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St. John's - Hutchinson's Directory 1864-1865


It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
NANGLE, Matthewcarpenter
NANGLE, Thomastailor
NEAL, Ellenwid John
NEAL, Georgebaker
NEAL, Jameslaborer
NEAL, Michaellaborer
NEAGLE, Jamescooper
NEAGLE, Johnfisherman
NEAGLE, Marywid Francis
NEARY, James
NEEFE, Patricklaborer
NEGAL, Johnbutcher
NEIL, Andrewfarmer
NEIL, Arthurcabman
NEIL, Edwardfisherman
NEIL, Jamescabdriver
NEIL, Johnfisherman
NEIL, Johnfisherman
NEIL, Johnfisherman
NEIL, Patrickfarmer
NELDER, Williammason
NEVILL, J. T.inspector public works and buildings
NEVILLE, Jamesshoemaker
NEVILLE, Johnfarmer
NEVILLE, Peterfarmer
NEWELL, Georgeshipcarpenter
Newfoundland Marine Insurance Co., E. L. Jarvis, agent
Newfoundland Savings Bank
Newfoundland Wesleyan Academy
NEWFOUNDLANDER (The), Edward D. Shea,publisher
NEWMAN & Co.merchants
NEYLE, Richardhardware and fishing tackle
NICHOL, Edwardroomkeeper
NICHOLAS Rev. George D. M.A.vice principal Queen's college
NICOL, Johnattendant
NIGHTINGALE, Johnbookkeeper
NIXON, Charlescarpenter
NIXON, Thomascarpenter
NOFTEL, Edwardfisherman
NOONAN, Richardteacher
NORMAN, Williamfisherman
NORMORE, Henryfisherman
North British and Mercantile Insurance Co.
NORTH, Patrickcooper
Northern Fire and Life Assurance Co., A. O. Haywardagent
NORTHWORTHY, Jacobfisherman
NORTHWORTHY, Johncarpenter
NORRIS, Edwardfisherman
NOWLAN, Edward
NOLAN, Henryfisherman
NOLAN, Johncooper
NOLAN, Johncooper
NOLAN, Johnfisherman
NOWLAN, Marywid Andrew
NOWLAN, Michaelcarpenter
NOWLAN, Michaelgrocer
NOWLAN, Patrickbaker
NOWLAN, Rebeccawid James
NOWLAN, Thomasshoemaker
NOWLAN, Tobiascarpenter
NOWLAN, Williamcarpenter
NUGENT, Johnbaker
NUGENT, John V.high sherriff Central District
NUGENT, Joseph L.civil engineer
NURSE, Bernardseaman
NURSE, Johnfisherman
NURSE, Thomaspilot

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