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St. John's - Hutchinson's Directory 1864-1865


It was read, recorded and transcribed by SUE O'NEILL. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.


WADDELL, Johntelegraph operator
WADDELTON, Johnfisherman
WADDELTON, Williamfisherman
WADDEN, Annewid John
WADDEN, Johncooper
WADDEN, Patrickfisherman
WADDEN, Nicholasboot and shoe maker
WAKEHAM, Edwardmason
WAKEHAM, Elizabethwid Robert
WALBANK Matthew W.chief clerk and registrar Supreme Court
WALKER, Charlesfisherman
WALKER, Johnclerk
WALL, Edwardcooper
WALL, Edwardcooper
WALL, Michaelbait skiff master
WALL, Michaelcarpenter
WALL, Michaelfisherman
WALL, Michael planter
WALL, Peterfisherman
WALLACE, Edwardlaborer
WALLACE, Jamesblacksmith
WALLACE, Johnfisherman
WALLACE, Thomasfisherman
WALLACE, Williamfisherman
WALSH, Anngrocer
WALSH, Bridgetwid Jeffrey
WALSH, Bridgetwid Lawrence
WALSH, Catherinewid Richard
WALSH, Catherinewid William
WALSH, Corneliusfisherman
WALSH, Edwardmaster revenue boat
WALSH, Elizabeth
WALSH, Elizabethwid John
WALSH, Georgefarmer
WALSH, Jamesdoorkeeper Legislative Council
WALSH, Jamesfisherman
WALSH, Jamesfisherman
WALSH, Jamesfisherman
WALSH, Jamesfisherman
WALSH, Jamesfisherman
WALSH, Jamesmaster mariner
WALSH, Jamesspirits and groceries
WALSH, Johncarpenter
WALSH, Johncarpenter
WALSH, Johnclerk
WALSH, Johnfisherman
WALSH, Johnfisherman
WALSH, Johnfisherman
WALSH, Johnfisherman
WALSH, Johnfisherman
WALSH, Johnfisherman
WALSH, Johnlaborer
WALSH, Johnmusician
WALSH, Johnsailmaker
WALSH, Johnsea captain
WALSH, Johnship carpenter
WALSH, Johntailor
WALSH, Johntidewaiter
WALSH, Josephfisherman
WALSH, Lawrence
WALSH, Martinfisherman
WALSH, Martinfisherman
WALSH, Martintidewaiter
WALSH, Markboot and shoe maker
WALSH, M.wid John
WALSH, Marywid John
WALSH, Marywid John
WALSH, Marywid Michael
WALSH, Matthewfisherman
WALSH, Mauricelaborer
WALSH, Michaelfisherman
WALSH, Michaelfisherman
WALSH, Michaelfisherman
WALSH, Michaelgroceries
WALSH, Michaelseaman
WALSH, Michaelshoemaker
WALSH, Patrickfisherman
WALSH, Patrickfisherman
WALSH, Patrickshoemaker
WALSH, Patrickstorekeeper
WALSH, Patrickteacher
WALSH, Patricktruckman
WALSH, Patrick H.cooper
WALSH, Peterfisherman
WALSH, Philipseaman
WALSH, Rev. Michaelprincipal St. Bonaventure college
WALSH, Rev. William
WALSH, Richardgroceries and liquors
WALSH, Richardcooper
WALSH, Richardfisherman
WALSH, Richardship carpenter
WALSH, Samuelship carpenter
WALSH, Thomascarpenter
WALSH, Thomascooper
WALSH, Thomasfisherman
WALSH, Thomasgroceries and spirits
WALSH, Thomasfarm servant
WALSH, Thomaslaborer
WALSH, Thomaslaborer
WALSH, Thomaslaborer
WALSH, Thomasmason
WALSH, Waltercabman
WALSH, Walterliquors and groceries
WALSH, Williamcab driver
WALSH, Williamclerk
WALSH, Williamcooper
WALSH, Williamcooper
WALSH, Williamgroceries and liquors
WALSH, Williamfisherman
WALSH, Williamfisherman
WALSH, Williamfisherman
WALSH, Williamfisherman
WALSH, Williammaster mariner
WALSH, Williamrigger
WALSH, Williamship carpenter
WALSH, William P.liquors
WALTERS, Henrymaster mariner
WARD, John
WARD, Mrs. W. J.
WARD, Williamfisherman
WARFAR, Peterstorekeeper
WARREN, Elizabethwid Edward
WARREN, Jamesclerk
WARREN, Johnmariner
WARREN, John H.surveyor general and chairman Board of Works
WARREN, Josephfisherman
WARREN, Matthew
WARREN, Mrs. Janechina, glass and earthenware
WARREN, Sarahwid George
WARREN, Williamcommission agent
WATERS, Edward H.foreman
WATERS, Johncarpenter
WATKINS, Abelshipwright
WATKINS, Henrycooper
WATSON, Davidstorekeeper
WAY, Johanna
WAY, Thomascabinetmaker
WAYMOUTH, Johnshoemaker
WEATHERDON, Williamstorekeeper
WEAVER, William G.watchmaker
WEBBER, Elizabethwid Richard
WEBBER, George G.clerk
WEBBER, George T.tailor
WEBBER, Johnclerk
WEBBER, Marywid William
WEBSTER, Godfreyclerk
WEIR, Duncangrocer
WEIR, Richardshipmaster
WEIR, Robertjoiner
WEIR, Thomasmariner
WELCHER, Georgepilot
WELSH, Catherinewid Peter
WELSH, Edwardfisherman
WELSH, Edwardfisherman
WELSH, Davidclerk
WELSH, Jamesfarmer
WELSH, Johnlaborer
WELSH, Johnlaborer
WELSH, Johnshoemaker
WELSH, Kerrancooper
WELSH, Margaretwid John
WELSH, Patrickclerk
WELSH, Patrickfisherman
WELSH, Patrickfisherman
WELSH, Patricklaborer
WELSH, Patrickservant
WELSH, Robertcooper
WELSH, Stephencarpenter
WELSH, Thomasfisherman
WELSH, Thomasfisherman
WELSH, Thomasfisherman
WEST, Bickfordaccountant
WESTCOTT, Georgefisherman
WESTCOTT, Leonardseaman
WESTCOTT, Mrs. S.wid Thomas
WESTCOTT, Thomastinsmith
WESTCOTT, Williamfisherman
WESTCOTT, Williamfisherman
WESTWATE, Davidmariner
WETHERDON, Williamlaborer
WEYMOUTH, Elizabethwid Richard
WHALEN, Edwardboot and shoe maker
WHALEN, Jamesfisherman
WHALEN, Jamestruckman
WHALEN, Johncarpenter
WHALEN, Johnfisherman
WHALEN, Mrs. Ann
WHALEN, Thomasfisherman
WHALEN, Thomasgrocer
WHALEN, Thomaslaborer
WHALEN, Williamblacksmith
WHALEN, Williamclerk
WHALEN, Williamlaborer
WHEALAN, Andrewfisherman
WHEALAN, Edwardfisherman
WHEALAN, Jamesseaman
WHEALAN, Johncarpenter
WHEALAN, Johntailor
WHEALAN, Michaelbutcher
WHEALAN, Michaelfisherman
WHEALAN, Nicholasfisherman
WHEALAN, Piercefisherman
WHEALAN, Stephenfisherman
WHEALAN, Williamclerk
WHEATLEY, Wm.manager Vail's bakery
WHELAN, Jamesliquors
WHIDDEN, Josephcarpenter
WHITE, Catherinemilliner
WHITE, Catherinewid Samuel
WHITE, Edwardfisherman
WHITE, Edwardlaborer
WHITE, Edwardshipmaster
WHITE, Georgeaccountant
WHITE, Georgeblacksmith
WHITE, Jamescooper
WHITE, Johncarpenter
WHITE, Johnfisherman
WHITE, Johnfisherman
WHITE, Johnfisherman
WHITE, Johnfisherman
WHITE, Johnlaborer
WHITE, Lawrencestorekeeper
WHITE, Patrickfisherman
WHITE, Patrick
WHITE, Philipaccountant
WHITE, Thomas B.sea captain
WHITE, Williamchina, glass &c.
WHITE, Williamlaborer
WHITE, Williamsalesman
WHITE, Williamshoemaker
WHITEFORD, James A.watchmaker
WHITEFORD, Johnfisherman
WHITEFORD, Miss Isabelladry goods
WHITEWAY, Richardfisherman
WHITEWAY, William V. M.H.A.barrister
WHITTEN, Georgefisherman
WHITTEN, George, Sr.fisherman
WHITTEN, Henryfisherman
WHITTEN, Johnfisherman
WHITTEN, Robertfisherman
WHITTEN, Robertfisherman
WHITTEN, William
WHITTEN, Williammaster mariner
WHITTEN, William G.fisherman
WHITTEN, William, J.fisherman
WHITTEN, William R.fisherman
WHITTLE, Davidseaman
WHITTLE, Georgecooper
WHITTLE, Nicholasfisherman
WHITTLE, Rosewid John
WHITTLE, William J.printer
WHITTY, Edwardwharf builder
WHITTY, Jamesfisherman
WHITTY, Johnlaborer
WHITTY, Patrickbookeeper
WIDDECOMB, Elizabethwid Joseph
WIDDYCOMB, Petercooper
WIER, Robertcarpenter
WIER, Williamlaborer
WILCOX, Edwardseaman
WILEY, Roberttailor
WILKIE, Thomasgunsmith
WILKINS, Martinfisherman
WILKINSON, Johnpensioner
WILKINSON, Williamcarpenter
WILKINSON, Williamshipcarpenter
WILLER, Georgesailmaker
WILLIAMS, Frederick B.laborer
WILLIAMS, Georgetinsmith
WILLIAMS, Henrylaborer
WILLIAMS, Jonasseaman
WILLIAMS, Johnclerk
WILLIAMS, Martin fisherman
WILLIAMS, Roberttinsmith
WILLIAMS, Walterstorekeeper
WILLS, Charlesbookkeeper
WILLS, Henrycarpenter
WILLS, Henryseaman
WILLS, Johntinsmith
WILLS, Pascojoiner
WILLS, Robertbaker
WILLS, Richardclerk
WILLS, Richardteacher
WILLS, Richard R.printer
WILLS, Samuelclerk
WILMER, Robertshoemaker
Wilson & Co.merchants
WILSON, Jamesporter
WILSON, Johnfisherman
WILSON, Johnlaborer
WILSON, Johnseaman
WILSON, Michaelseaman
WILSON, Patrick fisherman
WILSON, William F.merchant
WILTSHIRE, Alfredblacksmith
WIMBORROW, Jamesbaker
WINSBORROW, Thomasaccountant
WINSBORROW, Williamclerk
WINSER, Ford I.seaman
WINSER, Jamessea captain
WINSER, Johnshipmaster
WINSER, Thomascooper
WINTER, Dr. John M.H.A.
WINTER, Jamesclerk
WINTER, Mrs. James M.
WINTER, Johncooper
WINTON, Franciseditor, publisher and proprietor "Day Book"
WINTON, Henryeditor, publisher and proprietor "Public Ledger"
WINTON, Roberteditor, publisher and proprietor "Daily News"
WISE, Michaelshipwright
WISEMAN, Jamesfisherman
WISEMAN, Johnlaborer
WISEMAN, Thomasfisherman
WITHELL, Charles P.clerk Commissariat department
WITHERS, John C.Queen's printer, Royal Gazette Office
WITTEN, Charlescooper
WITTEN, Georgeclerk
WODUY, Thomascarpenter
WOOD, Henry T. B.clerk
WOOD, James B.commission merchant
WOOD, Rev. Thomas M.
WOOD, Thomasboarding housse
WOODFORD, Williammaster mariner
WOODLEY, Elizabethwid Nathaniel
WOODLEY, Johnseaman
WOODLEY, Margaretwid Isaac
WOODLEY, Samuelseaman
WOODLEY, Williamfarmer
WOODS, Elizabethwid James
WOODS, Georgefisherman
WOODS, Georgestevedore
WOODS, George H.servant
WOODS, Henry J. B.bookkeeper
WOODS, Jamesaccountant
WOODS, Jamesship carpenter
WOODS, Johnclerk
WOODS, Johnmarine railway
WOODS, Johnshipwright
WOODS, Josepheditor, publisher and proprietor Courier
WOODS, Juliawid Thomas
WOODS, Louisaboarding house
WOODS, Miss Marystraw bonnetmaker
WOODS, Thomasclerk
WOODS, Thomasteacher
WOODS, Williamseaman
WOODWORTH, Williamseaman
WRIGHT, Edwardfisherman
WYATT, Frederick J.general importer

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