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Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - A

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by Jennifer Wilkinson. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

ABBOTT Absalom laborer h 40 Colonial
ABBOTT Anne, wid John   h 18 York
ABBOTT Herbert tailor bds 40 Colonial
ABBOTT James laborer bds 18 York
ABBOTT James telegraph repairer h 48 Wickford
ABBOTT John trader h13 Field
ABBOTT Louisa, wid Henry   h 15 Barter's Hill
ABBOTT Mark laborer h 15 Simms'
ABBOTT Patrick carpenter h 329 Water, w
ABBOTT Wm repairer telegraph lines h43 Bannerman
ABBOTT Wm carriage blacksmith h 40 Colonial
ABBOTT Wm tanner h329 Water, w
ABBOTT Wm laborer bds 18 York
ABBOTT Wm mechanic h 40 Colonial
ADAMS Albert caretaker golf grounds bds Pennywell Road
ADAMS Arthur clerk in shipping office bds 5 Spencer
ADAMS Drucillawid Abraham   bds 12 Freshwater Road
ADAMS Edward seaman h 5 Spencer
ADAMS Eli seaman h 76 Carter's Hill
ADAMS George F tinsmith bds 68 Pennywell Road
ADAMS George J clerk sup. court h 12 Freshwater Road
ADAMS John laborer h 23 Scott
ADAMS John tailor 36 Prescott, bds 22 Dicks' Square
ADAMS Joseph   bds 43 Field
ADAMS Joseph teamster bds Pennywell Road
ADAMS Joseph sailmaker bds Pennywell Road
ADAMS Joseph laborer bds Freshwater Road
ADAMS Margaret, wid Wm   bds 122 Merry Meeting Road
ADAMS Thomas farmer h Cook's farm, Long Pond
ADAMS Thomas laborer h 43 Field
ADAMS Wm clerk bds 42 Field
ADAMS Wm J fisherman h 59 Merry Meeting Road
ADRAIN John merchant tailor 161 Water, h 38 Le Marchant Road
AEDEY Charles accountant h 32 Boncloddy
AINSWORTH Joseph laborer bds 309 Water, w
AINSWORTH Wm farmer h 309 Water, w
AITKEN Robert salesman h 63 Patrick
ALCOCK Clement registar of shipping customs h 7 Bulley
ALDERDICE Frederick C accountant bds 153 Le Marchant Road
ALFRED Frederick clerk bds 42 Prescott
ALLAN Patk J farmer h Strawberry Marsh, Long Pond Road
ALLAN Patk J grocer 14 Water, west, h do
ALLAN Richard laborer bds 11 Cookstown Road
ALLAN Thos J grocer 24 Water, west, h do
ALLAN Thos laborer h 11 Cookstown Road
ALLAN Wm J watchmaker 293 Water, west, h do
ALLISON Robt messenger h 11 Field
ALSOP Carteret clerk h Rock Cottage, Freshwater Road
ALSOP Robt messenger bds Rock Cottage, Freshwater Road
ALYWARD Ellem grocery 20 1/2 Haggerty's Lane
ALYWARD Jos seaman h 38 Thomas
ALYWARD Michael clerk bds 428 Water
ALYWARD Timothy tailor bds 428 Water
ALYWARD Wm clerk bds 428 Water
ALYWARD Wm tailor 428 Water, h do
ANDERSON Chas paving cutter bds 358 Water
ANDERSON Eliza, wid Charles   h 21 James
ANDERSON G I manufacturer's agent Duckworth, h 70 Cochrane
ANDERSON Geo cooper h 161 Gower
ANDERSON Jas carpenter h 161 Gower
ANDERSON Jas laborer h 81 Gower
ANDERSON John seaman h 43 Flower Hill
ANDERSON John Dry Goods Merchant 371 Water and 26 New Gower, h 3 Park Place
ANDREWS Benj carpenter h 466 King's Road
ANDREWS Geo farmer h Torbay Road
ANDREWS Geo cooper h 90 Casey
ANDREWS Geo M watchman h 123 Pleasant
ANDREWS Henry carpenter h 60 Cabot
ANDREWS Jas laborer h 108 Casey
ANDREWS Jas ship's carpenter h Mundy's Pond Rd
ANDREWS John H laborer h 101 Quidi Vidi Rd
ANDREWS Kenneth tailor bds 101 Quidi Vidi Rd
ANDREWS Nathan policeman h Ford Townsend
ANDREWS Robt laborer h 34 Flower Hill
ANDREWS Robt tinsmith h 9 Pennywell Road
ANDREWS Stephen   h 16 Hayward Avenue
ANDREWS Wm laborer h 66 King's Road
ANDREWS Wm fisherman h 55 Cabot
ANGEL Fredk engineer and draughtsman bds 132 Hamilton
ANGEL James & Co engineers, boilermakers, props of Dry Dock, Dry Dock premises  
ANGEL Hon James, of Jas Angel & co   h 132 Hamilton
ANGEL Jas fisherman h 11 Simms
ANGEL John engineer h 130 Hamilton
ANGEL John laborer h 9 Bambrick
ANGEL Joseph rigger h Woods' Place, Hoylestown
ANGEL John sanitary department h 13 Buchanan
ANGEL John tinsmith bds 10 Convent Lane
ANGEL Richd laborer h 10 Convent Lane
ANGEL Richd tinsmith h Water, w
ANGEL Richd tinsmith h 44 Hamilton
ANGEL Samuel cooper h 13 Buchanan
ANGEL Samuel jr clerk h 44 Hamilton
ANGEL Samuel fisherman h 44 Hamilton
ANGEL Stephen laborer h 188 New Gower
ANGEL Stephen laborer h 9 Bambrik
ANGEL Thos laborer h 9 Bambrick
Anglo-American Telegraph Co, Limited Exchange Building Water, AM McKay gene
ANTLE Abraham fisherman h 13 Barter's Hill
ANTHONY Abraham sanitary department h 11 Barron
ANTLE Abraham seaman h 3 Barter's Hill
ANTHONY Alfred farmer bds Quidi Vidi Road, north side of lake
ANTLE Andrew laborer h 6 Spencer
ANTINORIE Angelo tinsmith h 5 Dunford
ANTHONY Archibald constable bds West End Fire Hall
ANTHONY Geo laborer h 12 Barron
ANTLE Harry laborer bds 27 Quidi Vidi Road
ANTINORIE Innocent gardener h 5 Dunford
ANTHONY John carman h 3 Job
ANTLE Thos moulder h 4 Charlton
ANTHONY John laborer h 40 Brazil's Square
ANTLE John master mariner h 11 Pilot's Hill
ANTLE Mary Ann, wid Chas   bds 15 Simms'
ANTHONY Thomas coachman bds 9 Boggan
ANTHONY Wm cooper h 11 Pennywell Road
ANTHONY Willis engineer h 13 Barter's Hill
ANTHONY Wm farm servant h Brook Lodge
ANTHONY Wm laborer h 64 Brazil's Square
ANTLE Wm Henry seaman h 13 Barter's Hill
APGOOD Wm carpenter h 33 Carter's Hill
ARMSTRONG Jas student bds 91 Carter's Hill
ARMSTRONG Jas laborer h 91 Carter's Hill
ARMSWORTHY Joseph laborer h 28 Hutchings' Lane
ARMSTRONG Timothy wood machinist bds 91 Carter's Hill
ARMSTRONG Wm shoemaker h 186 New Gower
ARNES Adoph foreman baker h Hoylestown
ARNES Adolphe confectioner 10 1/2 Duckworth, h 24 Signal hill r
ARNAUD E M ledger keeper M B of Halifax bds 74 Cochrane
ARNOTT George W draper h 38 Job's
ARNOTT Miss Rose clerk bds 38 Jobs
ASH Richard accountant bds 29 Dick's Square
ASH Robert seaman h 37 Long's Hill
ASH Wm master cooper at Ayre & Sons h 160 Pleasant
ASHBURN John master mariner h 25 New Gower
ASHLEY Daniel smelter iron foundry h 69 Patick
ASHLEY James moulder h 9 Atlantic Av
ASHLEY John cooper h 90 Queens Road
ASHLEY John laborer h South Side
ASHLEY John stonecutter h 9 Atlantic Av
ASHLEY John jr messenger telegraph office bds 90 Queens Road
ASHLEY Joseph Secty. Holy Cross Association h 69 Patrick
ASHLEY Thomas laborer h South Side
ASHMAN Patrick laborer h 54 Gower
ASHMAN Thomas clerk h 26 McDougall
ASHMAN Thomas laborer h 28 Wickford
ASPELL Bridget, wid James   h 50 Pleasant
ASPELL James wheelwright h 226 Water w
ASPELL James laborer bds Battery road
ASPELL James laborer bds 226 Water, w
ASPELL John laborer h 9 Sebastian
ASPELL John laborer h 50 Pleasant
ASPELL Patrick laborer h Battery Road
ASPELL Richard laborer h 226 Water, w
ASPELL Richard laborer h 43 Moore
ASPELL Thomas laborer bds Batery Road
ASPELL W clerk R.C. Cathedral bds R.C. Place
ASPELL Wm laborer bds Battery Road
ATFIELD Stephen fisherman h 26 Hutchings
ATKINS Frank laborer h 116 Casey
ATKINS John watchman h 116 Casey
ATKINS Thomas laborer h 116 Casey
ATKINS Thomas laborer h 25 Thomas
ATWELL Frederick clerk h 349 Water
ATWELL John rope maker bds Brazil Field
ATWELL Hattie milliner h 349 Water
ATWELL Samuel carpenter h Brazil's Field
AUCKINLECK Alexander carpenter h 13 Cookstown Road
AUKINLECK Isabella, wid James R   h 122 Merry Meeting Road
AUCHINLECK Jas farmer h 122 Merry Meeting Road
Auditor General Office Department Building Duckworth
AUSTIN Chesley plumber bds 21 Barnes' Road
AUSTIN Edw printer bds 21 Barnes' Road
AUSTIN Michael laborer bds 12 Lime
AUSTIN Samuel gauger, H M Customs h 28 Forest Road
AUSTIN Walter   h 21 Barnes' Road
AUSTIN Wm jr seaman h 4 Barnes' Road
AUSTIN Wm joiner   h 21 Barnes' Road
AVERY Adam laborer h 52 Patrick
AVERY Alex laborer h 114 Casey
AVERY Archibald laborer h Brazil's Field, off Mundy Pond Rd.
AVERY Ebenezer stevedore h 25 Pleasant
AVERY Ebenezer laborer h 152 New Gower
AVERY Jas tidewaiter HMC h 20 Signal Hill Road
AVERY John engineer h 52 Signal Hill Road
AVERY Norman seaman h 114 Casey
AVERY Robt cabman h 114 Casey
AXFORD Fredk master mariner h South Side
AYLWARD Andrew laborer h 45 Merry Meeting Rd.
AYLWARD Jas farmer h 21 Livingstone
AYLWARD Jas fisherman h 21 Job
AYLWARD Jas clerk bds 45 Merry Meeting Road
AYLWARD John laborer bds 7 Signal Hill Road
AYLWARD John E P tanner Water, w. h do
AYLWARD Margeret, wid Thos   h 7 Signal Hill Road
AYLWARD Maurice laborer bds 7 Signal Hill Road
AYLWARD Matthew plumber bds 21 Livingstone
AYLWARD Thos carpenter bds 7 Signal Hill Road
AYLWARD Wm clerk bds 424 Water
AYLWARD Wm machinist h 21 Job's
AYRE Chas P, of Ayre & Sons   h 119 Hamilton Ave.
AYRE Chesley, of Ayre & Sons   h Circular Road
AYRE Red W, of Ayre & Sons   h Circular Road
AYRE Geo W B law student bds 46 New Gower
AYRE Isabella, wid Geo   h 58 New Gower
AYRE John B, of Ayre & Sons   h Thornlea, Waterford Br Rd
AYRE John B baker Water, and 46 New Gower, h do
AYRE Jas office clerk bds Circular Road
AYRE John draper's clerk bds 58 New Gower
AYRE Mary Hannah, wid Hon C R   h 22 Rennie's Mill Road
AYRE Robt C, of Ayre & Sons   h Circular Road
Ayre & Sons General Merchants & Importers Water

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