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St. John's - Hutchinson's Directory 1864-1865


It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.


TADINE, Anthonypicture frames &c.
TALBOT, Marywid Charles
TALBOT, Thomas M.H.A.professor St. Bonaventure College
TAPPER, Johnfisherman
TAPSON, Jamewid George
TAREHIN, Johngroceries and provisions
TAREHIN, Patrickgrocer
TAYLOR, Alexandermaster mariner
TAYLOR, Augustusclerk
TAYLOR, Charlesfisherman
TAYLOR, Edmundship carpenter
TAYLOR, Jonathanfisherman
TAYLOR, Johnfisherman
TAYLOR, Levifisherman
TAYLOR, Richardfisherman
TAYLOR, Williammariner
TAYLOR, Williamporter
Telegraph Office
Telegraph (The), John, T. Burtonpublisher
Temperance Hall
TEMPLETON, Robertclerk
TERRANT, Johnfisherman
TESSIER, Jamesstorekeeper
TESSIER, Johnbookkeeper
TESSIER, Lewiscommission merchant
TESSIER, P. & L.commission merchants
TESSIER, Hon. Peter G., M.L.C.commission merchant
TETCHER, Williamfisherman
THIRSTON, Jameslaborer
THOMAS, Edwardcarpenter
THOMAS, Georgeblockmaker
THOMAS, Henryboot and shoe maker
THOMAS, Henryfarmer
THOMAS, Henry C. B.merchant
THOMAS, Josephcooper
THOMAS, Matthewtruckman
THOMAS, Nathanielhairdresser and dealer in jewelry and fancy goods
THOMAS, Robert F.shipmaster
THOMAS, Temple P.merchant
THOMAS, William & Co.merchants
THOMAS, William P. S.merchant
THOMPSON Andrew H.manager St. John's Gas works
THOMPSON, Anthonywatchman
THOMPSON, George T.storekeeper
THOMPSON, Jameslaborer
THOMPSON, Mary wid Tobias
THOMPSON, Mrs. Eliza
THOMPSON, Richardaccountant
THOMSON, Robert G.clerk
THOMSON, W.merchant
THORBORN, Williamdistiller
THORBURN, Robertmerchant
THORBURN, Waltercashier
THORNE, Annwid James
THORNE, Martinfisherman
THORNE, Williamservant
TIBBS, Johnfisherman
TIBBS, Williamfisherman
TILLEY, Davidfisherman
TILLMAN, Mary variety store
Times (The), John W. McCoubreypublisher
TIPP, Benjamincooper
TOBIN, ---
TOBIN, Anastasiawid James
TOBIN, Anthonycooper
TOBIN, Bridgetwid Michael
TOBIN, Catherinenurse
TOBIN, Jamesfisherman
TOBIN, Johnfisherman
TOBIN, Michaelclerk
TOBIN, Marywid Patrick
TOBIN, Miss Ellen
TOBIN, Patricklaborer
TOBIN, Richardcooper
TOBIN, Thomasboatman
TOBIN, Thomasboot and shoe maker
TOBIN, Williamcarter
TOBIN, Williamfisherman
TODRIDGE, Jamesblockmaker
TOLLIS, Garretcooper
TOOLE, Johnfisherman
TOOMEY, Bridgetwid John
TOPEY, Dennislaborer
Toussant's Hotel
TOUSSAINT, John C.French consul
TOWNSHEND, Michaelfisherman
TRACY, Edwardfisherman
TRACY, Martinfisherman
TRACY, Michaelfisherman
TRAPNELL, Mary J.wid George
TRAVERS, Johnmessenger
TRAVIS, Johnservant
TREBLE, Johnseaman
TRELEGAN, Francisclerk
TRELEGAN, Johnshoemaker
TRELEGAN, Richardgrocer
TRELEGAN, Richard Jr.cooper
TREANER, Jessiewid William G.
TRIM, Josephstorekeeper
TROUT, Christopherclerk
TUCKER, Edmund Dcommission merchant
TUCKER, Harvey & Co.commission merchants
TUCKER, Jamescabdriver
TUCKER, Johnfisherman
TUCKER, Margaretwid John
TUCKER, Williamfisherman
TUFFEN, Charlessawyer
TUFFEN, Johncooper
TUFFEN, Williamlaborer
TUFFEN, Roberttinsmith
TURNBRIDGE, Johnassistant superintendant of stores and acting barrack master
TURVEY, Patrickfisherman
TUTCHER, Michaellaborer
TYNAN, Johnliquors
TYNES, Louisawid Nathaniel

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