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St. John's - Hutchinson's Directory 1864-1865


It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors. 
EADIE, Jamesclerk
EAGAN, Johnliquors
EAGAN, Michaelfisherman
EAGEN, Bridgetmilliner
EAGEN, Daniellaborer
EAGEN, Johnbaker
EAGEN, Johnpilot
EAGEN, John storekeeper
EAGEN, Patricktailor
EALES, Johnbutcher
EALES, William H.farmer
EARLE, Edwardfisherman
EARLE, Henryhouse joiner
EARLE, Henryproprietor "Prince of Wales Hotel"
EARLE, Johnmusic teacher
EARLE, Johnrigger
EARLE, Roberttailor
EARLE, Samuel N.musician
EARLE, Thomassailmaker
EARLS, Georgelaborer
EASTCOTT, Jamesporter
EBBS, Johnfisherman
EBBS, Thomasfisherman
EBSARY, Elizabeth, wid Samuel
EBSARY, Markservant
EBSARY, Richardfisherman
EBSARY, Williamfisherman
ECOURT, Johnfarm servant
EDENS, John A. auctioneer and commission merchant
EGAN, Johnliquors
EGAN, Patrickclerk
EGGELTON, Johnfisherman
ELBERT, Michael
ELLARD, Johanna, wid Peter
ELLARD, Michael, coopercooper
ELLARD, Patrick, planterplanter
ELLIOTT, Jamestinsmith
ELLIOT, Michaelstorekeeper
ELLIS, Charlesengineer
ELLIS, Charlesmaltster
ELLIS, Davidmason
ELLIS, Ellen, wid William H.
ELLIS, Henryclerk
ELLIS, Patricklaborer
ELMSLY, Georgemerchant
Elmsly & Shawgrocers
Elmsly Shaw & Thomsongeneral importers
ELSON, Mrs. B.teacher
ELSON, Samuelforeman
ELWARD, Matthewfarmer and fisherman
Elward liquors
ELWARD, Nicholasfamer and fisherman
ELWARD, Philipfisherman
EMERSON, Archibaldbarrister
EMERSON, Hon. G. H.clerk of the council Colonial Bldg
EMERSON, Prescottbarrister and attorney
ENGLAND, Jameslaborer
ENGLISH, Jamesplasterer
ENGLISH, Johnfisherman
ENGLISH, Johnboot and shoe maker
ENGLISH, Josephtailor
ENGLISH, Joseph Jr.tailor
ENGLISH, Thomasfisherman
ENGLISH, Thomasplanter
ENGLISH, Williamfisherman
ENNES, Johnfisherman
ESCOT, Jamesservant
ESMOND, Johnfisherman
ESMOND, Michaelfisherman
EVANS, Edwardmerchant
EVANS, Jamesfisherman
EVANS, Johnsailmaker
EVANS, Johnsailmaker
EVANS, Thomas
EVANS, Williamseaman
Evans & Le Messurierbrokers and commission agents
EVERETT, Jameslaborer
EVERETT, Patrickfisherman
EVOY, Andrewfisherman
EVOY, Patrickfisherman
EWING, James
Express The Newfoundland, James Seaton, editor, publisher and proprietor
EYLWARD, Redmondfarmer

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