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St. John's - Hutchinson's Directory 1864-1865


It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors. 
HABBERLIN, Patrickclerk
HABBERLIN, Patrickshipcarpenter
HABBERLIN, Thomasfisherman
HABBET, William
HACKET, Andrewinspector of pickled fish
HACKETT, Jameslaborer
HACKETT, Johanna, wid John
HACKETT, Johnfisherman
HACKETT, Johnmaster mariner
HACKETT, Johnteacher
HACKETT, Margaret
HACKETT, Patrickfisherman
HACKETT, Patricklaborer
HACKETT, Williammaster mariner
HADDEN, Thomasclerk
HAFFEY, Ann, wid John
HAFFEY, Patrickfisherman
HAGAN, Johnshipmaster
HAGERTY, Bartholomewfisherman
HAGERTY, Johnfisherman
HAGERTY, Patrickcabinetmaker
HAGERTY, Williamlaborer
HALE, Mary, wid Thomas
HALLEHAN, Edwardfisherman
HALLERAN, Danielfisherman
HALLERAN, Danielwharfinger
HALLERAN, Lawrencetrader
HALERN, Terenceshipmaster and owner
HALEY, Jameschief clerk
HALEY, Johnfisherman
HALEY, M., wid John
HALEY, Mary Al. dressmaker
HALL, Williamfisherman
HALLIDAY, Jamesstorekeeper
HALLY, William D.bookeeper
HALLY, Philiptidewaiter
HALLY, Richardblockmaker
HALLY, Thomasmaster mariner
HAMILTON, Johnfisherman
HAMILTON, Michaelmusician
HAMMOND, Williamwarder
HAMLIN, Marthateacher
HAMLIN, Martinplanter
HAMLIN, Williamengineer
HANDRICK, Thomaswaymaster
HANEY, Williamfisherman
HANLEY, Richardsnuff and candle manufacturer
HANLON, Jamesliquors
HANLON, Johnfisherman
HANLON, Johnfisherman
HANLON, Lawrencelaborer
HANLON, Michaelfisherman
HANNMAIR, Llewellynclerk
HANMAR, Noeldept.asst. supt. of stores
HANNINGAN, Patricklaborer
HANNING, Catherineteacher
HANNON, Williamfisherman
HANRAHAN, Edmond M. attorney
HANRAHAN, Jamesfisherman
HANSEN, Petermaster mariner
HARDER, Jamesprinter
HARDEY, Mary, wid John
HARDING, Johnfarmer
HARDING, Patrickfarmer
HARE, Patrickfisherman
HARLEY, Francisplasterer
HARNEY, Thomasclerk
HARRIGAN, Ellen, wid Edward
HARRIS, Mary A., wid Nicholas G.
HARRIS, Rev. George P. principal
HARRIS, Robertseaman
HARRIS, Samuelmaster mariner
HARRIS, Williamcarpenter
HART, Georgeshipmaster
HART, Thomastailor
HARTERY, Corneliusfisherman
HARTERY, Johnfisherman
HARTERY, John, C.sea captain
HARTERY, Josephpoliceman
HARTEWELL, Georgefisherman
HARTLEY, Michaelseaman
HARVEY, Augustus W.commission merchant
HARVEY, Eugeniuscommission merchant
HARVEY, Johnfisherman
HARVEY, Rev. Moses
HARVEY, Richardbookkeeper
HASEY, Jamesbutcher
HASS, Frederickmaster cooper
HATCHETT, William B.medical student
HATTON, Georgelumber surveyor
HAW Thomas, groceries and liquors
HAWE, Williamcooper
HAWE, Williamfisherman
HAWKINS, Elizabeth, wid Matthias
HAWKINS, Henrybarrack sergeant
HAWKINS, John T.cooper
HAY, John A.clerk
HAY, Johnstonecutter
HAYDEN, Bridget, wid Michael
HAYDEN, Daniellaborer
HAYDEN, Patrickfisherman
HAYDEN, Richardfisherman
HAYDEN, Thomasfisherman
HAYES, Bridget, wid David
HAYES, Catherine
HAYES, Jeremiahfisherman
HAYES, Johnfisherman
HAYES, Johnlaborer
HAYES, Martinclerk
HAYES, Martinclerk
HAYES, Mary, wid Edmund
HAYES, Michaelclerk
HAYES, Nicholasclerk
HAYES, Thomasbutcher
HAYES, Thomasclerk
HAYES, Timothytailor
HAYWARD Augustus O.barrister and insurance agent
HAYWARD, George F.clerk
HAYWARD, George J.merchant
HAYWARD, James S.landing surveyor of customs house
HAYWARD, John W.clerk
HAYWARD, Rebecca
HEALE, Jamesfisherman
HEALE, Williamplanter
HEALEY, Edwardclerk
HEALEY, Edwardfisherman
HEALEY, Mrs. Honorah
HEALEY, Martintrader
HEALEY, Michaelfisherman
HEALEY, Nicholasfisherman
HEARN, Catherine, wid Patrick
HEARN, Jamesbookkeeper
HEARN, Jamesfisherman
HEARN, Jamesfisherman
HEARN, Jameslaborer
HEARN, Jameslaborer
HEARN, Johnfisherman
HEARN, Marygroceries
HEARN, P. & T.auctioneers and commission merchants
HEARN, Patrickauctioneer and commission merchant
HEARN, Patrickboot and shoe maker
HEARN, T.auctioneer and commission merchant
HEARN, Thomasfisherman
HEATH, Henryshoemaker
HEATH, John, P.confectioner
HEAVIN, Lawrencelaborer
HEDGMAN Edward B.clerk
HEDGMAN Walterclerk
HELLYER, Johnboot and shoe maker
HELLYER, Johnfisherman
HENDERSON Daniel J. commission agent
HENDERSON, Henryclerk
HENDERSON, Henryseaman
HENDERSON, Williamstorekeeper
HENDERSON, William Jr.clerk
HENDRICK, Michaelshoemaker
HENNEBURY, Johnfarmer
HENNEBURY, Johnplanter
HENNEBURY, Michaelfisherman
HENNEBURY, Michaellaborer
HENNEBURY, Patricklaborer
HENNEBURY, Patricklaborer
HENNEBURY, Thomasfarmer
HENNEBURY, Thomasplanter
HENNESSY, Anne, wid James
HENNESSY, Danielfisherman
HENNESSY, Edwardblacksmith
HENNESSY, Edwardgroceries and spirits
HENNESSY, Jamescarpenter
HENNESSY, Jamestailor
HENNESSY, Jamestailor
HENNESSY, Johnfisherman
HENNESSY, Margaret, wid Robert
HENNESSY, Patrickclerk
HENNESSY, Thomascooper
HENNESSY, Thomasfisherman
HENNESSY, Thomasfisherman
HENNESSY, Thomaslaborer
HEWEARDINE, Williamshoemaker
HEWETT, Amelia, wid Henry
HICKEY, Jamesfisherman
HICKEY, Jeremiahshipcarpenter
HICKEY, Johncustom house locker
HICKEY, Johnfisherman
HICKEY, Josephfisherman
HICKEY, Leonardfisherman
HICKEY, Michaelcooper
HICKEY, Michaeltailor
HICKEY, Patrickfisherman
HICKEY, Robertshipcarpenter
HICKS, Robert seaman
HIGGINS, Johnforeman
HIGGINS, Mauricefisherman
HILL, Georgecooper
HILL, Johnfarmer
HILL, Johnstorekeeper
HILL, Nathanielcooper
HINCHY, Williamfisherman
HINES, Jamesstorekeeper
HINES, Marymilliner
HISCOCK, Frederickclerk
HISCOCK, Richardfisherman
HISCOCK, Richardshipcarpenter
HISCOCK, Rogerfisherman
HISCOTT, Henrycooper
HOAR, Edwincooper
HOAR, Maryservant
HODDER, Davidtinsmith
HODDER, Williampainter
HODSON, Johnfisherman
HODSON, Oliverfisherman
HODSON, Philipfisherman
HOGAN, Edwardcooper
HOGAN, Patrickfisherman
HOGAN, Patrickgroceries and liquors
HOGAN, Thomasfisherman
HOGAN, Williamsaddler
HOGSETT, George J.barrister
HOLDEN, Jamesfisherman
HOLDEN, Johncarpenter
HOLDEN, Mrs. Elizabeth matron
HOLDEN, Miss Kate
HOLDEN, Richard B.notary public
HOLDEN, Richard K.. assistant clerk
HOLLAND, Danielcooper
HOLLETT, Johnfisherman
HOLLETT, Robertfisherman
HOLLETT, Williamfisherman
HOLLY, Bridget, wid Thomas
HOLLY, Johnseaman
HOLMES Johnsoldier
HOLMES Thomascoachman
HOLMWOOD, Charlesmerchant
HOLTEN, Thomas Randallseaman
HOOK, Williampoliceman
HOOPER, Charlesshipcarpenter
HOPE, Henryseaman
HORWILL, Jamesclerk
HORWOOD, Eliza, wid John
HORWOOD, J. & T.confectioners
HORWOOD, Johnconfectioner
HORWOOD, Johnlaborer
HORWOOD, Johnplanter
HORWOOD, Mary A., wid William
HORWOOD, Richardplanter
HORWOOD, Robertfisherman
HORWOOD, Thomasconfectioner
HORWOOD, Williamattendant Lunatic Asylum
HOSKEN, Johnlaborer
HOULAHAN, Josephmaster mariner
HOUNSELL, Thomas C.merchant
HOUNSELL, William, & Co.merchants
HOUSE, Mary, wid Frank
HOWATT, Mary, wid Thomas
HOWARD, Jamesfisherman
HOWARD, Mary A.teacher
HOWE, Jamesmanager
HOWLETT, Johnstorekeeper
HOWLETT, Patrickfisherman
HOWLETT, Patrickfisherman
HOWLETT, Thomasfisherman
HOWLEY, Eliza, wid John
HOWLEY, Michaelfisherman
HOWLEY Rev. Richard
HOWLEY, Richardfinancial secretary
HOWSON, Johncarpenter
HOYLES Hon. Hugh general
HUBBARD, Richardsailmaker
HUDSON, Georgeporter
HUDSON, Michaelclerk
HUDSON, Williammaster mariner
HUGHES, Johnjoiner
HUGHES, Thomaspoliceman
HULEHAN, Corneliusfisherman
HUMPHRY, Edwardteacher
HUNNEYWELL, Danielshipmaster
HUNT, Levimariner
HUNT, Martinfisherman
HUNT, Robert
HUNT, Williammariner
HUNTER, Charles P.merchant
HURLEY, Danielfisherman
HURLEY, Johnlaborer
HURLEY, Jamestailor
HURLEY, Johncooper
HURLEY, Mary, wid James
HURLEY, Morrisporter
HURLEY, Patrickfisherman
HURLEY, Patrickliquors and groceries
HURLEY, Richardtailor
HURLEY, Robertseaman
HUTCHINGS, Charlessailmaker
HUTCHINGS, George K.clerk
HUTCHINGS, Johnfisherman
HUTCHINGS, John & Sonsailmakers
HUTCHINGS Philipmerchant
HUTTON, Georgegrocer
HYDE, Josephfisherman
HYDE, Williamfisherman
HYLAND, Thomaspoliceman
HYNES, --shoemaker
HYNES, Edwardplanter
HYNES, Michaelfisherman
HYNES, Patricktallyman

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