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St. John's - Hutchinson's Directory 1864-1865


It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors. 
GADEN, George H.letter carrier
GADEN, Thomas E.landing waiter
GALE, J., wid
GLAGAY, Ellen, wid Francis
GALLAGY, Williamfisherman
GALLIHAR, Patrickfisherman
GALLISHAW, Abrampilot
GALLISHAW, Abrahampilot
GALLISHAW, Johnpilot
GALLISHAW, Philippilot
GALLISHAW, Williampilot
GALLIVAN, Ellen, wid John
GALLIVAN, Jamesfisherman
GALLIVAN, Jamesfisherman
GALLIVAN, Jamespensioner
GALLIVAN, Martincooper
GALLIVAN, Marymilliner
GALLIVAN, Michaelcooper
GALLIVAN, Nicholasfisherman
GALLIVAN, Peterfisherman
GALLIVAN, Thomasplanter
GALLIVAN, Williamcooper
GALLIVAN, Williamfisherman
GALWAY, Dennistailor
GALWAY, Nicholasliquors
GAMBERG, Charlespainter
GAME, Jameslaborer
GARDNER, Thomasmaster mariner
GARDNER, Williamsteward
GARLAND, Augustuscooper
GARLAND, Georgestorekeeper
GARLAND, Jamesblacksmith
GARLAND, Johncarpenter
GARRETT, Jamestinsmith
GARRETT, Johntinsmith
Garrison Hospital
GARY, Georgecooper
Gas Light Company's office
Gas Works
GAUL, Patrickcooper
Gazette, The Royal
GEAR, Georgestoves, ranges and tinware
GEARAN, Lawrence J.grocer
GEARIN, Thomasmaster mariner
GEARY, Mauricelaborer
GEDDES, Georgestorekeeper
GEDDES, Thomasclerk
GENT, Charlescooper
GENT, George W.shipmaster
General Water Company's Ace
GETHRAL, Henryfisherman
GIBBONS, Johnfisherman
GIBBS, Johnblockmaker
GIBBS, Johncooper
GIBBS, Johanna
GIBSON, Captain A., Royal Canadian Rifles
GIBSON, Jamesfarmer
GIBSON, Johnclerk
GIFFORD, Henrylaborer
GILL, Frederickfarmer
GILL, Henry
GILL, Leanderbookeeper
GILL, Mary A., wid Richard
GILL, William3rd clerk custom house
GILLARD, John T.bookkeeper
GILLESPIE, Thomasstorekeeper
GILLIGAN, M.garrison sergeant-major
GILMOR, Lieut. W., Royal Canadian Rifles
GIORY, Margaret, wid John
GIOVANNINI, Oratiolooking glasses and picture frames
GISBORNE, Reginaldclerk
GLADLAY, Jamesbutcher
GLADLAY, Richardbutcher
GLADNEY, Martintailor
GLASCOTT, Petershoemaker
GLEESON, Catherineboarding house
GLEESON, Jameshardware
GLEESON, Johnbookkeeper
GLEN, Corneliusshipcarpenter
GLEN, Martinfisherman
GLENDON, Jamesshipmaster
GOBY, Bernardlaborer
GOFF, Mauricefisherman
GOFF, Richardcabinetmaker
GOFF, Samuel
GOLDSWORTHY, Jamesmaster mariner
GOLLOWAY, Johncooper
GOLLOWAY, Williamliquors
GOODALL, Johnfisherman
GOODFELLOW, Jamesmanager
GOODLAND, Jamesfisherman
GOODLAND, Jameslaborer
Goodridge Alan & Sonsmerchants
GOODRIDGE, Augustus F.merchant
GOODRIDGE, Henry C.merchant
GOODRIDGE, John F.cashier
GOODRIDGE, Williambookkeeper
GOODRIDGE, Williamclerk
GORDON, Jamesclerk
GORMAN, Patrickfisherman
GORMAN, Richardsailmaker
GORMON, Michaeldrayman
GOSLING, Georgeclerk
GOSS, David
GOSS, Johntailor
GOSS, Mary, wid William
GOSS, Mrs. Marymilliner
GOSS, Peterseaman
GOSS, Samuelshipmaster
GOUDIE, Eliastinsmith
GOUDIE, Georgefisherman
GOULD, Jamesclerk
GOULD, Thomasfisherman
Government House
GOWANS, Jacobcab driver
GRACE, Francisteacher
GRACE, Jamesfisherman
GRACE, James J.grocer
GRACE, Johntailor
GRACE, Michaelbutcher
GRACE, Michaelcarpenter
GRACE, Michaelcooper
GRACE, Mrs. Pierce
GRACE, Patrickboot and shoe maker
GRACE, Patrickcooper
GRACE, Patrickservant
GRACE, Patrick tailor
GRACE, Patricktailor
GRACE, Thomasclothier
GRACE, Thomasfisherman
GRAHAM, Alexandermaster mariner
GRAHAM, James J.bookseller and stationer
GRAHAM, Jamespainter
GRAHAM, Robertshoemaker
GRANT, Alexanderclerk
GRANT, Johncooper
GRANT, Mary, wid Thomas
GRANT, Mrs. Marynurse
GRANT, Patricklaborer
GRANT, Richardpoliceman
GRANT, Simonsteward
GRANT, Thomasfisherman
GRANT, Thomasliquors
GRANT, Williamfisherman
GRANTVILLE, Johnfisherman
GRANTVILLE, Patrickcooper
GRAY, Andrewclerk
GRAY, Georgebookkeeper
GRAY, Josephfisherman
GRAY, Thomaslaborer
GREADY, Dennisfisherman
GREEN, Charlescashier
GREEN, Jamesfisherman
GREEN, Johncooper
GREEN, Johnshipmaster
GREEN, Mauriceboot and shoe maker
GREEN, Mauricemaster mariner
GREEN, Nicholasfisherman
GREEN, Thomasfisherman
GREENE, Randalaccountant and teller
GREENWAY, Eliascarpenter and builder
GREENWAY, Johnclerk
GRIBBLE, Mary A., wid Joseph
GRIEVE, James Gmerchant
GRIEVE, Robertmerchant
Grieve Walter & Comerchants
GRIFFIN, Alice, wid James
GRIFFIN, Lawrencefisherman
GRIFFIN, Mauricefisherman
GRIFFIN, Mary, wid John
GRIFFIN, Thomassea captain
GRIFFIS, Johnfisherman
GRIFFIS, Williamfisherman
GRIFFIS, Ellen, wid Charles
GRIMSTEAD, Williampainter
GRINSLET, Matthewfisherman
GRINSLET, Michaelfisherman
GRISHEY, Eliasfisherman
GRISHEY, Williamfisherman
GUINAN, Francistailor
GUNN, Alexandershipcarpenter
GUNN, Josephcarpenter
GUSCOTT, Samuelfarmer and cabdriver
GUSHUE, Francistinsmith
GUSHUE, Mrs. Stephen

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