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St. John's - Hutchinson's Directory 1864-1865


It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors. 

CADWELL, Catherinewid John
CADWELL, Elizabeth
CADWELL, Zachariahjoiner
CAHILL, Edwardtailor
CAHILL, Ellenwid John
CAHILL, Jameslaborer
CAHILL, Johncarpenter
CAHILL, Johnfarmer
CAHILL, Johnfisherman
CAHILL, Johnlaborer
CAHILL, Johnshoemaker
CAHILL, Josephgroceries
CAHILL, Margaretwid Michael
CAHILL, Michaeltailor
CAHILL, Richardlaborer
CAHILL, Thomasfisherman
CAIN, Jamesfisherman
CAIN, Owentailor
CAIRNS, Thomas M.clerk
CAIRNS, Thomas R.clerk
CALDWELL, Clarawid George
CALDWELL, Johnfisherman
CALDWELL, Williamprinter
CALLAHAN, Corneliusshipmaster
CALLAHAN, Dennisseaman
CALLAHAN, Edwardfisherman
CALLAHAN, John blockmaker
CALLAHAN, Michaelstorekeeper
CALLAHAN, Patricklaborer
CALLAHAN, Williamfisherman
CALLAHAN, Jamesgrocer
CALLAHAN, Johnlaborer
CALLANAN, Michaelstorekeeper
CAMERON, Allanshipmaster
CAMERON, Catherine
CAMERON, Danielmason
CAMPBELL, Charlespensioner
CAMPBELL, Jamesclerk
CAMPBELL, Jamesteacher of navigation
CAMPBELL, Michaelfisherman
CAMPBELL, Neilcashier
CAMPBELL, Williambuilder and machinist
CAMPION, Patrickfisherman
Canada Life Assurance Company, James Bayly, agent
CANDOW, Alexander
CANE, Charlesseaman
CANE, Johnclerk
CANE, Patrickporter
CANNING, A.mason
CANNING, Horatio O.clerk
CANNING, Johnasst. collector customs
CANNING, John C.bookeeper
CANNING, Martinfisherman
CANNING, Samuelbookeeper
CANNING, Samuelbookeeper
CANNING, Thomasshoemaker
CANTWELL, Florencelaborer
CANTWELL, Jamesclerk
CANTWELL, Jamesliquors
CANTWELL, Johnliquors
CANTWELL, Williampilot
CARBARY, Johnlaborer
CARBARY, Williamlaborer
CAREW, Georgecooper
CAREW, Johncarpenter
CAREW, Marywid
CAREW, Thomasclerk
CAREY, Clementcooper
CAREY, Edwardcooper
CAREY, Jamescooper
CAREY, Johnfisherman
CAREY, Johnfisherman
CAREY, Johnfisherman
CAREY, Josephcooper
CAREY, Martinstorekeeper
CAREY, Michaelfisherman
CARNELL, Johnwheelwright
CARNELL, John T.carriagemaker
CARNELL, Richardwheelwright
CARNELL, Samuel G.carriage builder
CARNELL, Williamjoiner
CARRIGAN, Marywid John
CARRIGAN, Patrickfisherman
CARRIGAN, Walterliquors
CARRINGTON, Henryfisherman
CARRINGTON, Patiencewid Charles
CARROLL, Andrewblacksmith
CARROLL, Dennisgrocer
CARROLL, Dennisrevenue boatman
CARROLL, Danielfisherman
CARROLL, Edwardfarmer
CARROLL, Eugenecooper
CARROLL, Jameslaborer
CARROLL, Johannawid John
CARROLL, Johnfisherman
CARROLL, Johnmessenger
CARROLL, Johnporter
CARROLL, Johntailor
CARROLL, Josephfisherman
CARROLL, Margaretwid Jeremiah
CARROLL, Mariawid James
CARROLL, Michaelfisherman
CARROLL, Michaelfisherman
CARROLL, Michaelfisherman
CARROLL, Michaelseaman
CARROLL, Patrickfisherman
CARROLL, Patricktailor
CARROLL, Thomasfisherman
CARROLL, Thomasfisherman
CARROLL, Thomaslaborer
Carter & Cozensmerchants
CARTER, Frederick B. T.barrister and speaker House of Assembly
CARTER, George clerk
CARTER, Hon. Robert R.N.acting Colonial Secretary
CARTER, Johncooper
CARTER, Johngroceries and liquors
CARTER, Michaelcooper
CARTER, Monier W.clerk
CARTER, Peter W.chief stipendiary magistrate
CARTER, Rev. George
CARTER, Robertmerchant
CARTER, Robertclerk
CARTER, Susannah
CARTER, Westonlaw student
CARTER, Williambrewer
CARTER, Williamstorekeeper
CARVY, Thomasseaman
CASH, Jamesliquors
CASEY, Edwardliquors and groceries
CASEY, John M.H.A.farmer
CASEY, Martinfisherman
CASEY, Michaelfisherman
CASEY, Patrickfarmer
CASEY, Thomasdrayman
CASHIN, Jameslaborer
CASHIN, Michaelliquors
CASHIN, Thomas.grocer
CASHIN, Williamjoiner
CASSIDY, Jamestailor
CASSIDY, Michaelmaster mariner
CASSIDY, Patrickclothier
Catholic Literary Institute
CAVANAGH, Lieut. W., Royal Canadian Rifles.
Central Training School
CHAFE, Abrahamcarpenter and fisherman
CHAFE, Henryfisherman
CHAFE, Williamseaman
CHAMBERS, Johntailor
CHAMBERS, Thomas J.clerk
CHAMPION, Jamesporter
CHANCEY, Elizabethwid. Lionel
CHANCEY, Georgecarpenter
Chancey & Heathbakers and confectioners
CHANCEY, Johnshipwright
CHANCEY, Lionel Thomasconfectioner
CHANCEY, Sarahwid Lionel
CHANCEY, Robertprinter
CHAPLIN, Marktailor
CHAPTER, Johnlaborer
CHARLES, Thomasclerk
CHARLES, William H.wharfinger
CHARLTON, Edwardsoldier
CHILDS, Henryforeman
CHISHOLM, John F.bookseller and stationer
CHISHOLM, Colinphotographer
CHOWN, Francis Hclerk
CHRISTIAN, Georgeshoemaker
CHRISTIAN, George F.clerk
CHRISTIAN, Williambookkeeper
CHRISTOPHER, Garrettplanter
CHRISTOPHER, Johnfisherman
CHRISTOPHER, Johnfisherman
CHRISTOPHER, Patrickfisherman
CHRISTOPHER, Thomasfisherman
CHRISTY, Johnclerk
Church of England Academy
Church of England Orphan Asylum
Church of England School, Mr. Wood, teacher
CLANCE, Jamesfisherman
CLANCE, Martincabdriver
CLANCY, Dennisfisherman
CLANCY, Johannawid James
CLANCY, Thomasfisherman
CLANCY, Williamgardener
CLAPP, Gilward
CLARE, Johnfisherman
CLARE, Lawrencefisherman
CLARE, Michaelfisherman
CLARE, Mosesfisherman
CLARK, Edwardlaborer
CLARK, Jamesfisherman
CLARK, Jamesseaman
CLARK, Johnfisherman
CLARK, Josephfisherman
CLARK, Josephseaman
CLARK, Williamlaborer
CLARKE, Georgemessenger
CLARKE, Johnfisherman
CLATLEY, Danielfisherman
CLAUSEN, Philipseaman
CLAYTON, Thomasclerk
CLAYTON, Richardclerk
CLEARY, Michaelprinter
CLEARY, Nicholasfisherman
CLEARY, Patrickfisherman
CLEARY, Patrickfisherman
CLEARY, Philipmaster mariner
CLEARY, Phillipstorekeeper
CLEARY, Stephenfisherman
CLEARY, Thomasfisherman
CLEARY, Williamfisherman
Clerk of the Assembly's Office
CLIFFORD, Bridgetwid Thomas
CLIFFORD, Michaelcooper
CLIFT, Charles N.bookkeeper
CLIFT, Hon. James S.commission merchant
CLIFT, Theodoreauctioneer and commission merchant
CLIFT, Thomascommission merchant
CLIFT, Wood & Co.commission merchant
CLOONEY, Jamescooper
CLOONEY, Johnfisherman
CLOONEY, Johnfisherman
CLOONEY, Patrickbutcher
CLOUSTON, Johnmason
CLOUSTON, Thomastinsmith
CLOW, Edmundprinter
COADY, Elizabethwid Thomas
COADY, Johnporter
COADY, Michaelmerchant
COADY, Michaellaborer
COADY, Mrs. Mary A.bonnetmaker
COADY, Patrickcarpenter
COADY, Patrickfisherman
COADY, Patrickpoliceman
COADY, Stephentide waiter
COADY, Thomasclerk
COADY, Williamcarpenter
COAKER, Williamfisherman
COCKERAM, Robertmanager
CODAHEY, Robertmason
CODNER, Ezekiahfisherman
CODY, Edwardfisherman
CODY, Jamesbookkeeper
CODY, James
CODY, James bookkeeper
CODY, Josephfisherman
CODY, Lawrencefisherman
CODY, Michaelfisherman
CODY, Nicholasfisherman
CODY, Petershoemaker
CODY, Priscilla
CODY, Stephenfisherman
CODY, Williamcaptain
COE, Samuelcarpenter
COEN, Capt. William J.deputy asst. adjt. gen. volunteers
COFFEE, Michaelfisherman
COFFIN, Thomas carpenter
COFFIN, Thomastidewaiter
COLBERT, Edwardshipcarpenter
COLBERT, Jamesbutcher
COLE, Henrymaster mariner
COLE, Jamesfarmer
COLE, Johnlaborer
COLE, Johnpoliceman
COLE, Michaelfisherman
COLE, Samuelfisherman
COLE, Stephenasst. keeper asylum
COLE, Thomas H.cabinetmaker
COLE, Williamfisherman
COLE, Williammaster mariner
COLE, Williamprinter
COLE, Williamseaman
COLE, Williamshipowner
COLEMAN, Edwardfisherman
COLEMAN, Jeremiahlaborer
COLEMAN, Johncarpenter
COLEMAN, Patrickcarpenter
COLEMAN, Patricktailor
COLES, Stephenattendant Lunatic Asylum
COLFORD, Elizawid James
COLFORD, Thomascooper
COLLETT, Jamescod liver oil manufacturer
COLLINS, Catherinewid James
COLLINS, Catherinewid Richard
COLLINS, Dennislaborer
COLLINS, Isaacboarding house
COLLINS, James merchant
COLLINS, Johnlaborer
COLLINS, John T.clerk
COLLINS, Michaelcooper
COLLINS, Patricklaborer
COLLINS, Patricktailor
COLLINS, Peterlaborer
COLLINS, Richardclerk
COLLINS, Thomas D.storekeeper
COLLINS, Williamlaborer
COLLINS, Williamseaman
COLLIS, Jamesclerk
COLLIS, Williamfisherman
Colonial Building
Colonial Secretary's Office
Colonial Life Assurance Co., Brooking & Co., agents
COLTON, Johnclerk
COLTON, Johncooper
COLTON, Johncooper
COLTON, Johndraper
COLTON, Samuelcooper
COMERFORD, Ellenwid Michael
COMERFORD, Ellenwid Richard
COMERFORD, Johncooper
COMERFORD, Lawrencecooper and grocer
COMERFORD, Marywid. Michael
COMERFORD, Marywid. Richard
COMERFORD, Michaelfisherman
COMERFORD, Michaeltidewaiter
COMERFORD, P.professor
COMERFORD, Patrickteacher
COMERFORD, Williamclerk
Commercial Bank of Newfoundland
Commercial Rooms
Commissariat Office
CONDON, Annwid John
CONDON, Danielshipcarpenter
CONDON, Davidfisherman
CONDON, Johnfisherman
CONDON, Martincarpenter
CONDON, Martincarpenter
CONDON, Michaelfisherman
CONDON, Williamfisherman
CONNELL, Edwardfisherman
CONNELL, Janewid John
CONNELL, Johnfisherman
CONNELL, Mauricefisherman
CONNELL, Marywid Patrick
CONNELL, Patrickshoemaker
CONNELL, Thomasfisherman
CONNOLLY, Edwardfisherman
CONNOLLY, Johannawid Patrick
CONNOLLY, Marywid Patrick
CONNOLLY, Michaelcooper
CONNOLLY, Michaelbutcher
CONNOLLY, Patrickfisherman
CONNOLLY, Thomasfisherman
CONNOR, Thomasbutcher
CONNORS, Bartholomewteacher
CONNORS, Davidcustom house locker
CONNORS, Francisfisherman
CONNORS, Jamesgardener
CONNORS, Jamesfisherman
CONNORS, Martinfisherman
CONNORS, Marywid Michael
CONNORS, Michaelbutcher
CONNORS, Michaelfisherman
CONNORS, Patrickbutcher
CONNORS, Patrickbutcher
CONNORS, Patrickfisherman
CONNORS, Patricklaborer
CONNORS, Thomasfisherman
CONNORS, Thomasfisherman
CONNORS, Timothyfisherman
CONNORS, Williamfisherman
CONSTANTINE, Jamesfisherman
CONSTANTINE, Johnfisherman
Convent of Mercy
CONWAY, Bridgetwid James
CONWAY, Charlesplasterer and slater
CONWAY, Jamesfisherman
CONWAY, Johnfisherman
CONWAY, Johnlaborer
CONWAY, Johnlaborer
CONWAY, Michaelfisherman
CONWAY, Rev. John
COONAN, Patrickbaker
COONEY, Johnfisherman
COONEY, Johnfisherman
COONEY, Michaelgrocer
COONEY, Michaellaborer
COOK, Annwid Robert
COOK, Charlescooper
COOK, Georgefarmer
COOK, Hannahwid John
COOK, Jamesfisherman
COOK, John A.fisherman
COOK, John Alfredsea captain
COOK, Josephfisherman
COOK, Marthawid Richard
COOK, Robertfisherman
COOK, Thomascooper
COOK, Williambutcher
COOK, Williamfisherman
COOK, Williammason
COOKE, Henrybookkeeper
COOKE, Richardclerk
COOMBES, Thomasservant
COONAN, Jamesbaker
COOPER, Henryshoemaker
COOPER, Johncarpenter
COOPER, Josephtinsmith
COOPER, Marywid David
CORBET, Johncooper
CORBET, Thomascooper
CORBET, Williamcooper
CORBETT, Williamgrocer
CORCORAN, Elizabeth
CORCORAN, Jamesmessenger
CORCORAN, Lawrencefisherman
CORCORAN, Lawrenceshoemaker
CORCORAN, Patrickfisherman
CORCORAN, Richardfisherman
CORNFOOT, Alexanderclerk
CORMACK, Jamesfisherman
CORMACK, Jamesmerchant
CORMACK, Edwardmason
COSGROVE, Thomaslaborer
COSTELLO, Edwardmariner
COSTELLO, Ellenwid James
COSTELLO, Ellenwid John
COSTELLO, Matthewfisherman
COSTELLO, Patrickfisherman
COSTELLO, Williamfisherman
COSMAN, Mosesplumber
COSTAN, Patrickservant
COSTIGAN, Jamesfisherman
COSTIGAN, Michaelstorekeeper
COSTIGAN, Michaelstorekeeper
COSTIGAN, Michaelstorekeeper
COTNER, E.fisherman
COTNER, Williamfisherman
COTTER, Patrickliquors
COUGHLAN, Bridgetwid Patrick
COUGHLAN, Juliawid Edward
COUGHLAN, Williampoliceman
COUGHLAN, Williammail contractor
Courier The, Joseph Woods, publisher
Court House
COURTNEY, Richardbutcher
COUSINS, James H.storekeeper
COWAN, Benjaminstorekeeper
COWAN, Charlesspanish clerk
COWAN, Elizabethwid William
COWAN, Gracewid Peter
COWAN, Johnclerk
COWAN, Johnbookkeeper
COWAN, Miss Agnessub-matron
COWAN, Peterstorekeeper
COWAN, Robertfarmer
COWLEY, Henryseaman
COX, Charlesfisherman
COX, Jamesclothier
COX, Thomascooper
COXSON, Markgunsmith
COYELL, Annwid William
COYELL, Jamesjoiner and undertaker
COYLE, Williamclerk
COZENS, Edward H.cooper
COZENS, John C.clerk
COZENS, John H.general dealer
COZENS, Williamclerk
CRAIG, Charlesseaman
CRAIG, Charlesclerk
CRAIG, Johnclerk
CRAIG, Johnclerk
CRANE, Danielfisherman
CRANE, Johncooper
CRANE, Lawrencecooper
CRANE, Nicholascooper
CRANE, Walterfisherman
CREACH, Georgefisherman
CREW, Cyrusaccountant
CRICKARD, Thomaslaborer
CRIMP, Robertfisherman
CRIMP, Williamstorekeeper
CRITCH, Josephfisherman
CRITCH, Thomasfisherman
CRAWFORD, Henrylaborer
CROAK, Johnbaker
CROAK, Johnfisherman
CROAK, Patrickfisherman
CROAK, Thomasbarkeeper
CROAKE, Patrickfisherman
CROAKER, Thomastailor
CROCKER, Aubreysailmaker
CROCKER, Henrystorekeeper
CROCKER, Williamforeman printer
CROSBY, Marydressmaker
CROSSMAN, Aaronblacksmith
CROSSMAN, Williamblacksmith
CROTTY, Daniellaborer
CROTTY, Johncooper
CROTTY, Williamliquors
CROTTY, William Sr.fisherman
CROUCHER, Levifisherman
CROUCHER, Thomasfisherman
CROW, Andrewfisherman
CROW, Johnfisherman
CROWDY, Charlesphysician
CROWDY, Joseph1st clerk Col. Sec. Office
Crowdy & Simmsphysicians
CROWLAY, Danielfisherman
CROWLAY, Jeremiahcarpenter
CRUICKSHANK, Alexanderclerk
CRUTE, Johngardener
CRUTE, Richardboot and shoe maker
CUDDIHY, Johnlaborer
CUDDIHY, Johnmason
CUDDIHY, Michaelmason
CUDDIHY, Richard
CUDDIHY, Richardfisherman
CUDDIHY, Richardgroceries
CUDDIHY, Thomasliquors
CULLEN, Edwardbaker
CULLEN, Margaretwid John
CULLEN, Patrick
CULLEN, Thomascooper
CULLEN, Thomaslaborer
CULLEN, Williamgroceries and liquors
CULLETON, Davidfisherman
CULLETON, Ellenteacher
CULLETON, Johnbaker
CULLETON, Johnfisherman
CULLETON, Josephboarding house
CUMMINGS, Petershipowner and master
CUMMINS, Edwardclerk
CUMMINS, Ellenwid James
CUMMINS, Jamesfisherman
CUMMINS, Johnfisherman
CUMMINS, Michaeltailor
CUMMINS, Nicholasshipcarpenter
CUMMINS, Patrickshoemaker
CUMMINS, Philipfisherman
CUNNINGHAM, Johnfisherman
CUNNINGHAM, Marywid John
CUNNINGHAM, Michaelcooper
CUNNINGHAM, Patrickfisherman
CUNNINGHAM, Williamfisherman
CURRAN, Catherinewid Oliver
CURRAN, Danielfisherman
CURRAN, Edwardtailor
CURRAN, Johnfisherman
CURRAN, Johntailor and clothier
CURRAN, Michaelcooper
CURRAN, Thomasclerk
CURRAN, Thomasplanter
CURRAN, Timothylaborer
CURTIN, Corneliuslaborer
CURTIN, Jamestailor
CURTIN, Margaretwid John
CURTIS, Johnfisherman
CURTIS, Johnfisherman
CURTIS, Patrickblacksmith
CURTIS, Williamseaman
CURRIE Alexanderdraper
CURRIE Johnslate worker
CURRY, Jamesfisherman
CUSACK, Johnmerchant
CUTHBERT, Marywid William

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