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St. John's - Hutchinson's Directory 1864-1865


It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.


PACK Susanwid Peter
PACK Williamtailor
PAGE, Frederickclerk
PAGE, Frederick surveryor and auctioneer
PALFREY, Richardmaster mariner
PALFREY, Samuelshipcarpenter
PALK, Johannawid George
PANTON, Georgeclerk
PARKER, Jamesclerk
PARKER, Johannawid Thomas
PARKER, Lawrenceclerk
PARKER, Margaretwid William
PARKER, Williamgrocer and furniture dealer
PARNELL, John K.manager
PARRELL, Elizabethwid Richard
PARRELL, Michaelfisherman
PARRELL, Patrickfisherman
PARSONS, Alfredagent Job Brothers
PARSONS, Jonathanwatchmaker
PARSONS, Mrs. James
PARSONS, Mrs. Janemilliner
PARSONS, Robert J.publisher and proprietor "Patriot and Terra Nova Herald"
PARSONS, Stephenclerk
PARSONS, Thomasfisherman
PARSONS, William T.watchmaker and jeweler
PASHER, Johnfisherman
PATRICK, Johntailor
Patriot (The), R. J. Parsonspublisher
PATTERSON, Johnshipmaster
PATTERSON, L. O.garrison hospital
PATTLE, William R.shipmaster
PAYNE, Richardsailmaker
PAYNE, Thomasseaman
PEACE, Andrew G.tinsmith
PEACE, James G.tinsmith
PEACE, Robertstoves and tinware
PEARCE, Georgewatchman
PECKHAM, Jamesfisherman
PEIRSON, Bridgetwid John
PENDERGAST, Georgecooper
PENDERGAST, Johnlaborer
PENDERGAST, Mauricegrocer
PENDERGAST, Patricktailor
PENDERGAST, Richardfisherman
PENDERGAST, Thomasfisherman
PENDERGAST, Thomasfisherman
PENDERGAST, Thomasspirits and groceries
PENDERGAST, Williamporter
PENDERGRASS, Anastasiawid Thomas
PENDERGRASS, Johnlaborer
PENDERGRASS, Richardshipmaster
PENNICUICK, Jamesgroceries and liquors
PENNOCK, Alfredcarpenter
PENNOCK, Georgepensioner
PENNY, Johnmariner
PENSTON, Henryattendant
PERCY, Elizawid Frederick
PERCY, Mosesmaster mariner
PERCY, Patrickfisherman
PERCY, Robertshipmaster
PERCY, Stephenshipmaster
PERCY, Thomasporter
PERCY, Williammaster mariner
PERCY, William J.fisherman
PERFECT, Samuelmason
PETERS, John E.bookeeper
PETTIGREY, Martinfisherman
PHALEN, Piercetrader
PHALEN, Williambaker
PHELAN, Jamesclerk
PHELAN, Jameshairdresser
PHELAN, Patrickbaker
PHELAN, Timothyliquors
PHELAN, Williambaker
PHILLIPS, Jamestailor
PHILLIPS, Johnclerk
PHILLIPS, Johnstorekeeper
PHILLIPS, Robertfisherman
Phoenix Fire and Life Assurance Co., W. & G. Rendellagents
PHORAN, Richardfisherman
PICKARD, Henrystorekeeper
PICKARD, William G.cabinetmaker
PICKARD, William H.clerk
PICKS, Henryfisherman
PIERCE, Thomasfisherman
PIKE, Abijahmariner
PIKE, Alfredclerk
PIKE, Capt.shipmaster
PIKE, Edwardseaman
PIKE, Richardmaster mariner
PIKE, Williammaster mariner
PILLEY, Markshipmaster
PINE, Levifisherman
PINE, Richardfisherman
PINE, Williamlaborer
PINE, Williamfisherman
PINSENT, Charles S.clerk
Pinsent & Emersonbarristers
PINSENT, Hon. R. J.barrister and attorney at law
PINSENT, Robert J.collector water assessments
PINKHAM, Williamfarmer
PIPPY, Georgeshipwright
PIPPY, Josephclerk
PIPPY, Josephseaman
PIPPY, Josephshipwright
PIPPY, Nathanielfisherman
PITCHER, Alexanderteacher
PITTS, James & Wm.auctioneers and commission merchants
PITTS, Jamesmerchant
PITTS, James
PITTS, Williammerchant
Police Office, St. John's Central District
POOL, Thomaspilot
POOK, Samuelclerk
Poor Office
POPE, Johnblacksmith
POPE, Matthewblacksmith
POPE, Thomasblacksmith
POPE, William S.ship and black smith
Post Office
POTTER, Henrymaster mariner
POTTER, Johncarpenter
POWELLS, Johnfisherman
POWER, Alexanderfisherman
POWER, Catherine
POWER, Catherinewid Edward
POWER, Charlesmaster mariner
POWER, Charlottewid John
POWER, Davidcooper
POWER, Davidfisherman
POWER, Davidfisherman
POWER, Davidfisherman
POWER, Davidlaborer
POWER, Davidlaborer
POWER, Davidporter
POWER, Edmundclerk
POWER, Edmundfisherman
POWER, Edmundfisherman
POWER, Edwardlaborer
POWER, Edwardhardware
POWER, Edwardsailmaker
POWER, Edwardtailor
POWER, Ellenwid James
POWER, Jamescarpenter
POWER, Jamescooper
POWER, Jamescooper
POWER, Jamesfarmer
POWER, Jamesfisherman
POWER, Jamesgrocer
POWER, Jamesgroceries and liquors
POWER, Jameslaborer
POWER, Jamesliquors
POWER, Jamesprinter
POWER, James J.cooper
POWER, Jeffreyfisherman
POWER, Miss Johannahousekeeper
POWER, Johnblacksmith
POWER, Johncarpenter
POWER, Johncarpenter and undertaker
POWER, Johncooper
POWER, Johncooper and salter
POWER, Johnfisherman
POWER, Johnfisherman
POWER, Johnfisherman
POWER, Johnfisherman
POWER, Johnfisherman
POWER, Johnfisherman
POWER, Johnfisherman
POWER, Johnfisherman
POWER, Johnliquors
POWER, Johnseaman
POWER, John F.cooper
POWER, Josephplanter
POWER, Martinclerk
POWER, Martinfisherman
POWER, Martinstorekeeper
POWER, Marywid Martin
POWER, Marywid William
POWER, Matthewcarpenter
POWER, Michaelcooper
POWER, Michaelfisherman
POWER, Michaelfisherman
POWER, Michaelfisherman
POWER, Michaelfisherman
POWER, Michaelfisherman
POWER, Michaellaborer
POWER, Michaelliquors
POWER, Michael G.draper
POWER, Mrs. P. L.liquors
POWER, Nicholascooper
POWER, Nicholasfisherman
POWER, Nicholasfisherman
POWER, Nicholasfisherman
POWER, Nicholasfisherman
POWER, Nicholasfisherman
POWER, Patrickcarpenter
POWER, Patrickfarmer
POWER, Patrickfisherman
POWER, Patrickfisherman
POWER, Patrickfisherman
POWER, Patrickfisherman
POWER, Patrickfisherman
POWER, Patrickpilot
POWER, Patrickshoemaker
POWER, Patrickshoemaker
POWER, Patrickseaman
POWER, Patrickstevedore
POWER, Peterfisherman
POWER, Peterseaman
POWER, Philipcooper
POWER, Philipliquors
POWER, Philipliquors
POWER, Piercestorekeeper
POWER, Piercefisherman
POWER, Redmonfisherman
POWER, Richardfisherman
POWER, Richardclerk
POWER, Richardfisherman
POWER, Richardfisherman
POWER, Richardlaborer
POWER, Richardlaborer
POWER, Richardplanter and farmer
POWER, Richardroomkeeper
POWER, Richardseaman
POWER, Richardstorekeeper
POWER, Robertfisherman
POWER, Robertfisherman
POWER, Robertfisherman
POWER, Robertlaborer
POWER, Thomasbait boat
POWER, Thomascarpenter
POWER, Thomascarpenter
POWER, Thomasfisherman
POWER, Thomasfisherman
POWER, Thomasfisherman
POWER, Thomasfisherman
POWER, Thomasfisherman
POWER, Thomaspedlar
POWER, Thomaspilot
POWER, Thomastidewaiter
POWER, Thomastinsmith
POWER, Williamfisherman
POWER, Williamfisherman
POWER, Williamfisherman
POWER, Williamshipcarpenter
Presentation Convent
Presentation Convent School
PRESTON, Bridgetwid John
PRESTON, Johnboatman
PRICE, Josephlaborer
PRICE, Mrs. Annteacher
PRIM, Matthewcooper
PRIMROY, Patrickshipcarpenter
PROWSE, Daniel Woodley, M.H.A.barrister and insurance agent
PROWSE, Jameslaborer
PROWSE, Johnkeeper St. John's hospital
PROWSE, Mrs. Samuelboarding house
PROWSE, Robert & Sonscommission merchants
PROWSE, Robert H.commission merchant
PROWSE, Samuelapothecary
PROWSE, Thomasfarmer
PROWSE, Williamtinsmith
PRYOR, Edwardshipmaster
Public Ledger (The), Henry Wintonpublisher
PUDDICOMBE, Richardstorekeeper
PURCELL, Edwardlaborer
PURCELL, Johnhouse joiner
PURCELL, Michaelseaman
PURCELL, Winifredmilliner and bonnetmaker
PYN, Levifisherman
PYN, Richardplanter
PYN, Thomassailmaker
PYN, Williamplanter

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