NLGenWeb 1898 McAlpines Directory

Avalon South Region - St. John's District

St. John's City - C

ABBREVIATIONS USED: adv - advertisement; bds - boards; cor - corner; do - same place or same street; dept - department; h - house; n - near; opp - opposite; r - rear; rev - reverend; wid - widow; n - north; s - south; e - east; w - west.

The information was transcribed by Jennifer Wilkinson. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

CABOT Geo trader h 29 Barter's Hill
CABOT HOUSE Ewing Mary - Prop 159 Gower
CADWELL Elizabeth, wid John   h 93 Pleasant
CADWELL James foreman Condolidated Fdy Co h 62 Patrick
CADWELL Wm F ropewalk operative bds 93 Pleasant
CAHILL James laborer h 64 Mullock
CAHILL John blacksmith bds 10 Spencer
CAHILL John laborer h 14 Hayward ave
CAHILL Mary, John   h 14 Hayward ave
CAHILL Mary, wid John   h 10 Spencer
CAHILL Peter carriage builder h 77 King's Road
CAHILL Richard laborer h 11 Pope
CAHILL Thomas section man Nfld Railway h 18 Plymouth Road
CAHILL Wm seaman h Brazil Square
CAINES James cabman h 4 William
CAINES John fisherman h 9 College Square
CAINES Levi fireman east end station h 4 William
CAINES Maurice laborer h 3 Murphy's Square off Alexander
CAINES Sylvester laborer h 9 Barne's Place
CAINES Thomas store keeper h 9 Barne's Place
CAINES Thomas shoemaker bds 9 College Square
CAINES Wm James laborer bds 9 do
CAKE Allen G R clerk h 131 New Gower
CAKE George typewriter bds 131 New Gower
CAKE Richard carpenter h 131 New Gower
CAKE Stanley Winter clerk 131 New Gower
CALDWELL Elias carpenter h 7 Knight
CALDWELL Jas seaman 8 Sheehan's Shute
CALDWELL John moulder bds 1 Sudbury
CALDWELL Louisa, wid Edward   h 18 Prescott
CALDWELL Stuart pattern maker T N Foundary bds Prescott
CALLAHAN Catherine, wid Michael   h 120 Duckworth do
CALLAHAN Cornelius master mariner h Battery Road
CALLAHAN Glass & Co General House Furnishings cor Duckworth and Gower
CALLAHAN Jas locker - HM Customs h 53 Military
CALLAHAN Jas painter bds 120 Duckworth
CALLAHAN Jas J grocer, 160 & 162 Water h do
CALLAHAN Jas P clerk bds 160 Water
CALLAHAN Jeremiah master mariner h 63 George
CALLAHAN John, of Callanhan Glass & Co   h 214 1/2 Gower
CALLAHAN John block maker h 404 Water
CALLAHAN John   120 Duckworth
CALLAHAN John T clerk bds 160 Water w
CALLAHAN Nicholas laborer 159 New Gower
CALLAHAN Richard tinsmith bds 404 Water
CALLAHAN Richard J confectioner bds 120 Duckworth
CALLAHAN Richard J clerk bds 400 Water
CALLAHAN Roger M H A, Tinsmith & Hardware, 384 & 386 Water h LeMarchant Road
CALLAHAN Miss Theresa clerk bds 400 Water
CALLAHAN Wm laborer h 169 New Gower
CALLAHAN Wm laborer h 47 Pleasant
CALLAHAN Wm Henry cooper h 159 New Gower
CALVER John   h Newtown Road
CALVER John F clerk h 2 Allan Square
CALVERT Jas A tailor h 23 Maxse
CAMPBELL Arch H Imbr merchant, 11 Water w h 36 Freshwater Rd
CAMPBELL Colin mgr Paterson & Downing & Co h 122 Hamilton
CAMPBELL Daniel fisherman h 70 George
CAMPBELL Ellen miliner bds 105 Gower
CAMPBELL Jas P O clerk bds 59 Prescott
CAMPBELL Jane, wid Wm   h 8 Cook
CAMPBELL Wm accountant h 105 Water
CAMPBELL Wm butcher 350 Water h do
CAMPBELL Wm farmer h 36 Freshwater
CAMPBELL Wm P O clerk h 164 Pleasant
CANDOW Alex coachman h 13 Duggan
CANDOW Chesley clerk bds 9 Signal Hill Road
CANDOW David engineer h 9 Signal Hill Road
CANDOW Walter shoemaker h 42 Young
CANDY FACTORY, F B Wood   21 Henry
CANFIELD Wm farmer h Long Point Road
CANNING Albert E clerk bds Quidi Vidi Road
CANNING Anne, wid Samuel   h 56 Cochrane
CANNING Austin   bds 236 Gower
CANNING Miss Emma asst prin C E orphanage bds Military Road
CANNING Francis saloon keeper, 190 New Gower h Theater Hill
CANNING Fredk student bds 236 Gower
CANNING John book-keeper h 56 Cochrane
CANNING Louisa, wid Wm S   h Quidi Vidi Road
CANNING Miss Mary principle C E orphanage - Boy's Dept Military Road
CANNING Miss Mary B   h 16 Henry
CANNING Samuel laborer h 22 Scott
CANNING Wm laborer h 81 Harris' Cont- McFarlane's Lane
CANNING Wm school teacher bds Quidi Vidi Road
CANTWELL Elizabeth clerk h 12 Cochrane
CANTWELL Jas cooper bds 32 Livingstone
CANTWELL John cooper bds 32 Livingstone
CANTWELL Joseph baker bds 41 Prescott
CANTWELL Mary, wid John   h 62 Water w
CANTWELL Michael asst signal officer - sig station h Signal Hill
CANTWELL Patk shoemaker 46 George h do
CANTWELL Redmond cooper h 32 Livingstone
CANTWELL Thos laborer h 55 Line
CANTWELL Wm master pilot bds 42 Gower
CAPE BRETON BOOT AND SHOE MFG CO LTD, Archibald & McKinnon   North Sydney, C.B.
CARBERY Edw cooper shed Nunnery Hill
CARBERRY Miss Ellen ladies' emporium Water bds 179 Gower
CARBERRY John tailer h 9 Prince
CARBERRY Maurice shoemaker h 9 Prince
CARBERRY Michael cooper bds shed Nunnery Hill
CARBERRY Richd carpenter h South Side
CAREW Alex clerk bds Brazil's Square
CAREW David laborer h 7 Murphy's Square off Alexander
CAREW Ellen, wid John   h 10 Carew
CAREW Jas policeman h 10 Bulley
CAREW Johannah, wid   h 48 Barnes' Road
CAREW John laborer h 36 Barnes' Road
CAREW John J contracter h 39 Angel Place off Alexander
CAREW Miss Margaret clerk bds 6 British Square
CAREW Mary, wid John   h 54 Field
CAREW Michael clerk bds 7 Cook
CAREW Thomas carpenter h 39 Angel Place off Alexander
CAREW Thos clerk bds 7 Cook
CAREW Thos reporter h 32 Barter's Hill
CAREW Wm carpenter bds 19 Cuddihy
CAREW Wm lumberman h 14 Cuddihy
CAREW Wm laborer h 22 Sebastien
CAREW Elizabeth, wid John   bds 23 Adelaide
CARLSTON Wm painter h South Side
CARMICHAEL Isabella S C dry goods & grocery 368 Water h do
CARMICHAEL James A clerk bds 368 Water
CARNELL Andrew G carriage builder bds 16 Cochrane
CARNELL Arthur H clerk bds 16 Cochrane
CARNELL Bessie proprietor Carnell's Carriage Factory cor Cochrane & Gower h do
CARNELL Catherine, wid Samuel   h 23 Prescott
CARNELL Eliza J, wid Richard   h 13 William
CARNELL Frank S clerk bds 16 Cochrane
CARNELL Frederick barber h 229 1/2 New Gower
CARNELL George painter h 49 Spencer
CARNELL James baker h 43 Spencer Hill Road
CARNELL John J baker h 43 Spencer Hill Road
CARNELL John joiner bds 79 Quidi Vidi Road
CARNELL Mary, wid Henry   h 220 1/2 New Gower
CARNELL Thomas wheelwright h 18 Carnell
CARNELL Thos G clerk bds 43 Signal Hill Road
CARNELL Wm clerk bds 43 Signall Hill Road
CARNELL Wm jr bookkeeper bds 79 Quidi Vidi Road
CARNELL Wm road inspector h 79 Quidi Vidi Road
CARNELL Thos seaman bds 87 Monkstown Road
CARRIGAN James fisherman h 62 Barter's Hill
CARRIGAN Mary, wid Patrick   h 32 Flower Hill
CARRIGAN Peter clerk h 62 Brazil's Square
CARRIGAN Thos laborer Lime
CARRIGAN Wm cooper h 32 Flower Hill
CARROLL Ann, wid Patrick   h 2 Hayward Ave.
CARROLL Bridget, wid Thos   h 21 Bond
CARROLL Catherine, wid Patrick   h 12 Hutchings
CARROLL Daniel carver bds 89 Patrick
CARROLL Francis laborer h 25 Holloway
CARROLL James   h 12 Hutchings
CARROLL James seaman h 22 Livingstone
CARROLL Johanna, wid Thos   178 Gower
CARROLL John fisherman h 89 Patrick
CARROLL Joseph clerk bds 48 Water, w
CARROLL Miss Lizzie dressmaker bds 89 Patrick
CARROLL Michael   h 91 Monkstown
CARROLL Nicholas fisherman h 40 Livingstone
CARROLL Patk laborer bds 25 Holloway
CARROLL Miss Priscilla cook Quidi Vidi Road
CARROLL Richd cooper h 56 Signal Hill Road
CARROLL Sylvester plumber's apprentice h 12 Hutchings
CARROLL Thos laborer bds 25 Holloway
CARROLL Wm carpenter h 67 Long's Hill
CARROLL Wm asst clerk supreme court h 20 Cochrane
CARTER Chas, of Morrison & Co.   h 125 Hamilton
CARTER Edwin blacksmith bds 24 Brine
CARBERRY Edw shoecutter h Church Lane, South Side
CARTER Edw F wines and spirits 30 New Gower, h do
CARTER Edwin S book-keeper bds Hillsboro, King's Bridge Road
CARTER Miss Fanny   h Carpasian
CARTER Fedek W book-keeper bds Hillsboro, King's Bridge Road
CARTER Sir F B T   h 90 Military Road
CARTER Geo sea capt h 28 Young
CARTER Geo J merchant h 77 Rennie's Mill Road
CARTER Henry cooper bds 48 Water, w
CARTER Henry D teller Bank Montreal h 11 Maxse
CARTER Hugh H barrister, 334 Duckworth h 90 Military Road
CARTER Jas ordery, gov. house h lodge Military Road
CARTER Jas high sheriff h Blossom Place, Barnes' Road
CARTER John coachman h 13 Walsh's Sq., off Signal Hill Rd.
CARTER John cooper h 5 Colonial
CARTER Martin Am. Consul, rooms 14 & 15 Com Cham bds Crosbie
CARTER Mary, wid Robert   bds Hillsboro, King's Bridge Road
CARER Robert supt mercantile h Hillsboro, King's Bridge Road
CARTER Thomas student bds lodge Government House
CARTER Wm cooper bds 13 Balsam
CARTER Wm fisherman bds 13 Walsh's Square, off Signal Hill
CARBERRY Wm laborer h 6 Fleming
CATER John lumberman h 6 Convent Square
CARTY George barrister, McBride's Hill h 51 Cochrane
CARTY M H, Q.C. Barrister-at-Law, Temple Building, Duckworth bds 51 Cochrane
CARTY Paul ex-inspector police h 51 Cochrane
CASE Samuel carpenter h 11 Gilbert
CASEY Catherine, wid Patrick   h 24 Thomas
CASEY John butcher bds 38 Water, w
CASEY Martin baker bds Southside, w
CASEY Martin watchman h Southside
CASEY Mary, wid Andrew   h 2 Flower Hill
CASEY Mary M, wid John   h Casey
CASEY Patrick butcher 38 Water, w h do
CASEY Patrick jr butcher bds Mundy's Pond Road
CASEY Peter clerk bds Mundy's Pond Road
CASEY Peter teamster h 38 Water, w
CASEY Thomas   h Casey
CASEY Wm butcher h 38 Water, w
CASEY Wm machinist bds Mundy's Pond Road
CASH Francis laborer h 57 Monkstown Road
CASH James tabbacoist Water, East Market House Hill h do
CAULE James shoemaker h Sheehan's Shute
CAULE John fisherman h Sheehan's Shute
CAULE Michael seaman h Sheehan's Shute
CAUL Thomas coachman h Government House Grounds
COUZENS Gilbert student h 22 Springdale
CAVE Earnest seaman h 31 John
CAVE Joseph carpenter h 45 Flower Hill
CAVE Robt master mariner h 31 John
CAVE Thos engineer 137 George
CAVE Wm ensign S A bds 4 Brazil's Square
CENTRAL DISTRICT COURT   Star of the Sea Hall, Henry
CHAFE Alfred bookkeeper, lunatic asylum h 39 Long's Hill
CHAFE Benjamin laborer h 244 New Gower
CHAFE D M wheelwright and undertaker, 124 George h 19 Princess
CHAFE David fisherman and shopkeeper 55 Colonial h do
CHAFE Ellen, wid Jacob   h 4 Springdale
CHAFE Fredk storekeeper h 15 Maxse
CHAFE Harriet, wid George   h 109 Hamilton
CHAFE Herbert B clerk h 109 Hamilton
CHAFE Isaac laborer h 246 New Gower
CHAFE Jacob cooper h 138 Casey
CHAFE Jacob laborer h 3 Cookstown Road
CHAFE Jacob teamster h 275 1/2 Water, w
CHAFE Joseph carman bds 25 Field
CHAFE Joseph laborer h 38 Barnes' Road
CHAFE Joseph jr laborer h 38 Barnes' Road
CHAFE Philip laborer h 244 New Gower
CHAFE Philip sanitary chairman h 28 Field
CHAFE Samuel cabman h 91 Gower
CHAFE Thos fisherman h 3 Prince
CHAFE Thomas fisherman bds 156 Hamilton
CHAFE Wm fisherman h 47 Cabot
CHAFE Wm fisherman h 390 Water
CHANCEY Eldred carpenter h Mundy's Pond Road
CHANCEY John clerk bds 40 Alexander
CHANCEY John carpenter h Mundy's Pond Road
CHANCEY Lloyd T barber 12 Adelaide, h do
CHANCEY Lionel t   h 7 Monkstown Road
CHANCEY Wm storekeeper bds Alexander
CHANCEY Wm R clerk 10 Cook
CHANCEY Willis boilermaker h Alexander
CHANNINGS Jas J druggist, 15 New Gower h 105 do
CHANNINGS John cabman h 68 Patrick
CHANNINGS John jr cabman bds 68 Patrick
CHANNINGS Louis cabman h 83 1/2 Patrick
CHAPLIN Alice clerk h Knight
CHAPLIN Edwin tailor bds 7 Knight
CHAPLIN Eliza, wid Mark   h 7 Knight
CHAPLIN Herbert drug clerk bds 40 Rennie's Mill Road
CHAPLIN Jas clerk h 121 Gower
CHAPLIN John tinsmith h 10 Plymouth Road
CHAPLIN Mark tailor and outfitter, Water h 40 Rennie's Mill Road
CHAPLIN Samuel tailor bds 7 Knight
CHAPLIN Wm farmer h Long Pond Road
CHAPMAN Edw mgr hdwre & gro dept, Bowring's h 102 Pleasant
CHAPMAN Henry laborer h 97 Monkstown Road
CHAPMAN John laborer h 97 do do
CHAPTER Elizabeth, wid Andrew   h 54 Monkstown Road
CHAPTER John laborer h 14 Gorman's Lane
CHARLES John watchmaker bds 208 Duckworth
CHARLES Thomas liquor dealer, Water h 208 Duckworth
CHARLES Wm student bds 208 Duckworth
CHASTEY John cooper h 32 Adelaide
CHEATER Edmund butcher bds 135 New Gower
CHEEKS George sanitary department h 37 Barter's Hill
CHEYTOR Caleb laborer bds 178 Water, w
CHIDLEY George teamster bds 24 Lime
CHIDLEY Joseph tailor bds 24 Lime
CHIDLEY Joseph fisherman h Sheehan's Shute
CHIDLEY Thomas fisherman h 24 Lime
CHIDLEY Thomas laborer h Sheehan's Shute
CHIDLEY Thomas packer h 79 Military Road
CHIDLEY John F bookseller & stationer, Water h do
CHISLETT Adam barber h 79 New Gower
CHISLETT Fredk stone cutter h 79 New Gower
CHISLETT George laborer h 79 New Gower
CHISLETT John sailmaker h 79 New Gower
CHISLETT Nicholas shipwright h 27 Flower Hill
CHOWN Albert E clerk bds 31 King's Bridge Road
CHOWN Francis H clerk h 31 King's Bridge Road
CHOWN Newman W blind maker, 37 Prescott bds 10 Wood
CHRISTIAN Alexander clerk bds 86 Pleasant
CHRISTIAN Archibald clerk h 86 Pleasant
CHRISTIAN George clerk bds 156 LeMarchant Road
CHRISTIAN James M accountant h 156 LeMarchant Road
CHRISTIAN Wm L clerk h 49 McDougald
CHRISTOPHER Emma, wid John   h 5 Howe Place
CHRISTOPHER Ellen, wi Thos   h 11 Bannerman
CHRISTOPHER Garrett printer h 28 Prospect
CHRISTOPHER James fireman bds 348 Water, w
CHRISTOPHER John laborer h 11 Bannerman
CHRISTOPHER Martin engineer h 348 Water, w
CHRISTOPHER Patrick mate ss "Fiona" h 30 Flavin
CHRISTOPHER Richard laborer h 11 Bannerman
CHRISTOPHER Thos boiler maker bds 348 Water, w
CHRISTOPHER Wm fisherman h 5 Barnes' Place
CHURCH OF ENGLAND CEMETARY Austin Lush, caretaker h 41 Forest Road
CHURCH OF ENGLAND ORPHANAGE Miss Channing, principal Military Road
CHURCHILL Alan mechanic h 4 Larkin's Square
CHURCHILL Ambrose engineer h 37 Hutchings
CHURCHILL George fisherman 137 Cabot
CHURCHILL Kane fisherman h 76 Duckworth
CHURCHILL Miss Lydia clerk bds 37 Hutchings
CHURCHILL Richard butcher h 25 Fleming
CHURHICLL Robert seaman h 10 Stephen
CHURCHILL Samuel carpenter h 26 Freshwater Road
CHURCHILL Solomon sr laborer h 4 Larkin's Square
CHURCHILL Samuel Augustus clerk h 37 Hutchings
CHURCHILL Wm builder & contractor h 26 Freshwater Road
CITY CLUB city club building Water
CITY CLUB BOAT HOUSE   Boat House Lane off Quidi Vidi Road
CITY HOTEL prop Mrs Geo Walsh Duckworth
CIVEER Garett laborer h 50 Barnes' Road
CLANCEY Bridget, wid Denis   bds 31 Prospect
CLANCEY Ellen, wid Wm   h 8 Catherine
CLANCEY Jas caretaker T A Hall h 41 Prescott
CLANCEY Jas laborer h 8 Catherine
CLANCEY John laborer h 8 Catherine
CLANCEY John laborer h 31 Prospect
CLANCEY P J porter h 31 Prospect
CLANCEY Lewis B messenger bds Flavin's
CLANCEY R J clerk h 218 Gower
CLANCEY Thos sanity inspector h 70 Hayward Ave
CLANCEY Wm laborer h 31 Prospect
CLAPP Gilbert   h 60 Cochrane
CLAPP John S   bds 60 Cochrane
CLAPP W M barrister, Duckworth bds 60 Cochrane
CLARE John seaman h 34 Codnor's Lane
CLARE John laborer h 215 Water, w
CLARK Richard fisherman h 17 Barnes' Place
CLARK Robt farm servant bds Carpassian farm
CLARK Robt laborer h 24 Hutchings Lane
CLARK Robt restaurant, 9 Adelaide h do
CLARK Samuel mason h 26 William
CLARK Thos machinist bds 387 Waterford Bridge Road
CLARK Thos porter bds 13 Young
CLARK Wm shoemaker h 85 Gower
CLARK Wilson clerk bds 85 Gower
CLARKE Ambrose blacksmith h 110 Queen's Road
CLARKE Aubrey laborer h 18 Carew
CLARKE Benjamin carpenter h South Side
CLARKE Edwin mason h 26 William
CLARKE Eli laborer h 19 Rossiter's Lane
CLARKE Ellen, wid Noah   h 13 Young
CLARKE Miss Emily C clerk bds 172 LeMarchant
CLARKE Garland clerk h 83 Gower
CLARKE Geo blacksmith bds 110 Queen's Road
CLARKE Geo clerk h 6 Knight
CLARKE Geo engineer bds 180 Pleasant
CLARKE Geo student bds 26 William
CLARKE Jas fisherman h 387 Waterford Bridge Road
CLARKE Jas laborer h 3 Young
CLARKE Jas rope maker bds Hamilton Ave
CLARKE Jas tinsmith h Cookestown Road
CLARKE John carpenter h Hamilton Ave
CLARKE John fisherman h 17 Barnes' Place
CLARKE John foreman Rope Walk h 180 Pleasant
CLARKE John mason bds 387 Waterford Bridge Road
CLARKE John seaman h 3 Long's
CLARKE John seaman h Sebastien
CLARKE John teamster, Ellis building 17 Adelaide
CLARKE John H P O clerk h 92 Harris, cont. MacFarlane's Lane
CLARKE Jos shoemaker h South Side
CLARKE Moses school teacher h 83 and 85 Gower
CLARKE Patrick grocer, 188 New Gower h o
CLARKE Patrick laborer h 29 Bambrick
CLARKE Patk stevedore h 29 Bambrick
CLARK Richard fisherman h 17 Barnes' Place
CLATENEY Daniel clerk R C Cathedral h 16 Pilot's Hill
CLATENEY Elizabeth, wid John   h Battery Road
CLATENEY Patrick laborer h 18 Pilot's Hill
CLATENY Daniel clerk h 17 Barnes Place
CLEARY Catherine, wid Thos   h 42 Hayward Way
CLEARY Frank laborer h 10 Nunnery Hill
CLEARY James cooper h 22 Cochrane
CLEARY John laborer h 60 Barnes Road
CLEARY John laborer h 69 Plank Road
CLEARY John N barrister, Temple Building, Duckworth h 1 Park Row, Rennie's Mill Road
CLEARY Michael laborer h r 63 Cookstown Road
CLEARY Patrick seaman h 42 1/2 Long's Hill
CLEARY Hon Philip, M L C   h 31 Monkstown Road
CLEARY Philip jr accountant h 3 Monkstown Road
CLEARY Vincent clerk Bank of Montreal bds 31 Monkstown Road
CLEMENS Richard laborer h 18 Signal Hill Road
CLEMENS Thomas laborer bds 18 Signal Hill Road
CLEYTON John Henry seaman h 9 Murray
CLIFFORD Annie, wid Wm J   h 11 Cook
CLIFFORDJames carpenter h 24 Cook
CLIFFORD Martin laborer 8 Bulley
CLIFFORD Walter H machinist bds 11 Cook
CLIFT Charles N   h 17 Rennie's Mill Road
CLIFT Hugh   bds Duckworth
CLIFT J Augustus barrister, Agent Equitable Lie Assurance Society of U.S., 226 Duckworth h Military Road
CLIFT Thomas B   bds 71 Rennie's Mill Road
CLENCH Thomas seaman h 72 McFarlane's Lane
CLINTON John seaman h 7 Holdsworth
CLOONEY James shoemaker bds 4 Sebastien
CLOONEY Thomas fisherman h 10 Catherine
CLOUSTON John tinsmith h Quidi Vidi Road
CLOUSTON Thomas tinsmith h 48 Duckworth
CLOUSTON Walter manager oil clothes factory h 106 Pleasant
CLOUSTON Wm J importer & dealer in parlor & cooking stoves, hardware, lamps, etc, weights & measures, stores East Market House Hill  
CLOW Marmaduke insp. weights & measures h 32 Colonial
CLUNEY Jas laborer h 4 Sebastien
CLUNEY John laborer bds 66 Portugal Cove Road
CLUNEY John shoemaker h 4 Sebastien
COADY Andrew laborer h 42 Thomas
COADY Bridget tailoress h 12 Chapel
COADY David laborer h 40 Hutchings
COADY Francis shoemaker h 12 Dunford
COADY Frank shoemaker h 12 Dunford
COADY Honora, wid Michael   h 24 McFarlane's Lane
COADY Jas student bds 58 Pennywell Road
COADY Jas mason bds 71 New Gower
COADY Jas wharfinger h 219 New Gower
COADY John farmer bds Torbay Road
COADY John fisherman h 14 Buchanan
COADY John laborer h 20 Lime
COADY John licensed publican, 272 Water h Pennywell Road
COADY John jr laborer bds 20 Lime
COADY Joseph laborer h 8 Haggerty's Lane
COADY Lawrence laborer h 40 Hutchings
COADY Margeret, wid Michael   h 5 Walsh's Sq., off Signal Hill Road
COADY Margeret, wid Jas   h 126 George
COADY Miss Mary   h 61 Queen's Road
COADY Mary, wid Jas   h 24 Codner's Lane
COADY Mary Ann, wid Stephen   h 68 Barnes' Road
COADY Matthew laborer h 17 Carter's Hill
COADY Michael laborer bds 24 Codner's Lane
COADY Michael seaman h 82 1/2 Casey
COADY Nicholas J laborer h 41 Water, w
COADY Richard baker h 42 Thomas
COADY Richard fisherman h 14 Buchanan
COADY Thos laborer h 18 Hagerty's Lane
COADY Thos laborer h 82 1/2 Casey
COADY Thos wine and spirit dealer, Water h 58 Pennywell Road
COADY Thos jr clerk bds 58 Pennywell Road
COADY Walter fisherman h 39 Bambrick
COADY Wm baker h 42 Thomas
COADY Wm laborer h 82 1/2 Casey
COADY Wm mason h 30 Wickford
COADY Wm seaman h 263 Water, w
COAKER Edward seaman h 30 Mullock
COAKER John J joiner h 30 Mullock
COAKER Wm joiner h 30 Mullock
COAKER Wm F telegraph operator h 30 Mullock
COAKER Wm J watchmaker h South Side
COCKSHOTT Wm drill sergt Nfld Constabulary h Fort Townsend
CODNER John laborer h 255 Lewis
CODNER Micheal teamster h 225 Lewis
CODNER Wm shoemaker h 18 Wickford
COEN Geo C deputy minister finance h 52 Prescott
COFFEE Denis pensioner of H M service h 30 King's Road
COFFEE Jeremiah seaman h 54 Bond
COFFEE John plumber h 30 King's Road
COFFEE John seaman h Gower
COFFIN Augustus E teacher h 26 1/2 Cook
COFFIN Chas watchmaker bds 44 Bannerman
COFFIN Geo engineer h 15 Cochrane
COFFIN Henry joiner h 82 Barne's Road
COFFIN John clerk h 27 Parade
COFFIN Martha, wid John   h 27 Parade
COFFIN Percival R accountant bds 26 1/2 Cook
COFFIN Theophilus C   bds 26 1/2 Cook
COFFIN Thos   bds 159 Gower
COFFIN Thos customs officer h 4 Bannerman
COFFIN Walter A brakeman bds 27 Parade
COLBERT Maurice tailor h 12 Leslie
COLBERT Wm fisherman h 21 Scott
COLE Andrew baker h 47 Cookstown Road
COLE Catherine, wid Patk   h 78 Casey
COLE Elizabeth, wid Philip   h 78 Casey
COLE George tinsmith h 7 Dunford
COLE James baker h Torbay Road
COLE James laborer h 14 James
COLE James steward h 16 John
COLE James jr laborer bds 14 James
COLE John milwright bds 7 Dunford
COLE Maria, wid Samuel   h 21 James
COLE Mary, wid Wm   h 16 John
COLE Robt farmer h 69 King's Bridge Road
COLE Solomon coachman h 49 Bannerman
COLE Theresa, wid John   h 19 William
COLE Uriah messenger Bk N S h 7 Dunford
COLE Wm shoemaker, h 26 Henry h 16 John
COLEMAN Catherine, wid Edward   h 117 Bond
COLEMAN Catherine, wid John   h Circular Road
COLEMAN Edward laborer h 27 Quidi Vidi Road
COLEMAND Edward jr tinsmith bds 27 Quidi Vidi Road
COLEMAN Elizabeth, wid Edward   h 49 Carter's Hill
COLEMAN E G locksmith and bell hanger h 61 Bannerman
COLEMAN Robert J accountant h Circular Road
COLEMAN Sarah, wid Patrick   h 99 New Gower
COLEMAN George shoemaker h 7 Cabot
COLEMAN James butcher bds 27 Quidi Vidi Road
COLEMAN James shoemaker bds 49 Carter's Hill
COLFORD Miss Margaret mantle & dress maker h 95 New Gower
COLFORD Richard cooper h 45 New Gower
COLLECTION & LOAN ASSOCIATION, The Richard Harvey, agent 4 Renouf Building, Duckworth
COLLIER Charles carpenter bds 6 Victoria
COLLIER Frederick painter bds 6 Victoria
COLLIER John painter h 6 Victoria
COLLIER John student bds 1 Carnell
COLLIER Nicholas J mgr Carnell's carrige fac h Forest Road
COLLIER Samuel G wheelwright, 8 Waldergrave h 1 Carnell
COLLIER Sarah, wid Charles   h Forest House, Forest Road
COLLINS Amelia F, wid John   h 28 Barter's Hill
COLLINS Charles farmer h 72 Barnes' Road
COLLINS Ellen, wid Michael   h 18 Brine
COLLINS George hair dress, 198 New Gower h do
COLLINS James   h 32 Prescott
COLLINS James branch pilot h 35 New Gower
COLLINS Jas J clerk h 18 Bell
COLLINS Jas J American House, licensed publican, Water h do
COLLINS Jas J notary public and broker, 164 New Gower h do
COLLINS John seaman bds 92 Casey
COLLINS John M joiner h 7 Mullock
COLLINS John T clerk bds 32 Prescott
COLLINS Jos fisherman h off Barter's Hill
COLLINS Jos messenger h 41 Parade
COLLINS Jos seaman h 17 Holloway
COLLINS Martin carpenter h Battery Road
COLLINS Michael master mariner h 17 Victoria
COLLINS Patk baker h 8 Queen's Road
COLLINS Patk J draper bds 17 Victoria
COLLINS Richard H hairdress, 123 Duckworth h 7 Mullock
COLLINS Rosanna, wid Peter   h 22 Convent Square
COLLINS Sarah F, wid   h 7 Mullock
COLLINS Terenec accountant h 37 Bannerman
COLLINS Theresa, wid Wm   h 62 George
COLLINS Thos fisherman bds 130 George
COLLINS Thos carpenter h Pleasant
COLLINS Wm laborer h 130 George
COLLINS Wm laborer bds 8 Queen's Road
COLLINS Wm   h 2 Pennywell Road
COLLINS Wm printer h 37 Bannerman
COLLINS Capt Wm police h Fort Townsend
COLLINS Wm W accountant bds 17 Victoria
COLLINGWOOD Thos C accountant bds 48 King's Road
COLLINGWOOD Wm storekeeper h 48 King's Road
COLLIS George laborer h 16 Hayward Avenue
COLLIS H C beer depot, 69 Queen's Road h do
COLONIAL BUILDING   situate Military Road
COLONIAL CORDAGE CO J H Munro, manager Mundy's Pond Road
COLONIAL SECRETARY, Hon. J Alex Robinson   Departmental Building, Duckworth
COLTIS Miles stovefitter h 86 Patrick
COLTON Edward storekeeper h 4 Knight
COLTON Ethelbert cash keeper H M C h 126 Water, w
COLTON Mary M, wid Arthur   h 25 Barter's Hill
COLTON Samuel G purser Coastal Co. h South Side
COMBS Chas laborer h 52 Signal Hill Road
COMEFORD Michael shoemaker h 89 Gower
COMERFORD John J laborer h 19 Barnes' Place
COMERFORD Nicholas farmer bds 335 Water, w
COMERFORD Richard cooper h 58 Cabot
COMERFORD Richd B tel operator bds 102 Military Road
COMERFORD Wm B clerk bds 102 Military Road
CONDON Ellen, wid Kyran   h 16 Cabot
CONDON Ellen, wid Thos   h 45 Duckworth
CONDON John cabinet-maker bds 16 Cabot
CONDON Kate, wid Richd   h 24 Finn's Lane
CONDON Margaret, wid Daniel   h 322 Duckworth
CONDON Michael stone-cutter h 11 York
CONDON Robt shipwright bds 332 Duckworth
CONDON Samuel clerk h Barter's Hill
CONDON Samuel shipwright h 4 James
CONDON Wm H engineer bds 45 Duckworth
CONNELL Anastasia, wid Michael   h 21 Thomas
CONNELL Catherine, wid John   h 48 King's Bridge Road
CONNELL David rope-maker h Mundy's Pond Bay
CONNELL Edw farmer h Long Pond Road
CONNELL Elizabeth, wid   h Ropewalk Range
CONNELL Jas rope-maker bds Ropewalk Range
CONNELL Jeremiah laborer h 72 Casey
CONNELL John fisherman h Mundy's Pond Road
CONNELL John laborer h 21 Thomas
CONNELL John F clerk bds 48 King's Bridge Road
CONNELL Martin laborer h 12 Sheehan's Shute
CONNELL Mary, wid Edward   h 166 Pleasant
CONNELL Michael laborer h 18 Sheehan's Shute
CONNELL Michael store keeper h Ropewalk Range
CONNELL Patrick butcher h 35 Victoria
CONNELL Thomas rope maker bds 312 Pleasant
CONNOLLY Miss Bride clerk bds 312 Pleasant
CONNOLLY Francis J barrister & solicitor, 38 Henry bds 106 Military Road
CONNOLLY Geoffrey laborer h 4 Brennan's Lane
CONNOLLY Geoffrey laborer h 93 Carter's Hill
CONNOLLY James clerk bds 110 George
CONNOLLY James laborer h Le Marchant Road
CONNOLLY Jeremiah shoe maker h 68 Barnes' Road
CONNOLLY John cabinet maker bds 70 McFarlane's Lane
CONNOLLY John cooper h 23 1/2 Barter's Hill
CONNOLLY John gas worker bds Le Marchant Road
CONNOLLY John painter bds 90 Circular Road
CONNOLLY Lawrence painter bds 90 Circular Road
CONNOLLY Margaret, wid James   h 110 George
CONNOLLY Miss Mary Ann dress maker h 90 Circular Road
CONNOLLY Miss Mary washerwoman gen hospital Quidi Vidi Road
CONNOLLY Michael butcher, 106 Military Road h do
CONNOLLY Michael fireman h 5 Howe Place
CONNOLLY M F student bds 106 Military Road
CONNOLLY Patk carman h Pleasant
CONNOLLY Thos shoemaker bds 110 George
CONNOLLY Wm caretaker municipal basin h 15 Patrick
CONNORS Alfred E engineer, railway h 17 Cochrane
CONNORS Mrs Timothy liquor dealer, 376 Water h do
CONNORS Miss Bridget washerwoman h 50 1/2 Water, w
CONNORS Bridget, wid Patk   h 83 Casey
CONNORS Miss Catherine   h 17 Hayward Avenue
CONNORS Frank J saddler harness maker, Water bds do
CONNORS John   h off 238 New Gower
CONNORS John butcher, Water bds do
CONNORS John fisherman h 84 New Gower
CONNORS John laborer h 47 Wickford
CONNORS John master cooper h 7 Brazil's Square
CONNORS John rope-spinner h Ropewalk Range
CONNORS Margaret, wid Owen   h 3 Holdsworth
CONNORS Mary, wid Bartholomew   h 17 Hayward Ave
CONNORS Mary, wid Jas   h 123 New Gower
CONNORS Michael butcher, Water h do
CONNORS Michael druggist, 358 Water bds Crosbie Hotel
CONNORS Michael laborer h oo 238 new Gower
CONNORS Michael laborer bds Mundy's Pond Road
CONNORS Michael laborer h 23 Flemming
CONNORS Michael seaman h 37 Cabot
CONNORS Michael shoemaker h 160 New Gower
CONNORS Michael J printer h 28 McDougall
CONNORS Patrick brakesman, Nlfd raily bds York
CONNORS Patrick butcher, 402 Water h do
CONNORS Patrick sr laborer h Mundy's Pond Road
CONNORS Patrick rope maker h Mundy's Pond Road
CONNORS Thos school teacher h 10 Bulley
CONNORS T P road master, Nfld raily h 17 Cochrane
CONROY Chas O'N. barrister, Renouf Buildg bds Winter Ave
CONROY Jas G stipendiary magistrate Winter Ave
CONSTANTINE James laborer h 23 Flower Hill
CONSTANTINE John fisherman h 23 Flower Hill
CONSTANTINE Peter baker h 21 Guggan
CONSTANTINE Philip seaman h 23 Flower Hill
CONSTANTINE Wm rope maker h 81 1/2 Casey
CONWAY Denis plasterer h 11 William
CONWAY Denis plasterer h 17 Monkstown Road
CONWAY Jas cooper h 5 Queen's Road
CONWAY Rev. John C B Mt Francis, Newtown Road  
CONWAY John teacher bds St Bonaventure's College
CONWAY John plasterer h 72 Patrick
CONWAY Jos plasterer h 11 William
CONWAY Thos   h 57 Queen's Road
COOK Albert cooper h Charlton
COOK Ann, wid Jas   h 39 Cuddihy
COOK Ann, wid Jos   h 265 Water, w
COOK Chas cooper h South Side
COOK Chas cooper h 2 Charlton
COOK Douglas clerk bds 266 Water
COOK Duncan lumberman h cor Charlton and Springdale
COOK Eliza, wid Nicholas   h 41 Moore
COOK Geo carman h Torbay Road
COOK Geo cooper h 37 New Gower
COOK Geo farmer h Logy Bay Road
COOK Geo joiner h 20 1/2 Hayward Ave
COOK George plumber bds 36 Bannerman
COOK George cooper h South Side
COOK Henry R farmer h Logy Bay Road
COOK James carpenter bds 31 Wickford
COOK James laborer h 13 Bannerman
COOK James clerk bds 266 Water
COOK James H cooper h South Side
COOK John carpenter h 36 Bannerman
COOK John cooper bds 265 Water, w
COOK John seaman bds 41 Moore
COOK John A laborer h South Side
COOK Joseph fisherman h South Side
COOK Joseph fisherman h 1 Cochrane
COOK Philip carman h Harris
COOK Richard laborer h 31 Wickford
COOK Robert H clerk bds 36 Bannerman
COOK Susannah, wid George   Logy Bay Road
COOK Tasker manager for James Pennock h 284 Water
COOK Thomas keeper lunatic asylum h 71 Gower
COOK Wm cooper h 1 Charlton
COOK Wm carman h 94 Harris, cor McFarlane's Lane
COOK Wm meat & vegetable market, 266 Water h do
COOK Wm H carpenter h South Side
COOK Wm J cooper h South Side
COOK Wm R bell hanger ds 31 Wickford
COOMBS Wm fisherman h 17 1/2 Scott
COONAN Jas baker h 73 Gower
COONAN Miss Margaret   h 66 Duckworth
COONAN Patk clerk bds 73 Gower
COONAN Wm laborer h 73 Gower
COONEY Edw laborer h 14 Haggerty's Lane
COONEY Jas cooper h 59 Springdale
COONEY Jas jr cooper h 59 Springdale
COONEY Michael   h 13 Hutchings
COONEY Peter laborer h 9 Damaril's Lane
COOPER Catherine, wid Henry   h 8 Barron
COOPER Chas lobster packer h 29 Spencer
COOPER Edw photographer h 21 Barron
COOPER Eleazer porter h Barter's Hill
COOPER Francis seaman h 2 Stephen
COOPER Henry cabman h 8 Barron
COOPER Jas carpenter h 44 Scott
COOPER Jas laborer h 19 Field
COOPER James jr cooper bds 21 Field
COOPER John fisherman h 21 Field
COOPER John laborer h 21 Field
COOPER Michael shoemaker bds 58 Pleasant
COOPER Peter seaman h 27 Waldegrave
COOPER Richard shoemaker bds 58 Pleasant
COOPER Samuel teamster h 8 Barron
COOPER Thos laborer h 45 Spencer
COOPER Wm laborer bds 21 Field
COPEMAN Thos seaman h 36 Brazil's Square
CORBETT George printer h 76 George
CORBETT Joseph police sergent h 27 Water, w
CORBETT Patrick student bds 27 Water, w
CORBETT Wm wines & spirits, 2 Le Marchant h do
CORCORAN Catherine, wid Lawrence   h 132 New Gower
CORCORAN Edward laborer h 34 Cabot
CORCORAN James laborer h 6 1/2 Power
CORCORAN John mason bds 8 Dick's Square
CORCORAN Laurence cooper h 17 Pope
CORCORAN Patrick laborer h 24 John
CORCORAN Philip accoutant h 46 Livingstone
CORCORAN Thos laborer h 132 New Gower
CORCORAN Wm caretaker court house h 8 Dick's Square
CORCORAN Wm laborer h r 9 Damiril's Lane
CORMACK Henry cashier railway bds 120 Duckworth
CORMACK Jas first clerk & wharehouse keeper H M C h 4 Queen's rd
CORNEW Isaac carpenter h 36 Lime
CORNEW Wm fisherman bds 36 Lime
CORNEW Willis shoemaker bds 36 Lime
CORNICK BROTHERS provisions and groceries 6 Freshwater Road
CORNICK Edward mason h 30 Livingstone
CORNICK Miss Ethyl clerk bds Hill View, Mundy's Pond Road
CORNICK Frederick mason h 12 William
CORNICK Harry, of Cornick Brothers   bds 6 Freshwater Road
CORNICK John moulder h 148 Pleasant
CORNICK John F moulder h 148 Pleasant
CORNICK Wm mangr Consolidated Iron Foundry and of Cornick Bros. h 77 Springdale
CORNICK Thos light h mechanician h Hills View, Mundy's Pond Road
CORISH James blacksmith h Freshwater Road
CORNER A H clerk h 20 Cookstown Road
CARRIGAN Miss Ellie saleslady bds 32 Flower Hill
COISH Edward carpenter h 47 Brazil's Square
COSH George seaman h Battery Road
COSH Sarah, wid John   14 Carew
COSTELLO Edw teacher bds St Bonaventure College
COSTELLO Elizabeth, wid Matthew   h 12 Gilmore
COSTELLO Ellen, wid John   bds 27 Waldegrave
COSTELLO Jas grocer, 301 Water, w h do
COSTELLO Jas laborer h 4 Hunter's Lane
COSTELLO John master mariner h 23 Cuddihy
COSTELLO John shoemaker bds 111 Hamilton
COSTELLO Martin J shipwright bds 47 Field
COSTELLO Richd carpenter h 47 Field
COSTELLO T M tidewaiter H M C h 27 Prospect
COSTELLO Wm provisions & groceries, 243 Gower h do
COSTELLO Wm shoemaker h 111 Hamilton
COSTIGAN Joseph fisherman h 25 Pleasant
COSTIGAN Patk cooper h 150 New Gower
COSTIGAN Patk fisherman h 274 Theater Hill
COSTIGAN Mrs Patk grocer, 274 Theater Hill h do
COSTIGAN Wm clerk  
COTTER Denis carman h Long Pond Road
COTTER druggist bds 74 Duckworth
COTTER Noah painter h 14 Allan Square
COTTER Patrick coachman h 74 Duckworth
COTTER Thomas laborer h 20 Cabot
COTTER Wm clerk bds 74 Duckworth
COUCH Caleb C master mariner h 33 Springdale
COUGHLAN Miss Alice   bds 12 Queen
COUGHLAN Anthony farmer bds Allendale Road
COUGHLAN Geo clerk bds Fort Townsend
COUGHLAN John mailman bds Allendale Road
COUGHLAN Lucy grocer, 210 Water, w h do
COUGHLAN Maurice ry laborer h 36 Adelaide
COUGHLAN Wm engineer bds Fort Townsend
COUGHLAN Wm farmer h Allendale Road
COULTIS Joseph instructor at penitentiary h 18 1/2 York
COULTIS Myles laborer h 180 Patrick
COURTNEY Catherine, wid Richard   h 418 Water
COURTNEY David butcher, 418 Water h do
COURTNEY H H chemist and druggist, 423 Water h 172 Gower
COURTNEY John police officer h 55 Cookstown Road
COURTNEY Joseph butcher bds 418 Water
COURTNEY Thos preacher 170 Gower
COURTNEY Wm butcher h Sheehan's Shute
COUZENS James carpenter h 52 Gilbert
COUZENS Lucy, wid John   h 31 Dick's Square
COUZENS Nicholas L cooper h South Side
COUZENS Thomas cooper h 52 Gilbert
COVE Patrick laborer h 15 Larkin's Square
COVE Samuel laborer h 15 Larkin's Square
COVEDUCK Wm laborer h 14 Duggan
COWAN & CO commission agents Water
COWAN Grace grocer, 18 Allan Square h do
COWAN Harry book keeper bds 37 Queen's Road
COWAN John sr, of Cowan & Co   h 3 Winter Ave
COWAN John com agent, Mechanics Bldg h 37 Queen's Road
COWAN John T cooper h 13 Brazil's Square
COWAN Peter clerk bds 37 Queen's Road
COWAN Robert A cooper h 13 Brazil's Square
COWNEY Chas clerk bds Waterford Bridge Road
COX James mail clerk h 216 Gower
COX John laborer h 5 James'
COX Wm hair dresser,1 Cochrane h do
COX Z grocer & provisions, 347 Water h Angel Cottage, 143 Hamilton Ave
COYLE Thomas cooper h 33 Springdale
COYLE Wm clerk bds Water, w
CRAM Raymond W farmer h 238 Gower
CRANAFORD Albert cooper h South Side
CRANAFORD Frank stoker h South Side
CRANAFORD Henry laborer h South Side
CRANFORD Joseph cooper h 17 1/2 Cabot
CRANAFORD Miss Elizabeth   bds 31 Cuddihy
CRANE Fenwick accountant h 107 Gower
CRANE John cooper h 30 Bond
CRANE John cooper h 22 Lime
CRANE Miss Mary   bds 31 Cuddihy
CRANE Wm J fisherman h South Side
CRANFORD Edward cooper h 14 Charlton
CRANFORD George laborer bds 6 Long's Hill
CRANTFORD Wm engineer h 5 Long's Hill
CRAWFORD Bernard fisherman h 12 Haggerty's Lane
CRAWFORD Mary, wid Jas   h 12 Haggerty's Lane
CRICKARD Thos shoemaker h 28 Hutching's
CRIMP Robt laborer h 46 Long's Hill
CRIMP Wm laborer h 44 Long's Hill
CRITCH Ambrose seaman h 8 Dunford
CRITCH Charles fisherman h 28 Field
CRITCH Elizabeth, wid Thos   h 12 Codner's Lane
CRITCH John fisherman bds r 28 Field
CRITCH John laborer h 23 Fleming
CRITCH Richard laborer h 17 Brennan's Lane
CRITCH Sarah, wid Geo   h 23 Fleming
CRITCH John J laborer h 11 Wood
CRITCH Thos tallyman h 11 Wood
CROCKER Alexander laborer h 12 Colonial
CROCKER Archibald J accountant h 3 Atlantic Ave
CROCKER John laborer Rositor's Lane
CROCKER R B fishery warden h 50 Le Marchant Road
CROCKER Wm wheelwright h 174 Le Marchant Road
CROFT Catherine, wid Jos   h 29 Pleasant
CROKE Edward fireman h 187 New Gower
CROKE Henry laborer bds 23 Barron
CROOKE Rev Edmund, R. C.   h Riverhead
CROSBIE HOTEL Mrs. G C Crosbie proprietress; J C Crosbie manager Duckworth
CROSBIE Mrs G C proprietress Crosbie Hotel Duckworth
CROSBIE J C manager Crosbie Hotel Duckworth
CROSBIE Robt clerk bds Crosbie Hotel, Duckworth
CROSS Chas seaman h r Masonic Hall
CROSS Frank clerk bds r Masonic Hall
CROSS Geo clerk bds r Masonic Hall
CROSS Ronald constable h 91 Long's Hill
CROSS W G master mariner h Prescott
CROSSMAN Fredk clerk bds 73 Long's Hill
CROSSMAN H clerk bds 73 Long's Hill
CROSSMAN John   h Buckley's Lane
CROSSMAN Robt engineer h 22 Cookstown Road
CROSSMAN Thos engineer h Prescott
CROSSMAN Wm carpenter bds 101 Gower
CROTTY Daniel carpenter h Battery Road
CROTTY Jas clerk bds 8 Signal Hill Road
CROTTY John carman h Mundy's Pond Road
CROTTY John laborer h off 4 Brine
CROTTY Margaret, wid Michael   h Battery Road
CROTTY Maurice carman h Mundy's Pond Road
CROTTY Michael seaman h 14 Nunnery Hill
CROTTY Miss M A groceries, cor Cochrane and Water h do
CROTTY Patk farmer bds Beaconsfield Cottage, Topsail Road
CROTTY Thos farmer h Mundy's Pond Road
CROTTY Wm book-keeper h 3 Duckworth
CROTTY Wm wines & liquors, 8 Signal Hill Road h do
CROTTY Wm laborer bds Mundy's Pond Road
CROTTY Wm time-keeper h 3 Duckworth
CROUCHER Alfred laborer h Brazil's Field, off Mundy's Pond Road
CROUCHER Stephen laborer bds 64 Brazil's Square
CROWDELL Jas J clerk bds Freshwater Road
CROWLEY Jane, wid John   h 66 Bannerman
CROW John laborer h 19 Barnes' Place
CROW Joseph carpenter h 20 Colonial
CRUETT Augustus laborer h 412 Water
CUDDIHY Catherine, wid Michael   h 11 Cuddihy
CUDDIHY Ellen, wid Richd   h r 61 Long's HIll
CUDDIHY John cabman bds r 61 Long's Hill
CUDDIHY John mason h 33 Flower Hill
CUDDIHY Martha, wid Thos   h 134 George
CUDDIHY Miss Mary   bds 11 Cuddihy
CUDDIHY Michael shoemaker bds 11 Cuddihy
CUDDIHY Michael F seaman bds 55 New Gower
CUDDIHY Thos laborer h 193 New Gower
CUDDIHY Thos laborer h South Side
CUDDIHY Rev J C B   bds St Bonaventure College
CULLEN Annie, wid John   h 57 Cookstown Road
CULLEN Hannah, wid Patrick   h 337 Water, w
CULLEN Hanora, wid Edw   bds Newtown Road
CULLEN Jas   bds cor Holdsworth and Water
CULLEN John laborer h 23 Butler
CULLEN John J porter h 40 Flavin's
CULLEN Michael laborer bds 57 Cookstown Road
CULLEN Thomas shoemaker h r 21 James
CULLEN Thomas wharfinger h South Side
CULLEN Wm   h cor Holdsworth and Water
CULLEN Wm H printer h 39 Henry
CULLETON Miss Ellen shop keeper, 15 Rossiter's Lane h do
CULLETON James baker, 12 King's Road h do
CULLETON James clerk bds 119 Long's Hill Road
CULLETON James fisherman h 35 George, e
CULLETON John laborer bds 2 Deady's Lane
CULLETON Patrick laborer 6 Simms
CULLETON Sarah, wid David   h 49 Lime
CULLETON Wm clerk h 119 Long's Hill
CULLETON Wm cooper h 50 Gower
CULLETON Wm laborer h 7 Simms
CULLYMORE John   h 33 Scott
CUMMINS Edward   bds 59 Prescott
CUMMINS George carpenter h 1 Gilbert
CUMMINS Henry T joiner h 12 Gilbert
CUMMINS John laborer h 2 Leslie
CUMMINS John tidewaiter H M C h 64 Cochrane
CUMMINGS Ambrose bookbinder bds 18 Tessier Place
CUMMINGS George fisherman h 18 Tessier Place
CUMMINGS John grocer, 120 Military Road h do
CUMMINGS Thomas carpenter h 12 Gilbert
CUMMINGS Wm carpenter bds 18 Tessier Place
CUNNINGHAM Edward steward h 40 Signal Hill Road
CUNNINGHAM Ellen, wid Michael   h 39 Le Marchant
CUNNINGHAM Henry laborer h 78 Casey
CUNNINGHAM Henry laborer bds Riverside, Waterford B Road
CUNNINGHAM John coachman bds Waterford Bridge Road
CUNNINGHAM John fireman h 6 Wickford
CUNNINGHAM John laborer bds Waterford Bridge Road
CUNNINGHAM John shoemaker h 103 Hamilton
CUNNINGHAM Mary, wid John   Riverside, Waterford B road
CUNNINGHAM Patrick laborer h 37 Flower Hill
CUNNINGHAM Thos coachman bds Waterford Bridge Road
CHURCHILL Richard butcher, George Town h do
CURLEW John T fisherman h 11 Cabot
CURNEW John watchmaker bds 13 Holdsworth
CURNEW Philip grocer, 13 Holdsworth h do
CURRAN James sailor h 10 Wickford
CURRAN John shoemaker h 1 Flower Hill
CURRAN John tailor & clothier, Water, e h do
CURRAN J B commission merchant h Beaumont Villa, Pleasant
CURRAN Thos blacksmith, 2 and 4 Holdsworth h do
CURRAN Thos fisherman h 11 Stephen
CURRAN Thos seaman Flood's Lane, off Prince
CURRIE J S manager Daily News bds 14 Cathedral
CURRIE Moses shoemaker bds 66 Flower Hill
CURRIE Wm G clerk h 14 Cathedral Hill
CURTIN Daniel night watchman h 56 King's Road
CURTIN Daniel jr clerk bds 56 King's Road
CURTIN Jas tailor h 23 Fleming
CURTIN John drug clerk h 47 Hayward Avenue
CURTIN John freight receiver h 3 Carew
CURTIN John grocer bds 56 King's Road
CURTIN Mary, wid Cornelius   h 4 Cabot
CURTIN Mary, wid John   h 47 Hayward AVenue
CURTIS Archibald fisherman h 47 Pleasant
CURTIS Francis farm servant bds Newtown Road
CURTIS Jas engineer h 180 Water, w
CURTIS John engineer h 36 Le Marchant Road
CURTIS Rev Levi, B A methodist h Parsonage, Gower
CURTIS Margaret, wid John   h 337 Water, w
CURTIS Miss Margaret clerk bds 11 Bulley
CURTIS Miss Mary   h 8 Adelaide
CURTIS Wm laborer h 15 Thomas
CUTLER Absolem sailor h 36 Adelaide

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