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St. John's - Hutchinson's Directory 1864-1865


It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors. 

KANE, Danielcabman
KANE, Danielcabdriver
KANE, Danielseaman
KANE, Edwardfisherman
KANE, Jamesfisherman
KANE, Johnseaman
KANE, Mauricefisherman
KANE, Owentailor
KANE, Patrickfisherman
KANE, Patricklaborer
KAVANAGH, Ann, wid Patrick
KAVANAGH, Alexanderfisherman
KAVANAGH, Catherine, wid Matthew
KAVANAGH, Catherine, wid Edwin
KAVANAGH, Darbypilot
KAVANAGH, Frederickcooper
KAVANAGH, Garretfisherman
KAVANAGH, Jamescarpenter
KAVANAGH, Jamesclerk
KAVANAGH, Jamesfisherman
KAVANAGH, Jamesfisherman
KAVANAGH, Jamesporter
KAVANAGH, John, M. H. A.merchant
KAVANAGH, Johncooper
KAVANAGH, Johnlaborer
KAVANAGH, Johnshoemaker
KAVANAGH, Johnstorekeeper
KAVANAGH, Johnstorekeeper
KAVANAGH, Lukefisherman
KAVANAGH, Michaelbaker
KAVANAGH, Martincarpenter
KAVANAGH, Patrickcarpenter
KAVANAGH, Patrickfisherman
KAVANAGH, Patrickfisherman
KAVANAGH, Simonfisherman
KEATS, Johnfisherman
KEAY, Nary, wid Edward
KEAY, Michaelfisherman
KEARNEY, Andrewlaborer
KEARNEY, Jamessnuff & candle manufacturer
KEARNEY, Johnclerk
KEARNEY, Michaelfisherman
KEARNEY, Michaelsailmaker
KEARNEY, Michael Jr.clerk
KEARNEY, Richardmaster mariner
KEATING, Johnfisherman
KEATING, Michaelfisherman
KEATING, Patrickfisherman
KEATING, Thomasfisherman
KEATING, Thomasmariner
KEDNEY, Danielfisherman
KEELEY, Mosesfisherman
KEELEY, Patrickfisherman
KEENAN, Andrewcab driver
KEENAN, Margaret, wid Thomas
KEENAN, Patrickcab driver
KEEFE, Andrewlaborer
KEEFE, Danielfisherman
KEEFE, Jamesliquors
KEEFE, Johncarpenter
KEEFE, Johnfisherman
KEEFE, Johnfisherman
KEEFE, Michaelfisherman
KEEFE, Michaeltailor
KEEFE, Robertcooper
KEEFE, Thomascooper
KEEFE, Thomaslaborer
KEEFE, Thomasseaman
KEHOE, Michaelseaman
KEHOE, Patrickcooper
KEITH, Johnprinter
KEITH, Joseph
KELCHER, Philipshoemaker
KELLEY, Johnblacksmith
KELLEY, Johntailor
KELLEY, Michaeltailor
KELLY, Catherine, wid Thomas
KELLY, Christopherfisherman
KELLY, Dennisseaman
KELLY, Edmundfisherman
KELLY, Edwardfisherman
KELLY, Edwardfisherman
KELLY, Ellen
KELLY, Honorah, wid John
KELLY, Jamescooper
KELLY, Jamesfisherman
KELLY, Jamesfisherman
KELLY, Jamessailmaker
KELLY, Johanna, wid Nicholas
KELLY, Johnfisherman
KELLY, Johnlaborer
KELLY, Johnporter
KELLY, Johnseaman
KELLY, Lawrencefisherman
KELLY, Mary, wid John
KELLY, Michaelfisherman
KELLY, Michaellaborer
KELLY, Michaellaborer
KELLY, Patrickclerk
KELLY, Patrickfisherman
KELLY, Peterlaborer
KELLY, Patricklaborer
KELLY, Patricktailor
KELLY, Patricknightboatman
KELLY, Rev. James B., M.A.
KELLY, Samuellaborer
KELLY, Thomasbutcher
KELLY, Thomasclerk
KELLY, Thomastidewaiter
KELLY, Thomasfisherman
KELLY, Thomasfisherman
KELLY, Williamfisherman
KELLY, Williamfisherman
KELLY, Williamgroceries and liquors
KELLY, Williamvictualler
KENDALL, Richardwheelwright
KENEWICHE, Bridget, wid Luke
KENNA, Jamessergeant police
KENNA, Margaret
KENNA, Thomas
KENNEDY, Martinseaman
KENNEDY, Bridget, wid Thomas
KENNEDY, Edwardcooper
KENNEDY, Georgefisherman
KENNEDY, Hughblacksmith
KENNEDY, Jamesfisherman
KENNEDY, Jamesfisherman
KENNEDY, Jameslaborer
KENNEDY, Johnfisherman
KENNEDY, Johnfisherman
KENNEDY, Johnfisherman
KENNEDY, Johnmason
KENNEDY, Miss Mary
KENNEDY, Michaelfisherman
KENNEDY, Michaelfisherman
KENNEDY, Michaelfisherman
KENNEDY, Patrickfisherman
KENNEDY, Patricktailor
KENNEDY, Robertfisherman
KENNEDY, Thomasfisherman
KENNEDY, Williamfisherman
KENNY, Davidlaborer
KENNY, Elizabeth, wid Philip
KENNY, Frederick & Michaelsailmakers
KENNY, Jamescooper
KENNY, Johncooper
KENNY, Johnlaborer
KENNY, Johnliquors
KENNY, Margaret, wid James
KENNY, Patrickfisherman
KENNY, Patrickfisherman
KENNY, Patricktailor
KENNY, Thomascooper
KENNY, Thomasfisherman
KENNY, Thomasfisherman
KENNY, Williamfisherman
KENT, J. & R.commission merchants
KENT, Jamescommission merchant
KENT, Jamesliquors
KENT, John, M. H. A.
KENT, Michael A.clerk
KENT, Peterfisherman
KENT, Robertcommission merchant
KENT, Thomasfarmer
KENT, Williamlaborer
KENT Williamstorekeeper
KEOUGH, Anne, wid Thomas
KEOUGH, Jamesfarmer
KEOUGH, Jamesfisherman
KEOUGH, Martinfisherman
KEOUGH, Martinplanter
KEOUGH, Owenfisherman
KERR, Robertmerchant
KERRY, Jamesfisherman
KESTER, Christianseaman
KICKHAM, Charlescarpenter
KICKHAM, Ellen, wid James
KIELTY, Johncooper
KIELY, Edwardclerk
KIELY, Edwardcooper
KIELY, Elizabeth, wid William
KIELY, Ellen, wid James
KIELY, Johnfisherman
KIELY, Johnprinter
KIELY, Michaelfisherman
KIELY, Thomaslaborer
KIELY, Thomasseaman
KILLEGREW, Williammerchant
KING, Bridget, wid Thomas
KING, Davidfisherman
KING, Henrylaborer
KING, Henrylaborer
KING, Jamesfisherman
KING, James Jr.fisherman
KING, Johnfisherman
KING, Johnfisherman
KING, Johnfisherman
KING, Johnfisherman
KING, Johnfisherman
KING, Johnfisherman
KING, Johnstorekeeper
KING, John A.printer
KING, Williamcarpenter
KING, Williamfisherman
KINSELLA, Ann, wid Martin
KINSELLA, Jane, wid John
KINSELLA, Johnblacksmith
KINSELLA, Johnfisherman
KINSELLA, Patrickservant
KINSELLA, Peterblacksmith
KINSMAEN, Richardtailor
KIRBY, Johnwheelwright
KIRKLAND, Georgeclerk
KIRVAN, Mary, wid John
KITCHEN, John J.bookkeeper
KITCHEN, Williamclothier
KITCHEN, Williamgrocer
KNIGHT, Alfredprinter
KNIGHT, Amin, wid Nathaniel
KNIGHT, Edwardshipwright
KNIGHT, Georgeshipwright
KNIGHT, Henryshipmaster
KNIGHT, Jamesfisherman
KNIGHT, James joiner
KNIGHT, James L.clerk
KNIGHT, Robert G.shipmaster
KNIGHT, Samuelhardware &c
KNIGHT, James R.grocer
KNIGHT, Johnfisherman
KNIGHT, Michael T.bookkeeper
KNIGHT, Stephen
KNIGHT, Thomas, M.H.A
KNIGHT, Williamboot and shoemaker
KNOX, Johanna, wid Thomas
KNOX, Robertlaborer
KOUGH, Edwardtailor
KOUGH, Jamesmerchant tailor
KOUGH, Thomas J.barrister
KYLE, Williamclerk

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