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St. John's - Hutchinson's Directory 1864-1865


It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors. 

BACON, Joseph teacher
BACON, William H. clerk
BADBROOK, William seaman
BADCOCK, Georgedry goods
BADCOCK & SCOTTdry goods & c.
BADCOCK, Thomaslaborer
BAILLIE, Johnclerk
BAINE, Ellenboarding house
Baine Johnston & Co.merchants and general importers
Baird Brothersdry goods & c.
BAIRD, D. & J.groceries and liquors
BAIRD, Davidmerchant
BAIRD, Jamesmerchant
BAIRD, Johnmerchant
BAKER, Elizabeth, wid William
BAKER, Frederickcashier
BAKER, Georgeseaman
BAKER, Mrs. Johanna
BALDWIN, Davidfisherman
BALDWIN, Johnboatman
BALDWIN, Josephclerk
BALSOM, Johnpainter
BAMBRICK, Martinfisherman
BAMBRICK, Martinlaborer
BAMBRICK, Michaelbutcher
BANE, Margaret, wid Thomas
BARNES, Andrewcarpenter
BARNES, Charles
BARNES, Charlesclerk
BARNES, Ebenezermerchant
BARNES J. B. & Co.commission merchants
BARNES, Jamesfisherman
BARNES, John Bmerchant
BARNES, Mrs. Janeteacher
BARNES, Silascarpenter
BARNES, Thomascarpenter
BARNES, William carpenter
BARNES, Williamclerk
BARNES, Williamfisherman
BARNES, Williamjoiner
BARNES, William M.merchant
BARRETT, Jamesfisherman
BARRETT, Jameslaborer
BARRETT, Robertliquors
BARRETT, Williamseaman
BARRINGTON, Ann, wid John
BARRINGTON, Edwardfisherman
BARRINGTON, Isaacfisherman
BARRINGTON, Thomasgroceries
BARRON, Jamesstorekeeper
BARRON, Johnfisherman
BARRON, Lawrenceclerk
BARRON, Patrickgrocer
BARRON, Pierce M. M.H.A.Secretary General Water Co.
BARRON, Walterfisherman
BARRY, Johnfisherman
BARRY, Johnfisherman
BARRY, Mary, wid James
BARRY, Richardlaborer
BARTER, Anne, wid John
BARTER, Davidtailor
BARTER, Georgefarmer
BARTER, Hannah, wid Joseph
BARTER, Jane, wid Thomas
BARTER, Johnlaborer
BARTER, Johnsurveyor
BARTER, Jonesclerk
BARTER, Samuelcarter
BARTER, Thomasfarmer
BARTLETT, Georgefisherman
BARTLETT, Henryfisherman
BARTLETT, Johnsailmaker
BARTLETT, Josephfisherman
BASCOME, Fostershipmaster
BASTOW, Johncommission merchant and auctioneer
BATES, James
BATES, Johnfisherman
BATHGATE, Andrewscorekeeper
BATSTONE, Johncooper
BATSTONE, John Jr. drayman
BATSTONE, Miss Sarah J
BATSTONE, Zachariahfisherman
BAVIS, Jamesfisherman
BAYLY, Jamesinsurance agent
BEARNS, Nathanielbookkeeper
BEARNS, Thomas
BEARNS, Thomascabinetmaker
BEARNS, William M.clerk
BECKFORD, Jamesfisherman
BEEK, William H.clerk
BEDDISCOMB, Georgefarmer
BEDFORD, Jamesseaman
BEENLEN, Elizaschool teacher
BEENLEN, Maria Helbingschool teacher
BEER, John
BEER, Josephtailor
BEER, Thomasliquor dealer
BEGGS, Jamesseaman
BEGLEY, Johncooper
BELCHER, Mrs. Sarahboarding house
BELL, Williamseaman
BEMISTER, Eliza, wid John
BEMISTER Hon. Johnreceiver general Custom House
BENDEL, Jacobcashier
BENDLE, Williamcarpenter
BENNETT C. F. & Co.merchants
BENNETT Charles F.merchant
BENNETT, Davidmusic teacher
BENNETT, E.professor
BENNETT, Edwardstorekeeper
BENNETT, Mary, wid George
BENNETT Thomas Jr.stipendiary magistrate
BENNETT, Thomas T.bookkeeper
BERNEY, Michaelclerk
BERRIGAN, Nicholas seaman
BERRIGAN, Patricktailor
BERRIGAN, Williamship carpenter
BERRY, Johncooper
BEVINS, Henryclerk
BEVIS, Thomasfisherman
BIBBY, Jamesfisherman
BIBBINGS, Johnfisherman
BICCOM, Williamseaman
BINDALL, Williamblock maker
BIRD, Mary, wid John
BIRMINGHAM, Rogerclerk
BIRMINGHAM, Thomasfisherman
BISHOP, Georgeteacher
BISHOP, Henrylaborer
BISHOP, Jamesseaman
BISHOP, Johnteacher
BLACKBURN, Johncarpenter
BLACKLER, Edwardcooper
BLACKLER, Johnlaborer
BLACKLER, Thomascooper
BLACKLER, Williamroomkeeper
BLACKLER, William H.bookkeeper
BLACKWOOD, A. & R.hairdressers
BLACKWOOD, Andrewhairdresser
BLACKWOOD, Andrew Jr.clerk
BLACKWOOD, Roberthairdresser
BLAIR, O. H.clerk
BLAKE, Caroline, wid Thomas
BLAKE, William M.hardware
BLANFORD, Charlestailor
BLANFORD, Johnsaddler
BLANFORD, Johnsaddler
BLUNDELL, Henrysailmaker
BLUNDON, Jamestailor
BLUNDON, Johnclothier
BLUNDON, John, Jr.clothier
BLUNDON, Robertmerchant tailor
Board of Works Office
BOATH, Alexandermariner
BODEN, Robertcommission merchant
Boden & Seymourcommission merchants
BOGGAN, Franciscooper
BOGGAN, Johncooper
BOLAN, Davidfisherman
BOLAN, Edwardfisherman
BOLAN, Ellen, wid Maurice
BOLAN, Johnfisherman
BOLAN, Richardshipmaster
BOLAN, Samuelfisherman
BOLAN, Stephenfisherman
BOLER, Richardfisherman
BOLT, Johnfarmer
BOLT Mrs. Sarah china, glass, earthenware, and seed store
BOLT, Thomasfisherman
BOLT, Williamfisherman
BOND, Johnbookkeeper
BOND, Johnmanager
BOND, Rachael, wid William
BOONE, Samuelclerk
BORN, Mrs. keeper Colonial Building
BOURKE, Lawrence
BOURKE, Michaellaborer
BOVEY, Johncarpenter
BOW, Michaelporter
BOWDEN Corneliusboot and shoe maker
BOWDEN, F. W.musical instruments
BOWDEN, Georgeshipwright
BOWDEN, Henryshipmaster
BOWDEN, Johnmariner
BOWDEN, Robertbaker
BOWDEN, Solomonmaster mariner
BOWDEN, Williamprinter
BOWDRIDGE, Martinporter
BOWELL, Robertpensioner
BOWES, Michaellaborer
BOWLAN, Mauricefarmer
BOWLAN, Mauricelaborer
BOWN, George
BOWN, George F.auctioneer and commission merchant
Bowring Brotherscommission merchants and insurance agents
BOWRING, Charlesmerchant
BOWRING, Charles T.merchant
BOWRING, Edwardmerchant
BOWRING, Henry P.merchant
BOWRING, Johnmerchant
BOWRING, William B.merchant
BOYD J . & W.commission merchants
BOYD, Johncommission merchant
Boyd & McDougallmerchants
BOYD, Thomasmerchant
BOYD, Williamcommission merchant
BOYD, Williamtailor
BOYLES, Patrickservant
BRACE, Alfred S.professor of music
BRACE, Ebenezerbookbinder
BRACE, Georgeoverseer of prisoners
BRACE, Mary, wid Thomas
BRACE, Richardkeeper St. John's Penitentiary
BRACE, Williamfisherman
BRADSHAW, Francisshipmaster
BRADSHAW, Henry F.bookkeeper
BRADY, Francisfisherman
BRADY, Jamesfisherman
BRADY, Sir Francischief justice
BRANSCOMB, Williambookeeper
BRAY, Alice, wid Patrick
BRAY, Johnseaman
BRAZIL, Corneliusfisherman
BRAZIL, Patrick
BRAZIL, Williamfarmer
BRAWDERS, Williamfisherman
BREEN, Anne, wid John
BREEN, Ellen, wid John
BREEN, Jamesfisherman
BREEN, Jameslaborer
BREEN, Johnfisherman
BREEN, Johnfisherman
BREEN, Maria, wid John
BREEN, Martinbutcher
BREEN, Martinbutcher
BREEN, Patrickfisherman
BREEN, Patrickfisherman
BREEN, Roberttrader
BREEN, Thomasblacksmith
BREEN, Williamfisherman
BRENNAN, Edwardcabdriver
BRENNAN, Edwardliquors
BRENNAN, Edward.seaman
BRENNAN, Jamescabdriver
BRENNAN, Jamesfarmer
BRENNAN, Johnfarmer
BRENNAN, Johnfisherman
BRENNAN, Margaret, wid John
BRENNAN, Martinfisherman
BRENNAN, Maryliquors
BRENNAN, Mary, wid Luke
BRENNAN, Michaelfarmer
BRENNAN, Petermerchant
BRENNAN, Philipfisherman
BRENNAN, Thomaslaborer
BRENNAN, Thomasmessenger
BRENNAN, Williamcarpenter
BRIAN, Edwardfisherman
BRIAN, Henry
BRIAN, Jamescook St. John's Penitentiary
BRIAN, Jamesfisherman
BRIAN, Johnfarmer
BRIAN, Lawrenceunder storekeeper
BRIAN, Lukecarpenter
BRIAN, Mary, wid John
BRIAN, Patrickfisherman
BRIAN, Patrickfisherman
BRIAN, Redmondvictualler
BRIAN, Winifredwasherwoman
BRIDGE, Benjaminsailor
BRIDGE, Johnfisherman
BRIDGEMAN, Johncarpenter
BRIDGEMAN, Missesmilliners
BRIEN, Catherine, wid Patrick
BRIEN, Denniscooper
BRIEN, Jamesmason
BRIEN, Johnvictualler
BRIEN, John Jr.victualler
BRIEN, Mary, wid John
BRIEN, Patrickfisherman
BRIEN, Patrickfisherman
BRIEN, Patrickfisherman
BRIEN, Patrickshoemaker
BRIEN, Thomaslaborer
BRIEN, Thomasshipmaster
BRINE, Bridget wid Thomas
BRINE, Jamescarpenter
BRINE, James fisherman
BRINE, Johnblacksmith and fitter
BRINE, Johnfisherman
BRINE, Johnlaborer
BRINE, Johnshipmaster
BRINE, John M.agent
BRINE, Louisaschoolteacher
BRINE, Michaelfisherman
BRINE, Patrickporter
BRINE, Thomasfisherman
BRINE, Thomasfisherman
BRINE, Thomasfisherman
BRINE, Thomasfisherman
BRINE, Williamfisherman
BRINE, William
Britannia Life Assurance Co., D. W. Prowse agent agent
British hall
BRITT, Jamesgroceries
BRODERICK, Thomaslaborer
BRODERICK, Thomasshoemaker
BROGAN, Charlescooper
Brooking & Co.merchants and insurance agents
BROOKING Mary, wid John
BROOKING Thomas Hmerchant
BROOKS, Philipcarpenter
BROOKS, Stephencoachman
BROPHY, Catherine, wid Patrick.
BROPHY, Edwardfisherman
BROPHY, Edwardtailor
BROPHY, Johnteacher
BROPHY, Michaelfisherman
BROTHERS, Michaelfisherman
BROWN, Christophermerchant
BROWN, Douglas J.student-at-law
BROWN, Georgefisherman
BROWN, Johnclerk
BROWN, Robertclerk
BROWN, Robertmanager
BROWN, Robert S.draper
BROWN, Thomasfarmer
BROWN, Thomas
BROWNE, Michaellaborer
BROWNE, Nicholasmason
BROWNE, Philip
BROWNE, Thomasmason
BROWNING, Gilbertbiscuit manufacturer
BROWNING, James clerk
BROWNING, Mrs. Maryboarding house
BRUIN, Jamesshoemaker
BRYAN, Charlesservant
BRYAN, Dennisfisherman
BRYAN, Jamesfisherman
BRYANT, Sarahgroceries
BRYDEN Jamesdry goods and groceries
BRYDEN, Williamclerk
BRYEND, Mary, wid Lambert
BUCKLER, Alfredcooper
BUCKLER, Johnlaborer
BUCKLEY, Alfredcooper
BUCKLEY, Edwardblacksmith
BUCKLEY, Johnblacksmith
BUCKLEY, Johnlaborer
BUCKLEY, Mary, wid Michael
BUCKLEY, Patrickgeneral blacksmith
BUCKLEY, Patrickfisherman
BUCKLEY, Thomasbutcher
BUCKLEY, Thomassawyer
BUCKMASTER, Patrickbutcher
BUGDEN, Benjaminshipcarpenter
BUGDEN, Williamsweep
BULGER, Anastasia, wid John
BULGER, Edwardcooper
BULGER, Nicholascooper
BULGER, Nicholasfisherman
BULGER, Patrickblacksmith
BULGER, Patrick fisherman
BULGER, Williamfisherman
BULGER, Williamfisherman
BULGER, Williamfisherman
BULLEY, Johnlimeburner
BULLEY, Johnporter
BULLEY, John B.notary public and insurance broker
BULLEY, Prescottclerk
BUNTING, Frederick G.physician
BURBIT, Samuellaborer
BURCELL, Georgemaster mariner
BURFORD, Edwardshipmaster
BURGOYNE, Peter B.clerk
BURKE, Ellen
BURKE, Johnfisherman
BURKE, Johnliquors
BURKE, Johnshipmaster
BURKE, Martinfisherman
BURKE, Michaelcooper
BURKE, Michaelfisherman
BURKE, Mrs. Carolineteacher
BURKE, Patrickpensioner
BURNETT, Edward baker
BURRIDGE, Johnmason
BURRIDGE, Thomasbuilder
BURT, Johnstonecutter
BURTON, Jamesseaman
BURTON, Johnshipcarpenter
BURTON, John T.editor and proprietor "Telegraph"
BUTCHER, Johnaccountant
BUTLER, Catherine, wid William
BUTLER, Edwardseaman
BUTLER, Jamesseaman
BUTLER, Johnfisherman
BUTLER, Johnfisherman
BUTLER, Johnlaborer
BUTLER, Lawrencefisherman
BUTLER, Martindealer
BUTLER, Matthew fisherman
BUTLER, Patrick laborer
BUTLER, Piercefisherman
BUTLER, Solomonboatman
BUTLER, Thomasmaster mariner
BUTLER, Williamfisherman
BUTT, Diana, wid John
BUTT, Ellen, wid Richard
BUTT, Georgefisherman
BUTT, Mosesblacksmith
BUTT, Williamfisherman
BUTTERIS, Ethelred Hclerk
BYAN, Redmondbutcher
BYRNE, Cornelius
BYRNE, Denniscooper
BYRNE, Denniscooper
BYRNE, Edwardtailor
BYRNE, Gregory laborer
BYRNE, Jamesfisherman
BYRNE, Jeremiahlaborer
BYRNE, Johnasst. storekeeper
BYRNE, Johncarpenter
BYRNE, Josephstevedore
BYRNE, Margaret, wid William
BYRNE, Mary, wid
BYRNE, Michaelfisherman
BYRNE, Michaelfisherman
BYRNE, Patrick
BYRNE, Patrickfisherman
BYRNE, Patrickfisherman
BYRNE, Peterfisherman
BYRNE, Richardfisherman
BYRNE, Thomasbutcher and fisherman
BYRNE, Thomascooper
BYRNE, Thomassurveyor of roads
BYRNE, William
BYRNE, Williamfisherman
BYRNES, Williamliquors and sea

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