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St. John's - Hutchinson's Directory 1864-1865


It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors. 
LACHURE, Gilescarpenter
LACEY, Jamesfisherman
LACEY, Johnlaborer
LACEY, Mrs. Johanna
LACEY, Michaelfisherman
LACEY, Philippoliceman
LACEY, Richardfisherman
LAHEY, Martinpoliceman
LAHEY, Michaelpoliceman
LAING, Michaelliquors
LAIRD, Janet, wid James
LAKEMAN, Williamfisherman
LAKEY, Peterfisherman
LAMB, Grace, wid Richard
LAMB, Michaelfisherman
LAMBELL, Williamblacksmith
LAMBERT, Johnshipcarpenter
LAMZED, Elizabeth, wid John
LANDREGAN, Marywasherwoman
LANDRY, Eliasstorekeeper
LANDRY, Richardtidewaiter
LANDY, Patricktailor
LANDY, Patricktailor
LANDY, Richardlaborer
LANE, Jamescooper
LANE, Jeremiahclerk
LANG, Elizabeth, wid Charles
LANG, Frederickblockmaker
LANG, Johncabinetmaker
LANG, Johncollector
LANGMEAD, George watchmaker and jeweler
LANGSTON, Frederickclerk
LANGSTON, Henrystorekeeper
LANNIGAN, Davidfisherman
LANNIGAN, Ellen, wid John,
LANNON, Thomasfisherman
LARACY, Ellen, wid Richard
LARACY, Jamesboarding house
LARKIN, Dennisfisherman
LARKIN, Johncooper
LARKIN, Mary, wid Martin
LARKIN, Michaeltailor
LARKIN, Petercooper
LARKIN, Richardfisherman
LARKIN, Thomasblacksmith
LARKIN, Thomasmaster mariner
LARRISSAY, Johntailor
LASH, Georgebaker
LASH, J. & G.bakers and confectioners
LASH, Jefferybaker
LAUDER, Charles R.clerk
LAUNDRY, Eliaswharfinger
LAWLOR, Jameslaborer
LAWLOR, Jamesliquors
LAWLOR, Johncooper
LAWLOR, Johnfisherman
LAWLOR, Martincooper
LAWRENCE, Robertseaman
LAY, Richardseaman
LAY, Williamsailmaker
LAYDON, Johnfisherman
LAYMAN, Georgeseaman
LAYMAN, Susan, wid William
LEACH, Convers O. American Consul
LEAHY, Mary, wid Jeremiah
LEANE, Jeremiahclerk
LEARY, Ann, wid Michael
LEARY, Dennisshoemaker
LEARY, Elizabeth
LEARY, Jamesblacksmith
LEARY, Jamesblacksmith
LEARY, Jamesshipcarpenter
LEARY, Johnfisherman
LEARY, Michaelfisherman
LEARY, Patrickfisherman
LEDROW, Henryshipwright
LEE, Catherine, wid William
LEE, Johnporter
LEE, Laurencefisherman
LEGG, Williamfisherman
Legislative Library
LEITCH, Johnservant
LEITCH, Mrs. B.liquors
LE MESSURIER, Georgestorekeeper
LE MESSURIER, Georgewharfinger
LE MESSURIER, Henryclerk
LE MESSURIER, Henrycommission merchant
LE MESSURIER, Williamchashier
LE MESSURIER, William W.,clerk
LEO, Johnbaker
LEO, JAMES J.printer
LEO, Mrs. Marygroceries and liquors
LEONARD, Johnfisherman
LE STRANGE, Peterlaborer
LEVINE, Richardfisherman
LEWIS, David
LEWIS, Georgetug boat "Diamond"
LEWIS, Jamesclerk
LEWIS, Johnfisherman
LEWIS, Patricklaborer
LEWIS, Robertfisherman
LEWIS, Stephenlaborer
LEWIS, Williampilot
LIDDY, Mrs. Ellen O.grocer
LIDDY, Patrickgroceries and spirits
LIDDY, Thomasbookkeeper
LIDSTON, Thomaslaborer
Life Association of Scotland, E. L . Jarvis agent
LILLY, George A.carpenter and lumber surveyor
LILLY, George R. assorter
LILLY, Robert R. W.clerk of the peace
LILLY, Williamsurveyor of lumber
LINDBERG Johnwatchmaker and jeweler
LINDEN, Margaret
LINEGAR, Ellenbonnetmaker
LINEGAR, Lukefisherman
LINEGAR, Michaelcooper
LISCOMB, Philipcabdriver
LISCOMB, Thomasservant
LITTLE, Johnbarrister
LITTLE, Philip F.asst. judge of Supreme Court
Lloyds agents Brooking & Co., Water street.
LLOYD, Charlestailor
LOFTY, Peterfisherman
LOGAN, Humphrybookkeeper
LONERGAN, Johnservant
LONERGAN, Nicholasliquors
LONERGAN, Williamlaborer
LONG, Ellen, wid
LONG, Jamesliquors
LONG, Jeremiahfisherman
LONG, Johnlaborer
LONG, Michaelfisherman
LONG, Thomasaccountant
LONGDON, Jameslaborer
LOOBY, Ellen, wid James
LOUGHNAN, Charlesgrocer
LOWRIE, Robertclerk
LUBY, Jeremiahlaborer
LUCAS, Jamesclerk
LUCAS, Jamesshipmaster
LUCAS, Josiahforeman
LUCAS, Margaret, wid Michael
LUCAS, Mary, wid George
LUCAS, William J.cooper
LUNDRIGAN, Edwardfarmer
LUSCOMBE, Georgecooper
LUSCOMBE, Johnminer
LUSH, Margaret, wid William J.
LYNCH, Eliza, wid Joseph
LYNCH, Jamesshipmaster
LYNCH, Johnlaborer
LYNCH, Johntailor
LYNCH, Michaelporter
LYNCH, Thomasblacksmith
LYNCH, Thomasgroceries
LYNCH, Thomasseaman
LYON, Edward W.clerk
LYON, Johnwatchmaker
LYON, Michaelstorekeeper
LYONS, Enosfisherman
LYONS, Johnfisherman
LYONS, Johnlaborer
LYONS, Michaelservant
LYONS, Williamfisherman

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