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St. John's - Hutchinson's Directory 1864-1865


It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors. 

DAHEY, Stephenfisherman
Daily News, Robert Winton, publisher
DALEY, Honorah, wid Charles
DALEY, Patricktailor
DALEY, Robertlaborer
DALTON, Catherine, wid Simon
DALTON, Matthewfisherman
DALTON, Michaelfisherman
DALTON, Patrickfisherman
DALTON, Thomaslaborer
DALTON, Walterfarmer
DALTON, William
DALTON, Williampoliceman
DALY, Bridget, wid Michael
DALY, Charlesseaman
DALY, Jamesboot and shoe maker
DALY, Jamesclerk
DALY, Josephblacksmith
DALY, Michaelporter
DALY, Michael J.bookeeper
DALY, Patrickboot and shoe maker
DANIEL, Jamesclerk
DANIEL, Samuelfisherman
DANIEL, Williamfisherman
DANIELS, Margaret, wid Samuel
DANNAHY, Cornelius merchant tailor
DARCY, Donaldfisherman
DARCY, Karanfarmer
DAVENPORT, Williamcoachman
DAVERICKS, Jamesbaker
DAVIDSON, Jamesclerk
DAVIDSON, William H.clerk
DAVIS, Ann, wid John
DAVIS, Charlessailor
DAVIS, Richardfisherman
DAVIS, Williamcarpenter
DAVY, Edwardjoiner
DAVY, Richardcooper
DAW, Johnfisherman
DAWLEY, Michaelfisherman
DAWSON, Bridget, wid William
DAWSON, Johnfisherman
Day Book, Francis Winton, publisher
DAY, Edward fisherman
DAY, Jamesmaster mariner
DAY, Johncooper
DAY, Michaeltruckman
DAY, Thomaslaborer
DAY, Thomaslaborer
DAYMOND, Williamcabinetmaker
DEACON, Jamesfisherman
DEADY, Danielfisherman
DEADY, Kate, wid Thomas
DEADY, Williambaker
DEARIN, Alfreddruggist
DEARIN, Frederick S.carpenter
DEARIN, George U.druggist
DEARIN, John J.druggist
DEARIN, John J. Jr.clerk
DEARIN, Williamcabinetmaker
DEARIN, Williamclerk
DEAY, Williamfisherman
DeBOURKE, Richardcabinetmaker
DEEKAN, Johnfarmer
DEHY, Stephenlaborer
DELANEY, Ann, wid James
DELANEY, Edward M. J. C. E.surveyor general's office
DELANEY, Johnpost master general
DELANEY, Johnlaborer
DELANEY, Johnlaw student
DELANEY, Lawrencebutcher
DELANEY, Mary A., wid Edward
DELANCY, Thomascarpenter
DELHANTY, Richardbutcher
DEMPSEY, James Jr.blacksmith
DEMPSEY, James Sr.blacksmith
DEMPSEY, Johncarpenter
DEMPSEY, Johnfisherman
DEMPSEY, Miss Bridget
DENEIFF, Patrickfarmer
DENEHY, Johnlaborer
DENMAN, Patrickfisherman
DENNEY, Williamlaborer
DEVAN, Patrickfarmer
DEVANEY, Anthonyoffice keeper
DEVANEY, Patrickseaman
DEVANNA, Anthonymessenger
DEVEREAUX, Bridget, wid James
DEVEREAUX, Edwardclerk
DEVEREAUX, Mary, wid William
DEVEREAUX, Jameslaborer
DEVEREAUX, Thomasprinter
DEVEREAUX, Williamfisherman
DEVLIN, Jamesclerk
DEVLIN, Johncommissariat issuer
DIAMOND, Samuelfarmer
DICK, Williamstorekeeper
DICKER, Williamcarpenter
DICKINSON, Henry and agent
DICKS, Georgesailmaker
DICKS, Johnfisherman
DICKS, Johnsailmaker
DICKS, Robertbookbinder
DILLON, Johncabdriver
DILLON, Richardfisherman
DILLON, Thomascabdriver
DISCOMB, Samuelseaman
DOBBIN, Nicholasfisherman
DOBBIN, Patrickfisherman
DODD, Georgetailor
DODD, Josephlaborer
DODD, William, seaman
DOHERTY, Bernardengineer
DOHERTY, Bridget
DOHERTY, Edmundfisherman
DOHERTY, Jamesfisherman
DOHERTY, Timothyprinter
DOHENY, Catherine, wid Edward
DOHENY, Richardfisherman
DOLT, Williamservant
DONAHOE, Mary Annmilliner
DONAHOE, Matthewmason
DONALDSON, ---clerk
DONALDSON, Henryclerk
DONALDSON, Johnboot and shoe maker
DONNELLY, Jeremiahshoemaker
DONNELLY, Johnshipmaster
DONNELLY, Johnstonecutter
DONNELLY, Richardlaborer
DONNELLY, Williamfisherman
DONOGHUE, Thomastidewaiter
DONOHUE, Jameswatchman
DONOHUE, Mary, wid Jeremiah
DONOVAN, Elizabeth, wid
DONOVAN, Johanna
DONOVAN, Johnfisherman
DONOVAN, Johnliquors
DONOVAN, Lieut. F. H. S., Royal Canadian Rifles
DONOVAN, Patricktinsmith
DONOVAN, Timothylaborer
DOOLAN, Margaret, wid John
DOOLAN, Patrickfisherman
DOOLAN, Peter,farmer
DOOLEY, Danielfisherman
DOOLEY, Dennisbutcher
DOOLEY, Garretshipwright
DOOLEY, Jamesshipcarpenter
DOOLEY, Johnshipcarpenter
DOOLEY, Mary, wid. Daniel
DOOLEY, Mrs. Maryteacher
DOOLEY, Michaelfarm servant
DOOLEY, Michaelfisherman
DOOLEY, Patrickbutcher
DOOLEY, Patrickmaster mariner
DOOLEY, Richardfisherman
DOOLEY, Richardgrocer
DOOLEY, Richardmaster mariner
DOOLEY, Richardshipwright
DOOLEY, Sarah, wid Garret
DOOLEY, Solomonseaman
DOOLEY, Thomasshipwright
DOOLEY, Thomastrader
DOOLEY, Williambutcher
DOOLEY, William Jr.butcher
DOOLING, Davidfarmer
DOOLING, Davidgrocer
DOOLING, Ellen, wid Patrick
DOOLING, Johngrocer
DOOLING, Williamgroceries and liquors
DOONEY Mauriceliquors
DORAN, Ellen, wid Patrick
DORAN, Jamesfisherman
DORAN, Michaelfisherman
DORAN, Owenbutcher
DORAN, Patricklaborer
DORAN, Williamlaborer
DORSEY, Michaelcooper
DOUEY, Josephfisherman
DOURNEY, Anastasia, wid John
DOUTNEY, Patrickcollector
DOUTNEY, Patricktailor
DOUTNEY, WilliamH.M. customs
DOWDEN, Jamesporter
DOWDEN, Thomasfarmer
DOWDEN, Williamfarmer
DOWN, Robertboot and shoe maker
DOWN, Rogerboot and shoe maker
DOWNEY, Andrewlaborer
DOWNEY, Danielfisherman
DOWNEY, Johnkeeper of St. John's poor-house
DOWNEY, Michaelfisherman
DOWNEY, Thomasfisherman
DOWNS, Williamlaborer
DOWSLEY, Felixdruggist
DOWSLEY, Georgeshipowner
DOWSLEY, Williamclerk
DOYLE, Dennisfisherman
DOYLE, Edwardfisherman
DOYLE, Edwardlaborer
DOYLE, Francisteacher
DOYLE, Henriettamilliner
DOYLE, Jamesfisherman
DOYLE, Johnfarmer
DOYLE, Jameswharfinger
DOYLE, Johnfisherman
DOYLE, Lawrencefisherman
DOYLE, Lawrenceblacksmith
DOYLE, Margaret, wid Dennis
DOYLE, Mary, wid Thomas
DOYLE, Matthewfarmer
DOYLE, Matthewfisherman
DOYLE, Michaeltruckman
DOYLE, Peterclerk
DOYLE, Peterclerk
DOYLE, Peterfarmer
DOYLE, Peterfisherman
DOYLE, Peterpensioner
DOYLE, Peterstorekeeper
DOYLE, Richardcooper
DOYLE, Thomasbaker
DOYLE, Thomascooper
DOYLE, Thomasseaman
DOYLE, William cooper
DOYLE, William fisherman
DREELAN, Michaelfisherman
DRESTUS, Jultonsailmaker
DREW, Nicholasfisherman
DREW, Nicholasservant
DREWEN, Peterfisherman
DRISCOLL, Corneliusfisherman
DRISCOLL, Johnmaster mariner
DRISCOLL, Martinfisherman
DRISCOLL, Michaelclerk
DRYER, William B.clerk
DUCHANE, Philipcarpenter
DUCHEMIN, James Lblockmaker
DUCHEMIN, Peter pump and blockmaker
DUDER, Charlesstorekeeper
DUDER, Edwinmerchant
DUDER, Henryfarmer
DUDER, Henryvictualler
DUDER, Thomasbutcher
DUDLEY, Johncarpenter
DUFF, Richardcaptain
DUFF, Thomascaptain
DUFFY, Ann, wid James
DUFFY, Johnbooks and stationary
DUFFY, Margaret, wid Andrew
DUGGAN, Henrygrocer
DUGGAN, Michaellaborer
DUGGAN, Oliverfisherman
DUGGAN, Walterfisherman
DUGGAN, Williamcooper
DULEHANTY, Lawrencefisherman
DULEHANTY, Margaret, wid John
DUNCAN, Charlesclerk
DUNHAM, Johnboot and shoe maker
DUNN, Andrewlaborer
DUNN, Ann, wid Jeremiah
DUNN, Edwardfarmer
DUNN, Edwardfisherman
DUNN, Jeremiahmessenger
DUNN, Jamesfisherman
DUNN, Jeremiahlaborer
DUNN, Johnbaker
DUNN, Johnfarmer
DUNN, Johnfisherman
DUNN, John T.groceries and liquors
DUNN, Lieut. F. S. A., Royal Canadian Rifles
DUNN, Lukefisherman
DUNN, Margaret, wid John
DUNN, Miss Catherinemilliner
DUNN, Thomasdrayman
DUNNE, Arthurfisherman
DUNNE, Bartholomewdrayman
DUNNE, Edwardshipcarpenter
DUNNE, Jamesfisherman
DUNNE, Jeremiahfisherman
DUNNE, Matthewgroceries and spirits
DUNNE, Michaelcabinetmaker
DUNNE, Patrickfisherman
DUNNE, Patrickfisherman
DUNPHY, Edwardclerk
DUNPHY, Edwardfisherman
DUNPHY, Francisfisherman
DUNPHY, Jamesmessenger
DUNPHY, Johnbookeeper
DUNPHY, Johncooper
DUNPHY, Johnfisherman
DUNPHY, Martinfisherman
DUNPHY, Michaelcooper
DUNPHY, Patrickfisherman
DUNPHY, Thomasclerk
DUNPHY, Thomasclerk
DUNPHY, Thomascooper
D'URIARTE, Don Hippolitespanish consul
DUTTON, Charlessea captain
DWYER, Ambroseclerk
DWYER, Edward
DWYER, Georgeclerk
DWYER, Jamesclerk
DWYER, Jamesfisherman
DWYER, James fisherman
DWYER, Jamesshoemaker
DWYER, Johnfarmer
DWYER, Johnfarmer
DWYER, Johnliquors and groceries
DWYER, Johntailor
DWYER, Margaret
DWYER, Mary, wid Michael
DWYER, Mauricelaborer
DWYER, Michaellaborer
DWYER, Patrick
DWYER, Thomasclerk
DWYER, Thomasfisherman
DWYER, Thomasfisherman
DWYER, Thomas S.liquors
DWYER, Elizabeth
DWYER, William seaman

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