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St. John's - Hutchinson's Directory 1864-1865


It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors. 
FAIRY, Mary Ann, wid Samuel
FACEY, Samuel master mariner
FAGAN, Johnfisherman
FAGAN, Johnwharfinger
FAGAN, Miss Ellen
FAGAN, Peterfisherman
FAHEY, Jamesfisherman
FAHEY, Jeremiahfisherman
FAHEY, Lawrencefisherman
FALLANCE, Y. J.bookeeper
FANNING, Edwardbookeeper
FARDY, Jamescooper
FARDY, Johncooper
FARDY, Josephcooper
FARDY, Nicholasfisherman
FARDY, Patrickfisherman
FARDY, Patrickfisherman
FARRELL, Catherine, wid Maurice
FARRELL, Edwardcarpenter
FARRELL, Ellen, wid Patrick
FARRELL, Jamesfarmer
FARRELL, Jamessnuff and candle manufacturer
FARRELL, Jamesgroceries and liquors
FARRELL, Johnclerk
FARRELL, Michaelgroceries and liquors
FARRELL, Miss Bridgetboarding house
FARRELL, Philipfarmer
FARRELL, Thomasliquors
FEEHAN, Johncooper
FEEHAN, Johnfisherman
FEEHAN, Patrickservant man
FEEHAN, Pierceshipmaster
FEELEY, Ellen, wid Anthony
FIELD, Right Rev.Edward, D.D.Lord Bishop of Newfoundland
FENLON, Johnporter
FENLON, M.professor
FENLON, Patrickfisherman
FENNESEY, Johnclerk
FENNESEY, Patrickcooper
FENNESEY, Williamseaman
FERRER, Miguel C.spanish interpreter
FERGUSON, Johnclerk
FERGUSON, Williamsergeant of police
FERRIS, Johnblacksmith
FERRIS, Williamblacksmith
FIDELLE, Nicholasfisherman
FIELD, Georgemariner
FIELD, Margaret, wid Richard
FILMORE, Georgechina, glass &c
Financial Secretary's Office
FINLAY, J. N.dry goods
FINLAY, James superintendent
FINLAY, Johnfarmer
FINN, Ellen, wid Patrick
FINN, Jamesfarmer
FINN, Jameswatchman
FINN, Jameswatchman
FINN, Lawrence
FINN, Lawrencefisherman
FINN, Patricklaborer
FINNIKEN, Michaeltailor
FIRTH, Margaret, wid William
FIRTH, Robertclerk
FIRTH, Robertdraper
FIRTH, Williamclerk
FISHER, Robertstorekeeper
Fisherman's Hall
FITZGERALD, Andrewcooper
FITZGERALD, Andrewfisherman
FITZGERALD, Dennislaborer
FITZGERALD, Edmundlaborer
FITZGERALD, Edwardfisherman
FITZGERALD, Jamesfarmer
FITZGERALD, Jamesfisherman
FITZGERALD, Jamesfisherman
FITZGERALD, Johnbutcher
FITZGERALD, Johnfisherman
FITZGERALD, Johnlaborer
FITZGERALD, Michaelcooper
FITZGERALD, Michaelfarmer
FITZGERALD, Michaelfisherman
FITZGERALD, Patrickfisherman
FITZGERALD, Patrickfisherman
FITZGERALD, Patrickfisherman
FITZGERALD, Williamlaborer
FITZGIBBON, Edmundclerk
FITZGIBBON, Williamfisherman
FITZHENRY, Mauricecooper
FITZHENRY, Milescooper
FITZPATRICK, Bridget, wid Michael
FITZPATRICK, Johnfisherman
FITZPATRICK, Josephlaborer
FITZPATRICK, Michaelcooper
FITZPATRICK, Fitzgeraldseaman
FITZPATRICK, Thomaspainter
FITZPATRICK, Williambaker
FLAHERTY, Richardboot and shoe maker
FLANERY, Jamesliquors
FLANERY, Timothy
FLAVIN, Ann, wid Roger
FLEMING Richardsaddle and harness maker
FLEMMING, Matthewprinter
FLEMMING, Matthewshoemaker
FLEMMING, Michael servant
FLEMMING, Patricklaborer
FLETT, Peterclerk
FLETT, Williamclerk
FLETT, Williamfisherman
FLETCHER, Jamesstorekeeper
FLING, Jamesporter
FLINN, Andrewfisherman
FLINN, Edwardcooper
FLINN, Jamesfisherman
FLINN, Jamesshoemaker
FLINN, Johnbaker
FLINN, Johnfisherman
FLINN, Johnshoemaker
FLINN, Mary, wid Patrick
FLINN, Mauriceliquors
FLINN, Patrick
FLINN, Williamfisherman
FLINN, Williamliquors
Floating Dry Dock
FLOOD, Jamesfisherman
FLOOD, Patrickblacksmith
FLOWER, Georgeplasterer
FLYNN, Edwardlaborer
FLYNN, Williamfisherman
FOGARTY, Johnlaborer
FOGARTY, Josephbutcher
FOGARTY, Mary, wid James
FOLAN, Ellen Mrs.washerwoman
FOLEY, Augustinecarpenter
FOLEY, Ellengroceries
FOLEY, Jamescarpenter
FOLEY, Johnbaker
FOLEY, Johnfisherman
FOLEY, Johnfisherman
FOLEY, Johnfisherman
FOLEY, Johnfisherman
FOLEY, Johnlaborer
FOLEY, Johnwatchman
FOLEY, Margaret, wid William
FOLEY, Michaelfisherman
FOLEY, Michaelfisherman
FOLEY, Nicholasblacksmith
FOLEY, Patrickporter
FOLEY, Patrickshipcarpenter
FOLEY, Piercetailor
FOLEY, Williamfisherman
FOLEY, Williamcooper
FOOTE, William
FORAN, Richardfisherman
FORAN, Thomasrigger
FORBES, Alexanderclerk
FORD, Johnliquors
FORD, John P.fisherman and culler
FORDHAM, Benjaminbookeeper
FORRISTOL, Edwardcooper
FORRISTOL, Jamesgroceries and spirits
FORRISTOL, Jamesfisherman
FORRISTOL, Johncooper
FORRISTOL, Johnfisherman
FORRISTOL, Johnlaborer
FORRISTOL, Patrickbutcher
FORRISTOL, Patrickfisherman
FORRISTOL, Robertseaman
FORRISTOL, Thomasfisherman
FORRISTOL, Williambutcher
FORSAY, Richardclerk
FORSAY, Richardclerk
FORSAY, Thomasclerk
FORTUNE, Johnlaborer
FORWARD, Georgesailmaker
FOSTER, Jamesshipcarpenter
FOSTER, Thomasgroceries
FOSTER, Thomasplumber
FOWLER, Williamfisherman
FOX, Charlescod liver oil and blacking manufacturer
FOX, Charles J.cigar manufacturer
FOX, Jamescommission merchant
FOX, John P.carpenter and builder
FOX, Thomas H.clerk
FRAMPTON, Williamsexton
FRANCIS, Henry W.clerk
FRANCIS, Williamwarfinger
FRANEY, Bridget, wid Thomas
FRASER, Hectorclerk
FRASER, Hector Mc."Torosay"
FRASER, Henrybookeeper
FRASER, Henry Mc."Torosay"
FRASER, Hon. James O.merchant
FRASER, James N.physician
FRASER, John McL.clerk
FRASER, Williamcooper
FRASER, Mary, wid James
FREEMAN, Johnclerk
FREEMAN, Stephencarpenter
FREEMAN, William I.bookkeeper
FRENCH, Georgeshipmaster
FRENCH, Henryboatman
FRENCH, Jameslaborer
FRENCH, Mary, wid Robert
FRENCH, Robert culler of fish
FRENCH, Robertbait skiff master
FRENCH, Stephenstorekeeper
FRENCH, Williamfisherman
Freshwater Mills
FREW, Williamclerk
FRY, Francisseaman
FUIRS, Samuelfisherman
FUIRS, Williamfisherman
FUNNELL, Richardgunsmith
FURE, Mary, wid William
FURLONG, Alexandershoemaker
FURLONG, Bridget, wid
FURLONG, John J.carriagemaker
FURLONG, Jamesclerk
FURLONG, Jamesfisherman
FURLONG, James P. W.clerk
FURLONG, Johnclerk
FURLONG, Johnfisherman
FURLONG, Johnlaborer
FURLONG, Johnwatchman
FURLONG, Josephcooper
FURLONG, Lawrenceliquors
FURLONG, Margaret, wid James
FURLONG, Patrickfisherman
FURLONG, Patricklaborer
FURLONG, Patrickliquors
FURLONG, Sylvester
FURLONG, Thomasfarmer
FURLONG, Waltercarpenter
FURNEAUX, Josephsergeant-at-arms
FURNISS, Jameshouse joiner
FURZE, Richardcooper
FURZE, Richardstorekeeper
FUTCHER, Ferdinandcarpenter

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