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St. John's - Hutchinson's Directory 1864-1865


It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

ABBOTT, Henry fisherman
ABBOTT, Martin fisherman
ACKLAND, Charles shipmaster
ADAMS, Abraham laborer
ADAMS, Charles firmer
ADAMS, David photographer
ADAMS, James stonecutter
ADAMS, John J. manager
Adams & McKenny photographers
ADAMS, Thomas porter
ADDAS, John fisherman
AGNEW, William seaman
AIDE, John shipmaster
AINSWORTH, Isaac master mariner
Albert Hotel 
ALEXANDER, John C. clerk
ALEXANDER, Robert merchant
ALLEN, Charles master mariner
ALLEN, Edward H. clerk
ALLEN, Henry tinsmith
ALLEN, Michael farmer
ALLEN, Peter fisherman
ALLEN, Thomas
ALLEN, Thomas W. groceries and liquors
Alliance British and Foreign Life and Fire Assurance Co., Brooking & Co. agents
ALLWARD, Ann, wid John
ALLWARD, John carpenter
ALSOP, Carteret merchant
ALSOP, Robert & Co. merchants
ANCELL, Charles F. Vice Council of Spain
ANDERSON, George liquors
ANDERSON, John fisherman
ANDERSON, John porter
ANDERSON, Miss Emma teacher
ANDERSON, Patrick boarding house
ANDERSON, Robert  clerk
ANDREWS, William tinsmith
ANGEL, George shipmaster
ANGEL, Jacob fisherman
ANGEL, James millwright, engineer and brass founder
ANGEL, John fisherman
ANGEL, John millwright 
ANGEL, Samuel laborer
ANGEL, Thomas fisherman
ANGUS, Mclnnis storekeeper
ANSELL, James seargent
ANSON, James seaman
ANTHONY, Abraham  fisherman
ANTHONY, George shoemaker
ANTLE, Henry laborer
APSEY, Elias  laborer
ARCHIBALD, David clerk
ARCHIBALD, Edward M.  bookkeeper
ARMSTRONG, Isabel, wid Thomas 
ARMSTRONG, James fisherman
ARMSTRONG, Michael fisherman
ARMSTRONG, Myles master mariner
ARMSTRONG, Rosanna, wid James
ARMSTRONG, William keeper
ARMSTRONG, William  laborer
ARMSTRONG, William sailmaker
ARNOTT, George  clerk
ARROLL, Robert  baker
ASHLEY, John cooper
ASHMAN, Margaret, wid William,
ASHMAN, Thomas  fisherman
ASPELL, James  planter
ASPELL, Joseph fisherman
ASPELL, Mary, wid Peter
ASPELL, Richard laborer
ATKINS, John laborer
ATWILL, Richard mason
Auxiliary Depot British and Foreign Bible Society, depositary, Thomas McConnan
AVELL, Anthony T. clerk
AVERY, Thomas 
AVERY, William laborer
AYLESBURY, Joseph carpenter
AYLWARD, John seaman
AYLWARD, Richard carpenter
AYLWARD, Thomas ship carpenter
AYLWARD, William  carpenter
AYLWARD, William mason
AYLWARD, William tailor
AYRE, Charles R. dry goods
AYRE, George confectioner
AYRE, Jane milliner
AYRE, Jesse baker
AYRE, John B. bookkeeper
Ayre & Marshall dry goods & c.
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