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St. John's - Hutchinson's Directory 1864-1865


It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors. 
McARTHUR, Alexanderlaborer
McAULIFF, Johnfisherman
McRIDE, Jamesmerchant
McBRIDE, Johnstorekeeper
McBride & Kerrmerchants
McBRIDE, Petermerchant
McBRIDE, Robertmerchant
McCARDLE, Johnclerk
McCARTHY, Charlesfarmer
McCARTHY, Danielfisherman
McCARTHY, Dennisfisherman
McCARTHY, Eugenetidewaiter
McCARTHY, Georgeclerk
McCARTHY, Jamesfisherman
McCARTHY, Jamesfisherman
McCARTHY, Jameslaborer
McCARTHY, Jane, wid William
McCARTHY, Johnfisherman
McCARTHY, Johnfisherman
McCARTHY, Johnfisherman
McCARTHY, Johnshoemaker
McCARTHY, Martinfisherman
McCARTHY, Michaellaborer
McCARTHY, Michaeltailor
McCARTHY, Williamclerk
McCARTHY, Williamfisherman
McCARTHY, William, Jr.fisherman
McCARTHY, Williamliquors
McCARTHY, Williamplanter
McCLURE, Andrewclerk
McCONNAN, Thomasbookseller and stationer
McCORMACK, Johnfisherman
McCORMACK, Thomasfisherman
McCOUBREY, John W.editor and proprietor "Times"
McCOUBREY, John W. Jr.printer
McCOUBREY, Richard A.boards
McCOULIFF, Michaelfisherman
McCOURT, Phillipdraper
McCRUDEN, Johnpoliceman
McDANIEL, Jameslaborer
McDONALD, Alexanderseaman
McDONALD, Elizabethnurse
McDONALD, Jamesbookkeeper
McDONALD, Jameshead clerk
McDONALD, Jamesfisherman
McDONALD, Jamesrevenue boatman
McDONALD, Jamestailor
McDONALD, Johnfisherman
McDONALD, Josephclerk
McDONALD, Josiahcarpenter
McDONALD, Michaelfisherman
McDONALD, Michaeltailor
McDONALD, Neilsea captain
McDONALD, Peterseaman
McDONALD, Williamtailor
McDONALD, Williamtailor
McDOUGALL, Alexanderclerk
McDOUGALL, Francismerchant
McDOUGALL, Francis A.clerk
McDOUGALL, Henry C.clerk
McDOUGALL, Neiloil cloth manufacturer
McDOUGALL, Williamclerk
McELVENNIE, Hughtailor
McFARLANE, Charlesclerk
McFARLANE, Jamescooper
McFARLANE, Jamescooper
McGEE, Johnseaman
McGEORGE, Jamesshipmaster
McGILLIVARY, Thomascooper
McGINN, Williamlaborer
McGLYN, Johncarpenter
McGRATH, Bryancarpenter
McGRATH, Catherine
McGRATH, Elizabeth, wid Thomas
McGRATH, Ellen, wid Thomas
McGRATH, Hughtailor
McGRATH, Jameslaborer
McGRATH, Johnfisherman
McGRATH, Johnfisherman
McGRATH, Johnlaborer
McGRATH, Johntailor
McGRATH, Johntailor
McGRATH, Johntailor
McGRATH, Johanna, wid John
McGRATH, Margaret wid Thomas
McGRATH, Matthewfisherman
McGRATH, Michaelcarpenter
McGRATH, Michael seaman
McGRATH, Mrs. Thomas
McGRATH, Nicholascooper
McGRATH, Nicholasstorekeeper
McGRATH, Patrick
McGRATH, Patrickcoachman
McGRATH, Patrickliquors and groceries
McGRATH, Richardfisherman
McGRATH, Rogerfisherman
McGRATH, Thomasblacksmith
McGRATH, Thomascarriagebuilder
McGRATH, Thomasfisherman
McGRATH, Thomasfisherman
McGRATH, Thomasshipcarpenter
McGRATH, Thomasteacher
McGRATH, Williamship and black smith
McGRATH, Williamharnessmaker
McGUIRE, Davidfisherman
McGUIRE, Jamesclerk
McGUIRE, Jamesfisherman
McGUIRE, Jameslaborer
McGUIRE, Johnlaborer
McGUIRE, Johnsailmaker
McGUIRE, Matthewfisherman
McGUIRE, Thomascooper and fisherman
McILDOWIE, Lewisclerk
McINNES, Angusstorekeeper
McKAY, Jamessteward
McKAY, Johnhouse and ship joiner
McKAY, Johnpoliceman
McKAY, Mary
McKEN, Thomas, M.D.supt. St. John's Hospital
McKENNEY, Sherburn T.photographer
McKENZIE, Thomas house, ship and sign painter
McKENZIE, Walterclerk
McKENZIE, Walter J.storekeeper
McKEOWN, Charlesstonecutter
McKEOWN, Robert
McKEW, Johnfisherman
McLARTY, Jamesblacksmith
McLARTY, Williamblacksmith
McLAUGHLIN, Jamesfisherman
McLAUGHLIN, Johnseaman
McLAUGHLIN, Patrickcooper
McLEA, John B.merchant
McLEA, Robert P.merchant
McLEE, Johnlaborer
McLELLAN, John P.clerk
McLENNAN, Johnclerk
McLEOD, Thomasseaman
McLOUGLAN, Jamesmaster mariner
McLUCKIE, Johnmoulder
McMANUS, Lawrenceblacksmith
McMANUS, Mary, wid John
McMILLAN, Johngrocer
McMURDO Thomas & Co.druggists
McNAMARA, Austincooper
McNAMARA, Fanny, wid Michael
McNAMARA, Jamesmason
McNAMARA, Johnprinter
McNAMARA, Joseph
McNAMARA, Martin
McNEIL, Johnbookkeeper
McNEIL, Roderickclerk
McNEILY, Alexander J. student
McNEILY, Robertclerk
McPHERSON, Ellen, wid James
McPHERSON, Georgeclerk
McPHERSON, Waltercooper
McPHERSON, Williammolder
McRAE Rev. Donald
MACAULAY, Johnaccountant
MACCASSEY, Lawrenceliquors
MacCOUBREY, Mary, wid George
MacDONALD, Hugh liquors
MacDOUGALL, Johnbookkeeper
MacGREGOR, Johnmerchant
MacINTYRE, John D.cashier
MACKAY, Alexander Msupt. & local manager
Market House
MACKAY, Jamesfisherman
MACKAY, Johnclerk
MACKEY, Johnfisherman
MACKEY, Johnfisherman
MACKEY, Mrs. Honorahboarding house
MACKEY, Patrickcarpenter
MACKEY, Richardlaborer
MACKEY, Stephenfisherman
MACKIM, Robert A.marble worker
MAC LEA, Kennethmerchant
MACPHERSON Petercommission merchant
MANEY, Johnfisherman
MADIGAN, Edward tailor
MADIGAN, Michaelmariner
MADDOCK, Bartholomew
MADDOCK, Henryfireman
MADDON, Jamesfisherman
MADDON, Johnfisherman
MADDON, Lukefisherman
MADDON, Michaelfisherman
MADDON, Thomaslaborer
MAGEE, Michaelcooper
MAGILL, Williaminsp. of poor
MAGOR, Francisclerk
MAGOR, Johnmerchant
MAHER, Ann,groceries
MAHER, Edwardclothier
MAHER, Jamesfisherman
MAHER, Johnblacksmith
MAHER, Johnfisherman
MAHER, Johnfisherman
MAHER, John fisherman
MAHER, Johnfisherman
MAHER, Margaret, wid Patrick
MAHER, Michaellaborer
MAHER, Michaellaborer
MAHER, Mrs. Elizabethmilliner
MAHER, Thomascarpenter
MAHER, Thomastidewaiter
MAHER, Williamblacksmith
MAHON, Michaelclerk
MAHON, Richardcooper
MAHON, Thomasblockmaker
MAHONEY, Charlestruckman
MAHONEY, Dennislaborer
MAHONEY, Williamfisherman
MAILS, Georgegardener
MAILS, Thomasgrocer and boarding
MAJOR, Johnfisherman
MALCOLM, Williamshipcarpenter
MALLARD, Denniscooper
MALLARD, Jamesfisherman
MALLARD, Richardplanter
MALLARD, Williamplanter
MALONE, Bridget, wid James
MALONE, Catherine, wid Richard
MALONE, Jamesboot and shoe maker
MALONE, Johanna, wid John
MALONE, Michaelfarmer
MALONE, Michaelfisherman
MALONE, Patrickcooper
MALONEY, Jamescooper
MALONEY, Jamesfisherman
MALONEY, Patrickfisherman
MANNING, Daniellaborer
MANNING, Jameslaborer
MANNING, Michaelliquors
MANNING, Patricklaborer
MANNING, Thomasfisherman
MANWARING, Jamesboot and shoe maker
MANWARING, Michaelboot and shoe maker
MANWARING, Richardboot and shoe maker
MANWARING, Richardboot and shoe maker
MANSFIELD, Patrickfisherman
MANSFIELD, Thomasfisherman
MARA, Johnfisherman
MARA, Patrickfisherman
MARCH, Nathanielbookkeeper
MARCH, Stephenmerchant
MARE, William and commission merchant
Marine Railway, John Woods, proprietor
MARLIN, Johntailor
MARNELL, Margaret, wid Joseph
MARNELL, Andrewtidewaiter
MARRETT, Albertclerk
MARRIOTT, Joseph inspector
MARTIN, Adamship carpenter
MARTIN, Johnengineer
MARTIN, Georgefisherman
MARTIN, Grace, wid Henry
MARTIN, Henryfisherman
MARTIN, Henrylaborer
MARTIN, James,tailor
MARTIN, James Hchina glass and earthenware
MARTIN, Johnfisherman
MARTIN, Johnlaborer
MARTIN, Johnlaborer
MARTIN, Johnlaborer
MARTIN, Johnseaman
MARTIN, Jonathanfisherman
MARTIN, Josephfisherman
MARTIN, Margaret, wid William,
MARTIN, Nathanielseaman
MARTIN, Rebecca, wid William
MARTIN, Richardtailor
MARTIN, Robertclerk
MARTIN, Robertservant
MARTIN, Thomasfarmer
MARTIN, Thomasfisherman
MARTIN, Thomasplanter
MARTIN, Williamfarmer
MARSHALL, Alexanderdry goods
MARSHALL, Georgefisherman
MARSHALL, Mrs. Maria
MARSHALL, Philiplaborer
MARSHALL, Robertfisherman
MARSHALL, Thomasclerk
MARSHALL, Williamlaborer
Masonic Hall
MATTHEW, Charlesclerk
MATTHEW, Charlesclerk
MATTHEW, Johnclerk
MATTHEW, Robertbookkeeper
MATTHEWS, Ellen, wid Henry
MATTHEWS, Johnlaborer
MATTHEWS, Johnshipwright
MATTHEWS, Richardproprietor Temperance Hotel
MATTIFES, Williamsailmaker
MAXWELL, Roberttailor
MAYO, Jamesfisherman
MAYO, Samuelfisherman
MEADE, Michaelshoemaker
MEAGHER, Edwardfisherman
MEAGHER, Jamesbookkeeper
MEAGHER, Jamesfisherman
MEAGHER, Richard tidewaiter
MEAGHER, Stephenfisherman
MEAGHER, Thomasclerk
MEAGHER, Thomasclerk
MEAGHER, Thomasclerk
MEAGHER, Williamattendant Lunatic Asylum
MEALY, Johnfisherman
MEALY, Margaret, wid Dennis
MEANEY, Danielshipmaster
MEANEY, Johnfisherman
MEANEY, Michaelfisherman
MEANEY, Robertfisherman
MEANEY, Williamfisherman
MEANEY, Williamseaman
MEARNS, Andrewmaster mariner
MEDLEAD, Richardmaster mariner
MEDLEY Rev. Charles
MEEHAN, Edwardcommission merchant
MEEHAN, John F.clerk
MEEHAN, Patrickpoliceman
Meloy & Doylemilliners
MELOY, Miss Marymilliner
MELVILLE, Thomascarpenter
MELVIN, Georgefisherman
MELVIN, Henrylaborer
MEMORY, Nicholasblacksmith
MENCHINTON, Mary AnneBerlin wool depot
Mercantile Marine and Emigration Office
MERCER, Georgelaborer
MERCER, Jamesshipmaster
MERCHANT, Jamesmerchant tailor
MERCHANT, John F.tailor
MERCHANT, Valentineclothier
MERRELS, Anthonycoachman
MERRIGAN, Michaelfisherman
MERRIGAN, Williamfisherman
MERRY, Johnfisherman
MERRY, Michaelfisherman
MEWS, George W.bookkeeper
Military Store Yard
MILLER, Johnfisherman
MILLER, Johnfisherman
MILLER, Markfisherman
MILLER, Nathaniellaborer
MILLER, Patrickfisherman
MILLER, Thomasblockmaker
MILL, Williammusician
MILLS, Georgefisherman
MILLS, Williamblacksmith
MILLY, Benjaminclerk
MILLY, Jamesshoemaker
MILLY, Johnfisherman
MILLY, Johnlaborer
MILLY, Williamfisherman
MINNIST, Josephfisherman
MINTO, Mrs. Sarahmatron Orphan Asylum
MINUTO, Jamesfisherman
MIRON, Jamesfisherman
MITCHELL Alexanderauctioneer and commission merchant
MITCHELL, Davidclerk
MITCHELL, Josiahcarpenter
MITCHELL, Thomasgrocer and baker
MITCHELL, Robertcooper
MITCHELL, Timothygeneral supt. of police
MOCKLER, Bridgetgroceries
MOCKLER, Johncooper
MOFFATT, Lieut. Col. R. M., Royal Canadian Rifles
MOIST, Emma, wid William
MOLLONY, Mary A., wid John P.
MOLLOY, Jamesblacksmith
MOLLOY, Johnfisherman
MOLLOY, Michaelfisherman
MOLLOY, Peterfisherman
MOLLOY, Thomas N.commission merchant
MOLONY, Miss Charlotte A.teacher
MONAGHAN, Ann, wid John
MONAGHAN, Edwardfisherman
MONCKTON, Robert Lshipmaster
MONGAN, Michaellaborer
MONROO, Mosesclerk
MOODY, Johnclerk
MOODY, Robert W.clerk
MOONEY, Josephfisherman
MOORE, Catherine, wid David
MOORE, Charlesfisherman
MOORE, Ellen, wid Thomas
MOORE, Edward B.superintendent
MOORE, Edward L.landing waiter and surveyor of shipping
MOORE, Frances, wid John
MOORE, Henryassistant commissary general
MOORE, Jamesbutcher
MOORE, Jamesfisherman
MOORE, Jameslaborer
MOORE, Jamessailmaker
MOORE, Johnfisherman
MOORE, Johnfisherman
MOORE, Johnlaborer
MOORE, Joshuacooper
MOORE, Mary, wid Charles
MOORE, Michaelfisherman
MOORE, Philipfisherman
MOORE, Thomasfisherman
MOORE, Thomasseaman
MORAN, Catherine
MORAN, Miss Annglassware
MORAN, Johanna
MOREY, Josephlaborer
MOREY, Richardfisherman
MOREY, Williamfisherman
MORGAN, Eliza, wid George
MORIARTY, Patrickfisherman
MORISON William D.commission merchant
MORRIE, Davidfisherman
MORRIE, Davidfisherman
MORRIS, Edwardcooper
MORRIS, Hon. Edwardcashier Savings Bank
MORRIS, Jamescooper
MORRIS, Jefferyfisherman
MORRIS, Johnfisherman
MORRIS, Solomonseaman
MORRIS, Stephencoaster
MORRIS, Stephenplasterer
MORRIS, Thomasmessenger
MORRIS, Williamfisherman
MORRISEY, Honorah, wid Patrick
MORRISEY, Jamesfisherman
MORRISEY, Johncooper
MORRISEY, Johnmaster mariner
MORRISEY, Josephfisherman
MORRISEY, Margaret, wid William
MORRISEY, Maryboarding house
MORRISEY, Michaelsawyer
MORRISEY, Walterlaborer
MORRISEY, Williamlaborer
MORRISEY, Williamtailor
MORRISON, Williamshoemaker
MORRISON, William D.grocer
MORROW, Williamfisherman
MORRY, Thomas G.merchant and insurance agent
MORRY, Williammaster mariner
MORTON, Thomas
MORTON, Williamfisherman
MOSEDALE, Jamesclerk
MOTTY, Philipsailmaker
MOUNTAIN, Edwardfisherman
MOUNTAIN, Mrs. Jacob G.
MOUNTAIN, Thomasmaster mariner
MOUNTAIN, Williamprinter
MOURNE, Thomasfarmer
MUDGE, Edwardclerk
MUDGE, Henryclerk
MUDGE, Nicholasmerchant
MUDGE, Nicholas R.merchant
Mudge & Co.merchants
Muir & Dudermerchants
MUIR, Emeline
MUIR, John McL.storekeeper
MUIR, Robert L.merchant
MULCAHY, Catherine, wid Michael
MULCAHY, Edwardfisherman
MULCAHY, Edwardfisherman
MULCAHY, Jamesfisherman
MULCAHY, Margaret, wid John
MULCAHY, Mary, wid James
MULCOY, Danielmariner
MULLALLY, Andrewfisherman
MULLALLY, Johnporter
MULLALLY, Michaelcooper
MULLALLY, Michaelfisherman
MULLALLY, Patrickcarpenter
MULLALLY, Pierceshoemaker
MULLINGS, Joseph R.custom house broker
MULLIN, Sarah, wid William
MULLINS, Thomasforeman
MULLINS, Williamlaborer
MULLOCK Right Rev. John Thomas, D.D.Lord Bishop of St. John's
MULLOCK, Thomasprofessor
MULLOWNEY, Dennisboarding house
MULLOWNEY, Johnfisherman
MULLOWNEY, Johngroceries and spirits
MULLOWNEY, Josephblacksmith
MULLOWNEY, Mrs. E.grocer
MULLOWNEY, Patricktailor
MULLOWNEY, Petertailor
MULLOWNEY, Thomasfisherman
MULLOWNEY, Williampainter
MULLOY, Bridget
MULLOY, Denniscooper
MULLOY, Jamescarpenter
MULLOY, James Jr.carpenter
MULLOY, Johngroceries
MULLOY, Michaelfisherman
MULLOY, Richardfisherman
MULLOY, Williamfisherman
MULROONY, Michaelfisherman
MUNN, Mary
MURPHY, Andrewtailor
MURPHY, Anne, wid Richard
MURPHY, Benjamincooper
MURPHY, Catherinebonnetmaker
MURPHY, Catherine, wid Michael
MURPHY, Catherine, wid Philip
MURPHY, Danielfarmer
MURPHY, Dora, wid John
MURPHY, Edwardcarpenter
MURPHY, Edwardfisherman
MURPHY, Edwardseaman
MURPHY, Edwardtailor
MURPHY, Edward J.carpenter
MURPHY, Elizabeth, wid Lawrence
MURPHY, Ellencook
MURPHY, Ellen, wid Nicholas
MURPHY, Felixfisherman
MURPHY, Jamesfisherman
MURPHY, Jamesfisherman
MURPHY, Jamesfisherman
MURPHY, Jamesfisherman
MURPHY, Jane, wid James
MURPHY, Johannanurse
MURPHY, Johncooper
MURPHY, Johnfisherman
MURPHY, Johnfisherman
MURPHY, Johnfisherman
MURPHY, Johnfisherman
MURPHY, Johnfisherman
MURPHY, Johnfisherman
MURPHY, Johnlaborer
MURPHY, Johnshoemaker
MURPHY, Josephseaman
MURPHY, Lukecooper
MURPHY, Martinfarmer
MURPHY, Martinporter
MURPHY, Mary, wid John
MURPHY, Matthewfisherman
MURPHY, Matthewlaborer
MURPHY, Mauricelaborer
MURPHY, Michaelfarmer
MURPHY, Michaefisherman
MURPHY, Michaelfisherman
MURPHY, Michaelfisherman
MURPHY, Michaelfisherman
MURPHY, Michaellaborer
MURPHY, Michaelseaman
MURPHY, Mrs. Catherine
MURPHY, Nicholasfisherman
MURPHY, Patrickcarpenter
MURPHY, Patrickcooper
MURPHY, Patrickliquors
MURPHY, Patrickship carpenter
MURPHY, Philip
MURPHY, Philipbaker
MURPHY, Philipfisherman
MURPHY, Richardspirits and groceries
MURPHY, Simonbaker
MURPHY, Simonfisherman
MURPHY, Sylvesteragent
MURPHY, Thomasbookkeeper
MURPHY, Thomascarpenter
MURPHY, Thomascooper
MURPHY, Thomasfarmer
MURPHY, Thomasgroceries
MURPHY, Thomasgroceries and liquors
MURPHY, Thomasshoemaker
MURPHY, Thomasstorekeeper
MURPHY, Thomas Jr.shoemaker
MURRAIN, Johnfisherman
MURRAY, Benjaminclerk
MURRAY, Capt. T. A. L., commanding Royal Engineers
MURRAY, Garretfisherman
MURRAY, Israelseaman
MURRAY, Jamesbiscuit manufactory
MURRAY, Jamesfisherman
MURRAY, James Jr.bookkeeper
MURRAY, Jameslaborer
MURRAY, Johnpainter
MURRAY, John B.cutter
MURRAY, Michaelcabdriver
MURRAY, Michaelfisherman
MURRAY, Michaeltailor
MURRAY, Owenfisherman
MURRAY, Patrick
MURRAY, Thomastailor
MURRAY, Williampoliceman
MURRAY, William
MURRAY, Williamgroceries
MUSGRAVE, AnthonyGovernor and Commander-in-Chief
MYRICK, Johncarpenter
MYRICK, Patrickfisherman

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