec ?Smeared.
1910 [Note: Some of these pages are seriously tattered, ie. large chunks missing!]
Jan 6 1910__________________________________Line left blank.
Jan 10James Pike38 yearsreopen grave old groundThis entry may belong above.
Jan 10Jane? Rose69 yearssec 11, grave 85, no case
Jan 10Eliza May Grouchy19 ½ yearssec 11, grave 86, no case
Jan 11Rita Allice Dawe11 monthssec 10, grave 235Allice/Alice?
Jan 12Susan Jardine62 yearsin family plot with case
????L. H. Miller58 yearsin graves 3 and 4, sec 2
??????nie Blakley__________sec 11, grave 87
???Fred S. Whitley9 monthsin family plot, sec 4, grave 43??? with ???
???Robert Hurrell2 dayssec 10, grave 236
???Gorge? Joyce44 yearsin family plot with caseGorge = George with this writer
??? ?9W. Sooper81 yearsin family plot with caseSoper/Sooper
?? 22Jenny Moore6 monthssec 10, grave 250
??? 25H. J. Butt47 yearsgrave 7, sec 2, with case
Jan 27G. W. Sooper20 monthsgrave 39, sec 3 with case
Jan 27Elizabeth Kearley2 monthsgovernment order
Jan 29Lillian Skeans9 monthsreopen grave 131, sec 10?
Jan 29Marey? Lewis76 yearsgrave 1, sec 4, with caseMarey = Mary with this writer
Jan 31Mrs. Wm. Ivaneyfeamale [sic] stillborngrave 15, sec 4
Feb 5G. H. Taylor5 ½ monthsin family plot with case
Feb 10Marey? Anney? Fleet77 yearsin grave 76, sec 3 with caseMarey = Mary with this writer. Anney / Annie?
Feb 12Alice Hamlyn33 ½ yearsin grave 8, sec 5
Feb 14Cicley? Noftale?45 yearssec 11, grave 88Cecily? Noftal / Noftall
Feb 14Alpert Pynn3 ½ yearssec 10, grave 238
Feb 14Annie Pippy87 yearsin family plot with case
??? 14Thomas Rowe64yearsgovernment order
Feb 19 Caleb Young 95 yearssec 11, grave 39
Feb 23Ena Warren3 yearssec 10, grave 237?
Feb 26James R. Moos?74 yearsin family lot with caseVar. spelling of Mews?
Mar 2 1910Alfred Hookey2 monthssec 10, grave 240
Mar 7Jane McGillvry54 yearsgrave 23, sec 4
Mar 10G. P. Tuffselectedgrave59, sec ???
Mar 11Isabel Harvey70 yearsreopen ?????Large chunk removed from this edge of page.
Mar 11Wm. Barnes54 yearssec 11, grav????William
Mar 11Vilot? Garland6 monthsreopen gr???Vilot = Violet?
Mar 11Ritia M. C. Smith3 monthsreopen gr???
Mar 21John Maunder21 yearsin family pl???
Mar 21John ??? Butler74 yearsin family plot ???Might be Paul.
Mar 23Florance Hancock3 years, 9 monthsreopen grave ???Florance = Florence with this writer
Mar 23Gertie Perry11 yearssec 10 grave 241, with ???
Mar 25Gertie Scaplin3 ½ monthssec 10, grave 242
Mar 28Mrs. Wm. Jenkins’ stillborn mael childsec 10, grave ??William
Mar 29Bessie Tuff26 yearsin grave 59, sec 9?
Apr 4 1910Eleanor Jean ???8 monthsreopen grave 76, sec ?
Apr 4Gladys May Chafe1 ½ yearssec 10, grave 244
Apr 7Delphine Rich?25 yearsLunatic Asylum Ord????
Apr 7Annie Barnes83 yearsreopen grave 83, Sec ??????
Apr 9Marey? Ann Bowden86 yearsin family plot, old ??????Marey = Mary with this writer
Apr 21Fannie Brown72 yearsin family pl????
Apr 27Eliah? Wheeler1 monthPoor Comm ord???Not familiar with this given name. Var Sp. of Elijah?
Apr 28Ada Perl? Pomeroy1 monthreopen gr????Perl = Pearl with this writer.
May 2 1910Gorden? Abner Sparks4 monthssec 10, grave 265?Gorden = Gordon with this writer. Could be 245.
May 2Hugh Dwyer12 dayssec 10, grave 246
May 4Charles Pippy17 yearsin family plot with case
May 5Pascol Wills84 yearsin family plot with case
May 10Walter Gooby6 weeksreopen grave 166, sec 10
May 11Marcy? Strong80 yearssec 11, grave 91May well be Mary Strong.
May 16Henery Peyton88 yearsPoor Comm order, grave 63Henery = Henry with this writer. No sec. given.
May 17Unknown child found by Police.
Govt. Order
May 18Marey? J. Tucker57 yearsLunatic Asylum Order, grave 64Marey = Mary with this writer. No sec. given.
May 20Alex. D. Rankin61 yearsin family lot with caseAlexander (NB: This writer also uses Alex. for Alexandra! Check for gender.)
May 27Robert Watson Rose14? monthssec 10, grave 247Ink obscures numbers.
May 28Eva Moore Vail28 yearssec 11, grave 92, with cover
May 28George Louis Inkpen38 yearsgrave 71, sec 5, with case
Jun 2 1910Annie Peet50 yearsin grave 7, sec. 3, with case
Jun 4John Lindberg69 yearsgrave 73, sec 4
Jun 3Sophia Prowse69 yearsin family plot with caseDates reversed in original copy.
Jun 10Albert Down37 yearssec 11, grave 93
Jun 10Charlot? Sparks70 yearsin family plot, old groundCharlot = Charlotte with this writer.
Jun 17Mrs. Annie Wiltshire’s stillborn feamele [sic] childsec 10, grave 73 (reopen grave)?
Jul 1 1910Max Dessert6 monthsin family plot, grave 69, sec 3
Jul 6Bert Rousell?24 yearsgrave 73, sec 5, with caseRousell/Rowsell
________________________________________________Line left blank.
Jul 12Elizabeth Thorne41 yearsreopen grave 61, sec. 11?
Jul 15Cyril E. Dew Lot?18 yearsin family lot 20, sec 2?Du Lot?
Jul 17Mr. Two?took piece of land next to his plotNot a clue. No Twos in listings.
Jul 21Rosamond C. Linberg64 yearsin family lot with case
Jul 22Mrs. James McKay’sfeamele [sic] stillborn sec 3, plot 78, with case
Jul 22Mr. McKaytookplot 78, sec 3, 9x9
Jul 23Herbert Bowden25 yearsin family plot with case
Jul 28Wm. F. Joyce18 yearsin family plot with caseWilliam
Aug 13 1910Marey? Lewis6 monthsin family plot of W. J. LewisMarey = Mary with this writer
Aug 18Fredrick G. Murry?4 monthssec 10, grave 248Murry/Murrey/ Murray?
Aug 18Joseph Moors27 yearsPoor Asylum Order, grave ??Cut of edge of page.
Aug 19Agustias? King7 monthsgrave 75, sec 3Augustus. var. sp. by this writer.
Aug 20Charlie Newell8 dayssec 10, grave 249 Charles?
Aug 22Wm. D. Cross1 monthreopen grave 4 sec 6William
Aug 22Mrs. John Smith’sstillborn feamale [sic] childsec 10, grave 25
Aug 25Victor J. Moore5 monthsreopen grave 193, sec 10
Sep 5 1910Nathaniel Lethbridge68 yearssec 11, grave 94
Sep 5 Nellie Hollet1 yearsec 10, grave 251Hollet/Hollett
Sep 5Gorden? Wills4 ½ yearsin family plotGorden = Gorden with this writer
Sep 6Benjamin Edgicombe1 ½ yearssec 10, grave 252Edgicombe / Edgecombe
Sep 7Alexander Christian57 yearsin family plot, grave 54, sec. ??Edge of page worn.
Sep 13Roy Thistle5 monthsin family plot with case, sec 4, grave ????
Sep 13Jacob Snow62 yearsreopen grave sec 1, grave 257?
Sep 15Chesley Skeans2 monthssec 10, grave 253
Sep 19Cyril Sexton2 yearsin plot of Alf. Chafe
Sep 22Gertrude May Coish1 ½ yearssec 10, grave 254
Sep 22Alfred King68 yearsin family plot with case
Sep 26Hazel Moore16 yearssec 10, grave 255
Oct 5 1910Sidney Sparks4 monthssec 10, grave 213, reopen
Oct 8Bessie Vail12 years sec 11, grave 95
Oct 10E. Maud Horwood29 yearssec 11, grave 96
Oct 10Ralph Skinner18 yearsin family plot with case
Oct 13Malcombe? Barnes1 monthsec 10, grave 256Malcolm?
Oct 14Daisy M. Sparks24 yearssec 11, grave 97 with case
Oct 21Geo. Henery? Robins2 monthssec 10, grave 257Henery = Henry with this writer. Robins/Robbins
Oct 25Mrs. Wilson Clarke’s stillbornsec 10, grave 258
Oct 28Rev. Rendall62 yearsin family plot with case
Oct 29Bet? May Johnston28 yearsin family plot with caseMay be Elizabeth or Betty
Oct 31Harry Floyd Flagner?1 yearreopen grave 107?, sec 10May be 101. Not familiar with this surname.
Nov 1 1910Jessie Louisa Stevenson21 yearssec 11, grave 98, with case
Nov 4Marey? Stringer2 monthssec 10, grave 259Marey = Mary with this writer.
Nov 5Isabella Garland5 monthsreopen grave 225, sec ???
Nov 5Borena? Leftridge?2 weekssec 10, grave 260Not familiar this given name. May be Lethbridge.
Nov 9Bert Murry5 ½ monthssec 10, grave 261Murry/Murrey/ Murray
Nov 11Edward Chislett1 1/4 yearssec 10, grave 262
Nov 17Samuel Moses Pearcey2 monthssec 10, grave 263
Nov 21Fredrick George Rogers3 monthsreopen grave 37, sec. 1?
Nov 25Melina White25 yearsFever Hospital Order
Nov 25Hilda P. A. Arnott10 dayssec 10, grave 264
Nov 25Dorthy Hanoford?4 monthsreopen grave 181, sec. ??Dorthy = Dorothy with this writer.
Nov 27Emily J. Jenkins8 monthsreopen grave 324, sec ???
Nov 30Laura Parsons43 yearsgrave 76, sec 4, with case
Dec 5Janet Cross8 yearsin plot of Cat. Cross, grave 38?, section 2
Dec 5Marey? Graham66 yearssec 11, grave 99Marey = Mary with this writer
Dec 6Maggie Day14 ½ yearsreopen grave 66, sec. ??, casket w????
Dec 7Wah Ling55 yearssec 11, grave 100 case?
Dec 7Robert Bradley45 yearssec 11, grave 101
Dec 9Alice Norman3 ½ yearssec 10, grave 265
Dec 9Marey? Ann Mercer65 yearsLunatic Asylum Order, grave 66Marey = Mary with this writer. No sec. given.
Dec 12Victor W. Cook2 dayssec 10, grave 266
Dec 14Edgar Critch6 yearssec 10, grave 267
Dec 19Jasper Mayo12 yearssec 11, grave 102?
Dec 19Hubert Critch3 yearsreopen grave 267.See entry for Edgar Critch, above.
Dec 22Dorcas Taylor Chancey35 yearsin family plot, old ground
Dec 27Druscella Ledrew74 yearsreopen grave 69, sec. ??Var. sp. Drusilla?
Dec 29Thomas Everleigh24 yearsPoor Asylum Order, grave 6?No sec. given. Eveleigh/ Evely?
Dec 30Samuel Henery? Parsons3 ½ monthsreopen grave 277, sec 10?
Jan 12 1911William Penney69 yearssec 11, grave 103
Jan 14Marey? Jane Olsen38 yearsgrave 22, sec 3, plot of Capt DingleMarey = Mary with this writer
Jan 17Abram Ivany26 yearsLunatic Asylum Order, grave 68No. sec. given.
Jan 18Flora J. Parsons19 yearsin family lot, grave 16, sec 2, with case
Jan 27Sarah Noftall82 yearssec 11, grave 104
Jan 30John Crocker15 yearsreopen grave 53, sec 11
Feb 2 1911Stanley Pritcher11 ½ monthsreopen grave 174, sec. 10
Feb 2Martha Skinner84 yearsfamily lot of J. Skinner
Feb 2John G. Monroe31 yearsgrave 77, sec 3, with case
Feb 4Mrs. Wm. Campbell’sstillborn male childsec 10, grave 268William
Feb 4Samuel Webtshire?48 yearsGov’t order, grave 69No sec. given. Not familiar this surname. Webster?
Feb 6Herbert Snow5 monthssec 10, grave 269
Feb 10Albert Strong55 yearssec 11, grave 105
Feb 11Pamilla Day71 yearsgrave in old groundVar. sp. of Pamela?
Feb 15James Burden40 yearsPoor Asylum Order, grave 70No sec. given.
Feb 16Walter J.? Butler7 weekssec 10, grave 270
Feb 16Florance? Richards8 monthsreopen grave 299, se? ???Florance = Florence with this writer
Feb 17Murral? White11 monthssec 10, grave 271Var. sp. of Muriel?
Feb 18Edgar Percey69 yearsgrave 23, sec 2, with case
Feb 23A. H. Skiran?78 yearsin family plot with caseInk obscures.
Feb 24Mrs. George Hierlihy’s?stillborn male childgrave 3, sec.??Likely a var. sp. of Hurley’s
Feb 25Harriet Stowe84 yearsgrave 5, sec 4
Feb 27Evelen? Voisey50 yearssec 11, grave 106Var. sp. of Evelyn?
Mar 6 1911Livinia Walsh44 yearssec 11, grave 107
Mar 7 Charles Moore3 monthsgrave 77, sec 4
Mar 8Harriet L. Rogers10 weeksreopen grave 192, sec ??
Mar 10Louisa Whitley77 years?in family plotInk blotches obscure.
Mar 11C. W. H. Tessier58 yearsin family lot with case
Mar 11John Jacobs62 yearsin grave 75, sec 4, with case
Mar 14Marey? Ann Pottle41 yearssec 11, grave 108, with caseMarey = Mary with this writer.
Mar 13Mrs. Pottle’s stillborn buried with its mother.Dates reversed in original entry.
Mar 16Marey? H. Ayer?90 yearsin family vaultMarey = Mary with this writer. Ayer = Ayre with this writer.
Mar 20William Johnston74 yearssec 11, grave 109
Mar 21John Rose67 yearsPoor Asylum Order, grave 7?No sec. given.
Mar 22Maud Lilley21 yearsHealth Officer’s Order, grave 7?, diptheriaNo. sec. given.Lilley/Lilly?
Mar 24John Martin86 yearsin family plot
Mar 27Marion Thistle3 monthssec 10, grave 272
Mar 27Albert Hookey21 yearssec 11, grave 110
Mar 30Albert Gorge? King2 weeksreopen grave 201, sec. 10Gorge = George with this writer
Apr 1 1911John Furgurson58 yearssec 11, grave 111Likely to be Ferguson?
Apr 3Agness Wills56 yearssec 11, grave 112Agness = Agnes with this writer
Apr 5Abraham Manuel71 yearsPoor Asylum Order
Apr 5Thomas Robins9 monthsreopen grave 257, sec. ??Robins / Robbins?
Apr 6Richard Paul38 yearsPoor Asylum Order
Apr 7Sarah J. Tucker82 yearssec 11, grave 112
Apr 7Clara Hoskins4 monthssec 10, grave 273
Apr 8Albert Kennedy4 monthssec 10, grave 274
Apr 10Ella Clarke6 yearssec 10, grave 275, diptheria
Apr 19Edwin Clark57 yearsin family plot
Apr 20Catherine Cross17 monthsin family lot of W. H. Cross
Apr 24Sarah Ann Seymore81 yearsreopen grave old ground
Apr 25Rita Jane Goff2 monthssec 10, grave 276
May 5 1911Marey? Norman63 yearsGovt’ Order, Grave 75.No sec. given. Marey = Mary with this writer
May 6Betrice Morris5 weeksreopen grave 218, sec 10. Beatrice
May 8Almeal? Cooper7 yearssec 10, grave 277Not familiar with this name.
May 9Herquel? Furgurson?6 yearssec 10, grave 278, coverHercule? Ferguson
May 10Betrice Garf7 yearssec 10, grave 279Beatrice
May 8?Nellie Crowley28 yearsreopen grave 23, sec 1?Dates out of order in original.
May 11Ester Noftall67 yearsreopen grave in old ground
May 15James Gilately73 yearssec 11, grave 114 with case
May 17Rita Chislett5 yearsreopen grave 262 sec ??
May 23Roger Down10 yearsin family plot, grave 8, sec ??
May 31Wm. G. Pippy57 yearsin family lot with caseWilliam
May 31Cyril Pittman4 weekssec 10, grave 280
May 31Levi Taylor83 yearsin grave 9, sec 2, with case
Jun 1 1911Wm. E. Parsonsselected plots 79 and 80, sec 3William
Jun 3Eliza J. Thistle42 yearsplot 78, sec 4, with case
Jun 3Absalom Driscoll81 yearssec 11, grave 115
Jun 5Stella Thompson16 yearsplots 75, 76, 77, and 78, sec ???
__________________________________________Line left blank.
Jun 7Capt. James Jolloffe?Selected plots 9 and 10, Mortuary lots
Jun 8Mr. Wm. Cloustonselectedplots 1 and 2, sec 4, Mortuary lotsWilliam
Jun 8John J. Staafford?62 yearsreopen grave 201, sec. ??Stafford?
Jun 9Amelia Janes56 yearssec 11, grave 116
Jun 9Walter Langdon23 yearsGeneral Hospital Order, grave 76No sec. given.
Jun 10Mr. R. K. Bishopselectedplots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, mortuary lots
:ditto:Olivia Bishop56 yearscasket and case
Jun 10Rosella Baggs33 yearssec 11, grave 117
Jun 12Gertrude L. Parsons4 yearsplot 79, sec 4
Jun 12Gladys Rowe2 yearssec 10, grave 281
Jun 12Claire E. Whitway7 yearssec 4, plot 80
Jun 12Ezra Lodgetook lot 82, sec 4.
Jun 14Albert Taylor5 monthssec 10, grave 282
Jun 15John Harris54 yearsLunatic Asylum Order, grave 77No sec. given
Jun 16Marion Cook2 ½ monthsreopen grave 45, sec 6
Jun 17Marey? Morris83 yearssec 11, grave 118Marey = Mary with this writer
Jun 19Annie LeDrew44 yearssec 11, grave 119
Jun 20Susan E. Bridgeman76 yearsin plot of James Martin
Jun 24 __________________________________Line left blank
Jun 21Capt Christopher Olsen selectedplot 2, sec 3 mortuaryDates out of order in original copy.
Jun 24George C. Russell2 ½ yearssec 10, grave 283
Jun 26Charles H. Baggs6 monthssec 10, grave 284
Jun 26Gladis L. Barron6 yearsmortuary ??? 3, sec 3Var. sp. of Gladys?
Jun 29James Bradbury75 yearsin family plot, grave 79, sec 5
Jul 3 1911The Remains of a Child found in Quidi Vidi Lake
Gov’t Order, grave 78No sec. given.
Jul 3Catherine Carpenter66 yearsInsane Asylum order, grave 79No. sec. given.
Jul 3Elizabeth Manuel74 yearsInsane Asylum order
Jul 6Alice Thorne1 ½ years reopen grave 220, sec. 10
Jul 7John Arthur Jenkins2 monthsreopen grave 243, sec 10
Jul 13Rohanna? King53 yearssec 11, grave 120Might be Rosanna?
Jul 13Florrie Newell15 monthssec 10, grave 285
Jul 14Walter C. Earl2 yearssec 10, grave 286
Jul 14Hopidiah? Schradder49 yearssec 11, grave 121Var. sp. of Obidiah?
Jul 14Francis Rogers2 hourssec 10, grave 287This writer used Francis for both men and women. Check gender!
Jul 22Robert L. Dimond4 yearssec 2, grave 6Dimond/Dimont/ Diamond?
Jul 22Fanny Bishop40 yearsInsane Asylum Order, grave 80No sec. given.
Jul 27Louisa Sparks4 hourssec 10, grave 288
Jul 27Josiah Simmonds75 yearssec 11, grave 122
Jul 29Gladis Way1 3/4 yearssec 10, grave 289Var. sp. of Gladys?
Aug 4 1911Fredrick J. Earl7 weeksreopen grave 144, sec. 10?
Aug 4Elizabeth Sparks9 daysreopen grave 288, sec. ??
Aug 11Allice L. Brooks30 yearsMortuary sec 4, grave 4Allice = Alice
Aug 12Marey? Cooper3 monthssec 10, grave 290Marey = Mary with this writer
Aug 12Mrs. Smith’s twins__________sec 10, grave 291
Aug 15Fredrick W. March9 monthsreopen grave 140, sec 10
Aug 16Maxwell Reid4 1/6 yearsreopen grave 19, sec 11
Aug 16George Slade50 yearssec 11, grave 123
Aug 22James Rogers15 monthssec 10, grave 292
Aug 24Mildred Day13 monthssec 10, grave 293
Aug 25Thomas M. Simpsonremoved from grave 1, sec 3to plot 6, mortuary
Aug 28John Hanrahan84 yearsPoor Asylum order
Aug 30Emma Janes4 1/4 monthsreopen grave 76, sec 9
Aug 31Emma B. Squires10 monthssec 10, grave 294
Sep 4 1911Fredrick D. Moore21 monthssec 4, grave 5, mortuary
Sep 4Norah Rogers7 monthssec 10, grave 295
Sep 6Neil C. Day3 yearssec 10, grave 296
Sep 7Florance? Critch11 monthssec 10, grave 297Florance = Florence with this writer
Sep 7Margree? Taylor13 monthsgrave 61, sec 2Var. spelling of Marjorie?
Sep 7George & Edward Taylorremoved from grave 72, sec 10, to plot 61 ?????Likely sec. 2, with Margree.
Sep 8Kathleen P. Nicholle?5 monthsgrave 40, sec 5Nichol?
Sep 9Mr. F. Mooretook family lotgrave 3, sec 4, mortuary
Sep 9Marey? Ann tucker61 yearsgrave 82, sec 3Marey = Mary with this writer
Sep 11Wm. Hickey7 monthssec 10, grave 298William
Sep 11Henery Croucher2 monthssin same grave 298Henery = Henry with this writer
Sep 14George Noftal3 monthsreopen grave 104, sec 10
Sep 14Marey? Jane Olsenremoved to grave 2, sec 3, mortuaryMarey = Mary
Sep 16Alexander Fagner60 yearsInsane Asylum order, grave 82No sec. given.
Sep 19Kenneth Moore7 monthssec 10, grave 299
Sep 19Arthur Hefferan4 ½ monthsreopen grave 223, sec 10.
Sep 20Violet Gooby7 weekssec 10, grave 300
Sep 21Clara Parsons27 yearsgrave 79 and 80, sec 3
Sep 25John Thorne10 yearssec 10, grave 301
Sep 25Blanch Pottle16 monthsreopen grave 42, sec 11Blanch / Blanche
Sep 26Thomas Gale64 yearsin family plot, older part?
Sep 27Elizabeth A. Skinner61 yearsin family plot, sec ????
Sep 28Ida B. Brushett15 monthsin vacant grave 72, sec. ???
Sep 28Daisy Noftall3 dayssec 11, grave 302?Creased pages.
Sep 29Frank Hug?30 yearsPoor Asylum order, grave ???Hugh
Sep 30Gorden? Ivany4 monthssec 10, grave 303Gorden = Gordon with this writer.
Sep 30J. McIntyreerected stone toMay Morgan and A. H. Ballentine
Oct 2 1911Elizabeth Pike2 monthssec 10, grave 304
Oct 2Robert Wright62 yearsgrave 77, sec 3
Oct 3Jane Rogers56 yearsInsane Asylum Order, grave 84No sec. given.
Oct 5Walter Mills1 monthsec 10, grave 305
Oct 9Wm. Morris1 yearsec 10, grave 306William
Oct 9Levi Taylorremoved from grave 9, sec 2, to grave 13?, sec 3.
____________Mr. Lenord? Taylortransfersplot 9, sec 2 to Mr. G. A. ??? Taylor
Oct 9A. G. W. McNeily66 yearsin family plot with case
Oct 9Marey? Noftall10 monthssec 10, grave 307Marey = Mary with this writer. Noftal/ Noftall
Oct 12Fredrick Taylor23 yearssec 11, grave 124
Oct 13Cicel? W. Moores?10 monthssec 10, grave 308Cecil?
Oct 14Mabel Guzzle20 yearssec 4, lot 9, mortuaryNot familiar with this surname.
Oct 16Bertha Jane Gooby7 monthsgrave 12, sec 4.
Oct 17Susan Stanford64 yearsInsane Asylum order, grave 8?No sec. given
Oct 19William Whitway16 monthssec 10, grave 309
Oct 19Marey? Butt74 yearsgrave 53, sec 5 with caseMarey = Mary with this writer.
Oct 21Charles Baird8 monthssec 10, grave 310
Oct 21Robert Ledrew3 yearsreopen grave 130, sec. ???
Oct 23Abraham Avery63 yearssec 11, grave 125
Oct 24Fredrick C. Pitcher8 monthssec 10, grave 311
Oct 30John Buttler2 yearsreopen grave 270 sec. ??Butler/Buttler
Nov 6 1911Isabel Pearce37 yearsInsane Asylum O???
Nov 7Thomas M. Norman2 1/4 yearsreopen grave 265, sec 10
Nov 10Wm. J. Roberts3 monthsin family lot, grave 47?, sec 2William
Nov 13Ellen Hearn6 ½ hourssec 10, grave 312
Nov 13Richard Goff85 yearsin family plot with case
Nov 15John Dwyer19 yearsreopen grave 231, sec 1
Nov 17Lizzie Mills14 yearsgrave 7.8.8, sec 4, mortuary.Don’t recognize this notation.
Nov 20Alexr. McKay23 daysin family plot, grave 78, sec 5?Alexander or Alexandra?
Nov 22James Ivany75 yearssec 11, grave 126
Nov 22Lillian Wareham3 weekssec 10, grave 313
Nov 23Job Howell30 yearsLunatic Asylum order, grave 87No sec. given.
Nov 25Harriet B. Raynor45 yearssec 11, grave 127, with case
Nov 27Alex. Marshall76 yearsin family lot with caseAlexander or Alexandra?
Nov 28John Baggs88 yearsPoor Asylum order, grave 88No sec. given.
Nov 29James Caldwell54 yearsgrave 10, sec 4, with case, mortuary
Dec 5 1911George Duff63yearssec 11, grave 128
Dec 6Wm ?. Streckland?14 monthssec 10, grave 314William Strickland?
Dec 7Stephen Taylor79 yearssec 3 mortuary, grave 4
Dec 8Timothy Rogers79 yearsPoor Asylum order, grave 89No sec. given.
Dec 11Edward Hagner?51 yearssec 11, grave 129Fagner?
Dec 14Agness J. Hopkins2 daysin plot of John ClarkeAgness = Agnes with this writer
Dec 20Wm. Squires57 yearssec 11, grave ???
Dec 22Gustave Carlson29 yearsGeneral Hospital order, grave 90No sec. given.
Dec 22Mr. Smith’sstillbornreopen grave 255, sec 10
Dec 22Stephen Churchill38 yerssec 11, grave 131
Dec 22Sarah Penney54 yearssec 11, grave 132
Dec 24Margret. Halliday19 yearsin family lot with case
Dec 29Ella M. Percey3 monthsreopen grave 231, sec 10
Jan 6 1912Harold J. Garland16 monthssec 10, grave 315
Jan 9Francis Pottle10 minits [sic]reopen grave 143, sec ??Francis is used by this writer for both men and women. Check gender.
Jan 10Baby Laik?10 hoursgrave 31?, sec 10Lake?
Jan 16Ambrose Roberts65 yearsPoor Asylum order
Jan 17Georgina Earle2 monthssec 10, grave 317
Jan 18Gertrude Newell2 ½ yearssec 10, grave 318?
Jan 18Herbert Chaplin32 yearsplots 7, 8, 9, 10 ?????
Jan 20Mrs. E. H. Kislake’sstillborn male childsec 10, grave ???
Jan 23Jane Rich54 yearsreopen grave 303.
Jan 25George Keppie56 yearssec 11, grave 133, casket with case
Jan 27Samuel G. A. Arnoff5 weeksreopen grave 264, ????
Jan 27Ida Anthony1 monthsec 10, grave 326
Jan 31Linord? T. Chancey82 yearsin family lot, grave 42, sec ??Leonard?
Feb 2 1912Marey? E. Churchill15 yearssec 11, grave 134Marey = Mary with this writer
Feb 6Hattie J. Abbot4 monthsreopen grave 209, ????Abbot / Abbott
Feb 5Jeminah Reid85 yearssec 11, grave 135Dates reversed in original copy.Var. sp. of Jemima?
Feb 6Wm. H. Thomas8 monthsgrave 63, sec 2William
Feb 8John Bartlett77 yearssec 11, grave 136
Feb 15Emily Avery47 yearssec 11, grave 137
Feb 16Mary Eales87 yearsgrave 22, sec 4
Feb 18Charles Kinsman14 yearsPoor Comm order
Feb 22Annie McFarlane60 yearsgrave 17, sec 4
Mar 1 1912Florance? Evans24 yearssec 11, grave 138?Florance = Florence
Mar 6James Black54 yearsin family plot
Mar 6Rachael Kennedy64 yearsreopen grave 39, sec ???
Mar 7Marey? Thorne1 yearreopen grave 309, ???Marey = Mary with this writer
Mar 9Fanny White65 yearssec 11, grave 139?
Mar 9James Eales42 yearsin family plot with ????
Mar 11William Wilkinson81 yearsreopen grave 42, se?????
Mar 12Frank Curtis6 monthssec 10, grave 321?
Mar 12Gladys May Jenkins3 ½ yearssec 10, grave ???
Mar 18Sarah Reid88 yearsreopen grave 72, sec ???
Mar 19Effie Newhook55 yearsInsane Asylum Order
Mar 22Elizabeth Eales6 monthsgrave 21, sec 4
Mar 25Ronald Moses Earle1 yearreopen grave ????
Mar 25Ella Lewis1 ½ yearsgrave 323, sec 10
Mar 25Archabold Korklend?2 yearsgrave 324, sec 10, diptheriaArchibald Kirkland?
Apr 1 1912Jean Benson English1 yearsec 10, grave 325
Apr 9Robert Kearly6 hourssec 10, grave 326
Apr 9Susan Hiscock51 yearsgrave 56, sec ??
Apr 11Isaac Kearly1 weekreopen 326See Robert Kearly above.
Apr 15Fredrick Garden2 monthssec 10, grave 327
Apr 16Walter Watts42 yearsInsane Asylum order
Apr 24George Q? Andrews63 yearsin plot old ground
Apr 29Ann B. Noseworthy33 yearsreopen grave 226, sec ???
May 2 1912Richard Cook72 yearssec 11, grave 14???
May 2John and Mary Dahla few hours oldsec 10, grave 3???
May 6Marey? Ann Earle and Emily Earle3 days and 4 days in one coffinsec 10, grave 3???Marey = Mary with this writer
May 7William Milley62 yearssec 11, grave 1??
May 15Margaret Thompson94 yearsin plot 75 ??????
May 18Samuel Carnell85 yearssec 11, grave 142
May 23Susanna Rogers91 yearssec 11, grave 143
May 27Joseph Butt73 yearssec 11, grave 144
May 28Vera Cook1 weeksec 10, grave 330
May 31John Rumsey7 monthssec 10, grave 331
Jun 3? 1912Nellie Claude and Dorris? Chaplinremoved to plot 7, 8, 9, 10 mortuaryDorris var. sp. of Doris?
??? ?? Bernard Gooby97 yearsin plot of Wm. GoobyPage torn.
Jun 17Jane Dwyer79 yearsgrave 1, sec 3, ??????
Jun 21Charles B. Rose46 yearssec 11, grave 145 with case
Jun 24Wah Hung32 yearssec 11, grave 146
Jun 26Amelia Steer87 yearsin family plot with case
Jun 29Marey? Dawe90 yearsreopen grave in old groundMarey = Mary with this writer
Jul 1 1912Joseph M. Butlertookgrave 6, sec 3, mortuary
Jul 1Violet Butler6 monthssec 10, grave 332
Jul 4James B. Foote63 yearsgrave 5, sec 3, morturary
Jul 5Mrs. Curtis’stillbornreopen grave 127, sec 10
Jul 12Fredrick Roseselectedgrave 90, sec 2
Jul 17Francis K. Bryant 16 yearsreopen grave 66, sec 1This writer uses Francis for both men and women, check gender!
Jul 23Baby Chafe2 monthsreopen grave 244, sec 10
Jul 27John L. Haddon?52 yearsgrave 35, sec 6Hadden?
Jul 30Glades? Strickland7 yearsreopen grave 314, sec 10Glades = Gladys?
Aug 2 1912An Unknown Infant
Bible Charities Order
Aug 2Mrs. Soloman Shepperdselected ??? plot, sec 3, 9 x 9
Aug 12Hugh Hoyles Fraser55 yearsin plot 80 ... 82, ??????
??? ??Henery? Olsen Barrett24 yearsin plot 81, se????? Henery = Henry with this writer
This next pageis seriously tornand tattered. Large chunks missing.
Aug 15Simeon Barrett
family lot, grave 81, set 4
Aug 15Willis John Barrett
family lot, grave 83, sec 4
Aug 17Ellen Mitchell87 yearsInsane Asylum Order ????
Aug 19Ann Manuel83 yearssec 11, grave 14?
Aug 22Fredrick Porter5 yearssec 10, grave 3??This entry stroked through.
Aug 22Simon Sparks71 years grave 83...84, sec ????
Aug 22Gertrude Sparksremoved from old cemeteryto grave 83, sec ????
Aug 24Eleanor Bishop27 yearsin family lot with case
Sep 6 1912Arthur W. Dessert5 monthsin family lot ????
Sep 12Eric B. Butler4 monthsin vacant grave ?????
Sep 12Gertrude Way19 monthsreopen grave ???
Sep 16Marey? M. Rose2 monthssec 10, grave ???Marey = Mary with this writer
Sep 17Charles Janes3 yearssec 10, grave ???
Sep 18Elizabeth Withycombe70 yearsin family plot with ????
Sep 19Ernest Pritcher 7 monthsreopen grave 311 ?????Likely sec 10 for a child burial.
Sep 19Kenneth Morris7 monthssec 10, grave 33?
Sep 25Susan Stringer4 ½ yearsreopen grave 2??
Sep 26George H. M. Rogers3 ½ monthssec 10, grave ???
Sep 27Arthur H. Janes4 monthssec 10, grave ???
Sep 28Euphenia Ross67 yearsin grave 81, se???
Sep 30Ambrose B??nes56 yearssec 11, gra??? Likely Barnes
Oct 2 1912Ale?????? Yearssec 11, grave???
Oct 8E???????????????????????????Gone.
-------------------Botton of pageis gone. Missingentry here.
Oct 14Sarah Ivany60 yearsgovernment order, grave 96No sec. given.
Oct 15Absalom Riche38 yearssec 11, grave 149
Oct 15Levi Button62 yearssec 11, grave 150
Oct 18Clifton H. Barnes3 monthssec 10, grave 341
Oct 21Clara Jackson3 yearssec 10, grave 342
Oct 22Walter Kirkland16 yearssec 11, grave 151
Oct 22R. B. Andrews’ stillborn childin plot of J. W. B????
Oct 28Rev. R. G. Strather40 yearsin plot of Dr. Morris?
Oct 29Duncan Robertson25 yearssec 11, grave 152
Nov 4 1912Sarah Halfyard85 yearsgrave 84, sec 4
Nov 4Geral Radford5 monthgrave 69, sec 5
Nov 14Mrs. Butler’s stillbornfamily plot
Nov 14Cyril Noseworthy2 yearsreopen grave 93, sec 10, diptheria
Nov 21Stella Bishop21 yearsin family plot
Nov 22Peter Dimond65 yearsgrave 40, sec 2Dimond/Diamond
Nov 23Jacob I?????49 yearsgrave 153, sec 11Ivany or Irving
Nov 25Henery Henderson77 yearsin family plot, old ????????Henery = Henry with this writer
Nov 27Lidia Hopkins76 yearsgrave 79, sec 2var. sp. of Lydia?
Nov 27Mr. Taylorselectedplots 91 - 93, sec 2
Nov 27Stella Hancock15 monthsPoor Comm order
??? 3 1912Annie Pilley1 weeksec 10, grave 343???
??? 4W???? ???????????????In family pl???
-----------------Bottom edge istorn away. One missing entry.
Dec 12Keziah Milley45 yearsin plot of Ja???
Dec 19Matild Buttler85 yearsreopen grave ???Var. sp. Matilda? Butler
Dec 21Sterling Mitchell8 monthssec 10, grave 345
Dec 21Charles E. Janes10 weekssec 10, grave 346
Dec 23Duglass? Kenedy?63 yearssec 11, grave 154Douglas Kennedy?
Dec 23Wm. Russell19 yearssec 11, 155William
Dec 24Allen J. Garland10 monthssection 10, grave 347?
Dec 24Phillis Jean? McCrindle3 weekssec 10, grave 348?var. sp. of Phyllis? Phylis?
Dec 26Robert Noseworthy2 monthsreopen grave 197, ????
Dec 30Thomas C. Duder62 yearsin family plot w????
Dec 31Eric Barns5 monthsreopen grave 2???

Name in RecordDescription of error / additional informationMy Name
In the GPCemetery, Feb 4,1911: should be Samuel Wiltshire not Webtshire. Vince Wiltshire
In the Feb 10, 1910 death record for Marey? Anney? FLEET, it should be Mary Ann Fleet (age 77). Norman Conley
Alexander Fagner September 16 1911 is supposed to say Alexander Sanger Robin Dooley

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